Hands On Photography Episode 110 Transcript

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Ant Pruitt (00:00):
Today on Hands On Photography. I am going to answer a question. Did I get <laugh> just about every single day, whether it's in my social media, whether it's something that comes through my email, but this is a pretty common question regarding the world of photography and cameras. And yeah, let me just go ahead and address that now on the show y'all state team.

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Ant Pruitt (01:33):
Hey, what's going on everybody. I'm Ant Pruitt and this is Hands On Photography here on TWiT TV. I hope y'all are doing well. I am unbelievable as always. It's the most wonderful time of the year where we are sitting down and getting different tips and tricks to be a better photographer and better post processor. And just, just kick off this year with the great bit of momentum hope y'all are doing. All right. Let's go ahead and get started with this week's episode. Y'all so I've been getting a pretty consistent question in my email. I've been getting a pretty consistent question in my social medias and I figured I should do an episode on it cuz I get this question quite a bit and I've been answering those emails and messages. But I figured I should just do a show episode about it because it's pretty daggum popular.

Ant Pruitt (02:24):
And then considering right now this is post holiday season. People have been able to do a little bit of holiday shopping because they got some post holiday shopping because they got gift cards and things like that. And they come to me and they ask me one particular question and it's always dealing with some money. And that question is regarding the wonderful world of photography. So without further ado, let's go ahead and pull up one of these sample emails. I'm gonna go ahead and switch on over to my screen right now. Hi Ant looking to buy a camera for my son. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks. Yeah, that's just, that's just one <laugh> of the emails that I get that is very similar to that. Hi Ant, I'm buying a camera for my son and aunt. I'm buying a camera for myself, aunt I'm upgraded my camera Ant.

Ant Pruitt (03:17):
Which camera should I buy? You know, or an, what do you think about this camera? And yeah, it's, they're all pretty similar and I wanna try to adjust, address all of that, but yeah, let's pause for a second and then we'll get on into the answer. Okay. So it is now post holiday season. You've gotten your some, a bunch of gift cards to go out and buy yourself some new photography gear and particularly a camera. And as that email said previously, you're wanting to find a camera for yourself to get into photography or you're, you're trying to upgrade your camera and things like that. So how am I going to answer this question? The answer to the question that always I always retorted with before I get into what camera someone should buy there, there's two things to consider. First is your budget, how much money are you ready to spend?

Ant Pruitt (04:10):
Okay. I can advise on a bunch of different cameras, you know, like right now we got on the horizon, the neon Z and full frame mirrorless, professional body camera. That, that thing looks sick. I talked about it over on tech break several weeks ago and oh man, I would highly recommend that camera to some people, but I can't recommend that camera to everybody. You know what I'm saying? So I always have to find out what the budget is and then next, want to know is this a gift for yourself? Is this something for a, a person that's just getting started? Are you a photographer that is you've been shooting for a little while on your point and shoot or on your smartphone and you're just wanting to air quotes, upgrade. You're a photography gear, you know, all of that stuff makes a difference.

Ant Pruitt (05:01):
And if you, if you wanna look at it from the standpoint of someone that's just getting started with photography, I highly recommend, you know, taking a look at something that's well under a thousand dollars. Because sometimes people go out and buy these really expensive cameras just to get started with. And they end up putting the cameras down for a week and picking up maybe once a month and things like that. And it's a total waste and sometimes they even just flat out, forget the cameras. So again, addressing the budget and addressing the scenario. Yeah, I would, I would always tell people, all right, how much you wanna spend and if you're brand new, don't spend over a thousand dollars go was something, you know, maybe the five to 700 bucks, something like that because that's going to still give you nice image quality.

Ant Pruitt (05:50):
And it's going to give you a decent amount of tech. That's actually up to date in that price range. You know, when it comes to dealing with all the focus and things like that DSLRs are still out there in the wild, even though that is a technology, that's pretty much dead. You're not gonna see many DSLRs being built in the future. So if you wanna try a DSLR, that's fine. Just know that that's not necessarily something it's gonna be here 10 years from now. They, they probably won't. So they're gonna be a lot cheaper in many instances, something like the Canon T seven, something along those lines, the rebel T seven or you can take a look at some of the, the more entry level mirrorless bodies from the likes of again, Canon. And so in neon on the cannon side, I always like to recommend the M 50 mark two or even the M 50 mark one.

Ant Pruitt (06:46):
These are smaller bodies. Something is really, really portable, cuz most people want something that's portable these days. They don't wanna lug around something that's too heavy. Especially if they're just sort of casually shooting. So they don't want the, the device to just sort of be in the way and, and getting in, getting in, in the way of enjoying just different experiences and whatnot. So the can M 50 mark two is something I would recommend. Ms. Vanessa joy was on the show previously. She showed off the capabilities of that camera with her budget photography photo shoot series that she's been doing on, on her channel. Mr. Victor will pull up the previous episode here in the B roll right about now. But yeah, that's, that's one body line. But if you wanna step it up just a little bit more, maybe take a look at the offerings from Sony with the, the a seven mark four, that's a little more expensive, but if you want to go back down just the hair, the a seven mark three is still fine.

Ant Pruitt (07:46):
It's an older body, the auto focus isn't as great as the mark four, but it's still gonna be pretty nice and give you really good image quality it's mirrorless, it's smaller. It's got much better or wait for us being portable. It's a nice option. But yeah, that is generally my retort. When it comes to that particular question, it's not something that you can answer for everybody with one particular answer. It's gonna be a lot of different caveats in there. You know, I'm again, partial to cannon. So I would recommend the R five. I'm not so sure if I would recommend the R three just yet, but that camera the R five and the R six, those are solid cameras. They're mirrorless beautiful video capability, beautiful color science. The, the new lens Mount on it is really, really great from a tech standpoint and in the lenses that you can get for that body is just so Daum sharp, probably a little too sharp, you know, but that's just how I would want.

Ant Pruitt (08:51):
That's how that's something that I would want for myself. That's probably not something that's built for you, you know? So your mileage may vary, but anyway, I did want to address that and, and just say, Hey, feel free to continue to ask that question, but it is it's, it's going to depend on your scenario. Okay. All right, folks, that's gonna do it for this week's episode. Thank you. Y'all so much for your continued support. Again, if you have any questions, comments, feedback, shoot me an email, just like everybody else has been doing. I answer them as fast as I can, and sometimes I feature those emails here on the show with your written consent. Yeah. Or you can also give me a follower over on social media. Go ahead and search for me on Instagram. I am ant underscore Pruit on Instagram search for me over there and check out my images and, and posts there and feel free to tag me in some of your photography.

Ant Pruitt (09:48):
And let me see what you're shooting, cuz I, I do enjoy checking that stuff out. And I'm also over on Twitter. I am Ant underscore Pruitt on Twitter, where I love to just chit chat, converse, share stuff that's going on at Twitter and every now and then I'll talk a little trash about certain football teams that I don't like. <Laugh> all right. But yeah, make sure you follow with Michelle subscribe right now, whatever podcast application you're enjoying this on find all of the subscription options on the web site. that's All right, that's gonna do it folks. Thank you again for the support. Thank you to my man, Mr. Victor for making me look and sounds so good each and every week and brother heres to another great year with you and I are doing this show hands on photography. I really do a appreciate everything you do for me, my man, real talk. All right, folks, we will catch you next time here on the show. Now continue to safely create it dominate and we'll catch you next time.

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