Hands-on Photography Episode 140 Transcript

Hands-on Photography Episode 140 Transcript

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 Ant Pruit (00:00):
Today on Hands-on Photography. I'm gonna take a look at Instagram as they continue to push the photography community out. Oh yeah. That's pretty much what they're doing. They have some news going around about some of their new features they're testing and coming up. And we're gonna take a look at that because I think it's quite interesting on both sides of the spectrum. Y'all stay tuned.

TWiT (00:23):
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 Ant Pruit (00:53):
Hey, what's happening everybody. I am Ant Pruit and this is Hands-on Photography here. TWI TV. I hope y'all doing well. I am unbelievable as always on this podcast, I'd like to share different tips and tricks that are gonna help make you a better photographer as well as a better post processor. And if that's the kind of content that you're looking for, Hey, go ahead and subscribe right now in whatever podcast application you're enjoying us on. Yes, we are available on all of the podcasts platforms. Go check us out on apple podcasts and Spotify and Google and our YouTube channel, all those different platforms. So check us out there, hit the subscribe option. If it allows you to leave a rating or a comment do so in whatever that app may be. Or you can just head on over to the website, twit TV slash hop has twit TV slash ho P for Hands-on Photography.

 Ant Pruit (01:49):
And you'll find all of the subscription options right there on the page, as well as all, all of our previous episodes and previous show notes. I find that stuff to be quite helpful, actually going back in referenceing previous episodes. So go and check out those the, the back catalog, if you will gonna find some interesting stuff in there. But anyway, with that outta the way, I want to go ahead and get into this week's episode. And I wanna talk about a topic that it's a bit of a news topic, or maybe I should say news ish topic, because the story has been out for a couple of weeks now at the time of recording this episode I wanna talk about Instagram. Okay. So way back in like episode 87, I think it was 87. So it was roughly a year or so ago.

 Ant Pruit (02:33):
At the time we recording this episode, I talked about Instagram making a statement publicly their CEO. I can never pronounce his last names. Masori mentioned that, you know what? Instagram is really going to do a big push in focusing on video content for the people using their service. And what did that mean? Well, that means they're gonna start pushing reels. They're gonna start pushing stories and live and stuff like that. More so than pushing the actual photographic content that's being put out there. Of course, this really did piss off the photography community. I totally get it because for the most part, photographs are, are being pushed down and not necessarily getting the visibility that they used to get. Even when the photography community is totally responsible for building the, the presence of Instagram up to what it is now and building that popularity, you know?

 Ant Pruit (03:28):
So yeah, a lot of people wasn't too happy to hear that news. And since then, Instagram has definitely continued to March forward with their promise. Right after that, I mentioned another competitor to Instagram. That's called glass and glass is a subscription based platform that, that says, you know what, we're taking a rhythms out of it. Algorithms are not gonna be in this thing. You pay a subscription fee. That's how we're gonna be able to support this app. And we can still be a strong photography community. And from what I know it's doing fairly well, I'm not an iPhone user. I'm not an iOS user cuz it's only available on that platform, at least at the time, this recording. And when I look at it on the iPad, it's beautiful. I mean the, the app is absolutely beautiful. The images are beautiful and you can see that there's a very nice community being built there.

 Ant Pruit (04:20):
But since I am not an apple person like that, I decided to decline the subscription. And just continue to use my trustee pixel phone here. But anyway, and then later on <laugh> I also suggested pigeon, which is another Instagram competitor. And I can't really recommend that now, cuz it was pretty bad when I recommended it. And I tried to give it some time. It still didn't do much better, but there are options out there. This episode of Hands-on Photography is brought to you by Melissa. Did you know that poor data, quality costs organizations and average of 15 million a year. Yeah. And if you're a small to medium sized business, you need to take into account. Every last penny you have, <laugh> the longer poor quality data stays in your system. The more losses you can accumulate to ensure your business is successful. Your customer information needs to be accurate.

 Ant Pruit (05:16):
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 Ant Pruit (06:19):
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 Ant Pruit (07:24):
Good on you Melissa Melissa's data quality suite and clean suite speaks for itself, but it was once again named a leader by G two, Melissa is experienced independent and has 37 years of data quality expertise, which explains why more than 10,000 businesses know them, ASD address experts. And if you sign up for a service level agreement, you'll get 24 7 world renowned support from their global support center. So folks make sure your customer contact data is up to date. Get started today with 1000 records, clean for free at that's And we thank Melissa for their support of my awesome show. Hands-On Photography back to Instagram, Instagram just a couple weeks ago, says, you know what? Now we want to start testing a live producer app and that's in quotes. If you head on over to the Instagram blog they, they mentioned that they have this new feature that's called Instagram live producer and quote.

 Ant Pruit (08:35):
This will allow you to go live on Instagram using streaming software, such as OBS stream labs, et cetera. And, and through a stream key, this integration opens up production features outside of the traditional phone camera, including additional cameras, external microphones and graphics. This feature is only available on Now this is pretty interesting stuff here because all right, the, the pandemic, you know, when this thing started off back in 2020, it totally flipped the way content creators were doing things, you know, photographers their gigs were pretty much cut down or damn near eliminated because you know, you had to quarantine and things like that. And it, it, they, they had to, you know, pivot into other things. So a lot of photographers, I know they started getting more to in more into video or more into teaching and things of that nature. And so when they got into doing video and teaching that meant creating things for YouTube, that meant doing live streams that meant, you know, popping up on OBS and, and doing live streams like that.

 Ant Pruit (09:45):
And it, it, it seemed to be a great fit, but again, and I include myself in this. There were times where I was wanting to take that same approach with the content that I was creating and put it towards Instagram, you know, is every now and then I with live stream and thinking, man, this is, this would really be useful for the folks that not only follow me on YouTube, but the folks that follow me on Instagram, but I can't really get it over to Instagram because it just doesn't work that way. Cuz I'm sitting here on my computer in Photoshop or Lightroom or whatever, going through frequency separation and just sorta, you know, just trying to share some nuggets that I thought would be useful, but I couldn't really get it out of my computer to Instagram. And I did end up finding a service called yellow duck that allowed me to stream it from my computer to Instagram and it was hit or miss.

 Ant Pruit (10:36):
Sometimes it worked really well. Sometimes it didn't work at all. Well now Instagram is basically doing the same thing that yellow duck was doing and then allowing you to do this type of live production. This means that I can open up my current screen recorder and, and broadcast software and do my screen switching like I would normally do and put graphics up. And I think this is a really, really good idea for people like me. Do I think this is a good idea for photographers. I don't know. Some photographers don't care to do the type of stuff that that I'm doing at this time as being a podcast host as being a, a, just an overall content creator. That's not only just shooting photographs, but also shooting video for myself or for clients or what have you. But I think it's a good idea.

 Ant Pruit (11:25):
What do you think hit me up on the social medias, go follow me over on Instagram an to underscore Pruitt or go follow me over on Twitter and hit me up there. I'm an to underscore Pruit on Twitter as well. I thought this was good. It it's, I think this is going to be totally fine. If you, again, check out the blog posts here, they list all of the different specifications. It's gonna be in a nine to 16 aspect ratio. Just like it. It would on someone doing Instagram live on their phone. Now they mentioned this is not required, but but it is recommended and it'll be at seven 20 P 30 frames per second. Again, if you're doing this, people are going to see it on their phones more than likely. So having it in super 4k high resolution to stream is not necessarily required.

 Ant Pruit (12:17):
So I dig what they're doing here. I dig the information that's shared. I tried this previously and the service wasn't available to me just yet. I will try it again, the recording the show and see if it's available. But yeah, if you, if you have access, go to on your web browser, on your computer and see if you have this, this, this particular feature rolled out to you. I don't just yet, but I'm looking forward to it being there because there are things that I like to share and I think my Instagram followers would get a kick out of it. Okay. All right. That's gonna do it for this week's episode. Again, let me know your thoughts. Shoot me an email hop, regarding this news. Shoot me an email regarding any feedback that you have for the show, any image, critique requests or show suggestions.

 Ant Pruit (13:07):
Just, just let me know, I answer them all as soon as I can <laugh> and if I don't have an answer, I will let you know. I don't have an answer for your question. I'm sorry, but here's a resource, but yeah, shoot me an email and also give me a follow over on the social medias. I am ant underscore Pruit on Twitter. I am also ant underscore Pruit on Instagram. Wanna give a shout out to my man, Mr. Victor, the most awesome is editor out there on the planet. Thank you for making me look and sound good each and every week. My man, I really do appreciate you. And, and again, folks, Hey, keep sharing out the show. Keep telling everybody about Hands-on Photography and helping to grow this community. Really do appreciate that. Now with that said you all safely create it dominate, and I will catch you next time.

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