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Ant Pruitt (00:00):
Today on Hands-On Photography. I'm sitting at my desk, just listening to some music, going through all of the emails and tags and stuff that I've gotten from you. The loyal Hands-On Photography listener. And we're going to do a show dedicated to you and your feedback. This is gonna be a lot of fun, and I cannot wait for you to listen. Y'all stay tuned.

New Speaker (00:21):
This is TWiT.

Ant Pruitt (00:23):
This episode of Hands-On Photography is brought to you by BetterHelp online therapy. Join over 1 million people who have taken charge of their mental health. As a listener, you'll get 10% off your first month by visiting

Ant Pruitt (00:46):
Hey, what's going on everybody. I'm Ant Pruitt, and this is Hands-On Photography here on TWiT TV. Hope y'all are doing well. I'm unbelievable as always. It's another fine week where I get to sit down and share different tips and tricks that are gonna help make you a better photographer and a better post-processor. It's also another fine time that I can sit down and go through some of your feedback. That's feedback from you, the loyal Hands-On Photography listener. I really do appreciate all of that support and yeah, it, it's nice to be able to get the feedback from you all. That's got different comments send in image, critiques requests and things of that nature. Or just, you know, like I said, just flat out feedback about a previous episode or questions and whatnot. If you wanna be a part of that, go ahead and send an email.

Ant Pruitt (01:35):
Yes. Good old -ashioned email, send an email to again, that's If you want to be a part of this discussion. And if you'd like to have your email, I'll just be a part of the show. I need you to say so in your message. So I have consent to use your email. All right. So without further ado, let's go ahead and get started with this week's episode. All right. So feedback, feedback is the thing. Let me pull up the first bit of feedback here on the screen. All right. So this one says, Hey, Ant and team, I was watching the photography workflow video you posted on November 18th. You mentioned important the photos and then adding keywords. One can also add to as keywords during the import. That is correct, sir. On the right side, you can put in the keywords then.

Ant Pruitt (02:30):
Yep. That is correct, sir. Typically how I do this is to add keywords, which apply to the entire photo shoot year, month location occasions, such as birthdays, new year's, etc. Yep. The in as I go photo by photo, the message continues. I am terrible. <Laugh> with names. So I allow the face recognition to identify faces in the shoot and I add each person's slash models names. So that will help me to remember their name and search for that specific person. Should I need to come back? You probably already knew this, but figured I would send this in just in case you didn't know that enjoy. And I hope this helps feel free to use show, email, share info as needed. And that comes from David Benedict. And yeah, we talked about the photography workflow as far as getting yourself a, a, a photo shoot gig and whatnot, and, you know, the process of just going through it, getting everything set up from the initial meeting and the expectations.

Ant Pruitt (03:36):
And then after you do the shoot, what's the work flow of handling all of those files, you know, those hundreds and hundreds of photos that you snap. It takes a little bit of organization and something like Lightroom is, is really, really useful for that. Yes, capture one works as well. But as I mentioned in that episode, I use Lightroom because it works best for my flow. And I don't really see the need to change that just yet. And also as mentioned in that episode, there's a gazillion different ways to use Lightroom. And I love that Mr. Benedict is pointing out all of that information inside of Lightroom that you can use to be a part of your optimized flow. Yeah. So definitely check it out, especially when it comes to keywording, cuz keywording goes a long way. I'm I'm I am serious about this when you're trying to find something it's, it's so much easier to be able to pull up those catalogs and just type in the keyword versus scrolling through a gazillion JPEGs or RAOs and, and pausing and thinking, oh, you're looking at the thumbnail thinking, oh, that looks like that.

Ant Pruitt (04:48):
Maybe it, you click on it. It's not it <laugh> if you just go ahead and keyword things and, and make it so much easier on yourself that that stuff will come back to, to be tenfold in value to you later on down the road, even down to the process of deleting files that, you know, you're not gonna use if you snap something and it, and it just it's out of focus and it just doesn't look good or doesn't feel right to you or whatever, delete it, get rid of it. You're not gonna have to fiddle with trying to, if through all of the bad crap that you snapped. And you're also gonna save some space on your computer system. So yeah, just go back and watch that episode of just walking through the photography workflow. And again, if you have any feedback far as your particular workflow, I'm curious is to hear what you do, cuz again, workflow is something that's not gonna be a cookie cutter experience.

Ant Pruitt (05:49):
My workflow is not necessarily gonna be the workflow that you do. I just wanted to share a guideline that may be helpful to help you just sort of figure out, oh, this is what I'd like better or what I would probably do here. Things of that nature and none of it's wrong, it's not none of it's wrong. So just whatever works for you. And like I also said in that episode, Adobe light room, they design that application to be used was a certain way. And I tried using it a certain the, the way that they recommend and you know, what doesn't work for me. I, I just <laugh>, it just doesn't work for me. So I figured out I should do it my way and I've been happy ever since, but yeah. Ms Bennett thank you for that email on this was yeah.

Ant Pruitt (06:39):
Lot of good information in that and I really do appreciate you pointing that stuff out. All right. So let's pause for a second and get ready for our next bit of feedback. Today's episode of hands on photography is brought to you by better help online therapy, check them hop. The best way to think about therapy is through a bunch of analogies. We get our cars tuned up to prevent bigger issues down the road. We get annual medical checkups and go to the gym to maintain our physical wellness and prevent injuries and disease. We also do chores regularly. Well, some of us dorm regularly to avoid a giant mess of a house and roaches and stuff going to therapy is like all of these is routine maintenance for your mental and emotional wellness to prevent bigger issues down the road therapy doesn't mean something's wrong with you, y'all it, it, it doesn't mean that it means you're investing in yourself trying to keep your mind healthy and that's mm, nothing but respect for you on that.

Ant Pruitt (07:45):
Better help. Isn't just any online therapy it's customized for you by offering video phone and even live chat sessions with your therapist. So you don't have to see anyone on camera. If you don't want to, it's much, much more affordable than the in-person therapy. And you can start communicating with your therapist in under 48 hours. So why invest in everything else and not your mind? This podcast is sponsored by better help and hands-on photography listeners will get 10% off their first month at Again that's B E T T E R H E L And I appreciate better help for the support of the show.

Ant Pruitt (08:37):
Okay. So we got some more feedback than this one from Bruce, and it says, hi, end, I'm still loving the show. Thank you very much. I also listen to the tech guy podcast each weekend and look forward to hearing what assignment Chris Marquardt gives out. Y'all know The Tech Guy podcast, right? That's hosted by the Chief TWiT, Mr. Leo LePort each and every Saturday and Sunday. Yeah. Check that out. Really, really good show. He goes on when he was not on the show. Meaning Chris Mart, when he was not on the show this last week, I was disappointed. And I thought how your show also inspires me to try new things or just get off my Duff with the purpose to take some photos that asks pretty dag. I'm funny off my Duff. <Laugh> the message continues. Have you ever considered doing a more focus monthly assignment episode on hop?

Ant Pruitt (09:28):
You could even tie them into the guests you interview or the topics you cover in the, if you ever do I'm in and that comes from Bruce. Huh? Good, good, good question there, Bruce. Thank you for that email. And yeah. Thank you for this question. So, Hmm. Photography Simon's for our hands on photography listeners. Hmm. You know what I have thought about that? And back way, way, way back when hop first started, I wanted to do photography assignments. And I remember the first one or two that I did. It seemed like it totally confused. The listeners that may have been my fault. So matter of fact, I'll just take the blame. It may have been my fault that it used the hands on photography listeners at that time. So I said, you know what, maybe I I'll hold off on assignments. And just see if I can figure out a, another way to work those things in.

Ant Pruitt (10:28):
Maybe it was the fact that my show was brand new and people was still trying to figure out, do I want to trust this dude named aunt Pruit, this brand new photography he showed? Am I gonna stick around for this before I just invest time and doing assignments and you know what, fortunately, you all have stuck around. And I really do appreciate that cuz the show has definitely grown and I appreciate the support, but yeah, I do want to do some photography assignments, but there's a bit of a caveat. And I think the problem is the delay when it comes to the world of podcasting. All right. So let me just speak from my experience. Okay. So I listen to podcasts all the dagum time. I listen to podcasts just about every single day of the week. I have my favorite list of podcasts that I go through and I can guarantee you the podcast that I am listening to right now.

Ant Pruitt (11:22):
If I pull up an episode on my phone right now, this of a favorite podcast I'm subscribed to, I can guarantee you it's not their most recent episode. I don't know why I am never, ever right up to date with the podcast eats. I don't know why that is. I try and I listen every single day, but for whatever reason, there's always a delay between what I'm listening to versus what they just currently released out. Sometimes it's a day, sometimes it's two days. And then if it's a weekly podcast or what have you, sometimes it's two weeks of a difference that I'm behind. I don't know why. And as a podcast host, I am responsible for understanding what's going on with my show. So yeah, I'm going to look at my stats and analytics and things like that to try to help make my show better and provide the listeners.

Ant Pruitt (12:17):
Exactly what I think would be helpful for them to keep them coming back and, and help grow on the show. That's what I'm supposed to do. And that's what any content creator's supposed to do. You look at that analytics, look at those analytics. And when I look at those analytics, I am finding that most of you <laugh> the ads on photography listeners y'all are a bit behind on the episode counts. So I wondered if I were to do assignments, if you will, if, if they would just sort of be a bit of a flop because of the, the massive delay in the listeners there. And, and I don't know I could be wrong, but you mentioned something in that email that makes a lot of sense. Hmm. You said monthly, monthly assignments. I like that. And I think I may even consider doing that.

Ant Pruitt (13:05):
So cuz if it's a monthly, that means I'm, I'm going to have at least four weeks, four weeks to have that sort of squared away in to go. Because people may be behind and not actually be able to listen to it on the first week and get the assignment and you know, a week later, sometimes two weeks later, but that four weeks in a month, that gives me a nice little window to play with. So maybe I'll consider doing that. Hmm. I don't know, actually. Yeah. Let's go ahead and do that. Here's our first photography assignment and this is just gonna be a trial run and we'll go from here. All right. So your first photography assignment folks, let's make this as simple as possible. You're going to get up bright and early wherever you live and you're going to give me some sunrise photo.

Ant Pruitt (13:56):
Okay. So the challenge is just number one to, to, to get up and go shoot. The next challenge is it's super early in the morning and it's gotta be sunrise time. Don't you try to trick me and send me a sunset shot folks. I know how smart some of you cats think you are now. I want sunrise photo fee. Just whatever you have to shoot with, whether it's your smartphone, whether it's your DSLR or mirrorless or whatever you got just let's do a sunrise photography challenge and I'm not gonna sit here and say, we're gonna have winners or anything like that. But I would love to recognize folks that are actually participate into challenge. So take the photos, send an email to hop and in your subject line, put in sunrise photography, challenge something along those lines. So it makes it easier for me to sort through all of the other gazillion emails that I get each and every week from you, from you all as listeners.

Ant Pruitt (14:56):
So sunrise photography challenge, go ahead and snap, some photos, send them on over to me. And I don't want your old photos either. That's another trick somebody you guys would do. Don't do that. Don't send me an old photo. Send me. That is PO. That is fairly recent that you shot after watching this episode. Okay. All right. So there's a challenge, Mr. Bruce. I hope to see you in the challenge as well. Mr. Victor, you're my editor. As matter of fact, if you got some time, I wanna see your sunrise shot too, because I know you can shoot my man. You you're not fooling me. I know you could shoot <laugh> all right, folks, that is gonna do it for this week's episode, man. It's been a lot of fun talking to you all. Continue to send me your feedback and comments and image requests, image, critique requests, and all that good stuff.

Ant Pruitt (15:48):
Just continue to send it on over to hop at TWiT TV. And if this was your first time catching my show, Hands-on Photography. Hey, thank you for checking it out and you know, just give me a couple minutes of your time. And if, if you like this kind of content, go ahead and subscribe. Go ahead and subscribe right now, whatever podcast application you're enjoying us on. We're on all of the major podcast services, you know, so apple podcast Spotify whatever Google uses, if anybody's using Google podcast applications, PocketCasts overcast, all of that stuff and is available on our website too., that's for Hands-on Photography and all of our, our show notes are there. All of our subscription options are there previous episodes, all of that good stuff. So check us out and subscribe, and also give me a follower over on social medias.

Ant Pruitt (16:42):
If you have any questions, feedback, and so forth and just want to tag me on some stuff on social media. Yeah. Do it find me on Twitter. It underscore Pruitt. Find me over on Instagram. It underscore Pruit. Definitely tag me on Instagram. I love seeing the photos there. And just going through everything you all share and yeah, every now and then when people tag me, I, I look through their whole feed. I promise you I'm not stalking, but I'm just curious just to see what's what's going on with you as hands off with the listeners from a photography standpoint. All right, that's gonna do it for this week. Thank you all for the tremendous support. Thank you to my man, Mr. Victor for making me look and sound good each and every week. And don't you forget to send me your photos, sir. And folks, we will catch you next time here on the network. So safely create and dominate. We'll see you later.

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