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Mikah Sargent (00:00:00):
Coming up on iOS today, it is time to batten down the hatches and prepare yourself for spam calls, spam texts, and all sorts of ways that people are trying to gain access to your information. Stay tuned,

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Mikah Sargent (00:00:25):
This episode of iOS Today is brought to you by ITProTV. Are you looking to break into the world of it? Well, get the introduction you need with ITProTV, visit for an additional 30% off all consumer subscriptions for the live lifetime of your active subscription. When you use the code with 30 at checkout. Hey ha. Hey, hello, and welcome to iOS today. The show where we talk all things, iOS, TV OS, homepod OS, iPad OS, watch OS. I may have said that one already, but look, there are a lot of OSS that apple has on offer, and we like to talk about them here on iOS today. I am one of your hosts, Mikah Sargent,

Rosemary Orchard (00:01:21):
And I am Rosemary Orchard. Hi everybody.

Mikah Sargent (00:01:24):
Hello, Rosemary. How are you today?

Rosemary Orchard (00:01:28):
I'm doing pretty well, my care better than some of the people who've been contacting us, contacting Leo and some other people who were hopefully gonna give some advice to today. 

Mikah Sargent (00:01:37):
Yeah, fingers graphed. Yeah. so I have gotten a number of emails and text messages. One of the most common one actually is reported, you know, to be from my my cellular carrier at and T. And it'll say, Hey, your November bill is paid. Thanks so much. Here's a reward for paying your November bill. And then there'll be this link to some, I don't even know because I don't click on the link in the first place, but some terrible place. You know, the link isn't even an at and T link. It's some shortener link. And what's funny is I only pay my November bill once and my December bill once and my January bill once, but I will get that email three or four time or that text message three or four times over the course of the month. Alleging that I have paid my bill yet again and am able to claim an award.

Mikah Sargent (00:02:34):
I mean, a, a reward for that. Another common text message, and I think I may have deleted it. But it will, it, it said something along the lines of thank you for purchasing this subscription to blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Here is your receipt and obviously that is not, you know, they'll look and, and see in the message or in the email. It's nothing that I've ever purchased before. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and it, what they're trying to get you to do is panic a little bit, because you've just allegedly spent 400, $500 on this thing that, you know, you didn't buy. And so you click on the link to just look at it, but you're hoping to go to that link to be able to dispute the charge. And then another one that I've been getting lately is your browsing history showed visits to unsecured websites. You now have three virus and I love this. I don't even say viruses. You now have three virus on your device, clean your phone ASAP, and then there's a link to click on. So yeah, this episode, oh, look, look, you've got them too. Tell you. Yeah, I mean down.

Rosemary Orchard (00:03:46):
Well, the other thing is, is sometimes we actually have genuine messages from, from people like this as well. These are messages from my carrier. And so what I actually need to do is I actually need to text stop to this number, which is 2 0 4, 0, or people in the UK on EE to stop these messages coming in, because sometimes we do get legitimate messages and the fact that we get so many messages makes it really difficult to tell the difference sometimes between them. And it's sometimes I look at things and I go, oh, that possibly fam and I realize afterwards, no, it's, it's genuine. Or most of the time, actually it is spam, but if you can train, you felt assumption for it to be spam. It's probably better for you.

Mikah Sargent (00:04:23):
Absolutely. And that's actually was going to be my first tip. For everybody out there is lead with skepticism when it comes to this, because if you lead with skepticism, you already have your protective barrier up. I've talked, I can't remember which show I was on, but I was, it may have been even twit earlier at the end of last year, but I'm incredibly proud of my grandma. Because I had gotten a lot of these and I started think about my grandma. And, and, you know, I said, okay, I, I need to talk to her. And so I started talking to her and listing off some different ones and ones that I started to feel a little bit duped by. And she's like, oh, I, I haven't, I haven't clicked on any of those. I haven't looked in any of those.

Mikah Sargent (00:05:08):
Basically every time I get one of those, I just roll my eyes. And I thought, I am so proud of you because mm-hmm, <affirmative> you, you could at first, especially the way that they do try to do these, to get you to have a little bit of panic in your chest. And then you kind of, aren't thinking with that bit of skepticism, but yes, I, the, the best thing to do is lead with skepticism. And here's the deal. If you think that your, you know, your actual bank did contact, you don't ever click on the link that is given in the message, go to your bank's website, that know is your bank's website. And then go in and see if there, you know, are any messages or alerts or what have you, or your your carrier. You can always go to their website or use the app that you have on your phone.

Mikah Sargent (00:05:52):
If you have one of their apps and do it from there. So mm-hmm, <affirmative> tapping or clicking on those links is often an issue, but I wanna talk about Instagram too. So Instagram is for some reason, there have been some kind of one click hacks that have been taking place on Instagram and people are getting their accounts stole and left and right. On the radio show, we've had some call-ins from folks who had their accounts stolen, who were looking for ways to get them back. And we've shared some links in the past. You can go to tech guy which will send you to the portion of the site that talks about or that has links to different things. But Instagram has a support page which we will link in the show notes that will help you figure out what to do if your Instagram account has been hacked.

Mikah Sargent (00:06:44):
In fact, there's a whole page called I think my Instagram has been hacked and it will walk you through what to do if that's the case, but let's not get there in the first place, right? Let's, mm-hmm, <affirmative>, let's make sure that we've got everything locked down and protected. The first thing to do here is once again, not clicking on links that are sent via DM unless, you know, they're from a trusted source. So if Rosemary, for example, and I, you know, I can look at the history of our conversation in Instagram to know that it is indeed her, that I've been talking to her and that this is the conversation that we've been having. If she sends me a link I know that I'm okay to click on that link, but this is what's pretty wild is that there have been a number of people who get a DM and they click on it, and then it claims that your account has been stolen.

Mikah Sargent (00:07:48):
Oh, your Instagram account has been hacked. You clicked on a link that you shouldn't have clicked on that itself. Was the link telling you that, because then it provides you with a link you're supposed to click to type in your username and password to log into Instagram, to change your password. No, what you're doing is you're actually handing over your username and password in this false page where you're supposedly logging in. So it's a very dirty tactic. It's a very gross tactic, but it is one that you, you just have to be aware of that if you get you know, if you click on a link and it says you know, your Instagram account has been hacked, do not follow through with that, do not listen to that itself. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> instead. Yeah. Do what, what you and I would do, which is to then leave that page all together and either go in the Instagram app or go to the Instagram website and log in, and then change your password to a new password, hopefully pseudo random. But you know, that, that, part's up to you. So go ahead, Rosemary.

Rosemary Orchard (00:08:56):
Well, what I was gonna say is, so if you go into the Instagram app, I'm just gonna show people a couple of things that you can do. So, first of all, if you go to your profile on the bottom, right, and then settings, then here, there's an entire section on security. And so if you get a message that says your account has been hacked, and then you go look at your login activity, Hey, I can see that I'm the only person that actually logged in or has been logged in for a while. And if I tap on one of these locations, then I can actually see where that session was. It's not that far away. It was actually me a while ago, but I can log it out. And then it does prompt me to change my password. Now, in my case, I'm probably pretty safe from this because I have set up to factor authentication and I highly recommend mm-hmm <affirmative> if you use Instagram and you like your account and you wanna keep your account and you wanna make sure that nobody can get into it, set up two factor authentication and do that on every single account that is important app will require you to have two factor authentications set up on your apple I ID because it makes it more difficult for other people to hack into your account because they have to get that extra code from you.

Rosemary Orchard (00:09:59):
So set up two factor authentication on everything, because then people have to have your username, your password, and a key that changes every 30 seconds, which is pretty darn difficult to just guess. Just because it's six digits and guessing six, six digits that are constantly changing, it's pretty, pretty tricky.

Mikah Sargent (00:10:18):
There's also another website that I wanna point everyone to. It's called two FA directory two. It's the number two, the letter F the letter And this is just a site that lists all of, well, not all, but many websites online that support who factor authentication. And then they also will link you to the page where you can learn how to set up two FA on those sites. So you can type Instagram for example, and it points you to the help page that shows you how to set up two factor authentication. It tells you what kind of two factor authentication they offer it, SMS, a phone call, an email, a hardware token, or a software token, and you can separate it by types. So if you're looking at banking, if you're looking at government sites, social sites, et cetera, you'll be able to find the one you're looking for to support two FA, and then you can also see the sites that don't support two fact, your authentication.

Mikah Sargent (00:11:18):
And that gives you an opportunity to say, Hey, you're not keeping my account as safe as it possibly can be. Get that two FA set up won't you which is, is quite nice. So those are some things you can do to protect yourself online. Again, just lead with skepticism. If you even, you know, again, sometimes these will be real things, but doing that little bit of extra work to confirm that it's real is going to protect you in those cases where it is not real. If you are leading with skepticism, you're doing a really good job of protecting yourself. And Rosemary has one other tip she wants to give. Yeah.

Rosemary Orchard (00:11:58):
So if you use the password vault, that's built into iOS, the iOS and macros key chain, which syncs between your devices in settings underneath passwords, you can go to security recommendations and you can turn on a feature to detect compromised passwords. And this will then show you if these passwords have been leaked. Now, of course, I've actually changed all of these passwords on various other websites as well. I don't use the iOS key chain anymore. One password also has a feature like this. It's called the watch tower feature. But it also underneath has some other recommendations, reused passwords. And that is something else. If you are reusing passwords or you have a password that is made out of just one dictionary word, or it's your mother's maiden name, things like that, try, try not using things like that.

Rosemary Orchard (00:12:50):
And also extra bonus tip those quizzes on media of you know, like here's how you get like your super rockstar name of things like that, where once you to like, input like your, the first street you lived on your mother's maiden name, stuff like that, that's people getting data to hack into accounts. Don't, don't fill those out, or if you do it, fill it out with fake data and do the real logic in your head for this sort of thing, just because otherwise that's just, just another way that people can get you. And sadly, as we all know, there's plenty of people out to get our information online because information is actually money.

Mikah Sargent (00:13:25):
Indeed. It is. We'll also include a support document from apple that talks about detecting compromised passwords and how to change those weak or compromised passwords with the built-in documentation. All right, the next bit is about calls and SMS. This is different all over the world. Rosemary and I were talking about this depending on from where you hail it may be different in the United States. I believe it was the FCC who has basically said, Hey, look, carriers, you need to do something about these spam calls, these robocalls that everyone and is getting. And not only do you need to do something about it, but you need to, excuse me, you need to then let people know that you're doing something about it and show them how to set this up, to stop this from happening. And so what has happened is apple, or excuse me, different carriers have set up different means by which you can reduce the spam calls that you receive at, and T has something called call protect.

Mikah Sargent (00:14:42):
And I believe that and, or I guess now it's called active armor which has been a sponsor on the network before. Again, it's their way of letting people know that this feature is available. There's a free version and there's one that you can one that's far more robust that you can pay a subscription for T-Mobile has its own. Verizon has its own. Basically the big carriers have these all set ups so that you can take advantage of them. And what they do is they look at a database of known spam callers and unverified numbers, and they will just automatically block those unverified numbers. Then there are some built in ways that you can do that on your own phone. And rose, you said it's a little bit different in the UK. Do you wanna walk us through that process? Yeah,

Rosemary Orchard (00:15:35):
Well so on iOS, the actual settings are the same, whether you're wherever you are around the world, there may be some variations based on your language. And, and the how things appear I would show up, but it's gonna show my phone number, unfortunately, on the screen. But one of the features that you've can do inside of the settings app, if you go into phone, there's an option there to silence unknown callers, which means that people who call you from caller withheld will not show up. Now, I do have a caveat to mention about this, which is some places genuinely call with with their call ID withheld my doctor's surgery. One of them, if they call me, they're calling from a, from a number that's been withheld, there is no way to allow this through focus modes, and there's no way to specifically allow them because of course they've withheld their number.

Rosemary Orchard (00:16:22):
So I need to keep that, unfortunately for me turned off, but I get very few spam calls because I use the other feature that is right there, which a lot of these call blocking apps hook into, which is blocked contacts. Now I have a huge string of numbers here. But I haven't added any of these manually. These have all been automatically added by the, the various different apps that I have tried over time, which can hook into this feature and they block phone calls, but they also block SMS spam from these people, which is really useful so that you can get rid of all of that at the same time.

Mikah Sargent (00:16:57):
Nice. I, I like to have all of that set up as well. I actually use a third party app because it works much better than the default ones. It's called robo killer. And so robo killer is this third party app that has a bunch of extra tools built in. It does have a monthly subscription. And let me, for some reason it's acting like this is the first time I've used it, but it's definitely not. And oh boy, well, I can't sh I can't show it because it wants to set it up again, for some reason, even though I already have it set up, but robo killer is, is great because it's got a bunch of extra stuff built in including a database that is constantly being updated. So when folks are, are calling other people, they can report those numbers.

Mikah Sargent (00:17:59):
It also has SMS messaging reporting. So you can report SMS spam. The problem is it doesn't really block SMS spam. It just kind of puts these numbers on a list. So you can start to block the numbers, but it's not, I, I find that part not entirely robust. The calling part is robust though. Very good so much so that I actually have to pause it occasionally. Whenever I know I'm going to, going to be getting a call all from a, a new number from my doctor, something like that I have to block it about, you know for the next six hours to make sure that I get that call, but it what's handy is that the blocking features are built in. And so you can say block or stop using this for, or put this on pause for the next six hours, put this on for the next 12 hours. And so then it's stopped at that point and I'm able to do what I need to there. Yeah, I, I think go ahead, go ahead.

Rosemary Orchard (00:19:02):
I was gonna say I've also used Haya in the past and I've had gray success with them and that has worked really well. But honestly my, my biggest tip is, again, go, it goes back to that paranoia. If you get a phone call from a number that you're not expecting, and you're not expecting a phone call, let it go to voicemail. If it's important, they will leave a message or find another way to contact you. And if it's spam, then you've not wasted your time though. Of course, you, there is always the option of picking up a spam call and answering the person from Microsoft about the virus on your windows, PC, or Microsoft PC, and just keeping them going for as long as you can, if you've got the time to kill. But personally, I usually just let them go to voicemail cause they never bother leave a message. So it can't be that important

Mikah Sargent (00:19:44):
Wonder word ho in the chat says that they've used both HIA and robo killer and feel that HYA is is the better platform. So, you know, take that as you will. I, I've never used HYA. I've just used robo killer. But I might give HYA a go just to compare it to robo killer because robo killer does do that thing on occasion where suddenly it's not connected anymore, even though it had been working the whole time before. So that might be something that I can see if HYA does. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and if that one ends up being better I think we are going to take a quick break before we come back with a few more tips. And then we'll head into the news segment. This episode of Iowa today is brought to you by it pro TV.

Mikah Sargent (00:20:39):
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Mikah Sargent (00:22:37):
When you use the code twit 30, that's it and use code twit 30 for an additional 30% off for the lifetime of your active subscription, it pro TV build or expand your it career and enjoy the journey. Thanks so much to it. Pro TV for sponsoring this week's episode of iOS today. And now we head back to the show. I think one of the most important things that we can do is sort of educate ourselves and others on the spam and fishing schemes that we get. Because if you do, then you start to it. It's, there's a really fascinating skill called, and this is gonna get a little weird here for a second, but there's a really fascinating skill called chicken sexing and chicken sexing is where you tell the difference between a male or female chicken one that that lays eggs or one that does not.

Mikah Sargent (00:23:40):
And this process is one that is not entirely just a sort of skill. It's a kind of an art form. And it's one that requires a lot of experience to actually get there's actually a chicken sexing school. And the, the whole idea is that you can over time, it's almost like an intuitive thing. You can tell the difference between the two types of chickens as you are sorting through them. And it becomes you become better at it. The more you do it. And the more that you have, you know, oh, you know, you had an error here. This was actually a female chicken. You thought it was a male chicken as you're going through, going through, going through, going through and you get better at it over time. And it starts to become second nature. And I think that if, if you will, if you'll allow this strange metaphor I think that it is like that with spam and fishing and all of these kinds of detection where the more you're exposed to, and the more you tell your brain, oh, that's not good.

Mikah Sargent (00:24:47):
Oh, that actually is real. Oh, that's not real. Oh, this wording is off and is not real. Oh, this wording is right, but it's still not real. Your brain starts to get a little bit better. And so leading with that skepticism, and then mm-hmm, <affirmative> sharing the different attempts that people have to try it against you and talking about them. All of that is going to make you much more able to say, oh, no, this is not something that I'm going to fall for. They're not going to be able to get my money or get my account and be able to use it for spam, et cetera. So yeah, chicken sexing and avoiding fishing schemes. It's all the same folks.

Rosemary Orchard (00:25:34):
<Laugh> yeah, <laugh>, it is. And sometimes it can be a little difficult to tell with some of these things. So this is an email I got from GitHub earlier today. And in this case, it is a genuine email from GitHub. It's from a repository that I contributed to you a while ago. But if I was looking at this and I, wasn't a hundred percent sure there's quite a few links in here that could take me anywhere. And it's quite difficult to tell. So what you can do on Macs of course, is you can drag your mouse over that works on windows too, but there is no mouse that you can drag over these links on iOS or iPad OS, which makes it a bit trickier. Hopefully you're not reading your email on your TV. But what you can do is if you tap on it, then if you drag it around, then you can actually see, this is easier to do on the screen, actually, funnily enough, than it is with my finger here, I can actually see that it is actually linking to, which means that I know then that this link is going to and then I can actually do the sensible thing and go to, not click the link in the email.

Rosemary Orchard (00:26:34):
Just because even if it does say, you know, if you wanna just be sure it's easier to just go to the right place. The exception of course, to this is password reset emails. But if you didn't request a password reset, you're not getting a password reset email and you shouldn't click on it. So only click on those ones if you're actually expecting it. But other than that, yeah, be very, very, very skeptical and make sure that you don't click on links. And if you wanna verify where something has come from, then there are way to do that too. And it's, you know, in general, if you are getting an email from a company that says, Hey, this stuff has happened, they'll have a place on their website where you can see that same information which means that you can go verify for yourself, which makes it much easier.

Mikah Sargent (00:27:19):
There you go. Right. I, you think that brings us to the, oh is there anything else you wanna talk about from this first segment before we move on to the news?

Rosemary Orchard (00:27:29):
Yeah, I did just wanna mention scam apps because every so often you know, despite Apple's correct marketing department, as they refer to them and the wonderful people in app review who do their very best an app sneaks through into the app store, which is, is not what it seems. And there are some apps which aren't technically scams, but the way that they bill you is weekly or something, and they're billing you something like 10, 15, $20 a week, or even if it's less than that, if it's a weekly bill, then that's usually an indicator that maybe things aren't quite right. So what I would high, I recommend whenever you're downloading an app from the app store, and it comes with that, that little bubble that says, you know, there's in-app purchases. When you look at the in-app purchases, don't necessarily just read the app's description of what the in-app purchase is, but instead when you go to purchase something and I'm just gonna pop one up on my phone so I can show everybody this is quite difficult to type because I am apparently unable to type the letter S there we go.

Rosemary Orchard (00:28:31):
So now if I open the in app purchase screen here, so this this app is an app from a trusted developer, it's David Smith who created sleep plus plus, but here I have the option to purchase the in app purchase. So if I ignore the text that he's written, then I can see here at the exact details of the internet purchase, I can see the exact price, and if it were a subscription, I can see how frequently it repeats. Now this is small text, but I highly recommend you verify here before you prioritize something, because it's so easy to sign a per subscription that you think is a one time purchase, or it's a monthly thing. And it turns out it's billing you weekly, and it's charging you lots and lots of money. And there are in a couple of reports of these.

Rosemary Orchard (00:29:13):
And of course, you know, there's always other Phish scams and so on where people are trying to get your information or where people are just trying to get money out of you by saying that, you know, they're, they're hard up or they're in prison that it's not fair because, you know, they didn't actually do it, but they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and so on, but keep an eye out on the app store as well. And we make a point of only linking to the good stuff here on the show. But you can also do your homework and some due diligence and keep an eye on those things too.

Mikah Sargent (00:29:42):
Nice. That is well put right. Folks, let's move into the news. We've got a little bit of a, an accessory announcement. This is, I saw this the other day. I think it's kind of cool. Mm-Hmm belken has a new mag safe charger. Mm-Hmm, <affirmative> that as a kickstand. So it's kind of neat because it's that, it's the MagSafe puck that flops to the back of the it, wasn't a very good sound, but it th flops to the back of the iPhone, like normal, but it's got a kickstand on it so that you can set your phone up whenever you have it on. And then it's got this beautiful braided cord and a built in cable loop, so that can wrap it up and, you know, store it where you need to. I like this quite a bit because it's, yeah. Not standards app, not Apple's standard cable that kind of wears down after a while. It's also got that built in utility of being a kickstand mm-hmm <affirmative> so you can use it while it's charging quite nice.

Rosemary Orchard (00:30:42):
Yeah. The other great thing about this, which I feel was one of the reasons why I felt that, okay, I should put it in the docks is that it's longer, Apple's cable is only a meter about three feet long. This one, I believe for memory is two meters long, which makes it a much more flexible accessory, especially for travel. Yeah. Extra long, two meter braided USBC cable, which gives you twitce a length. And I know a frequent complaint. I've heard about people who've looked at the max charger and decided against buying it is it's too short while this one is $20 more, but it comes with a kickstand comes in black or white, and it's two meters, which of course makes it a much better option when you need a little bit of extra space. So yeah, I'm looking forward to getting worth these and giving it a go just because I think it is gonna be pretty great. And it's from Belkin and sold on the apple stores. So unlike some of the other third party options that I've seen on Amazon we, we should be able to trust this one that it's not gonna trend set our houses on fire.

Mikah Sargent (00:31:42):
<Laugh> I also like absolutely. Alright, then let's see. Oh, this is good. We, I think we even talked about it on this show. Certainly later on Mac brick weekly, there's a index DB bug indexed DB bug that was leaking people's information <affirmative> and Rosemary, it seems that they are preparing a fix now, is that correct?

Rosemary Orchard (00:32:09):
Yes. Yeah, it does seem so. So web kit, which is an open standard the apple uses as part of the safari framework. I'm not gonna go into details because I don't know most of them and I don't wanna get it wrong cuz I've met some of the people who were on the safari team and they're wonderful people. But it looks like apple are indeed fixing this and there should be a fix out soon. So fingers crossed and in the meantime, yeah, be careful on the pages that you browse on on the internet. The twit website is safe and make sure that you are only going to websites to, for us. Do you not clicking on any of those spam links cuz that's the kind of places they're gonna be looking for this data so that they can steal it

Mikah Sargent (00:32:50):
Indeed. This is kind of nice because at first, so I think a lot of folks well they worked an education or not took advantage of a little mini discount that you get, if you are buying from Apple's educational store there's like K through 12 there's, you know, working at a university, all sorts of different options for being able to use Apple's educational discount. A certain frequent panelist on some shows on the network and a friend of mine likes to call herself a student of life and therefore takes advantage of Apple's education discount. Apple ended up rolling out a new verification process that a lot of different companies use in order to make sure that you were truly a student at an accredited university or in, you know,TK12, et cetera, et cetera. So where before you didn't really have to prove it, you could just go to Apple's education store and buy things apple or updated it where you needed to go through this process to verify that you truly were a part of a an education group of some sort well mm-hmm, <affirmative> shortly after they announced the implementation of this new verification process, they then rolled it back <laugh> and yeah.

Mikah Sargent (00:34:20):
And it doesn't require verification. It's unclear how long this rollback is going to last because part of the problem was that yeah, in fact IOR says, I think that's IOR. Yeah. IOR says it pauses. And I think that that's a good word to use because actual true education affiliated people were having trouble being verified with this with this mm-hmm <affirmative> system. And so they weren't able to purchase computers and other devices. So apple put a pause on this new verification process, but it's unclear if they will, once again implement it once they get the everything figured out. So I'm curious to see if they will end up kind of rolling things forward again, where that verification is required. What do you think Rosemary? Yeah,

Rosemary Orchard (00:35:13):
Well all I can say is I, there is uni days verification on the education app store here in the UK, which means that you have to have a verified academic email address of some kind to sign up and then they do the verification on your behalf with apple. But I also know from experience because I did this for a little while after I graduated from my first degree program that you were able to just keep renewing it as long as your school email address was active. So I'm not a hundred percent certain that I would put a huge amount of stock in uni days' student verification. I'm not a hundred percent certain if that is, has changed, but I seem to remember from some conversations I had with some other friends recently, the, it at least over here in the UK, they're still just using the verification method of, yeah, we'll send an email to an academic email address if you verify it.

Rosemary Orchard (00:36:03):
You're all good for a year, which is interesting and maybe not a hundred percent accurate, but if you go into store, then they will ask you for some kind of ID that proves that you are part of some kind of education educational institution, or you were in education in some way shape or form, which can, you know, can be relatively easily proven if you are, for example, on a school website, as a member of staff or similar. So fingers cross, they will find a way that actually works for everyone. And doesn't cause too much distress to those people who actually are verified and should be able to get the discount.

Mikah Sargent (00:36:39):
All right, folks that brings us to the end of the news segment for this week. And we will soon move over to shortcuts corner.

Speaker 4 (00:36:49):
Thanks for listening to twit. Do you want customized host red ads that stand out then the twit network is the perfect place for your next advertising key campaign. If you are tired of forgettable ad reads and wants an authentic introduction of your products and services, then reach out today. Twit ads are compelling, specialized in all of our shows include video, which means we can show off products, websites, and customized videos visit and launch a tailored campaign. Now that's eyes.

Mikah Sargent (00:37:28):
That's right. I heard the music because it shortcuts corner time. This is the part of the show where you write in with your shortcuts requests and Rosemary orchard. The cuts expert provides an answer. Scott writes in hi, Mikah and Rosemary. I love your show and appreciate the way you dig into the tips and tricks of everything. Ios, Mikah. I really like the way you show us how you apply the health related services and apps and Rosemary, your technical wizardry, Scott that's. So kind that you had unique individual bits of compliments. That's so sweet. I have a shortcuts conundrum that I would love. Rosemary's help with please, between my wife and I, we share a meal planner in notes each week. We try to plan ahead for the family's dinners. We recorded something like this Sunday, 22nd of January taco night, Monday, 3rd of January, Rogan, Josh, et cetera. It's really tedious to write in manually. I know about the bulk ad tasks shortcut, however, it's not in the format I'm looking for. Thanks so much for your help. Scott from Sydney, Australia.

Rosemary Orchard (00:38:35):
Well, I have a couple of solutions for for Scott and the first one, I am just spotted a very small bug. So I'm gonna have to update the link in the show notes. But I can go ahead and share my screen because to start with, I thought let's just tackle the date problem here, because that is the problem that Scott really had. Getting all those dates into the notes app so that he can just write the names of things next at them. And so I've started out with the number seven, it's a number and I've just done seven. And the reason why I've done that is so that then on this repeat I can actually just select this number because then this way, if Josh wants to plan for, I dunno, 14 meals at a time, he doesn't need to tap that stepper to increase it.

Rosemary Orchard (00:39:20):
However many times he wants or decrease it, it's very easy to change. And so after that, then I'm asking what's your start date? Because of course some people's meal plan on Sundays, some people, people meal plan on Mondays and some people meal plan on Fridays for the week starting the next Monday, whatever it is, this should work for you, fingers crossed. And so then we're gonna go through and repeat that number of times. And we're gonna format the date and I've said the, the date format here to be medium sorry, there we go. So I've done a medium date format and no time because we really don't want a time on this. It's a default local. So that should work for you down in Australia. Sydney's I think it was Scott. And then it's gonna add this variable to a list of vari a list of variables for us add one day to the date.

Rosemary Orchard (00:40:11):
And then we're gonna just go through that again, so that then at the end we should have seven day in our variable. Perfect. Then we're gonna combine this with new lines. And I've cheated a little bit here. I'm using markdown. So a single hash mark followed by some words in markdown is a H one header. And then I'm converting that to rich text and then here is the test. Okay. So I'm gonna say that I wanna start my meal planning on Sunday and then it's going to go through and whoa, okay. That's actually got quite a few more dates in there than I needed, but that's okay. I will just leave that as it is for the time being, and I will make sure I will fix that tiny little bug afterwards, but I thought, how about I do something just a little bit better for Scott because you know, why not?

Rosemary Orchard (00:40:57):
I, I can easily do something just a tiny bit better for him, and I'm just gonna fix that little bug that I saw earlier, where I forgot to convert the rich markdown into rich text because I was doing this quickly while I was on my lunch break. And I did not realize that I had missed that step because of course I always write everything and mark down because that's who I am. So this does almost exactly the same thing. Only after you have done this, it's gonna ask you to choose which dates you wanna plan your meals for from that group of meal planning days. And then for every day that you say you wanna plan a meal for, it's gonna ask you what the meal is for the day. And then it's gonna combine all of that and put it into a new note.

Rosemary Orchard (00:41:39):
So I am going to start on the 30th again. And this time I'm just gonna pick a couple of days because I don't wanna be sitting here for ages. And then I can say, I don't know, I'm gonna have rice on Sunday. And then I'll have pasta on Monday and I'm really not doing very well. I'm gonna have to stick with carbohydrates, Mica. So I guess it's gonna be bread on the Tuesday. And there, if I just have done on the other ones, oops, that is not quite working in exact actually the way I expected, but that's fine. I appear to have a slight bug because I created this one on the Mac and of course it's broken on my iPhone attach. So I'll make sure that that one is fixed before. It actually ends up in Scott's hands, but if I tap on, so you can easily just skip a day by tapping done if you're not sure what you want to write in there yet.

Rosemary Orchard (00:42:33):
I, I've got a lot of days in here Wellers and some of them are in there twitce. Excellent. either way it has then created a note for me in the background and that is back in notes. So that's with the space dash space in there. So fingers crossed up one of these will work for you, and I will make sure that the correct end up in the show notes for those. I think something went a little buggy with the the Mac OS to iOS transition there because of course, shortcut does work on the Mac too. So you could run these on your Mac

Mikah Sargent (00:43:05):
In theory <laugh>

Rosemary Orchard (00:43:06):
Well, it worked perfectly on the Mac. It was when I it's the actual running it on iOS that I apparently forgot to test. And there is a slight bug in there, but either way we'll get, we'll get that fixed for him.

Mikah Sargent (00:43:20):
Excellent. Thomas writes in dear Rosemary and Mikah. I have been watching the show from Germany and BVA since the beginning. Great show. You both are doing thanks, Thomas. And thanks for being a long time listener Rosemary. I have a shortcut automation question, which I think is very difficult smiley face every evening. I wants to set my alarm clock to a specific time. Let's say at 6:00 AM, then my radiator should start heating at 5:45 AM. I'm looking for a solution where a shortcut asks me when I want to wake up the next day and automatically turn my radiator on 15 minutes earlier without additional radiator settings. So only entering the wake up time. Is that possible? Thank you for your help. Stay safe, Thomas. Thank you, Thomas. I imagine this is a home kid enabled radiator that Thomas is using. Yeah,

Rosemary Orchard (00:44:10):
Yeah. Quite possibly though. I've I've got a couple of ideas for this. So the first one is just out of the ball on iOS with home pods and things like that. There is no way to just do this without some extra help, which I'm gonna get to in a second. But the way that you can do it, if you do if you're willing to make an extra action and you're gonna need to talk to Siri on one of your devices for this. And so you'll say, Hey, apple lady obviously substitutes it with the correct word. Set my tell, Hey, apple lady, turn my radiator on at 5:45 AM. And then that's a one-time automation. That's not gonna run every day, but it, if you set it up by a Siri, it will happen just once. And so it's not gonna do it every single time.

Rosemary Orchard (00:44:56):
So if one day you wake up at six and the next day you wake up at eight, it is going to adjust that for you, which is great. However, I'm hoping that maybe Thomas is radiators. Weren't originally home kid enabled. So maybe he's already running something like HomeBridge because if he's running something like HomeBridge, then there is this great calendar plugin for HomeBridge where you can add a calendar. And so you can subscribe to a calendar. And that will basically just turn a sensor on and off when there's a calendar event. And you're, you're probably going, wait, where is she going with this? Well, if you create a per calendar in whatever account you're using, it doesn't matter. It could be iCloud, Google, fast mail, whatever, any choice if you can subscribe to it or share the link to it so that the home bridge plugin can read it, then it can see that.

Rosemary Orchard (00:45:45):
So then what you can do is a little bit of shortcuts magic, and I wasn't a hundred percent certain here because Thomas didn't specify if you wanted to set the time for the alarm. So I haven't done that in here, but that'll be easy to add. And I'll, I'll, I'll show you how afterwards. So what I've done is I've called this set my alarm for tomorrow. I imagine as Thomas in Bavaria, who'll probably want to rename it to something like alarm for Morgan Seton. That's, that's all doable. And then what is gonna do is just ask for time and that's all it does. It just asks for time. It says the time to now you could set a, a default time if you wanted to. So if Thomas usually gets up at six o'clock in the morning oops that oh, 6 0 9, that's very close, but not quite.

Rosemary Orchard (00:46:29):
There we go. Then if I change that, then it will instead use that as the default, then it's gonna subtract 15 minutes from that. And then it's gonna add heat the radiator to a calendar. And this is the first part of the automation. The other part of the automation is then going to be adding a home kit action. So that then when that sensor turns on, then we can then it will actually turn on the heater. And so what we'll do is we'll use the sensor and I'm am just going to use a humidity sensor as an example for now. But either way, that's fine. So when that, that turns on to whatever the setting is, then I am going to turn on this particular light in that example. And then you just turn it to what I, of settings you need, whether that's an on or off, or maybe if it is an actual temperature controlled radiator, then you can actually set a thermostat and you can even specify a specific temperature so that you can control it like that. And then you're done and then that's it. And you can even use, if you do this, you can actually say turn up after, say five minutes or 15 minutes. Because I imagine if Thomas only wants the radiator to preheat for 15 minutes before he gets up, it's pretty efficient. So that's a couple of ideas for you. Thomas fingers crossed one will work. But don't forget everybody. You can just say, Hey, apple lady do this at that time. And she will

Mikah Sargent (00:47:58):
Nice. Yes, I like that. There are multiple options there, but it's always fun. Whenever folks have you know, more complicated options if they want to take them. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> <affirmative> all right. We've got some feedback next, just a little bit of feedback before we round things out with our app caps. First bit of feedback comes from David. Wow. Hello, Rosemary and Mikah longtime follower here from the Arctic circle in Norway. Thank you for delighting us with such a wonderful show every week. Thank you, David. That's so cool. I have a very specific task I'm struggling with and wonder if you could help me with an automation routine or something else here in Norway, as in most of the world has been extremely difficult to get a PlayStation five. One of the most active tech enthusiast communities in the country has a forum thread where an update is posted immediately.

Mikah Sargent (00:48:49):
When the PS five is in stock, somewhere in Norway, the forum immediately sends an email to the followers of this thread. I need my iPhone to notify me with a prominent sound and alert sound. Every time I get this email, it's not an email thread. So the notify me bell doesn't work, and I get other emails from this form. So I can't make the, I can't mark the sender as a V E I P what can I do? I really appreciate your help. Thank you. Regards David. This is sounding like an I F T T T Zapier sort of situation here. Rosemary looks like you have a few different thoughts on how this could be done. Well,

Rosemary Orchard (00:49:27):
The first thing that we need to do is we need to find an application that can send iOS critical alerts. And so an iOS critical alert is an alert that will break through. So it could be used for example, for things like earthquakes or when certain governments like to test floor or not, their earthquake system is working and send out test alerts to everybody love that feature. <Laugh> but there's, there's also, it's also used by home kit, for example, for, with things like flood sensors and things like that. And there's various different apps out there that support you, creating your own custom notifications that come through as critical alerts and home assistant for people who are very nerdy and home automation is one of them. But pushover is a great candidate for this because it's supported critical notifications or critical alerts since February of 2020.

Rosemary Orchard (00:50:15):
So this is pretty well tested now, and they've got a little post on their block showing how you can set that up so that you can have it set to one for loud to 11 for definitely loud. If you enable that kind of critical alert, so that's a start. So now we know how to send the notification, how do we get it to send the notification? And for this I've, I've personally gone with two options Zapier and integr map. Both of them have excellent free plans. You may well also be able to do this with if this and that, but essentially what you'll need to do David is you need to set up a forwarder in your email that forwards just those emails from the forum software with that subject. You mentioned the exact subject, but unfortunately neither Mikah nor I speak Norwegian.

Rosemary Orchard (00:50:58):
So I left that one out of the the content. But if you set that email up to be forwarded to the service, then you can set either sappy or integr map. Both of them work the same way up to receive that email. And then when they receive that email, then they can send a push cut critical alert notification for you, which will allow you to be notified. The second that PS five is in stock fingers crossed. So yeah, that, that is my suggestion to that. It is gonna require going a little off book, but I think the results are worth it in this case.

Mikah Sargent (00:51:32):
Yes. If you're trying to get that PS five as quickly as possible, it's worth going through the process of getting that all set up. Sheppo writes in hello, Mike and Rosemary. Hello. Sheppo my safari. Icloud tabs do not sync between iPhone and iPad on iPhone. I cannot see the tabs that are opened on my iPad and vice versa. I have gone to settings iCloud and enabled safari for both my iPhone and iPad. Both devices are signed into the same iCloud account and both running iOS 15.2 0.1. Sheppo this is an ongoing issue that I've seen a lot of people experience. It typically works a little bit for them though. It's the, it goes the other way. The iCloud tabs stay for far longer than they should. In fact, I think there's, let's see iCloud zombie tabs yeah, zombie tabs from MacBook pro show up on all the devices, zombie fans and Mac SFAR, iCloud tabs, how to delete zombie safari, open tabs and iCloud.

Mikah Sargent (00:52:33):
They're all of these different threads and different forums talking about how they've got it. It says if anyone else encounters such a problem, just re-log into your iCloud account on device with a zombie tabs come from. I would not want to have to do that. It's, it's just an ongoing sync issue where it seems to me Rosemary, that iCloud tabs, that part is not getting as much priority in terms of what gets synced. Whenever things are, are kind of moving between devices. And so, regardless of what you're using, there could be an issue, but go ahead, Rosemary, cuz it's sounds like you've got, yeah,

Rosemary Orchard (00:53:10):
So I, I have a thought on this because a friend of mine recently said to me and you know, he's pretty nerdy and like is a developer. So he's good at figuring the stuff out. He was like, where are my iCloud tabs on my iPhone? I can't see them. And first of all, if you, you just go into the tab section, so I'm just gonna quickly switch to my iPhone so you can see yes, I was chopping for a new bed and stuff earlier today. Then you can see tabs, but your iCloud tabs from other devices won't appear here. Also, you can see at the bottom any tab groups you've got which do sync between devices, they might take a little while, but they do show up. But if you go into a new tab and you go to a new empty tab, then you've got a whole bunch of different areas.

Rosemary Orchard (00:53:51):
There's favorites frequently visited, shared with you, privacy support, serious suggestions, reading list. And then right at the bottom, right at the bottom of this there's from, and then this is the name of my laptop. Voyager. I can also go to Pegasus. Yes. I've named my computers after star Trek enterprise. Ships love it. Then I can also switch to my iPad and my iPad pro. And this is how you can actually see this. And also there's a show more and show less button, which doesn't necessarily catch your eye immediately, cuz there's another button right next to it where you can switch things. So what you can do is if we just scroll down to the bottom of this, if you tap on the edit button, then you can actually get rid of a whole bunch of these different sections that you might not want.

Rosemary Orchard (00:54:35):
Or you can even go ahead and reorder things. You can also customize the background image and stuff though that might be worth the features in beers, but it will use the same start page on all of your device. And then, Hey, look at that. I have all of those tabs from my iPad pro and you know, I can switch to any other device. So that's worth giving a try to if you haven't already tried that Chappo other than that I'm afraid it might just be a case of sit and wait for them to sync and hopefully they will. Yeah,

Mikah Sargent (00:55:04):
Yeah. Slash apple fixing this, this, I think that it it's, it lasts a little bit too long for it not to be in some sort of bug that needs to be fixed because mm-hmm <affirmative>, as I said, you go online and you type in zombie tabs or Phantom tabs and you can see how many other people have experienced similar issues. I think that it's just, it's, there's a little bit more ironing out to do there that will hopefully make it so that your tabs show up and other people's tabs disappear as they want them to mm-hmm <affirmative> so sorry, we don't have a, a super great answer for you. Other than something that I don't really recommend, which is logging out of iCloud logging back in or Rosemary's option, which I do recommend, which is a little bit easier. And doesn't our full logout or anything like that. All right, folks, that's the end of our feedback and questions segment, which means it's time for app caps. All right. It's time for app caps. The part of the show where we place caps the top, our head to honor our app picks of the week, and then we share those app or gadget picks of the week with you and with our caps properly placed Rosemary orchard. Tell us about the cap at top of your head and then tell us about your app pick of the week.

Rosemary Orchard (00:56:28):
All right. Well, the cap top of my head, you can't really tell, but it's actually great with sparkle net. And I did not kni this one myself, but I do actually have the patron for it. And so I might actually end up making that because you know, who doesn't love a nice little gray array. And my app cap is one I kind of accidentally hinted on the show earlier today. Well, accidentally on purpose. My act of the week is sleep plus plus because sleep plus plus is a great app. It's an old bit of goody. I mentioned the developer earlier, David underscore Smith. He is a trustworthy developer. He's got lots of apps in the apps store. He's the maker of widget at Smith on watch Smith for are those people who love customizing their home screen of watch faces, but sleep plus plus is a great way to hook into the data inside of your your iPhone and so on and just get it in a nice summary format.

Rosemary Orchard (00:57:15):
So you don't have to go diving through the health app and you can easily sit a, see a glance what's working well. And maybe which of those nights you just didn't really get in the, of sleep on. But the reason why is my app kept this week is first of all, it's a free app with a 1 99 in-app purchase to unlock everything. But there, there are no ads anyway, but what you can do now is there's a readiness score. And I don't know about you Mikah, but I have some days where I just feel like I'm not up for anything today. I don't do anything. And I think that it's my sleep affecting me. And so I have to confess, I did go back and doctor some of the past nights of sleep results here, as you can see, usually I do pretty well.

Rosemary Orchard (00:57:54):
On Saturday, the 15th of January is a hundred percent rested. Excellent. and then as you can see, like some of the more recent ones that I've modified eight and nine, whoops, those aren't very good, but if you actually get enough sleep, then of course you will see a much higher readiness score. But what I like about this app is it does just give me the information I can easily see when things started and ended and I can easily adjust something. So when something's actually not right, I can go back and I can just adjust things just that little bit and make them lot better than they were or at least a little bit better. And, you know, you'll see that's increased my, my score from, I believe it was nine to 10 definitely still not getting enough sleep on that particular night, but I do just like this app because it does just have lots of data and it's got a great way of just giving you all of that data.

Rosemary Orchard (00:58:44):
So you can see like your sleeping heart rate or how long your sleep duration is, and whether or not things are improving or not improving if your bedtime is consistent or in my case, apparently very inconsistent. And I really need to start going to bed earlier. Well, I do, I, I do, but I also need to stop doctoring data so that I can show things off on iOS today. I but you can go through each of the different days here. And you can see how things compare overall to your averages and other days in the week, so that you can actually get an idea of some of those trends that are going on. If you go into the settings and it gives you a little bit of the sleep quality guide, you can manually record nights and things like that as well.

Rosemary Orchard (00:59:27):
And you can get a summary of your sleep data in the morning. I set this up and then unfortunately forgot to take a screenshot when it popped up this morning and swiped it away. So this is a great app, but the other part of it that I really like is I can actually this on my apple watch so that it will show up on the watch face that I wear at night because I use an automation of course, to change my watch face at night. We talked about this on the last episode of iOS today. So I have a watch face at night and I use the extra large face with one complication, which is my sleep plus plus complication. So I can easily see the time at a glance and then I can also easily get to my sleepless plus data so I can see, Hey, yeah, you've, you've actually had, you know, eight hours sleep. You, you can get up now or no, no, it's been three hours and it just feels like you've had a really restful night. <Laugh> maybe get some more sleep, maybe get some more sleep. I'm definitely gonna be taking some homework away from this episode, which is get more sleep. I, but I am really pleased with this update to sleep plus plus it's a very good, very simple app with all of the data.

Mikah Sargent (01:00:28):
Awesome. I think it's fantastic. Sleep is incredibly important, more important than even like folks hear that. And they go, I know I've heard that a thousand times, but I've done a lot of research and study sleep in the past. And I think we severely underestimate just how important sleep is and we're learning more and more all the time that sleep is even more important than we realize. I have a, an ongoing subscription to the journal sleep and there are always new studies coming out that are really kind of terrifying at the impact of, of insomnia and sleeplessness on our bodies. So yeah, do what you can to, to get more sleep. And if you need an app to tell you it's okay to get more sleep, then by golly, use that app to do so. I am wearing a King's crown, I think is what it is at top of my, it, it might also be a Bishop's hat.

Mikah Sargent (01:01:24):
I don't know. The point is it's a very gold and red hat with a sort of cross on the top of it and it's large and goofy and I am wearing it to top of my head. The thing I wanna talk about is so something that I was pretty certain was going to be the case. I was pretty certain that I was going to feel this way, and I'm glad that I do long ago in a distant land, I purchased the Waymo stage scene controller. This was a little remote device that has three stateless switches on it, three stateless buttons on it. One, two and three. And this was a thing that Bekins Waymo made that does not work with the Waymo app at all, or anything like that. It is meant to be used with home kit.

Mikah Sargent (01:02:22):
So you don't even use the app. You can't use the app to set it up. You set it up in the home app directly, and it would give you three buttons that you can use to control all sorts of things. You can control different accessories in your home, different home kit, enabled accessories, or you can use it to control scenes in your home. And this device was the reason why I purchased it was because they were, they set it up so that eventually would work with thread up to that point, though it worked via Bluetooth and it was absolute crap. It was terrible. It didn't work. And it, the the few times when it did work, it would take so long for it to actually work. So I kept it in a drawer and said, I'm not using you until you add thread support.

Mikah Sargent (01:03:10):
Then the thread group did a case study with the Waymo stage scene controller with thread. And I was a little bit upset and I, I talked about it at the time on my once show smart tech today, about how I was a little bit perturbing that the company that the, the thread group decided to do a case study on something that wasn't even available to the public yet the thread support. But the thread update finally came to the Waymo, remote the Waymo stage scene controller. And as I expected, it is night and day different. You press the button and it does the thing, which is not what it did before, when it was Bluetooth. I, in fact, yes, scooter res just shared in the chat in the, in the club twit chat, the tweet that I sent where it says before the thread group for more update, utterly useless, you're going back in the box after the thread group for more update, OMG, I need one of these for every room.

Mikah Sargent (01:04:16):
And I truly do because this little 49 99 remote is so fantastic. So right now I have it set up. So that one triggers a scene that I call on air that turns on my studio lights and the different lights in my space and sets the the two Hugo lights to blue and purple two, which turns off all of the lights in my studio and my, in my office and three, which is what I call nightlight. And it just turns on those two lights at a, at a deep red, so that if I need to come in here at night, I can come in here without it blasting my retina. So watch this, I press three and immediately it's already done the thing that I asked it to do. I press one and immediately it's already doing the thing that I asked it to do.

Mikah Sargent (01:05:06):
Some people probably go like what's, why is that so special? You have to understand that this before you'd press it. And sometimes it would work two minutes later. Sometimes it wouldn't work at all. Sometimes it would you would press the button and nothing would happen. Sometimes you'd press the button, then you'd press another button out of frustration. And then the, the first thing would happen instead of the second thing, it was absolute garbage as a Bluetooth remote, but now with thread, it does what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. And it does it immediately. Like that is all I want from my devices. And this is truly, truly magical in how well it works. I am so happy with the Waymo stage scene controller with thread, which is something I never thought I would say about a sadly about a Bekin device, because for the most part, I do not recommend Waymo.

Mikah Sargent (01:05:58):
That may change whenever I I'm also gonna be testing out the Waymo plug with thread support because the Waymo switches from before I've always had issues with those. They've always had disconnectivity, all sorts of issues, but now with thread support, I just press the button. And the thing happens. I'm just looking forward to the future of the smart home with thread. So that's worth checking out Waymo stage scene controller with thread 49 99 now that it has thread support the important thing is that you have to have a thread border router in your home of some sort meaning a home pod mini one of the newest generation of apple TVs, some of the Eve home products are also thread, border routers. It's still a little confusing how all that works. But if you are thinking about getting one of these, feel free to reach out to me, if you're not sure what you might need, what you, if, if anything that you already have works, you can always reach out and I'd be happy to help you answer those questions.

Mikah Sargent (01:07:02):
But I gotta tell you night and day and finally something that was worth the cost. I was so pumped whenever that firmware update rolled through and I was able to set it up with thread support. So yeah, that's that which means it's time for the end of the show, which is the part where I tell you that you can email us. If you have shortcuts corner requests, if you have feedback and questions, if you do need help with thread or anything like that iOS today, you can tune in live to watch the show while we're recording it. We do that every Tuesday at 12:00 PM, Eastern 9:00 AM Pacific. So you just had to twit that TV slash live to watch there. But we think the best way to get the show is to subscribe to the show or follow the show depending on where you are subscriber you're following.

Mikah Sargent (01:07:55):
You can do that by going to, if you're not already subscribed or following. And in choosing to, by clicking on subscribe to audio or subscribe to video, and then deciding which provider you wanna use, YouTube, apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, all those different places. We try to be in all of those different places. And that is all available. It's with that TV slash iOS, the video version of the show, we think is the best version of the show, but we do our best to give audio descriptions so that if you are just listening, that gives you what you need to know for the show. By the way, if you'd like to get all of our shows ad free, you, you can, all you do is head to twit to check out club twit and join the club for seven bucks a month.

Mikah Sargent (01:08:43):
What do you get? Well, you get every single one of our shows add free. All of them add free, so you can check 'em all out. You get access to the twit plus bonus feed that has extra content. You won't find anywhere else, including AMAs with many of the hosts and panelists on the show. Plus a lot of other cool stuff behind the scenes. Pre-Show postshow stuff, all sorts of goodies and access to the discord server. If you're wondering what that is, well, if you've ever used if you've ever used slack or Microsoft teams, then you'll be familiar with the way that this is set up. It's just a place to go and chat with your friends, your fellow club, twit members, but also those of us here at twit as well in panelists, et cetera,, twit seven bucks a month to check that out.

Mikah Sargent (01:09:30):
And for those of you who said, Hey, I just wanna support the show that I listen to directly. There is a way to do that. You head in via apple podcasts, you type in iOS today, you find the audio feed of the show, and you'll find a new button that says, subscribe for 2 99 a month, you get the ad free version of the audio feed. So that is a way to support the show that you want directly without worrying about all that extra stuff. So either a club to it at seven bucks a month with that TV slash club to, or an apple podcast, the audio version ad free, those are things you can do. Rose Mary orchard. If folks wanna follow you online and check out all your great work, where do they go to do so?

Rosemary Orchard (01:10:09):
Best place to go is Rosemary, which has links to all the things I do in all the various places online. Or you can just head to twittter. I'm following me the, with username, Rosemary orchard. Of course, if you are a club to member, then you can find me in the club, twit discord as well in the iOS today, channel, which I try and keep an eye on, especially when we're trying to get all of that feedback in for the show. And I do visit the twit IRC when we're recording too mic. What about you?

Mikah Sargent (01:10:33):
I am at my a Sergeant on many, a social media network, or you can head to Chihuahua That's C I Hua, where I've got links to the places I'm most active online. And of course here on the twit network for tech news weekly and soon, I'll be rejoin Leo for the tech guy on Saturdays. Thank you all for tuning in. We appreci each and every one of you thank you to those of you've written in with your questions and your feedback and your thoughts and all that great stuff. Rosemary and I love doing this show for all of you. And thank you for the time you spend listening to us each week until next time we say goodbye. Goodbye. 

Ant Pruitt (01:11:13):
So you got yourself, the brand new latest and greatest iPhone or Samsung smartphone, because you heard about all of the beautiful photography those things can create, but for some reason, you're just not quite getting it done with when you try to make your photos, or you got yourself a brand new camera, because you were interested in getting started in photography, but you're a little new inexpensive camera still. Isn't quite cutting it. Well, you need to check out my show hands on photography here on twit. I'm gonna show you how to be a better photographer and a better post. And quite frankly, just help you get the most outta that new camera. That's either on your phone or the brand new one that you just got for your, your birthday or gifts or what have you. And it's gonna be a lot of fun. So head on over to let's O P. And subscribe today,

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