MacBreak Weekly 393 (Transcript)

Show Tease: It’s time for MacBreak Weekly! Coming up, a look at IOS 7.1. What’s new, what’s different, what’s good, what’s bad. We’ll also have to decide between water colors and oil paintings. Two new IOS apps and lots more. Next on MacBreak Weekly.

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Leo Laporte: This is MacBreak Weekly, Episode 393. Recorded March 11, 2014

My Little Pono

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Alex Lindsay: System 7?

Leo: 7.1!

Alex: That was a long time ago. I remember that was big change from system 6 to system 7.

Leo: Remember that? Remember that? Huge!

Alex: Oh yeah!

Leo: That’s Alex Lindsay. He remembers a lot. He is, of course, with the pixel core, and now his new endeavor, Rwanda ADMA. The African digital media academy. Nice to have you.

Alex: Thank you. I’ll be there next week. I’ll be coming in for MacBreak from Rwanda.

Leo: Thank God. I’m so tired of having you here!

Alex: I know! He’s like, “He keeps on coming and he smells!”

Leo: No, no. It’s great to have you. Actually I’ve got a lot of questions for you. Alex Lindsay, that’s Andy Ihnatko over here. You’ve met him before haven’t you?

Alex: I have! I have met that fellow.

Leo: Yeah, good looking guy. He’s got his Hayward Fire department hat on.

Andy Ihnatko: There you go. Once you’ve had your 12th fire they give you… you get your punch card and they give you a free hat.

Leo: That’s nice. Free hat. Pair of glasses. And also here, Rene Ritchie form Whom I quote a lot. I quoted you all week about the Greg Keiser story, you better have been right on that one.

Rene: All evidence to the contrary he was not correct.

Leo: Greg Keiser of Computer World reported, and we talked about this last week, that Apple was no longer supporting Snow Leopard with security patches, and thank God you set me straight Rene. Because I, And I did apologize on TWiT for getting it wrong and I gave you credit for the true story.

Rene: Thank you.

Leo: So thank you. So 7.1 is here. Is it all you hoped it would be? Let’s go through a quick run through of features. Some cosmetic improvements. I haven’t really looked for a whole bunch of them, but you can turn off the swooping thing. And more applications which is nice, because the motion always…you notice now I don’t have so much swooping as I did before. I always turn that off. New thing in Siri, where you press the button to get Siri to talk. Normally you talk and then you stop talking after you stop talking it does its search, right? I don’t know why it said that. So now you can press invoke Siri, and keep holding and it will continue to listen, even if you stop talking. That’s actually nice for people who like to think while they dictate.

Alex: I have to do that often!

Rene: Or if you’re in a noisy room and a lot of people are yelling, and you want it to stop listening.

Leo: Right. I just really felt like, frequently I felt rushed by Siri.  It’s like come on…

Rene: It’s the opposite of Always Listening from Google.

Leo: Yeah, Right! Siri only listens while you hold the button down, and now it’s going to take all of that is dictation. I think that’s a nice feature, kind of unexpected. Did you know about that Rene from your beta testing from 7.1?

Rene: I did. And I like the fact that it’s such a contrast from Googles approach. In a perfect world, I’d be able to hold down and say, “always listen” and it would have that as an option. But I like that one is always listening and one will only listen when you expressly toggle a listen button, and there is no chance of accident.

Leo: Yeah, I think that’s good. What else is new? Well we know more respiring’s, right? Have you noticed? I haven’t seen any actually since the upgraded.

Rene: I haven’t had any respiring’s in a month, two months maybe.

Leo: Oh you’ve been using 7.1 for a while. It does not push it so you’re going to have to go to your settings and then general, updates button and then it will tell you 7.1 is available.

Rene: What’s really funny is that not only was there no gold master for this, they just dropped the public release right away. But if you had the beta from the software update, it would let you update right from the beta to the release version, which I don’t remember happening previously.

Leo: What else?

Alex: It’s faster, a little snappier. I think some of the transitions are faster.

Andy: I think they shorten a lot of the transitions. They really shaved off some of the sharp edges of this thing. One of the things I noticed almost immediately is that now when you hold down the search button from the top or pull up the system try from the bottom, now there’s actually sort a thunk, a visual thunk when it’s in place. So that you don’t think do I need to keep scrolling it? Is it only in half position?

Leo: Ah your right! That’s good.

Andy: They only gave us list views in calendar. They’ve supposedly have fixed that problem with Gmail. We will see if that is actually true or not.

Leo: I’m a little annoyed. They didn’t fix my little pet peeve. When you pull up the system tray it darkens the background. Which makes it very hard to know what you’re doing with the slide!

Andy: Apparently accessibility is the word we used for, “Yeah, we screwed that up but we’ll let you unscrew that if you want, manually.” So one of the things you can do now is actually change the translucency so that it’s almost opaque now. Now you can… there are a lot of different settings like that where petty annoyances you might have had are now fixed. You can now turn off power low lux in certain situations. Again through Accessibility. And those are definitely accessibility features, but I think nine out of ten people who use them are going to be like, “Oh thank God, I always hated that translucency.”

Leo: Yeah.

Andy: It’s like operating a phone through a shower door, and I never liked that.

Leo: Where is accessibility? Oh there it is.

Andy: They also managed to screw up a feature that’s a subtle feature. If you like to type letters with just capital letters sometimes.

Rene: Yes!

Andy: Now they’ve basically made it so that it’s impossible to guess whether the shift key is engaged or not.

Leo: That was in direct response to me, wasn’t it?

Rene: It was worse than the beta. They fixed it quietly but it was still completely impenetrable.

Leo: Alright, here. So let’s do a little typing. Now I press the caps lock. Well that’s better isn’t it?

Andy: No. What do you think is locked? What do you think the Caps is on or off?

Leo: Well I never know, because it’s always upper case. Oh wait a minute! So that is caps lock? White is caps lock, gray is not! Oh crap!

Rene: White is capital. Gray is non capital. Double tap with a tiny line underneath is caps lock.

Leo: Oh screw you Apple! Just screw you!

Rene: It used to be blue! It used to be so easy!

Leo: You know, it’s so easy. Every other operating system does this! If you’re in uppercase, show uppercase keys. This is not a typewriter! If you’re in lowercase, show lowercase keys! This is NOT a typewriter!

Andy: I was really surprised with I fired that up and saw that because if you want to…

Leo: They made it worse!

Andy: If you want to argue about translucency. That’s a long two day discussion you have at a corporate retreat and there is no right answer. But why did they make something that is so obviously confusing on such a front and center feature? That is so weird.

Rene: Again, it’s better than it was 2 betas ago. 2 betas ago it was impossible for anybody to know what state it was in. Now it’s just disturbing.

Leo: I think they do this just to annoy me! I’m taking this personally!

Rene: It used to be blue, worked fine. Nobody had a problem with it.

Leo: Oh I had a problem, but now it’s worse!

Alex: Waiting for 7.11

Andy: And somebody who had an office that’s shaped like a pyramid said, wait a minute!  A blue color is not the design of the indicative of design intent of that schemer. You need to have, stick to this mono…oh man!

Rene: We actually wrote a how to tell on Imore yesterday. We wrote an article on how to tell what state your shift key was in, because nobody could tell.

Leo: It should not need an article!

Rene: I was so embarrassed!

Leo: It shouldn’t need an article. What else has changed?

Rene: There’s new telephone screens on not the IPad, but the IPhone. The way you answer the phone now is much better! They got rid of those big clunky rectangles, and you now have elegant little circles. And there’s a new slide on it to answer the phone and an animation. It all looks very nice.

Andy: They’ve also added, what is… I’ve… They also added what I must think is a privacy feature. When the phone rings it doesn’t fill the entire screen with a picture of the incoming person. Now it does it a little more discretely, so that everybody at the table says, “Oh! So you… That’s not your wife!” (Laughs) “Why is she holding up this picture that says I love you Josh?”

Leo: She’s quite lovely isn’t she? And young!

Rene: It also fixes the touch ID decay. There was a few people who, it rendered touch ID useless for on 7.1. But as for vast majority, most people now no longer have that decaying touch ID finger print issue. It just keeps working. Which is a good fix.

Leo: Yeah. So all of this you’ve seen because you’ve been using the Beta.

Rene: Yes! The IPhone 4 performance is greatly improved. It’s now useable.

Leo: Yeah.

Alex: Though not back to 6 in a lot of cases, so it’s closer.

Rene: Well I mean, if you were the bottom of the update totem pole. If you were the last supported device always been fairly horrible. Like the IPhone 3G it took two or three updates to make that phone usable. It took 6 months just to get IOS 7.1 out so it’s basically the same time frame. But it’s now… I put it on mine yesterday and it’s perfectly usable now. It’s not an iPhone 5, it’s got the processer it’s had the whole time, but you can actually use it as a phone now, which is nice.

Alex: It’s awesome to be able to use a phone, as a phone.

Rene: It was before, like you could use it before. But you had to practice your Buddhist breathing techniques. You had to take a moment. You know, you had to, if you were the dude you had to abide. But now you know, most people shouldn’t have a problem.

Leo: Okay. Awesome.

Rene: It is unfortunate that it took six months to get it like… The spring board crashes, the touch ID thing. 6 months to fix that is not good. I mean, this… I don’t know if 7.1 should have been out earlier, but things like the spring board crash, the touch ID fix, all of those things, I’m sad that it took Apple six months to address.

Leo: Yeah.

Alex: Now did we think that the South by Southwest concerts have anything to do with the hurried release of 7.1?

Leo: Gruber kind of got this wrong, because he said south by southwest iTunes live concert would require 7.1 but it turns out, it doesn’t!

Alex: Right. But it still came out on time.

Rene: This is the timeline I always heard for, it was always early… at least for the last couple months it was supposed to be early March.

Leo: Why no gold master? I guess you don’t need one really, right?

Rene: They’ve done it before I think it was 1. I don’t know if it was 6.1 or 5.1 but one of them they just dumped without gold master. I always like it because I always start my review when the gold master comes out. Because then I can assume that nothing is going to be changing. And then this just lands so now I’m halfway through my review and it’s not as fun.

Leo: It’s not as fun. Yeah, it’s exactly the same. That’s good. We like that.

Andy: On the other hand, it’s nice to see everyone going through the same pain points at the same time, getting that sort of, you know, that sort of polydiveristy of reaction time.

Leo: Right.

Andy: I was surprised. I thought they were going to refine the interface a little bit more than they did. Like I said before, it was really a case they decided if you don’t like some of the really big changes of 7, they’ll let you shut them off through assess ability. One of my biggest pet peeves is too often an important button just looks like a piece of text on the screen. Because they don’t want people to use button containers anymore if they can get away with it. But now there’s a feature so that you can essentially make these buttons look like hyperlinks by turning on underscores. Which is okay. That’s one way to go.

Rene: You can turn on button shapes too, in accessibility. You can go there and there’s a button shape, or a button outlines, or something. It actually puts the shape of the hour around the back button gain. It’s not the same as it used to be but…

Andy: Right. Parts of the interface is right. And these shaded back buttons. It looks, but I just think that’s an eeks.

Rene: They’re all in on this new design. But I think Andy is right, I think there is things that turning it off actually creates more reliability more recognizability and a bunch of things you really want an interface, but Apple really believes that this is the future of interfaces. And this is like a begrudging, “Okay, you guys are taking longer to address than we thought you would. So we’ll let you turn it off, but really we still want to herd you in this direction, because we believe this is the right direction.”

Leo: Right. Microsoft is doing the same thing with Windows 8.1. So look at the general text. You’re too far away to really see it, but the general text, when I turn button shapes on, it puts a little button around it.

Andy: That, Rene is absolutely right, every time I’ve talked to somebody at Apple at every single level. It’s not a case of “oh we decided to improve things a little bit.” They really do speak with a certain fervor saying, “This is the version of IOS we would have done from the very beginning had we known how people would act with a phone or a tablet than, as we do now.” So if there are things you don’t like with the IOS 7, deal with it. Because they’re not taking a step back. And they’re not going to do a roll back. Like I said, I was expecting some refinements because with every interface that Apple rolls out, there’s always a here’s our first 20 million users, we’re going to get feedback from our first 20 million users and then they think, “Okay, that might have been a little extreme and now we’re finding how people are going to interact with that. So our first guess, we’re going to refine that a little bit.” But Yeah, it seems to be like if you were really that adamant about it, we’re going to hide a setting so you can adjust that if you want. But we really do want naked buttons. But I think it’s paying off because we are starting to see finally the sort of IOS 7 apps that were, this interface was designed for. It’s not just a design language, it really is the philosophy of try to get your App down to the bare bones of what its function is. And do not put anything on the screen that doesn’t directly relate to that function. So over the past 3 or 4weeks I think, we’re seeing a lot of apps that are like wow, that’s not just a facelift of your IOS 6 app. You really did rethink this. Like the cosmology app, which really wasn’t a great fit for IOS 6, but now it’s great for IOS 7, a lot cleaner, a lot more focused, a lot more task oriented.

Rene: When we think of IOS 7, love it or go to IOS accessibility.

Andy: Or go to Android. (Laughs)

Leo: And incidentally, everybody should probably go to 7.1. If you’ve already gone 7, you should go to 7.1, right?

 Andy: Absolutely. The only things I’ve been warning people about IOS 6 were those resprings, which were as annoying as hell. That was the one big drawback. If you were holding back for any reason, it really is a good time now to go to 7.1. Even if you were using an iPhone 4. I did manage to get one out of storage. I now installed it on two phones. I’ve got it on a 7 and now a 4. I’m keeping an IPhone 5 and 6 just to do side by sides and see the difference. But I don’t think there’s any reason not to go to 7.1, no matter what your previous edition is.

Leo: Ours Technical has a great article by Andrew Cunningham in which he talks about if you have an iPhone 4, what’s going to get better, what can’t get better.  He says this is as good as it’s going to get. But it is noticeably faster. But still not as fast as it was under IOS 6. So that might be the one, the people who should think twice before jumping to 7.1 is the people who are using an iPhone4.

Rene: Although it’s arguable, they won’t get the security updates. It’s going to suck, but you probably want IOS 7 anyway just for things like SSL patch.

Alex: I actually think you’ve been hanging out for, to move to 7 because of the performance issues, if you have the iPhone 4 this is probably the time to do it.

Andy: Not only that but there’s a whole bunch of apps. For instance my sling player app, I can still use the old version on my old iPad, but if I want the new version, it has really cool new features, I will have to upgrade that to IOS 7. So I do think the benefits of getting new IOS 7 apps are going to be way, way out weigh the speed limits you’re going to get off of your iPhone 4.

Rene: Also if you have a Ferrari, you now have car play.

Leo: Yeah, I want to talk about car play. We’re going to do a whole segment on car play. We’ll save that for the next segment. New power off button.

Rene: OH. Slide

Leo: It’s pretty.

Andy: We’re seeing a lot more incidence of this round put your finger here because that’s the shape of your fingertips kind of stuff.

Leo: Ooops! I didn’t want that!

Rene: It was in production Leo. It was a production.

Leo: Oops. It worked by the way. New HDR photo mode, if you have a camera.

Alex: I do not think that I’m going to like that.

Andy: No I think that’s beautiful. I think that’s something that’s long overdue. When I’m testing other cameras it’s a new trend last year, now there’s enough CPU performance to just automatically do an HDR without the user noticing it. Why would you not just produce the best photo you can possibly make?

Leo: Yeah.

Andy: Especially with the iPhone 5S. It’s so fast it makes no difference, so you just may as well do it. There is an option that you can just stash away the root images any way. But I think that most people who are using this feature, they just want that touch one button, where you can just touch it and get the best photo possible to be gotten by a mobile phone in this space, at this time. And I think that an auto HDR is just the perfect thing to do.

Leo: Hallelujah.

Rene: That’s just for the 5S feature though.

Leo: Oh okay. I think that pretty much covers it. Let’s talk about the car. By the way, the new Yahoo logo is also, beautiful!

Andy: I know this is a horrifying, I always think that there no good discussion ever comes from the phrase, what would Steve Jobs had done. But however, I have to think about what if Steve Jobs was still around and Yahoo said, “Here’s a new logo we’d like you to replace all instances of our old logo with this.” I bet there would have been some meetings. And I bet it would have meant that “hey guess what? We’ve rethought our logo.”

Alex: Steve said no!


Andy: And Steve would have been right. Or at least whoever Steve sent that logo to at Apple for comment would have been right.

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Andy: Kitty!

Leo: Huh? AHH

Andy: The cats going to eat Leo.

Leo: You see the Shutter stock watermark. You can actually buy those, you don’t have to steal them. That cat can really go places. That is a giant cat! Bryan loves the cats. Oh! Cats love keys, careful Andy, he’s going to attack you. So that is the biggest feature in some ways as you mentions Rene Ritchie, car play. Except does anybody have car play.

Rene: Ferrari review hasn’t arrived yet.

Leo: Darn it. Where is my Ferrari review unit? I guess if I go to the Apple site they have some images of…

Rene: The amazing thing is the diversity of control that Apple is allowed. I don’t want to say I’m precedented, but they’re letting this run on no touch screen, with knobs and buttons, with resistive touch screens. If you don’t want to take off your matching Ferrari leather gloves, you can still use it, on capacitive touch screens, with SIRI, without SIRI.

Andy: Also we’re looking at, when this feature was first announced last year, I was talking to different car makers, or people I know that work for different car makers, and this really is a very, very egalitarian sort of feature. Where use to seeing a keynote announcement. And now, for cars costing as little as $68,000 we’re offering native iPod support. Now they’re even budget forks that will integrate this way.

Leo: Now they’re not specifying, I noticed for instance you can have buttons, you can have touch. They’re not specifying… How are they’re determining what the form factor is?

Rene: It looks like they’re being really, really open to that.

Leo: Flexible.

Alex: And all of these are running on the Rim of software, right?

Leo: QNX. Don’t call it the rim of software, because that implies a blackberry really had anything to do with it. They bought QNX. They own it.

Rene: They have a feature somewhere. They’re amazing and it looks like the current implementations of the car play are running on top of QNX, but theoretically it can run on top of embedded Android, Embedded Lennox, embedded Microsoft if they make the deals, but if QNX was the fastest way. It’s very similar to Apple TV in that it’s a form of airplay, in the fact that it’s by directional. But there’s no Apple TV box, so there has to be a way here that handles the receipt. And because there is no separate box it has to be built in to the infotainment system. And QNX is an incredibly sure car technology. And knowing the hooks that the system needs to communicate.

Leo: My car already has QNX. I wonder if there would be a way to update it to do car play?

Andy: Mercedes said they would, they might update it.

Leo: Mercedes is going to offer an upgrade.

Alex: Do we think that all the graphic interfaces that have been being built for these cars are slowly just going to go away, and be Android and IOS hooks?

Leo: I don’t think so, because I think the need in a car is very different than a device than you’re holding in your hand. For one thing the issue of distracted driving is huge.

Alex: Oh I understand. But I just think that as the owner of a lot of cars. I mean I have a car with a big screen on it, and I just want this, there. What I mean by that as the map. I want to use, I don’t care if it’s an Apple map or a google map.

Leo: Well it is Apple maps. If there’s one negative point, you’re using Apple maps. Now I think Apple maps are fine today, but I don’t know if the world thinks that.

Rene: It’s different though Leo, because the people that are using Mercedes and BMW, their only option are out of date maps. So they go pay $200 to get an SD card and update it, whereas these are going to be updated as often as Apple updates the back end on your iPhone.

Leo: So it’s getting it from the iPhone?

Rene: Yeah.

Andy: But also you’re talking about certainly one of the most popular consumer products that are out there. You talk about the reach of the smartphone mark, and you realize exactly how small it is compared to the population at large. How many people out there actually have cars? That is a very much higher percentage, and now you’re reaching people who absolutely do not care about any interface or feature that can’t be operated by pushing a labeled Button and putting it in to an on or off position. And not having to go to Imore to see whether the air conditioning is on or off, but actually see that okay, this is a red light that says that the air-conditioning is on. That is the design of the interior of a car really is user interface playing at an expert level. Nobody at Apple, I think, has ever played the game at that level. Only because it’s just such a simple thing. Nobody cares about the design, all they care about it that this thing does what it’s supposed to do, the way that the person thinks this is supposed to happen.

Alex: For me, I think for a car company trying to shave a percentage point here and there of sales, I do think this integration, I know that for me when I buy my next car. One of my top three, if not my number one thing, is how are my phones going to integrate with the car. That’s all I care about.

Leo: The other issue is that is requires….

Alex: Like I don’t care about the gas mileage, I don’t care about…

Andy: The other, that’s another really fine point here. That there, I have a MAC, there’s almost 100% certainly the computer I get is going to be a mac. Even with phones I have nearly a 100% brand royalty. It’s really hard to shift me. Cars most people, here’s the amount of money I have, it has to fit three kids, and it has to be able to occasionally transport a surf board. And there are nine cars that fit that function, I will buy any make that is highly recommended. So when you get people who are equally balanced between three or four different models, if this one has a really intermit connection to my phone and the other one does not that’s a big, big important gift to that car.

Leo: On the other hand, as an Android user I’m left out in the cold, because you have to have a 5, 5S, or a 5SC.

Rene: That’s not entirely true, because you have three models so one is you just get in the car and you use the built in QNX system, which will understand your android phone and just gives you whatever the default experience is. That’s one of the reasons car play exists is because Apple’s not going to make a complete stack for a car entertainment system. Because A, the car companies wouldn’t let it be exclusive to IPhone.

Leo: Right.

Rene: and the Apple would never make it work with Android, Blackberry, and Windows phone.

Leo: So there’s a fall back. The question is how good would the fallback be?

Rene: Well that’s the thing. Car play is Apples way of connecting to your car. And there’s nothing to stop Google from making Android’s way. And there’s nothing to stop Windows from making windows phones way. It’s just Apple is good at pushing this kind of thing to market.

Leo: They’ve got all the manufacturers. Ferrari, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, and Volvo, will do it this year. On 2014 models, and then pretty much everybody including ford, Chevy, Landover, BMW, Nissan, Mitsubishi will do it in years to come. Toyota.

Alex: Well this model works great for the car companies because it means they’re basically Switzerland. I mean, they don’t, in the end they don’t care which one it is.

Leo: And they have another advantage in which they’re getting the A7 chip. Which you know cars just the computers, the computers in the cars aren’t very powerful.

Rene: If you think about it from the carmakers point of view, they used to use IPod connect and you would connect your iPod to the USB, and that was powered by QNX sub systems as well. So for them this is just the next generation of the tip of Apples car integration that they’ve been servicing for years.

Leo: Right. It puts more of the on the screen. It also gives the companies that don’t have voice activation, instant Siri.

Alex: Right.

Leo: Which is a big deal, I think. I mean, I think that users want to talk to their system.

Alex: Well and I think there’s a lot of opportunities. Once you start tying these together, there’s a lot of opportunities for the geeks, so to speak, to get a lot more out of their car. In that interaction, it depends on what the car companies want to provide you, but you go to CES car companies, interfaces that tell you all about your engines, everything else there’s no reason why that couldn’t be exposed.

Leo: Uh, they don’t like to do that, because they like to make a very bright dividing line between the entertainment system and the systems that control the wheels. The real fear is hacking and so forth, so very often these telematics systems are completely separated from one another, because.

Rene: You can get accessories that let you tie into your car.

Leo: Yeah, you can. I’ve been meaning to do that. To get a connecter, but putting it on your screen, that would be something I’m not sure they’d want to do that.

Andy: Not only that, but somewhere in my inbox, there’s a press release for just a simple like Siri Bluetooth button that does nothing more than engage Siri. So long as your phone is already cached into your Bluetooth system…

Leo: I’ve seen that, yeah!

Andy: … it’ll pick up the speakers and you’ve got pretty much whatever you want. I’m glad to see this kind of outreach in problem solving because, of course, there are people that don’t have a center console entertainment systems. I’m a proud owner of a high mileage car because, again, high mileage is great, good upkeep with it, but it’s nice to have ways to integrate new technology into older fluke vehicles like that.

Alex: I was thinking about it today, listening to the distraction, because they’re talking about banning google glass in some states. Talking about distracted drivers! Part of what Google, I think, was thinking when they’re talking about the driverless cars, is people will get distracted, distracted and then they won’t need to look at it at all.

Leo: They want them to be distracted!

Alex: Well no it’s like, you’ll be distracted, distracted and then the car will drive for you and you can go back to being distracted. It doesn’t really matter.

Rene: One thing I found interesting that Seth Winthrop pointed out, he would much rather, if you have a Toyota, you’d love to have IOS in the car, but if you have a Tesla with that 17 inch screen, you probably don’t want to override that with IOS in the car. Because its nowhere near future parody yet.

Leo: Yeah. Well for instance, I have in my car, I have google earth on the maps. I see satellite, I have street view, I press a button I can see the street view of where I am. I don’t want to lose that so it is a good thing, A. And B, you can’t require people to have an iPhone that just doesn’t make any sense. So you’ve got to have a fall back. I would love to see car makers be a little more platform agnostic and say whatever you bring in the car, we’re going to interface well with that.

Rene: Well Android in the car was announced at CES, I’m sure it’s coming.

Leo: Androids doing that. Excellent.

Andy: It’s defiantly an interesting topic because what constitutes a sophisticated operating system and a sophisticated user interface for inside the car? If you look at the way the dash board has been set up so that every device that is, that requires user management while they’re driving, it is a big stiff button, with really good clear labels on it, and it’s as close to the steering wheel as possible but not so close away that the view might be obstructed by the ring of the wheel itself. It’s possible that a user interface for a car is such a different set of requirements, to deliver the most amount of features with the minimal amount of attention that it really, even IOS in the car is not going to be adequate. We’re going to need somebody to create something that… Remember the USS interface of the Starfleet. The us enterprise computer when there is a crisis, It clears every single string of any useful information and just tells you red alert.  And you say, “Why don’t you tell me what the red alert is?” Nope, red alert, red alert, red alert. That’s maybe going to be the aesthetic of a good car interface, where it doesn’t try to give you even more than three buttons at one time. It simply try’s to tell you hi, this is your map, It’s not going to try to tell you things you don’t care about. Here is your car, and here is where you need to go next. And go to hell if you want anything else but…

Leo: I’ve got to tell you there is such a golf between what cars do today. They are the worst interfaces. There’s not one car that has a, maybe the Tesla, that has, I don’t know, but it seems to me a 17 inch screen is not a good idea in your car but that’s me.

Andy: It’s good in the sense that you replace a whole bunch of really redundant dials and gauges with one panel. So the top half is going to be your map, and the bottom half is going to be whatever type of driving you’re doing right now. Here’s the one you type the button for your climate controls. If you’re pulled over here are the more in-depth controls but yeah, I mean. As every time I take a look at new cars, I look at the center console interface I think this is absolutely not in any way an improvement. It’s much worse than simply the phone I have on a really nice dock in my old car.

Leo: Yeah.

Andy: Why would… It would be a downgrade to trade in my very, very stable high image car, for something with a crappy center console computer.

Rene: You made me think of what IOS 6 version of what Car play would have looked like.


Rene: The biggest thing about the distracted driving element though, is I remember back in high school, my friends would always be fussing with the tape deck, or the radio knob, and not looking where they were driving. I commuted to work for about 10 years and people would read newspapers or novels on their steering wheel. Or they would argue with people.

Leo: Put on makeup.

Alex: The cab in Brazil has a little DVD player so they’re like, you know. I’m not kidding! They’ve got little DVD players right in front of the car.

Leo: A cabin Brazil, what’s that?

Alex: A cab!

Leo: Oh a cab in Brazil!

Alex: You get a cab in Brazil, and they’re like watching DVDs while they’re driving.

Leo: Oh that’s encouraging.

Alex: Yeah. Well there’s a lot of traffic. Well there’s a lot of time in Brazil that you’re not really going anywhere So.

Leo: Alright. Finally Apple credits the evader’s jailbreak team with. “Thank you Jailbreakers for helping us find the problems in 7.0 so that we could fix them in 7.1.” Robo I99, as well as corporate Security specialists from google and Fire eye, have been credited for finding vulnerabilities. In 7.1 Apple fixed security issues with, get ready for the list. Back up, certificate trust, configuration profiles,  car capture crash reporting, DUIL, facetime, image, HID, event, ITunes store, kernel, office viewer, these are all security issues. Photo back, and profile safari settings, springboard, Springboard lock spring, the telephony, UI framework, USB hubs, video driver, and web kit. So Apple has fixed everything there are no more bugs. You can safely use your iPhone. Thank you very much. And by the way, you can’t jailbreak 7.1, because they fixed all the holes that they used to jailbreak it. Let’s take a break, come back with more. There’s lots more mac news including, was it a win for Apple in court? They didn’t get a permanent ban of Samsung products anyway. We’ll find out if it was a win, a loss, or a tie. And whether the A8, and Shaquille O’Neil, his budget for apps might amaze you. It approaches mine! But first a word from Legal zoom is not a law firm! No! Don’t you think that, it’s better than a law firm. Legal zoom provides self-help services at your specific direction, so you can in affordable ways, get the things done you need to. If you’re starting a businesses, you know March is national start your business month. If you’re starting a business, you ought to do what I did. I asked Kevin Rose, I wanted to start TWiT, this thing called TWiT.

Alex: That’s crazy!

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Alex: Really?

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Alex: You should ask him to sing.

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Alex: C corp.

Leo: C corp. We’re actually now starting to think should we be an LLC, be a C corp?

Alex: I think for me it was really, I have to admit, I don’t know if was the best business choice, it’s all double taxed and that kind of stuff, but for me I just really had to feel like the company was separate from me. I didn’t want to feel like it was attached to me. I like to feel like it’s an entity and I’m an entity.

Leo: No I understand that, yeah. Because the way an LLC works is it’s passed through taxation. It’s all your tax return. Which is a little scary.

Alex: Yeah I just decided I’d rather. When we started early they were like well eventually you’re going to scale to the point where you just want to be a C corp.

Leo: We’re kind of looking at that.

Alex: I figured I’d just start there.

Leo: It’s expensive though!

Alex: It is. Or was.

Leo: We’re yeah. We’re when your tax bill gets in 7 figures, that’s when you really start feeling like, I don’t know! Yikes! Moving along. What else happened in the world of Apple? What is the story with the Samsung thing? We had actually a good interview with Florian Miller of fox path on TNTN, I encourage you to watch it, because this guy knows a lot about this kind of thing. Apple wanted to ban 23 Samsung smartphones and tablets. The judge said, that’s an awful lot! So I guess you could say they lost the latest round with Samsung. But…

Alex: 290 million dollars down the drain!

Leo: That’s the jury award. And judge Kho at the same time, upheld that award. Samsung said “oh it should be more like 52 million dollars.”

Rene: $3.50.

Leo: So it’s a total now 1.05 billion dollars an additional 930 million.

Rene: That’s still really cheap for all the R and D Samsung got out of it.

Leo: So yeah. So the original judgment was 1.05 billion. They have to pay 930 million. So they got a deal.

Alex: And to put into prospective. That sounds like a really big number, but Apple spends a lot more with Samsung on the chip production on iPhone than that judgment.

Leo: So Apple could appeal this decision but Mueller pointed out, that if they do that opens it all up again, and Samsung could appeal everything. So it might be that Apple could just say, “Okay, you win some you lose some.”

Rene: Apple has so much money that I think they’re getting to label what Samsung did was copying them. And that Samsung got legally reprehended for it is more than a couple more billion in there. Ginormous cash lost.

Leo: Let me ask you about this Rene Ritchie, because you’re an expert on rumors and so forth. Apple in the recent beta of OS 10 mavericks, 10.9.3. The next one out. According to 9 to 5 mac. There is now support for external retina displays. That pixel doubled resolution that they do on MacBook pros with retina. Is that what you’re seeing as well?

Rene: And this is where it’s so hard for me, and maybe you guys can give me some advice because soon as the Beta launched we have a machine running 3 four K displays and we tested it but we didn’t publish anything because it’s NDA software. Then you know all these publications, and Nantech did a deep dive on it and Nantech is pretty mainstream now, they go to apple events. I don’t know what we’re allowed to say, and what we’re allowed to say anymore. And all the reports so far have been incredibly accurate given what we’ve tested.

Leo: So that’s tricky isn’t it? Because you’re required under NDA not do say anything.

Rene: I haven’t downloaded this version but we’ve had people download it and test it out. So I’m kind of NDA by. Like in 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Leo: I don’t blame you for being confused by this because it gives the bat. You know, you’re outspoken Andy, on people should not violate there NDAs.

Andy: Not because I think that Apple needs to be defended form Bully’s, but if you read an agreement and you’ve agreed to do something, you should do that thing you agreed to do. You shouldn’t pretend that you can’t do your job unless you’re a member of the developer program, or that you can’t do your job unless you’re reporting on something that you’re under NDA for. Because again, but when I agree to an NDA to get an advance look at something, so I can get something out there early, it’s also a personal thing because I’m always, I know that I can publish it Wednesday, at 9 pm, so I’ll have my copy ready like wed. afternoon to file but somewhere in the back of my mind I’m thinking, oh if there’s a way I can finish this and have it in my editors hands Tuesday morning because somebody is going to decide to get a job on everybody else, and be first to get their piece out. But again, it really is if someone asked you a question saying that I will give you this information if you promise me that you’re not going to tell anybody until X date and you say you can trust me. I won’t tell a darn sole. That means, okay, that was pretty explicit that was pretty easy to agree to, just do what you said you would do, that’s all.

Rene: I know some sites get around it by just linking to people who break the NDA, but then you’re just giving attention to them anyway. And you’re site is sort of wink, wink, nudge, nudging it.

Andy: I also, I’m sorry, just to put a cap on it, I don’t see why anybody thinks that that’s in their best interest. Because, yes you will get ahead on people on this one time but, again unless you, if you think that you can do service to your readers by occasionally getting stuff under NDA, then you’ll be doing that service to your readers. You’ll have a relationship that will then pay off in the future. But if you burn this person who trusted you, not only are you cutting yourself off of future information that will be of use to your readers. But also, realize that there’s probably somebody at that company who had the choice of putting your name on this list, or not putting your name on this list. And now this person has to tell their boss, “Yeah remember this person I told you we could all trust? Yeah, we couldn’t trust him. Sorry about that boss.” That’s what really gets me.

Leo: Yeah but I feel like I have my obligations. Not to Apple, my obligation is to my audience, but the way I solve that is by not doing NDA and the one time I did in the last 10 years. I deeply regretted it.

Andy: That’s exactly correct, you have to simply make that choice. The idea that I’m going to get the information but not do what I agreed to do, is just not an option that’s available to anybody.

Leo: Yeah, because you’re violating you’re word. It’s simply a matter of honor.

Rene: In this case, Peter Colin did write it up for us. He did not download it. He’s not under NDA for 10.9.3. He just did it based on the information going around in the context of Apples 4K plans moving forward. But it looks like Apple will be doing it. What we all expected them to do was to treat 4K displays sort of like Retina displays and do the scaling thing. So that they look, from whatever they look fairly spectacular now.

Leo: And I would. Look, I don’t sign NDAs. I think that we have the right to know this NDA’d information. We have a need to know this, because it’s of consumer value, if you’re considering buying a 4K display, to know ahead of time to know that Apple is going to be doing this is very valuable. This is consumer information. So I would defend the right of the press to dig as deep as they possibly can into this stuff, and if somebody breaks their NDA and reports something. I’m going to repeat it because I think there’s an important right to know on the part of the user, right?

Rene: The only downside then is if Apple doesn’t ship it, people get disappointed because they know that it has been there.

Leo: So that you have to say, and I think we’re pretty good at this. Hey look, this is in the code, this doesn’t mean they’re going to do it. I don’t report on Apple Patents for that reason because with patents who knows what that means.

Alex: I like to start rumors myself!

Leo: You’re a bad man!

Rene: The patent is usually what Apple is not doing, and they put off a hundred of them so they can hide what they are doing.

Leo: Yeah exactly. But I think when you go and you do 10.9.3, you put in code that does pixel doubling on 4K displays. That sounds like pretty clearly that’s how Apple is going to handle 4K displays. It makes sense.

Alex: Right.

Leo: Does it imply that Apple might be working on 4K displays? Not necessarily, Right?

Alex: It does help the 4k Display that are already out there right? So it does that more effectively.

Rene: And the 60 hertz apparently is also much welcome.

Alex; Yeah. Well and the 60 hertz require the thunderbolt 2 connectors/connections.

Rene: Yes.

Alex: Yep. And I think, the thing that I’m interested in is to see, as a hobby of course, if Apple thinks of just putting the Apple TV into the monitor, so that you could watch TV when you’re not using your computer.

Rene: See I would love Apple TV built into a large sized mac. Like the 27 inch IMac with built in Apple TV software and all of those things. My MacBook Pro should have it.

Alex: Exactly. Yeah. That’s all I’m saying. It’d be a great way to see how people interact with TV.

Leo: Along those lines, I got a call yesterday from Apples, what did he call himself. Apples executive branch offices. I got scared!

Alex: He’s in trouble again!

Leo: It scared me! I thought, oh Crap! What Have I done? And then it was simply we just want to make sure that Macpro thing has been figured out and you got your ram and all that stuff.

Alex: At least somebody is listening.

Leo: I don’t want to talk to anybody in Coopertino ever. Ever, I just feel like they’re going to spank me!

Andy: A lot of them are very nice people.

Leo: They were very nice!

Andy: They care about you.

Alex: They care about you, Leo.

Leo: Well you know, this is the other thing I resent a little bit. It wasn’t until they figured out it was me, that they cared!

Alex: There’s a picture of you now, you know like the presidents in other countries? There’s a picture of Leo now on all the tech support, just going this is Leo Laparte, if he calls.

Leo: It wasn’t until somebody called and said, “oh and I’m a big fan of yours,” that I started getting nice treatment, you know what I’m saying? Before it was, Bring it back to the store, we’ll see if it’s really broken and then maybe we’ll order a part and you might get it in a month or two. And then all of the sudden, Oh here’s the part! You know, so I resent that a little bit, I prefer to go under the radar.

Alex: But obviously apple doesn’t use radian 6.

Leo: What’s that?

Alex: You can always tell companies that use Radian 6. So United, FedEx, umm a couple other companies use radian 6, and what radian 6 does is it allows people in your organization to know, when you’re tweeting or anything else, they can see it but they also understand, like how prominent you are. They know everything about you when you call. So when you call they put your name in, and they know exactly how you are, they know you have x number of followers and it ranks you kind of like a cloud score, except it’s not a cloud, its’ their own little map.

Leo: Yeah, Like how many twitter users you have, and followers.

Alex: Yeah, but it also, a lot of these companies are using a lot of these tools to know an enormous amount. This gets into that whole data…

Leo: I can’t… I can understand that from their point of view but I wish they would treat everybody as if they had a half million twitter followers, you know what I’m saying?

Alex: Well it’s not just having a lot of twitter followers, it’s also knowing a lot about just what you need. I mean you know.

Leo: Well that’s good. I don’t mind that.

Alex: That’s what a lot of companies are trying to do, they’re trying to get everyone.

Leo: Corporate executive relations, is who. It’s a guy from corporate executive relations. And he said from now on, do me a favor. If you have any trouble, just call me.

Alex: Right.

Leo: They don’t want me to Tweet.

Alex: They don’t want you to Tweet, and they don’t want you to talk about it on MacBreak.

Leo: Whatever you do, don’t talk about it on MacBreak, just call me.

Rene: A couple though, if they decided they didn’t like you, maybe they would have just called and hung up.


Leo: That’s why I keep finding poop on my doorstep.

Andy: Right here! And you got your ear close to the phone. Okay now this is me smashing it with a little hammer instead of giving it to you, Leo!

Rene: Oh we know you, Leo Laporte!

Leo: It just bugs me, I just feel like they should, you know. Anyway. I bought a module, I’m going to give you both the official Apple. The only difference from the module I bought from Computer World and the one from Apple, is the one from Apple is painted black on the side. So I’m going to give you the MacPro again now. But on one condition, you can do all the stuff you want to do on it but would you just look at the difference between the Apple module, see if there’s any task difference in speed and stuff.

Alex: Yep, will do.

Leo: Because as far as I could tell, it reported the same. It just wasn’t painted black on the back.

Alex: Keith will get right to it.

Leo: Alright. I’ll bring it.

Alex: Keith is much techier than I am.

Leo: You know, and I’m superstitious so I’m using the Apple module, not the $75 module I bought. Because the Apple is $200, so I think it’s better.

Rene: Tim Cook will just stare at your MacPro Leo.

Alex: Yeah silently, eating an energy bar.

Leo: He needs a monocle.

Alex: For the folks, we need to see a Photoshop with Tim Cook with a monocle. Before the end of the show, that’s your challenge. That’s your MacBreak challenge.

Leo: I think that’s what he needs! Every, and I don’t blame Apple, everybody does it, and some of them use this tool that you’re talking about. But everybody does it. And it’s sad, but I can get great customer service from anybody I, I just tweet my problem!

Alex: Yes!

Leo: And then all of the sudden they go, “oh my God, he has half a million followers, this might mean something!” Why don’t you treat everybody that way, that’s ridiculous?

Rene: More followers in many of the companies you’re going to be tweeting about them.

Leo: And I know that ¾ of those followers are spam bots.

Rene: Bless them.

Leo: Thank you Spam bots!

Alex: I think obviously a lot of people work pretty hard at treating everyone pretty well, but it would be crazy for a company to know who someone is and not, you know, sort it out. You know, put it on…

Leo: What’s that called Radian 6?

Alex: Radian 6.

Leo: It’s from sales source?

Alex: It is. Yeah.

Andy: Also you can’t just count the fact that some of the people who work for these companies are actually humans. And I’ll give you a personal example. One of my favorite web cartoonists. Danielle Carsetto mentioned hey I’ll be in Boston, I’m doing a research trip. And I’m such a big fan, of course I direct message her and say Yeah! I live in the Boston area if you’d like me to photograph anything or research anything Ms. Carsetto, it’d be great to help you out, because I’ve big fan of the strip. I’ve been following you since the black and white days before we went to digital, you know, So I don’t know. It’s always the possibility that someone said “oh well geez, this person whose work I like has a problem that I can solve, very quickly and very easily. Much easier than they can solve it themselves. I would much enjoy engaging that small amount of time and effort into solving this person’s problem.” I’m not saying that’s what happened, I’m saying that.

Leo: Well we’re human beings, we like who we like. People who have friends always get better treatment, right? And Ellen DeGeneres is always going to get a nicer phone from Samsung than I am! That’s the way it is.

Alex: That’s because she gets a lot more retweets than you do!

Leo: And she’s still going to use her iPhone backstage at the Oscars. Haha.

Andy: I’ll tell you what Leo. If you can get like 4 Oscar winners and 7 Oscar nominees inside the studio to take a picture with you, I’m sure whatever phone you want….

Alex: Especially if they know it’s coming.

Leo: The iPhone C, John Brownlee, writing in cult to Mac. Are iP IPhone 5c, you’re a flop! The detail from analytics platform mixed panel shows that the growth of the 5C is stagnant at about 6 % as it has been since Christmas. Even though the 5S has achieved a 20% share of the market, over taking the iPhone4 and 4s. Let’s get the close up of this. The purple, the bottom one is the oldest IPhones, the next one up the teal is the, 5C, that’s pathetic! Then the 5S, the yellow, you see is taking over the iPhone 4 is dipping now below the line. I need the, I need somebody to do play by play here.

Alex: I didn’t quite understand…

Leo: The purple, the blue one, I don’t know what that is? And then there’s this one, what is this one? I don’t know!

Alex: I think that’s the IPhone 5! Yeah the 4s and the 5.

Andy: Okay, he’s the blue line, but then there’s greenish blue wire…

Rene: Not the green wire with the red thread but the red wire with the green thread!

Leo: The point being, that really the iPhone 5C is just not talking off If you look at it. Now I’m not sure how they’re measuring it. They say this report was generated from 201 billion records. I don’t know what that means even, but that’s’ how the company does it. So really with that many samples this is a pretty accurate measurement. So does Apple kill the 5C, I guess they do. And the rumors are, they’re not going to do a plastic backed phone again.

Alex: Think they just didn’t go far enough in one direction or the other. They just got caught in between, I think that’s the issue.

Leo: I like the 5C.

Alex: It’s cool.

Leo: I have a 5C, and I think it’s really great, but it is, you know, it’s just a 5 and I think that people who buy Apple products more than normal people, want the latest, greatest stuff.

Alex: Well I think they also made enough compelling stuff in the 5S, people were like well I really, once you get close to that price. I think if the 5C was $200 less, I think you would have seen a much larger, but of course Apple would have given up a lot more margin too. But I think at $100 difference, you look between the C and S you think wow, I’ll spend the extra $100 for the S.

Rene: The job of the 5C was typically Apple reduces the price of the phone from the previous year by $100, and that becomes the second tier model. The job of the iPhone 5c wasn’t to sell billions, it wasn’t to be the summer blockbuster. It was to be the iPhone 5 in a way that was cheaper for Apple to manufacture. So the only question is, did it spell better than an IPhone 5 would have sold in that slot against the iPhone 5s and was it cheaper for Apple to make, so they made more money off it than they would have if they’d have just dropped the IPhone 5. And the answer to both those questions might be yes. It could be the iPhone 5s would have just blown the iPhone 5 out of the water too. And the iPhone 5 had more manufacturing difficulties than the 5c did.

Leo: Right. I really like the 5C. It’s cute, it’s cuddly.

Andy: It’s nice, and I actually see them out and about by people who really do just, they go into the store, they’re able to buy pretty much any phone they want, and they want the one that has the really cool pink back to it.

Leo: Yeah! That’s my daughter!

Andy: And Rene is actually right. Too many people look at well what’s the percent of market share. Oh well geez, it’s not increasing and it’s not taking its share that must be a complete flop, they’re going to get rid of it. There’s so many different reasons why a company puts a product on the market and sometimes it really is just to hold that particular space on a product line until a bigger product emerges in a year or two. I don’t think it’s that the 5c is going to be cancelled.

Leo: I look at my daughter who wanted the 5C because of its colored back. She got it for Christmas and she broke it. I Gave her my 5S, she says, “Oh, this is a really nice phone, you can keep the 5C!”

Rene: 5S is a great phone!

Leo: Who do you think looks better in a monocle, me or Tim cook?

Rene: I’d like to see the galaxy in the HD1 mini to see how the second tier, because it looks like Apple gets a lot of this attention regardless of this market. To you see how the second tier because it looks like Apple gets a lot of his attention regardless of the market.

Leo: I did not mean to wake you.

Andy: It is also possible and you also got to keep in mind that Apple are a real large Spring phone later this year it is possible that the 5Cs, 5Cs role is to maintain in that slot as the compact sized iPhone. It is hard to see a major manufacture that does not make both big screen and a small screen version of the same phone. Samsung makes nine different versions of each phone, Sony, Experio, HDC has different or various sizes the HDC One, so I would not be surprised to learn that the large, the long-range game plan has always been that this is going to be, the 5C is going to be the phone that maintains the beachhead of the iPhone as a tiny share, marketable phone that will be very, very approachable to people with smaller hands such as I do not know women.

Leo: I think that Truckie nailed it and we are going to wrap it up with his thought- Arnold Swacheznegger would not buy a 5C, Gorgeous George would.

Rene: I told the 5C to get the hell out of here.

ANDY: Well George came out of the house banging one of the maids (All presenters talking over each other).

Leo: I choose radio passes iSpotify now, number three in streaming music, and Pandora is number one with a massive thirty percent of the market-share and then iheart radio with 39 percent, iTunes radio 8 percent, Spotify 6, Google 3, Rap city 2 and…….

Alex Lindsay: When they say streaming is it just the radio service or is it the actual usage.

Rene: This is just the US. Half of those do not exist.

Leo: This is the US. Streaming music, streaming music and that could mean radio, but for instance Google Play they also have radio but you can also stream any song. Spotify has a radio but you can also stream any song……(Presenters talking over each other.)

ANDY: I listen to Spotify all the time and…………..

Leo: Pandora is just Pandora oh it is just streaming radio, iHeart is radio stations plus Pandora style radio music, but iTunes obviously because it is a subscription service so they are lumping them all in, so a percentage of Americans aged 12 and over have listened in the last month Eddison research.

Alex: I have to admit that I do not get the radio thing at all because I keep skipping it and then I have to…….with Pandora I have, keep on skipping no, no, no, no

Leo: You can 6 times on a station, but can you skip Spotify that many times…….

Alex: I can listen to whatever I want, I saw radio and went radio part no way.

Leo: That is because Pandora is different, you know your iTunes Spotify, Google you are paying a subscription service for their entire library, so you can build a playlist.

Alex: Yes I like the idea of building a playlist.

Leo: That is just what a radio station is automatically build playlists basically.

Andy: i-tunes is the only kind of radio service built into a hugely popular phone.

Leo: I think that is going to help a lot.

Andy: Then Pandora and Spotify are sometimes that come with certain models but I think that is scuing the results a little bit.

Leo: Who does a better job if you guys have an opinion of predictive radio play, you know that the way Pandora works is even harder, then it makes a station saying that if you like that artist then you are going to like all these guys, so does iHeart radio, and so does iTunes and so does Google. Who does the best of those?

Alex: I do not like any of them.

Andy: I think Pandora I would give it to them.

Leo: They own that space.

Andy: The number of times that I have encountered an app, starting off with a favorite song and then four songs in and having to actually walk back to the phone and mark that one because I want to buy that one later on and it is such a high hit rate that I kind of do not like to use Pandora as much as I would like.

Leo: Apple TV’s 6.1 update you can finally hide channels, you could always hide channels through the control but now it is a bit easier. They needed that, that’s a long story. They needed that because they were supporting a lot of channels, it was using……..

Alex: What is the channel that no-one is using?

Leo: Yes a lot of below the fault channel so now there is an arranged menu items, this update came out yesterday and you can easily add it, to add……..I like to  arrange because I like everything on top and everything else below the fault to hide it. It is the jiggle mode, so you press and hold and select the item jiggle and press the channel buttons to move it. And then or you can sort……. Is that why ABC is there.

Rene: I think that arrange has been there before and you can hide it.

Leo: ARRANGE has always been there?

Rene: While being in the jiggly mode you can move them around.

Leo: Really I never saw that.

Rene: I remember that from a couple of generations ago. I distinctly remember it.

Leo: I am learning, I am learning……….

Rene: But the HIDE is new and in very well come.

Leo: Assle, APPLE  ASSLE now I am going to get another call from the executive ASSLE, Apple has also updated the remote app for IOS, what, Oh My God.

(Presenters talking over each other)

Andy: Leo that is no longer an issue.

Leo: There is an update to the remote, 4.2 that was the app that they did not update for two years, the guy who wrote it had to resign.

Alex: If you are a parent, you definitely need the remote for your Apple TV because it does not show your code when you are entering it. I have to change my code like, now that my son has turned 6 I have to change my code like once a week.

Leo: He watches his dad enter it and then steals your password?

Alex: He does, he is a little

Leo: He is a devil dog.

Alex: Precocious and here is the worst part he acts like he is not looking. It took me little while to realize that he was ordering stuff.

Andy: Have you shown him that scene from the early fact Casino where De Niro catches the Casino cheat and moves him up to the circular saw.

Alex: I have not shown that, I was thinking of showing it to him and then I thought that my wife might kill me, so I you know……..

Andy: Ok kid I will make you a deal you can either have the Simpsons donuts or your fingers, but you cannot have both and which is it going to be?

Alex: Yes, exactly.

Leo: Actually this is huge because they have now added in the remote app which they never took advantage of the fact that they have a screen and everything. Now you can actually browse movies you have purchased, you can look at what you have got.

Alex: Here is what I want, this is what I want, maybe I am missing something but in my iPad I just want to go into my movies and I just want to know which ones are on the iPad. Is there some sort of other method other than looking at the little cloud? (all presenters jumped up and began talking at once)

Rene: Let me show you the ones that are on your device?

Alex: Going into the update I just want to know which ones are on there. I have bought a lot of movies against Andy’s recommendation on my IOS apps, so I open it up and there are just all these movies and I scroll through and think, which ones did I actually download?

Rene: Put into airplane mode and it will show you the ones that are downloaded.

Leo: So even if you have not lost your remote control for Apple TV, it is easy to lose.

Alex: No I still have although it is easy to lose. It is even funny as I have the same operating system, same wireless in my back office so I can change the…..

Leo: Aren’t you clever, when you take over. I find it very easy to misplace that tiny remote so having it on your phone and your iPad is a very handy thing. Let us see ……….

Alex: I take the old computer ones and I give them to my kids and those are the ones that float around, because the metal ones……….

Leo: Oh the old plastic ones,

Alex: Let them use the plastic ones and you eventually find like three of them stuffed in the couch.

Leo: Mac World says we shall see from their lips the new version of Microsoft Office for the MAC this year. The last one is three years old Office 20 Mac 2011, you can use it and I do use it as part of office 365 subscription so I pay ten bucks a month and I get five installs and any one of them could be Mac or Windows, that is handy.

Alex: That is of no use anymore.

Leo: That is handy Microsoft folded its Mac business unit into its business soft-ware unit in 2010 and shut down the Mac Office so nothing has been going on but apparently Siebert the Forsten Hubschen which if the German office boss and the new development teams for each of the office applications which each produced different product versions of their platforms so I guess the words group  produces Windows Mac OSX, IOS and Android we do believe there will be iPad version soon as well.

Rene: Just quick enough not to be relevant anymore.

Leo: They do close the office for Mac blog on Monday that is kind of a bad sign. Hubschen says that there will be more news in the second quarter of this year. That is beginning next month, he said Microsoft is already talking to large customers about the new Mac package behind closed doors so they must be working but representatives from Microsoft do say that they are developing, what does that mean, been developing it for years I am sure. The team is hard at work they say to develop the next version for the Mac, while I do not have details to share on timing when it is available Office 365 and subscribers will automatically will get for Office for Macs at no additional cost. That is a good thing.

Rene: Coco- what is that?

Leo: Are they still Carbon?

Rene: I think so that 2011 was Carbon wasn’t it?

Leo: Of course it was, you know I confess that I install it because I mean you Excel, I mean there is no, I am sorry numbers is not good as Excel, if you really want to do number crunching.

Alex: It is not what you are doing, if you really want to number crunching. I mean let us think about how many people are really doing number crunching for those folks.

Leo: If you are doing a table seating chart, Numbers is the best. If you want to do pivot tables on last year’s quarterly projections, then it is Excel.

Alex: I agree with you, but most people do not do that, they use Excel which is a horrid little beast and you know Numbers is this beautiful thing that you can customize and you can move your sheets around, and you can have multiple tables and you can reorganize and make them look pretty, I mean like I hand off Number documents that are doing some pretty complicated calculations to clients and they like how did you do this in Excel, and I am like no I did not do that in Excel.

Rene: On the online version you can do that.

Alex: I mean if I cannot open it in Pages or Google Docs I am not interested. These are the two that we use at this point. By the way I want to thank Web D and a couple of the other folks that were in the IRC in the settings under videos you can turn off or show all videos. I stand corrected in my earlier complaint is where those extra videos disappear.

Leo: I mean then there is another complaint, this is true and Lisa was telling me about this her son likes to watch You Tube videos on his iPhone in the car for hours and has used up all the data on her family plan of 8 gigabytes a month. Half way through did you get through one already this month. It is only the 10th.

Andy: I am, half way.

Leo: We will do it on the 5th so that you have got few more days, okay. So apparently if I understood this and we did this while we were walking and if I was getting all the blood in my brain properly but in this oh see I do not have an iPad in the system and it is not going to work. Maybe you can do this, you can set a pass code so that they cannot change the cell phone settings so that you could turn off, she wants to turn off the data on the cell phone and not have, no just turn off……..

Alex: So he does not watch You Tube.

Leo: Turn off the cell phone data. So he can watch when he is at home that is fine because it is on WIFI. But she wants to turn off cellular data after a certain point.

Rene: I do not think that cell phone pass code is a pass word protected.

Leo: But it says if you look there is a passcode, you know do not change phones that at the data settings and then it asked for a passcode, a new passcode, she gave it one and she could still turn data back on again. So there is no way to do that. I do not have an iPhone on me so I cannot try it. I cannot show you. Just an assignment for the chatroom while we are working on that let us get you mad. John Chen of Blackberry says iPhone users are wall huggers.

Alex: He is a really obscure guy. When he said I was like what is he talking about.

Leo: I was like they are like tree huggers but what he means is that you do not have enough juice to last a day, you got to hug them.

Alex: I will say that I would pay 100 dollars for my iPhone for it to be twice as thick and lasts for two days. Happily.

Leo: How much would you pay now? An alarm clock that wafts bacon odors from your iPhone. Oscar Mayer.

Alex: What is wrong with these people?

Leo: It is the Oscar Mayer Bacon alarm clock/publicity stunt. Wake up and smell the bacon, it is the iPhone download for free but you have to buy the small device that plugs into the headphone jack of your iPhone.

Alex: Can you believe it has someone actually ordered this. I think this is all a hoax. The app will show a video of cooking bacon and then spew vaporized bacon scent through the air while a soothing voice talks about the wonders of the meaty product.

Alex: Where is the hardware here?

Leo: It is free, what do you care?

Alex: I think that it is one giant publicity stunt. It is the craziest and the most stupid thing that I have ever heard of.

Leo: Tap to snooze. When you tap the snooze button the bacon ordor does not go away.

Alex: It is all in your mind, there is no hardware.

Leo: Look at that, don’t you smell it right now.

Andy: You do not want your kid coming and changing your settings because I do not want to wake up to something other than bacon. I would wake the hell up and that would be it.

Leo: It could be torture for vegetarians. I have got to get out of bed and all I can smell is bacon.

Rene: Leo, I have experimented with the settings and all it does is lock out the use cellular data four in a list of apps so you have (showing the iPhone on the screen)

Leo: So you have to do it app by app? So there you go, Lisa so you could disable cellular data for YouTube which you should do. That does it thank-you Rene Ritchie for the rescue. I am going to send you a vegan alarm clock.

Rene: I pressed buttons till it worked. Thank-you

Leo: How much does Shakeel O’Neil spend, would you like to take a guess, from the prestigious Wall Street Journal, oh you cannot guess because it is right there on the screen 1,000 dollars a week on apps apparently.

Alex: It is the whale that is a waste of money.

Leo: Twitter account was the very first account verified by Twitter. He was a pre IPO investor in Google and according to the Wall Street Journal in his constant search to find an ethical thing in technology he installs 1000 dollars worth of apps. He is particularly interested in deer hunting games. Are there deer hunting, may be those are in app purchases.

Rene: A hundred dollar in deer hunting apps.

Leo: There he is, either she is very small or he is virtually is a giant, holy cow. Can you get my audio there or is that not, Excerpt from footage: Here is one of the first verified users of Twitter, like every year you get more and more….

Shaquille O’Neal: I have always been techie……….

Leo: How does the music help there, you know what that music says to me we do not care about this at all, so we are going…..

Andy: So they put on the sound track and it also makes it hard for other audios.

Shaquille: May be hunting the deer on my phone.

Andy: Oh maybe that is it.

Leo: I like hunting the deer on my phone(presenters talking over each other)

Alex: Maybe the app does not work on the phone.

Leo: Is he wearing blue jeans?

Shaquille: In terms of social media my breakdown has always been the same. Sixty percent of it will make you laugh, because if you laughing it relieves stress.

Leo: Well there is lots to make you laugh in the iPod, that means he has deer hunting and hard apps…..

Shaquille: Thirty percent to inspire you, give you quote, or lift your day.

Andy: Does he balance his apps every few weeks just to make sure he has got 60/30

Shaquille: The last ten percent I am selling you stuff I am selling you fit bed, I am selling you soda pop, I am selling you IC hot, I am selling you beer……

Leo: I am selling you IC hot.

Shaquille: I use social media, you know with me it is not always about bragging. I just bought a car and the car cost 2.2 million dollars…….

Leo: Okay I have had enough. Just so you know that ten percent of Shaquille’s tweets are to sell you stuff, just so you know.

Alex: Just so you know.

Leo: IC Hot do you think he uses ICI I tried it once it burns. Maybe it is where I put it.

Rene: It freezes on.

Leo: We are going to take a break, and when we come back your picks of the week gentlemen, are you prepared.

Alex: Oh I am ready. By the way Twitter is back and they have changed the interface again.

Leo: Oh that was why it was down. So we have a new Twitter.

Alex: It  is connections are now on notifications.

Leo: (Was making crying sounds)

Rene: That is why we cannot have nice websites.

Leo: (Still crying) I do not like change. I think that we have established that. Ladies and Gentlemen our show is brought to you by 99 designs the largest graphic design market place to connect you with over 280,000 graphic designers, that it a lot of graphic designers. Whether you are looking for a new logo or a new responsive website, stay tuned, can we have our 99designs out here. There is a designer at 99 Designs that will bring your idea to life. Would it not be awesome if you could start your next design project right now, and just instantly have dozens of designers who just go…….mmmmm here is an idea, here is an idea, selection speed creativity are a few benefits of having multiple designers work on your design projects. They call it a contest----when you launch a design contest you will get plenty of great ideas, how many designs did we get on our hoodie.

Alex: Twenty.

Leo: Forty or fifty, we liked it so much that we actually bought five. Here is the hoodie that we designed or got designed. What is the name of the designer on that do you know? Let us find out his or her name. This is our hoodie that we are selling at sping, isn’t that great. Nice and we got four more tee shirts designs out of that thing. We are going to have I really like the spring cotton one that is going to be something. The process is fast with 100% satisfaction guaranteed, start your next graphic design project with a budget as low as $199. How much did we pay for that-----299 dollars because we are generous. Our marketing kit, our media kit that we send out some-body said that looked bad so we went to 99 Designs and got a great new design and our new Power Point presentation. It is awesome Now you get a special deal if you go you will get a 99 dollar pack of services free. The power pack gives you more designer time and attention, they will bold, highlight and feature your design project in their market place that means that you get twice as many to get that 99 dollar power pack of savings absolutely free. 99 Ladies and Gentlemen this is the portion of the show where we pick crap----stuff I mean. We always end with you Andy but this time I am going to let you begin the party.

Andy: This is, unfortunately you caught me trying to switch displays.

Leo: Do you want a little more time?

Andy: If you give me a little more time.

Leo: Okay let us go to Rene Ritchie, he is always ready.

Rene: So I always pick the easy demonstrable things. I am using my slot to give a shout out to MACWORLD/iWorld, which is going to take place on March 27th, okay anyway it is going to be in San Francisco California at the Moscow East Center. Ever since Apple pulled out they have spent making it less Apple centered and more about the Apple community and they have a show floor filled with developers and accessories manufacturers that you can go and visit and buy stuff. A lot of them have really great deals or if you have a problem with a certain app you can go and talk to the person who actually made it and give them your feedback. They also have a bunch of courses of sessions, and I am going to be doing two this year. I am doing one on iCloud in exactly what it is and how to get the most out of it, and I am going to do a second one in contextual awakening which is how we are using sensors and locations and iBegins and sort of not intelligence but more of an awareness in our new products and new technology that are going to unlock. Then there are all sorts of events, concerts and contests on earth for a couple of days every year, and again outside of Apple’s shadow you have all these little flowers that are finally blooming and it is a great show and I enjoy going every year and I have gone for five years, I think is a baby compared to a lot of people but I am having a blast every year, and you can check it out at MACWORLD/ and they still have tickets available.

Leo: Absolutely, absolutely infact we are trying to decide how we should cover this. It is not a big trade-show anymore, where it is all about the community.

Rene: I should mention that I am going to kick it off with Jason Snell, Christina Warren and Ben Behrain on Thursday morning at ten o’ clock on the main stage.

Leo: Can we stream that?

Rene: I think that Apple might be.

Leo: So they will probably stream it. Well that would be well worth watching I mean because those are the best people. Is Tim Behrain Ben Behrain’s brother?

Rene: Son.

Leo: Son.

Rene: Yes.

Leo: Wow.

Rene: There is financial analyst for whom I have very little time and then there is industry analyst people like Ben, Benedict Evans and Thompson, they are named Ben strangely, and Ben Behrain and they are, they can explain why these things really matter and what the numbers mean, because so often we get numbers are told what it means and so ofteen they mean the total opposite.

Leo: Alrighty, Macworld, iWorld the Expo march 27th, 28th and 29th that is a Thursday Friday and Saturday at Mosconi North Rene will be there and I will be there, but definitely get there for 10 A.M Thursday for the state of Apple technology because that is going to be great panel. You got Mashworld/iWorld/MacWorld  that is going to be a great panel.

Rene: It is going to be a honor to part of it. Alex Lindsay your pick of the week my friend.

Alex: So I have been doing some shooting of photographs. We are doing a class right now and we are going to teach in class on life in Rwanda on integrating real scenes and computer graphics and everything else. I teach them from here but shooting them here but teaching a class there, and the soft-ware that I keep on coming back to when I want to do this is when you want a lot of control is PTGui. And, that sounds like part of the matrix really (Leo Fooling around). PTGui what it does is what a lot of people come back to stitch HTRS and Panorama, it is a lot geekier than your average stitching soft-ware but you can put together, sometimes you can see, it does not have to be panorama, it can also be a series of photos that might be very high resolution and you want to stitch them altogether seamlessly.

Leo: Yes.

Alex: It is really a great no-nonsense tool to get that done. So you can see I bet you can zoom in pretty far into that as is my guess and as you can see that a lot of the times we think of shooting scenes with really, really wide angles. Sometimes,  a lot of times even I shoot them with 8mm lenses but when you have control with Photoshop then with Photoshop you can definitely do some stitching. But I find that you have a lot more control if you are getting serious about it with PT Gui, so you can see this has potentially a lot of images there, as you can see 76500x11289, that is you know……..

Leo: Is this a command line?

Alex: No, no this is a Gui.

Leo: Yes it does say Gui but it started off it used to be a command line.

Alex: It used to be a command line.

Leo: Yes I can tell.

Alex: Yes used to be very geeky.

Leo: I think that I used it then.

Alex: I think that this is a kinder gentler version of Photoshop. I think it is quick and easy stuff and I think that Photoshop, I would not get into this unless you want to get into unless you want to get really serious about this. But Photoshop does a great job on its own by doing just a couple of panoramas. When you start getting really serious and you are doing your HTRS and you are trying to you know build this seamlessly, this is still the app to ……….

Leo: The app of choice.

Alex: This is the app of choice.

Leo: Gui.

Alex: PT Gui.

Leo: And how much?

Alex: I think it is I have the, I do not know the company version which has a bunch of copies but I forget what the single version. It in Euros, and the pro version is 149 .

Leo: Oooh it is pricey!

Alex: I do not know what the single license it is 110 bucks is that right, anyway.

Leo: Awesome.

Alex: Definitely for what it is if you are doing it for a job, if you are doing it for fun

I would probably stick with, if you are not serious about it then I would stick with Photoshop if you have Photoshop but it is a lot cheaper than Photoshop if that is all you are going to do.

Leo: Mr Andy Ihnatko are you ready now?

Andy: I am ready now. My pick is really cool the IOS app it is called the Waterlogue------WaterLogue it is made by Tim Rocket. I am not a fan of Photo filter that takes a really good picture and make it look like crap for Instagram. So often at times you see like this is a water color effect. What it does is screws up the image and makes it look blurry and squeaky and screws up the colors. What WaterLogue is totally different because it takes a photo and it really tries to interpret it in a water color form so it is not a filter, what it does it looks for the shapes and the items that are inside that image, and then uses perceptive water colors techniques, it uses the techniques that a water color artist would use, in which you would start with the lights and then move up to the darks. But if you move on from the light color to the dark color, the light color is still wet and you can still see it seeping a little bit more, and when you put more ink on there. Let me show it is really easy to use, I think that you can have a look at this. I have the wrong cable unfortunately, and you can probably looking my around it, you either take your picture with your iPad or iPhone or you just select something from the gallery and that is the original and you can see what it is doing there. It starts by pulling outlines and then it starts to build the image again color by color

And you wind up with a really convincing water-color image and then it does not have a load of manual controls, you can ask for different interpretations of it. So for instance if you want more white lines on it or if you want more gaps in it and a different way to interpret it as you can see it simply does not apply an image filter but repaints it with these new instructions. And boy I intended to just to knock out a quick review of this Sunday night but remember the first time you bought a reciprocating soft-ware and you do the job you bought it for and then you really think what else can I cut with this, because it was fun cutting with this tool and the next thing you know that you have to buy a new sofa because your old sofa is in pieces. So I did find myself going through every halfway decent photo I had ever taken to see what it could to that image, and to be sure it does not do great job with everything because it uses everything with a wet on wet technique. I find that sometimes you sort of wind up with an uncanny sort of effect because it is a too accurate that a human has done but yet it is kind of water-colorish and it looks kind of weird but if you give it the right source image, man it just produces such beautiful effects, so good that some of these I would really would want to print in large size and just hang on my wall there. It works great if you have an image that has really high contrast like this where there is a clear background, nothing happening in the background, not a whole load of detail, I did try to give it a picture of a squirrel with lots of different furs and lots of different textures, just kind of looked like oh there is a kind of a greyish blob in the middle that could be a squirrel.

Leo: I really love that. That dog looks great.

Andy: I mean it is only $2.99 and man you will have just so much fun having a picture to process, just to see what it does with it. And one out of every three is so good that you go okay let us tweak that out and let us save that in high definition and do some cool things with it. I am hopefully finishing that review today, because in Spanish it is 1500 words like I found myself having a debate with myself on the nature of art, and what to say to somebody that says no that is not a real painting because you used an IOS app to process it , and then say okay what if there was something that was 30 seconds to do and was brilliant and other things that took ten hours to do and was terrible. Ten hours working, it is a great, great app and you do need to see it to appreciate it.

Leo: What is it called again?

Andy: It is called WaterLogue and you can find it at by Tim Rocket and for three bucks you will get more fun than you would get out most games that you would spend three dollars for.

Leo: We showed on iPad yesterday a similar program called BrushStroke and I want to compare the two and here is picture I did of you in Brush Stroke and I think, I cannot I got to get it closer to you but it looks like Van Gogh painted you and I am just going to compare the two.

Andy: I think that I like WaterLogue better, frankly, it is hard to compare because WaterLogue is the only such app that I have seen that does not simply that I am going to do a Photoshop filter on this. What happens if you put wet paint on a piece of wet paper and then you put more color onto it, and all the paper is still wet and the colors start to interact and bleed with each other. I just have never seen an image like that. It is interesting though that one of the water color artists that took  one of the photos that I took a few years ago when I was reviewing an icon camera and said that gee that is really like cool image like and would you mind if I base a watercolor painting of that.

Leo: Right.

Andy: So I was able to compare my photo to what this app would do versus what a real water color artist would do with it. Really the signature difference is that the artist does know that is an Apple on the table, and it is a chair in the background and I want the water color attention to this and not that. Whereas a Water color does not know that a human figure does not know there is a table behind them, does not know there is a tree behind them it just sees that these things are in focus or non-focus and shapes and sizes, that are light shapes and shapes that are dark, but the effects are just really terrific.

Leo: I am going to tweak my picture of you from Brush Stroke, you know I love the idea of turning into an oil, this evening.

Andy: It is not my belief that I think that it should look like a water-color. It is okay if looks really pretty image that was generated from a computer. But it is interesting that it is possible to write an app like WaterLogue that gives you the gives you the exact same satisfaction that you are expecting to see.

Leo: That was not what I was expecting to see. I think Andy’s came out better. They are still the same price, WaterLogue or Brush Stroke, you pick. I think I like WaterLogue, it is a different idea because it is water colors so you can oil based water color maybe.

Andy: Water and oil do not mix man. Don’t even try.

Leo: So the last ten minutes have been very, very bad for me.

Alex: It has cost me seven dollars. I now WaterLogue and Brush Stroke.

Leo: I just spent 1800 dollars, why well there is two things. I spend more than Shaquille. First of all Neal Young has been talking about Pono for some time now. This is the idea that music that we listen to on our iPods, iPads and iPhones is low quality AC highly compressed. He said that music is now quite often recorded at a much higher bit rates and he has wanted to make a Pono player for some time and unfortunately I guess he was not able to raise the money. It has been much delayed so he has gone to KickStarter to raise 800,000 he has raised 284,000 dollars so far, and I just had to support it because I love the idea of a player that plays back the music not highly compressed but at the high quality it was recorded in not talking---- what is CD quality 44. 1 kilohertz samples. A CD is 44.1 and 16 bits Pono is 129 kilohertz and 24 bit.

Alex: I do not think that those are the same measurements. (Presenters talking over each other)

Leo: We are not talking about MP3 players, it is even worse because we are talking about uncompressed Pono……….

Alex: Pono does 192…..

Leo: It takes them from the masters and when they record from the digital files in the studio they (Presenter talking over each other) it is uncompressed, now admittedly you are going to have a hell of a lot storage. I got the Pono Player in Chrome signed by, who did  I get it from Neal Young, you can it backed, you can get it pearl jammed, Patti Smith, Tom Petty I got it signed by Neal Young because it was his idea and I am a Neal Young fan. He is Canadian and you should like him too.

Rene: Yes, absolutely.

Leo: That is pretty, is that WaterLogue. Wow I would get both. That is beautiful, is that your daughter.

Alex: That is her first time in a convertible.

Leo: That is beautiful, would you Tweet that so people can see the original.

Alex: Yes I will.

Leo: Anyway I hope that this goes through I am sure it will, I have already have so much in a few hours, there has been a lot of interest in this admittedly from… it has a triangle and I hope that it has enough storage space. I do not know what it says in terms of storage 400 for or 300 dollars for the first edition, if you want the signed edition it is 400 dollars and it comes pre-loaded with the artist’s top two favorite albums, so you got Willy Nelson, Tom Petty, Patti Smith, Pearl Jam Back, Crosby Stills and Nash, Crosby Stills, Nash and Young, Dave Matthews full, Herby Hancock, Nora Jones and Lenny Cravett, you see Arcade Five you see a lot of artists. And now for 5,000 dollars you get a VIP dinner party with Neil Young. If I had the money, but unfortunately I spent a lot of money on this, it just came and finally I have been waiting for it The Little big Disk, this is Thunderbolt 2 Dual SSD, and we speculated on how much it would cost for a Terrabyte 1299 bucks.

Alex: It turns out a lot it is very fast.

Leo: It could have been more dual ports Thunderbolts for Daisy chaining.

Rene: It could have been more Leo.

Leo: It could have been more, it could have been more it is so cute.

Alex: That could have been the marketing.

Leo: And it is scarey right it is dual SSDs.

Alex: Is it dual SSD?

Leo: Yes I think so. Used performance ray for data security (all presenters talking over one another) or JBod which is just capacity right? It is nice that they give you the choice and it is full thunderbolt 2 which is 20 gigs per second, giga bits per second, you buy it from me. To the audience we will finally give you a review when it comes in Thunderbold 2 anything else I can spend money on.

Rene: So many things.

Leo: I am excited about Pono now I have been really waiting for this if you want to get some really good headphones or pump it into a really good system (presenters) the idea of getting better quality CD……

Alex: You are not going to be able to use your buds.

Rene: You need a 1000 dollars headphones to do it.

Andy: I really want to listen to this. I do not know how much I would be able to appreciate that higher definition……

Leo: Oh especially in me I am 57 years old and have no hearing left at all but I just feel like I want to support the idea that….. kids today do not really listen to music anymore they listen to crap this compressed stuff, this is uncompressed flack and it plays actually high resolution available masters is, which means as well as high quality as 92 kilohertz and 24 bits.

Rene: Next step up is live.

Andy: I just wonder how badly they could mess that up by saying that if we are going to let master recording studio quality out to the public we are going to make it so hard to move that data from one place to another……..I am really curious to see how that works. I am not sceptical I am saying that my mind is filled with all the problems that have to be solved by the time you get to listening to all this honey sweet music inside your head.

Rene: Well the selection will be very limited.

Leo: It has two jacks, a mini stereo headphone

Andy: They have the Foo edition so I am on board with that.

Leo: I know that you love the Foos. It also has the second jack that is designed for your home audio and in your car with Sanos connect which I really like. We will see I am the guinea pig, so you do not have to be.

Rene: You tell us Leo.

Leo: You can get for 200 bucks you can get the early bird special and that is a pretty good price.

Andy: That is sold out.

Leo: All gone.

Andy: But this price is for 500 and you can still get it for……

Rene: For 300 actually.

Andy: See the other thing that caught my attention is that every single piece of press information says that oh well it is 128 gigs and stores over a 1000 albums, really is that super-duper high quality?

Leo: Well let us see that super-duper high quality, and by the way it is only what the master did so depends what the master was but that is 9216 kilohertz bits per second so how much is that calculated out to.

Andy: I am not sure that my head has that much bandwidth.

Leo: That is why the hardware is going to be expensive, that is a lot of bandwith, it is big. I am excited, I am hopeful they say October.

Alex: Where you can really hear it by the way if you are listening to metallica mostly where you are going to hear it but in some areas……

Leo: But do not knock James Hatfield  (Presenters talking over each other)

Alex: It is in songs where there is a lot of subtlety is where you can really hear it, especially at the end of songs but also in strings and in things that are changing very subtly you will hear the bits when you want to..

Leo: You want to have an open sound that fills the space I believe there is a demand for this.

Alex: Now you will need some really good headphones.

Leo: I have some really good headphones.

Alex: Really.

Leo: I might have to get some really good head-phones.

Alex: Between 1500 to 2000 dollars.

Rene: You have to take out the full pipe, Leo.

Andy: I will go with the Kick Starters project because if you put it out in the retail stores it will just flop immediately but to find the 1000 people that will really support this like Leo that is what Kick Starter is for. I am serious about this.What I hate about the Kick Starter tech project is that you want to sell an half assed version of your product to people who think that Kick Starter is the natural store that is going to sell them a real retail product instead you are…….

Leo: It is very important to make that distinction because I have purchased many a thing on Kick Starter but never seen. It is not a store you are investing in I really want to support this idea.

Andy: I think that it is a really great idea and I know that it is not going to happen unless people like me come forward so here is my money, please make sure that I at least get the t-shirt that you promised me.

Leo: What is interesting is that the musicians who are behind this are very excited obviously. And they talk about risks and challenges you will obviously buy your music somewhere else. You cannot get it at iTunes, it will be that there is Pono music store. I am excited about it.

Alex: I am excited about the design, you have your own music store, working with your own hardware who would do that?

Leo: Well I wish Apple had, they made a consumer product and this is really nice. Rob Treho, thank you Glen that is the most recent guy I think Jason. You got to go with Glen, hey I think that we are done. Cannot be possible one o’clock already.

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