iFive for the iPhone 94 (Transcript)

[[ad]] This episode of iFive for the iPhone is brought to you by… Gazelle, the fast and simple way to sell your used gadgets!  Find out what your used iPhone, iPad, and other Apple products are worth at [[OPEN]] WELCOME TO IFIVE FOR THE IPHONE, EPISODE 94, OR AS I LIKE TO CALL IT, THE BEST YEAR TO GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL THAT EVER WAS….. THIS IS THE SHOW THAT COVERS THE LATEST IPHONE NEWS, APPS, TIPS & TRICKS. I'M SARAH LANE, YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD GUIDE TO ALL THINGS IOS. AND I’M NOT GOING TO TALK ABOUT HOW I HAD THAT DREAM AGAIN LAST NIGHT ABOUT HOW I MISSED AN ENTIRE SEMESTER OF MATH CLASS AND SCREWED MYSELF AND WILL NEVER GRADUATE AND WILL BE STUCK IN HIGH SCHOOL FOR ALL ETERNITY. NOPE, NOT GONNA EVEN TALK ABOUT THAT. -------------------------------------- #1 - iOS 8, FAMILY ITUNES, messaging SO, iOS 8 GOT AN INCREDIBLY HUGE UPDATE YESTERDAY. OR AT LEAST WE HEARD ABOUT WHAT’S COMING THIS FALL AT APPLE’S WORLDWIDE DEVELOPER’S CONFERENCE, OR WWDC, YESTERDAY DURING THE ANNUAL KEYNOTE ADDRESS. WE WON’T GO OVER EVERY SINGLE THING THAT’S NEW TODAY, BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE A LONG LIST, BUT I DO WANT TO POINT OUT A FEW THINGS I’M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT, AND THINK WILL MAKE YOUR LIVES BETTER, TOO. A) A BETTER ITUNES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. YOU KNOW HOW SOMETIMES YOU WANT TO USE THE SAME APPLE ID ACROSS SHARED DEVICES, BUT THEN THERE’S THE QUESTION OF WHO’S BUYING WHAT? IOS 8 WILL HAVE A NEW FEATURE CALLED FAMILY SHARING, WHERE Up to six people in your family can share purchases from iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store without sharing accounts, but you can still pay for family purchases with the same credit card and, and as a parent you can elect to get push notifications for approval before your kids download anything and spend money from your device. you can also more easily share photos, a family calendar, and more to help keep everyone connected. I don’t share accounts with anyone, but i know a lot of you do, so this is huge. also, the messages app is about to go head to head with the Facebook messengers and the whatsapps and the snapchats with voice messaging, videos, better group chat functionality including muting a group chat or removing yourself from one you’ve had enough of, sharing your location from within messages without having to jump over to the find my friends app, even multiple photo sharing. again, these are just a couple of the things that stood out to me as huge leaps forward for iOS. we’ll cover more of them in future episodes. ———————————————————— #2 - ASK SARAH we got an email from Jen, who’s a little confuddled ABOUT SOMETHING. she writes: “I was wondering if you could provide any information on how the "Save to Reading List" function works in the native Twitter app? Am I missing something?  Where is the reading list?  Can I save it to the list and then read it on my computer which is slightly more conducive to reading long articles?” AH, SO THE READING LIST YOU’RE SPEAKING OF ACTUALLY REFERS TO A FEATURE IN SAFARI THAT THE NATIVE TWITTER APP ASSUMES YOU MIGHT WANT. HERE’S WHAT YOU DO - INSTEAD OF OPENING A LINK WHILE YOU’RE READING YOUR TWITTER TIMELINE, YOU JUST SAVE TO YOUR READING LIST. THEN, AT YOUR LEISURE, AND YES, THIS WORKS IN SAFARI ON MULTIPLE DEVICES THAT SYNC SAFARI DATA - YOU JUST OPEN UP YOUR READING LIST AND THERE ARE YOUR LINKS! I AGREE IT’S A LITTLE CONFUSING IF YOU DON’T ALRAEDY KNOW THIS SAFARI FEATURE IS CALLED “READING LIST” AND YOU’RE IN THE TWITTER APP, BUT IF YOU LIKE TO FOLLOW THE LINKS YOUR TWITTER FRIENDS ARE SHARING BUT FIND YOU DON’T LIKE TO DO IT FROM WITHIN TWITTER OR DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME, THIS IS A GREAT WAY TO BOOKMARK THEM FOR LATER. ---------------------------------------- #3 - DUH TIP GOT A SIRI DUH TIP FROM ADAM, COMING TO US FROM TEL AVIV, ISRAEL. HE WRITES: If you are using headphones that have a volume control button with a pause/play button, you can use Siri by holding down on the pause/play button for a couple of seconds.  This feature is very useful, especially when making calls, changing songs or podcasts when you don't want to take out your phone.  AGREED ADAM, THIS IS A GREAT TIP, ESPECIALLY BECAUSE I KNOW I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO WALKS AROUND WITH HER PHONE IN HER PURSE AND HER HEADPHONES ON, ALL THE TIME. THAT WAY, MY HANDS ARE FREE AND I CAN TAKE CALLS, CONTROL MUSIC OR PODCASTS, OR, YES, EVEN TALK TO SIRI ON THE FLY. AND REMEMBER, SIRI ISN’T JUST ABOUT LOOKING THINGS UP ON THE INTERNET WHEN YOU’RE OUT AND ABOUT. I’D SAY MOST OF THE TIME I’M SETTING REMINDERS FOR MYSELF OR SCHEDULING APPOINTMENTS. ONCE YOU GET THE SYNTAX DOWN, SIRI’S GREAT FOR THAT STUFF. ———————————————————————————— {{ad}} This episode of iFive for the iPhone is brought to you by… Gazelle [Intro] Are you thinking about getting the new iPad? Did you just get a new iPhone? Gazelle wants to buy your used iPhone, iPad or smartphone. You can lock in your price today and send it to Gazelle when you get your new one because Gazelle’s offer is good for thirty days. Gazelle makes selling your used gadgets fast and simple: Go to – that’s g-a-z-e-l-l-e dot com and find your item. Tell Gazelle the condition -- they’ll even buy broken iPhones and iPads. Get a risk-free offer for your gadgets and free shipping! And then you’ll get paid fast by check, PayPal or get an extra 5% with an Amazon gift card. Go to now to get an offer for your iPhone or iPad. Benefits of Gazelle… You get paid in cash Payment is fast, within a few days of the item being received It’s Risk-Free Offers are good for 30 days -- giving you time to transfer data or set up your new device. Gazelle will also wipe your data for free. It’s Trustworthy Gazelle has paid more than $100 million dollars to over 700,000 customers It’s Easy Free Shipping -- most items qualify for a free box Fast process -- no listing hassles Products to check on the site: iPhone 5 - 16GB (AT&T) Apple iPad 4th generation 64GB WiFi + 4G LTE AT&T Apple iPad Mini 64GB WiFi + 4G LTE Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III SGH-i535 (Verizon) Offer/Call to Action: What’s your iPhone worth?  Take a minute, and go to to find out.  Do it now because your iPhone may lose value the longer you wait. —————————————————————————————— #4 - Google+ stories - WE DON’T TALK ABOUT GOOGLE+ ENOUGH HERE ON IFIVE, BUT THAT’S ABOUT TO CHANGE, PEOPLE! GOOGLE+ GOT A BIG SOCIAL UPDATE THIS WEEK TO ITS STORIES FUNCTIONALTIY ON IOS THAT BRINGS IT UP TO SPEED WITH GOOGLE+’S ANDROID APP. SO HERE’S WHAT’S NEW AND COOL. A MUCH better photos and sharing experience. NOW IN GOOGLE+ Stories, THE APP will combine your photos, videos and places into what it calls “beautiful” trip summaries. There’s also a new photo editor that has filters and other creative fools. And you can now "view total content views on profiles." from within the app, for those of you who just loooove statistics. Basically, Google wants you to use Google+ for more long-form, contentr-rich posts. Show your latest vacation, or baby shower, or whatever you do that can be put together in a nice story format, and Google+ has all the tools you need. also, as is everything google, it’s free. almost everything, anyway. ———————————————————— #5 - HELP, SARAH FINALLY, A QUESTION FROM NICOLE IN TULSA, OKLAHOMA. SHE WRITES: I was getting caught up on your podcast and noticed in episode 93 you said Chrome was your default browser. Now, I've been researching this and can't find a way to make chrome the default (and that would be a dream come true). If it really is your default, how do you do this without jail breaking your iPhone? Because I'm not going there. WELL, YEAH, BIT OF A SEMANTIC ARGUMENT THERE BECAUSE WHAT I MOSTLY MEANT WAS, CHROME IS THE BROWSER I PREFER AND WHAT’S ON MY HOMEPAGE. YOU CAN’T ACTUALLY MAKE CHROME YOUR DEFAULT BROWSER ON THE IOS SYSTEM LEVEL, WHICH WOULD MEAN YOUR LINKS WOULD ALWAYS OPEN IN CHROME NO MATTER WHICH APP THEY ORIGINATE FROM. APPLE’S NOT GONNA LET YOU DO THAT. HOWEVER, IF YOU USE A LOT OF OTHER GOOGLE APPS, YOU CAN SET THOSE TO DEFAULT TO CHROME WHEN HOPPING OVER TO THE BROWSER. AND I GUESS FOR THE MOST PART, I DON’T MIND A SAFARI PAGE HERE AND THERE, I JUST FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE WITH CHROME MOST OF THE TIME. WITH MY LIMITED OPTIONS, THIS WORKS PRETTY WELL FOR ME. SORRY I DON’T HAVE A MAGIC SOLUTION FOR YOU NICOLE - AND YEAH, I STAY AWAY FROM JAILBREAKING, TOO. ----------------------------------------- THAT DOES IT FOR THIS EPISODE OF IFIVE. HOPE YOU ALL HAD THE BEST TIME EVER. ALL OF THE APPS, LINKS, AND OTHER INFO FROM THE SHOW IS AT TWIT.TV/IFIVE. EMAIL IDEAS QUESTIONS, OR GENERAL FEEDBACK TO AT IFIVE@TWIT.TV, LEAVE US A VOICEMAIL AT (614) ON-IFIVE, OR SEND US A VIDEO WITH AN APP REVIEW OF YOUR OWN! I’M SARAH LANE, SEE YOU NEXT TIME ON IFIVE FOR THE IPHONE!
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