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On this episode of Know How - Titan Fall’s tweaks, we’re going to go to the Goat Bloat Simulator. And did you ever want to run in Low Def? It’s time for Know How.

Father Robert Ballecer:  Welcome to Know How. It’s the Twit show where we build, break, bend and upgrade.

Brian Burnett: Our motto is breaking things so you don’t have to.

Fr. Robert: Exactly. I’m Fr. Robert Ballecer.

Brian: And I’m Brian Burnett.

Fr. Robert: And for the next 30 minutes or so we’re going to break down a couple of interesting products, some of the things that we’ve been doing in the geek world so that you can imitate us at home. It’s part of the reason why we love you so much.

Brian: Because who wouldn’t want to imitate us, right?

Fr. Robert: Yeah. I mean, cool. I’d be me.

Brian: I think you could get cooler though. Is this too soon?

Fr. Robert: It’s never too soon for a good fedora, ladies and gentleman, that’s right. Fedora’s are cool.

 Brian: Don’t wear those at home.

Fr. Robert: Again. I wear fedoras so you don’t have to! You know what else is cool?

Brian: What’s that?

Fr. Robert: Cheating.

Brian: Cheating?

Fr. Robert: No, cheating is not cool. But specifically cheating in games, you’ve probably run into this.  I know you've actually gamed more than I do right?

Brian: More frequently than I would admit to.

Fr. Robert: The problem with cheating especially in a multiplayer, multi-massive online type experience is that it only takes one or two cheaters to really make it not fun.

Brian: Make it miserable.

Fr. Robert: Have you ever been in a game room, in a match when there is one person who is using a Aim Bott? And his kill count is just through the roof and he is shooting through walls, and he is tossing grenades over the buildings?

Brian: Playing in God mode.

Fr. Robert: Basically guide mode. And then everyone just quits.

Brian: My earliest experience without was Counter Shrink. And that was not fun because that game is hard enough as it is. But Aim Botts make it even more miserable.

Fr. Robert: And I think Aim Botts are a particular bane of any multiplayer game because they are so pervasive. Because it is really easy to get an Aim Bot and you don’t have to have any sort of hacking experience, you get this, you install it, you run it and the next thing you know you have kill count through the roof.

Brian: So I guess as a game developer it is probably one of the banes of their multiplayer existence but I guess Titan fall has a pretty clever way of dealing with cheaters?

Fr. Robert: Yes. So I actually really like the way they did it. It’s not how they did it, it is the way that they pulled it off. There have been cheaters in Titan Falls since the beginning. Since it is based on the source engine some of the old Aim Botts work just fine right out of the box right? They didn’t even have to customize. So what they did was they didn’t ban cheaters outright, if they had banned cheaters out right people would've gotten wise and they probably would've toned it down a little bit. You can actually turn down the settings on your Aim Botts so it’s not so obvious. But they didn’t, and so people felt brazen and they went out and they turned their Aim Botts all the way up to high reaction time. They waited for two weeks and then they just banned them. But it wasn’t just the standard ban hammer technique. What they did was, they wanted people to continue playing. Right? You want people to buy the game and play it. So instead of saying, you can no longer play Titan Fall, they put them all in what they called the cheaters lobby. I love this.  Alex if you go to that picture that you showed us earlier you see what the cheaters lobby looks like. If you were caught cheating, so if they detected an Aim Bot or anything else they put you into a room like this. So this is the typical lobby screen you would get. “We detected that you cheated, so you are in the cheaters lobby. You can still play but you can only play against other cheaters”. Now that is awesome. Now what they wrote in their message was, “well we hope you will like that Aim Bott that you paid money for”. I’m hoping we see this more from other games. I know they did it in GT 8-5, it was the same sort of thing where you could play with other cheaters. And they also have the ability to invite people into your party, but if you invite your friends who don’t cheat, they can only play with cheaters. So it is sort of like a social engineering play. It’s like, “yeah you can be friends with that guy but he’s a cheater so therefore you’re going to be put…”.

Brian: You’re going to be put in the penalty box with the other cheaters.  There was another game that did a pretty clever thing, it was dark souls. Have you ever heard of that game?  There were people who got it early and they released this unstoppable monster that would just kill you instantly. And I thought that was the pretty clever way to thwart some cheaters.

Fr. Robert:  I think that is really all that you can do, because if you drop the ban hammer right away the first time, people find ways around it. There’s always a way around a ban hammer. But if you just mess up their gameplay, they are going to stop doing it.

Brian: I like the way they dealt with that, it’s pretty funny. Although I would like to see some gameplay at one of those matches. Cheater versus a cheater.

Fr. Robert: I’d be really interested in it. I'd love to see a room full of cheaters and see what happens, what do they use in their gameplay? Now speaking of gameplay. We were going to spend a little bit of time helping people tweak their Titan Fall box right?

Brian: That’s right. So we did a whole episode about having a gaming PC and getting Titan Fall to run nicely on it. But now that it’s been out for a few weeks there are a couple little tweaks you can do to get away with some of the little annoying things on it and stuff.  And so I don’t know if you are familiar, but a lot of games allow you to change some of the commands in the properties before you launch the game. It is just basically little things that it tells the game to do before it loads. So one way of doing that, and with Titan fall and a lot of other games they don’t let you skip those really irritating intro videos. Like, oh this video is made by EA. Like I want to see that 100 times when I’m going to play.

Fr. Robert: Like when you buy a new DVD they make you sit through… I hate that.

Brian: So anyway, to get by that. Were just going to be focusing on Titan fall, if you go to your origin and you open it up and you see your game icon here, like so. You right-click on it and then you go to game properties. Now I already have these entered in but I’ll explain to you what they mean.

Fr. Robert: So this is all command line? This is not a menu and you actually have to know what this is.

Brian: No! And it’s super simple. You just do – no-bid and that gets rid of the intro video. So you can just skip the videos and go straight to the game. And then the next one is – high and what that does is it sets your CPU priority to hide. This one, try it out, there was a couple people in the forums I read that extra gave them choppiness but for me it didn’t.

Fr. Robert: Right so when you do this, what you’re doing is you are is setting the CPU thread priority. So you can actually go into your operating system and you can tell it which program should get which kind of priority. The problem is if you are running a lot of stuff in the background, if you are running something else that requires high priority you’ve now got two or three or four or a dozen different programs of all claim that they should be the highest priority program. And then you’ve got issues. What I have seen most of the time is, when you are playing around with CPU thread priority, and it ends up choppy, it’s not the game that is at fault it is something else that you set in the background.

Brian: So give it a shot, mine worked fine with this PC. There weren’t a lot of tweaks that I had to do for this. But for some of you out there, you might have a little bit lesser machine and you might need that. Another one, the last one, is “+cl_showfps 1”. What that will do is that will create a little bug in the top right-hand corner of your screen and that will tell you where your FPS is. Especially with the game like Titan Fall you want to be able to see, you want to make sure that you are getting 60 frames per second or see where things are kind of dipping.

Fr. Robert: That is the feature that I see a lot of people turning on. Because even if you’re not worried about it, you kind of like to know right? It’s kind of a bragging thing, if you watch that has a solid 60 fps the whole time…

Brian: And the last thing for Titan Fall, is that the developers are aware of this but it is kind of a weird thing. If you go into the game and use set the VC, it can actually make things worse. So what you do is you don’t enable V-Sync and you go into your video card settings, so on this computer there is an N video graphics card control panel, that is the same with all video cards. You can get into the control panel by right clicking here. And then manage 3-D settings, and not goat simulator, that you see here you have all the options for is specifically? I really wanted to push the limit for this V-Sync, but we’ll talk about that later. So you see I have Titan Falls selected specifically here and what you’re doing is going to the global settings for that game. And what I’ve done is instead of us you get the frame sharing. So when you’re playing a game and you look quickly left to right or up and down you see on the sides of the frame getting toward. If you have be sink on it just, how does it do it? Bg a global setting which is off I’ve set it to on. And vertical sync I’ve also set to on. And what that will to is, that’ll do it through the card and not the game. And it works so much better. We had everything turned off on the PC but there were a couple times when it was stuttering. Then I went through and set vertical sync through the card it worked way better.

Fr. Robert:  Now Burke who off camera here, was also saying that he played Titan fall a lot actually and when I’m doing Padre’s Going Around on Friday I’m usually rendering until 11, rendering and uploading and every time he comes in he goes, “Titan Fall” and then goes downstairs. But he is saying that if you turn off the power management you also get a nice little boost, it smooths out some of the video. Especially if your card tries to say, “oh he's not using this processor so let me turn it down”. Something else that I think maybe we can explain to our audience is this V-Sync. Vertical sync. Because we hear it a lot, especially in the gaming circles, especially in the high-end video card market. Everyone is saying turn on V-Sync, or turn off V-Sync. What is V-Sync?

Brian: Well, I know what happens when you don’t have it on. You get the frame shearing. So when you are playing a game and you look quickly left to right or up or down or something you see on the sides of the frame getting torn, and if you have V-Sync on doesn’t that… how does it do it?

Fr. Robert: So you are locking the frames together. So you are essentially saying, “I don’t want you to interlace the video”.

Brian: It looks smoother.

Fr. Robert: It looks smoother and it looks better to the eye.  Now what people will do sometimes is they will turn it off if they have a really low power PC. Because it really sucks up the power. And it will text or video card. If you have kind of a crap video card it just won't work. But if you want to smooth this gameplay possible, I would actually take the lower resolution with the sink on. Versus high resolution. Especially in a game like Titan Fall, where there is no single player mode. You are only playing against other people. And the tearing of the screen, I don’t want to happen. I’m already bad enough at the game as it is, I don’t need that little extra disadvantage. Something else hopefully you can explain to us, you’ve got a lot of recorded video of your gaming sessions. And you are saying that if you have a video card there is a feature that allows you to do that without really taxing anything else.

Brian: So, N Video provides some pretty slick software with this it is called Shadow Play. And it runs in the background for when you want to record and game.

Fr. Robert: It needs a 600 series or higher, which actually is not that expensive. I’ve got a 660 in my gaming PC at home. It requires a core I3 2100, 3 GHZ or higher or a AMD X4 630 or higher. You need 4 GB of system memory and if it’s a gaming PC you probably already have that. Windows 7 or 8 and latest G force drivers.

Brian:  you are probably can a want the higher end components because I have a friend who tried running this on his PC and it did cost some slowdown stuff. But the nice thing about it is that it runs in the background and then the key binding I have set for it is Alt F-10, so if I’m playing a game and I press Alt F-10 it saves the game that I was just playing.

Fr. Robert: That is actually very cool. I know a lot of people have been using fraps But unless you have the license version, so if you’ve got is 600 or above why not just run this? It is free utility.

Brian: And I’ve noticed no slowdown.

 Fr. Robert:  Go and play some of the game. Because your videos are really smooth.

Brian: Gina how cool it is to record some your games with your friends? And upload them to YouTube or something. This is a really cool feature. And I think Andy has something similar, I’ve used MS I also with some pretty good results. You can record to AVI or impact whichever you prefer. That yeah this looks pretty good. And this was just as I was playing and thought oh this is a great game and so I hit ALT F-10 and saved like the last 10 minutes of what I did.

Fr. Robert: That’s not bad actually.  I really like that. I’ve been looking for a good way to record gaming sessions because in the back of my mind I’m always thinking if I’m going to be running a capture program on top I’m going to be sucking away some of that horse power, I would prefer to use for the game. But if it is built into the video card, and it’s going to give me a minimum off the amount of performance I’m pouring into my game, I’m going to use it.  and you know what I bet that the stuttering that you noticed was more because of the fact that this doesn’t have an SSD. This particular gaming machine is running on a hard drive.

Brian: Yeah could be. Maybe we could upgrade it a little? Let’s put SSD’s in everything! I love SSD’s.

Fr. Robert: We are going to talk about our SSD fetish when we come back.

Fr. Robert: I'm thinking right now might be a good time to talk about security.

Brian: Yes security is always a priority.

Fr. Robert: Do you care about security?

Brian: Absolutely.

Fr. Robert: Really? I mean no, seriously?

Brian: I do.

Fr. Robert: Ok, well how many times have you logged into a public Wi-Fi hotspot? Say at Starbucks?

Brian: Pretty regularly. Or a hotel wi-fi.

 Fr. Robert: Or like the free Wi-Fi at an airport?

Brian: Or at twit?

Fr. Robert: Will have about this? How many times have you logged into a Wi-Fi system that is not yours?

Brian: Probably a dozen times a week.

Fr. Robert: Here is the thing, most of the time I trust the people who are running the wi-fi systems but I can’t always. I like to trust people, but I can’t always trust people who are using the system at the same time. Even if it’s not a completely open system. Even if it’s not a sister that I worry about being owned by someone, I can always think that maybe there is that one person who has less than honorable intentions and is warding my sessions. Is looking in my traffic. That worries me.

Brian: Well you showed us how to do that, so…

Fr. Robert: Exactly. So if you watch this show you know how easy it is to do that. It is easy to capture that traffic if you rely on someone else for security. So that is why we are proud to welcome to the show a vendor who makes sure that you don't have to rely on someone else for security, and of course that vendor is ProXPN. Now what is ProXPN?  You may be asking yourself. Well quite simply, ProXPN is a VPN vendor. That is a virtual private network. The idea is you run a client on your computer and then you have an encrypted tunnel between your client, between your computer and the ProXPN servers elsewhere.  Now it is not just security. It is good to have your data encrypted, it is good to make sure that no one else can peek in on that information as it is moving to the encrypted tunnel. But it’s not just that. Pro XPN lets you choose different servers around the world so that you can make it seem as if your connection is coming from Los Angeles or London or Australia or where ever they have a ProXPN point of presence. Now ProXPN is a global VPN, a virtual private network that works with almost any Internet connection. It creates a secure, encrypted tunnel through which all your online data passes back and forth. This is what we talked about. An online application that can work with ProXPN including your web browser, email, files sharing, instant messaging, Netflix, pro-XP in keeps everything you do online hidden from prying eyes. Disguising your physical location and giving you unfettered access to any web site or online service. No matter where you live or travel to.  ProXPN is complete online privacy through a 512 bit encryption tunnel. In fact our very own Steve Gibson took a look and said, “yes it is the real thing. It is a service you can trust”. It works with open VPN or a PPTP, you get to choose the level of encryption and the method of encryption that you prefer. It protects you against ISP six strike rules, it bypasses Internet filtering and block websites, it bypasses geographical restriction for Internet content and online video with worldwide servers in the US, UK, Asia and more. Pro XP and software is for Windows and Mac as well as your mobile devices. It offers advanced controls. You can select works at startup and even select which program should be shut down if your anonymous connection is ever interrupted. Pro XPN works with those mobile devices I talked about and it gives you a complete package. You could buy one account and use it on everything you own. It is really that flexible. Pro XPN has world-class customer support which means that if you ever have a problem, help is never longer than a phone call or email away. So here is what we want you to do. If you are a Know How’er, if you value your security, if you wonder if maybe someone is dropping in on your conversations, is intercepting your email, why not try ProXPN today? Go to for more information and to sign up now. ProXPN accounts are normally $9.98 a month or $74.95 for an entire year. But we’ve got a special offer. Use the code KH20 to receive 20% off the lifetime of your account. That is less than five dollars a month, on the yearly plan. If you are not satisfied you can cancel within seven days for a full refund. So go to and sign up with the code KH20. Do it now. Do it today. Get serious about your privacy. We thank Pro XPN for their support of Know How.

Brian: I saw someone in the chat room say they are watching the show at Starbucks right now. Get want people knowing that you’re watching the show!

Fr. Robert: You represent know how out there you should know better than that. No not really. Now if he said he is watching at Starbucks with that Packet Sniffer on then all is forgiven.

Brian: Then you can let people know!

Fr. Robert: Now when we come back we are going to show people a little bit of some low def right? It’s a little bit more challenging than you thought.

Brian: Everybody knows how to make video better right? So why not…?

Fr. Robert: Make it look worse right? But before that I thought maybe we should give you a little segment on how to get rid of your Adobe bloat.

Fr. Robert: I’m father Robert Ballecer, the digital Jesuit on the Twit TV chat room. And I’m here at NOC, the network operation center and Las Vegas, Nevada. Now NOC is a networking conference which means it is filled with all the typical tchotchkes you get at conferences. Anything from this light up axe to little balls to this freaking cool fedora. But my real reason for being at the conference is that I make videos. It is how I get content for some of my other Twit shows. It is my primary reason for coming to these brouhahas. And one of the things that I experience is Adobe bloat. Now what is Adobe bloat you may be asking yourself? If you use Adobe Premiere, specifically if you use Adobe Premiere in Windows you may find that over time, especially if your projects are big, if you use a lot of assets and really large assets, your hard drive seems to disappear. Even if you delete those projects, even if you move them off the drive, even if you move them off the computer you don’t always seem to get back as much space as you had when you started the particular project. Well that my friends is Adobe bloat. What has happened is that every time you bring an asset into a project, adobe makes a cache file, a copy of that file that it can recall very quickly. The reason why it does this, is that it wants to make it more quick, and more fast ways to load your project with a minimal amount of delay.  Now that is cool it actually works quite well but the problem is that that Adobe bloat adds up and eventually you run out of space. But let me show you an easy way to get rid of it. The first thing we want to do is enable the viewing of hidden folders. Go to start, Control Panel, folder options, select the view tab, show hidden files, folders and drives and you are good. The reason why you need to do this is because the con and folders which hold those cache files are in a hidden folder, which means that if you don’t enable those options you won’t be able to see it, you won’t be able to navigate to it.  Now you need to navigate to your Adobe common media folder. Go to my computer, select C, go to the users folder, go to the folder with your user name, select app data, select roaming, select Adobe, select Common, select media cache files.  now you’ll also run into Adobe bloat if you’re Mac user that just look for the same folder. Look for those cache file folders, and you will be able to clear your bloat just as easily as you can in Windows. What I typically like to do is make a shortcut to that common folder and leave it on my desktop. It is an easy way to get there and a reminder that every once in a while I should clear my cache. Now let me make one little comment. If you intend to load the same files over and over again, don’t clear those out of the cache folder because Adobe is just going to have to remake those files. But if you move from project to project and if you really want that space then you can find that you can get 60, 70, or 80 GB of space back on your hard drive and that is a great way to stop Adobe bloat. I’m father Robert Ballecer, and now you know.

Fr. Robert: Now Adobe bloat is actually a serious problem. You were asking me during the break, do I really have to check my machine? That 36 GB was accumulated on my machine over the course of four days.

Brian: That’s not a long time.

Fr. Robert: That is not a long time. And the other problem is that depending on how much you work with Adobe, that is going to determine how fast those cash files build up. Which is an issue. So what I would suggest is that any time you are using Adobe Premier, just how that folder on your desktop so that you know that you can jump into that any time and just empty those out. Because honestly, the worst thing that is going to happen is that Adobe has to rebuild the cache files and then you continue on from there.

Brian: Well I was planning on doing a little bit of editing on my MacBook Air, which is not like a great editing machine or anything but I took some shots on vacation and stuff and I want to do something simple. But it has a 128 GB hard drive so I have to make sure that I delete whatever I can on there.

Fr. Robert: I think people became much more sensitive to this when as SSDs started becoming the norm. Because if you had a huge 3 TB hard drive on your computer, and that’s what you were using as your primary OS drive or your primary edit drive then you didn’t care if it used up another 100 or 200 GB. You probably didn’t even really notice. You just thought it was a regular part of the bloat. But if you got that SSD, especially like that 128 GB SSD, you will quickly see that you only have 1 GB free. Where did all that go? It is in Premier.

Brian: This is good to know.

Fr. Robert: Now how about this? Over the last week we had our engineering crew do something special.

Brian: Was it April Fools’ Day?

Fr. Robert: Yes it was April Fools’ Day and Alex do you have any footage from any of those April fools pranks?

Brian: Okay so this is Leo, before MacBreak started even on April 1.

Fr. Robert: Oh that’s right we had the Twit satellite, and we were beaming Twit all over the world but of course when you use the satellite you don’t have great quality right?

Brian: I think we learn from gravity there is a lot of space debris flying around in orbit so that probably interfered with the signal they were using. I’m sure our viewers figured out last week when me and Alex did our segment from the 80’s where we showed you how to fix your Macintosh that was all done post.  But this was done last week.

Fr. Robert: There are people who have asked why didn't we do our low-quality gimmick, our low-quality gag just with the filter? Alex do you want to talk about trying to do like old analog quality and a filter?

Alex: Sure. I also lost my mustache.

Fr. Robert: So this is what it looks like. Actually can you go to the full frame for this? We are going to show you what the setup looked like. See we had little pieces of aluminum foil that we could Tech to gather causing little…  if you grow up in the 60s and 70s, maybe even in the 80s, you knew what it was like to have an analog television and have quality like this. Believe it or not, this is not easy to do with digital filters. The reason why it’s not easy to do with digital filters is that digital is basically only on or off. You can get artifact but you can’t get this analog effect so what Alex had to do, was that Alex and Burke had to build this set up. What are we looking at here Alex? What did you include in this project?

Alex: So, the idea was we wanted to make the stream look as awful as possible so what we did was we got these two boxes, one is HDMI to composite video and the other is compiled it to HDMI, so the idea was that we would take our HD digital and turn it to composite. And then the composite would make it worse. And fortunately, when we just ran a composite cable from one to the other it actually didn’t look too bad. But we wanted to make it look really bad, like this. So what we figured was that composite video works by basically all the video signal is in one wire. All the elements are together, and that is a great quality because you want to separate them for the higher quality. So with composite video, there is one wire so what we decided to do was just kind of string a very small wire from one into the other. And then we kind of got a little creative so we had our intern, Ian, come in and I showed him the project and explained what we wanted to do. His idea was to take from one bus to another and actually draw with solder a trace over to the other one and spell out the stream better. He took it to the basement to work on it and they figured out that solder doesn’t actually stick to wood so that didn’t work and then they came up with this by taking a wire and stapling it in the cursive text.

Fr. Robert:  So basically all the things you’ve been told not to do with wire, you never staple wire, but yet you stapled wire.

Alex: Exactly!

Brian: And were missing a steak knife out of the kitchen.

Alex: So you can see that basically the wire was cut and a bunch of things, it was stripped and then twisted together just to make it really awful.

Fr. Robert: And surprisingly it is really difficult in the digital age to make a video look bad without just making it look broken.

Alex: And now the video actually has two wires, one of them is just the actual video and the other is ground. And what we discovered was that without the grounds the video still works but it looks awful. That pretty much messing with the ground is what gives it the effect. So if you run your finger on the knife, since the ground is going to the kitchen knife, you can obviously see what it does.

Fr. Robert: You’re creating a ground.

Alex: And if you take a strand of the composite video wire and just touch it to the knife, the ground, and have just a little bit of a cross that creates all the fuz and static. We also, just for fun ran some AC wire are over it the other day to give it a little bit of noise. And the graininess.

Fr. Robert: One of the things I absolutely loved about this was that you took a bunch of devices that weren’t designed to do this and you turned it into something else. So again, kudos. Very well done.

Brian: Is this how TV looked when Padre was a kid? Okay continue, sorry!

Fr. Robert:  This sounds silly but this is an actual serious problem that you could have. Some people are trying to introduce that sort of old, grainy feel. You’re trying to do it with the 80s vintage video. And it still looks too sharp. It is so hard to make digital look bad. Look at that! So we can see what you did. You used old fonts, you washed out the contrast, you put 4 x 3 at the start, but you can’t get this. There is no filter to make this that doesn’t look completely fake. And so if you ever want to do the grainy look, this is how you are going to do it folks. You’re going to make a stream better, that copyright.

Brian: Making things worse!

Fr. Robert: I think that’s enough at making things worse. Now Brian I understand that you have been playing something other than Titan Fall the last couple of days.

Brian: Well you know Padre there is only so many out words of enjoyment you can get out of destroying Max and stuff like that. Sometimes you need something that is a little bit more bad-ass, something that really gets your goat going!

Fr. Robert: Just play it to show us.

Brian: Can you switch the in phone for me? Or I can get from here. This is another game that is pretty fun and a lot of those tweaks that I showed you for Titan Fall will carry over into this game too. You can go into the control panel, this game is called goat simulator. And it really doesn’t give you a lot of options.

Fr. Robert: Do we know what physics engine is running in the background?

Brian: I saw it on the intro but I can’t remember.

Fr. Robert: But it's a sound box right they give you a destructible environment and they give you a character and the character is a…

Brian: It’s a goat.

Fr. Robert: It’s ridiculous. First of all show us some gameplay because I bought this game but I haven’t even played it because I was on the road. So you start out as a go and what is the plot of this think?

Brian: I don’t even know why there is a…

Fr. Robert: And why do you have a halo?

Brian: I must be ago from beyond or something? I don’t know. I have no idea, Padre. There is no story. There are a few really really weird things in the game like I just ran into another goat and he seems to have instantly collapsed. It is just a silly game. Where it shows off physics and it is just completely ridiculous. The absolute opposite spectrum compared to tighten involved. Multimillion dollar game is Titan Fall and this is… you can go in slow motion, then there is a hang glider.

Fr. Robert: There was a lot of speculation that this wasn’t a real game. Because it was released on April 1. I saw a little bit of the gameplay on YouTube and I went out and bought it. It was only $10.

Brian: It's on Steam, you can buy it off their website too.

Fr. Robert: But I have to ask? Doesn’t this get boring after a while, you’re just essentially blowing things up and thrashing the goat?

Brian: You would think so. But I haven’t stopped playing it yet, since last night. Have you ever played Garry’s Mod?

 Fr. Robert: The I have. So this is like Garry’s Mod right?

Brian: Basically the same stuff as in Garry’s Mod. What is that?

Fr. Robert: That is the robot from Portal.

Brian: Hold on.

Fr. Robert: What is that?

Brian: Why is he pushing me out?

Fr. Robert:  But okay that’s a little strange.

Brian: This game is very weird. There is a bunch of weird things, and that wasn’t there yesterday.

Fr. Robert: Can you die?

Brian: No you cannot die no matter what has happened to me I haven’t died.

Fr. Robert: Indestructible. Now do you have to complete missions? Is this a plot driven game?

Brian: There are achievements. You can do certain things. You can get points for doing stuff like blowing things up.

Fr. Robert: Now we see that it is a fun game and I’m actually going to go play this right after Coding 101. But there has to be an Know How aspect to this so what are some of the things that people need to do if say their goat not running or something?

Brian: We have to make this legitimate.

Fr. Robert: Yeah this can’t just us doing the thing like we did with Titan fall where we played so much that we made it part of the show.

Brian: Well as far as this goes, some of those tweaks that you do in Titan Fall can be for other games too. Goat simulator, oddly enough, doesn’t come with a lot of the settings like filtering for the textures or V-Sync and stuff. It doesn’t have options for that. But you can go into your graphics card stuff. I want to lick the car. That is one of the features in the all-inclusive goat simulator is that you lick things and you stick to it.

Fr. Robert: Naturally. Now show us the settings. Tell us how you tweak this to make it work properly.

Brian: So, if I go into the Options. See you’ve got V-Sync, but…

Fr. Robert: But can you make it do this?

Brian: Now that’s how the game really ought a look.

Fr. Robert: No boat... This is go to simulator in analog. No save it. I think we are done. Ladies and gentlemen that is what we do on Know How. We turn chaos into lickability. Now if you want to play goat simulator go ahead and drop and to our show notes. Because I think we have one of the best show notes in the industry, yeah?

Brian: And also I think we are going to play it on the stream and people are going to watch it live and hang out with us in the chat room and play goat simulator with us.

Fr. Robert: Please go ahead and drop by and subscribe to Know How. If you watch us each week, why not subscribe to us either on our RSS feeds or on iTunes. Just drop by our show notes page at There you are going to find all of our episodes, each individual show notes page that you can find out how we did the actual projects. If you use Adobe Premier and your computer is bloated I actually gave you step-by-step instructions so that you can just follow them and get all that space back off your SSD.

Brian: And we also have a G plus community.

Fr. Robert: A very active G plus community.

Brian: We have 6200 people now. And now after today’s episode we showed you how to record your video games, we showed you how to get rid of the bloat through Adobe so if you are using Adobe to do that. And if you want to demonstrate some of your goat simulator gameplay, post it up on the Chat I’ll take a look at it.

Fr. Robert: Now folks I should also mention that you see Brian and I up here all the time but there is a third, very valuable member of our team. You get to see him every once in a while and it is our flow master Mr. Alex Gumple. If he will please throw a camera on himself. Alex where do we see you?

Alex: I’m just behind the camera.

Brian: You can follow him on twitter. I know that much.

Fr. Robert: You can also follow us on Twitter. I’m @PadreSJ.

Brian: And I’m @cranky_hippo.

Fr. Robert:  And you join us next week because next week we are going to go into some solar powered projects. And we may be getting into a bit more mischief with gaming. Until then, I’m Father Robert Ballecer

Brian: And I’m Brian Burnett.

Fr. Robert: And now that you know, go do it!

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