Hands-on Photography Episode 138 Transcript

Hands-on Photography Episode 138 Transcript

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Ant Pruitt (00:00):
Today on Hands-on Photography. I'm going to talk about you being just the most perfect photographer on the planet. No, I'm not. Cuz that that doesn't even exist. We are all screw ups. When it comes to photography on some level, you're going to make some mistakes. We're gonna talk about those mistakes and we're gonna have a little fun with it. Yeah. Stay tuned.

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Ant Pruitt (00:58):
Hey, what's going on everybody. I am Ant Pruit and this is Hands-on Photography here on twit TV. I hope y'all are doing well. I am unbelievable as always on this show, I like to sit down and share different tips and tricks that are gonna help make you a better photographer as well as a better post processor. And this week we're not necessarily getting into post-processing and stuff like that, but we're all gonna talk about some general tips and some screwups if you will, because let me go ahead and tell you, none of us are perfect photographers and we will all screw up at some point out and about on a shoot, whether it's professional, whether it's just for hobbyists or enthusiast, you're going to make some mistakes and totally screw something up or just have some bad luck. But we'll get into that momentarily before we do that.

Ant Pruitt (01:49):
Let me say welcome to all of our brand new listeners to the show. Welcome to you and welcome to you that are brand new subscribers. And if you haven't subscribed just yet, go ahead and subscribe right now in whatever podcast application you're using. We have a YouTube channel. We have the apple pod, apple podcast. Yes, apple podcasts. And we have Spotify. We have whatever the heck Google uses, bunch of options folks. So go ahead and subscribe and go ahead and leave me a nice little star rating and comment because that does help out the show. And then when you've done dual, all of that, make sure you share it with everybody else that you know, say, Hey, make sure y'all go check out aunt PRUTZ HandsOn photography. That's a great podcast. Well, you don't really have to say that, but just share it out.

Ant Pruitt (02:36):
I truly appreciate you helping to grow the HandsOn photography community and also make sure you check out the website. TWI TV slash hop has with TV slash H O P for hands on photography. And you'll see all of the description options there as well as our previous show notes and previous episodes. Okay. That sounded way let's get started with this week's chat. So this week is a bit different. You know, we've been doing a couple different modules of going through post processing of images and so forth and doing a video production module and things like that. And we're gonna get back to that stuff at some point soon, but I wanted to share a bit of a oops moment if you will, in the world of photography. And this actually comes from one of, one of our listeners here in the hands on photography community. And it's from a man Mr. Joe Hawk. But yes, this is when I normally pull up the email that they send in, but this is a little different this time. So I'm gonna change my screen and pull up the feedback. So let me just hit this little button here and check out this feedback. Bonna Anthony Pruit. Bonna this is Joseph Hawk and my daughter, Hannah Hannah. We are in Italy at the Louisville Des soul beach resort taking pictures of the nice sunset. It's an all right, sunset. Anyway, I'm here shooting and I, while I'm shooting, I got my my Tanon R and my 7,200 bun and my polarizer. And I was thinking about this story back in the day several years ago when I was in Italy, taking photos in the town of Luca and for anybody who doesn't know, Luca has it's, it's a, a walled city, it's a fortified city. And they've got these beautiful towers. So I, I, I go up one of these towers and I, you know, stairs and stairs, it was probably like 8, 9, 10 stories. I don't remember how many, but I do remember the moment that I was adjusting my polarizer on the front of my camera and I took a photo and I brought my camera down and it fell off and I heard it hit the building across the street shattering and then further shattering as it hits the pavement down below. And I am still thankful that it didn't hit anyone, probably my biggest oops moment as a photographer. And I wanted to send this to you in a video and I don't know, maybe challenge your other viewers to post a video like this as well. What's your biggest oops moment for, you know, whatever.

Joseph Hawk (05:56):
Thanks for being there, Anthony. And thanks for all that you do. And yeah, just talk out.

Ant Pruitt (06:04):
Oh, that's good stuff. That's good stuff. My man, Joe Hawk. Thanks so much for sending that in. And I gotta tell you, I love that idea. Mr. Hawk has been featured on the show here previously, if you go back to episode 99, he was a photographer that was again, hanging out in Italy and he sent this photo. It's a beautiful photo, but he didn't necessarily get the feedback he was expecting. You know, it was basically, you know, wasn't getting the likes and things like that. And we talked about it and walked through some potential reasons why it didn't really connect with other folks, but go check out episode 99 back in October, 2021, according to my screen here, Mr. Victor will have it pop up on the screen and I'll have a link to it in the show notes.

Ant Pruitt (06:51):
But thank you again, Mr. Joe, for sending that over. And I gotta tell you, that's a funny video and boy, woo. That's also a little bit Mmm. Cringy. I, I I'm, I haven't had that happen to me, but man, that would, Ooh, that could have been really bad. It was bad, but it could have been really bad and a lot worse because that filter of hitting had hit someone as it fell down, all of those stories. Oh wow. That could have been a mm. Really bad. So you're asking, so what are some of my oops moments or some of the other hands on photography listeners? Oops. Moments. I will share one of mine that comes to mind and it has to, this didn't happen on a professional set or anything like that. You know, with me in a client, this is something that has happened with me twice and it did not happen a third time because after the second time I was like, Nope, this will never ever happen again.

Ant Pruitt (07:46):
And this was with me going out, shooting either street photography. And the other instance was I was going on a hike to go do some sunset photography out on this lake. And I had to walk through this long trail that was about a mile and a half, one way. <Laugh> just to get to said lake so I can get to the beautiful sunset that I was hoping to see. And lo and behold, when I get there to the spot and set up my tripod and, and, you know, get everything squared away with the shot. Got it all framed up. No SD card. <Laugh> no DCOM SD card. So next I, I, I, so I grabbed my bag. I grabbed my, my backpack that, that has all of my gear in it. And I'm fumbling through all of the gazillion pockets of my backpack, no SD card in there either.

Ant Pruitt (08:38):
So what happened? The only thing I could do was take a photograph with my phone because I had my phone with me fortunately, but I couldn't get the shots that I wanted to get with my camera at the time is I was, I was really planning on doing some stuff with the ind filters and doing some long exposures. And I, I, I just had all kinds of ideas and yeah, didn't get the shots, unfortunately. And then there's another story. <Laugh>, there's another story with that particular setting now that I think about it actually I was able to get the shots for, for this, for this particular instance for this particular location at a later date, but what I'll do, I, I have a video of it on my personal YouTube channel. I will link to that in the show notes and YCA check out that video. It's pretty interesting to say the least, well

Ant Pruitt (09:33):
That got cut short because I ended up stepping in a yellow jacket and that's, and got stung a hum, a handful of times, shoot, they still out here. And I got a first safety,

Ant Pruitt (09:47):
But yeah, I, I did not get the shots in my original instance and it, it really did piss me off. I was not happy about that. Had to walk all the way back to the car and drive all the way back home and pretty much empty handed if you will. So what did I learn from that always have your SD cards with you and put something in place to where you are ready for, I guess you can say disaster and, you know, and be able to have some type of disaster recovery plan in place. For me, it meant a couple things. So lemme grab my camera here right now. My camera's back here behind me on the, on the bench there. And if I just pick it up, you'll see that the door right there where the SD card goes, the doors open.

Ant Pruitt (10:37):
That is something that I do every single time when I come back from a shoot, whether it's a with a client or whether it's just something from a personal project I take, if I take the SD card out, I leave that door open and sit the camera down and take the SD card to do my unload in and so on and so forth process and whatever. And even when I'm done with the SD card, like this one, there's one here. I will just sit that SD card right down on my desk, or what have you, or, or somewhere next to the camera. Every now and then I will put it back into the camera, but at the same time, even when I put it back into the camera, I will leave that door open on the camera until it's time to shoot. Cuz when I see that door open, that's a signal for me to say, Hey, do you have an SD card?

Ant Pruitt (11:28):
<Laugh> so if I see if I see the SD card is in there, great, I close the door, throw the camera in the bag. If I don't see an SD card in there, I know to grab one. The other thing that I will do is I now have SD cards in my car. Yes. I have backup SD cards in my backpack most of the time, but just in case I don't have one in my backpack. I have one in my car. I about stick it in the glove box or stick it in like the center console, most of the time, essentially in the, in the glove box, because there are times where you could be out and about shooting and SD cards will fail. You'll have SD cards, but they'll fail and you pick up another one and maybe it fails too. So what are you gonna do?

Ant Pruitt (12:13):
I'll go back to my car and get another card just in case I need another option. So that's a bit of my oops <laugh> oops experiences. And man, like I said, it happened to me twice. It has not happened to me a third time. I am not, I will not be out and about on a scene without having my storage with me to be able to capture the shots, even down to my video when I'm working a video project. My camera that I'm speaking to right now is a cinema camera. I am able to record to a solid state drive of, of a large, not a large SSD, but a, you know, it's Samsung T five SSD. It's only about three inches in length and it's an external drive, but I can also record to UHS two SD cards inside of that camera as well.

Ant Pruitt (13:06):
I will have it back up some backups, some backups of that as well, just same type of practice to make sure I do not forget to have my storage with me or have some type of disaster recovery planned in place. So thank you Mr Joe, for sending that over. This is a great idea. Hey, the rest of you, I want to hear from you do just like what Mr. Joe did, and also give him a follow over on Instagram. This Joe hot photography. I will stick a link in the show notes for that. But yeah. Do like he did send an email to hop twit TV, what they link to your video. So I could check it out and download it and make sure you give your consent to use the video just as he did. And now granted, I had to trim his video back a little bit, cuz it was a touch long.

Ant Pruitt (13:55):
So I had to term it back a little bit to where it would be usable for a quick segment here on the show. But I'd love to hear from y'all if you're interested in sharing and if you have any other tips be sure to share that too, because other folks in this hands on photography community may be interested in that and may learn a little bit, bit of something from you as well. So send that on over to with the link to your video where I can download it and we'll go from there. Okay. All right. That's gonna do over a, this week's episode, man. I hope that's been helpful. Good grieved. Just sort of, mm my heart rate up just a little bit thinking about those past experiences since they were not good. I was a bit angry <laugh> I was a bit angry at the time, but I hope this has been helpful for you all shout out to Mr.

Ant Pruitt (14:42):
Haw for sending that over to me. Shout out to my awesome editor, Mr. Victor, for making me look and sound good each and every week here on the show and shout out to you the hands on photography listener that continues to share the show out with everybody that you know, even your enemies. I appreciate all of that support. And I also appreciate you giving me a follow over on Instagram. So go to Instagram right now and search for Ant Pruitt or Ant underscore Pruitt. That's my handle. Give me a follow there, share your images with me over there. Just tag me on some of your favorite shots. I love seeing with you all are shooting and some of your experiences, it's pretty, pretty awesome to see the progress that you all have made and just y'all y'all are some pretty good photographers. It's some good stuff. Sweet. All right, that's gonna do it. You all continue to be safe out there and create and dominate and I will catch you next time.

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