iFive for the iPhone 101 (Transcript)

This episode of iFive for the iPhone is brought to you by… Gazelle, the fast and simple way to sell your used gadgets!  Find out what your used iPhone, iPad, and other Apple products are worth at WELCOME TO IFIVE FOR THE IPHONE, EPISODE 101. OUR FIRST 3-DIGIT PALINDROME EPISODE, WHICH MEANS, THAT LIFE IS ABOUT TO LOOK UP. THIS IS THE SHOW THAT COVERS THE LATEST IPHONE NEWS, APPS, TIPS & TRICKS. I'M SARAH LANE, YOUR GUIDE TO ALL THINGS IPHONE, AND IOS. LET’S BEGIN. -------------------------------------- #1 - SHARED PHOTO STREAMS SO, LAST WEEK I WAS ON VACATION WITH A BUNCH OF INSANE WOMEN FOR A LITTLE GIRLS’ TRIP AT THE BEACH. NEEDLESS TO SAY, MANY MANY PHOTOS AND VIDEOS WERE TAKEN, AND NOW IT’S TIME TO SHARE THEM WITH EACH OTHER. I COULD POST THEM ALL TO FACEBOOK, BUT I’M NOT SO SURE THAT’S WHERE THEY SHOULD END UP. I COULD USE AN APP LIKE CLUSTER FOR GROUP PHOTO SHARING, BUT NOT EVERYONE HAS THAT APP INSTALLED, AND IT CAN BE HARD TO CONVINCE NON-TECH PEOPLE TO USE A SOLUTION THEY’VE NEVER HEARD OF. ONE THING WE DO ALL HAVE IN COMMON IS IPHONES, THOUGH. SO IT TURNS OUT OUR EASIEST SOLUTION IS BUILT INTO IOS ITSELF - A SHARED PHOTO STREAM! SOMEONE SETS UP THE STREAM AND ADDS CONTACTS, THEN EVERYONE WHO’S BEEN ADDED TO THE STREAM CAN THROW IMAGES INTO THE POT. LIKES AND COMMENTS ARE BUILT IN, TOO. EVEN THOUGH I KNEW PHOTO STREAMS WERE SHARABLE IN IOS, I’VE NEVER ACTUALLY THOUGHT OF USING IT UNTIL NOW. AND REALLY, IT WORKS GREAT. AS LONG AS EVERYONE HAS AN IPHONE, OBVIOUSLY. BUT COME ON, DOESN’T EVERYONE YOU KNOW HAVE AN IPHONE? ———————————————————— #2 - VOICEMAIL - KUDOGRAM - WE GOT A VOICEMAIL FROM AN UNIDENTIFIED TEACHER, WHO’S GOT A GREAT APP FOR ALL YOU OTHER TEACHERS OUT THERE. I’VE NEVER HEARD OF KUDOGRAM AS I’M NOT A TEACHER OR A PARENT, BUT MY DAD WAS AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER AND REALLY SPENT A LOT OF TIME TRYING TO KEEP IN GOOD TOUCH WITH PARENTS ABOUT STUDENT PARTIFICIPATION AND GROWTH, STUFF LIKE THAT. HE’D DEFINITELY HAVE LOVED SOMETHING LIKE THIS. THE APP IS $4.99 AND WAS ONLY RELEASED IN MAY, SO IT’S PRETTY NEW AND THERE AREN’T A TON OF REVIEWS YET. IF YOU’RE A TEACHER OR A PARENT AND EITHER LOVE KUDOGRAM OR SOMETHING LIKE IT, WILL YOU LET ME KNOW? IFIVE@TWIT.TV. THANKS IN ADVANCE. ---------------------------------------- #3 - DUH TIP: SIRI AND THE SKIES WE GOT A SIRI DUH TIP FROM BARON, WHO WRITES: If you're a missile launching crew you might want to ask Siri what airplane is flying overhead. Of course it uses Wolfram Alpha so it could have been done on Android too. Technology can avoid mistakes and save lives. I’M NOT GOING TO ADDRESS THE MISSILE PART OF YOUR TIP, BARON, BUT YEAH I GET WHAT YOU’RE SAYING. SO HERE’S HOW THE TIP WORKS. JUST ASK SIRI SOMETHING LIKE “WHAT AIRPLANE IS FLYING OVERHEAD RIGHT NOW” AND SURE ENOUGH, SHE PULLS FROM REALTIME FLIGHT-TRACKING DATA AND GIVES YOU A SENSE OF WHO’S IN THE SKIES ABOVE YOU. I’VE BEEN ON SEVEN DIFFERENT FLIGHTS IN THE LAST THREE WEEKS AND ALWAYS WONDERED WHO MIGHT BE DOWN BELOW, LOOKING UP AT ME, AND WONDERING WHERE I WAS GOING. YOU MIGHT SAY THAT I’M A DREAMER, BUT I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE, RIGHT? ANYWAY, I’M NOT SURE HOW PRACTICAL THIS INFO IS ON A REGULAR BASIS, BUT IT’S A NEAT LITTLE SIRI TRICK ANYWAY. THANKS, BARON! ———————————————————————————— {{ad}} This episode of iFive for the iPhone is brought to you by… Gazelle [Intro] Are you thinking about getting the new iPad? Did you just get a new iPhone? Gazelle wants to buy your used iPhone, iPad or smartphone. You can lock in your price today and send it to Gazelle when you get your new one because Gazelle’s offer is good for thirty days. 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It’s Trustworthy Gazelle has paid more than $100 million dollars to over 700,000 customers It’s Easy Free Shipping -- most items qualify for a free box Fast process -- no listing hassles Products to check on the site: iPhone 5 - 16GB (AT&T) Apple iPad 4th generation 64GB WiFi + 4G LTE AT&T Apple iPad Mini 64GB WiFi + 4G LTE Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III SGH-i535 (Verizon) Offer/Call to Action: What’s your iPhone worth?  Take a minute, and go to to find out.  Do it now because your iPhone may lose value the longer you wait. —————————————————————————————— #4 - Lookout - SO A FEW EPISODES AGO I TOLD YOU ALL THE SAD SAD STORY OF ME MISPLACING MY IPHONE AT A PARTY WITH A DEAD BATTERY, RENDERING THE “FIND MY IPHONE” FEATURE USELESS. AND THEN I TOLD YOU HOW I HAD BEEN POINTED OUT TO ME THAT A NEW FEATURE IN IOS 8 WILL ALLOW THE IPHONE TO PING ITS LOCATION RIGHT BEFORE THE BATTERY DIES, WHICH WOULD AT LEAST GIVE YOU SOME SENSE OF WHERE IT WAS LAST. HOWEVER, I ALSO GOT A TON OF SUGGESTIONS FROM YOU GUYS FOR AN APP CALLED LOOKOUT, WHICH ALREADY PROVIDES THAT FEATURE AND A BUNCH OF OTHERS. YOU CAN - Locate your lost iPhone from any internet connected device, which is nice if you don’t have your own computer or iPad handy. You can also call your missing device over the web via any browser. Lookout will Automatically save your device's location before it runs out of battery, and it’ll also Back up your contacts automatically. it even Notifies you if you have an out-of-date version of iOS - i’m not sure how many of you need that, but it’s a feature nonetheless. now, lookout is free, though there’s a premium version for $3 per month that includes photo backups and theft alerts, which give you a headsup if Lookout thinks your iPhone might have been stolen - say, a handful of incorrect pass codes, that sort of thing. Like i said, iOS 8 will have that “ping me before you die” iPhone battery feature, but Lookout exists now, so I say get those features! ———————————————————— #5 - Wermz - FINALLY, WE GOT A TIP FROM DAVID ABOUT AN APP CALLED WERMZ, THAT’S W-E-R-M-Z. DAVID SAYS, “it’s a great Facebook and twitter news aggregator. It was recently redesigned with performance improvements and a fresh coat of paint” and he thinks it will be a hit on iFive. So let’s check it out shall we? Wermz calls itself a next generation news discovery and sharing app. In other words, you connect it to your social feeds, and it pulls news and links shared by your friends. Now, Facebook Paper does that, but that’s just what’s shared on Facebook, and I know a lot of you get your news from other places, or just hate Facebook. Wermz also does the “get smarter” thing by suggesting articles you might like to read based on what you’ve already read and shared. The app allows you to set the authors you like, the newspapers you prefer, specific topics, etc. It reminds me of Zite, which was bought by Flipboard earlier this year. I think if Wermz can fill that Zite niche and actually provide really good suggestions, it’s a win. It’s also free. ----------------------------------------- THAT DOES IT FOR THIS EPISODE OF IFIVE. HOPE YOU ALL HAD AS MUCH FUN AS I DID. ALL OF THE APPS, LINKS, AND OTHER INFO FROM THE SHOW IS AT TWIT.TV/IFIVE. EMAIL IDEAS QUESTIONS, OR GENERAL FEEDBACK TO AT IFIVE@TWIT.TV, LEAVE US A VOICEMAIL AT (614) ON-IFIVE, OR SEND US A VIDEO WITH AN APP REVIEW OF YOUR OWN! I’M SARAH LANE, SEE YOU NEXT TIME ON IFIVE FOR THE IPHONE!
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