MacBreak Weekly 421 (Transcript)

Leo Laporte: Well we’ve got ‘em, the new phones are here. Andy Ihnatko, Rene Ritchie, Alex Lindsay, actually Alex is the only one who doesn’t have the new iPhone. We’re going to help him choose, big ‘un little ‘un we’re going to talk about the pros, the cons, the ups the downs, the ins and the outs of the iPhones, next on macbreak weekly.

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Leo: This is Macbreak weekly, episode 421 recorded Tuesday September 23rd 2014

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It’s time for Macbreak weekly, the show where we cover all your Apple needs, and, we’re going to do it now oh boy, we’re going to do it now. Listening in and joining us from Montreal, KANADA is the lovely and talented Rene Ritchie. Hi Rene?

Rene Ritchie: Hi Leo how are you?

Leo: You and, I kind of swopped opening day pictures from our local Apple stores, the only difference is yours were in French, mine were in English. What was it?

Rene: I had to internationalize it.

Leo: (attempting to speak French) the …….iPhone

Rene: (in French)…the…iPhone

Leo: But, it was bigger than big so

Rene: Plus grand que…plus grand (in French)

Leo: Plus grand! And mine said bigger than big with the little iris wire sculpture that they do there, yeah right, we’ll talk a little bit more about that Rene? Rene and I both work in line. I also hear that Alex Lindsay, who’s not only, still does not have his iPhone, poor man

Alex Lindsay: (Pretending to cry)…

Leo: However do live, however do you survive?

Alex: It was early in the morning.

Leo: I’ll lend you mine for the show, (Leo handing over the iPhone) there we go.

Alex: I got up in the morning, I had trouble logging in first thing in the morning I went what the heck, and then half my company sat in line and I asked them we’ve got some big projects coming up.

Leo: Yes half my company sat in line, as the fearless leader that is the one I boarded on line that night from Verizon, I was able to get one from Verizon but never from Apple, so I went to the store. We will have to order that.

Leo: Also here Mr Andy Ihnatko from the Chicago Sun Times.

Andy Ihnatko: How are you today?

Leo: I’m fine.

Andy: I speak English well; I learned it from a book.

Leo: Andy, which phone did you choose?

Andy: Well, I chose, it’s a (showing a phone) with these numbers, because these are both Apple loaners.

Leo: Oh, you’re on the list.

Andy: I have one of each, and I can’t even hold it right side up. I’ve got to say I’m leaning towards the iPhone 6 plus, because I’m due for now for my off contract on phones, and so I’m free to purchase another one, through my carrier, and if I were to buy it on discount as opposed to owning it outright it’s going to be the 6 plus. It’s very much in line with my needs, I will definitely vote for it if it runs for open position on my school board. It reflects my values; it’s the phone that I would most like to have a beer with so to speak.

Leo: Apple did quite a few loaners this year, I saw reviews, the Wednesday before the phones went on sale, by of course Molly Wood of the New York Times and, also by David also of the New York Times, by Walt Mossburger……Walt Mossburger formerly of Wall Street Journal and now of RICOD, and you got one and did you also Rene Ritchie get review units?

Rene: I bought the 6 Plus but I got a review unit for the 6.

Leo: Okay. And, so it is really just Alex, each of us has two phones and, Alex has none.

Rene: That seems unfair.

Andy: He is at the forefront of a fast rising company forefront of vital technology, to rechange our world, frankly I‘ll swop him for a phone for that.

Rene: What about a crane cam Andy? (Cross talk)

Leo: Never…

Alex: I ordered it…I got up it was very late, actually very early then I did order and then I couldn’t get on and I didn’t get back to it later that morning, and then I was three weeks away and this makes me sad.

Leo: So, let’s talk about, so Alex…..…….you are our guinea pig, you are our guinea pig because you haven’t bought yours yet, like most of the United States of America and soon China and the rest of the world in a conundrum…

Alex: Yes, I agree it is very upsetting for me and, the whole thing is that if the image optical, if the optical image stabilization was on the small one it would be a no brainer, I would not even think about it.

Leo: Let me announce something real quickly that I think is significant. These are identical except for size right? Now the pixels are arranged or not, but…but…it’s…sounds like you get more icons on the screen.

Rene: You get an extra row don’t you…no?

Leo: ahhhhhh…….. Looks like the same number of rows to me. Now this is not zoom, this is standard. Zoom would take away a row as a matter of fact.

Andy: You have to wait till developers start targeting that screen. Just like when the first iPad mini came out it was just every single full sized app only, like optically shrunk down and, then after a few months people started targeting that user interface and making it better. So we’re not seeing…we’re seeing that a little bit Apple made apps but I think that we’re really going to see this as an entirely new device plan.

Leo: And, that’s another really important point for today which are many, many apps are not scaled properly at all. So, this is Google Plus none of the Google apps were modified for the new resolution so this is Google Plus basically as it would have been on the 5 S or any other phone.

Rene: The scale is pretty good though, especially on 5 plus on the 6 plus because it’s got so much high density. On the 6 you will see the little line waves, sometimes because it is scaling it, but on the 6 plus the density is so high, you can barely see the scan….


Leo: So, again look at this, you’re seeing exactly the same thing, (cross talk) it’s not like you’re using more of the screens at all (cross talk) these are fairly big technical, and again this is for an unmodified app. You’re absolutely right Andy they will soon be better. (More cross talk)

Go ahead (to Andy)….

Andy: No, I was saying if you have an app like the kindle reader you can adjust font sizes. Suddenly, you make the font a lot smaller that you have even on the regular 6; it’d still be nicely readable. Even, today it seems like a good idea, I think in the future it’s going to be even better, I have been continuing my little experiments with the keyboards, this is not the pick of the week, although I’m just going to give a preview, there is somebody who has the stowaway key board though the really, really, really awesome, folding keyboard that, these two sides fold in to make a continuous keyboard and then this fold up flat, perfectly flat like this, and you wind up with this package inside your pocket.

Leo: I don’t want to get too crazy….on……we’ve got lots of stuff to talk about.

Andy: Okay.

Leo: Lets continue with the rest of the resolution. So presumably this is Apple’s app, that we have today.

Rene: You can rotate it on the 6 plus, Leo, so you get the… if you don’t have the…

Leo: I’ll turn it off for one second.

Rene: You will get the split view.

Leo: You know what if Apple didn’t rotate the home-screen the springboard I wouldn’t…I would leave it on. I hate it when the springboard rotates right?

Rene: So, you get the iPad style of apps on horizontal…

Leo: Yeah, that’s nice… but what I don’t like is when this happens…

Alex: pooh, even when that happens and, even if we have a resolution that it still won’t actually load iPad apps….correct….(cross talk)

Andy: No, it still runs iPhone, though it still doesn’t have the nice features of the iPad, like a lot of the four fingered gestures for navigation, system widening don’t work, I don’t believe that it works with some of the iPad accessories, through the lightning adaptor, so it is very much still a super big iPhone as opposed to an iPad that’s smaller.

Alex: Which I think is kind of a bummer, because I think that it would be, I think I would replace my main with the larger one, that one would be more of temptation for me.

Andy: Well, I’m saying over the past week I have been using keyboards with this. I’ve been doing a lot of experiments that way, I do find that a lot of reasons why I would like just toss an iPad in the bag when I go out in the afternoon, is now being replaced with well I’ve got the iPhone 6 plus, maybe I’ll grab this pocket keyboard just in case I want to write something good otherwise that’d be good.

Leo: So here is, presumably Apple mail is updated, right? So, let’s see if this uploads, so this is just a nice spam message, but I don’t want to show anything in any personal detail…mail alarm you’re getting a free app…

Rene: So, when you turn it, Leo.

Leo: So when you turn it sideways, like that… I like that. That’s probably the best example to buy a bigger screen, it is useful, but of course that doesn’t do anything.

Rene: That’s because of all the new adaptive UI classes so you have the right compacted classes and, this iPhone presents itself…basically developers can target it as an iPad in a horizontal view.

Leo: Right, right so, I don’t see a lot of…again this is the segment which will help you to decide which one you will buy.

Alex: This is one of my chief problems, I really actually wear one shirt that has different colors, and, this is my problem. (Tucking the iPhone into his shirt pocket). Let’s see if this fits.

Leo: It fits beautifully, what are you talking about. Now you’re probably going want to have a case, you should probably include a case right.

Alex: Once you’ve got a case on it…this will get bigger.

Rene: The pockets are holding.

Alex: I know exactly, you know. (Some cross talk)

Leo: So, new apps will come in and they will take advantage of the real estate and that won’t look scaled. I see this scaling, but they won’t look scaled. And, we saw…this happens every-time. There is OIS in the 6 plus not in the 6. Although, a lot of people are saying that the low life performance of the 6 is excellent. The OIS doesn’t turn unless you’re in the low light.

Alex: Andy, have done any real side to side or Rene?

Andy: I am actually going to be doing my really intensively eight ways side by side comparison tests Wednesday and then into Thursday. I did some quick stuff, with it in the back yard and, basically in darkened rooms, I think that you can in the right situations, definitely see the enhancements of the 6 plus. The… I don’ t think that it’s correct I do think that the image status is all right.

Leo: All right.

Andy: I do believe that the image status is always on. But, I believe that the iPhone 6 does such a good job on the light is that there a bunch of other tricks behind the scenes, for instance there’s the three shots tricks behind the scenes shot that they’re doing so let’s say that you’re doing…you’re taking a picture of somebody inside the church it will take one…it will take a sequence of three shots without you knowing and, the first shot will be a long exposure it’ll will capture whatever’s not moving around in the actual church. And, then it will actually look and combine that with those two other pictures to find sharp areas where people weren’t moving and combine that synthetically into one shot that looks square and, looks everything looks like it’s nicely focused. So there’s a lot of Elphin magic behind that hollow tree.

Leo: It is an amazing camera on both phones.

Andy: Yeah.

Leo: Yeah, Rene.

Rene: We did some tests with and, it’s really close the 6’s phenomenal light, where you can just see the things, if you zoom them up, you can see the way that it handles the pixels on the 6 plus. It’s better, it’s less noisy, I…..

Leo: Right.

Rene: It’s one of those things where if you buy the 1000-dollar lens and, opposed to the 500 dollar lens, some people can tell it apart. You know probably Andy could tell it apart, but it is harder for me.

Andy: Well, I think it’s the difference for me between Instagram and your grandchildren twenty years later. Seriously, almost every phone that you buy today that is half-way decent phone will take a picture that just fine for Instagram or FaceBook, the question is 20 years later when you realize that oh, that was the last time that we really had all the family from Chicago and the boss from San Francisco all in the same place altogether you’re glad you had the iPhone 6 plus because this is something that will take a picture of something good enough to actually print out and put on the back of your sofa table, whereas the other cameras are like okay, that’s nice we’ll put that on the Apple TV mark 21 and will wish that grandpa actually used the proper camera.

Leo: You know I can actually see a little bit of how this is not a good sync. This test.

Rene Like, it’s the video processor is doing so much work in the background.

Andy: Also in the Face-time the front facing camera is doing interesting things too. The front facing camera here, for instance they’re calling one-shot ER and, it’ll do it automatically. So, if you’re doing a selfie like this, or if you’re doing chat it’ll automatically switch to a mode where it is synthetically producing an optimised image so that the higher exposure in the background is not going to be quite as dramatic as should we choose the exposure in the foreground. Sometime, in my experience if we begin if we were to give it a really bad lighting situation like when I was shooting a video, you can see it on You Tube, in the back yard kind of like couple of hours before sunset and it’s in shade so it’s 1(point) 2 mega pixel camera, let’s not forget on the iPhone 6 and, so because of the HDR, the colors are a little bit odd, but the personality is right there. So, there’s so much tricks out that’s why you really do have to take it out and rock and roll it for few days before you appreciate that has specs that go beyond what the actual hard-ware is.

Leo: How long have you had it? For, more than a week now, is that right?

Andy: No I’ve had it since Friday.

Leo: Okay. Okay, so we’re talking about difference, obviously spring resolution, camera and, then battery life. How about that?

Rene: It’s a monster, I go to sleep and it’s still at 38 percent, which is nuts for the 6 plus.

Andy: Yeah, I have yet to put, when I’m finally wrapping up my last Android phone stuff today, which means that I can finally put my SIM in this AT&T iPhone, so it’s only been used on Wi-Fi since for the Friday, but I was charged up fully on Friday and had to charge it again today. And, that’s a guy who has been spending a whole week-end playing with it and, watching movies with it and, listen to music with it, it’s just a monster this iPhone 6 plus battery.

Leo: How about the 6, what’s the battery life.

Andy: I would put it at a little bit better than what you get on the iPhone…iPhone 5S but not so dramatically better that it would influence you’re buying decision. But if you’re…there are a lot of people who would actually have tethering on their iPads because they can use that as your two days broadband wave station. I think this is going to attract a lot of people for the same reason, which if you’re using as your internet access as you travel or even spending the day outside the office, you will be able to after using this as your base station for your Mac Book or your other note book all day long, you’ll be able to board the commuter train home and still have enough juice left to have a good time on the train right now.

Rene: I’ve had the exact same thing about the battery life. Some people have been confused because when you first install it, you install from the back-up, it’s going to download everything, it’s going to re-index power light, for the first couple it’s hard to…

Leo: Yeah…

Rene: To get good battery readings, but it’s lasting a little bit longer than the iPhone 5S, nowhere nearly as long as the 6 plus, and to Andy’s point to Roger’s LTE is obscene. It’s not even LTE advanced yet but I think they’ve got 15/20 lanes of LTE, and I’m getting 90 down in my condo…

Leo: Wow…

Rene: and 90 down at Starbucks which is twice as fast as my broadband.

Leo: I’m going to turn off Wi-Fi, I’m curious about what AT&T is giving us here in the studio.

Alex: I don’t think that’s AT&T has the advanced, it’s only Verizon.

Leo: It is only Verizon, let me turn that down…I got 90 down on Josh’s T-Mobile, that probably because no one uses the app.

Alex: I just got what I ordered. I want the Wi-Fi calling.

Leo: A couple of other points, T-Mobile has Wi-Fi calling…

Alex: That was my calling…

Leo: The Apple store has, and I asked several people that T-Mobile is carrier locked as we have learned.

Alex: Yeah, I bought mine completely unlocked.

Leo: I have which I think is great is the Verizon version which is SIM card unlocked, as it has been in the past, which is very good news. For instance I can take this to England, have Verizon here and all those bands of LTE, but still taking the new T-Mobile and still taking them international.

Alex: Now the new Verizon will allow you to do both data and voice.

Leo: Voice and royalty, I think so yeah so let me turn on to find you a speed test, because I’m curious what we’re going to get here. I don’t know what Verizon is like normally here. So all right I think is that all of the pros and cons you would need Alex to make the right choice. Size obviously, battery life, three cameras…

Alex: Number one thing for me is just knowing how much of a difference the optical and, stabilisation is.

Leo: It looks like not much.

Andy: If you wait, I doubt it. Again I have not done my intensive tests yet, every time I do this once a year where I truly fill my pockets with eight different phones and a real camera and every single time the only shots that I can tell that the iPhone 5 or the 5S has not done as well as the others, are the ones where the other cameras have the optical stabilisation and the iPhone 5 only had to ramp up, ramp up, ramp up the sensitivity and do the best they could. But I’d be very, very surprised if the iPhone 6 does not take better pictures than the iPhone 6 like in, like indoor situation in which you really want that sort of thing.

Alex: I feel like that’s my number frustration with my phone with the phone sensor is specifically semi-low light in getting soft images. You know that would drive me absolutely crazy.

Rene: Mathew Panzerino took it to Disneyland and tested it (Interrupted by Leo)

Leo: Two f stops

Rene: Yeah two F stops better with the optical……

Leo: Tech Crunches also with Mathew Panzrino did video shooting and showed how quickly the video adapts; he was on the Matterhorn or one of those roller coasters that adapted quite well.

Rene: The only other thing I would point out is that it depends on your use case, for example I quite often use my iPhone 5S when I was walking around with coffee or if I am walking around on the street, now I can’t do that with the iPhone 6, it’s just big enough that…it’s not that I can’t reach it I feel like I am going to drop my phone, I say stop and then I say no and then put it down. It’s a hand in hand apparatus, sorry the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 6 I can use perfectly well in one hand, without any problems in because it’s so thin and it’s so round it still feels great. The iPhone takes buzz I can’t do that anymore.

Andy: I think that it’s the first iPhone where I think that having it in a really good case is going to change how you use it. I can’t wait for a really good like folio cases, like folio cases that come out with it, because you’re absolutely right that I have been carrying this without the case only because I only want to be able to feel how warm it gets in the back when I’m using and all this sort of stuff when just testing a phone. But I also have the silicone sleeve for it and, when it is in that sleeve I can have a little bit of a more firm control over, this is one of the slipperiest phones that Apple has ever made. I was just putting it down on the end table, just about a couple hours ago while I was getting other stuff ready and I could it see it going slightly zzzzz……

Rene: Remember the Nexus Four it would flat off the table.

Andy: Yeah exactly so I think you’re right so once we have cases to get a better grip on, I can certainly walk and use it, so long as I don’t have to access it in the rain. I mean my basic, my basic takeaway on it the 6 and the 6 plus is that your default should be the 6 I think. I think any iPhone user will be extremely happy with the 6 and will not have complaint about it if you have a reason for the 6 plus to have this larger screen whether you’re a system administrator and you want to have your own access and have more screen, you watch a lot of movies you read a lot of books, you really want that extra battery life for acting as a base station or assuming that the camera tests pay off as well as I hope they will you too are really frustrated by the low light photography in other iPhones, then get it. You have to have a reason in mind. Don’t think I don’t know which one to get, I might as well get the bigger one because I think you’re going to be kind of unhappy with it especially after spending five years using phones that are as small as this. I had to get out the pre-stretched out version………Holy Cats is that the difference. This, is about as long as this screen is wide, it’s amazing. (Cross talk)

Rene: ……it’s like wide as an iPad (all panellists concur ‘yeah’)

Leo: All of the people I know who’ve come from 5S’s or even less are struggling a little bit with the 6 plus because it’s such a big jump.

Alex: Yeah.

Leo: I surprised myself I’ve been using my phone of the 6 pluses cycle for the last 6 months and, I really like the 6 and, the size of I have always felt the 4(point) 7 is kind of exactly the right size for a phone.

Alex: I prefer the size for me I take so many photos and, I’m so attached to them, it’s the only thing that Apple had put in, I’m sure that Apple thought that out.

Leo: Oh, that’s the screen shot.

Unknown Voice: This is the amount of pixels in the original iPhone; it’s way down here.

Leo: That was 2000……..(cross talk) you might as well show a Blackberry Pager next to that.

Rene: That really does feel like the iPhone 6 is a linear successor to the iPhones and the 6 plus is something new like a giant sized screen size from Greenland!

Leo: I agree. I agree, just so just like you Andy I have a compelling reason to go with the larger screen. Of course, if Lisa really wants the extra battery life and, the larger screen I think that most iPhone users will be overwhelmed with the 6 plus. They will be extremely happy with it.

Andy: This is why when people were pre-ordering it by staying up all night. I am saying you really want to hold both of these in your hands before you choose one. Even if you do have two weeks to send it back, it’s like you don’t want to get yourself into a situation where you’re just struggling for two weeks just to get grips on it and, you’re stuck.

Leo: Yeah, the 6 plus is more like carrying the 1520. Here’s your MA.

Rene: Yeah.

Leo: Your MA’D is closer in size to the little iPhone rather than the bigger iPhone.

Rene: Yeah.

Leo: I really feel like, now I’ve been carrying the 1plus1(oneplusone) that’s exactly the same size as the 6 plus and, even that I prefer to the 6 plus. It’s something about…

Andy: and this is the 1520

Leo: The 1520 are massive.

Andy: Yeah, it’s actually not that much larger, but it’s large enough that this little extra centimetres kind of like the breaking point for convenience. This I don’t feel like I need to take extra water and, hire some kids to carry some of my other stuff with me if I’m carrying this stuff with me. This is still as big as a phone can be and, still read as a phone.

Leo: Here’s my reaction to the iPhone and, it surprised me was that this is the 6 the 4(point) 7 inches is a jewel. It just feels right, it looks and, feels gorgeous, the curvature of the glass is no nice, the size is just right, so I just feel like just anybody with this phone is going to…especially consistent iPhone users be the happiest.

Alex: You’re already happy with the phone that you have.

Leo: Yeah, the camera is doing a good job.

Alex: If you’re already happy with the camera that you have and, the pictures that you were taking then I think that 6 is the way to go. Again, if you’re really particular and, take a lot of low light stuff or whatever reason then I still want to see the test, you know I guess I can still change it if I wanted to. (Cross talk)

Leo: Do what I did buy both.

Alex: It’s the money.

Leo: That’s what you should do, it’s basic.

Alex: But the thing now is that my whole thing is that I always have one iPhone and, one Android phone and, the MA has been great, but the new Panasonic is coming out now and, I feel like I need to get that because it has a better camera.

Leo: The Panasonic is a camera with a little bit of phone.

Alex: I mean who talks on the phone (Leo laughing). I mean that’s a perfect phone, great camera………

Leo: Molly Wood in her New York Times review said and, I thought this was interesting that the 4………the 6 is a little bit too small and, the 6 plus a little bit too big. She felt like they missed the sweet spot in the middle.

Alex: I’m not sure that I’d with you agree with you.

Andy: We can’t say that Samsung is a category, because Samsung wouldn’t be doing that.

Leo: Wait a minute, we do have Samsung, I mean we do.

Andy: No, no you basically produce the option because it’s a reflection of the fact that people do actually want these…….the fact that the Galaxy Note has sold phenomenally well and, that other makers have followed suit is not because of trends and not because they only want attention, because damn it……these phones sell. It would be terrible thing if you could only get a 5(point) 5-inch iPhone. I think that it’s great that they have this wide spectrum and, that is just a rationally large phone for most people, and a big phone for people who intend to be a little bit more intense and broad in what they use the phone for. I do think that it would be great thing though if they decide they’re specifically creating a small one for people with smaller hands, or for people who just don’t want to be dominated by a phones. But I’m sure that won’t happen.

Leo: Well, it’s nice to have choice.

Rene: Exactly.

Leo: Let’s put it that way.

Rene: It’s amazing when you use this for a few minutes and you when look back on an iPhone 5S and, it looks so thick and, small and square and then you look back at the phones Andy held up and it looks like a little toy. It’s amazing how quickly your brain recalibrates.

Leo: Having used all the iPhones and, not full time for the last couple of years, I admit, the 6 is easily the nicest iPhone that they’ve ever made. I really feel like this is a stunning work of art.

Andy: Apple says that every year, this is the best iPhone we’ve ever made, of course in terms of specs, in terms of features that’s always true, but this really is the first time that they could have almost have called this the iPhone 2, like Mark 2 (Leo agrees) because it’s almost as if every iPhone before was just laying ground work for this, because this is so superior in every way. This is hands down the biggest upgrade they have done in hardware.

Leo: Wow, all right, let’s take a break I want to talk about lion experiences, and there’s a lot more in IOS 8, I talked about that little bit when we convened last time. Lots to say and do, we’ve got a great panel to do and, we have the question engine up, thanks to Alex Lindsay so twit (dot) to that’s our URL shortener.

Twit (dot) to (slash) mbw421 for those of you who are listening live. We’ve got a major upgrade to the question engine.

Alex: Are you ready, who are you talking about?

Leo: Well, what do you mean who we’re going to talk about? I am also going to take a break for an ad, so if you want to vote on which ad you want to hear we can do that. But, right now, we’ve got questions, this is the moderator, this is the interface, and there you go. So, now not only can you put questions in and, vote questions up and, down but there’s an agenda which is a new feature this is nice where you can put and, Alex has put in stories and, you can vote those…

Alex: No you can’t that’s private to us at the moment and, we’re working on deciding how we’re going to expose that. (Leo agrees) You know Andy, is constantly updating the process.

Leo: Andy Ihnatko and your guys. Let’s see who is the author of this?

Alex: But, you’ll see some of those pop up as we go and, yes so definitely vote on a lot of question in there right now. Definitely vote on some and ask for a few of yours.

Leo: Peter, in fact we don’t know his last name, it has non-roman characters in it, or at least characters with heavy something in it and non-ASCII characters in it, and he says you got get this to work with Unicode? And all I can say is yes (Alex agrees). That’s an easy upgrade, so this is still in beta and this is also a chance for you to weigh in on things like that, but do vote on those questions and, we’ll get to those a little later on in the show.

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Alex: How rich you’re feeling…

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Alex: You finally gave up.

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So, who waited in line, you did, Rene?

Rene: Yeah.

Leo: I did, Andy, I guess you didn’t do any online sitting? Oh he’s muted, is that him or us?

Andy: (muted) that’s me. I waited in the Fed Ex line in my home. (Leo laughing) I am in line number one baby! Still two people from the Chinese mafia and one…

Leo: Did you see those videos from New York; it’s got to be a little depressing for the Apple employees. In fact let me show you the videos from the Santa Rosa store, do you have that there Chad, or shall I pull it up?

Alex: It seems like obvious that you don’t want to apply any kind of a lot of rules. Apple’s kind of like whoever shows up, whoever shows up and then rules of lines is rules of line, but then I know one of our guys was sitting in line and, just one person kept on turning into ten.

Leo: Now, we actually had revolts when that happened. If somebody tried to save a place and, then four hours later ten other people showed up, there were massive revolts when that happened. I think that’s in appropriate. This is the picture of the line and the other…go ahead show the one from New York…(showing video footage) so this is the problem that this is so valuable for the Chinese market and, it’s not for sale in the Chinese market yet, that there are people that are paid to sit in line. This was a documentarian, who shot this and, just get these phones and, many of them don’t speak English their being paid to do this. This is completely legal and there’s people saying it’s a bad thing. But it doesn’t exactly communicate the enthusiasm that we have seen in older Apple lines where everybody is very excited and there’s Apple fans, let me show you my pictures, Chad and oh yes there were some busts and, stuff.

Rene: Yeah, last year China was day in day this year it’s not.

Leo: Yeah, so this is why you’re seeing it because the phone that they’re buying for 949 dollars.

Rene: Did you see that iPhone footage where this guy was showing these gold iPhones that they had seized at customs.

Leo: Oh wow…okay I’ll tell you my story, I was going to order online the week before but you remember Apple store had trouble opening and I finally gave up because I was sleepy. I did order one for my mom and she got her 6 plus in a day from Sprint she’s so happy. She loves it she was using a Galaxy Note 2, we facetimed her immediately and she’s so great to facetime on the phone as opposed to the iPad. And, then I bought this little one just because this little biddy phone wasn’t convinced that we had a phone so I ordered one from Verizon’s website. Verizon’s website worked pretty well I ordered it last week, but John already in our back office who was already complaining to go about 4 am got a call from the Genius report saying that only 2 to 3 percent of the shipped phones in the stores were going to be the 6 pluses. We all wanted 6 pluses so he went in at 8 PM, 7th or 8th in line, there he is at the Santa Rosa Apple store, there’s our friend Gary Kopfler who was right ahead of him. This is the line right before we got in, the Apple store there and you can see they put all of the iPhones at the back. I don’t know what they did in Montreal, but they put all the iPhones in the beautiful white album boxes way in the back. Yeah, and we were counting tall boxes as opposed to short boxes. It looked like a pretty even distribution I would have been happy to see that, I can’t see that in this picture.

This…hey, I apologize this is an Android phone, it just not as….……

Rene: The store that I went to had 9 6 pluses…

Leo: Whhhhat?

Rene: Pre-reserved I pre-reserved. I didn’t have to get there too early I got there around 5.30 6.00 AM. And I had the plus reserved and there were 6 people in line for the 6 pluses.

Leo: We had considerably more, I did not have a reserved one, so I’m looking I’m freaking out with John on at 3 AM I decided to go. This is the display, you took the same picture, only here it says le plus grand que (French phrases) something like that bigger than bigger. I don’t know I love this wire thing it’s really cool. This was in your store too; I guess all the Apple stores have it as well. They probably have one Chinese factory thing alone probably making the wire things.

Rene: Plus Grand que, plus grand que

Leo: (repeats the same phrase) let me see if I can find the same video I know I have it here somewhere that I took of the count down. This is what you want; remember the last line I was in was when the original iPhone came out. Can you get my audio because there’s my audio on this? I don’t know if you can hear me. Can you hear me? I’m giving you something else.

Chad: How did it turn out by the way?

Leo: Let me turn up the sound then you can hear me…nice and loud (some problems with the audio)

(Leo showing video of Apple store) This is fun, it’s 8.00 AM I had been there five hours and they had been in there 12. The Apple employees come out first right like a football team and they had let 75 people into the mall and there were another 100 people outside and they were letting them in groups of 25. I was number 41 in line then at 3 AM, there go the first.

Rene: The lines were long this year.

Leo: I asked the Apple people and they said they were this long when the 5 came out, I think they’re long every other year.

Rene: Yeah, every other year. I think they had 1500 in the mall and 5,000 in Fifth Avenue.

Chad: You want to hear what the other had to say in comparison?

Leo: Yeah, let’s see what the Chinese had to say? This is what the folks do when the store opened, right.

Alex: What are they doing?

Leo: They have no idea. It’s cold I’ve been here a long time when do I get my 100 dollars.

Rene: The first iPhone never came to Canada, and people set up websites to sell them to Canadians with exorbitant mark-ups.

Leo: I bought Amber McArthur one, I got it broken and brought it to her and she still didn’t use it she was still stuck with her Blackberry. I was actually heart-broken.

Rene: She’s a good Canadian.

Leo: She’s, a good Canadian, she wanted to be loyal. (Cross talk)

Alex: I know.

Andy: There’s a sense of celebration, okay it’s new, it novel it’s wonderful and, disputes Apple’s dominance in the market, it is still kind of community, now I see people camping out for reasons that they want to buy to resell them to someplace else, people probably don’t want to be there anymore. There are altercations as you say now people say you were one guy this morning and now there 10 guys what is all that about. And, even then let’s say there was an impossibly crated line, you know everybody is blessed and, everybody answered three trivial questions about the making of the original Macintosh and, the Apple 2 E to prove that they’re real Apple people, even so you can’t around the idea that this is a flashy, trendy consumer item that everybody is so I’m so overjoyed, lets applaud this person for buying something, oh isn’t that wonderful.

Leo: Yeah it’s like…

I don’t want to put cold water on everybody about this but with each passing year it gets a little excited about the line and more wishing that…wish that they would simply say look we’ll do pre-orders for the store, basically I will guarantee you we will sell out of everything that we have just to show up that the time we tell you we have a phone for you, because like for me it just gets a little sadder every time.

Leo: Yeah it does get a little queasy with two people ahead of me in line and they were clearly buying it for some-body else and not there to buy if for themselves, the guy behind me was excited. But apparently a professional line sitter because he said this is nothing like best buy, I go to best buy every black Friday, and I said will you go and sit in line and he said no lets’ just go. But there were people like me and Gary I met a guy in line he was showing me his iPad app. He turned out to be at classmate of mine we hadn’t met before and we had a great conversation so there’s still a little bit of that. I remember the first time about the iPhone line in 2007, I sit behind two Googlers, one of them was a Google reader developer and he said yeah I was up all night adapting it to work better with the iPhone and this was in Petaluma. And, this was a sense of culture phenomenon, now it’s a sense of really gross consumerism.

Rene: I see the same 12 people in every year, I just see them every year in all the line up, they’re always near the front, I think the first guy came 24 hours early in the line but all of them were in front of the line and I talked to them. It’s the only time that I see them in the community and there are some scalpers, people who have tools and it’s an easy way for them to pay for their phone if they take a couple back with them.

Alex: With some of these countries it’s any easy to pay for calls. The mark ups are crazy on these phones I think they are anything from 200 to 400 per cent in a lot of these countries so it’s a, it’s a

Leo: I was a little perturbed that the Apple employees were somewhat unprepared. There was a little bit of disingenuous on their part because they all denied what they had in stock, how much they hold in stock. I’m sure they’re told to do that. I was a little disappointed when 2 or 3 of them denied any unlocked phones period. I said is the T-Mobile unlocked and they said no it’s not, it’s carrier locked at T-Mobile. That was a lie, did know better I don’t know.

Alex: Right.

Leo: But, that was a lie and I think management was probably told them that because they wanted…by the way the T-Mobile by the time I got there were gone. I don’t think and in fact by the time John got there they had gone. I think they might have had one.

Alex: Again, is that because why would we think, they would be told to…

Leo: I don’t know, well because I think that Apple officially started selling online iPhones in a few weeks. The unlocked, locked no carrier phone and I think that for some reason…

Rene: Let me just discourage the scalpers because the unlocked ones are more valuable.

Leo: That was my suspicions.

Rene: I think that their computers went down, their computers went down, Rodgers sales center always goes down, but the Apple system went down for a while to.

Leo: That’s right and they have a very elaborate reservation system that they were supposed to use the electronic reservation system had gone down. I knew that it had gone down in Canada because you had tweeted it Rene.

Rene: Yeah.

Leo: And, then they didn’t do it to us and we thought well it’s 5 AM, it’s 6.00 AM and they hadn’t it and they had let people into the mall, they still hadn’t done it. Finally shortly before 8.00 AM they started handing out paper hat check tickets out with hand written numbers on it.

Rene: We were supposed to get a text message to have a passbook that you could load up?

Leo: That worked by the way and it worked the next day, because John went back to the store on the Saturday and the system was up and actually worked quite well, he got a message that said that you have reserved such an such phone, we are holding it for you uptil the end of the day to come get it. So, that’s a great solution, Apple online gets things moving.

Andy: I think that Apple’s going to start having a real policy about how they manage this starting with you’re not allowed to camp out overnight we will basically have security saying if you want to stand from 4.00 AM onwards that’s fine, but you’re not laying down and you’re not going to be hanging around outside our store for this hour. I’m just…one of my other worries is that we’ve also seen the arc that the black Friday insiders have gone, where it’s this insider thing oh yes I am kind of weird I like to do my Christmas shopping Friday morning to now that there are sales, now that there are people outside that community of weird people and, down to well on Friday morning I will have one a slice of pumpkin pie and two for the news hour stories about who got shot in front of a Walgreens or in front of Wal-Mart because they wanted save 60 dollars on a HDTV and they fought with some other guy who was also trying to get the same thing, hand on first!

Leo: On the other hand here’s from Trish D tweeting the Fire Phone the Amazon Fire phone, the line for the Amazon Fire Phone. (Cross talk) You know for everything you say, this is the massive success of Apple’s marketing one and quality two.

Alex: I think part of it is that like Apple likes to rub it in. I mean like everybody tries to create lines and, nothing creates lines like the iPhone.

Andy: The Who was excited by the crowds till Cincinnati, the Rolling Stones were excited about all the crowds till Vermont and I just want Apple to take control of this before they have on hundredth one hundred scale ultimate Vermont situation or something that happens is so ugly that okay now we are forced to do something about this because this ugly, ugly thing that it has now taken the news cycle has now with certain people reporting that 12 million iPhones sold in the first three hours now they’re talking about you know that kid that almost died, because okay well……..perhaps some new guide lines will do fine.

Rene: I do like to point out that my local Apple store they do a really good job of managing expectation. They came out and, said look we have this many iPhone 6 pluses and the last person that got the ticket we don’t have any more of those anymore so if you’re waiting for those, we can’t help you, but the reservation system you can go and use it right now and you can get one as soon as they are available. And they did a very good job in making sure that nobody hit the store with false expectations, everybody knew what they wanted and when they could get it with the ticket by the time they got inside.

Leo: And a great many people did not actually get what they wanted and they still stayed in line and still participated, because they sold out of a lot of things. I didn’t get what I wanted I wanted a T-Mobile I got an AT&T. That’s what they had.

Alex: Right.

Leo: But I’m a little different because I had to have it before the radio show the next day so. Steve Jobs would always get in line at the Palto Alto store participating, Tim Cook, following along with the CDG, he’s smiling. I think this is a good thing I think every CEO should do this. In fact, every CEO should go to the Apple line and why people doing what they’re doing.

Andy: Do the King Richard speech.

Leo: Today, you’ll remember (showing video footage) you’ll tell your children and your grandchildren.

Andy: If he really wanted to be a sport he’d do it in Willie Wonka Cosgrave.

Rene: That was Steve’s thing.

Leo: Did Steve get in line or did he come later?

Rene: I think he came in later.

Leo: I think he kept going to get into the store I think? Tim’s actually greeting people who are in line which is new,

Rene:……. and he’s posing for the selfies and the cookies.

Leo: Good for him and note the news cameras surrounding him, that’s very good PR as well.

Rene: Health kit is working wonders for him.

Leo: You know we were talking about him yesterday iPad today, Sarah Lane was looking at the picture of him standing next to Dr Dres the famous balcony and said you know either Dres isn’t as buff as we all thought, Tim’s been lifting and he said you should see Tim’s guts I think on the…I can’t remember where I saw it whether it was on the Charlie Rosen interview, that guy clearly has massive guts. This guy is pumped! Al right I’m sorry I shouldn’t carry on that way.

Rene: Carry on the way Apple wants.

Leo: Obviously, very happy smiling, jolly Tim Cook and rightly so ten billion in ………valuable company…oh here we go show this……….because he is actually now in the store and he’s going to participate in the show the annual ceremony of the running of the geniuses.

Andy: Then he married them off 2 by 2 (a lot of humorous crosstalk or banter)

Leo: That’s pretty good, I know it’s a testament to raw consumerism, etc, etc but it’s a cultural thing that’s happening here too. I think it’s really great.

Andy: Let me point out to you that I’m podcasting on a table that has 12346 phones with 2 computers on it…if I am not the person for minimalism.

Leo: The truth is that we are like the alcoholics who work at the gym bean factory. We got into it because we wanted all of the gadgets that we could get. I did. (Alex agrees with Leo) Right.

Rene: We found out a way to do it nice and legally.

Leo: I couldn’t afford it so I had to do it, let’s take some questions from the question engine, coming up in just a little bit. I’m sure there’s other stuff to talk about the iPhone. I want to talk about the IOS 8. iMore did a great iOS 8 piece…… tips but also bugs there’s not an insignificant number of problems with iOS 8, I have run into a few myself when we come back.

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Question number one from Jim, Tim Cook has said, new technology oops has it just got voted down or is it oh I see what you did you clicked a button. Tim Cook has said new technologies will be presented this year, we’ve seen the Apple watch we know that’ll be out some time next year, what else TV, I’m waiting for a new Apple TV they updated it last week for Beats, spring do you think? Yeah how about the rumor which Jim Dowling moved that there will be no iPads till October 21st. Jim said no.

Rene: Jim said not that day.

Leo: He said not that day, but it will be sometime next month.

Andy: It’d be surprising if they missed for the first year with Beats.

Leo: Yeah, there is something you can do with the iPad you can put a finger print reader ID on it. I miss it. I’m so used to unlocking my store and unlocking my phone by putting my finger on it, it works so well.

Rene: It’s so bad now, it takes you 10 seconds to realize it that there’s no touch ID sensor (cross talk) and then your passcode, and it’s such a slow process…

Leo: It feels bad yeah, ummmm what else? The Mac mini will be coming out next month…this will never emerge (talking to Alex)(cross talk) You’re saying Broadwell chips will come in?

Rene: I’m hoping as far as I know the thing is done it is just waiting on Broadwell chips.

Leo: Right, and so that’s upto Intel in other words. Dr Mom says that she believes that there will be something like the iWatch when it comes out, they have to wait what the FDA’s, it’s interesting they’re trying to change the rules to make a broader range of health devices that do not require approval.

Alex: Right.

Leo: And when that happens they call it gras G-R-A-S when that then she suspects that Apple will oh by the way we can do this in this instance.

Alex: I think that healthkit and, home kit are going to be huge… massive I think that the timing…

Leo: What about the health kit what’s happening with that?

Alex: As we are starting to see it move around and I think the ability being able to interact with many, many devices you know and, being able to have all that work, it opens up a lot of opportunity for developers, there’s a lot of opportunities for Apple, everyone’s talked about getting into the home you know in a big way I think there are some many interactions that we have started having with our refrigeration and a lot of other things that knowing what’s there, having knowing what’s going on, those things are the things that we are going to continue to see you know grow. Even, just when you think stuff like when you think of blue tooth LE, when this starts to work, you put you know those little trackers on it, you know you’ll never lose your keys or your stuff again you know your iPhone where are my keys, that’s what I do right now is use my little tracker on my keys. But the point is knowing where everything is, understanding you know the context of where those things are and I think the watch is going to be a key piece of this, but I think that, it’s a pretty explosive opportunity and everyone’s looking for it. I mean Google’s trying to go down that path as well. It’s not that it’s Apple’s only doing, of course Apple has the opportunity to move it down the path.

Rene: On the home kit topic just a question Leo, it’s time they got IOS 8 when we did and the new fonts when we did. Delgado’s announced it, Phillips announced it, a lot of companies have announced but it won’t be as long as car play takes while to play it takes a while for manufacturers and vendors and everybody else.

Leo: What’s it going to look like, have they unified the user interface on my iPhone?

Rene: No, so there’s health kit and health but there’s home kit but there’s no home…

Leo: Right.

Rene: so what Apple’s done is to get developers to have to create the ability to create homes, rooms, accessories and actions in every one of their apps. So, if you launch the q app and it doesn’t…

Leo: Al right

Rene: protect the home set up that you have you have to set up your rooms and then your accessories so then the management happens. I’m guessing that because the manufacturers are more sensitive to Apple taking over for their experience than their health providers are. So they have to defer a little bit to them. But, you’ll be able to do all of that within the app. They’ll build you a Siri interface and, you can just say Siri vacation, home kitchen lights on! And, it’ll do all that for you.

Leo: I really like that; I hope that…that might be a year or two down right?

Rene: Well, if they’re not quick to adopt you.

Alex: I think the thing is we are going to see bottoms first versus CES, there’s enough time to look at this, I think come January CES becomes a huge home health kit and health kit expose.

Leo: That makes sense in fact CES always has this home automation pavilion where every different standard competes and, fights. It’d be nice to have one unified standard that everybody can support and, maybe it’s not you’re still using the Zig Be but you’re still using the home kit.

Rene: It’ll be like car play where you’ll have the Apple version that works really well and they’ll also be able to use the Google version and, then whatever else there is in the industry.

Leo: It’s a shame that Apple just doesn’t have a hundred percent monopoly of all mobile devices and it would be so much easier.

Rene: It would be horrible.

Leo: All of this stuff Apple Bay, health kit they’re all workers and they’d have to do it.

Alex: I think that when you’re looking at what you’re going to do for CES as manufacturers there’s this company that has just sold ten million phones over the weekend and the watch and with all of those other things those are the things that are going to get their attention.

Andy: At the same time that’s not going to convince everybody to replace their 45-dollar thermostat with a 200 dollar one. So it’s great that this infrastructure is there, my goodness gracious (strange picture from Andy)

Leo: By the way it’s the new Instagram filter we call it the Greek…

Andy: Are we like the Barbara Streisand cheese cloth that she has put over the lens to give you that dreamy to get rid of those crows filter, my office is honestly not on fire, I promise you. (panellists laughing)

Rene: If you switch on I will have a look at the stabilisation filter.

Andy: (rubbing the screen) is that smudging the lens…not it’s not.

Chad: It looks like the Games have been turned up.

Andy: Okay why don’t I unplug the camera and then plug it back in, it was not doing that before. But, it’s like health kit’s a bigger deal because right now today if you have on going health issues or if you’re a caretaker of some-body just drill down into all of those menus and all of the metrics that you put in there and organise really well. The health stuff ids also is being used to keep this thing in your pocket and it will track your activity and it will track your fitness to a certain extent, so this is something that works today and, people can cover. I think that the health kit stuff is more like we want there to be so that over the next three, four five years when people start acquiring things unbeknownst to them this one actually has home kit features, unbeknownst to them their thermostat when they upgraded their home heating system, because it was only 13 dollars more for this component with home kit that, they added that’s what I think that we’re going to look at that. And, we’re just going to realize that oh this has this feature I can just look at this part of my phone in order to make that work.

Alex Lindsay: What do you think of the impact of the Apple watch with all these health bands? Because I feel like this has been a big issue to me, where I’m constantly having to choose, and I don’t have one on right now, because I keep on braking them, but there’s Fit Bit, or all these other things, do we think that early on, kind of why Nike got out of the business was because they saw what was going to happen to them?

Andy: At the Amazon event I was talking to the VP who is in charge of devices, and he was saying that you know, Amazon’s policy is: you know what? Let somebody else get into the problems of new devices, and marketing them, and maintaining them and doing support for them that by and large, they will sell their own line of Kindles, but they are perfectly fine if other people are making phones and tablets and other devices that can still access their content. So I feel as though it’s the exact same thing. I mean, I’m taking a guess that if Nike could say; if you put it to Nike that you could either ask them to either continue to make and support the hardware and do nothing but services or just do nothing but push electrons around and collect all that data, I think they would much rather say, you know what? We are perfectly happy to let other people develop hardware then figure out how to make things not die when you sweat into them.

Rene Ritchie: The nice thing about Health Kit is that if you have your Apple Watch, but you forget to charge it, you could throw on a Fit Bit and go running and it will sync back that information, and as long as you’re willing to share Read Right, and you can choose granularly Read Right permissions you now have, your stuff is no longer in a silo, all this stuff can share data. So can wear whatever you want, whenever you want, and never lose out on the central repository of that information.

Leo: I feel like at this point, one of the issues is, the technology doesn’t exist to do much more than measure heart rate and footsteps. I mean, what are you going to wear, a funny hat or a cuff? I mean, you currently; is there technology to do things like blood pressure on a wrist watch? I don’t think so. Or V02 Max or; I don’t think so. I think we’re putting the cart in front of the horse here. We have to vent these things first.

Alex: Even just those simple things means that we have those basic things that we’re starting to; and I think that was a big thing when you think that all of those people have Fit Bits or Nike bands, or are thinking about them, you know the big thing is now, if you take that number and you reduce that from the cost of the watch, the watch seems a lot less expensive if you were thinking about doing both of those things. And I think that that combination is a key thing to lowering the overall perceived cost of the watch. And then there are all these other things, like the channels on your Apple TV.

Leo: Yeah.

Andy: From my conversations with people in the Health Tech community, they keep telling me that there is a big line between stuff that works and is practical, so long as you’re selling it under prescription and using it under a doctor’s supervision, this is the stuff when you talk about technology that can actually do blood glucose readings, without having to do a stick, that’s the sort of stuff we’re talking about. Excuse me?

Leo: It doesn’t exist, does it?

Andy: The technology is there, they’ve got; imagine if the back of this watch didn’t have just LEDs, but also had a grit of sandpaper, or so to speak, and essentially making micro perforations, and they could actually get a sample, but not so much that it would actually be a problem. But we’re talking about sensors that; you would have an ongoing health issue for which having a nonstop stream of data. Because the other issue is true, and this is something I didn’t really think about until it was explained to me in great excitement that one of the worst things that a doctor wants to hear is, oh I bought this new gadget that gives me data on my health every single day, and could you tell me what these numbers mean? Because it’s an extension of the problem where, hi, I’ve got a sniffle and now I’ve done a Google search and I think I might have this incredibly rare Amazonian born disease and now this guy has to say, unfortunately, ethically now I have to test you for this because now you’ve asked me about it.

Leo: That’s an important part of this, which is the privacy. Now I think we understand a little bit better why Tim Cook has finally pulled the trigger on something I thought, for a long time, that Apple should focus on, which is privacy. And Apple’s marketing message should, and it’s going to need to be if they are going to do this medical stuff, very clearly be: we are not; because I’m not going to give them my blood pressure if they are going to send it to insurers. So they have to really be very clear, starting today and Tim Cook has done that, with his Charlie Rose interview. They have announced that it will no longer be possible for law enforcement to send them an iPhone and get them to decrypt it because we don't have the technology.  We've changed how it works.  This is going to be a bigger and bigger drumbeat from Apple; we are the privacy company, Google and Facebook, not so much.  We are the privacy company.  We are the privacy company.  That is going to be very important and it is going to be a huge advantage if they can get people to believe that because then no one will trust a Google health watch, right?

Alex:  Well, I think that the really interesting thing there is that Apple has already identified, Tim Cook has identified Google as what he considers their number one competitor.  By attacking privacy what they are really doing is being the anti-Google by saying that we don't want you data.  Some people don't care, so that is fine.  I think that they are providing a clear choice for consumers, or what they perceive to be a clear choice for consumers.

Leo:  What is even more important is the health aspect, right?

Alex:  And HomeKit to be honest with you.  A lot of people got very paranoid when we started seeing Dropcam and Nest being bought by Google.  There are a lot of people that that concerns.  I'm not concerned about it personally.  

Leo:  Well I don't care if someone is scanning my searches to give me better advertising.  That doesn't have economic disadvantage.  Maybe a lot of people don't care about that, but boy with health they are going to care, right?  Although Dr. Mom points out that your doctor is already sending all of that stuff to your insurance company as part of the deal with the health insurance.

Alex:  I think that people make choices about what they are going to talk to their doctor about because they are concerned about; I think that this is a little bit less after Obama Care and everything else assuming that continues.  I think a lot of the reason that people were very sensitive about privacy in the United States was because they were afraid of being turned down by healthcare.

Leo:  Because of the preexisting condition.

Rene:  The nice thing about privacy is the way that the way that Apple built it into HealthKit if you say you are not going to share something they don't even know it exists.  It's not that they get a thing that says it's not shared because even that leaks information.  They are not even aware of it.  So if you say don't share by blood data it's not ah ha, he must have diabetes, it just doesn't exist; that whole part of HealthKit is not active.

Leo:  From St. Louis, Missouri, Steven Magali, "What do we think of the rumor that the 12 inch MacBook Air" which doesn't exist yet, so there you go right there, "12 inch MacBook Air in Retina is going to be thinner, fanless, and with smaller bezels.  What does that mean for other MacBook Airs?"  Is that, you think, the next MacBook Air?

Rene:  Who cares about that Leo?  It could in gold, silver, and space gray.  Let's get on the important stuff.

Leo:  With a fingerprint reader.

Andy:  They could make it a lot thinner if they didn't have a screen on it.

Leo:  Come on guys, get serious.  Is it first of all MacBook Air in 12 inches?  We have heard the rumor of 12 inches.

Rene:  What does 12 inches mean?  The 11 inch is not really 11 inch and the 13 inch is not really 13 inch, Apple just rounds to those numbers, so...

Leo:  Retina on a MacBook Air doesn't seem very likely?

Rene:  It's happening with Broadwell.

Leo:  It's because of Broadwell?

Alex:  There is a lot of applications that we use in the 11 inch that become very difficult to use because of the limited resolution.

Leo:  It's a little bit more resolution.

Rene:  Like Yosemite.

Leo:  Yeah.  By the way, Yosemite, if you are running Yosemite can you do all of the hand off stuff now with IOS 8?

Rene:  Yep.

Leo:  You can?  I had a weird experience yesterday, my iPhone rang and my desktop said you are getting a call, answer or decline?  On my desktop in Yosemite because I am running the beta.  But then I hung up on my iPhone and it continued to ring on my desktop for another 30 seconds, which is not good.

Rene:  It's a little bit delayed, but the cool thing is that I have two friends who are married, George and Anthony, and they were both logged in on the same Apple ID and I would call one and both of their phones would ring because the continuity calling can shift between phones too.  So if you have old phones you can make an extension system in your house suddenly.   You can leave them in different rooms and answer your phone no matter where you are or if you do have a situation where your partner is in a business and you want to make sure that you don't miss a call.  All of this stuff is going to enable a bunch of different workflows that are going to be really interesting going forward.

Leo:  I was a little embarrassed, I was on a conference call the other day, and my phone rang, and of course I had it set up through Google Voice, and now with continuity everything in my office, dozens of things, all started ringing.  I said I'm sorry; this is like a clock shop at noon.  I apologize but that is because everything is ringing.

Alex:  The thing that I love because I do a lot of texting with Hangouts, the thing that I love about Hangouts and the thing that I hate about Hangouts is when a Hangout hits, my Android phone, and my iPad, and my computer, and my phone all go off.  It's very difficult and they all have different buzzers.

Leo:  Now all of my Apple stuff is ringing too.

Rene:  That's happening on this podcast.  A couple of weeks ago my phone was ringing in my pocket, and I turned it off, and all of the sudden my MacBook and two iPads, and another iPhone started ringing in the other room.  I was just desperately hoping that nobody could hear them.

Leo:  It's pretty amazing.  We are going to have some issues there.  By the way, is this new?  I found that among the ringtones and the alert tones on the iPhone 6 there is a classic section and you can go back and get the previous ringtones.  I am going to set all of my ringtones to the original Marimba ringtone.  It's so retro.

Andy:  Also, you kind of get yourself programmed in a Pavlovian way to respond.  I used the 6+ as my alarm clock this morning.  Usually I use my Android phone for that.  Even though it had been about like 8 months to a year since the last time I had used an iPhone for that I could not not use the same ringtone as I used for 2 years or 5 years before that because I am just Pavlovian programmed to respond to that.  Gotta wake up, gotta wake up.

Leo:  Do you use Chimes?  Which one do you use?

Andy:  I use the digital one.  

Leo:  Oh, I hate that.

Andy:  Because it's annoying enough that I can say that I can put up with it for 30 seconds which means that I don't have to get out of bed.

Rene:  I like the ring one, aooga, aooga.

Leo:  Doesn't this bring back memories?  When you see that on a TV show you go, oh, that's old.   All my phones are going to ring like this from now on.

Andy:  That's the Willhelm stream of TV ringtones.

Leo:  I love that.  I love that.  

Chad:  That's robot, right?

Leo:  I didn't do that.  Okay, should we be, Shawn Kennedy asks, a bit more concerned that SwiftKey and other keyboards use server side processing and can store everything you type on their servers?  This would be a treasure trove to any hackers.  This is a question that is coming up a lot now.

Rene:  There's a lot of confusion and it's really sad because SwiftKey and a lot of those keyboards are bound by some of the decisions that Apple made in the architecture.  If you look at how easy widgets are to install, the keyboards are nowhere near as easy to install.  You have to go into the keyboard section, and unfortunately there is not a lot of space inside of the extension.  So if you have a really big app like SwiftKey it has a ton of smarts behind it and they can't fit that into the extension so that has to live in the app.  That means that you have to enable full access so that the extension can talk back to the app and send information back to the extension.  That isn't server side at all but because of the way that it is labeled it is very confusing.  What am I giving full access to?  They have a secondary server that lets you sync between Google+ or Facebook if, for example I have a Nexus 7, or a Nexus 5, an iPhone, or an iPad if I want to sync that intelligence between all of my devices I can enable that but that takes a secondary action inside the app.  It's perfectly safe right now.  There is a lot of confusion about it, but people should realize that if they do put their stuff on servers then they are subject to all benefits and liabilities of having stuff that lives on the Cloud.

Andy:  This is why I would trust something like SwiftKey.  I would not necessarily trust an app I have never heard of no matter how brilliant it is.  

Leo:  So this is what I tell people because this has come up because Apple has this massive warning when you turn on these third party keyboards, which by the way Google also does in Android, saying this keyboard can gather everything you type and send it back to their servers.  You have to agree, okay, I'm going to do that.  That is scaring the pants off of people.  But what I tell them is well it's now explicit, but it's always been going on.  You don't think that any program or anything on your computer at all can't do anything that it wants including sending every keystroke back?  Absolutely.  You are trusting every program on your laptop or your computer just because desktop software has never warned you.

Alex: Do we think that, oh on your computer, absolutely.

Leo:  But I'm saying, you are already doing that all the time on any computer, A.  B, every bit of software running on any device has this risk.  There is a trust factor, in fact there is a trust factor in civilization. 

Alex:  One thing we don't know, or at least I don't know, is whether Apple is doing any kind of that in their app store, either on the computer on the iPhone, whether that kind of communication back and forth is considered allowed?

Rene:  They have to declare it.

Leo:  It's an intent in the Android world, I don't know what they call it in the Apple world.

Rene:  They can run without any supervision if they are only local.  If they want to do anything with the Cloud they have to declare it to you.  More importantly, Apple has taken what some people find annoying measures, but what they consider safe measures, for example third party keyboards get deactivated in a password field that defaults back to the IOS keyboard.  In the phone pad it has to be secure carrier communications, third party keyboards can't act.  There is a series of what is considered high security elements that the third party keyboard has absolutely no access to and is typically security involved.  Even if you are worried about it when you go to put in something that is incredibly sensitive information that keyboard doesn't have access anyway.  

Leo:  Well actually that is something that drives me crazy about Apple because Apple because of their paranoia switches back to the crap Apple keyboard whenever I am entering a password, which is the time that I most want SwiftKey because it has the lower case key caps.  I think that Apples' implementation, and this is where the paranoia, I understand paranoia, and if Apple is going to be the privacy company then they have to do all of this.  That's probably why I am not going to use IOS.  Because this paranoia means that you live in this kind of weird world where not everything that you want to do can be done.  You have to decide, do I trust SwiftKey?  I do, and I have for a long time on Android.  If you don't then you should continue to use the Apple keyboard.  I understand that you are trusting Apple.   That's the way it is in the real world.  On the desktop OS any program running on a desktop OS can do that.

Alex:  I guess one question is that do we think that passwords the way that we think of them, when we start to see the Touch ID do we think that we are going to continue to use them for 5 years or 10 years?  Probably not 5 years, but I think that 10 years from now I think that almost everything will be biometric because it's a lot more efficient.  The technology wasn't there to do it before, but I think that at this point we are really getting to a point where that technology is ready to go.  If you think about what Apple is able to do just with your iPhoto images, that mixed with all of the things that have been used for security for a long time, those are the kind of things that we are going to start seeing added to a lot of things to make it actually easier.

Leo:  Am I wrong?   Somebody in the chat room says that you can switch it so that you don't have to use the Apple keyboard during password entry.

Rene:  As far as I know that is totally locked down.  It forces you back into the Apple keyboard for passwords if it is using the proper IOS password field.  If you have a fake custom made password maybe not.

Leo:  It doesn't always do it, but when it is an official Apple password it does it.

Rene:  I think when you are locked when you have never entered in your credentials it won't let you use a third party keyboard either.  You can't see the lock screen if you haven't logged in yet.

Leo:  Having said that I would say that Apple is correct to do this.  This is the right path for Apple.  They should make themselves the privacy company, the safe company.  People who are paranoid will flock to Apple.  People who want more capability and functionality will leave Apple.  That will be a very clear choice.

Andy:  That's always been something.  Privacy in 2014 is what security was 10 years ago for them where they could put that in the ad, well, there is no viruses and no malware.  Eventually there is some so they can't make that message again.  Privacy is really something that they have control over.  The only caveat to that is that there is nothing to prevent them from going back on a case by case basis so it's possible that there is a tool that they will release in the future where at some level they will decide that it is just too valuable to us to look at this data as it coming in even if it is only to make sure that this device is running properly.  It's not as though Apple is going to say, oh by the way, we decided to anonymously collect performance information from people that are using an iPhone in this particular situation.  The fact remains that there is no company that I would trust with that information of that scale more than Apple.

Rene:  One of the cool new things in IOS 8 is that you can choose to share your diagnostic information with the developers, but then if you go into the diagnostic section it lists every report and what it is sending back.  For example, if an app was Jetson because it ran out of memory the Jetson report for it is in that section so that you have a lot of transparency into it now.  

Andy:  I'm a little bit worried that they are being a little bit too verbose because over the past week I've gotten so many, do you know that this app still has the ability to do this?   Do you want to continue the ability to do that?  My initial thought is well, you wouldn't be warning me about this unless this is a bad thing that the app should not be doing so maybe I should turn that off.  

Leo:  It's my understanding that it is only going to do that, I hope, once per app, right?  

Rene:  It's for the settings.  The location settings have changed.  They used to be always and never.

Leo:  This is what's happening to me Rene, and I think that it's happening to Andy.  I give it approval to have location settings.  If you want to allow that I say yes.  At some time a couple of days later it says, you know, it's still doing this, is that okay with you?  I'm hoping that if I say aloud the second time it will stop nannying me because it's extremely annoying.  I cannot use my phone at this point without a popup every minute or so.  It's driving me up the wall.  

Alex:  I have to admit that both on my computer and on my phones I turn most of the notifications off.

Leo:  You can't turn that one off unfortunately.

Rene:  If you chose always on an app it's only going to allow location within the app and it shouldn't bother you again.  If you chose always that location can persist and it thinks that the app is using it outside of its normal function like for example even its own app, like the Apple Store app, if you have left the Apple Store after 3 or 4 hours it’s going to pop up a warning and say are you really sure that you should be using it?  Part of that is battery life because people complain all of the time and location is one of the biggest battery drains.   Part of that is that it wants you to know that an app is using your location when it doesn't think it needs it anymore.  

Leo:  I want to be clear.  This is a good thing for Apple to do.  But then the user is going to have to make the choice do I want to live in this world or a world where anything goes and I don't get all of these annoying alerts?  I hope Google doesn't start doing this too.  I fear that they will and then it's a mess.

Rene:  It's a big problem though, because a lot of people just get dialogue fatigue; can I use your contacts, or your camera, can I use your Skype, or your Twitter?  People just start pressing the button and they don't read anymore.  Apple has privacy sheets now.  If you go into the settings in the app it shows you all of the permissions.  I would much rather that sheet come up the first time and let me look at it rather than have popup after popup that I get frustrated and blast through.

Leo:  That should be sufficient I think.  We are going to wrap things up here pretty quick.  Do you want to take a few more questions?  I'm not sure where I stand here.  Apple TV, HealthKit, we have already answered a lot of this.  

Andy:  Should we talk about the bent phones?

Leo:  Yeah, there is this rumor or story going around that these phones, the big ones, are bending.

Andy:  Yeah, people who are just putting it in their pocket and sitting down.

Leo:  Don't sit on it!

Andy:  And so they come home and put it on the table and notice that it is now like Pringles shaped a little bit.  It still works fine.  They should try to sell it on EBay as a prototype curved screen rumored device.  I'm sure that if they take it back to Apple to the Genius Bar that the people in Cupertino will be very interested to find out, okay, how the hell did that happen and how can we prevent that from happening in the future?

Rene:  My understanding is that this is, and if you know the basics of materials, this is aluminum and it is large.  If you put sufficient force on it it is going to bend, and if you put more force on it it is going to break.   If you sit on it with a round backside on a flat thing it is going to start taking the shape of that round backside.  There is unfortunately Apple can do to change the laws of physics, but what they can do is educate people and say that maybe it's not a good idea to put this 5.5 inch phone in your jean pocket and sit on it for 6-7 hours.

Andy:  Or maybe they can look at this data and say, okay, maybe there is a cost to making this as thin as possible because if we put a thick steel frame around it then that didn't happen.  Actually I think that it did happen with a couple of 5's and 5s's, but they are things that don't happen with other phone designs.  That is a funny fault for a phone to have.  The Wi-Fi issue is driving me up a wall with IOS 8, but that would be a funny fault.  Oh, I have a curved phone now, isn't that interesting?  

Rene:  You know what that will go for on EBay?  Outrageous amounts.

Alex:  You know if it goes that far without breaking you could see someone organizing themselves around that.  You know, building a nice little form.

Leo:  Any other issues that we want to address here?

Rene:  There are some like the Wi-Fi issue that Andy mentioned.  Anytime Apple updates for some reason Wi-Fi is always a problem for some people.  It's almost like the butterfly effect now where the software is so complicated that you have infinite variety and infinite situations of different errors for people.  I'm sure Andy is getting the same thing; people will tweet me and say have you heard about this?  No, only you, but it is a really bad problem for you.  We set up 5 or 6 phones and they are all different.  They all have different bugs.  

Leo:  I had a problem like that and I was very relieved that John Gruber has it too so that now I don't look like I'm just being a piss ant.  

Andy:  I think inside Cupertino there is a rule of thumb that the OS can't possibly be finished yet until something breaks Wi-Fi.  Then we know that they we have it complex enough to put the new features in.  

Leo:  I've come back to IOS after a couple of years away.  One of the things that they've changed if you have iTunes Match turned on on the phone you can no longer sync music over USB, right?  Which I'm not sure that I fully understand.

Alex:  I don't really do that anymore.

Leo:  Right, it's very old fashioned.

Alex:  I have heard of this thing.  I use Spotify.

Leo:  Right, iTunes Match.

Alex:  I actually don't use iTunes.  I use Spotify.

Leo:   Oh, you don't use iTunes.  So I'm going on an airplane.  My bags are packed, I'm ready to go, and I want to have a bunch of classical music to sleep by on my iPhone.  I have a nice playlist that I like, about 900 songs; I can't sync it.  I go that's no problem because with iTunes Match I can just download it.  Except no, apparently about half of them downloaded.  For the rest of the day I was getting messages can't download that, can't download that, and can’t download that.  Even though these were purchased on the iTunes store and they were legit, blah, blah, blah, it's just a flaw.  Apparently it's a long standing flaw in iTunes Match.

Andy:  Nothing in my iTunes library was able to sync back down.  Stuff I purchased at the iTunes store, no good.  Stuff that synced through iTunes Match, no good.

Leo:  You had it too?

Andy:  Yeah, and that is particularly galling because the first thing that I did because I have some much music purchased through the Amazon MP3 store was download the Amazon MP3 app, sign in, please download every single thing that I've purchased in 5 years to this device, and 45 minutes to an hour later I had 1500-2000 songs on this device.  It was that easy.

Leo:  It was nice.

Andy:  That's not Apple, that's Amazon.  They don't work for Apple.  How can they make this work and Apple can't?

Leo:  Well, the other problem that I was having was that I couldn't stop.  There is no cancel, you can go one by one but you can't cancel the whole 900 songs.

Rene:  Dave Wiskus, who is John Gruber's partner, posted a solution maybe for him, but it could benefit everyone.  You uncheck sync music, delete all of your music, and then recheck sync music.  That's helped a lot of people.

Leo:  Uncheck sync music.

Rene:  Yeah, in iTunes.  Then delete music, general usage manage storage just delete music, then recheck sync music.

Leo:  Just start over in other words.  Well, it's alright because what I ended up doing was wiping this phone, restoring from backup, and then doing it via USB.  Which is what I wanted to do in the first place.  So my tip to everybody is, I know it's old fashioned, but get your match stuff over your desktop and then sync over USB if you are moving more than a few songs over.

Alex:  I find that my Spotify subscription works great.

Leo:  Maybe that's Apple's point is well screw it guys, you shouldn't be doing that anyway.  This is something that should work.  It's been a couple of years apparently which I was surprised to find out.

Rene:  It always effects some people.  All of these problems like the Wi-Fi thing effects some people.

Leo:  It's not everybody.

Rene:  Yeah, and that's hard.

Leo:  Yeah, it was about 50/50 on Twitter.  About half of the people said well that never happens to me, it works just fine, and about half of the people said, I know, isn't that awful?

Rene:  I don't want to make excuses because this is where people start calling us apologists, and sometimes rightly so, but I think that there are some kind of rose colored glasses because people say that this version is the most buggish ever.  But I go back and I look at the articles I wrote a year ago and two years ago and there are massive amounts of resprings, or incredible battery drain.  Every x.o is bad, and this is particularly bad because you came from 7.1.3 which fixed a ton of problems.  They are working on fixing a ton of problems, too, and they are prioritizing them...

Leo:   Let me play out though, this is not an IOS 8 problem.  This has been around for two years.  This is a long standing problem that Apple has never fixed.

Rene:  And voice over I think is now broken too which is effecting a lot of accessibility people and they have to fix that as well. 

Leo:  I think what happens with Apple, look, all technology breaks.  It all does, everybody.  Apple gets a free pass a lot because people love it so much and they find workarounds.  I found a work around.  So they put up with it and it doesn't get fixed.

Andy:  In broad strokes I agree with Rene especially when you have such a major update as IOS 8.  I will give Microsoft, I will give Google, I will give Apple a month to solve any of the deal killers that happen once they ship something, two months to eliminate the bugs that are annoying but don't effect everybody.  It's only when we get into the 90 day mark where I say, okay, you guys are no longer allowed to get the name brand cereal in the cafeteria; you get the generic brand Cheerios from Costco until you fix this because you need to be punished somehow.  This is not acceptable.

Leo:  Another one that will probably be fixed; Plants vs. Zombies doesn't work on any of the iPhones that we've tried and we've tried quite a few of them.

Alex:  Now we are getting serious.  The whole match thing is not important, but I'm not upgrading until I know that Plants vs. Zombies is working.

Leo:  PVZ has got to work.  Well, I think it's because, and this was a little puzzlement to me that Apple was only giving a GB of RAM to this phone.  That's one thing I thought maybe was a little under speced.  Maybe IOS doesn't need it.

Andy:  We should really start playing with this over an extended period.  It's always nicer to know that this has more application memory than less, but then you have to sort of complain that the CPU is only 50% faster in actual clock rate.  Let's actually play with it.  I haven't actually seen any problems over the last 4 or 5 days.  Granted, I only had 2 or 3 hours in which I was trying to really make it cry by I want to word process this, I want to be streaming music off of this, and I want to be downloading something in the background.  It's still working fine, so I guess there are just limits to what a human can expect a phone to do.  You would actually pull out your own hair and tire yourself out trying to run apps on a small phone.  

Rene:  I just want my Safari tabs to stay around longer.  That's the only thing that the RAM limitation is killing me on.  Almost one Safari tab will reload.

Andy:  Since day 1 I will say that is the most frustrating thing.   What's the street address of this place?  Oh, I have the map on Safari.  Oh, there it is in Safari.  No, don't reload it!  Do you just not like me?  You showed it to me just long enough to take it away from me again.  You are not on my side.  For an easily controllable device that is a very interesting position to take phone.

Rene:  The frustrating thing is that if 1.3MB of RAM would work perfectly Apple has to put in 2MB and how much power does that drain every time they light 2MB?  It's all a crazy science to get these things to work.  I understand that messing with the ingredients messes with the recipe, but I would really like to have 4 or 5 Safari tabs open, or crazy, 6 tabs open.   Let me have that.

Leo:  Do you think it's a RAM issue?

Rene:  Yeah, or they are being incredibly aggressive and not caching them.  

Leo:  Camera Roll is gone, but that's fine, you have got Recent Pictures.  That's the Camera Roll, right?  Except somebody was saying that the Exif information is no longer preserved.

Rene:  It's confused people because if you were used to years of having a Camera Roll and Apple never explains anything.  Something has changed, somebody has come into your phone and changed something.  That's always distressing.  Recent Photos is not quite Camera Roll because it only holds a certain amount of photos and Camera Roll used to hold all of them, albeit it would put screenshots, and downloads, and everything together.  Now you still have your collections, and years, and moments, and everything...

Leo:  To be clear, every picture you take is still on the phone.  

Rene:  Yes.

Leo:  Just not where you thought it was.  

Rene:  It is not where it used to be, yeah.  That's a legitimate stressor for some people.

Leo:  Yeah, it bothers people.

Andy:  Just to interrupt, this is exactly what you have been talking about, "Ways to use your location in the background, do you want to continue doing this?"

Leo:  Yeah, so my hope is that is it only going to do that once.

Andy:   It is a popup, it's not a notification, it's a popup.   So this is what I was doing when I was interrupted to make this talk.

Leo:  I've been getting those all day and it's been driving me nuts.  But I would presume that once I get through all 159 of my applications that it will stop doing that.

Rene:  The other thing that has been confusing people is the battery usage because you've got battery saving like you do in Yosemite, but it's confusing for some people because you go there and you see, for example, TweetBot is using 40% of your energy.  You've got to think, is it because I'm always tweeting?   If it is then that's perfectly normal.  But if Google Hangouts is using 40% of your energy and you haven't launched it in 4 days then that's not normal and you might want to kill that app.

Alex:  In some ways do we think that Apple is subtly pressing on the developers?  That keeps them coming up.  Like if I had Ways and it kept doing that all of the time I would be tempted as user to get rid of it because I can't turn it off.  It may be a way to hint to the developers that they need to be more austere about how they are using the phone.

Rene:  I heard a story that when some of the developers saw the battery shame next level technology they were like ha, ha, that's very funny putting that in the beta.  They were like, no, we are shipping this.  They were like, what do you mean?  You can't ship that, I'm going to have tons of customer complaints.  Apple's position is people complain to Apple about battery life, and they will take it.  But if you are making a bad app they would prefer the customers complain directly to you.  

Leo:  There remains, I think that this is a hole that has been around for a long time, but you should know about it, the Siri lock screen issue where you can actually go up to somebody's phone locked, and launch Siri, and say send a Facebook message, "I'm not wearing any pants right now" and it will go their Facebook stream without any further permissions.  If you don't want that to happen, I don't feel like it's a bug, I feel like it's a feature, but it's a convenience.  I'm sorry, I apologize.  

Rene:  It's not plugged in, you can do it Leo.

Leo:  To me, but everybody watching on their iPhone just woke up.  If it's plugged in and you do HS you can do it without touching anything.  So in theory I could right now say HS send a Facebook message, "I'm not wearing any pants right now."

Andy:  Let's try it.  Everybody hold up your phone.

Leo:  You have to wait a bit because it says, "Do you want me to send the message I'm not wearing any pants right now?" and you say yes, and then like thousands of peoples' Facebook will have that message.  I haven't tried it yet because I'm afraid.

Alex:  You should on the show.

Rene:  I haven't tried it on the iPhone 6, but on the iPhone 5s you could set it up that you had to have TouchID to make Siri work on the lock screen.  That way if some rando puts their finger on it nothing happens.

Leo:  That's my message, which is if this bothers you or you are worried about this you absolutely must go into your settings into the passcode settings and disable Siri.  But I don't think Apple considers that a bug, I think they consider it a feature.  Now here is a video that Effin Done sent us of President Obama triggering his iPhone.  Watch this.

Video Playing:  To counter this hateful ideology and to stop the flow of fighters into and out of the region.  Last night we also took strikes to disrupt the plotting against the United States and their allies by seasoned Al Queta operatives in Syria who are known as the Orison Group.

Leo:  Apparently Syria and Siri are close enough a match.  It's launched Siri. 

Alex:  Here's all I've got to say, let's just hope that there is no government programs in there that can be activated with Siri where you go, "Hey Siri, please launch the Iowa nukes."

Leo:  But you see the problem?  If a lot of people are sitting watching us with their iPhones plugged in I could probably prank them, right?

Alex:  I think that I just tried but I don't know if it worked.

Rene:  We had that where somebody yelled seriously on a podcast and then a bunch of people complained.

Leo:  Yeah, launch the nukes.  Yes I am the President.  Bye, bye.  And I mean bye, bye.  Alright, we are going to take a break and then come back and have your picks of the week.  I think that we've got a bunch of good stuff.  Before I do that, this is such a big show, and there is so much to talk about, and we've just touched the surface.  Beats, there is some debate, but TechCrunch says that Beats streaming service will be disbanded, that Apple will absorb it somehow into its own radio service.  Apple is kind of denying this.  Re/code said that the Apple spokesperson said no, that's not the case.  And yet I have to say that TechCrunch had 5 people say this.  Five unnamed sources seems like a pretty sure thing.  It is kind of how Apple would operate.  Any thoughts on that?  

Rene:  Two brands are too many.

Leo:  One to many, yep.

Alex:  I think that the other thing is that the Beats headphones have a lot of brand recognition, but the service is not.

Leo:  It's a flop because it came too late.  It's cool, it's great, but it's just not Apple.  So they need to ...

Alex:  I think that they can use it for something but there is no reason to keep that brand.  

Leo:  Yeah.

Andy:  I think that it's interesting that they put the Beats App on the demo phones during the launch event, but not on the actual phones.  That made me wonder if it was going to actually be shipping with the Beats App on it.

Leo:  I thought maybe, and I think the fact that it wasn't is telling.  Well, you don't care right?  It's not available.

Rene:  No, we get nothing.

Leo:  You got nothing and we got nothing so we are equal.  Anything else?   Last minute chance to get anything in.

Rene:  It's so much, Leo!  We need a bigger show.

Andy:  There are people talking about the iCloud.

Leo:  Gruber says that the Apple Watch edition will be $6000?

Andy:  Solid gold, solid 18 karat gold.

Leo:  Why would you buy a watch for $6000 that is obsolete in a year?

Rene:  There are so many engineers that have no time and a lot of money.

Alex:  There are people who spend $6000 on a single airplane flight.

Andy:  My question is that if you are the sort of executive who can afford to have a $6000 solid gold watch and you buy a $6000 solid gold watch because you have a unique $6000 solid gold watch.  How will it make you feel when you walk to the outer office and pass by one of your assistants who has a $350 sports version of the exact same watch that you have that doesn't do anything that your watch doesn't do?

Rene:  And he will be drinking the same Coca Cola as you too.

Alex:  When you buy a Rolex it does exactly the same thing as everybody else's watch.  In fact sometimes it doesn't do it as well.

Andy:  You can talk about the centuries of tradition in watch making and how this is a special escapement, and look how the sweep hand how much work had to go into making sure that it doesn't go click, click, click.  It's a timepiece, but it's a special timepiece.  If you block out the fact that all this is is the same watch in a different metal, unless they decide they are going to come up with a brand new design to make it a little bit more flashy to really point out that, hey look, I didn't just spend $4750 more on this, sorry $4650 more for this for nothing.  Look, it has an inscribed line and a special color red on the bezel.  There you go.

Rene:  Oh, is that a Sport?  That's so cute.  I have an Edition.

Leo:  If anybody buys an Edition it will be me.  I know, I'm a sucker for this crap.  

Rene:  Leo is lining up for the Edition.

Andy:  How about the line of people who will have $6000 in cash in their pockets at 2am in Soho?

Leo:  Oh man, what do you think?  Do you think that will happen?

Andy:  I don't know.  All I know is I hope they have got police there.

Alex:  Shanghai billionaires need their gold watches too.

Leo:  In a weird kind of confluence of prepaid advertising Joan Rivers is posting from the grave that she bought an iPhone 6 apparently on her Instagram and Facebook feed.  Apparently this was purchased earlier and scheduled.  They were quickly taken down so don't go looking for them.  I just did.  She Facebooks this badass is being replaced by an iPhone 6, not the fat one.  Wow.  Alright, we will take a break, come back, your picks of the week gentlemen.  I've got one that you will never believe.  But first a word from  LegalZoom is not a law firm, not a law firm.  Who is whistling?  Who's birdy is that?

Andy:  I'm sorry, that's mine.

Leo:  No, I like it.  I'm just curious.

Andy:  It's the Moto X and I had a Twitter client on it that I keep meaning to turn off.

Leo:  But I like it when Twitter tweets.

Andy:  It's like I have a friend in the house for the first time in many, many, many, many, many, many months.

Leo:  My little bird on my phone.  Our show today brought to you today by  Not a law firm, something so much better.  They provide self-help services at your specific direction.  So much of what we do can be done on for a lot less than going out to an actual law firm.  They have been doing this for 13 years.  Helping Americans get personalized wills, powers of attorney, living trusts, LLC's, S Corporations, and more.  Actually Lisa is not here.  Lisa is doing her will right now.  They send you a beautiful binder, all the materials you need, all of the paperwork.  I was so impressed, so impressed, it's just fabulous.  The company was started by some of the best legal minds in the country.  They make it painless for you to get the legal protection that you need.  If you go to you will see the very wide range of business and personal legal documents that you can do.  They make it so easy.  If you don't have a last will and testament, maybe you've been putting it off because you know it's a lot; you could do this literally in an hour, less than an hour.  It starts at $69.  If you need support from an attorney they have a pre-negotiated flat rate with a legal plan with attorneys in your state.  So you can get information from an attorney through independent attorneys and self-help services at your direction of course.  They are not a law firm, I think they are just exactly what you need for so many things.  Start your business, protect your family or your pets, they have a pet protection agreement which I think is a great thing.  Andy, you might want to do that for your bird in your phone.  What's going to happen to that bird if you pass?  Do you ever think of that?  Get legal help from and when you use the offer code MBW you get $10 off at checkout., not a law firm, they provide self-help services at your specific direction.  We thank them so much for their support at  I just got an email that my Moto X with the Cognac leather back is arriving tomorrow.  

Andy:  I've got the leather back, and oh boy is it nice.

Leo:   Does it feel like a fine wallet in your pocket?

Andy:  It smells like the wallet that my grandmother used to give me for Christmas every other year.  Over the last couple of weeks it's not pristine anymore but it's acquired a nice little body of character.

Andy:  It's nice, and that's just one of a million different treatments that you can have on this phone.  It's awfully nice.

Leo:  This makes me ask you the question Andy.  You, very famously, about a year and a half ago abandoned the iPhone for Android.  Are you going back with the iPhone 6?  Have you decided yet?

Andy:  Haven't decided yet.  I have the luxury of course of being able to live with an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ for a while without actually having to buy one.  I love these two new phones.  I will say this, if I had known two years ago that Apple was definitely going to come out with not one but 2 larger sized phones and that they would be creating an update to the operating system that allows applications to talk to each other more efficiently and even swap out keyboards I might have held out for another couple of years to see what happened.  But the fact of the matter is I'm really happy with Android so I'm really going to have to give that a lot of thought.  I will tell you that for the first time since I made that switch boy is it tempting and I may be using IOS in about 5 or 6 months’ time.

Leo:  Yeah, it's an interesting challenge for me as well.

Andy:  It's a great time to be using any kind of phone, but what a great time to be using an iPhone.  I'm legitimately totally sincerely excited about this.  What a great time for Apple.

Leo:  My attitude towards this is that it's now officially a tie.  It's really a personal choice of what you feel what you want.  If you want a bigger screen you can get it, if you want third party you can get it.  It is now a tie.  There is no reason, there is differences in both ways, I mean iMessage's ability to send audio messages is so sweet, so easy, the ability to accidentally send naked selfies is also sweet and easy.  So there are differences obviously, but now you have a very, very good range of choices, and that's great.  We are in a mature industry where there is a lot of good stuff out there.  I felt that Apple had some catching up to do and absolutely did it.  Boy, nobody makes a better hardware.

Andy:  As a physical object there is nothing more pleasant than an iPhone.

Leo:  It makes me want to put it in my pants.  

Andy:  And we have a show title!

Leo:  Andy Ihnatko, what is your pick of the week?

Andy:  My pick of the week is an oldie but a goodie, GoodReader for IOS.  This is an amazing app with a somewhat clunky interface.  It's not the slickest, nicest web 18.0 IOS 8 style interface.  But what it is, it's job is twofold, to allow you to take any file you have on any computer anywhere on your network or anywhere in the Cloud and put it onto your iPhone.  The second thing is any document, any file of any kind, to let you read and or play that file.  So iTunes is a concept by which we measure our pain on some days and so I have to admit to get like comic book files, to get movie files, to get documents on to the iPhone it's as easy as just simply, I don't have the setup for Cranecam 3000 the future of video podcasting to give you a demonstration and we are also running a little bit late, but you just simply say look for places where you can get files off of my network.  It found every single machine that has file sharing.  It found my NAS, it found everything.  Navigate through all the structure once you've logged in and credentialed yourself and it's basically taking any file that is on there and bring it onto this device.  You can even use it for really easy point to point I've got a file that is on this MacBook or on this Windows Notebook and I want to move it from here to there.  Enable that feature here and now it basically becomes its own Wi-Fi file server and you can copy that file from here to there.  This is still the one serious, serious, serious fundamental pain point for me with IOS devices.  It is so difficult to get a file from over here to over here and you have a GoodReader on the device you are 95% of the way towards a solution to that.  It's just, I've tried so many other file managers for IOS, none of them are as magical as GoodReader.  It is truly tap this one button, if it is available for sharing anywhere on your home network or on any of your Cloud servers it can get it for you.  Right now it's on sale for $2.99. I don't know how long that sale has been going on or if it is one of those things where we will just keep it on sale for $2.99 until we can afford BadTesla, an app we have been having our eyes on.  The fact of the matter is that it is on discount for $2.99 and worth every damn penny.  An iPhone is almost not a complete phone for me until I have GoodReader.  I really wish that Apple would write a huge check, buy this product, call it the Finder, and ship it on every single iPhone that exists.  

Leo:  I will have to try it again because of course I used it when the iPad first came out.  I just haven't used it in a long time.  It's probably still on my iPad.  

Andy:  And it's really grown.  I tend to re-update it every 5 or 6 months and every 5 or 6 months, I used the first version and I thought oh jeez, this really doesn't look very good, it only does a couple of things, but then the year after that wow, they made it 50% as good as it is right now.  Then a year after that it became kind of in the form that it is right now and it became absolutely essential.  It would be nice if they hired someone to give the user interface kind of a polish because it is rather literal so to speak.  It is the first design that you put off the white board just to say let's just make sure all of the features work and then we've got this locked down then we will redesign the interface and they have never gotten around to redesigning the interface.  But I don't care.  I would much rather have an app that is as functional as this and make it a little bit of a mutt as far as interface goes than have the most beautiful interface in the world and say, well, it only does one thing, it gets things off of Microsoft Cloud Drive but boy the interface, isn't it beautiful.  I actually want to get my comic files off of the, but oh look how easily it connects to Microsoft?  But I don't use Microsoft.  You don't understand design, shut up.  

Leo:  Shut up.  Rene Ritchie, your pick of the week.

Rene:  I have two.  I originally was going to go with 1Password but then I saw it in the show notes so I deferred.  

Leo:  But we didn't get to it so you should still mention it.

Rene:  One is 1Password which I have been using for years.  Their IOS 8 update is great because they have done 2 things.  One is that they have used the custom action extension so that anything that has a share button in it, so if you are in an app and you want to fill in a password, as long as it can access a share sheet you can use the 1Password action to enter your master password and quickly fill that in.  So your excuses for having weak passwords are gone.  

Leo:  LastPass doesn't do that yet.  That's nice.

Rene:  It's great.  Now you can't do TouchID at the same time because you can't keep the credentials resident in memory yet in the action extension.  But you have been typing in your master password for a long time anyways, you can probably do it fairly easily.

Leo:  So if you want to have one that does do TouchID LastPass does do that but it doesn't have the share sheets.  

Rene:  It does TouchID. In the 1Password app you can use TouchID now.  You no longer need your master password.  It's just that Apple doesn't let you keep stuff in memory so they can't get your master password authorized with TouchID then store that and let you keep accessing that with TouchID in the share sheet.  You still have to put in your password every time.  There's no way to cache that.  But it's still much better than having to go to the app, copy your password, go back to the app, paste it in.  From anywhere with a share button you can just use one password to populate your password and user name.  The 1Password App itself is TouchID now.  You can set it to not ask for your master ID for your password for 30 days if you want, and unless you reboot it won't ask you for it again.  Every time you go there it is just TouchID and you are straight in.  It's super convenient.  I've been using it on Mac, on IOS, on my iPad, everywhere.  I install Dropbox, and I install 1Password, then I install everything else.  It's just super convenient.  The other one is Storehouse.  Storehouse is made by Mark Kawano, who used to be Apple's user experience evangelist.  It was on the iPad for a long time, and it's a fabulous iPad app.  He's brought it to the iPhone too.  He's sort of made the same realization that Clayton Morris did with Quick Read.  You think that people want a big iPad experience all of the time, but sometimes they just want to do things really quickly while they are on the go.  Now with this version of Storehouse you can take a few pictures and within a few seconds you can make a visual story and share it.  The editor is sublime.  It's not just good, it's fantastic, and it quickly arranges stuff for you automatically so if you have no time at all you can just get that story done, and post it, and be on your way.  But if you have time you can edit, you can change the layout, and you can add text.  I've put a couple of sample stories, one of the ones that I did for the iPhone in there.  That took me all of about 2 minutes.  I had the photographs in my Camera Roll, I added 2 lines of text, I rearranged a couple of things, and I shared it.  

Leo:  This is nice.

Rene:  Ridiculous.  I know Sarah picked it previously on iPad Today, but now it's brand new on the iPhone and again these are D100 shots that friend of mine happened to have in her Camera Roll, but you can get photos right off of your iPhone, especially now with the manual camera controls.  You can do some phenomenal things.

Leo:  I'm going to put this on here for my trip to London.  I think this would be great for travel, right?

Rene:  It is, it's so quick and you can share it to Twitter, you can share it to Facebook, people can go right to the website to see it in that beautiful sort of layout.  I like writing, I love writing, I do it for a living, but I was trained as a designer and an artist and the ability to tell a visual story is incredibly appealing to me.  

Leo:  Storehouse.

 Rene:  It does video too, so if you want to have your title shot be a slow wind through the trees it can do all of that too.

Leo:  How much is it?

Rene:  It's free.

Leo:  How can that be?

Rene:  1Password is free now, too.

Leo:  I know, freemium, $10 for pro version.  I presume Storehouse is freemium as well.

Rene:  No, Storehouse right now is free and I think that a lot of social apps have to do that just to get a network effect.  I don't know that you can launch a social app anymore with any sort of up front charge.

Leo:  This is like Medium for pictures.  This is really nice.

Rene:  It really is.

Leo:  I'm installing it right now on both of my phones.

Rene:  The only thing better than looking at it is actually getting to use it; it's like finger painting with a visual story the way that the editor works.

Leo:  Storehouse.  Alex Lindsay, do you have, oh good I'm glad you are going to do that because I wanted to do something different and if nobody was going to do it then I was going to do that.

Alex:  It's brand new and it's something that Aaron Maylor, I don't know if he sent you something but he sent me something...

Leo:  He just sent me a message.  So we are talking about Talko.

Alex:  Yes, Talko.

Leo:  T-a-l-k-o, not t-a-c-o.

Alex:  How did they get that name?  I'm just saying, it's hard to get good names.  I worry about that.  So I'm still getting my head around it to be honest with you.  It's something that is brand new and what it really does is let you use your voice in a lot of different ways; if you are calling someone, you can share audio connected with a photo, you can connect to other things to do, and it allows teams.  We are just starting to play with it and figure it out.  Today we've been knocking around with it, so I really can't say that I know it really well yet.  We just started playing with it.  It looks like it's really cool.

Leo:  It came out last night.  Late last night Ray Ozzie who of course created Lotus 1,2,3 and then went to Microsoft and we don't know exactly how he screwed up Microsoft, but he did, and then he left and this is his new thing with a lot of help from venture capitalists and smart programmers.  It's free right now.  So should I play Aarons?  This is the Talko interface on my iPhone 6+.  It will add people from your contact list, and it's funny because when I joined last night there were 2 people on it and now all of the sudden everybody seems to be using it.  The idea is that you can make phone calls, VoIP calls, right?  But you can also send audio messages kind of like iMessage.  So this is Aaron's message, I could play it back, but then I that the Aaron Maylor?

Alex:  Maylor, Aaron Maylor, yeah.

Leo:  I knew Aaron like 40 years ago.  I should say hi to him.  So now I can message him back just like iMessage, but I could text him, I could take a picture, and I could make a phone call.  The idea is that teams might do this to work together in a kind of fluid multimedia fashion.  Is that right?

Alex:  Yeah, yes.  So it's a really interesting application that we are experimenting with.  It's not something that I have banged on a lot yet because it's only been out since last night.

Leo:  Well it also overlaps a little with iMessage.

Alex:  It does, but I think that this takes that interaction, that process, and makes it more fluid than what iMessage is doing.  So I think that's the key there, and so...

Leo:  Or WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger and a lot of those other messengers.

Alex:  All of those things are very simple and very easy to use.  I think this is adding a layer of usefulness on top of that.

Leo:  It's certainly Ranyo's group wear.  He created that whole field basically.

Rene:  I have a problem now where every time I try to use the new sound bite stuff I talk like I'm talking to Siri so I will say, "Hey Leo comma" and I'm actually sending that as a message.

Leo:  I have to say that's the one thing that may keep me from giving up the iPhone.  I love sending audio messages in my messenger.  By the way I call it iMessage because if you just say Messages, which is it's real name, you don't know which message, like generic messages, capital M Messages, trademark, what?  So I have call it iMessage.  I apologize, I know that's not right.  But I love sending and I love the unified inbox.  I think that they have done some really good things with Messages.

Rene:  You can just raise it to here,, and talk, and then you can talk, and you can put it back down, and it sends.

Leo:  One thing to be careful about when you are creating a message apparently, and I haven't had this happen, but if you just press and hold the camera it will take a picture and send it immediately.  Is that how it works?

Rene:  That's the worst case scenario.  We talked about this last week that everything is based on this sticker sending that is so popular with the kids these days.  If you hold down the camera and then let go it will send a selfie.  If you move your finger back down it will not.

Leo:  If you hold the camera and you let go it will take a selfie, and then it will send it instantly.  See, it's not doing that.

Rene:  Yeah, take your finger off and then just put it down on the camera button.  Yeah, so now...

Leo:  Oh, and now if I let go it will send it?

Rene:  You have got to slide up to the camera icon.

Leo:  Just like Messages, but unfortunately...

Rene:  It's still a two-step process, but it's not apparent to people.

Leo:  So it would be easy to accidentally be holding your phone this way, take a picture and not realize it, and slide your finger up, and oh, whoops.  Which you saw how easy that was.

Rene:  Leo's naked face is on iMessage now.

Leo:  Yeah, yeah, well people tend to do this in bed, so...okay, talk about a weird third party keyboard; we were talking about third party keyboards.  Of course everybody, the kids these days, communicate not with texts, but with animated GIFs.  Riffsy, and I thank Jeff Needles for doing this, during the show he started sending me animated GIFs.  I said, what are you doing Needles?  He is using a special keyboard that is not text, it is a pure animated GIF keyboard.

Andy:  Mostly for talking about cats.

Leo:  Oh, it's thousands of them.  So I will press the globe, so that's the Apple keyboard.  Press the keyboard once that's the SwiftKey keyboard.  Press it again that's the SWYPE keyboard.  I've got too many keyboards installed.  There is the Emoji keyboard.  Somewhere in here I'm going to get that keyboard.  This is a little buggy.

Andy:  This is getting out of hand.

Rene:  Hold it down and you will get a list of keyboards.  Hold down that globe button.

Leo:  Okay, because this is ridiculous.  Oh, I have the wrong, no wonder, I have the wrong phone.  That's another thing, only buy one phone, my suggestion to you.  

Rene:  Your day and night phone.

Leo:  I have a special bespoke app on the night phone.  Alright, let's do this again.  Now I'm in here.  So this is what the keyboard looks like.  You can pick an emotion like excited and then it will give you a bunch of excited animated GIFs.  You just say, oh look, here is, I can never remember that guy's name.  You can copy it to video, copy the GIF, or you can paste a link in, or you can just paste it into your video.  I don't know, Jeff explain to me because some of these are big and then some of these are little.  But you can have an entire animated GIF conversation.  Is it GIF or GIF?

Rene:  Casey List, you can finally talk to Casey List.

Leo:  I can finally do it.  Jeff, how come some of these are big and some are little?  Is there a reason?

Jeff:  That's because it's how big they are when they found them.

Leo:  Maybe that's just not very big.  So if I want to get the Old Spice guy do I just drag it to you?  I just tap it?  Ah, okay, so you can paste the link.

Alex:  Leo is tapping the Old Spice guy for people who are listening not watching.

Leo:  I will paste the Old Spice guy and I will now send the Old Spice guy to Needles.  And it's been sent.  So there you go, it's free and it's called Riffsy, r-i-f-f-s-y GIF keyboard.  If you start getting a lot of animated GIFs in your inbox you will know why.  

Rene:  That's a reason to upgrade to IOS 8 right there.

Andy:  I love the human race, really.  I hope you guys stick around for another thousand years.

Leo:  It's the new fart app.

Andy:  There is nothing so simple, useful, practical, and functional, and long awaited that can't wait to be around the first day and be so heroically stupid.  God bless all of you.

Leo:  You are never going to get a text message from me again.  I'm going to just send animated GIFs.  There is a huge variety in here.  Some have sound. 

Alex:  That would be annoying.

Leo:  Some have odd languages.  I don't even know what language that is.  Oh, I see, these are, I'm just not with it with the memes.  This is a sort of meme machine.  Are they going to add more all of the time?

Alex:  You can't add your own?

Rene:  How could they not?

Leo:   How could they not?  

Alex:  Eventually, no matter how many GIFs you have you will need more.

Leo:  So why are they, some of them are just little and some are big, oh that's the animals being dicks one where he slaps the penguin into the water.  That's mean.  They should be bigger.  Oh, now I'm getting more.  Alright, thank you.   You ruined my iPhone.  You can't do that on Android.  Alright ladies and gentlemen thank you very much.  What a fun show.  This is fun.  I like it when there is something to talk about on this show.  Andy Ihnatko is available at the Chicago Sun Times.  He is a regular on this show.

Andy:  I'm very happy to be here.

Leo:  Absolutely, and he has removed the Instagram filter from his screen.

Andy:  By unplugging and plugging something back in again.  Sorry about that.  I also have a new video series that I wanted to learn how to do YouTube videos and stick to a schedule.  So Episode 12 got posted today.  I'm posting 2 more and then I'm going to decide whether I'm going to continue doing it, but there are at least 12 videos online of me in a setting much like this and a series of hotel rooms talking about things that you would figure I would be talking about. 

Leo:  It's good, and it's what, The Least I Could Do?

Andy:  I call it the Very Least I Could Do because the first episode shows the premise of why I'm doing this experiment figuring that I hate doing videos, they are too hard to do, and I over think them.  So I figured what if I tell myself that I can do the very, very least that would count as a YouTube video and yet I am still doing 10-20 minute and sometimes 50 minute videos. 

Leo:  That could be the least you could do.

Andy:  But I'm having fun, I'm enjoying it, I'm enjoying it.

Leo:  12 episodes, it's at

Andy:  Ihnatko.  Ihnatko.

Leo:  Ihnatko, i-h-n-a-t-k-o.  Rene Ritchie is at, and the growing list of wonderful iMore publications including Crackberry and that green toy robot.  What is it called?

Rene:  Android Central.

Leo:  Android Central, yep.  So good to have you on as always.

Rene:  It's great to be here.

Alex:  Sorry.

Leo:  Your phone is ringing.

Alex:  I know.  I don't even know how it did that.

Leo:  How do we make ringtones now on IOS 8 with iTunes?  The old method doesn't seem to work anymore.  Maybe it's because I'm in Yosemite.  They probably broke it on Yosemite.

Rene:  It's complicated.

Leo:  It's complicated.  See, but you know who I ask?  Rene Ritchie because he will know and he will do a piece on it.  Thank you for being here Rene, we appreciate it as always.  Thanks to Mr. Alex Lindsay who we are seeing more of, you were right, now that you moved.

Alex:  I told you.

Leo:  Leave town and we see more of you.  Thanks also for the question engine.  That's a really great, really nice what you are doing with that.

Alex:  We are having a lot of fun with it.  Definitely let us know what you think of it.  We are having a lot of fun working on it.  We have got a lot of features that we are still planning to add.  Also, I just thought, there is an article, if you follow me on Twitter I just posted it, but our motion capture studio, the third in Africa after Nigeria and South Africa, opened last week.  We got some press coverage.  Kevin Hanson and Dianna Matthews from our company were down there for the last month training everybody on how to use it.  So check it out.

Leo:  Well we thank you for being here.  We do this show every Tuesday morning, 11am Pacific, that's 2pm Eastern time, 1800 UTC on  We do love it if you are here live.  We do really interact quite a bit with the audience both with the question engine and our chat room.  If you can't make it live on demand audio and video always available after the fact on for MacBreak Weekly or wherever your podcasts are aggregated.  Do subscribe if you can whether it's in our various TWiT apps all by wonderful third party developers or the podcaster.  Is Apple's podcast app working better?  No?

Alex:  Yeah.

Andy:  Well yeah.  It's actually usable now, it's not something that you give to your kid when they spill paint on the rug.

Leo:  Okay, so no more punishment.  Almost a pleasure.  So if you can use that and subscribe that would be great too.  Thanks for joining us, now back to work, you know because break time is over!

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