iFive for the iPhone 95 (Transcript)

[[ad]] This episode of iFive for the iPhone is brought to you by… Gazelle, the fast and simple way to sell your used gadgets!  Find out what your used iPhone, iPad, and other Apple products are worth at [[OPEN]] WELCOME TO IFIVE FOR THE IPHONE, EPISODE 95. WHICH IS DIVISIBLE BY 5….. THIS IS THE SHOW THAT COVERS THE LATEST IPHONE NEWS, APPS, TIPS & TRICKS. I'M SARAH LANE, YOUR GUIDE TO ALL THINGS IOS. EST-CE QUE VOUS ETES PRET? ALLONZ Y! -------------------------------------- #1 - iOS 8 checkin - LAST WEEK WE TALKED ABOUT HOW FAMILY SHARING AND MESSAGES WERE TWO KILLER FEATURES COMING IN IOS 8, WHICH, AS A REMINDER, IS CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPER BETA AND NOT READY FOR PRIMETIME. WE’LL HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THE FALL FOR THAT. HOWEVER, THERE’S A LOT TO LOOK FORWARD TO! FOR THOSE OF US WHO HAVE MORE THAN ONE IDEVICE AND A MAC OR TWO, A FEATURE CALLED HANDOFF SYNCS EVERYTHING YOU DO TO MORE EASILY MOVE BETWEEN YOUR DEVICES. SO, START Writing an email on your iPhone and pick up where you left off ON YOUR Mac. Or browse the web on your Mac and your iPad WILL PICK UP RIGHT AT THE SAME LINK, JUST BY USING THE SAME iCloud account. Handoff WILL WORK WITH Mail, Safari, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Maps, Messages, Reminders, Calendar, and Contacts. And developers can build Handoff into their apps now, too. THAT’S THE PART I LIKE, AND I REALLY HOPE DEVELOPERS DO THIS, BECAUSE IT’S BEEN AGES SINCE I USED THE NATIVE MAIL APP, FOR EXAMPLE. I WANT CONTINUITY IN AS MANY PLACES AS POSSIBLE. EXCITING STUFF. ———————————————————— #2 - BLEK - HEY, HOW ABOUT A BRAND-NEW INFURIATING GAME TO RAISE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE? BLEK HAS BEEN AROUND SINCE MARCH, BUT IT’S REALLY BECOME A FAVORITE OF A LOT OF MY IPHONE-GAME-LOVIN FRIENDS, SO WE’RE GOING FOR IT. THE IDEA IS THAT YOU WANT TO CLEAR THE DOTS ON THE SCREEN WITHOUT HITTING A BLACK DOT, WHICH COMES UP NOW AND THEN. A LITTLE HARD TO EXPLAIN, BUT WHATEVER YOU DRAW BECOMES A FLUID MOTION, AND YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE TO DRAW IT PERFECTLY TO CLEAR THE COLORS. WHAT’S NICE IS THAT THERE’S NO SPECIFIC MOVE YOU NEED TO MASTER, EACH LEVEL HAS LOTS OF DIFFERENT SOLVING POSSIBILITES, BUT IN THAT SENSE IT’S ALSO A LITTLE FRUSTRATING FOR ME BECAUSE I’M NOT SURE HOW MUCH SKILL REALLY GOES INTO IT. THEN AGAIN, I’M REALLY BAD AT POOL BECAUSE I DON’T THINK AHEAD. CURRENTLY THERE ARE 60 LEVELS IN BLEK AND I’M STUCK WAY BELOW THAT, SO UNLESS YOU’RE A WIZARD, YOU’LL PROBABLY BE ENTERTAINED FOR A WHILE. THE COMPANY SAYS MORE LEVELS ARE COMING SOON. PLUS, ICLOUD SYNC LETS YOU PICK UP A GAME FROM ANOTHER IDEVICE. ALL IN ALL, IT SURE IS PRETTY AND POINTS FOR A GAME THAT NOBODY ELSE HAS DONE BEFORE. IF YOU’RE READY TO GIVE IT A GO, IT’S $2.99 IN THE APP STORE. ---------------------------------------- #3 - ELEVATE - I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT SOMETIMES I EAT RIGHT, GET ENOUGH SLEEP, EXERCISE, AND STILL HAVE DAYS WHEN MY BRAIN IS WAY TOO FOGGY FOR MY OWN GOOD. SO I THOUGHT I’D GIVE Elevate A WHIRL- IT’S a brain training app designed to improve focus, speaking skills, processing speed, STUFF LIKE THAT.DEPENDING ON WHAT YOU FEEL YOU SHOULD FOCUS ON, LIKE READING COMPREHENSION OR ATTENTION SPAN STUFF, YOU GET A personalized training program that adjusts over time. AND I LOVE IT! NOT ONLY DO YOU GET performance tracking AS YOU MOVE ALONG, BUT ELEVATE WORKS TO MAKE SURE EVEN IF YOU’RE DOING WELL, YOUR experience is CONSTANTLY challenging YOU, AND YOU’VE GOT A WORKOUT CALENDAR TO STAY MOTIVATED. ELEVATE’S GAMES DRAW ON THE SAME TESTS USED IN COGNITIVE LEARNING AND NEUROSCIENCE STUDIES, SO THERE’S DEFINITELY DATA GETTING COLLECTED FROM HOW WELL YOU DO, BUT HEY, IF YOU’RE DOING WELL, YOU’RE A GOOD INDICATION THAT THE HUMAN RACE IS DOING A-OK. I SIGNED UP VIA FACEBOOK CONNNECT, BUT IF YOU’RE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THAT, YOU CAN CREATE AN ACCOUNT FROM SCRATCH TOO. ELEVATE’S COMPLETELY FREE AND DONE REALLY WELL. I GIVE IT TWO BRAINCELLS UP. ———————————————————————————— {{ad}} This episode of iFive for the iPhone is brought to you by… Gazelle [Intro] Are you thinking about getting the new iPad? Did you just get a new iPhone? Gazelle wants to buy your used iPhone, iPad or smartphone. You can lock in your price today and send it to Gazelle when you get your new one because Gazelle’s offer is good for thirty days. Gazelle makes selling your used gadgets fast and simple: Go to – that’s g-a-z-e-l-l-e dot com and find your item. Tell Gazelle the condition -- they’ll even buy broken iPhones and iPads. Get a risk-free offer for your gadgets and free shipping! And then you’ll get paid fast by check, PayPal or get an extra 5% with an Amazon gift card. Go to now to get an offer for your iPhone or iPad. Benefits of Gazelle… You get paid in cash Payment is fast, within a few days of the item being received It’s Risk-Free Offers are good for 30 days -- giving you time to transfer data or set up your new device. Gazelle will also wipe your data for free. It’s Trustworthy Gazelle has paid more than $100 million dollars to over 700,000 customers It’s Easy Free Shipping -- most items qualify for a free box Fast process -- no listing hassles Products to check on the site: iPhone 5 - 16GB (AT&T) Apple iPad 4th generation 64GB WiFi + 4G LTE AT&T Apple iPad Mini 64GB WiFi + 4G LTE Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III SGH-i535 (Verizon) Offer/Call to Action: What’s your iPhone worth?  Take a minute, and go to to find out.  Do it now because your iPhone may lose value the longer you wait. —————————————————————————————— #4 - DUH TIP: TRIM LONG VIDEOS WE GOT A DUH TIP EMAIL FROM AHMAD, WHO WANTS YOUR VIDEOS TO BE A LITTLE MORE SUCCINCT. HE WRITES: “Don't know if you've covered this before, but I just noticed i could trim my videos. All i did was hold any of the arrows on the preview and the trim option appeared.” WORKING IN THIS INDUSTRY AS LONG AS I HAVE I CAN’T EMPHASIZE ENOUGH HOW NICE A GOOD VIDEO TRIM CAN BE, ESPECIALLY IF YOU’RE GOING TO IMPORT A BUNCH OF VIDEO CLIPS INTO SOMETHING LIKE IMOVIE LATER ON. EVEN IF YOU DON’T FANCY YOURSELF A VIDEO EDITOR OR FEEL COMFORTABLE DOING TOO MUCH VIDEO MANIPULATION, YOU CAN ALWAYS CUT OUT THE PART OF A VIDEO AT YOUR NIECE’S SOCCER GAME WHERE YOU ACCIDENTALLY RECORDED YOUR FEET, BEFORE YOU SEND IT OFF TO YOUR SISTER - THAT SORT OF THING. DON’T FEAR THE TRIM - JUST TRIM WISELY. THANKS AHMAD! ———————————————————— #5 - DUH TIP: MAP GESTURE FUN FINALLY, LET’S TALK ABOUT MAPS. THIS HANDY DUH TIP COMES FROM RICO, AND IT WORKS FOR BOTH APPLE MAPS AND GOOGLE MAPS. I PERSONALLY PREFER GOOGLE MAPS BUT MOST APPS WILL LAUNCH APP MAPS BY DEFAULT SO IT’S SOMETHING NICE TO HAVE IN BOTH. RICO WRITES: You already knew that you can double-tap to zoom in, right? Did you know that you can 2-finger tap to zoom OUT in Google and Apple Maps?! Mind-blowing, right? Being a contrarian, I've never been a fan of the pinch-to-zoom fad - specially when it takes my maps off that perfect north orientation. (Who in the heck wants the north in their maps pointing anywhere but up?!) RICO, IT’S FUNNY, BECAUSE I’M NOT A PINCH-TO-ZOOM HATER, BUT I DO SEE YOUR POINT ABOUT THE NORTH ORIENTATION AND I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT THE 2-FINGER TAP! ZOOM OUT WITH NO REPERCUSSIONS? THAT’S AWESOME. YOU’RE THE BEST. ----------------------------------------- THAT DOES IT FOR THIS EPISODE OF IFIVE. HOPE YOU ALL HAD AS MUCH FUN AS I DID. ALL OF THE APPS, LINKS, AND OTHER INFO FROM THE SHOW IS AT TWIT.TV/IFIVE. EMAIL IDEAS QUESTIONS, OR GENERAL FEEDBACK TO AT IFIVE@TWIT.TV, LEAVE US A VOICEMAIL AT (614) ON-IFIVE, OR SEND US A VIDEO WITH AN APP REVIEW OF YOUR OWN! I’M SARAH LANE, SEE YOU NEXT TIME ON IFIVE FOR THE IPHONE!
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