Hands-on Photography Episode 139 Transcript

 Hands-on Photography Episode 139 Transcript

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Ant Pruitt (00:00):
Today, on Hands-on Photography. We are stepping away from the business aspect of this photography space. We're going to get back to the roots of it all. We're gonna get back to the passion. We're gonna get back to the community of photography. And I gotta tell you this week's guest is the person to talk about photography and community boy. Mm. Yeah, I'll stay tuned. This is gonna be a good one.

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Ant Pruitt (01:00):
Hey, what's happening everybody. I am Ant Pruitt. This is Hands-on Photography. My favorite lovely show each and every week here on TWI TV. Yes, every Thursday, like the opportunity to sit down and share different tips and tricks that are gonna help make you a better photographer and a better post processor. And every now and then I get the opportunity to be blessed with the presence of another great photographer. And that's what we're gonna do this week. But before we get into the episode, please allow me to welcome all of the brand new listeners and viewers of the show. Welcome to you. Thank you for popping in. Go ahead and subscribe in whatever podcast app you're enjoying this on. Or if, even if it's our YouTube channel, go ahead and subscribe right there. Yes, we are available on YouTube. We are available on apple podcast.

Ant Pruitt (01:50):
We're available on whatever the heck Google uses. I still don't know what their podcast app is called. Knowing Google is probably just called podcast. Who knows anyway, whatever app you're using. Go ahead and subscribe right now. Go ahead and leave me a star rating or comment or whatever it is that app uses to help push us up in the search for a podcast photography podcast that does help us out. Or if you can't quite figure out the podcast description stuff, just go to the website, that's P for hands on photography. And you'll see all the subscription options there. And you'll see the previous episodes and previous show notes with all of those wonderful nuggets that I get from great photographers like today's guests. All right. Thank you for that. But let's go ahead and get started with this week's episode. Okay. So I know in the last couple weeks I've been pivoting into photography as a business, you know, cuz a lot of you have reached out and said, Hey, an we've been watching this show for 137 episodes <laugh> so what, what can we do to, to be a photographer that gets paid for our work?

Ant Pruitt (02:57):
Yeah. You know, so I got into all of that and we did did a lot of different baby steps, but I wanna get back to the core of photography, you know, and, and, and the passion behind it, for me, there is there's some passion there because I love the art, but then there's also the community side of it that I really, really enjoy when it comes to the world of photography. And today's guest is somebody that really embodies the, the words of photography community. And if you're following him on, if you're following online, you can see that. And if you're not following him online, what is wrong with you? We need to fix that. <Laugh> so please allow me a second here to welcome today's guests. My man, Mr. Brayden Williams. How you doing brother?

Brayden Williams  (03:38):
I'm doing great. Thank you so much for having me on I'm super excited to get to talk about the photo community and everything involved with it and kind of my journey and story. Yeah. So I, I, I can't wait.

Ant Pruitt (03:48):
Oh man. I'm, I'm really, really glad to, to have you here. I remember reaching out to you and thinking he's not gonna come on here. He's got too much going on. You know, he's, he's just, no, he's busy. He's managing the community if you will, but you, you, I'm so glad that you accepted the invitation to pop on here, cuz I really do enjoy watching you online. You know, I particularly Twitter online and we'll get to your Twitter feed momentarily, but I just enjoy watching what you're posting each and every day from a photography standpoint as well, if, as well as the photography community standpoint. But before we get into that let me just have you sort of introduce yourself and, and tell folks where you are, cuz all I know is you're an Indiana, Indiana based photographer that not only focuses on photography, you also focus on video. So what, so what, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Brayden Williams  (04:43):
Yeah, so my name's Braden Williams, but online I go by Braden creations and I actually started doing photography a couple years ago, but now it's become my job. I graduated in December of 2021 from Purdue, Purdue, university makers. Super exciting. <Laugh> yeah, yeah. Thanks. And it, it was, it was you know, cut for the thing. I didn't know what I was gonna do. And there were some job applications at the university and I applied and I was like, oh, you know, maybe I'll <laugh> I won't get the job or who knows. I didn't trust my skills at that time. Just about eight, six to eight months ago. And I got a call back from them. And now I work for the producer life foundation at Purdue university doing photo and video. So we do a lot of the marketing, a lot of fundraising stuff. It's been a blast, but it's been really nice cuz I get to use the skills that I practice every day with Twitter and with other social media. And I get to apply that to my actual real time job, which is really, really cool. And it's a perfect opportunity.

Ant Pruitt (05:44):
Mm-Hmm <affirmative> so I'm glad you brought that up. I was gonna bring that up later, but you beaten to the punch, the Purdue for life. Tell me, tell me a little bit more about it because I, I, I see it as just a, another great outreach that, you know, an organization is doing to try to help build community and bring people together. Tell me a little bit about Purdue for life.

Brayden Williams  (06:05):
Yeah, so we have a ever growing team of people and I am one of two photographer videographers, which is really cool. I, I, he was alone for a long time and I feel so bad for him cuz we have so many projects coming out all the time. But yeah, so I, and my team really, we do a lot of stuff for the alumni association. So try to bring people from like prior that are about to come to Purdue or maybe they've already graduated from Purdue. We try to get them involved in all of these community events that are going on on Purdue campus. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and my job is really to capture those, you know, moments and all the events that are going on and really have a quick turnaround to get those out. We do a lot of press release. We do a lot of big fundraising events. So a lot of these things have a lot of people involved in a lot of other things rolling with it. So I always have to say on my toes <laugh> <laugh> keeps me busy.

Ant Pruitt (07:00):
Yeah. I'm looking here at the feed for Purdue for life and I love how it says stay connected, get involved, give back hashtag ever grateful, ever true. That's

Brayden Williams  (07:12):
Yeah's good. And I love it too, cuz it's it's really like another community thing. It's like I, I have my own personal community that I help run and, and there's awesome people there, but it's the same thing with my actual work mm-hmm <affirmative> where I'm getting paid and I get to go into every day and it's, it's, it's awesome to have community on both sides and they're very different communities, which is a plus.

Ant Pruitt (07:32):
So when you're not shooting and working on your projects with Purdue for life, what are what's, what's your photography or video client, if you are, who's your photography or video client, if you will, when you're not working with Purdue for life. Cause I know you get out and about and cuz there's there's 24 hours in a day and based on your feed, you're using 23.999 of those hours creating content.

Brayden Williams  (07:57):
Exactly. Yeah. It's <laugh>, it's a challenge. Personally, aside from work and aside from Twitter, I'm doing a lot of, I, I try to go out and do photo projects and challenge myself individually. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> like currently right now I'm starting. I found out that iPhone photo awards is a thing. I didn't know that that was a thing. Yeah. So I've been going out and challenging myself to take only photos with my iPhone and to sometimes not edit them at all because for those awards, you're not supposed to edit really.

Ant Pruitt (08:26):
Right. Because the AI does a lot of for you anyway.

Brayden Williams  (08:29):
Exactly, exactly. And, and I've really been challenging, my challenging myself and stepping outside of my comfort zone and putting the DSLR away for a little while and just using the phone I have in my pocket, which is the iPhone 13 pro max. I know a lot of people on my Twitter feed, ask me, what are you using? What are you using? A lot of the photos up there are actually from my phone, which is a Testament to show that you don't need to have $10,000 worth of gear to go take good photos. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> mm-hmm <affirmative> <affirmative> and then I'm also doing client based work. People will sometimes reach out to me on once in a blue moon when I am free and I'll go out and I'll do portraits. And I really love doing animal photos, specifically cats and dogs. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> I, I love pet portraits and people have seemed to love them. So it's been, it's been great. And I'm excited that I get to do that

Ant Pruitt (09:16):
Now see me if you are, if someone were to ask, ask me to guess or describe you, I would say yes, this is a, he's a prolific photographer and he definitely loves to go out on a hike with this camera. Like always out in nature. Is, is that the case? Cuz a lot of the stuff that you publish is beautiful stuff in nature, whether it's just you out with the iPhone, doing your, your self challenge, if you will, or if it's some of the client work that you actually have permission to share online, I noticed there's a lot of nature with your stuff. Not a lot of studio shots with your portraiture, but a lot of nature and natural lighting kind of thing. Is that, is that, is that accurate?

Brayden Williams  (09:57):
Yeah, it, it really is accurate. And, and that's something that I actually hold to myself a lot is I, I try to get out of the studio and to get out of a building and I wanna go outside. I love editing greens and I love capturing bugs and trees. And my favorite thing is whenever I'm out on a hike, I'll see a beautiful landscape. And I think how would I see this if I was laying on the ground? So I put the camera on the ground and I take it and I'm like, whoa, the trees are huge. And that's just a cool perspective. Or just recently I was in garden, the gods in Illinois, which is kind of far from where I'm at in Indiana <laugh> and we took a little trip out there. Me and my fiance, Nicole did, and it was magical. And I was like, whoa, how am I gonna capture these awesome cliffs that are made by a seabed over millions and millions of years ago? I was like, how am I gonna capture that? We're in Illinois. You know, it's like, it's not, yeah, it's not normal to see that there. So I, I tried different perspectives. I tried getting low angles on the rocks. I tried doing high angles, like a bird's eye view mm-hmm <affirmative>, but I'm just standing on a cliff and I love doing nature stuff. It all started with nature. My parents, my dad is a wildlife biologist and forced tree, like department person. I dunno

Ant Pruitt (11:11):
Exactly what it's you get it honest.

Brayden Williams  (11:13):
Yes. So, so I've been around it my whole life and it's been kind of ingrained in my memory. Nature's beautiful. And, and I started out just trying to capture it and it turned into just being the most fun I've ever had. <Laugh> I love it. And I love to hike it. It's a good way to get active. And there's a bonus. I get to bring the camera and take photos or my phone right. Of recently

Ant Pruitt (11:35):
That is so that gum awesome. I, I need to do more nature. Photo walks myself and, and you're, you're definitely reminding me of that. So thank you.

Brayden Williams  (11:44):
Yeah. And, and that's

Ant Pruitt (11:46):
Giving me the kick in the butt.

Brayden Williams  (11:47):
<Laugh> that's another thing that I want to add too, is a lot of the photos that I do take are just local parks. I don't go some sometimes I don't go far. I'll just go down the road and there'll be a park mm-hmm <affirmative>. And if you can just find an area that maybe doesn't have a road look for areas that either don't have signs or something and you can make the most out of it. You can make someone think you're in that deserted wilderness in reality, you're just right down the street from

Ant Pruitt (12:09):
Just in your backyard.

Brayden Williams  (12:11):
<Laugh> exactly, exactly. It's the most cliche thing, but it's so true.

Ant Pruitt (12:15):
I love that. I love that. Now. I want to, before I get into your photos here, cuz there's one in particular on Twitter that I really, really love and you pretty much hit the nail on the head, as you just told us about what you enjoy. But before we get into that, I want to just dive into the aspect of community with you. You know, when I, when I got w of you, if you will on Twitter, I, I don't know how long ago I was, but Twitter suggested you to me. And of course I followed. It was like, huh, this is another great, great photographer. But after I followed you, I noticed there was more to it than just the photos. You are building a community around your Twitter feed and every single day, and this is not an exaggeration every single day, you are posting whether it's your own photos or somebody else's photo and you're getting a conversation started and you're getting more people connected. And those folks are connected. It's like, huh, wow, you're a photographer too. Wait a minute. You're you're just around the corner for me. We should go out and, and shoot together. I I'm seeing a lot of that. What, what was it that, that, that went off in your head to say, you know what, I want to start more of a photography community and, and make it better than, than anything that's that's out there. You know, what, what, what was the thought process? What, what, what brought you to where you are now

Brayden Williams  (13:43):
In your, I think there's, I think there's a couple things with it. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and it, it started whenever I first got on Twitter, it was a big ocean of scary content, you know, there's the political side, there's the video side. There's the YouTuber side. There's the podcasting side. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>. And I, I saw that people had been posting photos and I had had Twitter since 2019, but I didn't really use it. Yeah. And I was like, what will I do with my Twitter? And I had a hard time myself finding community and finding people that thought the same way, or maybe thought outside the box, but were still taking pictures and doing something like what I'm doing. Yeah. And I was really in search for it, especially cuz Instagram's moving towards video. And that was kind of around in 2021 when I was looking to go to Twitter mm-hmm <affirmative> and nothing against Instagram mm-hmm <affirmative> mm-hmm <affirmative> I was looking to go to Twitter and I was like, I just need some sort of community.

Brayden Williams  (14:32):
I need people to talk to. I need people to bounce my ideas off of, or I just need to see content. That's not my own. So I can think a little more creatively, you know? Yeah. Sometimes you get in those little roadblocks. And so I made my Twitter account active again. I had been off of it since I had made it in 2019. And in that time period, right before making my first tweets mm-hmm <affirmative> I was in a class at Purdue and it was a something, I don't remember the exact name of it now I really should, but it was basically a digital class mm-hmm <affirmative> that taught about online communities and how they've been super, super useful all the way back whenever the internet was first created. And I kind of took that idea and I was like, wow, that's actually genius. Like, why don't I try to do that?

Brayden Williams  (15:16):
But with the photo community, cuz I've seen it on Instagram, I've seen it on other platforms, but I was like, I haven't really seen a strong community on Twitter. So I kind of took it upon my myself to make these threads while also posting my own work into those threads. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> I kind of cater them to what I'm also interested in sometimes. So like for instance, I would do a lot of forest ones and I would do a lot of landscape ones, but I try to throw in things that I'm also not very interested in right now, but that doesn't mean I can't be later to see those perspectives and something that was really big from that class that I did take was they explained that it's a lot easier for people in other cultures, in other countries that speak different languages. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> to read simple style sentences. So that's why all my threads are photographers share your like

Ant Pruitt (16:08):

Brayden Williams  (16:08):
Landscape photos. Yeah. Retweeting all. And that way it keeps a very consistent almost rubric and guideline, but also in that it's really legible and it translates really well from what I'm aware, all the translations that I've done through them work very well. And that way people from all around the world can share their work and they don't have to just speak English that's, which I think is really, and it opens the community to just even more people

Ant Pruitt (16:31):
That is absolutely brilliant. You know I'm, as you were telling this story, I'm, I'm sitting here laughing to myself, like I think this guy is insane. He wants to go to Twitter <laugh> he wants to go to Twitter and start up a brand new community with, you know, cuz Twitter is known as a big se pool on the internet, you know? And, and I totally disagree with that sentiment by the way. Yeah. I enjoy Twitter, but yeah, that, that takes a lot of guts. My man.

Brayden Williams  (16:59):
Yeah. Well thank you. And, and I wanna add to that too, is that it wasn't easy, right? I think, and I think that's the challenge and that's maybe why other people didn't do it to begin with is because you ha I had to try. I mean, I still continue to mm-hmm <affirmative> push the boundaries on what I can do with this and how I can connect people from all over. And it, it gets stressful and it gets hard. But at the end of the day, I, I have to sit back and remember like how many people not only are impacting me as an individual, but are impacting each other and creating conversations and how much it means to a lot of people and really how much it means to me. Yeah. It's it's one of the highlights to every single day is getting on and seeing what people are sharing in these threads. It's yeah. It's just incredible.

Ant Pruitt (17:41):
Now what are some of the, the, if you can remember any, cuz you, you there's a lot going on in your HES brother. Yeah. Is there, there anything that stands out in particular like a conver a certain thread or, you know, something that made you at the end of the day, just sort of laugh at yourself like, wow, this is, this is pretty crazy that this happened or this worked out, you know, something that you posted, whether it's someone was posting sunsets or posting water, what, is there anything like that that just sort of stands out?

Brayden Williams  (18:10):
I think what stands out most to me is more broad really rather than something specific. Cuz there are so many instances. I think I could open up Twitter right now and pull out a hundred <laugh>. But I think as like a more broad range is that there are so many conversations happening about people's images. And I remember specifically one time, not too long ago where somebody had posted a photo of, well, I wanna say a wide angle shot of a forest mm-hmm <affirmative> and the amount of reach that that had was incredible. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and it reached so many people and it was getting an absurd amount of likes. I was like, whoa. I was like, where all these people come from. Right. And I was super happy for the person, but what I love to see more than the likes were the replies and everybody was like, whoa, where are you at? Like, how did you take this? What gear are you using? Or they were saying, what kind of trees are those they're gorgeous. Right. And it just opened up a whole cesspool of conversation that mm-hmm <affirmative> maybe wouldn't have happened on another path. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and I know specifically with my own personal experience from Instagram is you'll leave a comment and the creator will go. Great. Great, great job.

Ant Pruitt (19:17):
Thank you

Brayden Williams  (19:18):
So much. And that's all you get where here it happens to be more, you know, back and forth. Like there's more than just one reply. They'll talk for hours. Sometimes I'll check my phone. I'll be like, wow, they're still talking in the, the thread mm-hmm <affirmative> and it's just, it just warms my heart to know that, you know, I'm, I'm able to have people find each other and connect on something even if, even, even if it is just a photo of trees.

Ant Pruitt (19:42):
That's awesome. Now, have you seen any type of, of bad actors, anything like that? Because this is the internet and we're bound to have some people that just sort of come in and troll and things like that. But have you experienced anything like that thus far within the community?

Brayden Williams  (19:58):
Yeah. And it, and it's hard too because those people get very upset whenever their images specifically get stolen. Ah I've had some experiences where people's images have been stolen and shared in my threads. And the fake account is claiming that it's and I've received a lot of DMS of people saying, Hey, I just wanna let you know, this image was shared. You retweeted it, but that's not me. And so what I always do is I go back and I'll block the account and report them for, you know, stealing the property. That's clearly not theirs. Good on you.

Ant Pruitt (20:33):

Brayden Williams  (20:34):
On you. Usually I try to make an announcement as well and say, you know, if you're out taking images of other people's, you're allowed to post photos of other people's images, but please tag the creator and let everyone else know that it's not you. Right. I think that's my biggest pet peeve where it happens very, very minimally. It doesn't happen a lot's, but when it does happen, it just, it makes me kind of frustrated. It's like, why

Ant Pruitt (20:58):
That's good. That's good. Now, have you ever thought about flicker and, and, and moving over to that platform? Cause flickery been around a long time and it it's a very, very big platform and it's strictly photography base you ever thought about it? Yeah.

Brayden Williams  (21:14):
Yeah. I've never actually used flicker crazy enough. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> there are a lot of people in the community. I did a poll cuz I get curious what other people are doing. I said, if you're gonna have to pick any, you know, website or app, I posted like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other. And I wanna say 90% of the other was flicker and I personally haven't done it. I've considered, you know, kind of integrating that as well and moving over there. I just haven't <laugh> on the time without busy. I am with all this. Yeah. But I,

Ant Pruitt (21:43):
You got a lot on your plate right now, brother. Yeah.

Brayden Williams  (21:45):
<Laugh> yeah. I think in an ideal world, I would like to start with flicker as well and, and continue that community and just broaden the range of it.

Ant Pruitt (21:53):
Sweet. Well, I, I know a cat over there at flicker. I may have them reach out to you and see if they could be of some assistance for you and, and yeah. Well, who knows? We'll we'll

Brayden Williams  (22:02):
See, send him my way. I could, I could use

Ant Pruitt (22:03):
The help. We're figure something out. Now. I want to transition into one of your images here and have you talk about it for a second here. So I'm going to pull up on my screen if this button works and then switch over to the, see your outstanding images here on Twitter. And this one right here, my man, you know, as you were talking about your, your process of just going out on the walk, everything you described is right here in this image and it is absolutely beautiful. Tell me a little bit about this one

Brayden Williams  (22:38):
First off. Thank you so much. I, I appreciate that. <Laugh> I love the kindness. It, it warms me. It makes

Ant Pruitt (22:43):
Me feel great. <Laugh>

Brayden Williams  (22:47):
And so this image I took clearly, not that long ago, I can't, I think the date said July 12th mm-hmm <affirmative> is when I took that. I took that and edited on my phone and posted it immediately. I was pretty excited about it. It was a beautiful sunset. And I was out on walk with my fiance, Nicole and I was like, whoa, these flowers are beautiful. And she was taking 'em with her phone and I was like, okay, I'm gonna pull out my phone. Yep. And I'm gonna take an image of this flower and I really like the wide angle with it. Yeah. It just made the composition look great. Yep. And I love like the clouds kind of cascading in. Yes. And it, and I, when I was thinking of taking this image, I was like, this is what Indiana is. A lot of people think Indiana's cornfields and you know, bulls.

Ant Pruitt (23:31):
Yeah. Cause that's exactly what I thought

Brayden Williams  (23:33):
<Laugh> exactly. Exactly. So I, I, I like to take images like this to show that there is beauty, you just have to find it, you know, you have to look and you have to sometimes stand and stare weirdly in a direction for a long time until you find that piece. And then when you find it an image like this comes out,

Ant Pruitt (23:50):
Oh man, again, the composition here that you, you captured is just unbelievable. As you mentioned with the clouds, just sort of giving you a bit of the bullseye that leads you to this flower right here in front of you. And then as a, as a typical landscape photograph, you have layers to it. You have that foreground and then you have the middle and then you have the background all the way back there to the sun. It's just sort of all right. I'm I'm not quite gone yet, but I'm on my way outta here. So good night, you know, just it's gosh, I love this. And this was done with the phone. You're clearly not just standing straight up. You you're, this is definitely down on a lower angle. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and it, and it shows and with that wide angle lens, man, this is just, just chef's kiss. Oh, love

Brayden Williams  (24:37):
It. Thank you. Yeah. I was excited when I took it, I was like, whoa. I was like, this is, this even blew my mind. And I was there. I was in it. <Laugh>

Ant Pruitt (24:46):
Gotta love it. When that happens. Gotta love it. When that happens, sometimes you click that shutter and you know, oh, this is the one,

Brayden Williams  (24:51):
This is the one. Yes.

Ant Pruitt (24:53):
Yes. Sweet. Well, my man, this has been a outstanding conversation with you. I really do appreciate you coming on. Is there anything else you'd like to share or plug or, you know, or tease that you may be working on or is coming up in the future that you could share?

Brayden Williams  (25:09):
Yeah. The only thing I wanna say is if you are on Twitter and you're, you know, moving from Instagram, maybe you want to still post photos and not moving towards video, or maybe you just are looking for a new community and the freshen things up. Definitely come check me out. My name's Braden Williams, but I go by braiding creations on Twitter. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> so feel free to come follow or post some photos in the thread. I retweet everything that I can when I have time. Yeah. And start a conversation, meet some new people and have a ton of fun.

Ant Pruitt (25:39):
That's outstanding. Outstanding again, Mr. Braden, thank you so much for being on the show. I really do appreciate you.

Brayden Williams  (25:46):
Yeah. Thank you so much for having me. It's been awesome. I'm I'm excited that you asked me and I'm glad that I could share about this beautiful community that just is continuing to grow. And it's just awesome.

Ant Pruitt (25:57):
<Laugh> sweet. Thank you again. All right, everybody. That's gonna do it for this week's episode. Can y'all feel that energy. I mean this, this man, he clearly loves what he's doing. He's built a photography community there in Twitter and it, it, it, it fires him up and I love that energy. Isn't isn't that just the great thing about photography? Oh, I love that. Okay. I hope y'all enjoyed this episode because I did be sure to give him a follow on Twitter. I will have his Twitter handle in the show notes. We, of course, we've already gonna have it show up on the screen and so forth, but give him a follow on Twitter and go over there and just say, Hey to him. Okay. I'd appreciate you doing that and showing him some support. All right. And in the meantime, after you've done that, give me a follow over on Twitter.

Ant Pruitt (26:43):
I am ant underscore Pruit. And if you wanna follow me over on Instagram, I am ant underscore Pruitt over there as well, because as he mentioned, TWI Instagram is doing a lot more video and I do both photo and video. So I'm starting to put some more video stuff over on Instagram, a lot of behind the scenes, stuff of shoots and things like that. That may be helpful for you as a beginner or an immediate photographer. So go give me a follow on over there. Shout out to my man, Mr. Victor for making me look and sound good each and every week on the show, cuz I know I challenge him quite a bit with his post process and thank you Mr. Victor, you the man and folks, please continue to share the show out with everybody. That's interested in the world of photography tell all of your friends and family and tell an enemy. If you have to, it does help the show out. And I really do appreciate all the support. All right. So until next week, Hey, still be safe. Y'all because this virus stuff ain't going nowhere so safely create and dominate and I'll catch you next time.

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