Hands On Photography Episode 112 Transcript

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Ant Pruitt (00:00):
Today on Hands On Photography. We're going to talk about Canon. Yes. I'm a Canon fan boy. I know. I know. So yeah, of course. I'm gonna talk about Canon, but it's not what you think. It's not what you think. Pretty interesting news. And I'm curious to share my thoughts and get your thoughts on this topic as well. Y'all stay tuned.

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Ant Pruitt (01:29):
Hey, what's going on everybody. I am Ant Pruitttt, and this is Hands On Photography here on TWiT TV. Hope y'all are doing well. I am unbelievable as always just another fine week where I like to sit down and share different tips of trick that are gonna help make you a better photographer as well as a better post processor. And every now and then I get to talk to an amazing guest from the photography community or like today. I just share my Hm, my thoughts on some photography related news. But before we get into that stuff, let me go ahead and say welcome to the folks that are joining us for the very first time. Thank you. Welcome. Appreciate y'all hanging out now. Do me a favor. Go ahead and hit subscribe and whatever podcast application you enjoying us on we're available on apple podcasts or available on Spotify and YouTube and whatever podcast apps out there for the most part.

Ant Pruitt (02:23):
If you're not quite sure how to subscribe to the show, just go to the website, that's P for Hands On Photography. And also folks, if you have the ability and whatever podcast app you're using, please leave me a star rating or a comment or whatever it is that you're podcast app use specifically for apple podcasts. The rating and comments in there really does help out the show and help push us up so more people can find Hands On Photography. I really do appreciate that. Okay. All right. With that out, wait, let's go ahead and get started with this week's episode. All right. So it's no secret. I, Ant Pruitttt am a Canon photography fan. It, it is what it is. I, I I'm quite happy with it and I have no problem admitting that I am a bit of a fan boy when it comes to Canon cameras.

Ant Pruitt (03:19):
Not all Canon cameras are perfect. Heck I don't think any of them are perfect, but they just seem to be my favorite and, and fit into the things that I've always liked to do over the years. And recently Canon has been into news for a couple different things, and unfortunately, some of us at a bit of bad news. So let me take a look at this here website. The has reported that can, is going to close down its main camera factory in China. Ooh, that is pretty big. So the report reads that they're going to shut this down due to a couple different factors, it's gonna be about 1300 employees affected and it's yeah, it's pretty, pretty rough news. The thing is it sort of makes sense. Cuz I don't care how big you are as a company, whether you apple, Amazon, or, or Google or, or can a NECON or Sony whomever, the pandemic that kicked off back in 2020, it affected a lot of folks.

Ant Pruitt (04:27):
It affected everybody. And right now here in the year 2022, we're still seeing some remnants of the, the impact the pandemic has had on us as society as well as from the business standpoint. And so Canon is going to shut down this camera factory and lay off, you know, about 1300 people. Partly because of that. And also partly because they're noticing some, some different trends in the camera market space. Now prior to this announcement, Canon also mentioned that, okay, we're done with DSLRs, that's it? That's that's that's the end of it. You know, if you have our one DX mark, two mark three, what have you the pro line, the flagship DSLR. That's the last one we're making folks. So enjoy it. We'll give you support from the, just a little bit of time or what have you, but that is it on the DSLR side of things and you know what it makes sense.

Ant Pruitt (05:26):
It, it, it makes sense. DSLR technology is O tech mirrorless technology is where it is now with that said <laugh> just because you killed off the DSLR. Does that mean you need to shut down a one of, one of your camera factories? Well, this camera factory in particular, I guess they were focusing more so on those consumer side of the cameras, not necessarily the proconsumer side of cameras in particularly things like those point and shoot cameras or to really, really lower end of the spectrum of their DSL DSLR side of things. And you know what, when you think about the point and shoot camera and what it compares to, Hmm, maybe your favorite smartphone of choice, why are anybody, why would anybody consider buying a point and shoot camera these days? Well, probably cuz they don't want to <laugh> use their phone to do live streams and things like that or, or vlogging or whatever.

Ant Pruitt (06:29):
And I get it. But at the same time, if you go all the way back to say, maybe let's just go back. As far as the iPhone X, that camera on there was great. And anything that came out at that particular time, the cameras on those phones were great, whether it was this, the pixel from Google or whatever Samsung's galaxy line was, they only have about 50 different versions of the galaxy, but all of those cameras were great. Now fast forward to right now here in 2020 and the latest iPhone is still crushing it from a, a, a camera standpoint, the pixel six pro that I use, not granted, I'm not the biggest fan of Android 12, but the camera on it is ridiculously good. Especially if you know how to set up composition and put in nice lighting and things like that. It is it's, it's a Daum good camera.

Ant Pruitt (07:21):
So why would I consider buying a point and shoot camera when my phone does just as good, if not better, especially when it comes to computational side of things and Canon, they saw that they, they, they could see the right on the walls. You know what people aren't buying these cameras anymore, they're using their, so we might as well just, just cut that division off and just move on and, and look at the other, other things that we have in the pipeline. And that makes perfect sense for Canon. So the, the auto it continues how Canon is basically going to focus more so on their pro grade line of cameras, whether it's the Sy Sy side of things send 'em to cameras or the mirrorless flagship bodies, or even just the prosumer muralist bodies, such as Dr. Six R five or three in the flagship are one that's supposedly forthcoming, you know, and all of the, that makes sense.

Ant Pruitt (08:20):
That is the future of photography for Canon and most manufacturers out there, the, the mirrorless line, it, it just has a lot of advantages for the photographer, whether it's portability and it being a light, the electronic view finder, the processing on it from an, from the image processor, the, the focusing it's all of it's just so much better in that technology. Then it just makes sense to really dive in on it and make sure that those particular customers are going to get what they deserve when they put their hard on hard earned money down. Okay. What are your thoughts on this? I think that may sense. It's it's the people that are buying the Canon R five or the Canon R six are not the same people that are gonna buy the former Canon power shots or what have you. There's they're just not it, it, that market is gone.

Ant Pruitt (09:23):
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Oh, wait a minute. Wait a minute. We have breaking news. Yep. I am interrupting my own show Hands On Photography right now. Yes. I know I'm talking to you all about Canon, adding down part of their photography factory in China or one of their factories in China, just shutting down part of it, if not all of it, because of the current state of the market space, when it comes to cameras. Well, at the time of recording this show, Canon has just announced the brand new camera from them, the Canon R five C the Canon R five C as in cinema. This is a hybrid camera where you're gonna be able to shoot both photo and video, but the C means it's going to focus more towards the video side of things. Canon is toting this as its brother or C or sibling, if you will, to its R five body except the R five is focusing more on the photography side of things.

Ant Pruitt (10:25):
And the R five C is focusing on the cinema side of things. The difference is between these well, the R five C is gonna have an internal cooling system. So you can record up to eight K 30 frames per second raw video, 4, 2, 2, 10 bits. So it's a lot of processing power. You're still getting a full frame sensor on this camera. You're still getting the dual pixel auto focus system. That's just marvelous. Oh, but man, I I'm curious what, I just don't quite get it because the R five is still pretty good as a video camera. Yeah. It has its quirks, but still pretty good as a video camera, in addition to being a great stills camera. And then you have to see 70 from Canon. That is a strictly a cinema camera, but it's a smaller version of their cinema them a lot.

Ant Pruitt (11:18):
And it was pretty nice. I did a review for the network sometime last year, but alright, pricing on this thing, the R five C is gonna cost you about 4,500 bucks. You can pre-order it. Now we'll have some affiliate links to here in our show notes. Just in case you're curious, but I think this is a pretty interesting looking camera. I can't wait to get my hands on one, but it does make me scratch my head just a little bit because you got the R five, you got the C 70 now, right? In between those two, you have the R five C and if you've already bought an R five, let me know your thoughts on this. Shoot me an email or tag me over on the social medias. But yeah, we'll put a link in this, in the show notes here to give you a little bit more information about the R five C okay.

Ant Pruitt (12:05):
Back to the show. If there's still a market out there, I think the likes of Sony are still gonna do fine in that market. Sony has its point and shoot line with these Z V one and the Z V E 10. I believe that's the latest one. They're still selling that thing pretty well. And it's a pretty popular camera because it's ridiculously capable for handling content creation as well as just snapping photography. It's not necessarily for me because I, I don't like the tiny image sensors in those, but a lot of people tend to dig that, that camera. So Sony is still in on it, but Canon is like, eh, y'all have at it. We're gonna move on to something else. What are your thoughts? Are you interested in buying a point and shoot camera today here in 2022? Or are you gonna rely on your smart phone?

Ant Pruitt (12:53):
Even if it's an older smartphone, let me know, shoot me a message hop TWiTt TV. I'd love to hear from you and hear your thoughts. And if you'd love for me to share your thoughts on the show, feel free to mention that in the email and we can discuss that. Okay. All right. That's gonna do it for this week's episode. Thank you all for your con continued support of the show. Thank you to my man, Mr. Victor, for making me look and sound good each and every week. I know it is quite a challenge to make this face look good, sir. Kudos to you. But yeah, again, folks continue to send your, your feedback, comments, questions to Don't forget about the photography lunch, the sunrise photography challenge that I put out a couple weeks ago. Quite honestly, I've been seeing some messages come in regarding that challenge.

Ant Pruitt (13:44):
And yeah, it's, it's been a pleasant surprise because I thought it was just gonna be a bit of a slow trickle in thing, but no y'all have been on it. So yeah. Keep sending them in. And if you'd like for me to have those discussed on the show and make sure you mention that NSAID email, I'm looking forward to sharing them with everybody here in the community. These there some good stuff in there, but you can also give me a tag and follow over on social media on Instagram search for an Pruitttt or an underscore Pruittt. That is my actual handle. Or you can go on over to, to, and tag me and search for me. There I am ant underscore Pruittt on TWiTtter. All right. Thank you all for the support. We'll catch you next time here in the network. Now again, safely create and dominate what, whatever camera you have. It doesn't matter. All right. Yeah, I'll take care.

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