MacBreak Weekly 423 (Transcript)

Leo Laporte: It’s time for Macbreak Weekly, Alex Lindsay joins Andy Ihnatko and Rene Ritchie, we’re going to talk about of course the big announcement, week from Thursday what will it be, what will we learn what will we see. We’ll also talk about that sapphire company that’s gone belly up thanks to Apple and, a lot more stay tuned MacBreak Weekly is next.

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This is MacBreak Weekly Episode Four Hundred Twenty Three recorded October 7th 2014

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Leo: It’s time for Macbreak Weekly the show that brings you your MacBreak. …weekly…

Alex Lindsay: Every week.

Leo: Every week… Alex Lindsay is here from the LindsayTron…

Alex: Helloooo

Leo: What is that the Pixel Corp…

Alex: zzzzthe pixel corp (Leo repeats the phrase in German)

Leo: Your shop is all messed up let us fix that. (In German)

Alex: You moved…I had a shoulder…

Leo: You moved you had a shoulder (laughing)

Alex: You had a shoulder in your shot so I moved it. I thought some-one’s going to tell me to get out of Leo’s shot.

Leo: Rene Ritchie is also here from iMore, I’m going to talk to you because you got a lot of press I have been reading the London Times all of a sudden I see iMore’s debug podcast reveals all.

Rene Ritchie: So terrible, but thank-you.

Leo: We’ll get back to you in a second, lets also say hello to Mr Crane Cam 3000 in the future of what?

Andy Ihnatko: Crane Cam 3000 the future of video podcasting. The problem is that you’ve been out of the country, and this phrase in on the lips of everyone in the 14 to 38 demo.

Leo: No-body in the UK was talking about this, I’m shocked!

Andy: Because you know they’re more conservative, they don’t believe in transgressing across class boundaries, we’re a lot more free here in America Leo.

Leo: Yes we are.

Andy: You have a very lovely London vacation tan I must say.

Leo: I know, you know it’s funny we went to London and, everyone told me it’d rain, and be gloomy, instead we had the hottest, driest September in the history of England.

Rene: You’re welcome England!

Leo: Thank-you England.

Andy: You brought the drought with you. You’re the secret to the Californian drought Leo?

Leo: I took the drought with me and, then I brought it back it was in the 90s when we got back. So, thank-you Sarah Lane for filling in last week I really appreciate that. We are back, have either you Andy Ihnatko, or you Rene Ritchie received an invitation to an Apple event next week?

Rene: Not yet.

Leo: No.

Andy: I have not yet.

Leo: Time has… Time keeps on slipping.

Alex: It’s in the future.

Leo: If they’re going to do it it’s a week from Thursday…

Alex: Buy tickets,

Leo: We have to do things, just looking at my Apple watch.

Andy: It’s town hall so it’s a smaller event. I know they launched the 5S last year, but it’s possible that this is their room for yeah we’re not big, we got the dog we got the pony we don’t know if we’re going to give you both of them, so who knows.

Alex: We’re going to live stream it all because it worked out so well last time.

Leo: Alex and, I were talking about that at dinner last night, theories about what happened.

Alex: I need to say that I don’t have any inside information.

Leo: No-one is allowed to talk about it…

Alex: Everyone that I know that would even be remotely connected to it, won’t even talk to me (Cross talk) they won’t be in the same room, but I think that the whole like theory online is not accurate. And, the problem is that the stream worked on Apple TV, I think that a web address was causing issues. Most probably literally what we saw is one of the heaviest hits on a live trailer ever, you know on Akamai ever. It’ just that we need to catch-up.

Leo: Just to say who was it, what was his name from his streaming video blog, who hypothesized and, anybody who read this repeated it. But it seems to me anybody who read this and understands how the Internet works, might have said I don’t think so. He claimed that it was the way that the Apple web page was crafted and, that the………because Apple did something I really liked which is their own live blog of the event and, the video was embedded on that. I don’t think that means that the video lived on that page, it’s easy enough to embed a video link. In fact you made the point that you can watch it on Apple TV, it obviously didn’t live on that page.

Alex: Right and, there is one comment on there that says that the world cup was able to do it. The one thing that they knew about the world cup was that it was spread over 28…(lost train of thought)

Leo: It wasn’t one (Alex disagrees) two-hour events.

Alex: Not only that it was spread over many, many networks on their own and the encoding was centralized, but it was a much different set than what we’re talking about. So, they’re actually ready for that for that kind of thing.

Leo: The thing that you told me that I thought was interesting was…apparently I hope I’m not ever going to get you into trouble by repeating this is that this is a number 8 million. Can I say that?

Alex: That’s the Guinness Book of World Records. There’s some confusion, it’s 8(point) something it’s the stratos jump, is considered the most…

Leo: That’s the Red Bull guy………that jumped into…

Alex…continous and there’s millions and, millions of people watching FIFA, but I’m not, I’m not…

Leo: It’s not individual hits that matter, but it’s that how many people at one time are going boom, boom, and boom on that server downloading that video. So, the stratos jump eight and half million record and, they didn’t have a problem? Is that right? Were they using Akamai?

Alex: No, it was the You Tube back end.

Leo: Oh! Well.

Alex: No, it’s the You Tube back-end. (Cross talk)

Leo: Akamai, which is a content distribution network, distributes all the iTunes content.

Alex: They distribute a lot.

Leo: It’s very expensive, it’s not for everybody, they distribute a lot.

Alex: They distribute a lot. A lot of the time if you’re loading pages you’re getting them from Akamai, they’re one of the first to do the edge network you know solutions so on and, so forth.

Leo: The theory there we’ve talked about this before is that you’ll get a server geographically approximate to you so it’s faster so all the servers cache the content so that they all have the same content.

Alex: Right.

Leo: But, you’re getting in effect locally which saves you time when you’re on the internet, plus there are many, many servers locked in that can handle many more hits, many more. I don’t know how many points does Akamai have?

Alex: I have no idea, lots.

Leo: So, one could assume that they had more than eight and half million people trying to watch that Apple video.

Alex: I don’t know if one can assume that. But, what it looked like was a CDN, situation so of course Akamai chose that facility. (Cross talk)

Rene: There was a couple of back-ups because they had the Spanish, sorry a general overlay, so there was probably a problem in the mix truck and because it worked in Café Max, it worked…

Leo: Alex has a theory, listen to Alex’s theory. I think that Alex knows most about streaming videos than most mortal men or women.

Alex: So what some people will do with multi-language events is that they will use the back-up stream as the second language, it’s not something that we do. But if you don’t do it that way what you end up with is a lot of encoders. So, when we have a lot of encoders so what happens though if you think that you have a really solid network you may decide that I’m going to go ahead and, use the back-up you know maybe for the accounts and, I am going to say that I’m going to use the back-up one for…

Leo…Chinese translation…

Alex: Chinese translations ……….

Leo: That would incur the expense of having the complexity of many, many more servers.

Alex: It’s very complicated and, difficult and, you know it’s…

Leo: However, if the primary fails…

Alex: And the pop over is Chinese.

Leo: And, what about the truck (cross talk) I’ll tell you why we’re getting to this…

Alex: Specifically, with Akamai, typically that if it fails, you’ll see the last completed file.

Leo: That’s that content.

Alex: So, what happens is that that truck is you have a problem with your connection and, typically it’s not that Akamai’s failed it’s that you the connection between you and, Akamai has failed. It will take that last file and, play it back or it can it’s one of the options…so has been one of the options, I haven’t streamed that for a little while. Most of streaming is within You Tube and, so anyway, so what all of those symptoms what it looked like something went wrong with either this connection to the CDN or the actual CDN, it could have been the connection to the CDN as well, that caused it to first, you know install the last file and, you saw the back-up stream and, then it found its way back to the…truck.

Leo: The show…

Alex:  But the truck…most likely everything at the facility was fine, so…I have talked to people who saw it that that saw it not on the web and, at…

Leo: At Apple, or in the satellite.

Alex: It was fine, perfect.

Leo: It as Dan Trevor that wrote that streamingmediablog (dot) COM inside Apple’s live events failure why it happened, it wasn’t a capacity issue. While we acknowledge that Dan knows a lot about streaming, I don’t think he knows anything about websites, he claims that Jason on the Apple (dot) com page, I think that’s pretty clearly wrong and, you’re theory sounds like it makes perfect sense.

Alex: I actually have no idea what happened. (Cross talk)

Leo: It would make sense the most intense interest, the most viewed videos, the most videos, with this guy jumping out of a thing.

Alex: The only thing that I can think of is in the way that they structure the website, and do not allow it to go to as many servers, you know so like the way…

Leo: ……. So it did not work on the Apple TV…….

Alex: I’m wondering if for some reason it got, that all the servers got, it reduced all the number of servers that were available…Oh CDN by the way is a content distribution network. There was question about that. So,

Leo: I had to find that earlier, so sorry…so it moved fast you know.

Alex: But, anyway but the, anyway do I think that so what those symptoms look like is either break between the encoder and, the…

Leo: ……system…

Alex: Either in Alkaline, now it could have been a break between, in Calamine’s defence. It could have been a break the same symptoms or very similar symptoms if there was a break between the encoder and, Alkaline and like for us or for an event like Apple’s we would have four ways to get to the ingest. So we would do, we could onsite with one encode, we could have a satellite on another code, we could have cellular and we could have fibber on another all these…

Leo: All these sound like redundancies primarily…

Alex: Use the one, if you’ve got four of them going, So that…

Leo: So that…

Alex: But, in four different ways, because the satellite can go down if there’s cloud, lots of rain, the cell can go down between people, we had our cell didn’t go down because we had, our cell was great…

Leo: Yeah, we had a great cell life right from the stream…(Cross talk) Andy Ihnatko said you were crystal clear.

Alex: I had some one ask me did you do the Apple event? I was like only on the outside, I was…

Leo: The reason why I ask this is because they’ve got another event coming up Thursday so what I’m wondering, Andy and, Rene and, Alex if you’re Apple what do you say….do you say

Alex: I think that you have to stream it.

Leo: Do you say ……….if you don’t stream it then isn’t it an acknowledgement of failure, it’s like saying oh we can’t do this.

Rene: Oh, well, they don’t stream in Town Hall, typically I don’t think.  I think they the last time they said because they had trouble with the equipment in a small venue?

Leo: How do you know it’s Town Hall?

Rene: John Paczkowski said, it was Town Hall the same time that he announced the date. My understanding is that the date is correct. And, he’s usually very correct with that information, so I would put it past him.

Leo: We know Jim Dowler’s note that we got on the 21st, which is a Thursday. (Cross talk) I can’t remember why they did that. So, it’s a Thursday, I can actually remember when they said it’s a Tuesday, and when they can actually say you can order Friday and it will be available a week on Friday. So, that gives you ten days, does that incline one to believe that whatever they’re going to announce will be day of…

Andy: If the rumors are correct we’re mostly going to see new iPads and, just some new refreshing Macs, that makes sense the rumors are also saying that the manufacturing is already up, I don’ t think they…I can’t remember the last time that they did announce the new iPads, whether they announced and, shipped the same day or whether it was the typical pre-announced pre-order today and, we will ship very soon. But, it is an odd thing, it doesn’t seem like the sort of event where miraculous…the sort of event where miraculous things are going to happen. It seems like it’s the sort of thing where what’s left in the bottom of that is in Santa’s velvet red sack, after they’ve shown the iPhones and, the iWatch and okay we’ve got, turn out that we’ve got an iPad here, turns out that there are some new CDU’s here and, that’s it.

Leo: So that could end possibly the rumor mill seems to think a 12 inch iPad pro?

Andy: Nay, I don’t think so.

Rene: I heard that for next year, but you never know with Apple in there with their schedule.

Andy: It’s just that if it is something that major that was happening I wouldn’t, if that were happening next week I wouldn’t have expected as I’m fond of saying I’m not just do…leaked out bezels notice and the velocity and the nature of certain pieces of information and, I’m used to linking a certain…what my trick knee acts up that’s when I expect bad weather. I have my trick knee for feeling for a new iPad is not acting up.

Rene: There’s a chance if it is substantially different, especially for software for something like new that it can do they pre-announce it and, it’s developers heads up. But, it’s seems like this would still be an odd period of time because would you announce it now, then ship it next year that seems like way too long a time.

Andy: When I was looking at some of these rumors I was thinking that if Apple’s interested in 12(point) 9 inch iPad they would have to do it pretty much the same way they did the iWatch. The only reason they would have for the 12(point) 9 inch iPad is to say well creative people we now have some either a stylus solution for you. Whether it’s an actual act of stylus or a really, really good blue tooth stylus that only works with this big, big, big pad that has the hard-ware in it that’ll let it work within it very, very closely, or what we now have is a solution for running tiled apps, multiple apps running side by side and, we know there’s a kind of there’s a lot of nods in that what was announced in WWDC discussions.

But, that’s the sort of thing where they would want to give every developer a chance to make sure that by the time this thing ships that there not just one or two freak apps out there, that there is a collection of apps that really endorse why people should be spending money on a 12(point) 9 inch iPad.

At this point I think this would be an interesting device, I might have thought that you’re a natural a few years ago. At, this point I’m thinking that Apple wouldn’t release it, unless they had a really specific role for it to play. I don’t think they’ve started telling that story yet.

Leo: Rumor also I think, not completely credible is some sort of weird IOS OS 10 hybrid. (Andy says No!)

Rene: They haven’t had a chance to get Yosemite OS 10 out of the door, but they don’t have the time to make that up correctly yet.

Andy: Yeah exactly.

Leo: I talked to somebody in London who shall remain nameless, who said Leo I was sitting with an iPhone 6 three months ago, when you announced on MacBreak Weekly there’s no chance in hell that they’re going to announce a five and half inch iPad, he says I’m looking at this and sniggering.

And, so I am no longer going to prognosticate that I have been wrong on the iwatch, I’m still wrong on the Apple TV, you know Apple big TV displays…

Alex: So far…

Leo: So far (Andy Laughing) one out of three. I know there are people; this is what I didn’t think about obviously it’s true. There are people who listen who know and I sound like a complete putz. (Panellists roaring with laughter) In fact he said I thought you were like either trolling us, disinformation you know what I thought do you know what Infinity will be out there saying there will never be five and half inch iPhone.

Andy: Yeah, that’s fine you’d never say never, it’s just…

Leo: You’ve unlocked…

Andy: I’m serious the…what Rene is fond of saying is something that I don’t have to say because Rene is so fond of saying it is if you can name any sort of combination of rice, beans and, pork Apple has made it already. And, whether or not they’ve decided whether they really want to do fifteen-inch touch screen, Mac or whether they really want to do a seven and, half-inch iPhone is immaterial to them actually building it. They’re waiting for when the time is actually right or when it makes sense. You would never want to say never. It’s just that …….I would…say the most accurate thing I can ever is that I’d be very surprised if 12(point) 9 inches iPad came out next week.

Leo: Because… Skinner in our chat-room says…we’ll not forget about the Beats thing. Thank-you for reminding me.

Rene: That was harsh.

Leo: I was right on all of these, I’m just saying, they shouldn’t have bought Beats, they shouldn’t have made a giant iPhone and, the watch, so let me ask you Rene Ritchie who is the Michael report, and should it be trusted?

Rene: I’m not familiar with him, there’s nothing in there that’s shocking. I mean they have better display technology, now they’re showing that off on their iPhone.

Leo: I should explain Blockbuster exclusive reported again reported, re-reported the boy genius, this is the iPad air two, he claims to have pictures which he didn’t publish. We made the editorial decision to not to publish the pictures. Yeah.

Andy: Yeah, that makes sense.

Leo: They are trying to protect their sources.

Rene: They are trying to protect as to who sees those pictures and what the rumour in the background can tell you.

Leo: So do you think this is credible he is saying here?

Rene: So, all of is it credible, Apples’ do it all of this year, the best panel technology in the iPad. Last year they did do the best, they didn’t put the camera in the iPad last year. They could do a much better SRGB standard using all of the new display technology in the iPad panel, they put the megapixel iPad cam brain into it, touch ID, seems like absolute given. Although, if I was the one designing the iPad Air 2, this is what I would put into it as a fan of that device.

Andy: There’s two things, Touch ID’s a natural but also I admit you know I admit when I ‘m wrong I’ve always thought taking pictures with a tablets is the silliest thing in the world, but everywhere I go to when I go to the tourists areas of Boston I see people holding up their iPads taking pictures. So, I think I’ll be surprised if sometime in the next year or even maybe next week if Apple doesn’t decide okay we’re taking the exact same camera that we put on all the iPhones and, every iPad.

Leo: I never understood why they put the hobbled camera in the iPad; it didn’t make sense to me. You got a great camera…

Alex: I think they put in 180 or one-inch chip…

Leo: I think got all the space…

Andy: They don’t have all the space, the want to make these things thinner and, thinner…

Leo: They have the marketing opportunity the iPad selfie stick…

Rene: I’m just saying………

Andy: There’s two ways to look ridiculous walking through a public garden. One is to be walking around with your phone on a selfie stick, the other one is to get one of those jokes fake like dog leashes for the invisible dog, at least the second one is funny. First one is just kind of sad.

Leo: Here’s the Michael report, getting a lot of attention today Michael. Says, Apples’ unveil besides the iPod air 2 which is exactly as everybody thought, also said to unveil a new line up of iMacs updated retina display.

Alex: Which I think is highly probable.

Leo: Did I ask you about that?

Alex: Cause I just bought two, I’m sure that…

Leo: What is the current iMac twenty-seven inches 2660 by 1840?

Rene: It’s ……….

Leo: It’s pointy resolution to me Retina, correct me if I’m wrong, of course it’s a pure marketing term, but Apple’s definition of that is that at normal viewing distance for that object, whether it’s a phone or whether it’s two feet away or a computer that’s arm’s length away you can’t see a pixel. I can’t see a pixel on my iMac, it’s retina already.

Rene: I’m looking at a thunderbolt display I can see pixels in the font there. But, again you know I worked in design for a long time, so sometimes I’m sensitive to it. But, the idea that you want to take that panel, at the least make it 4K because retina mac book pro isn’t really retina didn’t double the previous mac book pro, kind of went to a middle ground and then Dan samples it. But, you can do that with the 4K OR 5K or you can really pixel double it and add two acts, on an iMac.

And, that would make it an iMac display for photographers, graphic designers, for artists, for people who just want the way this technology for a pan that is clear and crisp as an iPhone or an iPad.

Leo: In fact Camera’s saying that 25-inch iMac is 109 pixels per inch, that’s actually low nowadays isn’t it.

Andy: Almost unacceptable. (Leo roaring with laughter)

Leo: I remember when 72 pixels per inch were enough for everybody.

Andy: I was watching a documentary about remember when cliff story was breaking about a Russian cyber espionage ring, the 1990 documentary for Nova is on there and, it was so much fun to look at these ASCII display terminals with these big, big, big, big dots, better you have corners on them.

But it would be interesting to see what a retina iMac would do to the whole line up? But, I think it would certainly be something that’s not……they would have immediate plans to bring to the entire line up, but to put one high end machine out there would be sort of like the mac pro of the iMac line, even if they default the iMac pro, because I don’t think retina makes sense because for the majority of people who’re buying iMacs out there, I mean the majority if users but there are people out there that if you’re editing video you’re going to appreciate that, but if you’re editing photos you’re really going to appreciate that and, they would pay that extra for it.

Leo: I…

Rene: I’d stay with the Lamborghini…

Leo: I have some experience running 4K displays running on my mac pro, with Yosemite. And, a couple of things I know Thunderbolt needs dual channels to do it, right, a single thunderbolt channel’s not enough to power that display. It needs…and the way it does it is really funky which is paired side-by-side displays and, it’s easy for me scrolling the web to get them out of sync. So, you get this weird tearing until you get to where you want it to be.

Rene: Although, on an iMac it would be hidden built in.

Leo: Then, it would still be there and, the potential and I still have the Yosemite gold master, which arrived while I was in London and thank-you Apple. I just got it; it was there on my computer. And, while it’s faster I mean, actually the last version of 4K was not very useable but it’s faster, it was a little sluggish and everyone’s…there’s a lot of pixels to push there and, that’s on a mac pro with dual video cards.

Rene: You’d wish there was something just inside the iMac just to conduct that signal for them. It might not be bound by them at that point if it’s inside that machine. (Cross talk)

Alex: I think they have to make a mountable with an HDMI in with an Apple TV built into it.

Leo: Wait let me think about this? Are you talking Mac mini? (Cross talk with Alex saying no, no, no)

Rene: You could be wrong about the TV too?

Alex: No, no

Leo: I know you want the Mac mini.

Alex: You can put the Apple TV into then and the HDMI cable into it and, then make it mountable and, then you would have an iMac and…

Leo: You have to make it (cross talk)

Andy: That’s already a user installer upgrade, if you’ve just got one of these…

Leo: A little duct tape to improve the…all right Yosemite will probably see 101010 on a weekly direct. Gold master went out last week so…

Rene: It was last year’s behaviour and this year’s behaviour should be the same.

Leo: That’ll bring us a couple of new things, continuity and handoff with the desk top as well as IOS.

Alex: For those of willing to.

Rene: Which means that some of us will need IOS 8 at the same time because that will enable the continuity features.

Leo: And, along with IOS 8 point one, Apple pay. (All panellists agree)

Andy: That’s on the 20th or something.

Alex: This is just a sort of a reminder for people for getting excited about this this is the curmudgeon or something?

Leo: Just getting excited about something.

Alex: If 8 O was any indication, when there’s a line and you can’t see past it, let a couple of other people go first, that’s what I’m saying, it might be, it might be a little golden cup, it might be a bunch of saws that are tied.

Leo: Because you know what this is actually one of our stories in our run down but the adoption of IOS 8 is kind of stalled down.

Alex: We’re all waiting for all the dust to settle.

Andy: What I’ve said before and it still sticks, IOS 8 is one of the most important releases that has ever happened for IOS. Maybe even one of the most important releases, but I can’t remember one of the most important releases that has had so many broad problems. Yes this is one in which they are finally are, there was a picture that popped up on Redditch, a good one of when Truman took off the Whitehouse was about to collapse, because it had been burned almost once and renovated badly and so there was a picture in site and said guess what I’m moving across the street we’re going to gut out the entire Whitehouse and, rebuild it from the inside out. And, that kind of what IOS 8 has done, there’s so much infrastructure that has been gutted out and, replaced with something much stronger and, better, but a lot of things are seriously broken or inconveniencing a lot of people, our mutual friend John Circusack where he had the wonderful experience that where updating his device for iTunes deleted all of his playlists on that device and, then because it was cloud synced oh you’ve deleted all the playlists on this device it will be deleted on every mac and every device you own so he lost, he lost every iTunes playlist, all of his music was still there but every list on his iTunes went away. That’s why I myself have not put IOS 8 on everything yet. I suspect that even when Yosemite comes out I will not put that out on the most important mac for about a month a month and a half, because it’s not because Apple’s not testing these things I don’t think they’ve ever had to do, I don’t think they’ve rolled out things that are this important simultaneously cross platform before so you’re going to have put the kind in the back-yard, let him fall down and get grass stains and then figure out where golf holes are to fill in. What a nice metaphor Andy, I would have thought that myself when it ran through my head.

Rene: The only thing that I’ll add to that is something for people after IOS 7 because they did these things like the redesign they became more hesitant to do updates because last year changed so much I’m going to wait and see what happens this year. The area seldom changes quickly, but over time you do get new patterns and you do get people pay for Windows updates, and they got IOS7 which was such a stark update that they learnt to wait for IOS updates now.

Leo: So, last year this time, almost 70 per cent of iPad users had adopted IOS 7. Almost 70 per cent this year 47 per cent and it stuck at 47 per cent and it was 47 per cent two weeks ago, its still 47 per cent. Now, I have to say 8(point) 01(point) had something to do with that. That must have scared the pants of people.

Alex: I know how I would look at it, hey would you like to upgrade? No, maybe I’ll wait just a little while longer.

Leo: But, Apple’s showing some confidence because late in the month last month they stopped signing IOS 7. So you cannot downgrade after IOS 8 anymore. That was the fixed rate (point) 0(point) one. Can’t do it anymore because apparently they’ve stopped signing it. So that means that Apple has full confidence from now on there will not be any show stoppers.

Alex: Typically, what happens is that you have these?

Leo: Wish I shared their confidence.

Alex: Typically what’ll happen is they’ll have some app or some feature that you finally need to upgrade for and that’ll kind of pull you forward, and it’s going to have get back to the 70 per cent or whatever.

Leo: Is it our advice, I think that it is that you should wait till you know whether you need one of those things.

Rene: Always wait let some-one else be the target.

Andy: That’s always good news double good news, in this case even if you decide soon enough there’s going to be apps that you’re going to want to break you that are going to require IOS 8, but even that kind of stuff is delayed right now too. So, there is very little cause to wait when you need to upgrade.

Leo: Apple pay is going to be a good reason to do that.

Alex: I think so.

Leo: And, that’s October 20th you said.

Rene: If you have it in your area.

Leo: In your area (Laughing)

Alex: That can’t be.

Andy: It’s going to roll out that day. They’re banding about the idea that 80 per cent of check outs will have some form of it available to you but that’s I ‘m sure down the road I think that you’re going to have go down to specific stores to change to get it right now.

Although, that does raise an interesting question that given that Apple’s had a few very public stumbles deploying new soft-ware and new services for the past month or two, who is going to be the first to attach their debit or credit card to Apple Pay?

It’s not that I don’t have faith in it, but it’s going to be jinxy if that has an effect on the option rate at least early on.

Leo: Well, you kind of already have a credit card attached to your Apple account anyway.

Andy: Yeah, but now you’re basically hoping that the person…whenever soft-wares running computers connected to your Walgreen, sort of at the bank that is connected to your Walgreen’s, it’s so difficult to understand what this train of transaction is because by necessity it’s complicated, okay how is the…it’s not true that an administrator working behind the counter at your local drug store can screw up this terminal that Apple Pay is insecure and does not work properly.

Leo: You and know that this is a really secure…way to do it because they’re not getting the credit card number,

Andy: And that is the pearl of this, but I wonder a lot of people will be thinking oh well, look at how they had to do IOS 8 but, immediately nook edit from the air because it was so bad, it was so dangerous to do iPhones. You know it’s going to be interesting to see how this works.

Alex: I also think that it would interesting to see if people start making decisions about where they shop, you know based on it?

Leo: I shop. It’s not the first time I go in I go to a coffee shop and it’s really easy to pay that’s going to encourage me to go back to that.

Alex: And, also of we keep on seeing security breaches with peoples…if you have a phone you can do this, and…

Leo: Morgan,

Alex: Chase, VIVO you have all these issues where you start going I really just don’t want to do that anymore. If I have choice between Walmart and (interrupted by Leo) then take it somewhere else.

Leo: That’s up to Apple to really communicate that clearly this is safe, this is safe. My other concern is the retail purchasing I’m going to go in and say here I am to pay and they’re going to say what are you doing with your credit card……I feel like they’re not going to get it.

Rene: Why are you mad at me sir?

Andy: Well, they’re almost like what you’re facing as a consumer is as what a McDonald clerk faces where you’re expected to handle all the transactions yourself pick what kind of card you’re going to be using, okay what mode you want to use it as a debit card or a credit card? Okay so now put in the pin and if you want cash back, you’re asking for…all that little clerk is waiting for is that little clunk noise for the cash register drawer to open up and for it  to confirm and okay hand me my diet Dr Pepper and my food with it. I must say this is what makes it so brilliant for Apple as some-one like myself is facing the idea of okay I own my android phone it’s…I own it free and, clear if I want to buy a new phone if I want, I’m really intrigued by the iPhone. The idea of not having to take a hundred dollars out of the bank every time I’m about to go about to dinner some place I don’t want to hand over my credit card to a strange person who takes it away that would be enough to make me think I do want to switch to an iPhone now.

So, this is going to be one of the most important launches that Apple has ever done, because it’s a brand new service they have never done before and if they stumble hard on this one it’s going to take them a long time to recover.

Alex: And, the other side on that is that if they do really well on this it gets really hard to catch up.

Leo: Even Bill Gates said he liked Apple Pay.

Alex: Yeah.

Leo: Even Bill Gates is excited about this. He said that Apple’s not doing it for any altruistic reason, they’re in it for the money but in fact this is going to really transform not only the US, but the economy world-wide this is really good in developing nations where…(Heated cross talk)

Alex: They have been paying with their phones in the world for the last five years. So, this is us catching up and, it’ll be easier than some of the ways they do it there.

Andy: Alex. Alex we’re an Apple show you should know more than anybody else United States is not catching up we’re iterating.

Alex: Ahhhh, Okay.

Leo: We should mention that the Michael report does not confirm a 12(point) 9-inch iPad pro. They’re not…so it looks like a week from Thursday they’ll do a special event 10.00am, we’ll do the same thing we always do…we do it early Tech News tonite or today. But it looks like…have you got an invitation; I presume you guys will, will you come out for this Andy?

Andy: I have to figure that out, as a matter of fact I’m travelling again this weekend okay from New York for Comicon, but I’m meeting people….

Leo: Rene has a corporate parent, you do not.

Andy: Exactly. See these hands they are not shackled by a corporate over lord.

Leo: But they are wearing a Moto 360?

Andy: No, no, no that is still the old strap or bracelet part of my probation so I don’t drive anymore that’s all. I have to breathe into this before I ride a bicycle. But, I don’t know let’s get an invitation first and then I‘ll think about. Usually if the rumor is true that it is in Cupertino that is also going to be factor. I think for some people but not for all people, because it makes it a little bit more difficult to go but we’ll figure that out.

Leo: And, it’s smaller venue what it’s only about 350 people at one time. It’s really small venue so they won’t send out all the invitations they sent out the last time. So the new iPads will have a mini? When I say the word mini I mean the mac mini?

Andy: No,

Leo: Mac Mini, iPad air 2 which won’t have a number it will certainly be the new iPad air (Alex right) OS 10 Yosemite pretty sure right (cross talk) continuity and all that, according to the Michael report, it’s the eight time that I mentioned the name today a whole bunch of updated soft-ware, iMovie, final cut pro 10, etc, does that make sense?

Andy: Yeah, remember Yosemite brings sense to fundamental changes to how a mac user handles photos and videos so everything’s going to be updated.

Leo: Anybody want to go on the record predicting anything else? Will there be a new mac mini?

Rene: It’s so past it, I mean we all have to think of Haswell.

Alex: If the mac mini had been upgraded it wouldn’t be part of the announcement. (Cross talk)

Rene: Retina Mac Books and Retina Air Books might be ready and get a couple of minutes of spiel from Phil Schiller I hope.

Leo: Schill Philler, Phil Schiller.

Alex: That was a very interesting swop.

Leo: I never thought our Schill Philler is here to take some time. Let me take a break, we’ll come back with more. Rene Ritchie from imore (dot) com I want to talk about de-bug. Kudos to you who were active, the London frigging Times, I’m reading along here I know that guy.

The London frigging Times also Mr Andrew Ihantko from the Chicago Sun Times and equally important times.

Andy: For the end of times.

Leo: And Alex Lindsay from the Pixel Corps,

Alex: ……and the times too,

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Top Five You Tube Channel Tips this is your account isn’t it Chad? I can tell this is your account, Chad?

Chad: It might just be the account that I use.

Leo: It just might be. I should log into my account just to show what I’m learning. You can tell a lot about somebody by what courses they’re taking.

They have courses like how to negotiate, how to create a resume, did I see that on your page Chad, things like that?

Alex: How to distribute your resume without your boss seeing it?

Chad: How to passively, aggressively ask for raise?

Leo: That’s a good one. Just show that screen L-Y-N-D-A (dot) com (slash) macbreak. I don’t really want to go on and on about flaws that are in IOS 8 but there are a few things that we should mention. I’m sure Steve Gibson if he didn’t talk about it last week will talk about this week. The broken mac address randomization feature…I don’t know much about it.

Rene: We did a time research I think Rick Arnought I think he spent four or five nights just running test against test and it seems to not work when your iPhone is awake looking for things. But when it’s asleep, because everybody has so many notifications it’s waking up constantly.

Leo: There’s even issues with…I don’t even want to go through with this. There’s problems with IOS 8, private browsing mode, maybe not so private….

Alex: But, it will get better.

Leo: The point on that one is that you can have a private browsing section, close it, go back to Safari and, low and behold all your stuff’s still there. So what does it mean private?

Rene: In IOS 7 it was screen shot that as, you would screen shot your browser when you came back to the app making it look like it was restoring to its app faster in your private browsing window, it would show up immediately. They’re working their way through it.

Alex: I think my whole thing whether it’s path, or secret or private browsing when you’re on the Internet; you’re in public, just……

Leo: Just don’t dance around in your underwear.

Rene: Or somebody else’s.

Leo: Oh that’s okay. We’ve got a replacement for Katy Cotton, it’s Apple veteran Steve Dowling, and do you guys know him? Nice guy, friendly?

Rene: Corporate PR for Apple for a long, long time.

Leo: Okay so he’s the logical kind of…apparently he’s………..By the way this is not applicable to any end-user, but we care about it because these are the people we deal with. I don’t deal with them they don’t like me, so it doesn’t matter to me. Look at that friendly likeable face floating above Tim Cook.

Rene: Call him super lips

Leo: I think that John Paczkowski come to Photoshop, lately because he’s doing a lot of photo shopping, lately on his pictures on his posts.

Rene: It’s avatar 2.

Leo: Is it avatar two?

Rene: Yeah twitter avatar has full road warrior face paint on it.

Leo: Yeah, see I think he just took a course, what the hell! That’s not KISS, what is it? Is it road warrior mad max-I don’t know.

Andy: …….Kubuki,

Leo: Also is that him in the stiff collar or some-body else? Doesn’t look like him? That looks like a 1920 picture of somebody I went to school with.  I don’t know who that is.

Andy: It’s 1920’s banker Stephen Kobber.

Leo: Yeah, exactly (Rene roaring with laughter) So I’m reading along the LA times you know. I get to page four it says lifestyle at Apple was really tough under Scott Forstall or something. I was going to save for you, I’m sorry I didn’t. But it says according to Don Melton talking on bug podcast you got a lot of coverage, Rene, we’ve talked about the show, since the week of the show, Don has been on it. Is he a host is just online?

Rene: No he’s a co-reviewer on the podcast where we talk about 80s movies which is a lot of fun, but he came on, so Don, if people are not familiar with him he was a former director of internet technologies at Apple so he’s headed safari and, web kit and a lot of that kind of stuff. And, he came on with Nitin Ganetra who was with the IOS app, he was in charge of the mail app you know anything that wasn’t web based and the original iPhone. And, they just talked about a couple of things like what it was like to demo for Steve Jobs when the demo went horribly wrong and, what kind of desk choices they made for gestures and short computer buttons and, web versus native and all these different things. But at one point they talked about meetings at Apple and, just to be clear they are talking about director level and high management level. And, that you had a Monday meeting so you prepared for them on Sunday night. Their schedule’s not…I don’t do nearly as important work, but their schedule is not too dissimilar from my schedule for when you wanted to start up in any major company. But there was a news report and they put up a blog that this sounds absolutely horrible and then I’m convinced that no-one else bothered to listen to the show and he blogged that over, over, over and over again.

Leo: One of the key points that I like and, this is from the London Times, but one of the pieces, I can’t wait de-bug 47, the current one actually…was that Don was really upset, that everybody was really upset, sopranos sounded because they knew that Forstall was a big fan of the Sopranos so they’d have free hour every Sunday night so that they could visit their families before they had to go back and start up hell.

Rene: I mean there’s a part two to that show that they’ve recorded but we haven’t put it up yet. They’re really clear they’re not complaining about this in any way about the performance they’re kind of offended that people are complaining. They were incredibly engaged energetic engineers that were passionate about a project and, they were making an iPhone, I mean they made the iPhone, which is not an insignificant achievement, which took a lot of effort to get that thing out of the door.

Leo: I was speaking to Phil Libin the CEO of Evernote about this and he said that if you’re doing something that’s going to make a difference, you’re passionate, you’re really engaged about it, it’s more like I want to get back to it than like how can I take a break. You want to do this, you’re excited about this, and he says he’s not always happy, but always you know you’re doing something important, that’s fine you dream for this.

Now admittedly if you have a family it’s not ideal, but I’ve talked to a lot of other people even Lisa our COE said well that’s normal.

Rene: There was a line that funny I think that…Melton said you don’t coast through a job at Apple and they said oh my God these people do not want to work at a job that you would coast through.

Leo: Exactly.

Rene: They would be bored out of their socks.

Alex: I look at some jobs where people are doing you know very repetitive…

Leo: You want to 9 to 5, go to an assembly line.

Rene: There are people at Apple who work 9 to 5; I mean there are e lot of people at Apple 9 to 5 people who are major new directors of new products.

Leo: Right.

Rene: Working 9 to 5 and we heard from some people who said yes this is true and, they left Apple because they didn’t like the schedule…

Leo: There’s got to be a burn out.

Rene: Other people said this made them want to go back to Apple or that they were hesitant about working at Apple, but some said it sounds like a place they want to work at, people spoke very differently.

Leo: A lot of people that I know who used to work at Apple look at as the best and the worst times in their lives, challenging, difficult Steve was very difficult, but they also know they it made a huge difference they were doing something important and they really cherished that time. But, as you get older you know…

Rene: Don made web kit and safari and we’re complaining about him using the technology he helped create.

Leo: Yeah, right, hey I want to talk about Sapphire in just a bit. But, right now we’re going to talk a little bit about Squarespace, which is the sapphire of web sites.

Alex: Yes.

Leo: Bullet proof, cannot be taken down…

Alex: It bends…

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Alex: One of the things that is interesting is that one of the people in our company that just call in for customer support, and it’s not because they know that we talk about it that way, it’s just…

Leo: So the sapphire factory has gone belly up. I guess they’re going to stay in business, but they’ve, they’ve gone is it Chapter 7 or Chapter 11, they’re going for a reorganization, even though they have hundreds and millions of dollars in the bank. And, some people are blaming Apple, this is GT Advanced. At first we thought, didn’t we think that Apple owned these guys? We knew that Apple had invested in them because they wanted sapphire for the iPhone, but it turns out that it turned out too expensive to put sapphire in the front face of the iPhone.

Alex: From the report what it looks like is that Apple bought it from them and then leased it back to them.

Leo: It’s so complicated. In late 2013 Apple signed a 578 million dollar deal with GT Advanced TECHNOLOGIES to produce sapphire but, abruptly this week they said we’re filing for Chapter 11. Bankruptcy protection GT said they have approximately 85 million dollars of cash, but they’re seeking new financing so that they can satisfy the obligations, in other words creditors.

Alex: Right. (Some cross talk)

Leo: I thought that Chapter 7 was a reorganization, I don’t know Chapter 11 is a re-organization right? But it is bankruptcy it is the big B word.

Alex: I have a little experience of this, I don’t know why but the hard part of working with a large company that’s going down innovative directions and so, on and so forth, keeping up with them, if you don’t go fast enough, they’ll go find somebody else and if you over shoot them you suddenly over shoot them then you end up spending a lot of money into something else.

Leo: Or, they thought that Apple was going top order 20 million sapphire screens for their phones and, then Apple didn’t.

Alex: Or, it didn’t work, and the problem is that technology isn’t working yet and,

Leo: Rumor was that they couldn’t do it. There were two rumors either it was too expensive or it didn’t work.

Alex: Whatever that is the issue that you get into is…

Leo: 7 is liquidation, 11 is re-organization. Thank-you Chad.

Alex: But I think most likely what happened here is that they were in almost in the right place at the right time. But they had to invest really heavily to try and…because you got to be ready to serve 4 million phones a day, you know what ever that is you know. That is an incredible number I can’t even imagine having to build up the capacity for that. If that does not end being the case and now you’re going to be moving to watches there’s a huge change in your income process. I don’t …….I think they’re probably fine what they can’t do is make the payments. If they keep on making the payments, I mean they’re probably thinking this out that if they want to keep making the payments, they probably want to close down in three months and there’s no way that we’re going to get that revenue, I mean from a business perspective it probably makes sense.

Leo: There may be a larger issue here, apparently according to the Wall Street Journal the CEO of GT Advanced Technologies sold a 160,000 dollars worth of its stock a day before the iPhone was announced. (Leo making some strange noises) There’s the stock price.

Alex: That’s because he was expecting to see sapphire in the phone and, he knew

Leo: But you don’t do that the FCC frowns upon that kind of thing.

Alex: Inside information.

Leo: Shares had doubled,

Alex: That’s why a lot of CEOs for a lot of these companies have scheduled sell offs where they’re selling a certain number of their stocks, literally everyday selling a certain number all the time rather than ever creating these spikes.

Leo: Man, well there you go. I don’t know what’s going on there. There is sapphire, Apple, said there is sapphire in at least one of the three models of the iWatch.

Rene: I think the top two.

Leo: I think the top two editions and, sports…or is the sports the cheap one?

Rene: Yeah, the regular edition has.

Leo: Is that what they call it the regular?

Rene: No, it’s just Apple watch.

Leo: Just the Apple watch…

Rene: The adjective to hang off the end of it.

Leo: The Sports Watch Edition. Okay.

Alex: And the edition is just the gold one right? (Panellists agree yeah) Everything’s the same except that…

Leo: The yatching edition let’s say.

Speaking of gold may be on the new iPad? That’s what you know you kind of shave the thing, because it’s like it’s fenced.

Alex: It’s like the gold iPhone.

Rene: I literally thought it was too much gold, then they have done the iPhone 6 plus in gold and, then they leaped to the iPad minis not so big. But then if you leap to the air, it’s not…

Leo: So now we have ben gate as to hairgate. I feel like that people are just whinny. So ben gate as you know…….

Alex: Benghazi?

Leo: Who called it Benghazi?

Rene: I think it was Ellia……of Touch ID? (Cross talk)

Andy: Stop doubling down on me.

Leo: Bendghazi was the iPhone’s bendable…the…any metal phone’s bendable, MA’d consumer reports metal phones are even more bendable, but that’s for some people and, I fell bad for Apple now because weenies are going into the Apple store and, bending the phone.

Rene: Physics is bad.

Leo: (Pretending to bend his iPhone) I bent it! Well, know the newest one is people are bitching, probably Kim Kardashian I don’t know, people are bitching that there is getting caught in the cracks of the iPhone 6 plus.

Rene: Christina Warren had a great video up she did exhaustive testing on……

Alex: What did she do move it through her hair?

Rene: She got the whole mashable stats sort of there.

Leo: And, did she find any catch?

Alex: Did any one get lice? I mean…

Leo: No, we’re clean. She made a video that hair gate is not a thing in three seconds after the ad concludes. I’m sorry…it didn’t conclude but I’m going to skip it. Will see Christina Warren running an iPhone through her hair. (Showing You Tube Video) do you not hear anything? That’s because I have the sound muted. Let’s turn it way up…(music playing) his rubbing that on his beard, I think that

Footage from video: what’s happening is that hair is getting trapped…

Leo: Who are the people who are complaining about this? You’ve got to feel like Apple’s a target for some people.

Andy: Yeah, that’s got to be some good news for somebody at Apple to find out that they look like they’re finally running out of things to complain about.

Leo: (Roaring with laughter) Hair Gate! Don’t comb your hair with your phone, okay?

Andy: That looks like how you would trick a suspect if you need any new DNA evidence.

 Hey, there’s a funny trick that you can do with your phone…would do mine out of this plastic baggy?

Leo: There’s plenty if you want to bitch about the phone, there’s plenty to complain about. You don’t need to make up bending and hair plugs…

Rene: Samsung Galaxy Note Book, Leo, it’s a business card holder, put that on your desk in front some clients.

Leo: That’s normal. That’s right. You know if you want to complain about the iPhone, look at IOS 8 there’s bug you can complain about, if things don’t work, there are some legitimate complaints. But I think that if your get’s stuck in it is a little…….

Alex: I think the biggest problem is that plus just looks silly when you put it up against your face.

Leo: That really doesn’t bother me.

Alex: Well, I really don’t do that very often I mean, I almost never.

Leo: Who makes phone calls anymore? Every time I say that one guy in the chat room says I do! But, it’s not …….I mean it’s not a phone, let’s face it’s a computer.

Andy: But, how many people would be freaked out if when they’re in their actual office, they have to use their network desk phone that’s pretty much bigger than an iPhone 6 plus, is that not and they have a problem holding that thing in front of their face.

Leo: Try bending that?

Alex: It’s, a big screen up against your face, it’s weird.

Andy: It’s a big hunk of a phone that plays movies don’t complain.

Leo: This was the thing when the Note the Galaxy Note first came out, years ago.

(in a heavy voice) Were you holding a candy bar and whatever and, then we just got used to it, just like iPad photos we got used to it.

Rene: Samsung put theirs on the table in the first year and nobody could believe how big they are, and now they look at them and the new iPhone looks like a toy in your living room.

Leo: I’ll tell you what I do feel like the iPhone 6 plus real estate is mostly wasted because most apps have not been updated. So, all you’re getting is a blown up picture.

Alex: Right.

Rene: Especially the big companies. Like a lot of Indian companies have updated it, but most of the other companies haven’t yet.

Leo: Google just updated GMAIL.

Andy: Right.

Leo: Ooooh I haven’t launched it yet……oooh look how crisp that is. It was looking a little soft-focused because it was just been blown up. But now it takes advantage of the high res.

Rene: I found something really interesting, I restore iPhones as new, I don’t restore back-up and I haven’t as yet had to install a single Google app, that really surprised me.

Leo: You thought that you needed the Google?

Rene: I thought I did, because Google Maps recently made a change in that in no longer announced the exit number, just the name of the roads.

Leo: Right.

Rene: Montreal roads are really complicated, there’s some French, there’s some English there’s nine different roads every time, and they’re getting them wrong, and, so I don’t use Google Maps anymore and then GMAIL over exchange was great. The You Tube website is no less annoying than within the You Tube App, and I’m sure at some point, but I haven’t had to yet…

Leo: You’re not a Google Plus user, obviously?

Rene: I use Google Plus on the desktop. I use Google Hangouts on the desktop. I have just never needed to use them on my phone.

Leo: You can’t install them on the phone right away with the photo back up. I love the auto awesomes and, all that stuff.

Rene: I don’t mind Google Drive but I don’t think that idea of putting my photos on Facebook or Google Plus. I prefer the actual file system to the social networks.

Alex: I like both.

Leo: That's because you're very old-fashioned.

Leo: I put my photos there, not just because I'm posting them on Google+, but I like what they do with them. It's an archive.

Andy: Of the many reasons why the new Flickr app is just sad- I can't think of another service that has such a completely inverse relationship between how good the service is and how good the mobile apps are. I was trying out a brand new phone in Chicago and I download the Flickr app, and of course it defaulted to upload everything that you do to the server. And so to this day- I haven't bothered weeding it out yet. -There's a series of 12 photos of the inside of my motel room because I was holding down the shutter button to see how fast it takes pictures, and that's the only way that I found out, oh it's actually putting everything on Flickr. Not publicly, of course but privately. Even so, the fact that they, without my willful intent, I have placed photos in the Cloud and the fact that it's just shots of a messy hotel room desk doesn't minimize how offended I am that this sort of thing can happen.

Leo: Wow, yeah. So here's the trip to London.. These are pictures, that not only were taken with an iPhone, but I took a little Moto X with me as well and Google made a little photo album that I didn't even need to do.

Alex: Because I have different phones, what I like about the Google+ Android system is that whether I'm taking them on an Android phone or an iPhone, everything just ends up in the same place.

Leo: Yeah. So are these screenshots, Chad? Is that how you do this?

Chad: Yes.

Leo: Thank you, Chad! So this is the iPhone 6+, I didn't even know you had a 6+. Zoom in a little bit...

5: Turn down the brightness.

Leo: Oh yeah, my brightness, it's awfully bright. There we go. So this is the Gmail app before the update. You see it's just blown up and you can see some softness in the text there. And here, oooh. Crisp, beautiful. It would do the horizontal thing if it weren't a screenshot.

Rene: I love that multi-pane view on the 6+. It's like having a tiny iPad.

Leo: Yeah. But you make a good point Rene. There isn't, for an iPhone user, a lot of strong reason- And that's what Apple wants obviously. We used Apple Maps in London, I didn't have Google Maps on my phone, and it worked great.

Rene: If you know the exact place you're going to Apple Maps is really good. Their sloppy search is still nowhere as good as Google's.

Leo: Right.

Rene: They will either take you to the wrong continent or they won't recognize the place that- Like if you type in a name, instead of finding the one that's closest to you, it'll just go to some random...

Andy: Google Maps does that as well.

Leo: Everybody does that.

Alex: I don't want to go to Italy today...

Leo: I do want to go to Italy but I'm not and that's why I don't want to know about it. The panorama stuff on the iPhone is spectacular. Here's pictures of the iTunes festival. In fact, I took one for you Alex- Which, it's Google Auto-Awesome so it's completely useless. -Of the setup here. They had a sound board, a mixing board, the jib, they had a slider. You know, one of those rail cameras? But they had a video camera on a slider that would just go across. I can't wait to go home and watch- This was the last day of the iTunes festival. -Watch the broadcast again. But they really did a nice job and no problems with the stream. No problems with the stream at all. But I think the pictures I took with the iPhone were absolutely the most satisfying. In some ways, competing with some of the pictures I took with a fancy camera. But the panoramas... Oh, there's Henry VIII, he showed up and that was so exciting.It was great, so exciting. They're playing drafts, Cardinal got bored and wondered off.

Andy: League Football goes everywhere doesn't it?

Leo: Not the football draft?!

Andy: I'm sorry to say that I keep meaning to finish up my iPhone reviews. It's just that they keep getting more and more in depth and so I think I'm ready to go back up to the surface now where there's air and light. But yeah, I'm so terribly with the quality of photos that the 6 and the 6+ are taking. They still can't take the place of a "real `camera," because they're still camera phones but the ability to not only take good pictures out of the box but, I can't think of another phone that I've ever tried where there's so much data and there's so much latitude inside that .jpeg where if you want to change the exposure or the color or anything like that- Just like pushing sliders around in iPhoto or whatever is going to be replacing it in a couple of weeks. -And make the photo that you want, make it look like you didn't change a darn thing. I'm terribly, terribly impressed. So much so that last night I spent some time updating my 60 photo gallery that I'm going to be posting to Flickr and saying, you know what, I've never done this before but I'm going to post the originals as well as a side gallery that would be here's what I would normally do, even with my nice Olympus camera, I would not upload .jpeg's, I would spend at least thirty seconds on each one, no more than a minute. Just saying I wish that were a little bit sharper, I wish that color were a bit more intense, I want the shadows to be a little bit less intense over here because you're right, when you mix in photos from the iPhone 6 and 6+ with your regular library it becomes really hard sometimes to tell the difference between the ones you shot with your phone and the ones you shot with your really really nice- Almost as expensive as a decent used car. -Camera.

Leo: Yeah, I brought my Sony A7S and it has a pano setting so I shot one from the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral. And then I shot the same thing with my phone and in some ways, I think the phone is almost better. Look at how much detail as I zoom in.

4:You put your finger on something that is unique to the iPhone... I've never seen another phone that is even competent at doing panoramas and yet the iPhone is almost always perfect right out of the camera.

Leo: By the way, you shoot this in a second. You push the button move the phone sideways a little and it's done.

Alex: One of the things they do really well is they're doing pixel by pixel analysis to figure out which pixels to use. Almost all other phones what they do is they take a bunch of full pictures and blend them. That's why you get all of these little blends and stuff. But the iPhone at every moment is making a decision for what pixels and what part to include where.

Andy: One of the thing that really impresses me is one of my standard panorama shots of the Grand Staircase in the Boston Public Library with the lions, the murals, the marble stairs and everything. And there's almost always people there too and the panorama is almost always able to make it freeze each individual person in place.

Leo: Wow, that's a challenge, that's hard.

Andy: Yeah, it's a great panorama in and of itself but I really want to mention this again, I can't think of another camera phone that is even decent at doing panoramas. If I had anything other than an iPhone in my pocket, I would simply snap a sequence of photos and stitch them back together in Photoshop when I got home.

Leo: Yeah, really impressive. How does it compare to the 1020? I said on Twitter that I thought the camera on the iPhone is the best camera phone on the market today, the iPhone 6 and 6+.

Andy: I would not have agreed to that, the 5s compared to 1020. I will agree with that the iPhone 6 and 6+ versus the 1020. However-

Leo: This is the 41 megapixel Nokia camera.

Andy: Exactly. The Nokia still has 2 features that the iPhone 6 and no other phone can match, which is it has a real flash and it has that for real 41 megapixel sensor. Which means there are so many things that so many photos are enhanced with a little pop of real flash as opposed to a glowing LED no matter how bright that LED is. You can do those sort of things in the Nokia that you can't do otherwise, also as much as I might have joked about this, what nonsense a 41 megapixel phone sensor, dammit that actually works. You can really zoom in and make a good 8x10 print off of a section of a picture you've taken with the Nokia. With the iPhone, I do and I don't want them to make a higher resolution version of that sensor because there are times where I wish that I could just crop a little bit tighter but I know that there just isn't enough pixel data to make that happen. On the other hand, everything else about this picture- The skin tone, the detail, the way the colors pop, the way that there are details in the shadows, even if you cant see it on the screen. The way that you can just tease it up. I just nudge a little slider in the desktop app a little to the right, I would not give that up for an extra four pixels of resolution.

Alex: Do you find that the low light on the Nokia and the 6+ or 6 are comparable?

Andy: Yes, I would say so. The 5 and the 5s both had a really infuriating problem that I tried to really find real answers to. All I can say is my impression about the way those two handle low light was that there's a point in which the light gets lower and lower in different situations. Like, okay I can handle it, I can handle it, I can handle it okay screw it there's no way I can take a good picture here. I'm just going to throw everything to the wind and just be happy taking some kind of image. At some point when the light gets really low it's going to be like, not only am I going to increase the ISO higher than it needs to go, but I'm also going to obliterate all detail and take a lower resolution picture and do something synthetically. Which is why the only situation in which other phones are just blowing the 5 and the 5s out of the water were interior of a museum overcast days when the light is really not that great. It's not that the iPhone would take a poor picture, it's just that you would zoom in a little bit and see that there was absolutely no fine detail in this picture. They completely solved that problem with the iPhone 6. The preview of one of the important points from my photo review is that there is a multitudenessly greater difference between the quality of the iPhone 6 and 6+ pictures and the 5s than there is between the 6+ and the 6. I was expecting the image stabilization on the 6+ to be a huge factor. It's present but it's not as big as the big leap that the iPhone 6 made from the 5s.

Rene: Remember when the 1020 looked big?

Leo: Yeah. Still has a big hump.

Andy: Exactly, people say, I'm embarrassed for Nokia, designing a camera that has a lump on the side of it. You know what you're idiots. Be interested in design, be fascinated by design but don't be a design wonk. There's a line between design nerd and design wonk. If you're complaining about this camera that takes manifestly superior pictures in so many situations is a little bit thicker in this part than in that part you're just a useless design wonk, go away. Put down the keyboard back away from your computer.

Alex: I'm still waiting for the Panasonic, that's going to be my next Android phone.

Andy: I cannot wait to see that. This is the Android phone with a full-on 1" sensor with a real lens on it and doesn't look like the Samsung version of that phone which is they basically designed a regular camera with a zoom and basically put an Android screen behind it. This looks like a thick phone but a very realistic Android phone and boy, that would be so tempting. To have a for real camera with a real sensor and a real flash. That said though, there's so much more to- I'm glad I took this extra time because it took me an extra week to stop thinking about the technical aspects of a lens by taking a picture and taking that picture off the camera or device and putting it onto Photoshop or something like that and just saying what can I do with it on camera? The new image adjustment features they put into the camera app are phenomenal. I'm not even going to try the brightness or contrast control because it's just useless. It's more like you have a person who is knowledgeable in aperture working for you inside of that phone and you tell that person, I want that picture to be brighter. And he understands that he wants it to be brighter but he doesn't want the highlights to be blown out and he doesn't want there to be no shadows whatsoever anchoring the image. And for every one of these little sliders, you're basically indicating your intent to make a change to the picture, but then there's software that decides the best way to apply that intent and so the ability to change things inside that device is better than any free with the phone operating system solution that's out there. I'm not even sure that there is  a better third-party image adjustment software for any phone or any tablet out there. I've made some changes to that final review by saying that, you almost want to change the way you take pictures now. Whereas before you were like, I got to make sure I got the lighting correctly, I got to make sure the exposure is correct, but with the iPhone 6 you have such great and simple editing tools right there in your camera roll that you might as well get it within about 10% of what it needs to be because you can very easily make a fine grained adjustment that gives you- It's the difference between what the phone thinks is a good version of this picture to what you think is a good version of this picture. Very exciting.

Alex: I also like hyper lapse.

Leo: I love hyper lapse. Now they have this time lapse capability in the iPhone camera, but it's not as good as this right? So this is a time lapse I shot with my iPhone 6 pressed against the windshield of the top floor of a double decker bus as we went through London at rush hour. So this is 12x, you have your choice, but this also did amazing smoothing because the bus was bouncing around.

Alex: One of the things I noticed with hyper lapsed, is that one of the things that it seems to be doing is when you increase the speed it stabilizes by picking different pictures or something because what you'll notice is it looks really rocky at 4x and it gets smoother as you speed it up. And it looks like it's looking for something to give it back to you smoother but hyper lapse is really cool.

Leo: Look how smooth this is. A couple of takeaways- Boy, it's crazy in London at rush hour. Everywhere I guess, but look at all of the pedestrians and bikes, they're just weaving in and out. That's Trafalgar Square right there.

Alex: I want to do one in Mumbai. Well the next time I'm in Mumbai.

Leo: And a bus is a good thing, as it stops and starts, there's something about it that makes it an interesting time lapse. This is a 25 minute ride in 2 minutes.

Rene: I just won a speeder bike test in the forest.

Leo: Wouldn't that be fun, yeah.

Andy: That's another thing that's worth mentioning... The built-in video mode in the camera app smooths out the bumps exceptionally well. I just posted a video yesterday of a musical performance in Quinty Marketplace about a week ago and I'm moving around a little bit while trying to hold the phone steady. I'm holding it like this and looking behind me here and there to be sure I'm not about to step into a baby carriage or something. And it really does look like a steady cam shot because you can never see a hint of bumping or jittering around there and I'm just so impressed with the video mode on this camera and you can tell how excited I am about this because I'm not someone who gets excited about video it just makes it so easy to take good-looking videos with this device it makes you want to get up and try out some more. Have you tried the super slow mow?

Rene: Caldwell took it to roller derby and she did the slow mow both 120 and 240 because at 240 there's not enough light sometimes if you're inside or if the conditions are dark but the 120 looks fantastic.

Alex: Well and one of the things you really have to think about was is that issue where it's 240 vs 120- We've done a couple of projects where it's 1,000 fps or 10,000 fps and you know it's going to be slow but don't realize, oh we can't do that inside because there's just not enough light. We'd need a really big light like the sun. Now there are big places or studios you can go to do that but it becomes a real challenge. But I just want to point out that I spent a lot of money on a camera that lets me do 240 fps and I can now do it on my iPhone. Not that I'm bitter and angry but have you guys done very many tests with the 240 because that's pretty much all I would do.

Rene: I went to one of those restaurants where they do the fire in front of you and I tried it at 120 and 240 and it's just great.

Andy: Yeah, sorry I hadn't posted it yet but it turns out that on the day that I walked around for 9 hours saying I'm going to shoot tons of pictures with this thing, not only was there a  stunt team doing leaps over banks of 9 tourists crouched down so I got that and then I came across a couple of college students who had the sticks with two ropes between them that would make huge bubbles with it and you want to see a really good example of 240 fps? See the shapes that happens with this cubic yard of bubble as it's being pulled out of this frame and then hovering through the air. It then makes a touch with the cement fountain and it goes pop.

Alex: I'm waiting for someone to shoot an entire high school football game with iPhone 6's. So it's like you see the slow motion and all of the bits and pieces-

Andy: Yeah, it gets you excited about using this new phone, about using this video camera. As I said, I'm not usually the type of person who is just terribly interested in shooting video but this got me so interested and you're right, the time lapse stuff, I had it on a tripod and had my lunch in the public garden and it was aiming at a footbridge that goes over the lagoon and not just paying attention to it I took it off of the tripod half an hour later and it's just the most exciting and pretty thing to look at later on. I was so glad  I brought my tripod along because it looks so cool that way.

Leo: So this is 1x speed of a guy rollerblading backwards and here's the 1/2 speed which is 120-

Rene: Yeah because you can do 60 fps video now if you want to.

Leo: Ah, yeah.

Andy: I also have that music video in the chatroom too if you're interested.

Leo: So this is 240 fps and as you said, Rene it is dark. You go down to 120 and it's not so dark. Serenity is a Roller Derby Performer...? Athlete?

Rene: She's a Combatant?.. I don't know.

Alex: Yeah, an enforcer.

Andy: She also does all of the social media for those awesome derby games. They have this huge league here in Boston and it's like-

Leo: Here's a time lapse of her washing dishes. I totally adore her, I think she's one of the most talented people.

Andy: I hope that some smart publication snaps her up because-

Leo: Somebody already did I think. Rene?

Rene: Yeah, she also does a lot of film stuff so...

Leo: That's right, she's got a film background, went to film school. So yeah neat.

Alex: Something else I wanted to point out here is that- Well this is 60x so it's not as good...

Leo: Yeah, I say hyper lapse if you're going to do time lapse.

Rene: Hyper lapse, I believe they're using the gyroscope to stabilize it while you're capturing it and I'm not sure what Apple does but Microsoft was doing it post capture like final cut wood you see the difference.

Leo: Right. By the way, when hyper lapse first came out- Although it was very successful when it first came out. -I just read an article that said the downloads have slowed.

Alex: That's because everyone got it.

Andy: We all have it.

Leo: If you don't have it get it. Let's take a break and when we come back you're picks of the week gentlemen, if you would prepare those. Our show today brought to you by Gazelle. This is actually a really good time to be thinking about Gazelle because we're pretty sure there will be a new iPad announced a week from Thursday. You can guarantee- Already the prices are starting to go down because of the rumor. -But once the announcement happens, the resale price of your old iPad goes down even farther. This is the time to go to and lock in that price. It's good for 30 days so you'll have enough time to get the new iPad, transfer your data, get it set up and all of that good stuff. They even buy, you can see right there, broken cell phones. So you can just get some money for the old stuff broken or not. Over 2 million trade-in's now, $175 million+ paid out to customers at Not just iPad's or iPhones, Android devices even Blackberry phones, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, they'll buy tablets from Google and Microsoft and Samsung and Asus, even Amazon Fire tablets. Cash sitting in your drawer or closet right now and the best way to take advantage of it is go to Just get a price, get a quote and it's locked for 30 days if you decide to sell. Press that button, they'll send you a box with prepaid postage so you don't even have to worry about that. They'll get your stuff, turn it around faster- You can get a check, PayPal, or an Amazon gift card. If you get the Amazon gift card they'll bump up the value 5% just as a way of thanking you. You know, we have  a trickle down policy here with the old phones so everything trickled down to the bottom and so that's when we sold the iPhone 4. Lisa got a quote for $30 for the iPhone 4, wait though... She sent it in and they sent her $120 saying that it had more memory than you thought. They said $30, they could have given $30 but they said, it's more important that we get it right. Here's $120. I don't know how they stay in business. They do it because people love them and they give great customer service. I'm not promising that you'll get more money I'm just saying that they're honest. If you forget, by the way to wipe your data they do that too., get your quote today sell or trade your old stuff the fast and easy way with Gazelle! I would like to get a pick of the week, who should we start with? How about you Mr. Alex Lindsay?

Alex: So we're going back to paper, from many many years ago.

Leo: Paper, I've heard of that.

Alex: So here's the deal. I'm still working through them but I've tried almost every touch sensitive-

Leo: Oh these pens?

Alex: Pens, yeah. What I need is not so much to draw paintings, I'm needing to take notes. Oftentimes I'm saying this is how big the building is going to be and anyways, this is a couple of versions since the last time I tried it and I'm actually getting pretty happy with it. If you put this over here...  This iPad. The cool thing is, I can say on this piece of paper-

Leo: You're writing with your iScribe pen on an actual notebook, it's the special iScribe notebook paper that you have.

Alex: Yeah.

Leo: But wait, I'm holding the iPad, you're drawing on a piece of paper there.

Alex: Yes, and it should...

Leo: What?! So I am able to draw on this paper with this pen but you see, I don't like things being stuck in paper, because to me that is a data hole.

Leo: Right.

Alex: So I don't want anyone in my company writing on paper because I'll never see it again so the idea is that so now you can write something on paper and be able to email that to somebody or having it on your iPad and being able to grab it and it works almost all of the time except for when your live on MacBreak.

Leo: LiveScribe, this has gotten a lot better since I saw it last. Let me show people the pen. Because it looks like a slightly fatter fountain pen.

Alex: Yeah, and it comes with this little notebook.

Leo: You do have to use their paper because it's invisible magic stuff on the paper. So then you can record by tapping here?

Alex: What you do there is talk and you can record your voice and send it through email too.

Leo: Can you still do this? Before I remember being able to draw a keyboard and use it.

Alex: I don't know, I've never tried that, it's quite possible.

Leo: And the reason you use this special paper is not merely for tracking but there's all these little special things that you can do.

Alex: Right, oh and there's your keyboard. There are a lot of interesting things you can do with it and again, if you're looking for something that gives you that sort of paper feel but get it digitally.

Leo: It looks kind of classy.

Alex: I'd rather show up to a meeting with a client with that for notes if I'm not going to be typing. Most of the reason, I'll type almost everything but most of the reason I would use this is that I'm sometimes taking notes about locations, that's what I do.

Leo: So LiveScribe, how much?

Alex: I think it's like $200 or $300. It's expensive.

Leo: The paper is not super expensive but you do have to use their paper. Cool, Mr. Rene Ritchie?

Rene: I have two picks this week. One, I was actually going to go with the app that Andy went with but he was faster than me this week and so I adapted quickly. One is Screens for Adobe which you might be familiar with. They updated for the new iPhones but I was primarily using Screens on the iPad Mini and the iPad because it's just nicer to have a bigger screen if you're going to look at your Mac. So I should back up, Screens is a VNC program by Edovia and it lets you connect to your Mac or your Windows PC- I think Linux as well. -Just using your iOS device and there's a Mac Client as well if you want to do that. But I like it because if anything ever goes critically wrong even if I'm away from home, even if I'm on LTE I can still get back and do what I need to do on my Computer. But on the iPhone 6+, like I'm finding with so many apps, it's like a tiny tablet when it's in landscape mode and this is my Mac Pro that I'm doing the podcast on right now and at 5.5" it is incredibly useable even on a phone. He's done some updates for iOS 8, like there's Touch ID and stuff like that but just the app itself, just the base functionality is so much more useful at tiny tablet scale, that I'm not even bothering to reach for my iPad Mini anymore or my iPad Air, I'm just using my phone. It's a lazy thing to do but it's convenient and I like it.

Andy: You're absolutely right, You put it on the iPhone 6+ and it's like, oh I could actually in a pinch work this way. If I was packing for a trip and Iknew that I'd only need my Mac Book for about 30 minutes, I bet I could use this to import this Word file from someone, make quick reads and edit them, put it back on a Dropbox for somebody else and leave my Mac Book at home.

Rene: I've even used it because I edit podcasts usually at home but I forgot once and hadn't put it in Dropbox so I just quickly connected, put the file into Dropbox, synced it and- Any situation where you don't have what you need, it is great. And that reminded me that the developer behind Screeens does a conference in Montreal every year and it's coming up this weekend it's called Singleton and theyhave all of the videos from  the previous three years of Singleton- This is C4. -Available online for free so you can go online and hear all of these different luminaries of the industry talking about really interesting really specific subject matters. All of the videos are on Vimeo and are about 50 minutes each. Apple had a great message for Developers on how to charge for their apps. Really really smart people talking about really smart stuff. It's all free online.


Rene: Leo, you could be sitting at your pool with your umbrella drink controlling your server farm. It's the future.

Leo: Just what I always wanted to do. Ladies and Gentlemen, from the future of internet telecasting, Mr. Andy Ihnatko's hands.

Andy: I thank you and cranecame 3,000, the future of video podcasting thanks you as well. The only difficult is that I can't talk and be on camera at the same time but this is a really great app, Panick software has made my favorite FTP app for the Mac and now it's available for iOS 8, it's called Transmit that is an FTP program. If you don't know what FTP means, the fact is if you have a computer anywhere in your office or a file server or a NAS and you enable FTP on it, it means you can put all of your file in one place and access it anywhere and with Transmit, one of the biggest pains in the butt with anything that runs iOS is not solved but a lot less painful. I've got a file in here and I want it there... My phone is just connecting to my NAS or my central storage. I can play movies directly from there or I can simply say I just want this movie downloaded to this device so I can watch it when I'm back wherever. It really is a terrific solution. It costs $10 but is commensurate with the amount of work that went into it. It's very clean very pretty very full featured app and is worth every penny.

Leo: That is Andy Ihnatko, he is from the Chicago Sun Times pretty much every week. Rene Ritchie is also a good person to visit at We also thank you Alex Lindsay for taking time out of your busy schedule.

Alex: It's always my pleasure.

Leo: We do MacBreak Weekly every Tuesday 11 am Pacific 2 pm Eastern time, 1800 UTC on please stop by and say hi. You can watch us live here or come to the studio. But you can also watch on demand audio and video after the fact at but also on all of the different podcast apps for all of the platforms. Thanks for joining us, get back to work! Break time is over!

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