MacBreak Weekly 419 (Transcript)

Leo Laporte: The new iPhone is here, the new iPhone is here and, a new watch, how to get used to calling the Apple watch and, Apple pay lots of new products from Apple, we’ll analyze it. Justine’s is here……..hi Justine, Justine Ozark..…..along with Mike Elgan and, we’re going to go down to Cupertino, where Andy Ihnatko and Rene Ritchie are just coming out of the demo room and, find out what they think. MacBreak Weekly is next.

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This is MacBreak Weekly, Episode 419, Recorded September 9th 2014

Apple Watch

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It’s time for MacBreak Weekly, a very special edition of MacBreak Weekly, the post Apple announcement show, and joining us Mike Elgan in our newsroom director here for the keynote for our live coverage. Welcome back, Mike!

Mike Elgan: Thank-you very much……

Leo: Alex Lindsay, MacBreak Weekly official panelist, founder of the show, Good Day, good to have you ……

Alex Lindsay: Good to be here……

Leo: We are going to be using the question engine at twit(dot)(slash)iphone6…..

Alex: Yes……..

Leo: So, we’ll give you a chance to ask questions to the panel, and we are so pleased to welcome back to MacBreak Weekly, in fact I think, she was on MacBreak Weekly very early on……..

Alex: Very early on……

Leo: Hi Justine

Justine Ezarik: Helloooo, thanks for having me, I am very excited…….it’s been a while


Leo: You didn’t go to the event?

Justine: I thought about it, I mean I actually had a south west ticket booked, but I thought I don’t really want to do this. I really don’t want to have to go to jail……I thought I would be really excited…….

Leo: You wanted break in……

Justine:……spent 15 hours in LA, so I was a little exhausted from that……

Leo: It was good so you were the first in line at the Dunkin Donuts there?

Justine: I was fourth, but I’m still proud……

Leo: I think you got in on the news, though……the first three people must have just been…….losers…….

Justine: They weren’t as excited. (panelists laughing)

Leo: Any way great to have you back, Justine became very famous for her iPhone bill. Was that the first iPhone, I think it was…..

Justine: They weren’t just as excited……I actually have right here…….I have been holding it. The new iPhone looks like a swish down version of the old one.

Leo: That’s back to look more rounded.

Justine: Yeah, I know I like it.

Leo: Just to recap Apple did announce a few products to day, nothing that we didn’t expect. In fact the rumor mill seem to have got it pretty close to right on. Two new iPhones a 4(point)7 inch iPhone 6, a 5(point)5 inch iPhone 6 Plus both of which will be available for pre-order Friday the 12th of September for delivery on Oct…….September 19th. So, unlike some rumors, it looks like the iPhone 5(point)5 will be available immediately.

They also announced as we expected as Apple pay system that’ll allows you to touch to pay with the new iPhones using touch ID, to verify your purchase. We’ll talk a little bit more about some of the features of that and, they finally announced a watch.

I was getting to the point Alex Lindsay where I was starting to say, ‘there’s no watch,’(Alex Laughing)…..there’s no watch, but there was……..

Alex:…….., and the Apple Watch……

Leo: Yeah, we are also joined by live camera by… the Flint Center in Cupertino where the announcement just happened and, as soon as Andy Ihnatko and Rene Ritchie emerge because they were at the event, we’ll get their thoughts as well and, if we see anybody else coming out of the door…….Tim Cook just a minute before again walked by, he’s going to feel pretty good this was a ……….I think there was a little bit of a burden on him……some pressure on him to perform……this is not his first keynote since, Steve Jobs left, but it’s kind of the first new products that he has announced.

Mike: Yeah, and he seemed really genuinely excited, he seemed almost to the point where he was having trouble getting through his comment after they first announced the watch and, really this is……..this is….. the first one where I felt like this is the one, he wasn’t in the shadow of Steve Jobs, where he wasn’t in the way of……

Leo: Yeah…..

Mike: In the wake of the funeral of Steve Jobs, he really seemed excited, he really seemed to be in his element. I think the key is to keep Federicki off the stage.

Leo: Craig Federicki did not speak, Eddie Cue did, sporting a quite a Frankie Valli look.

Mike: Yeah…..

Leo: And we also saw Kevin Lynch one of Apple’s new employees from ACTO ADOBE, so we now know what Kevin was hired to do was to run the iWatch team, he did the demo of the iWatch. Rene and, Andy are looking at right now… fact Rene just posted an Instagram…..apparently the journalists are not able to……that’s on my screen right now….yeah there we go…..apparently the journalists are not able to touch the watch, but they do have actually working versions of the watch on display.

Justine I’m sure you were excited about the idea of an iWatch or an Apple watch as they chose to call it.

Justine: I am so excited……I didn’t actually think that I was that excited, until I started using the pebble and, then……and I know that this is MacBreak and I do have the Samsung Galaxy and I do have the Gear Two. So, kind of using those two together, I really actually got a feel for how awesome it is, to have that sort of separate device, taking photos really quickly, to getting maps and, seeing text messages that might not be important. And, I knew as soon as Apple came out with their version of this. There’s going to be no competition, this looks amazing,……I am kind of interested because I’m left handed and, I wear my watch on the opposite hand. It’s still going to………kind of interfere because the little switch is going to be on the opposite side.

Leo: No, you’re right, I’m left handed, Sara Lane is left handed, we were both wondering if there will be a way to reverse it. As there is…….

Justine: Actually, probably there could be……

Leo:……yeah and then the stand would be lower or higher but it would still work, if you put it on that side. I think we’re just going to have to get used to wearing a watch on my left hand.

Justine: I don’t think I can do it. (laughing)

Leo: Like you I have been wearing android wear watches and the pebble watches rehearsal. Right and, we’re just saying let’s see what this could be…….?

Mike: That’s right.

Leo: Do you feel like Apple has solved some of the problems some of these earlier Samsung watches.

Mike: They have solved something, because the android wear watches and the Samsung wear watches and the pebble have made extreme sort of exceptions and, sort of…….I mean look at the pebble, one of the early success stories in the smart watch space, the screen is like a Kindle, it’s like super low res…..(cross talk) and so yeah……you know you think that’s a trade off, you make, you have s super low quality res for……..


Mike……it’s not touch, but you get battery life and, that’s a trade off and people have accepted that trade-off. And, here when you look at this I would have thought that Apple would make elegant, round…..much more rounded, much smaller maybe a round watch base type device, that was very thin. They are really obsessed with thinness, and, yet this thing is enormously thick and fat and they did it clearly in order to have a super, high res screen with smooth animation and, touch screen and, all the rest and, enough support and it’s got to have a big enough battery to get you through the day presumably. And, so really they didn’t make exceptions, they really geared it towards power and, not in the lightness and, thinness and, all the rest.

Leo: The watch will not be available till next year. We know it will be 349 the starting price, three models available, including the Apple watch edition which is in 18 carat gold, it’s got to be a thousand bucks!

Alex: And, I think it’s interesting that we saw Apple not release, usually in the near past they have not announced something that far in advance so they are usually ready to sell within the week, within the two weeks of announcing something. I wonder whether they really just did this to sandbag all the other watches for Christmas.

You know what they’ve now done is basically said now it is going to be interesting as to what the sales look like for all these other watches because now they have said, ‘hey this is what you have live up.’ to, no-one can react to this in time, and, now they’re going to come out and they…….obviously they weren’t ready to do it right now, but they were ready enough to show it off and, now what they’re basically doing is having everybody that is finally going to break down, wait until January to see what it looks like.

Mike:…’s……called fud Alex. This is the iPhone play book because Steve Jobs……when Steve Jobs announced the iPhone in January of 2007, everybody was like wow this is unique because usually Apple announces a thing and it is available right away. But, they did it exactly the reason these phones are all coming out of the wood work and he wanted to get in front of it and, basically give people six months of not buying anything else, so that they would be ready to buy the iPhone.

Leo: Which one are you going to get Justine? I’m assuming you’re going to get it.

Justine: Oh, for sure, if I could have bought it today I would have probably would have waited in line. But, I really like the rose gold because it’s either the Samsung…….the gold one and I loved the rose gold. But that’s a hard thing too… how is it going to match everything and, they have the sports edition which I love having all the health benefits of this, because I have had so many watches and they just did not work and I’m finally really excited that Apple has kind of come into that space. So, it’s going to be interesting………no… I can’t really decide I can’t make a decision……’s really stress full.

Leo: They did solve one problem by having interchangeable bands. That makes it really easy for you to at least have other bands, so you can have some different looks. We have an early demo, this from Bloomberg Business Week, because apparently Stan was able to…….oh look there goes Stephen Fry…….Stephen Fry leaving the Apple event. He was there signing autographs, tweets,…..tweeting…..Stephen Fry of course the British comedian and star of QI on BBC I think.

Mike: He’s holding a watch.

Leo: Is he? Is he holding a watch? If you’re going to give a watch to somebody I’d give it to Stephen Fry, that’s for sure. He’s holding something. It’s great to see him, he is such a talent and, of course that was one thing that was interesting about this event was they had a large and,  invite people from entertainment and, from fashion, because after all if you’re going to sell a thousand dollar or even a 350 dollars watch, you’ve got to get people in fashion wearing it.

Alex: Well then there’s the cache, when the press are there and everyone else is seeing the difference stars and celebrities and almost the Ted aura kind of thing that…..

Leo: Here’s Sam Grow-Bart from Business Week…..from, Bloomberg Business Week, he is actually the first hands-on watch……

Mike:…….looks like the Apple watch.

Leo: You don’t have to play his audio…..(cross talk)watch looks like it’s in a demo mode, he’s not touching anything. So, whether they have a working watch or not……I don’t know….it’s a…….

Mike: Now there’s a point of controversy early when we were first saw the interface,………… looking at the face…….

Leo: What is going on……apparently something weird is going on…’s Fry right now……he has apparently decided to kidnap one of the fans……maybe he is showing him a watch. What is going on……I bet you that is an Apple employee who said,’ hey Stephen can I show you something……..’

Mike: It’s a selfie….he couldn’t see the screen because he’s got a…….

Leo: Poor Stephen Fry…….if anyone tells me that Stephen Fry is not good to his fans I’m going to show them this video and, say this man gave this guy 10 minutes. (cross talk) so back to Bloomberg Business Week……(laughing) it’s clearly in a demo mode, it’s doing stuff but not stuff that reporters are triggering, so, (more cross talk), it’s not fun exactly, remember Apple had four or five working prototypes of the iPhone when they announced it in June 2007. They had, I don’t know how many working iPads when they announced that in January. They took some months to get those……

Alex: I think they took some months…….I think what they probably don’t have is working at this point, it’s not that it’s not working, it’s that it’s not being produced in mass yet. You know I think that the factories haven’t really turned on and…..

Leo: There are more than a few……I mean if you look at the demo tables, there’s dozens of them on the demo tables. So……..I……the site on there right now on the Apple website the store is up…….you can’t order this watch obviously but it’s shot in two sizes……… 38 mm and 42 mm. This is one of the issues Justine that a lot of people have referred to is that these watches are so big they really seem suited for men’s wrists but not for women’s wrists. Do you mind wearing a bigger watch?

Justine: On its own I think that a lot of people that kind of like the trend of wearing the pieces of big chunky watches…….

Leo: Yeah…….

Justine: But they do have the smaller versions……I don’t know if that’s going to kind of like be able to ………. hinder of being able to see the string. I’ll probably get the larger one actually……..I don’t know this is all going to depend on what it looks like in person. I’m so sad I’m not there, I should like to be there.

Leo: It’s a custom version of iOS, I’m guessing that A1 processor, and it obviously has some motion detection capabilities, Jay Blonik eighteen year consultant at Nike, the fitness expert came on stage to demo the fitness features of the new Apple Watch, I am saying the Apple Watch…….and he talked about how one of the things that the health kit could do was monitor whether you’re standing or sitting and, tell you how many times you stood up and, you get a nice ring if you stand up 12 times in day and, things like that. So, there’s some activity monitoring, they have a pulse reader monitor on the back……..

Mike: I don’t think I could stand that……(Leo Laughing)

Leo: Do you use a fitness band of any kind Justine to monitor your…….

Justine: I do use pretty much every single one, then I think that Fit Bit is still my favorite, but you’ve also seen the Fitbit shine.

Leo: I love that one, these are all just glorified speed-o-meters and, I really…….. I wonder if this is going to be anything useful, you brought this up Mike……It’s got to be able…… measure for instance was it you Alex……lifting weights……

Alex: Yeah…..

Leo: None of these devices will know if I’m riding an exercise bicycle or a regular bicycle for that matter?

Justine: I mean that is why this is good because it’s integrated with the heart rate, stuff like that. I have used the Basis Fitness Watch, which is probably one of the ones that is actually closest to being able to have an accurate heart rate and, kind of monitor that, because, that’s probably the only way that you’re going to be able to tell if you’re doing something.

Leo: Right.

Justine:…….rather than just walking around, that Apple aren’t that accurate either so I was hoping that Apple would finally solve that issue, and even with the Samsung  if you were too hot, or if you would sweat, it would stop working. So, I’m hoping that’s not the problem that they’re going to run into that as well.

Leo: Andy Ihnatko, apparently got to put the watch on as well, it made his eyes pop-out…..he’s on my screen right now, if you want to show that.

Mike: It is a very fashionable look, look at how elegant that looks.

Leo: You know if Andy’s a big and it doesn’t look big on his wrist, in fact it looks a little small?

Mike: Yeah……

Justine: Yeah, it does…..

Mike: He needs the Apple Watch Plus.

Leo: Well, that’s interesting, he does seem happy. He has a Moto 360 on the other wrist, so that is the embarrassment, and he………one of the things that they mentioned is that the new Apple pay will work with this watch, but one thing they didn’t mention is how they it will authenticate when they demonstrated that using the phone. And, by the way you require an iPhone 6 or 6 plus to use Apple’s new payment system. You use the fingerprint reader to authenticate……actually I’m not sure how that would work with the watch. The only sensor I could see was on the back, was a pulse a heart rate monitor. And, those heart rate monitors…….your Gear has one doesn’t it Justine? They only work when you’re not moving.

Justine: Yeah you have not to move or don’t talk either, because it’ll kind of throw off the accuracy of your heart-rate which is kind of crazy because if you’re really working out, you’re kind of this isn’t doing anything.

Leo: It’s of limited use……it’s not you know a real heart rate monitor if you can’t measure your work-out.

Alex: One thing that Eric Smalley asked on the question engine is could Apple be using the wrist biometric sensors for the Apple pay authentication, in place of Touch ID.

Leo: I don’t think so.

Alex: I don’t think that it’s ready, somewhere down the road that could happen but not on the first version.

Leo: It is touch screen and, you can talk to it. But, you can answer phone calls with it and talk to Siri and, give Siri commands with to it and, that is kinda cool.

Justine: It’s nice that you can use it on the older phones, you know that’s not alienating anybody.

Leo: All the way up-to four, I think they said that it was the iPhone Four.

Justine: I think so.

Leo: Oh, no wait a minute it’s all the 5s it does need the new blue tooth Alex, so it does do the 5, the 5 and the 5C.

Mike: The 4S was the first blue-tooth LE and, so it include that as well.

Leo: It did.

Mike: It would have to be iOS 8 and also ……..

Leo:…….you could even put 4S on iOS 8. I’m not sure what the hold up is, I think on the screen they showed that you need the 5 or later.

Justine: I love the Mac save charging. Most of these watches have the most annoying charging systems, they’ve got like…… these things like you have to snap them into place and, it never actually works and this is really nice.

Leo: Yeah, my android wear……most of them have pogo pins at the back that you have to dock it and, they didn’t say Chi Charging I bet it’s……… it’s not Chi charging knowing Apple they’re not going to use non-proprietary charging. I don’t know but you have a little disc that snaps right into the back of the watch magnetically and, so making it easy to charge. I got to tell you though notice all the heat that Motorola’s taking because of questionable battery life for the Moto 360. Apple didn’t say anything about battery life as you said I’m sure that’s thing, if you don’t get through…….you got to get 16 hours right.

Mike: Yeah, but not during the day, you’ve got to be able to get up at seven o’clock in the morning and, have it still working at 11 O’ clock on Friday night. If it just goes out at 7.30 pm then…..

Leo: That’s your watch.

Alex: Well, I think there’s a lot of things that you wanted to do…….and what one of these bands will do is universally monitor overnight…….so I think that is the current issue.

Leo: I use……use a Sleep AZ Android or something like that.

Alex: How long is that, the battery life?

Leo: It supposedly works on this and the problem is that this gets you through the day and, maybe a little bit more.

Alex: Right.

Leo: So, you don’t want to wear it all night. I……you know…….people have been making a big deal about how the pebble goes three, four, five days, and none of these other watches go for more than a day. I have to charge my phone every night, I don’t mind charging my phone every night and, my watch every night.

Panelists: Right.

Justine: I would like at least two days though.

Leo: Why?

Justine: Because a lot of times, especially if you’re travelling……

Leo: Do you do a lot of sleep-overs?

Justine: Not really, it is just like the travelling thing, there’s times when I’m not going to be able to get to an outlet, and I mean I never leave the house without a one or two……… You can’t get through the day without any of that. So long as you’re able to charge that……that is another thing, this battery thing is so frustrating.

Leo: We’ve got to solve it…..this…..yeah? I agree. Hi Justine……. I just seen Justine Ezarik on Justine on twitter……how many You Tube Channels you have now eight?

Justine: I cut down to three.

Leo: Oh….

Justine: I cut back, yeah…..I was too stressed out……I needed time to……

Leo: I think I saw her sister behind there……..

Justine: Oh, she has just left….....she is so camera shy.

Leo: So nice to have you back………, Alex introduced us way back when?

Alex: Yes, we met at an Uncamp, Justine and I met in an Uncamp in Pittsburgh.

Leo: Was it a podcast or something?

Alex: It was a podcast, that I can’t remember at Podcamp at Pittsburgh whatever. And, I was doing a green screen talk and, there was one person asking all the questions. That was Justine.

Leo: I remember we were doing the MacBreak Weekly at the 21st semester at Mc Mac brewery this was some eight years ago, or five years ago, nearly seven years ago and a beautiful woman sits down at the table and immediately starts stuff on her phone and I thought she’s in the wrong place. She doesn’t belong here……

Justine: I remember it was Pittsburgh Trio……I remember that.

Leo: It was a trio

Justine: It was a trio.

Leo: Wow…….even then click…click…click…… click……..and so Alex is here too and, of course Mike Elgan so we’ll take a break, we’re still watching the door so to speak from across the street from the Flint Center in Cupertino, as soon as somebody emerges, we’ll see if we can grab some people that we are looking for a big black hat, and a Canadian guy. Rene Ritchie and Andy Ihnatko are in there somewhere.

Mike: It sounds like an episode of Rocky and Bilbao……

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Leo: …….one picture for every post that’s the rule, at the least.

Mike: And, they have images that don’t look like stuck photos, (cross talk) and they have brands so if you’re writing about a thing……

Leo: that’s the most important thing right……there’s Apple right?(more cross talk)

Alex: I mean I’ve used these a lot…..I’ve used them in films, TV shows the thing is that you do the maths when you’re building one of those. One the things we’ve done a lot is take a lot of the city images that they’ve got.

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Now this is going to be a little bit like talking to Afghanistan and, because we are down there in Cupertino, using something we call it a live view and I thank you of course for lending it (to Alex) to us that gives a connection live in real time via LTE, but there is some internet links, we think there’s one or two seconds…..

Alex: Three……set it to three…….(cross talk)

Leo: Well it depends…..if it is set to three……(cross talk) we’re getting a great image I can’t believe it.

Alex: We’ll see what it looks like when we turn it down.

Leo: Turn it down, we don’t need to see Andy in hi def……

Mike: I’m used to seeing him in high def.

Leo: I don’t know what’s going on with the camera……(swinging all over the place) there we go Andy Ihantko and I don’t know if he’s going to be able to hear me but let’s see if he can……Andy’s in Cupertino……Andy welcome to Macbreak Weekly we’re joined by iJustine, Mike Elgan, Alex Lindsay, and I have already seen the tweet you put out of you bulging…….of your eyes bulging with the Apple watch.

Andy Ihantko: (laughing) No it’s pretty dark in there, so if you want those diaptors functioning on your podcasts……… you’ve got to basically give them some help. (cross talk) I have been examining tiny, tiny pixels for the past hour.

Leo: Well, that’s my question now…….I know what was in the demo mode, what it didn’t look like you could actually manipulate it, you were at least able to watch it so, what’s it like….does it feel big, does it feel thick, how does it compare, you’ve got the Moto 360, what does the screen looks like, it’s obviously a high res screen…..(Andy: Yeah)

Andy: (Brief Pause)……..Yeah the resolution on the screen is fantastic, you don’t really have to strain your eyes to see any pixels whatsoever. Obviously, every time that Apple does an event like this, they create a room in which their screens look great, but even under those conditions you have to say that that screen looked great, big punchy colors, there’s a mode, there’s a special button where you punch it and you see pictures of your favorite contacts and, every picture in there looked like a beautiful tiny little cameo portrait and, post to you just like an avatar on the little icon.

It’s really quite a treat to use it. The weight is surprising they do it in three different models, if you have the sports model that is made out of a special kind of aluminum that feels pretty okay. It feels as the same weight as the Moto 360 on y wrist, which is so light that often times I forget that I have it on. I go back to the bedroom to get it off the charger and, oh no wait you actually have it on.

If you have the stainless steel model, that’s a big chunk of watch, not so much that it’s going to intimidate you, I mean if you’re familiar with high quality watches, you have definitely felt watches this solid before, but maybe you’re not expecting something quite that big. Everything’s rounded over, there’s no blemishes there’s…….the finish is perfect. They have the leather magnetic watch band is the one that I wore that’s instead of having a buckle like this it simply flaps over itself and holds fast. Which means it’s infinitely adjustable and I was……..maybe I should have asked first but after they put everything on us like this (shaking his hand) to see if it would fall off, it was holding everything just perfectly fine.

Leo: Yeah, I would have done the same thing. I’m not sure that I can trust an magnet. Those bands do look really nice. So, what do you think Andy, they’re going to charge 349 bucks?

Andy: For the……the cheapest one that you get is that……I have to go back to my notes to find out which one it is exactly……it looks…….it typical pricing……I thought for an Apple product which is……it is certainly more expensive than what the industry has decided is the going rate for this sort of product. But, not so much more expensive that you wouldn’t say hell I could wait for a few more months, or that I’ll make this the kids combined birthday and, Christmas present. I mean what we’re seeing is how well all this stuff sticks together because as you say, the one thing that you absolutely were not allowed to do was to touch it. Jason Snell is the hero of our little group because he was actually able to put a finger on it. And, I think that whoever was allowed to do that was hustled out under a bag. I met some friends of mine who worked for Apple one of whom had one on and it was like okay I can’t show you this, I can’t let you do this and I said okay fine……yes……I didn’t have to ask any way. So, this…….that’s no different from them what the original iPhone was like……..I got the briefing for that one in which I got to actually use one of these things that was three months away from being shipped, and there a couple of things it worked except for one or two apps that weren’t ready yet. So, maybe that’s the situation because, obviously if you let just a hundred journalists just peek, pro and prod they’re going to find the one app that’s just the jpeg and then say you know that didn’t function at all…….and they might use that tone of voice in their writing, do something that’s completely un-helpful and, un-cultural. So, it’s be interesting to have a more…….a greater picture based on that, but you get what you get, the most interesting that I found now is that not a peep as to what the battery life is. I was scraping for details that I had to take quick notes as Tim Cook was talking about this wonderful inductive magnetic charging system and, I heard him say it’s so easy to use. You’re going to find this so easy to connect to the charger, every night. Anyway, look at the styles of the band. (Panelists laughing) So, I don’t know if that means that they’re expecting one day’s life per charge but we’ll see how that goes again so many unanswered questions but what we’re looking for is does this thing look like something that’s cool, does it immediately activate the lizard part of the brain that says acquire…….acquire…….acquire…….acquire…..and it  certainly did that! Certainly to a better extent than any of the android wear watches from Moto or Samsung and, the Moto 360 I think this is a really, really nice watch. I have been wearing it for the past four or five days and, testing for a review later this week and I’ve been finding it very, very……… useful and even that doesn’t look quite so nice compared to the Apple watch. I was surprised that I would like a square wrist watch like this but then again like so many things they solved the problem.

Leo: Andy, we should talk about phones too because, I mean as much attention as the watch is getting, Apple did announce new phones 4(point)7 and 5(point)5 inch iPhone 6 is………give us your thoughts on that?

Andy: The 5(point)5 is a wonderful device, I realize when I’m talking to you today about immediate reactions and, my first reaction is that this could be the finally the perfect phone, because the size is right where you want it to be, it’s roughly pop-tart sized but, it’s not like the size of pop-tarts when we were kids, there’s only a few kind, where there are only few ounces lighter…….but it’s large enough you to feel it like an experience with a phone that you’re using……..but not so big that I can imagine sticking this in a pocket somewhere, and oddly they’ve made some nice adjustments to how use a phone like this one that is one handed. Now if you double tap the Touch ID………the top half……..the entire screen shifts downwards and, leaves the top half screen blank, so that puts the Touch ID half under your control, and so to dismiss it……..intuitively figure out how to dismiss it, without tapping something, but, if you do action something then it goes, back up again. But, then again turning it again on it’s side will turn into a like an iPad like an effect. The thing that kind of like surprised me was, I was trying to do a three and, four fingered gestures that you can do on the iPad……(go like that-gestures with hand) and you’ll go back to the home screen. It didn’t seem to accept it, it might be because I’m not used to doing things on such a small screen or that they could have simply said that’s ridiculous, people are not going to want to use it that way and so we’re not going to make it like that. I will say something that we were all looking forward to 5(point)5 inches, we were looking forward to 4(point)7 inches, what I really came across, with as impressed as I was with the rest of the stuff is what a change it is when you round the corners of all of these devices. We haven’t seen that you know, since the iPhone 2 or the iPhone 3…….this one’s even better than the iPhone 3GS, because the entire thing is rounded and, we have been holding these sharp-edged iPhone 4 and 5s in our hands and it’s like Oh my god……..all these corners I can hardly take it…….’. But, when you have these smooth features inside this thing that you’re going to be holding for 5, 10 even 20 minutes at a time, it’s so soothing, it’s so comfortable, you really will like that tactile interface. So, it not so much that I just bought this iPhone 5S three months ago, I would throw it away and by an iPhone 6, but boy if I was even 20 per cent away from sitting on the fence holding that thing…… know what if I want to be using that phone for the next two years, then this is the one that I want to using.

Leo: Well, even more importantly Apple’s third announcement was Apple Pay and, that will require either the watch or an iPhone 6, and that looks like they nailed it as well. What are your thoughts there?

Andy: it really is the way I would like to see it done. You’d hate it only if it had…….we’ve brought on board the Apple Store, Starbucks and Best Buy, and we’re making deals with other retailers. You know they went to the source and, major credit card transactors, we will make sure that every major US credit card is supported and, at least the big three are in the ball park. Also, we’re going to target the biggest retailers to make sure where their point of sale display systems work fine. This is actually really timely announcement, because it’s……it’s important to know how to treat this like an endurance event. I got in my pocket here…….I made a stop at Walgreen’s literally down the way over there to get these bars and, you don’t know if you’re going to be a little hypo-glycemic around one or two when you’re trying to make your deadline…….and so when I stopped off at Walgreen’s on the way……stopped off at Walgreen’s on the way and my card would not work, not because I don’t have three dollars’ worth of credit on my card because there’s a little tiny…..tiny little nick in the Mac Stripe. And, so you just have to go…..shuck…..shuck…… four or five times and, finally had to use that trick where you have to wrap it up in a plastic bag and, that made it work and, so I think sometimes……there some days I feel as though I am not one of God’s beloved, some days I feel you’re one of God’s chosen and, so when you find yourself needing to write about a new advanced method of retail payment God gives you a situation like that you use a lead off paragraph. It really does show off in addition to the security features which all look great, the convenience factor’s going to be great as well, and, that by is pointing out as to why you need an iPhone 6 or 6 plus because it’s not just an update to an operating system, it really is a piece of silicone inside that device that does nothing but hold trusted information that so no bad people can get at it.

The other surprising is  that even the Apple Watch……stop saying iWatch start saying Apple Watch……..can also use this system as well, based on the video or the phone they use I’m, guessing that the NFC antenna is right at the very, very top here because you notice whereas in the phone videos they held it very, very, closely and necessarily did not even need to tap, with the watch they seemed to be very explicitly holding the top edge of it on that pad there.

So, yeah…..I mean…’s not……there’s a small difficulty between the payment system and watch system is that they’re not making something that’s platform agnostic, if you want to run Window’s phone…….God Love you……but if you want to run an android phone you can’t use these payments, you can’t use this watch. So, they really are underscoring once again, that if you buy into Apple we will pay you off in the form of great things and, we can all work together really, really well.

Some will be disappointed that they haven’t solved the problem for everybody they have just solved the problems for people with iPhones.

Leo: I want to show you really quickly……

Andy:…….but we’ve broken the ice.

Leo: This is the video from Joshua Topolski of that mode that you were talking about, that slides down with one hand, on the mode on the 5 and half as soon as you touch the home button, that’s a little weird, that’s going to take a little getting used but I’m sure that you can turn that off. Andy, did you get to file…….I know you wanted to file for the Chicago Sun Times, I know……do you want to run and do that?

Andy: I have not filed it yet, if you’ve got any more questions I’ll answer them, fortunately, I’m not a gadget guy who’s got to be tweeting right from the event…..I’m the OBI WAN who’s thinks and then counsels and advise. So, if I file this afternoon instead of right now, that’s perfectly all right.

Leo: Oh…..all right……… because we’d like to keep you around if we can.

Andy: I’m breaking into an impression so that I can tax deduct……….I’m trying to tax deduct some Jeddi robes that I would like to get made, so please encourage me to keep doing this impression……(Leo Laughing)

Leo: Hang in there Andy Ihantko, he’s live from the Flint Center in Cupertino, where he’s just come out of the Apple event. Rene Ritchie’ll pop in a moment and notice I’m sure we can get both of them on at the same time. So can you hang-out for just a few more minutes Andy?

Andy: Want, to see the goodies, we got afterwards?

Leo: Yeah, what you get? Watch.

Andy: I think you want to see what I got when I was handed this when I left. I don’t know yet because I haven’t opened it yet.

Leo: All right, let’s see it.

Andy:(opens envelope) it looks like that…..I have literally not opened that…….

Mike: It’s a Christmas card.

Andy: Hey, look it’s pictures of…….people…..

Leo: The watch……postcards…….

Mike: This is what you don’t have.

Andy: (showing off pictures) This is like Kreskin…….(reading) describe the sound of an exploding goat……..nice little charge key to send us home with. (crosstalk and laughter)……

Leo: At one point I thought he was going to say…….

Andy: I’m disappointed……if I find out that…….

Leo:…….you’re all going home with one today and, he didn’t……you got a picture one.

Andy: You can see the big white box behind us, and of course I have spent the past week just idly wondering why do they need a space that big if they’re using the facility and, a lot of ideas that maybe they don’t like……for the actual event facilities they don’t have good green room or maybe they don’t have a good demo room. Part of me was maybe they have 500 watches, and they need a way to distribute them to 500 people in a methodical fashion. (panelists agreeing) And to keep them secure in a property that they controlled. That was wishful thinking, but……why……wishful thinking about something you don’t like. Having a wishful thinking about a Samsung smart phone watch would be pathetic. (Leo agrees)

Leo: Oh, I wish they would give us that…….no, not at all. Hey, Andy Ihnatko down there in Cupertino, doing yeoman work we are live, we have a little bit of notice ……….of things that it is amazing that we’re able to talk to you. This is almost like a real TV operation. Mike, it looked like you had some questions.

Mike: I had two questions……the questions of the day so far…….

Andy: (interrupts) we have been doing the Ness man thing……’ve got your pieces falling off……this is absolutely accurate for 21st century media with the old world charm.

Mike: It’s perfect Andy, it’s absolutely perfect……….at least keep doing that tap…….,

Andy: (Looking up at the sky) The new Apple watch from Apple Computer. God is my witness I thought Bono could fly (cross talk).

Mike: Right a couple of questions…….the first is what happened to the sapphire on the phones and, secondly how do you authenticate the watch for a purchase?(communication break down) he may not have heard me…..

Leo: Andy…….can you hear us at all. This is damn it where we were doing so good.

Andy: I can hear you now……

Leo: Mike wanted to know (go on say it again)

Mike: So, the first question is what happened to the sapphire on the phones-we were at least expecting sapphire on the big phone, and how do you authenticate a purchase with the Apple Watch? Any idea?

Andy: I’m not hearing you.

Leo: All right……we’re going to take it down the studio…….but let’s take it down there……..when we get that working…….and when Rene Ritchie stops by. Then it will be really nice to talk to somebody directly who’s already used the devices. I’m as excited……to be honest…….I’m as excited about the iPhone 5(point)5 6plus as I am about the iWatch, the good news is that we’re going to be able to get that. Now I think the change in the batteries……

Alex: No I’m changing the latency…….

Leo: Oh, thank-you……apparently Alex has control of all of this.

Alex: I’m running a live stream from here……..

Leo: If only Alex had been running the live stream for Apple, did you have the same problems as we did, were you saying it…….. in Chinese interpretation?

Justine: I’m glad that I was not live streaming the things that I was saying trying to watch this. I had like three computers……..I’m like throwing things, swearing and it was so frustrating……I’m trying to watch the live feed, and also watching like the text updates…….text updates are not doing it justice and, then there was a translator on top of it…… was a disaster until we were almost half way through. It was really embarrassing.

Leo: I think they should let you do it (looking at Alex)

Justine: Yeah……Alex…….(panelists laughing)

Alex: I will say in Apple’s defense those of the number of people watching, the number of movie parts, it’s a very, very difficult to string people off…..they have done better in the past……..but they haven’t had as many moving parts…….they probably haven’t tried to send translations to China………you know there’s a lot of things.

Leo: These events are the biggest things we do all year long I can imagine.

Alex: They will have millions of people hitting the CDN……ACMI is probably…….what happens is that the edge network, you’re getting it and some of it you’re going to get it down and they’re getting overwhelmed that’s my guess.

Leo: So let me see……maybe we’ve got…….can you hear me now……..Andy…..he’s taking a picture with his Moto X. I am so jealous…….I’m going to kill you Andy……I want that Moto X and I want that Moto 360, of course I’ll be getting an iPhone 5, after 10 days.

Justine: Can’t wait.

Andy: Do you want to fly 12,000 miles in one week?

Leo: No. Andy, was in Chicago for the Motorola announcement last week and, now he’s in Cupertino and I know he’s going back home tonight…….I saw your email so we are really thrilled that you were able to come out and, spend this time with us. Let me reiterate, I think he can’t hear you Mike. He can hear me but he can’t hear you………

Mike: Right……

Leo: So let me reiterate Mike’s question too - we thought there was going to be sapphire on these phones and, they didn’t mention sapphire at all, sapphire on the watch for sure – where’s the sapphire and the second question, did they say how you’ll be able to authenticate the Apple Watch during an Apple Pay transaction?

Andy: Well, the sapphire is that no it is a glass cover, they mentioned that during the key note…..someone else told me that during the demo in the room the covers for the watch are actually sapphire. So, they’re putting a little bit of Elphin in Joni Ives special material magic that’s where it’s going. Sorry…….I didn’t hear the second question that you had…….

Leo: How are they doing authentication for Apple Pay on the Apple Watch? Because……… they were using Touch ID on the phone?

Andy: Well, not just Touch ID, but also the simple tap to pay. The idea that if you’ve authenticated this device and you are using this trusted device then it must be okay. I admit that I have not gone that deep of dive into that question, and it is a good question. I think that the impression that I got through the demos, and again I have not had behind the scenes meeting with Apple so that I can get the chance to ask that particular question…….but the great thing about the…..the Touch is that would be a step removed from the authentication of the payment process. They set up……they went through a couple of scenarios in which it really just seemed as simple as I just want to put my thumb on here now that I own this thing. Although, that worked more on the online side of things than it did at the actual point of sale areas. But that’s a good question. Really, it looks like the big sell for this isn’t so much the finger print authentication, so much as we have a special dedicated chip that does nothing but keep credit card transaction information secure, not only that but we have a back-end, we’ve got agreements with these other companies that say that the person that you’re paying doesn’t……has no idea of how you’re doing this transaction…….only that money goes from Point A to Point B. They also made a big deal out of saying……we don’t want any of your personal information……..we don’t know where you’re spending your money……..what you’re buying or how much you’re paying……that’s all between you and the person you’re buying from.

So, I don’t know if the arranged for the eyes to home computer data, specifically to make this a little bit more interesting, you know a little bit more relevant but the timing could not have been possibly better.

Leo: Andy Ihantko in Flint Center in Cupertino, we’ll have more with Andy in just a little bit. We’ve turned the latency down, I didn’t know that there’s a knob in Alex’s… turn the latency down… I think that it’s going to work a little bit better. Alex Lindsay did have to go….we thank-you Alex……..for setting this up for us and giving us the live view which really has made a big difference in our coverage. We hope Rene Ritchie will wander by and Andy, if you see anybody else that you recognize you want to pull them over to the microphone and, interview them please. Be my guest…..I’m watching you…….

Andy: Stephen Fry…….

Leo: Yeah……..did you get to talk to him we saw him signing off autographs.

Andy: Stephen Fry was totally there……he had a handler with him and, unfortunately I made eye contact with the handler first rather than Stephen Fry  so therefore I was coward into……..he did nothing to handle me……he did nothing to cause me to cower but it made me think that perhaps I would make this handler’s day a bit better if I did not say hello to Stephen Fry, so I did not. Out of respect for Stephen Fry’s handler……I give Stephen Fry’s handler respect by association because certainly I would have approached Stephen Fry alone if I had seen him alone in a coffee shop, reading a good book…….I felt as if though by association. (Leo laughing)So the handler got off a little bit easy……

Leo: We won’t tell Andy of Stephen Fry posing for a selfie, with the fan right where you’re standing Andy, and actually helping by putting his coat over the picture so the fan could get the picture, because I wouldn’t want Andy to think that Stephen Fry was actually signing autographs there today.

Andy: You know it’s definitely a different Apple, because every-time you’ve seen pictures of Steve Jobs in the crowd after one of these events, they’ve got……they’ve had a wall of people around him, it was like a palable aura of he is in the crowd, but he isn’t of the crowd, you are not approach him, you’re not back hand him and Tim Cookhe was up there but not for very long, he was posing for pictures with people…….I could be mistaken I think some one gave him something to sign and I don’t know if he did……..he was definitely taking pictures with people……I really do…….one of the notes that I have is that this really did feel like Tim Cook’s iPhone moment.

And, I was also at the iPhone launch and, as stage managed that was, as rehearsed as it was, I was like maybe 30 feet away forty fifty feet away from the stage, you could just see Steve Jobs radiating joy and pleasure that here’s something that I and the rest of my team have been working on for years, finally I get to show it to people and let people know how awesome this thing we made is. And, I saw that exact same thing with Tim Cook today. He could not stop like you know like smiling, like raising up his hand, because some-one started……as soon as they put up that one more thing graphic I think that they though it would be a nice little joke for 10seconds, those few……shear stand back and, just did a…..

Leo: Yeah, yeah……. It was……it was a great day for Tim Cook, I think this was a red letter day for Tim Cook. Rene Ritchie has tweeted by the way the watch uses a pass code to authorize pay. As soon as you authorize it………. it will maintain it as long as skin contact is maintained. Which is brilliant……so you authorize the watch, as long as you have it on, you haven’t removed it will continue to authorize it.

Mike: What if you remove it from the wrist?

Leo:……no… there’s a lot of technique……(cross talk)

Andy: There’s level two thinking today……stuff like that……stuff like recognizes that if some-one sends you text message that seems like a question, this device should be smart enough to parse that question and pop out some possible answers so that you can just answer by just tapping these pre-filled buttons and, not simply yes, no maybe or Oh my God……it would actually find out, do you want pastrami tonite or do you want corned beef? There will be a corned beef button , there will be a pastrami button that you can then tap. It’s a lot of companies can make a lot of nice devices……again the Moto 360 is a very, very nice device. It takes a lot of a bigger company again to do that level 2, that level 3 thinking, where we’re missing opportunities to give our user experience where we………,our device does something, and that person says oh that was so cool. There are few experiences with the Moto 360 that I have had like that, but that is the signature of Apple design.

Mike: One thing that we were talking about over pizza in the break room a few minutes you don’t know how awesome the Moto 360 could be in 6 months either? That’s a long period of time.

Leo: That’s some iteration.

Mike: I mean right…….all the watches are going to be much better and, so this is a watch…….you’re comparing a watch that you’re wearing right now that’s for sale, at best buy right now with a watch that’s going to come out half a year from now.

Leo: We’re going to take a break and, come back with more with Andy Ihnatko is in Cupertino with us Mike Elgan in the studio,…… are you in LA iJustine……..Justine Ezarik is also with us.

Justine: I am in LA.

Leo: Hey, was it fun watching Tim Cook today, Justine, did you see the moment where he touched Bono and he practically levitated of the stage he was so happy.

Justine: It was great, I mean it was a Steve moment…….,but it was great.

Andy: Unfortunately, protocol for events was dispensed with and, most of people were standing up……oh no You Tube……Bono…….we can stand up.

Leo: Yeah,…..

Andy: That was my temporary end to my ability to see things so closely, and it was a temporary end to my own sense of etiquette and, I’m thinking okay if this is a wall of meat in front of me I can finally not be allowed to be…….but also hold my camera above my head because I need to take pictures of what’s happening, so that I can write about stuff later. Which is rude for people behind you but no-one can……..I’m not blocking the view of anybody. So, yeah I did see the little thing…….the ET touch, so I don’t know if that is going to be their new tmblrr name but, if not it should be.

And, if someone hasn’t already gone to Hover(dot)com and bought Tim Cook’s ET Touch with Moto(dot)com or a variance thereof..

Leo: Then there not going to get.

Andy: Then people who are fans of Apple are not as clever as I thought they were.

Leo: Hangout there Andy for a little bit, we’re going to take a break, we’ll have more in just a bit. MacBreak Weekly on the air……this episode of MacBreak Weekly is brought to you by our good buddies at LegalZoom.

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We’re talking about the Apple announcement, that’s the really the story of the day. Justine I’m sure you follow the rumor mill pretty closely was there anything that you were hoping that we did not get?

Justine: I knew they were talking a lot about the wireless charging which is kind of interesting, I…….everyone calls it wireless charging but it’s really not. There’s still wires, they are still connected so for me they’re really not a big deal. I know there was a lot of rumors, the Apple Watch……I still keep calling it the iWatch……

Leo: Apple watch……Apple watch……me too……me too…….(cross talk). Well, it had wireless charging in that little inductive thing but you called it a MagSafe, which I think is accurate actually, which is much more accurate actually isn’t it.

Justine: It is always exactly like that, you usually think that with the wireless charging you usually think you have like sort of like a little tablet…..I don’t know something to place something which actually could become kind of nice, if you could set your phone down, set your watch down on that next to your bed or next to your computer which would be cool. But, still I wonder how safe all this stuff is…….I mean I sleep with my iPod……well not my iPod but my iPhone and my iPad and one of these days the routers are just come out…..oh yeah you know……..

Leo: Oh, it’s safe……it’s safe you, you’re safe it’s okay…..

Justine: At what point does it matter?

Mike: One of the things that I learned with the android……with the LGG watch which as a magnetic charging that you have to line up in the middle of thing and it plonks into a little cradle that’s magnetic. And, when you lift it up the charger comes with it and so it has a sticker at the bottom so you peel away the sticker and you stick it to your night table or whatever and, it’s a really funky, clunky…….

Leo: It’s a good idea…..yeah….

Mike: It’s a good idea……but you can’t move it and it’s awkward and I’m wondering what Apple’s solution is because it seems like a similar problem is going to happen. If you have these little round discs, sitting on the table just next to you and, you put the watch on it and, you pick up the watch the charger’s going to come with it.

Leo: That’s a good point.

Mike: So it’s a little inconvenient to have to have some way to bolt it down or some………there’s got to be some solution to that………otherwise you could be sitting there peeling them apart.

Leo: What about the nude picture gigs, I was kind of last week saying Steve……I’m sorry Tim Cook needs to take to the stage and apologize or at least address, I mean here we are where iOS8 puts all of your photos on the cloud and now we’re going to give them our credit cards, you’re going to give them all this stuff, Justine do you feel like he needed to address that or was it better just to leave it alone?

Justine: I definitely think that it was better to leave it alone, because there’s a lot of people that don’t know that that even happened.

Leo: Okay, I thought everybody knew.

Justine: I mean I think that a lot of people do, it is sort of a big think, but I feel like, they didn’t want to address especially since it is such a sensitive topic. But, I mean I don’t have my photo stream on, I mean I don’t have anything bad on my phone because that is the scariest thing. I don’t care who you are, if you take a picture or you post something on the internet, then it’s there. You can delete it…’s going to be there forever and there needs to be that mentality that kids growing up now have that everyone has, but it is scary…..what if you lose your phone……some people don’t have passwords on their phones and, I will…….and that is something that is so important. You not only have your bank information, you’ve got photos, you’ve got personal information that you don’t want to be out. So it’s going to be interesting how they do address the security.

Leo: I felt like Tim Cook could may be have said you know we are the company for your security and, privacy, we’re doing everything we can and, we are going to make darn well sure that you know this is secure.

Mike: Justine, you said that you don’t have personal pictures on your phone, but you’re not average either. The average person doesn’t have the sense……..

Leo: It’s be default……if you take a picture……it’s by default…….not only is it storing your photos, but is storing it in the cloud.

Mike: I agree with you Justine, that this was not the place for Tim Cook to address this problem, but he think he addressed it last week, but he didn’t. Like you said Leo, it was a missed opportunity, because Apple does have really good security in many ways and in other ways they don’t have good security. And, Tim Cook’s whole point when he talked to Wall Street Journal was look we were not hacked actually, the people were socially engineered, and when that happens we should do a better job of informing people of what the risks are and, that’s…..he geared it towards that kind of language……….

Leo: He did apologize in effect……..(cross talk) I’m sorry that was what that was all about.

Mike: Sorry, if you got hacked, through your own stupidity……basically

Leo: But he also said you know we may be didn’t do a great job, we’re going to do a better job.

Mike: But the point is that was the opportunity for him to say you know what this is a super important issue you shouldn’t have to know what’s happening with your picture and, so we’re going to go to great lengths to really strengthen two factor authentication, we’re going to do all these things to communicate with people, we’re going to build better this, better that, we’re going to do all the things that we’re going to do. But, I didn’t feel like that he acknowledged Apple’s fault, he seemed to be saying that it’s not our fault, but we’re going…..we’re going to help you dummies to deal with your problem. And, that was a missed opportunity, because again Apple has really, really god security, they have excellent encryption for example. They have all kinds of secure, enclaves of chip that they have with the financial data and, all that great stuff so they really need to get ahead, and they’re also not a company that harvest’s your personal data heavily, like almost every other company……..

Leo: That’s an opportunity……..that’s a business opportunity for them……..yeah…..

Justine: I think it’s going to have to be an education process, even setting up the two step authentication on twitter, Facebook and stuff. I mean it’s not difficult, but if this is something that you do every day, you don’t know you need to have some sort of easy way for setting up the two step for iCloud you used to have to wait three days. I mean I have it set up now, but I kept missing my three day window.

Leo: I know……..

Justine: I’ve got to wait another three days. It didn’t seem like… seemed like a little too much. It has to be instant.

Leo: Nobody else does that………I understand why they do it, but they also and I think they have also changed this, as Film Girl showed Christina Warren at Mash Triple they don’t notify you even if you have two factor, they don’t notify if you have downloaded from the iCloud back-up so if somebody is stealing your iCloud back up, even if you have second factor it’s not required and there’s no notification. I think that they now notify you, it still doesn’t protect you and, I think that they can do better than that.

Justine: You there’s another thing that’s interesting that happened with AT&T and, me personally and, AT&T has never personally addressed it but so I was hacked but AT&T has this thing where you can set up messages that you can receive on an android device, either on a phone or on your computer, you will be able to receive somebody else’s text messages which was what was happening and, people were able to receive my two step authentication and my text messages. I had called AT&T and no-body really seem to address it. They seemed like yeah, yeah……it’s fine…….like it was not actually fine, because I’m still to this day paranoid that some-one’s able to read those text messages. And, you know that’s something…….there’s just this layer of security that needs to be addressed and some-how we do feel safe. I think in this digital age, there always has to be that fear of that you’re not 100 per cent safe, no matter what.

Leo: Yeah……

Justine: We’re so intelligent, so smart that we’re able to overcome anything.

Leo: And, you know that they don’t want my new photos, but you’re a target, and so you take steps, I mean you must be aware that there are people trying to get into your system.

Justine: I am and they have and I mean I’ve got a lot of really terrible failed selfies with no filters on it so I just really don’t want those to get out.

Leo: We see a lot of you anyway. All you have to do is follow Justine on Instagram.

Justine: And it’s scary for parents and families and even a lot of celebrities who do have these things on their phones, just pictures of their kids or other people and you don’t want that to be out.

Leo: What nobody has talked about but I think is the case, there have been a couple really good posts from Jonathan Jadarsky and another security researcher, it seems pretty clear that the breach that happened was the iCloud backups. Because of the nature of the filenames and the file structure Jadarsky is pretty sure that at least in some of these cases, if not all, what the bad guys got were the backups. And that’s why they have videos but that also means that more than pictures, more than videos, they have everything.

Justine: Everything, text messages, it’s all in there.

Leo: And nobody’s brought that up and I’m sure that the council to these celebrities have brought it up and made sure they’ve done something about it. They’re not going to do it in public but that’s a big issue. A much bigger breach than just photos.

Justine: Yeah and I even went through and deleted all of my old backups and I’ll just end up making sure that all of the backups are currently what is on my phone. Man when you do lose your phone and you do have that backup, that is just the best thing ever, so it’s definitely saved me.

Leo: Yeah. Well I’m backed up to my computer now and I deleted all the iCloud backups and there were quite a few even from older phones and older iPads. That’s the first thing I did, I deleted all my iCloud backups. Turned on two-factor authentication. Another good piece of advice is to not use your real name in your email. Those authentication emails, that’s one of the reasons this worked. They were probably likely able to guess the names or the email addresses for these victims. So if you use your real name, that’s not a good choice. That’s one of the things I think everybody should also do, and especially if you’re going to put your credit cards on there with Apple Payer. Are you going to change your name from iJustine to Apple Justine?

Justine: No, you know I actually wish I could drop the “i” to be honest with you.

Leo: You’re stuck with it!

Justine: Yeah! It’s hard because I like Xbox and I use other things too so I’ve kind of pigeon holed myself into being the Apple girl which, believe me, I definitely am, but I like other things too. Like, I have an Android phone, I love Google..

Mike: Yeah, you can do the Robert X. Cringely thing and be i comma Justine.

Justine: There we go.

Leo: It’s very nice of you to spend some time with us during Destiny download day.

Justine: Oh I downloaded it last night so it’s sitting right over there ready to play after this.

Leo: Now I really feel bad. Now I’m really guilty.

Justine: It’s all good, I’m so excited to be on MacBreak!

Leo: Did you see that it was 18GB?

Justine: Yes! So I had it downloading because I was able to download it yesterday and then the servers went online at midnight so I’m pretty excited to play it. The beta was awesome.

Leo: I know I played the beta and I really loved it. This is MacBreak weekly we shouldn’t be doing this.

Justine: Sorry! The real question is are you playing it on Xbox One or Playstation?

Leo: Yeah! I love the Xbox One. I’m an Xbox One fanatic. I know that’s not cool, all the cool kids love Playstation. And one of the things I could do was I watched SmartGlass and downloaded the game in the background. I wasn’t in front of my Xbox but you can do it with SmartGlass, buy the game and download it.

Justine: Yeah it’s great! We have NFL Sunday Ticket.

Leo: Really? NFL pops up in there?

Justine: Yeah it’s awesome and it works perfectly.

Leo: I don’t know how we got into this, sorry. Destiny came out today!!

Justine: I know!

Leo: You know I was up until midnight playing Diablo III, I’m trying to get a level 70 character so I can stop playing and start playing Destiny and I got to 69, it kills me.

Justine: Yeah I played for a while when it first came out and I didn’t get the DLC.

Mike: I was working last night.

Leo: I know, I know. Andy is down there at Cupertino where the sun is shining and I can see that we have moved now behind a fence that says private event no trespassing. Show them the sign there because they had to make Andy stand on the other side of the street because this is podcasters row. This is the unaffiliated media standing over here. We’ll get back to Andy, Rene Ritchie I hope will come by, Rene we’re calling for you.. They are both down there. Apple did announce two new iPhones and surprise surprise, both will be available for preorder on Friday the 12th and will be shipping on the 19th. Justina, you getting the 4.7 or the 5.5?

Justine: Definitely the 5.5, and I just really hope we don’t have to camp out for it.

Leo: Me too!

Justine: I want it to just show up at my house.

Leo: Yeah, me too! Will you buy an iPhone? You’re an Android guy.

Mike: I’m probably going to move back to an iPhone. I’m all Apple except for the phone right now. I have the Moto X which I was really disappointed in the screen and I was looking forward to a sapphire screen so if this screen doesn’t scratch like my Moto X did then I’m almost certainly going to move back to iPhone and I’ll get the big one.

Leo: I was actually thinking that too. The five and a half inches. There were two things keeping me off iPhone, size of the screen and the keyboard because I can’t use that Apple keyboard, it’s been driving me crazy and now I’m very happy. I feel like it’s going to have third party keyboards.

Mike: During the event Tim Cook said what matters is how phones make you feel and I kind of make a cynical remark and you pointed out that that’s the core of it, this really is in fact the most important thing, and in fact that’s probably why I’m going to move back to iPhone. I often borrow my wife’s iPhone and when I use it I’m just like “Oh man this just feels so good to use.”

Leo: See I want widgets, I want a little more flexibility. You know it’s funny during the Sony event they kept saying the word Condo and I couldn’t figure out why they were talking about condos, it turns out this is a philosophy but it’s a Japanese that means essentially emotional power or “wow!” I guess the closest thing in translation would be the “Wow factor.” And Sony knows it, anybody that makes consumer electronics knows that there is this visceral feeling when you use something not just when you see it in the store or see it as we have just done “Oh I’ve got to have that.” but the actual visceral experience of holding it and using it that is really critical to these kinds of very personal devices. Apple knows that, I think and perhaps better than anybody. And Sony, these seem to have Condo. I’m sorry Sony.

Mike: Yup.

Justine: It does.. you just pick up an iphone and I do still use the Android a lot because I do obviously youtube everything all the Google apps work so much better on Android, but then man when I have to like post an Instagram or edit a photo the first thing I do is go back to my iPhone because it just has that just ease of use and it just works. I don’t know, it’s something that you really can’t explain. It’s just like “Wow, okay, it works. This is great.”

Leo: Apple might not have handled live video stream very well but they did something very interesting. They dis-intermediated the live bloggers by doing their own live blog at

Justine: They did a great job.

Leo: They did, who needs the live bloggers? This is a vew, now you know why they build a big white box. That’s where Jony Ive has been living. It’s a big white room.

Mike: I think that’s the Jony Ive dining room right there.

Leo: And then here’s a picture of the phones in the hands on pavillion and condo. There’s definitely, especially that five and a half inch but also I’m glad they’re back to the rounded corners. I feel like this iPhone 4.4 S.. 5 era was kind of a bad dream.

Justine: It was chunky.

Mike: I liked the 4 and 4S designed with the metal around the outside and the totally flat front and back and the glass on the back, I loved all of that I thought it was very contemporary and I personally feel like the eye watching the round corners is kind of 70s-like.

Leo: So you think they’re going a step backwards?

Mike: Well I think a lot of people have included mentioning including Justineason Snell on twitter that the new phones look a lot like flat versions of the original iPhone. With the rounded corners and the metal.

Leo: Yes, and Justine said.. how about 128G that’s retro right? Who needs that much storage anymore?

Justine: I definitely do especially for people that do video because I take so many photos and so many videos and it’s the worst thing is when you’re going to take a picture or something and it’s like “great you can’t take any more photos or video” and I do like that they upped the I think it was 240 frames a second.

Leo: Yeah slow-mo.

Justine: Yeah 240 which is awesome and the video stabilization, they really are going after that.

Leo: What do you shoot your videos with? You must use a camera now right?

Justine: Well I do, I mean I use a special.. I have it sitting right here but it is big! It’s a big blogging camera and it’s just one extra thing that you don’t want to have to carry. So yeah it’s going to be exciting to see what that is.

Leo: It would be nice to have good iPhone video. Do you use a selfie stick?

Justine: I have used one but you really get made fun of.


Justine: Not only do you get made fun of for filming yourself and it’s like you got the selfie stick that’s just another layer.

Mike: Yeah there’s another way around that, I discovered in Valencio when I was there for Los Fias which is a big event and after two pitchers of sangria it didn’t bother me at all. I felt no embarrassment whatsoever, so look into it.

Leo: That’s the key.

Mike: Yeah.

Leo: Rene Ritchie is now joining us from Cupertino where he has just come out of the big white Jonny Ive room playing with the iWatch playing with the iPhone. Hi Rene!

Rene Ritchie: Hey Leo!

Leo: Welcome, so tell us what do you think?

Rene: I think there’s a lot of really interesting stuff here. The watch runs watchOS something completely new, they didn’t want to shrink down iOS and the security is really well thought out for example you put a pin code into the watch then it authorizes your payments but it detects a proximity to your skin and if that contact is ever broken you have to re-authorize to make more payments.

Leo: That’s brilliant.

Mike: I think that is brilliant yeah absolutely that’s brilliant and it’s a perfect solution.

Rene: It’s really well thought out there’s two sizes, 38mm, 42mm there’s collections so you can get sporty looks or classic looks, gold looks, and it’s really meant to be a compliment to the iphone because you have to have an iphone to use it, we saw that before with the Galaxy Watches from Samsung but this really wants to be sort of a companion device.

Leo: So what are they saying about WatchOS? I was really wondering about that. Apple now has 3 OS’s.

Rene: They do, it’s interesting. They wouldn’t tell me the details so I couldn’t find out if it was using the same kernals, the same drivers for anything but the same way they didn’t want to put OSX onto a watch you know you don’t want to cramp down a computer to a watch, they didn’t want to cramp down phone and tablet software onto the watch so they wanted to make it its own dedicated specialized thing.

Leo: What is your sense because you’ve seen it now in actual size, it’s hard for us to tell, we’re watching 3D renders and CGIs we did see Kevin Lynch actually demo it which was encouraging they have at least one working prototype, but you were able to at least look at it. It looks like a nice display, but it also looks like those are tiny pixels and especially those tiny icons in the user interface, do you feel like this user interface works Rene?

Rene: Yes so it’s interesting, it’s 320x320 retina display. It is small but they’re using the crown almost as a new next generation jogwheel from the old iPods so you can zoom in and out with those and it’s got that sensor on it so that you can feel it. You can feel it vibrate, that taptic sensor so that you really can tell, it’ll tell you left or right directions for example and you can tap the interface so there’s a whole bunch of different sort of things you can do to navigate your way around it.

Mike: Well there was a couple of things that I noticed about that, they seemed to be emphasizing haptics and Apple.

Leo:  Taptics

Mike: Taptics, excuse me, taptics. But Apple’s always been really good at..

Leo:  It’s a word Apple made up I might add.

Mike: Of course, they’ve always

Rene: It’s got a taptic motor inside right next to a US1 processor which powers the watch.

Does it feel.. were you able to feel it in the demo? I love the idea of tapping left to go left and tapping right to go right, what does that feel like?

Rene: It’s interesting, so the watches they gave us weren’t fully functional but they were running demo software that took you through a range of applications including the taptic sensors so you put it on and it showed you the different things you could do and you do feel sort of, it will take me a while to really understand it, I’m not that sensitive to it but you can feel sort of a difference where it’s vibrating on your arm for the things like left and right. Apple the company doesn’t like hardware buttons, it has the crown but it also has the hardware button to let you go into that special friend mode where you see all your friends and you can sketch to them these nice little animated doodles.

Leo:  I’m not going to be the guy that says Steve Jobs would have hated this but I have to think that this is something that could, would not have come out under Steve Jobs. This is really, it’s clear this is literally Tim Cook’s first new product, you know brand new product category introduction and it does feel very much like something different and new from Apple. You agree Rene?

Rene: Absolutely. He used the famous “One more thing” line he referenced eve at the very beginning, this might not have been a product Steve Jobs would have made but this is a product Jonny Ive really wanted to make, was very personal to him and it’s really in the spirit of Apple. Everything they’ve done since the Apple 2 to the mac to the iPhone to the iWatch has been to make computers more personal, more accessible. It’s unfortunate it still needs an iPhone because you can’t put on your wrist without basically burning your wrist off but one day this might be just enough computer for a lot of people and the accessibility stuff just having the taptics and having that, that’s very powerful for people who want to do indoor navigation but are hard of seeing.

Leo:  Rene Ritchie thank you so much, we’re glad you go to t go and see it in person and have the experience and we’re really glad we got to talk to you, any final thoughts before we let you go?

Rene: Yeah you’re going to want the 5.5 inch phone, it’s big but optical image stabilization is so good looking.

Leo:  Yeah we’ve already decided, everybody in fact I wonder it’s going to be interesting I suppose they’ll sell some 4.7s but everybody I’ve talked to so far including Lisa and Justine want the big phone. THey want the 5 and a half inch phone. It may be that that phone is going to be in short supply not because of production issues but because it’s the phone everybody’s buying.

It’s going to be like last year when Apple said gold and everyone said gross, and then they said “Oh my god I can’t get one!” and now they’re saying oh the 5.5 is too big, “Oh my god I can’t get one!”

Leo:  Thank you Rene Ritchie, safe trip back to Montreal. Thank you Andy Inoco and thanks also to Carston Bondy our producer on the scene and Zack and Patrick Delehanty who are down there with the film crew, they did a great job. I am just blown away by the quality, thanks to Alex Lindsay too for providing the live use so we could do that stream. That’s fia LTE down from Cupertino. And I’m just saying it looked better than Apple’s stream. I’m just saying, okay. It certainly worked better than Apple’s stream. Alright we’re going to take a break and come back with some final thoughts on this special edition of MacBreak Weekly, iJustine is here, Mike Elgin, I’m Leo Laporte and our show today is always brought to you by the good folks at Have you gotten into audiobooks Mike I never asked you, do you listen?

Mike: Oh yeah, in fact I think I’ve been a member for longer than you have. Since 2000.

Leo:  Wait a minute, nobody has. Oh wait a minute, I’ve got to check now. What’s your start date?

Mike: Oh I don’t know.

Leo:  Because we’re really close, that’s a long time.

Mike: When I started it, Audible was a physical device that you would buy and it was a big gigantic thing and it had a big button in the middle, it was purple.

Leo:  I think you do predate me because I didn’t use that Audible device, I used the Diamond rio was my first Audible device. So I’ve been a member almost as long as Mike Elgin, now of course you can listen to it on your iPhone, on your Android device, Window Devices, computers, tablets, I listen on my sonos throughout my house. Audible is the biggest bookstore of audiobooks, 150,000 titles. I’m going to look now. I’m going to go download all my books this is one of the nice things about Audible. When you buy a book on Audible it’s yours forever, so every book that I’ve ever listened to, there are a few exceptions with the publishers for some reason has discontinued it or whatever, virtually every book I’ve ever listened to is available for listening to again and you know so I listen to a lot of classics, you know Gulliver’s Travels, Moby Dick, that’s a great performance by the way, that version of Moby Dick, A Tale of Two Cities, The Three Musketeers so those are books you read again and again, they’re classics you’re not going to put those away. Mike and I both have kind of a love for beautiful physical books but I got to tell you, the practicality of a book you can listen to in the car, I used to have a horrific commute. February 7th 2000 is my first book. When’s your first book?

Mike: I’ll have to look that up, I don’t know.

Leo:  It’ll have to be Justineanuary to beat me baby!

Mike: Yeah, I’ll get back to you on that.

Leo:  The best of science fiction and fantasy abridged was my first audio book, February 7th 2000. Look at Mike and I put our money where our mouth is. We really are serious fans of Audible whether it’s fiction, classic, science fiction, they have a great selection. The latest thrillers, I saw Gone Girl is coming out as a movie next month. I always like to read the book before I see the movie because the audible books are like a movie in your mind, you listen to these great actors and narrators bring these books to life.

Mike: Plus you can be that annoying guy that’s like “The book was way better.”

Yeah, so Gone Girl a great.. what a thriller that is, somebody told me Francine Hart always said because I’ve been saying I have Whiskey Tango Foxtrot in my library and I just haven’t listened to it yet, she said jump it ahead on the line, that’s a great book.

Mike: You know a lot of people are sort of having withdrawals because we’re between seasons on The Game of Thrones. Read the books!

Leo:  Read the books! I mean there’s a ton of stuff waiting for you. Here’s the deal, I’m going to get your first book for you for free. Justineust visit You’ll be signing up for the gold account that’s a book a month. Subscription is definitely the way to go. Besides with the subscription not only do you get the book a month, you also get the daily New York Times or Wall Street Justineournal audio digest so you can listen in the car and get caught up on what’s going on. I’m just a big fan, I want you to try it right now. You have 30 days free to cancel any time in the first 30 days pay nothing, but that book will always be yours to keep. Your first book waits you free at The only tough thing is picking one.  … Alright, I think we’re about ready to wrap this up. iJustine it’s so great to get you on the show today and talk about…

Justine: Thanks for having me, always so exciting.

Leo:  We don’t get many of these, Apple’s keynotes are every year but it’s really when they announce new categories that it’s exciting. I’m thinking about the iPod in 2001, I’m thinking about the iPhone in 2007, the iPad in 2010 and now an iWatch and I think, I’m sorry Apple Watch.

Justine: Apple Watch. We’re going to be doing that for a while.

Leo:  And I think Apple Pay. Do you see yourself using that?

Justine: I do, I mean I’ve used it before like on the Samsung phone so it’s not really like the new technology but I think now that Apple’s doing it, it’s going to be to the masses. And man, what scares me the most is that I’ve had my credit card stolen and sometimes you know it was like that certain gas station or that time that I handed my card over, so I love that that extra layer of security is in place. It’s really interesting to see.

Leo:  They’re doing it right too, it’s a one-time credit card number, also one time rotating confirmation code. So even if somebody at the gas station and you use it, somehow got that information, they can’t re-use it.

Mike: Right.

Leo:  So they talked about doing it for online purchases as well which is phenomenal. I think that given the clout that Apple has in the market, and the large number of, let’s face it, Apple users still in the United States, they’re more than half, this is the first time this kind of tap to pay has some legs. Yeah I’ve had it in my Android phone forever but it was Starbuck’s and McDonald’s, there weren’t that many places I could use it. I use Square more.

Justine: Well and there’s so many apps too, even just like Starbucks you just use the app to pay, like Dunkin Donuts, there’s so many of those just little scan it. Sorry I love it!

Leo:  Right. It always gets down to Dunkin Donuts.

Justine: I’m so excited, it’s the first time it’s been in California! At least LA.

Leo:  Why?.... So because you grew up in Pittsburgh, you’re a Dunkin Donut…

Justine: Yeah!

Leo:  I don’t understand the Dunkin Donuts thing.

Justine: It’s good, the coffee is good, they have great breakfast sandwiches.

Leo:  No it’s not, no it’s not good!

Justine: Compared to Starbuck’s it’s much better, I say that.

Leo:  You’re saying that Dunkin Donuts coffee is better than Starbuck’s.

Justine: Oh yeah, Starbuck’s is not good coffee, it’s just convenience factor. I go there 3 times a day and I’m going to tell you it’s not good.

Leo:  Laughter.

Justine: It’s survival!

Leo:  Justine it’s so good to see you again, I miss you a lot. But you know I feel like you’re always in my life because I follow on Youtube, all 3 channels, I follow you on Instagram, I follow you on twitter and I’m just always thrilled to see how well you are doing. You are a superstar.

Justine: I should come up and visit the studio, I love that it looks so awesome.

Leo:  Come up and see us sometime, and when, like, they’re going to give you a TV series soon, right?

Justine: We’ll see, we’re working on it. But I’m working on a book so I’m probably going to have to come up and interview you for that.

Leo:  What’s the book?

Justine: I’d like you to be in it. I’m going to tell about the 6 months that I livestreamed my life on

Leo:  That couldn’t be more appropriate now that Justin is shut down and Twitch has been sold to Amazon.

Justine: I know, it’s crazy!

Leo:  Weren’t you the second livestreamer after Justin?

Justine: I was, yeah. Justin then Justine. People still didn’t believe that was my name but it was and it is.

Leo:  Yeah. I’ll never forget that, that was crazy. I thought you were nuts.

Justine: I was nuts. I still think that’s crazy.

Leo:  You would never do that again.

Justine: Never!... Maybe I would for a price but..

Leo:  And you did it for 6 months. And I hope you’re getting a big check from Amazon.

Justine: Nope.

Leo:  What?

Mike: Nobody makes money from books any more.

Leo:  No, not for the book, for putting on the map! Did you get stock?

Justine: I never asked for stock. Nope, I screwed up. But you know what I had a good time, I met a lot of friends and still a lot of the people that watch me today are kind of from that days.

Mike: you can’t pay the rent with friends.

Leo:  It’s like me, I never got paid for TechTV but it did get me started so that’s a good thing.

Justine: It was fun, you met a lot of people, it was great. Me and my grandma used to watch TechTV so I wouldn’t have ever known of you if not for that.

Leo:  Justine we miss you so much, I’m so glad that you’re doing so well. Come back again. I know you’re too busy, but when your book comes out can we get you and plug the hell out of it?

Justine: Yeah, no I want to come and visit. I need to see the studio, this is great.

Leo:  Deal, deal you don’t have to ask twice.

Justine: I’ll let you know, I’m planning a San Francisco trip so I’ll have to visit.

Leo:  Thanks Justine, it’s great to see you.

Justine: Thank you!

Leo:  Take care, buh-bye. Mike Elgan, he’s the news director here at the network. Does a great job if you have not seen TNT lately, it is I would say easily the best tech news show in the world. You get the people who write the articles, the people who break the news, the most insightful analysis every Monday through Friday 10AM Pacific, 1PM Eastern time, 17:00 UTC. And it’s thanks to you really I think our beefed up news presence is really being an important part to our success.

Mike: Well I think I’m like you in the sense that all I ever wanted is to work with super super smart people and talk about super interesting things and that’s what we do every day at 10am.

Leo:  Isn’t that the best? Yeah, tech news today. Thank you for joining us, I will be back with a normal MacBreak Weekly. Look at Rene and Andy, they’re pretending, they’re playing with their old phones while they still can. We’re going to get Andy to.. yeah thank you Pixel in the live view. We’re going to get Andy to get a… there’s some fans.. review the Moto X which he got last week in Chicago if we can and the Moto 360 which he’s wearing on his wrist. But all of us who bought these smart watches knew, it was just a temporary thing.

Mike: Leo, I didn’t buy it. You bought yours. I didn’t pay for mine.

Leo:  You bought the Samsung didn’t you? Oh Google Eye huh?

Mike: So it’s just you, you’re the only one.

Leo:  But we knew didn’t we? And the Moto 360 is already waiting at your house!

Mike: They’ve already shipped it, I don’t know if I’ve got it yet but it’s coming any second now so..

Leo:  But will you replace those watches with the iWatch?

Mike: Yes, absolutely.

Leo:  Yeah me too. I feel like such a sucker but I’m going to..

Mike: You know, I’ve got to have it and I think it’s clear that this is several generations ahead of anything else out there in terms of the screen.

Leo:  It is. I still feel like the wearable.. there’s a conundrum with wearables that has to do with user interface, that has to do with battery life, ease of use, functionality, that has not yet been solved. I had high hopes that Apple as they have in the past would have sprinkled some magic dust on it. They didn’t, I don’t feel that they solved it completely, I think you’re right, they’ve leapt a few generations ahead but we still have miles to go before we sleep.

Mike: They did sprinkle some magic dust on it, and the smoothness and high resolution and brightness of the user interface, of the icons and the gestures and all that kidn of stuff is really amazing.

Leo:  Yeah.

Mike: It really feels like the future, it feels like science fiction almost.

Leo:  Right.

Mike: Other aspects  have it not so much, it’s big and clunky, it’s got the big dial wheel thing which yes it’s a good thing, and other aspects of it are so-so but for the most part I think that they’ve really, I think they’ve hit it out of the park and I think it’s going to be really difficult for anybody to catch up to them any time soon.

Leo:  Well we won’t know until next year, that’s when it will be available but I think we’ll all be sporting 5.5 inch iPhones in a couple weeks.

Mike: How long until we see the fake Chinese ones?

Leo:  Oh they’re already out I’m sure, they beat Apple to the punch are you kidding? We do MacBreak Weekly every Tuesday at 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern time, 18:00 UTC, please tune in live and join us. Andy and Rene will be back next week and we will have more insightful analyses and in a couple of weeks we’ll actually have some product to talk to you about. You can also watch or listen at your convenience on demand versions of every show available at and wherever you subscribe to Internet broadcasts, iTunes would be a good starting point but we have our own apps all created by our brilliant third party independent developers on all the platforms including iOS and the Android and Windows Phone and the podcast apps, I know a lot of you listen that way. So however you listen I hope you will make sure that you do it every week because we look forward to seeing you. Now, time to get back to work because break time is over! See you next time.

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