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0:00:00 - Leo Laporte
Well, hey, hey, hey. It's time for Ask the Tech Guys Coming up. Chris Marquardt, our photo guy, rates your best submissions for the minimalist photo assignment.

0:00:10 - Mikah Sargent
And I'm Mikah Sargent, and we answer a question that plagues Apple Watch users everywhere. Why are my notifications not showing up on my Apple Watch and instead showing up on the iPhone?

0:00:18 - Leo Laporte
It drove me crazy. I'm glad you got a solution. And then we celebrate from Lincoln, nebraska to your tummy 75 years of Runza. Ah.

0:00:30 - VO
Podcasts you love. From people you trust. This. Is TWiT.

0:00:35 - Leo Laporte
From people you trust. This is TWIT. This is Ask the Tech Guys, with Mikah Sargent and Leo Laporte, episode 2029, recorded Sunday, june 16th 2024. Peak Bougie Well, hey, hey, hey, there's Mikah Sargent. Hello, leo, and I'm Leo Laporte, and this is Ask the Tech Guys, the show where we answer your tech questions at 888-724-2884. Now, in our 20th year of answering tech questions, this is episode 2029. Holy moly and also. And yes, we started at one.

0:01:21 - Leo Laporte
This isn't like season 20, episode 29, or something like that. No, no, no, no.

0:01:25 - Leo Laporte
Season two, episode 029,. Like some podcasts do, this is episode 2029.

0:01:32 - Mikah Sargent
That is incredible honestly, it's amazing. Oh, my goodness. Oh, by the way, happy Father's Day to you.

0:01:37 - Leo Laporte
Thank you very much and happy Father's Day to your father.

0:01:40 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, and to all the fathers out there and to all the dads.

0:01:42 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, you know, I used to think this was a Hallmark holiday, chiefly when it was Mother's Day and I had to buy a gift. But now that it's Father's Day, oh suddenly it's different. Suddenly it's different. Suddenly it's different. My ex sent me really sweet pictures of me and my son playing and stuff. My son said you're the best dad ever. I get a little text message from him. Um, so it's. It's actually a nice feeling, nice text your dad.

0:02:10 - Mikah Sargent
If dad does text. Right, if dad texts, dad texts, your dad text your dad, dad calls?

0:02:14 - Leo Laporte
maybe you call your dad yeah, I haven't talked to henry on the phone in like a long time. We really it's a text relationship, or lunch text, or lunch text to lunch no which I think is a good.

0:02:25 - Mikah Sargent
I I prefer those actually. Yeah, or we're in person. Yeah, I don't like calls, I hate talking on the phone.

0:02:31 - Leo Laporte
Aren't you funny? Because I do too. Maybe that's why we get along.

0:02:34 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, we never talk to each other.

0:02:38 - Leo Laporte
I don't think I've ever talked to you on the phone.

0:02:40 - Mikah Sargent
I don't think how long have we known each other Since 2018.

0:02:45 - Leo Laporte
Since a long time ago.

0:02:47 - Mikah Sargent

0:02:48 - Leo Laporte
So good news. First of all, apple had its event. You and I were there Monday morning. We were somewhere Well, we were here, but we were watching.

0:02:57 - Mikah Sargent
We were watching. We watched it on TV which is all, apple, lets me do anymore.

0:03:02 - Leo Laporte
Me too. Again, yeah, that's your association with me. It's not your fault, it really isn't. It's because they go. Oh, you work with Leo. Well, you're never getting to go to another event.

0:03:12 - Leo Laporte
Jason Snell gets away with it, though, so it's OK, somebody, somebody gets to go and they announced only no new hardware, but they did announce iOS 18, mac OS 15, watch OS I can't even 11, 10, 11, I don't know TV OS. We don't know All the new ones. They're all new. And now, with AI which is funny, though, because they went an hour and a half without saying the words, the letters AI, and then they said you know what AI stands for Apple intelligence, which I thought was brilliant.

0:03:45 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, no, they did a good job. We've talked about this a lot, I think, on various shows the fact that they really positioned this quite well, clearly very thoughtful about how they were going to show off the intelligence features, how they were going to brand it, what they suggested is what mattered to them, et cetera, et cetera it what they, what they suggested is what mattered to them, etc.

0:04:09 - Leo Laporte
Etc. Uh, and I have to say I thought, yeah, I would like that. Although good, good, the good news is followed by bad news. You ain't gonna get that for a while. Yeah, oh. And we reiterate now with even more gravity if you're tempted, a, you're not going to get those features and b, the beta is breaking everybody's computers. I mean phones, um, a lot of people having springboard issues.

0:04:30 - Mikah Sargent
Yes, and that's what we talked about. You said that's what would happen. You were right. Yeah, so if you had thought about getting it, I think that, and you're right, I think that many people would try to get the beta because they saw these new apple generation features. You're not getting genmoji, you're not getting photo. None of that stuff is in the beta yet. It's not available?

0:04:52 - Leo Laporte
probably not gonna be available when it comes out in september.

0:04:54 - Mikah Sargent
It's probably later this year or next year yep, and I even saw something that suggested that, uh, even for people, people who are doing the betas that there's going to be a wait list for it. Wow, so you will be on the beta, you will apply to get on the wait list, and then they'll flip a switch to let you do it.

0:05:10 - Leo Laporte
Wake me up when it's available will you please?

Wake me up before. I have to say, though, they kind of downplayed one feature and they didn't even mention another feature that I think are two very important features. Which two? So they downplayed? The played the fact that, uh, apple messages, with all its shiny new features, will finally support rcs, the rich communication systems that google supports, which means android folks, yes, you'll still be a blue bubble, but the green one, or green, whatever color you are now, you'll stay that color. I can never remember. See, I'm not paying attention because it doesn't matter. Yeah, it doesn't matter, but you will. What does matter? Full quality pictures and videos. No more of this. Downgrading Voice messages, yeah.

0:05:51 - Mikah Sargent
All the features of a real messaging system. I'm excited about that because I've talked before about it's. The big thing for me is I wasn't sure I don't need to know if someone's read a message, but I want to make sure that it's delivered. It's delivered, and so what I used to do when I would message somebody like Jason Howell, who's on Android, was I would split up my messages into multiple because I didn't know if the full message was going to deliver. I didn't know if video and photo was going to make it All of this stuff. Now at least we get to see delivered, and if they have read receipts or read receipts turned on, then that will also be possible. That's the one thing I've cared about. Yeah, genuinely. So I'm really excited about that. What's the other one that they didn't mention? The?

0:06:28 - Leo Laporte
one. They didn't even mention at all that nobody said anything about. Starting in September, you will be able to rename Siri to anything you want. Yeah, that's a big deal, sort of you don't have to say hey, shlomo anymore. You Sort of you don't have to say hey, shlomo anymore. You could say what you type it in so you can really say anything. Now it won't apply, unfortunately. It won't apply to the other Apple devices, like the HomePod Right, which means I'll have to get used to having different names. But I think S-I-R-I responds too easily to too many things.

0:06:59 - Mikah Sargent
Oh, so you want to say like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

0:07:02 - Leo Laporte
like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Well, what I used to do on the Ten years ago, moto phones used to do this. Wow, they let you rename them. I changed my text to help me. Obi-wan Kenobi, and that never, that doesn't come up in conversation. Yeah, that's a good point, unless you're at a Star Wars convention. But other than that, and so it was, and it felt kind of fun saying that, yeah, so I might say you know, hey, obi-wan Kenobi.

0:07:27 - Mikah Sargent
By the way this is activated through. It's kind of a roundabout process, the way that it works. It's not just you'll go into the S-I-R-I settings and change the name. Instead, there are new voice commands that are available as part of accessibility features, where you can create phrases oh, this is accessibility. And so, yeah, it's an accessibility feature where you can make a phrase that then goes forth and triggers.

0:07:50 - Leo Laporte
S-I-R-I. I guess that's okay. They often put stuff in accessibility first see how people like it, see how it works, and then make it available to everybody. Here's the Verge. Yeah, they're called custom phrases. Custom phrases Well you phrases. Custom phrases, well, I, you know. Okay, I think that's a big deal because, frankly, uh, it's ridiculous that we all have to say you sound so much like sincerely and sorry, it gets triggered all the time.

Yeah, yeah, often, um, oh, just like that, just like that and, by way, I don't know why, but she said, okay, media will play softer. Did I say that should happen?

0:08:30 - Mikah Sargent
I don't think so. It's fun to you. Always do try to think back like what did I say and how did it kind of sound like that.

0:08:36 - Leo Laporte
But this is why, in some ways, what Apple said with Apple intelligence, it gives us all great hope that maybe Siri won't be such a nitwit. But then I start to think but they've had many years to do this and they've yet to.

0:08:50 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, in fact, that was one of the things that I talked about with Jennifer Patterson, two of the verge on tech news weekly. She shared a piece about how Siri is, you know, supposed to be this new voice assistant, but that there's been so much time we hate her so much. The ground up with this LLM approach they all want to hold by they, I mean like Amazon, and well, frankly, amazon and Apple, the two big voices I guess Google to a certain extent. They don't want to just start over entirely, so they're kind of adding little toolkits onto this assistance that already exists, and that's what's making it more difficult to do it right.

0:09:44 - Leo Laporte
So it's complicated. It's really important that, uh, as we emerge from the reality distortion field of an apple event, that we start to think critically and say you know, that all sounded really good, but what's it going to look like, how's it going to work, and when's it going to get here?

0:09:59 - Mikah Sargent
it's going to get here. Mark german said uh, I think it was even as of this morning that Siri, the new Siri, is probably going to be the last thing that we see, that everything else will come first before the new Siri does.

0:10:14 - Leo Laporte
Well, you know what's going to come before then. The EU is going to set to charge Apple. Remember Apple? The EU said you have to open your store, you have to make it possible for people to sell apps outside the app store. And Apple grimly, maliciously complied, saying yeah, but we're going to still charge a 27 percent and we're not going to make it easy. The EU said you know, no, no, no, no. That's malicious compliance. So this is. It isn't official yet, but according to three people in the know, the European Commission has determined the iPhone maker is not complying with its obligations to allow app developers to steer users to offers outside the app store without imposing fees on them.

This is from the Financial Times. Financial Times, I think, is fairly reliable on this, and the charges would be the first brought against a tech company under the digital markets act. So this is a very big deal. Meta will also be charged, according to this story, and the potential fines are huge. Finally, yeah, huge. So Apple, I think, did something a little childish. They said, well, okay, you're going to make us do this, we're going to do it this way. And the EU said no, go to your room, that's not okay, we want you to do it in a real way, that it complies with the spirit of what we're asking you to do. It would be very interesting. Apple does not like this. You know what? Probably they weren't being childish, they. We just made a calculation. Let's see what we can get away with, right, right, and oh, we didn't get away with that. Okay, let's see what we can get away with next time.

0:11:54 - Mikah Sargent
Well, we'll just adjust it every little tiny bit um.

0:11:59 - Leo Laporte
And here's one sad story you maybe have seen uh, alex stamos on our shows Love Alex. He's been on Twig and Twit. He is a security guy, a researcher and for a long time was the director of what Stanford called its Internet Observatory, where they kept an eye on misinformation and they kept an eye on attempts to influence our elections and things like that. The Stanford Internet Observatory attempts to influence our elections and things like that the Stanford Internet Observatory. But, as many have pointed out, there have been multiple lawsuits against them by conservatives. They've been served three times by conservative groups saying that the Stanford Observatory illegally colluded with the federal government to censor speech, forcing Stanford to spend millions of dollars to defend it.

This is not the only university. Harvard, remember, had a similar project which they disbanded. There's a lot of pressure on these researchers who are researching election manipulation and disinformation, including lawsuits. Stanford's shutting it down. I said you know what it exposes us to too much, so they're dismantling it. Alex had already taken another job. The director took another job. I think they knew. Obviously they were told ahead of time. We're going to be shutting this down. That's shameful, if you ask me, because the Internet is an opportunity for people to spread misinformation, to attempt to influence elections, and if the researchers who are studying this are sued out of existence, there's nothing to stop it.

0:13:33 - Mikah Sargent
This is awful, and of course, in the lawsuits they included students. So then those names were published as well.

0:13:41 - Leo Laporte
They published the names.

0:13:42 - Mikah Sargent

0:13:43 - Leo Laporte
Isn't that sad. They were smart as well. They published the names. Yeah, isn't it sad. Anyway, casey newton and zoe shiffer had the story in their platformer newsletter, which is an excellent newsletter. Highly recommend it, uh. And they talk about the campaigns against these people, including, uh, the house subcommittee on the weapon weaponization of the federal government, which, in fact, has been used to weaponize federal government. This isn't politics, folks. It sounds like it's politics. It's Democrats versus Republicans. It's not. It really isn't. This is about a free and open democracy and it's a sad, sad state of affairs. All right, all right. Coming up in just a bit, rod Pyle, spaceman, spaceman, and then Chris Marquardt is going to review your submissions, which makes me mad, because I really wanted to submit something. For what was it? Simple, minimal, minimal, minimalism. I really wanted to submit something and I didn't get around to it, and now it's too late and now it's too late, but next time get around to it, and now it's too late and now it's too late.

But next time I also have mixed feelings, because when I submit something I feel like you know that's, I got my thumb on the scale. What chris does is he separates my photo yeah, it doesn't get it's, it's its own area but then I feel bad because I feel like, well, he maybe feels forced to talk about it and maybe he thinks it's a terrible photo, but he still has to talk about I think you're thinking too much into it.

0:15:05 - Mikah Sargent
Am I putting too much into it? Maybe all right? Oh, thank you, scooter x. Uh, this suddenly popped up in the chat, this horrifying image, or minimal, not manimal. Okay, very important to make that distinction human man turning into some sort of that's leopard creature, and it's that's horrifying that was remember in the uh.

0:15:23 - Leo Laporte
Before there AI, we had morphing, morphing yeah, oh, my goodness, remember when you morph one image into another image.

0:15:29 - Mikah Sargent
I liked those, but not that Not that that's a morph.

0:15:32 - Leo Laporte
All right, I think John Ashley is going to give us some direction here as to what we should do. Should I do a? Yeah, he's going like this? That means squeeze out the towel.

0:15:47 - Mikah Sargent
Squeeze it out. It's actually an utter technique. No.

0:15:52 - Leo Laporte
I know how to milk. Have you ever milked? I've never milked a cow. See, it's funny because you're from St Joe.

0:15:57 - Mikah Sargent
Missouri, where the cow milking.

0:15:58 - Leo Laporte
But I'm from Petaluma and we have which is coming up and you should go in June the county fair and there is a cow milking competition. Wow, you can participate in if you wish.

0:16:13 - Mikah Sargent
I have. I've always wanted to milk a cow. I know it's.

0:16:16 - Leo Laporte
It's actually fun. I think it'd be fun it really is fun and you can, then you could squirt it in your mouth, if you really Pass.

No you don't want that, squirt it in your mouth if you really know you don't want that. I prefer mine pasteurized. Thank you, yeah, you're probably smart. Oh, they're clean cows though. They clean them up just for the show. They brush them, they curry, comb them, they do all that kind of stuff spray them down with pesticides spraying with pesticides.

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He said that, and he was right. Thank you, honest, abe. Now, now, I think it would be a fun time to take a call yeah let's talk to Matthew. Matthew, join us, matthew. Hello, matthew. Where are you calling from Matthew?

0:19:19 - Matthew
currently eastern Nebraska.

0:19:21 - Leo Laporte
Somewhere I'm on a road trip you're not sure, it must mean you're driving.

0:19:25 - Mikah Sargent
I hope it means you're driving Currently.

0:19:27 - Leo Laporte
I don't know where I am. Man, I just woke up here. Are you on a motorcycle ride? An RV trip, just commuting?

0:19:35 - Matthew
No, just driving back home to the Midwest to visit some family. Nice, I live in Denver normally.

0:19:43 - Leo Laporte
There's a lot of corn in Nebraska. I remember going through it on a train and it seems like it goes for a long time. Must be even longer when you're driving. Matthew, what can we do for you?

0:19:57 - Matthew
I'm a long time listener and a club twitch member. Thank you, matthew. And it's my second time I have a kind of a two parter about, I guess, iot devices and my HomeKit network. Currently I'm moving into a condo that's just been remodeled and I have all these Iot devices of various you know brands and models and, um, I have a uh. I have an iot network set up, uh with a three router kind of configuration okay, that's steve gibson's weird but effective technique yeah, yeah, yep.

um, the problem is I'm, I'm, I live on probably the most dense residential corner in denver, so when I open up my wi-fi, there are hundreds and hundreds of networks available, and so, and I've kind of dedicated this iot network to a 2.4 gigahertz network, and so I've found it to be very spotty.

0:21:13 - Leo Laporte
Yeah one of the problems with 2.4, one of the reasons it's good to use 2.4 is a lot of iOS devices don't know about the higher bands 5 and 6 gigahertz so I always I do the same thing. But the downside of 2.4 is it travels the best. So if you've got a congested network, it's highly likely there's a lot of other devices in that 2.4 range that might be congesting the uh.

0:21:37 - Matthew
The uh connection, yeah yeah, exactly, and and so I'm just getting a lot of I think just, I think just all the other networks out there are just kind of interfering with everything I've got going on on this IoT network, and I don't know if there's a way, if there's any way other than just make sure I buy IoT devices or replace ones that only do 2.4 and just kind of, well, that would be a start.

0:22:07 - Leo Laporte
In fact one of the things that they did on Wi-Fi 7, the latest Wi-Fi is they've added another 6 gigahertz. Channel 6E also does this, and the nice thing about it is it doesn't travel through walls. That's both the upside and the downside. It would not get to your neighbors and the chances are, because it's Wi-Fi 7, they wouldn't have it. But obviously it wouldn't work. You wouldn't get the benefits unless you're using a. Somebody's pointing out, the thread, which is the IOT radio that's supported by Matter, is in fact designed exactly for this to avoid this kind of congestion.

0:22:58 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, I mean, that's my main advice here was going, uh, sincerely, it seems that the best bet is to find devices that are using a network other than the 2.4 gigahertz uh network. Yeah, just because. Yeah, I mean, you're right, the reason why you're probably having issues is because of that congestion occasionally. Um, I don't know what routers you're using, but there are some that are smart about changing channels more frequently and that can kind of help. It doesn't help a lot, it's kind of like. It's like you're in a crowded room, everyone's talking, and the person who's trying to get your attention shouts a little bit louder, so maybe you pick them out. There's still going to be a lot of congestion, it's going to be hard to hear them, but there's shouts a little bit louder, so maybe you pick them out. There's still going to be a lot of congestion, it's going to be hard to hear them, but there's at least a little bit of a better connection, but that's just not, you know again they're supposed to do that, and so you can also do it manually.

0:23:55 - Leo Laporte
Yep, here's the thing to understand, though it sounds like there's a lot of channels there's 11, right, uh, but really there's only three that matter you got because, because each channel is a center and then two sidebands, and then you, so that's one, two, three, and then you go to four, five, six and then seven, eight, nine. So you can't really. You can't really. You only have three that are going to give you some isolation, which I think, as I remember, is I'm trying to remember is it two, five and nine? I can't remember, but you could look that up and so you could manually choose those.

There are also useful tools that I have recommended in the past for doing a Wi-Fi assay, to a survey of what the congestion is, what the channels are and all that. Usually it's better to let something like Eero do it. Eero's a lot of these routers are very good at that. But, by the way, modern routers you don't have to do the three router solution anymore because they support VLANs, virtual LANs that do the same thing. They isolate stuff.

One, six and 11, says Retcon. He's an IT guy, so he knows One, six and 11, says Retcon, he's an IT guy so he knows. So you want to use one, six and 11. So in effect, those are the three you use. Retcon Channels one, six and 11 are special numbers in the wireless world, he says, as they're the only channels that don't overlap. Ah, that makes sense. So if you used a Wi-Fi analyzing program, they they don't work on ios, but they work on android or windows or mac and then figured out what channels were congested where you could manually set a device to say you know, you use channel one, uh, usually you do that in the router by assigning uh the channels to the device. It's kind of a mess.

0:25:47 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, it's a mess.

0:25:51 - Leo Laporte
This is in theory, going to. You know, as Wi-Fi they understand this, as Wi-Fi evolves. You know Wi-Fi was a surprise success and now it's everywhere, constantly, constantly, and you constantly see signals. Even in my little cul-de-sac in the middle of nowhere, I see every neighbor's Wi-Fi. It's terrible and if you've got apartments around or you're in an apartment, if you've got a lot of buildings around you.

0:26:20 - Mikah Sargent
Oh, yeah, I've got 77% network congestion on the 2.4 gigahertz band. Eero has all of that information as well, so you can see.

0:26:30 - Leo Laporte
Oh, you can actually see it in the Eero.

0:26:32 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, I see the busyness, the noisiness, when it decides to change a channel to try to save on things.

0:26:38 - Leo Laporte
Since you're in the club, matthew, you might want to check out the really good stuff that Retcon is posting in our live chat right now. He is an it professional, works for a big company in the area and he, uh, probably deals with this all the time. Um, he says 36, 40, 44 and 48 are the best 5g channels, but he has some other recommendations. So, um, yeah, there are 24 channels in 5g where all are, where they're not overlapping, because each channel separated by four numbers. You put the whole list in there. I'm not going to read that. It is complicated, I recognize I recommend wi-fi analyzer or something like it to check and and what you'll get is a map and you can move around. The reason it's nice on Android is you move around from room to room and get a map.

When I installed, we kind of went crazy during COVID and put in ubiquity everywhere and I think I installed six access points, but we mapped it very carefully before we did it to look for the dead spots and stuff and that was what and that was, I think, wi-fi five. I don't think it was wi-fi six yet. So, um, probably should upgrade. That might be time to upgrade. Um, it's a tough one. This is where. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. Yeah, this is where it's getting rid of this 2.4.

What are you using using for routers?

0:28:08 - Matthew
One is the. I have the Verizon Home as kind of the sort of external router.

0:28:16 - Leo Laporte
So you're using their 5G service.

0:28:19 - Matthew
Yeah, yeah, I have the 5G Home. I really like that.

0:28:22 - Leo Laporte
I got that for my daughter and I really liked it. I was very impressed. Yeah, I'm getting daughter, and I really liked it. I was very impressed.

0:28:26 - Matthew
Yeah, I'm getting like one and a half gigabits, wow.

0:28:30 - Leo Laporte
You must be right next to the tower. Yeah, I think so. That's fantastic. What? Yeah, maybe I should try that. What Holy cow. But then at that point.

0:28:42 - Leo Laporte
You want to get an Eero or something that's going to smartly manage it, you know, and then you don't have to have the three Wi-Fi.

0:28:49 - Matthew
Yeah, I've been thinking about sort of dismantling this three router system. You know, the other ones are just routers I've compiled over the years.

0:28:58 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, I think it's time, and Eero will handle all of that segregation of IoT automatically for you. It will choose the right channels for you. I have to say there's a risk. What I did with having all of those access points was risky because they interfere with each other. Yeah, so you really. Sometimes it's better to have fewer access points. You may find you get better results with just an Eero base station and a few beacons.

0:29:32 - Mikah Sargent
If that, yeah, yeah, if that, because at first, yeah, it's just a one bedroom oh yeah, so one would be enough. Yeah, definitely, definitely would be enough.

0:29:37 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, I think that's probably the best solution we can recommend, other than you know doing yourself and man, I've had network engineers out to the house and they still are baffled by it all. We use ruckus here, which is kind of a a business solution. Can you hear it? Um, yeah, it makes a noise, but they've worked very well in a crowded thing. Wow, you didn't have to bring me all the runs. Have you ever had a runza while you're in nebraska as you're driving?

0:30:07 - Mikah Sargent
you might want to see. A lot of them sounded like the start of a uh of a joke you might want to.

0:30:12 - Leo Laporte
Well, I ordered a case of them have you ever had a runza? These are uh, these are sandwiches which are very popular. I'm told in nebraska. See that celebrating 75 years know what? They're just pierogi really, that's all they are, but they're very popular. They have meat and filling and stuff. Sorry. Anyway, I ordered a case of those.

0:30:32 - Mikah Sargent
Were those in the freezer. Yeah, I ordered them. Oh, okay, so it was frozen we were talking about.

0:30:36 - Leo Laporte
What show was that? Was that?

0:30:37 - Mikah Sargent
Twig Whoa, that is fragrant.

0:30:48 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, tasty, I can smell that over here. You know what, when you're driving through acres and acres of cornfields sometimes, uh, having a runza on the way why don't you put that back in the freezer? I?

0:30:54 - Matthew
didn't realize I was gonna get so many, that's. That's the smallest I have to stop one of these times you should try them.

0:31:00 - Leo Laporte
Apparently they're very good. Did you have you had one?

0:31:03 - Matthew

0:31:03 - Leo Laporte
No, no, no, they just came In. All my years, in all your years, I've never had oh, wow, they're very fragrant, oh, they're bunching. Yeah, well, you know you don't want a tasteless run.

0:31:17 - Mikah Sargent
No, that's true, you want some onion in there. I was going to say it honestly, just looked like a big hunk of bread, so I'm glad that it had more to it.

0:31:23 - Leo Laporte
There's onion inside, and very much so, matthew, we've not been any help at all.

0:31:30 - Matthew
But we've no. No, you've confirmed what I kind of already thought Sometimes tea and sympathy is a good thing.

0:31:36 - Leo Laporte
I think it's time to drop the three router thing. There's lots of issues. I think, and, by the way, I have a VLAN. I did the VLAN with ubiquity, so I have a, uh, an IOT LAN, and then and then what I call the secure LAN, which is for computers, the theory being you don't want a dumb IOT device with poor security to allow a bad guy into your main network. So they're isolated. But then you realize well, wait a minute because they're isolated.

Every time I want to print, I have to switch over to the IoT network on my device, print and then switch back. Unwieldy, it's unwieldy.

0:32:13 - Matthew
And that was actually part of the second part. It goes to the second part of what I was going to ask, which is, like I said, it's a HomeKit network. I recently got a couple of HomePods and I've learned, yeah, they have to sit on that IoT network, right, and if I want to use the HomePods like normal, I have to switch whatever device I'm on Right, yeah, the IoT network.

0:32:38 - Leo Laporte
It's the same thing with Sonos, in order to get to them yeah yeah, and

0:32:41 - Matthew
so I don't think there's any way unless you guys are aware there is.

0:32:45 - Leo Laporte
There's a way if you have them or something. Yeah, so if you have a vlan it's easier than with a three router. I don't even know how you would do it with the vlan. You write firewall rules that that just let stuff back and forth, but only that stuff back and forth.

0:32:59 - Mikah Sargent
That's all you have to create rules to to make the, the vlan, porous which means, yeah, you've got to do network mapping to figure out what's coming through, what needs to come through. It's crazy, yeah it seems.

0:33:13 - Matthew
From everything I've read online, it just seems like you just want to have all your HomeKit stuff on your normal home network and just kind of assume that they're going to be secure. Here's the good news, because it is HomeKit stuff on your normal home network and you know, just kind of assume that they're going to be secure.

0:33:27 - Leo Laporte
Here's the good news because it is by Apple, it is HomeKit, which means it is secure.

0:33:32 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, apple has much more, much more steadfast rules about the security of HomeKit devices versus others, plus the company that's paying.

0:33:44 - Leo Laporte
Apple for HomeKit certification Right. That's not a fly-by-night Chinese company, that's, the bigger companies, so much more likely that you're going to have a device. Homekit requires what over-the-air updating.

0:33:55 - Matthew
Yes, all of the things that we think are important.

0:34:00 - Leo Laporte
So I think don't do what I did. Time to start over? Yeah, maybe time to start over? Yeah, I'm really kind of. I feel what happens is eventually you move the printers over to the secure network, yeah, then you move the IoT, then you move the doorbell over, then you move them, but eventually everything's on one network and it's like oh, I gained nothing, it's much easier.

It is yeah Much. Now I gain. Nothing. It's much easier. It is yeah Much easier. I'm thinking of just tearing it down and starting all over. Hey Matthew, great to talk to you, have a runza on your way to see the family.

0:34:33 - Matthew
There's still time. I'm still in Lincoln, so I got to leave in a time lapse.

0:34:37 - Leo Laporte
Oh, lincoln's like runza HQ, I'll have to stop.

0:34:39 - Mikah Sargent
Oh, you're in good shape. You could throw a stone and find a Runza.

0:34:42 - Leo Laporte
I might have a Runza for lunch.

0:34:45 - Matthew
Thank you, matthew, thank you guys, take care.

0:34:48 - Mikah Sargent
Bye-bye. By how pungent it is, I feel like it might give you the Runza.

0:34:53 - Leo Laporte
Well, it's got to have onions. I got it. I actually thought of that and decided not to say it Because it's stupid. I decided not to say it. Yeah, good for you, but fortunately I have Mikah here to give me the permission.

0:35:09 - Mikah Sargent
Kevin came over me.

0:35:11 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, kevin King, who is our punster, punster in chief. I was watching Master and Commander last night and they said he who would pun would deal with the devil, or something like that. Yeah, abraham Lincoln said that. I think I think it was Abraham Lincoln. As a matter of fact, he loved the pun. Oh, he loved the good pun. So what should we do now?

0:35:34 - Mikah Sargent
Let's talk to this phone caller right here.

0:35:36 - Leo Laporte
I feel like a helpless child every time I have to do that.

0:35:38 - Mikah Sargent
What do we do, Hello phone caller I'm going to hold your hand through the entire process. Don't worry, we'll get him a leash.

0:35:45 - Leo Laporte
Thank, you, daddy, happy Father's Day.

0:35:50 - Mikah Sargent
Hey what's your first name and where are you calling from? Chris from Clark, Colorado. Hello, Chris from Colorado. What's up?

0:35:56 - Chris
How you doing. Well, first, I have to laugh, leo, about your ubiquity thing. I did the same thing. We built a house in the mountain and I just filled this house with all sorts of access points and I don't know, I feel like I'm geeking out. And I go out and look at the environment, the radios, and I think it's more of a marketing ploy. It says, oh, you need to add another access point to this access. Wow, yeah, yeah, I mean I think they just want more money.

0:36:24 - Leo Laporte
I honestly have been told time and time again start with fewer rather than more, and only add them if you absolutely need them because they interfere with one another. You really don't need many.

0:36:35 - Chris
Yeah, that's what I'm finding. But speaking of marketing events, I just kind of had an observation. I do have a question later on, though, but you know how, back in the day, they said Facebook was bad for people because it made them feel bad about themselves. Yeah Well, apple events do that for me. I mean, I watched that. They're beautiful people going to beautiful places with their perfect pictures. They got perfect handwriting. They're in perfect health. You know, you got the Ritz model on top of Mount Kilimanjaro. Look at my watch and I'm like, oh my gosh.

0:37:10 - Leo Laporte
I never thought of that, chris, and you're absolutely right, it is. It is aspirational. Yeah Well, it's just kind of peak bougie, frankly.

0:37:20 - Chris
Well, I bought everything and I still don't have the beautiful people around me to take pictures.

0:37:25 - Mikah Sargent
My photos don't look any better. That's what my daughter.

0:37:28 - Leo Laporte
My daughter, who's your age, calls it bougie, and I say honey, let me give you an iPad. She says no, that's bougie. Let me give you an iPhone. She says no, that's bougie. I'm an Android gal, I don't, I won't touch Apple stuff. So what can I say? She lives in Brooklyn, which is bougie yeah. But okay, there you go.

0:37:49 - Chris
It's the headquarters of bougie, Sorry go ahead. So one of the things I did was, you know, I had a million CDs that I burned way back in the day, and so, when Apple allowed it, I did the Apple match. And so, yay, I just subscribed to the Apple match thing. Smart, very smart. And I also subscribed to the iTunes, or whatever they call Apple music, right.

And one of my favorite artists. He came out with a new CD and I bought it. Or I didn't buy it, I just liked it and downloaded it to my library with the subscription.

I just liked it and downloaded it to my library with the subscription and, as happens which I'm sure you've had callers talk about, one day all of a sudden I tried to play this album and it said, no, it's not available in your area. And so it's one of those deals where they didn't pay the license or something, and you know, I guess it's common. And so I said, well, screw that. And I went off and went to Amazon and bought the CD and burned it on MP3 and boom, now I'm fine. Well, that same artist released a newer title that's in the Dolby format. What's the surround? What do they call the Apple?

0:38:58 - Leo Laporte
surround thing. It's Atmos.

0:39:04 - Chris
Well, it's Atmos, but they call it Spatial.

0:39:06 - Leo Laporte
Audio oh.

0:39:07 - Chris
Spatial. Spatial.

0:39:08 - Matthew
Audio there you go yeah.

0:39:10 - Chris
So anyway, I said, well, okay, I'm not going to fall into that trouble again, and so I go to the iTunes store and I buy the Spatial Audio version of that CD and it may be high res, maybe not, but the thought was, you know, when Apple goes the way of Blackberry, which I saw the movie last night.

0:39:31 - Leo Laporte
That was a pretty great movie. Was pretty awesome, right?

0:39:34 - Chris
Yeah, so when they go out of business? I mean I've got the file, but I noticed that the file type is some Apple TV thing and when you double click on it, it opens up the Apple TV app. It doesn't really play it, so is there going to be, or is there, a program out there that I'll be able to play this new format with when Apple goes away? The dodo?

0:40:01 - Mikah Sargent
So let me run down some things with you, run down some things with you. So you found out that the song was, or that the album was, available, and you did. You get it, first in Apple Music, and then you went and bought the CD in the Apple Music, in the iTunes library store.

0:40:20 - Chris
Well, there's two parts. So the first CD was just a good, old-fashioned CD. So you know it's Vangelis' Nocturnes, and so I went ahead and bought that CD, burned it it's MP3. I know I'll be able to play that for the rest of my life. Yes, but then Vangelis released another album called Juno or something, and it was in the spatial audio format, and so I bought it through the iTunes store so I could know that I'm always going to have it.

0:40:50 - Mikah Sargent
Yes, but if Apple, you know, like Sony did a long time ago, just shut their shop down, yeah, the reason I'm asking is because I was trying to get clarity on if what happened was you downloaded the Apple Music version first before you bought the CD and so what you were seeing in your finder was the Apple Music version and not the one that you purchased, because Apple does a lot of space-saving stuff in the background to try to not make you take up storage space.

So if you got it from Apple Music and then you bought it, it was going to have the files from Apple Music first, which are in their own unique format, before it ever went over, and let you download it from your purchase to disk or convert. Then it would let you either burn it to a disk and you would see that it exported in whatever format was more universal, or, if you converted it, you could create an AAC version of the song, since you purchased them, so those would be able to be available to you in a different format. As far as getting the spatial version, I don't know if there's an open source. It looks like Leo might be looking into it if there's an open source spatial audio player.

0:42:12 - Leo Laporte
So Apple Spatial is not proprietary. It's Dolby Atmos, right. So I think it's stored as an MP4 or 5.

0:42:24 - Chris
No, it's stored and it MP four or five. Do you what is it? No, it's stored in some. It has some weird sparse sparse bundle something or other.

0:42:31 - Matthew
Let me see I'm going to get some.

0:42:33 - Mikah Sargent
What was the the uh name again?

0:42:38 - Chris
Well, vangelis is the name of the artist. I love Vangelis, by the way.

0:42:41 - Leo Laporte
Chariots of Fire?

0:42:42 - Chris
Yeah, but it's weird that you can't some of his music is not available in the US. Huh, well, it was, and then they decided, no, it's not available anymore. Yeah, so it's the Juno. Juno to Jupiter. It'll be the Juno. Yeah, juno to Jupiter.

0:43:05 - Leo Laporte
Okay, I'm going to download that and we shall see what happens. So I think I I there will absolutely be a way to convert it if you can't just play it normally because it's dolby atmos, it's encoded as dolby atmos, right well, and like I said, right now apple says, oh, you want to play this file, I'll do it on apple.

0:43:24 - Chris
And I double click on it and it opens up the Apple TV app, but then it doesn't play it. So I didn't know if there was another program that says, oh, I'll take this sparse Apple file format thing and rip out the Dolby stuff and play it for you. I mean, it'd be great to still play it in the surround sound. I mean, ed. Thanks for the tip, mike, on down-converting it to MP3, so at least I'll have it in some format. But ideally it'd be nice to have it at the surround.

0:43:58 - Leo Laporte
You can always, of course, use iTunes to convert it into, as you know, into another format, but let's see if we can play that. Can I play that native Apple spatial music format without modifying it?

0:44:16 - Chris
Yeah, if there's any program out there that would do it, yeah.

0:44:22 - Mikah Sargent
All right, I'm buying one of the songs here.

0:44:26 - Leo Laporte
You are.

0:44:27 - Mikah Sargent
Which one are you buying? Sorry, leo, just the second one, and then we'll see what happens here. So we've got this one.

0:44:39 - Chris
And, by the way, I'm glad that previous caller said that he's a Club Twitter member, because I keep wanting to say I'm a Club Twitter.

0:44:46 - Leo Laporte
I like Club Twitter. Now that it's X, not Twitter, we can use that trademark. There you go. Yeah, okay, I wonder if he kept the trademark. Xbox will play Apple Spatial Music because Microsoft has its own Spatial APIs. Oh, that's hysterical. Apis, oh that's hysterical. Oh that's hysterical. But it's all dolby atmos purchased aac audio frame in uh, I see a binaural renderer for apple music which will make it so it works in your headphones. There's a web player, good Lord, but what is that?

0:45:27 - Chris

0:45:30 - Leo Laporte
Is it lossless? Did you get lossless or not?

0:45:33 - Mikah Sargent
Mine's just showing it's an M4A.

0:45:35 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, it's an M4A.

0:45:36 - Mikah Sargent

0:45:37 - Chris
Let me get to my computer.

0:45:39 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, let's see what yours is.

0:45:42 - Chris
I could have swore it said something like sparse bundle, something or other.

0:45:52 - Leo Laporte
See, that's why I'm still thinking you might be looking at the Apple music version. Yeah, that's how Safari stores its sparse bundle. I wonder if there's additional encoding information that's bundled.

0:46:04 - Chris
For whatever Apple is doing.

0:46:05 - Leo Laporte
I appreciate you taking the time? No, I'm. You got us what's happened. You, you, you hooked us. You figured out, very curious, what the hell is okay.

0:46:20 - Chris
So, if I okay, man, so you're looking at Inside Our Perspectives. Is that the one you got?

0:46:27 - Mikah Sargent
The song was the second one on the album which was let me see.

0:46:32 - Chris
Oh, now it's something new that I've never seen. So I did. Of course it's downloaded to my library. So then I did the three dots and said show in Finder. And now it says that it's a kind of hls media yeah, see, mine showing is an m4a, so um oh, oh, no. Okay, it says kind of h, uh, hls media, but it's the dot m-o-v-p-k-g yeah, like a movie package, basically right right now.

0:47:04 - Mikah Sargent
right Now let me see what.

0:47:05 - Chris
So when I double-click, then it brings up the Apple TV.

0:47:09 - Leo Laporte
Part of this is that Apple has confused a number of terms into one thing. For instance, dolby Atmos is surround, but one of the things Apple Spatial does as you know where you wear your AirPods is when you turn your head, the sound source moves to the right turn the head this way, which I hate.

It's dopey and it has nothing to do with music. It has to do with a tv set right where my tv set is, or maybe you're in a theater. I guess you could say that so that I don't think you care about that. Yeah, and what? Maybe I'm wrong, so I don't care about that and I just looked at what.

0:47:44 - Mikah Sargent
uh, so I downloaded an Apple Music song, one that is not purchased, and in my library it shows up as m4p. That is the file type m4p. So I'm not. I don't know where you're coming up with these sparse bundles.

0:48:00 - Leo Laporte
That sounds like he's downloaded a webpage.

0:48:02 - Mikah Sargent
My other question for you is in your in the Apple music app, in the playback section, um look under audio quality, and under audio quality there's a checkbox for lossless audio. There's a checkbox for Dolby or there's a menu setting for Dolby Atmos. Do you have lossless audio selected there?

0:48:24 - Chris
Yeah, what do I say? I always say download the Dolby Atmos. So where do you want me to look? I'm looking at the music general.

0:48:34 - Mikah Sargent
Go to the music settings. So in the music, or? Yeah, you're in general. Click on playback.

0:48:40 - Chris
I'm on the computer, okay, click on playback and then look under the headline Lossless audio check, uh-huh yeah, lossless audio and I said streaming the highest and download the highest.

0:48:51 - Mikah Sargent
Okay, so what does it say High res lossless? Does it say lossless or does it say high quality?

0:48:57 - Chris
It's high res, lossless Okay.

0:49:00 - Leo Laporte
The sparse bundle they're saying and I think this is right is it's an entire album delivered as a bundle of music. And if you open that and find it, it's just a disk image. Oh yeah, if you bought just one piece, you would just get the M4.

0:49:13 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, you should be able to right-click on a sparse bundle and have it open up.

0:49:18 - Leo Laporte
Here's the other piece of the puzzle, Our favorite audio Swiss Army knife. Vlc does play Apple Spatial, so VLC does play Apple Spatial, so VLC on iOS will play it back. I don't know if VLC on the Windows would, but I bet it would.

0:49:39 - Matthew
The thing they're doing is they've got Dolby.

0:49:41 - Leo Laporte
Atmos, which is the surround sound, plus head tracking, which you don't care about. That makes it spatial Apple spatial.

0:49:49 - Mikah Sargent
Okay, okay, okay, okay, here's here's okay. So when I set my settings to what you had, dear caller, then it did change to that mov package file, to that mov package file. So it seems like if you have it set to the highest res, lossless version, then it does download as an movpkg when I choose, when I right click and choose show package, as it's just a bunch of XML stuff and fragments.

0:50:19 - Matthew
So it's very much yeah.

0:50:23 - Mikah Sargent
So at least I know that I'm seeing the same thing as you. What I'm going to do now is go back and download the song that I purchased.

0:50:32 - Leo Laporte
Here's a, by the way, a video player besides VLC that also plays Apple Spatial, including, I think, the head tracking, infuse, infuse 7. It's a video player for Macintosh, so, and it does. But the reason all of these can work is because Dolby Atmos is a standard and since you don't care about head tracking, which is, as far as I know, the only other feature of Spatial, that you might lose, anything that can play back, dolby Atmos will be fine. Will be fine. Yeah, oh, it's 12 o'clock. Oh, do you work in a clock shop? Your guy, big ben, is chiming.

0:51:19 - Chris
I love it, that's right yes, I'm surprised you can hear that. I thought it was time for your next superstar guest. Come on.

0:51:26 - Leo Laporte
I have a cuckoo clock at home. I'm going to have to.

It's funny because sometimes I'll go to bed and forget to turn off the cuckoo. And at three in the morning I go oh crap, actually it's usually midnight, because it goes and goes and goes and mine plays Edelweiss after it cuckoos. So it is a long performance. And Mine plays Edelweiss after it cuckoos. So it is a long performance. And I always have to remember, before you go to bed, switch off the cuckoos. There's a little, it's a mechanical switch, Just like that. You see that the lights just went out there.

John is now going to get up, he's going to stick his head out the door and the light will come on in one, two, three um.

0:52:11 - Leo Laporte
What are we looking at?

0:52:13 - Mikah Sargent
oh, you're done. Yeah, oh he's done. I, yeah, there's. I. I've seen nothing else other than I just wanted to let you know you're not alone. I'm also seeing that. Okay, pkg file format. So again we go back to you. Might just want to try the convert thing and convert the song if you want to play it elsewhere. And bless you for being a club. Twitter Indeed.

0:52:36 - Chris
You, betcha, will I automatically get notified when my year's up and I need to renew?

0:52:42 - Leo Laporte

0:52:44 - Chris
Yes, okay, because I feel like it's coming up. I hope it didn't miss. I hope it's a lasting word later.

0:52:48 - Leo Laporte
Well, I think it auto-renews.

0:52:50 - Mikah Sargent
But I think it'll still send you an email to let you know. But you should get notified, yeah.

0:52:53 - Leo Laporte
And it will convert down to a monthly now because we got rid of the yearly, because I was worried that we wouldn't last a year. So I didn't want to pay refunds. But you know what? Thanks to you, chris, we will, because you are a member of the club. Thank you, I appreciate it. I think we crossed 12,000 members this weekend. That is fantastic. That's really amazing. I'm very, very grateful to each and every one of you. Thank you.

0:53:25 - Chris
Just FYI. Vlc didn't quite open it, but I'll play around some more with it and stuff.

0:53:30 - Leo Laporte
So if I find anything on posters, yeah, anything that plays back Dolby Atmos should be able to play it back and the format you want it in is probably an mp4 or an mp5 format. I would think that would include the Dolby Atmos encoding. So maybe you have to convert it from whatever weird format. I would think that would include the Dolby Atmos encoding. Maybe you have to convert it from whatever weird Apple format. Before the show's over, I will find something for you. That's driving me crazy. There should be very easy for you to take that, whatever Apple has done, and turn it into a standard playable Dolby Atmos.

0:54:10 - Chris
Right, especially since I paid for it and everything.

0:54:12 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, exactly, that's the whole idea. Yeah, that seems obvious and I don't know why we can't figure out how to do it. But that's Apple for you.

0:54:23 - Chris
I love that. Look on Mikah's face. I mean he's really thinking. He's really. You can see the steam coming out.

0:54:38 - Leo Laporte
He's looking at in Mikah's face. I mean, he's really thinking, he's really you can see the steam coming. Hey, thank you so much. Appreciate your support. Take care. Bye-bye, let's take a little break and then it's rod pile.

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I feel like Eufy is what we call people from Newfoundland. No, that's a Newfy, a Eufy. What do we call Rod Pyle? We call him our Spaceman, spaceman. I have the pile, pile right here of rod piles books, including interplanetary robots, true stories of space exploration, amazing stories of the space age. This guy is prolific. I love this. One plans blueprint for a death star. Well, a, a battle star. We have to call it. We can't say a death star, battle star, because you're afraid of the trademark George Lucas. He's also the editor-in-chief of the Ad Astra magazine, the official publication of the International Space Society. National Space Society. I made you international, but you know what nation. You don't say it could be any nation. So it's international in that sense. And then you gotta have this as on your coffee table, as I do. First on the moon, a beautiful picture book of the apollo 11 landing, which came out for the 50th anniversary. Really nice job on this one. This is my favorite of yours. I love this, thank you, thank you rod pile.

0:59:07 - Rod Pyle
Thank you for keeping my stack of books in your studio. I have the pile. You already got too much stuff.

0:59:12 - Leo Laporte
I love the pile and we should mention, rod is also the host of this week in space with tarik malik of spacecom. You talk every week about space. What's new in space? Well, happy father's day oh, same to you, same to you. Happy father's day. Did you get? We made it. Did you get texts or messages, or I?

0:59:34 - Rod Pyle
got, uh, one text from the one person who should have remembered to do so.

0:59:37 - Leo Laporte
So, yes, uh, yeah, I haven't heard from my daughter yet, but you know, oh, she's busy. Get busy. Yeah, she's busy. She probably forgot that it's father's day. No, it's okay, she's sleeping. It's a hallmark holiday, so hey, speaking of hallmarks, starliner got off the ground unbelievable and I love that the elon had says if the gravity of the earth were even just a little bit more, we wouldn't have been able to do it like what is? That information, oh you're talking about starship.

1:00:08 - Rod Pyle
This is boeing this is boeing starliner. Yeah, so this is boeing, oh, who we loved. You know, we had kind of a boeing week-to-week countdown on this week, this week in space, say what's leaking this week, you know so it's leaking.

They've been. They've been at this since they got contracted around 2010 along with SpaceX. The two companies got a contract to give replacement runs for the shuttle, to get cargo and eventually people up to the space station. So a few years after that, congress finally started sending them money. They said, ok, spacex will give you two point six billion dollars I say billion to build this dragon capsules and take up astronauts six times. And Boeing, you get four point two billion. Now it's never been made clear why Boeing got so much more, but there you go. So SpaceX, in 2020, started sending up crews. They had been sending up cargo for about five years at that point and they've sent crews up there eight times, where Boeing has continued to have problems. So I'm just giving you the recap here, the play-by-play.

1:01:16 - Leo Laporte
So Boeing did two test flights. They like it so much they won't let it go now.

1:01:20 - Rod Pyle
Well, yeah, so they did two test flights. One was kind of a belly flop, the other one went okay. Finally they set up Senita Williams and Butch Wilmore on June 5th. So we were very glad to see that there was a helium leak on the pad, Something about bowing and valves. There's just bad chemistry there. They've had valve problem after valve problems. They had problems with the parachute cords not working the way they should. Then my favorite was they discovered, oops, we wrapped all the wiring in the capsule in flammable tape oh god, in the world house, that was a paper.

1:01:56 - Leo Laporte

1:01:56 - Mikah Sargent
are you doing?

1:01:57 - Rod Pyle
two ago, it was actually flash paper they use flash, yeah, but let's bear in mind you know, boeing's been in this business since world war ii. They've been building spacecrafts since the late 50s, early 1960s. They were a part of Mercury, they were a part of Gemini, they were a part of Apollo. They're part of the shuttle program. So it's not like their first-timers, like, oh, spacex, those guys. So, anyway, they finally got off the ground, very glad to see that They've got five more to fly, at least to fly out this first contract. We don't know whether they'll continue after this or not, because they've lost about a billion and a half dollars. So yes, they're. They're staying over an extra, I think, 12 days till the 22nd.

1:02:38 - Leo Laporte
This is butch and suri's tour. Yeah, of the uh, of the star liner. Look at this. They're floating around this is cool.

1:02:46 - Mikah Sargent
I wouldn't want to be inside of it after.

1:02:47 - Leo Laporte
About the paper, I mean well, now we know it's okay, it's been fixed yeah, it's, it's that I mean.

1:02:54 - Rod Pyle
It has. It's probably the most fully vetted spacecraft that's ever launched, and it was a completely successful launch deployment docking.

1:03:02 - Leo Laporte
In fact.

1:03:02 - Rod Pyle
They're still up there enjoying themselves well, they did have some thruster shut down. So here again, valves and software the two bugaboos, we think. But it it did seem to work okay, so it's on standby now. Uh, sitting there slowly leaking helium. I guess they said they shut the valves, so I think that's okay. So yeah, they'll come back on the 22nd. Now this one, unlike spacex's caps, this one doesn't splash down the water and land in the Utah desert. Oh, that's cool. So that'll be a change, that's kind of neat.

1:03:32 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, that's how the Russians used to do it.

1:03:35 - Rod Pyle
Yeah, well, that's how the Russians still do it when they fly, and you know so. It's well-proven technology. So, anyway, we're, you know, clapping for Boeing. Yay, you finally did it. Clapping for Boeing, yeah, you finally did it. Where?

1:03:47 - Leo Laporte
have you been all my life? Look at this video and this is such a hideously complex thing. It's really kind of amazing. I mean, I know we well no, I know we knock Boeing and so forth but this is really remarkable. What an achievement. Let's give them some credit. That's a hell of an achievement.

1:04:04 - Rod Pyle
Well, and if you really want to be impressed look at the video inside of a Soyuz capsule sometime because you see these three people in there huddled side by side. This is surrounded by cables and vacuum tubes, and stuff. But, I mean old, old style electronics. It's like how they even sit there. And I was talking to one of the astronauts a few years ago and I said, oh, is Michael Allegra Lopez. And I said you know, know, how do you not get claustrophobic in there?

1:04:32 - Leo Laporte
you guys, I mean, you have stuff like eight inches from your face.

1:04:35 - Rod Pyle
He said you know, as astronauts will. They're kind of like talking to football players, right as well. You know we work with the team and generally we do our simulations and you find out pretty fast. If you're claustrophobic, yeah, I guess you would. I want to point out something that these we do our simulations and you find out pretty fast.

1:04:49 - Leo Laporte
If you're a philosopher, I guess you would. I want to point out something that these tablets that you kind of wish they were iPads, they're actually Windows tablets that they're using. Are you sure? Yeah, somebody told me that they were. You think they're iPads.

1:05:03 - Rod Pyle
No, they should be Unix. Oh, they might be running Unix.

1:05:06 - Leo Laporte
I don't know what they're running yeah.

1:05:09 - Rod Pyle
Oh, I hope they're not. Amazon fire tablets. Would you like to order some?

1:05:12 - Mikah Sargent
more coffee? That'd be terrible. Look at all those buttons. I just want to press all of them.

1:05:16 - Rod Pyle
It really well, and that's a lot less than they used to have, man you look at the shuttle cockpit and it's like everywhere you look there's another 40 buttons.

1:05:24 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, but these are highly trained steely eyed spacemen and women and they yeah, they know what they're doing up there, which is great. That's pretty cool, pretty darn so yeah, let's all.

1:05:37 - Rod Pyle
Let's all give a little round of applause, hey they finally got it.

1:05:40 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, we, we doubted you but now, but you did it. Now I'm worried about this the iss starship, I hear. I hear the ISS is starting to get a little leaky up there.

1:05:51 - Rod Pyle
Uh, so we had that story on this week in space. So they had this emergency quote unquote last week. Oh my God, we've had a depressurization. What do we? What do we do? We have to do medical intervention for this astronaut and Tariq uh, tariq Malik, my partner on this week in space. I mean, I, you know, I do a quarterly magazine, so I listen to these things and go, oh, I wonder if they'll write about that. He's doing minute-to-minute space updates, so he's. I think he was commuting from New York City back to New Jersey and he heard, you know, he got this phone call and they said there's been a leak, an accident, on the space station. He's trying to desperately get back the office to write about it. It turns out nasa was doing a, an emergency drill simulation, but not to turn off the radio. So good, this is a norson wells moment, everything's okay. Oh, by the way, this is definitely windows.

1:06:43 - Leo Laporte
Look at it. Here's the tablet. There's this. There's the windows start menu. There's the task. There's the Windows start menu. There's the taskbar.

1:06:49 - Rod Pyle
This is a Windows PC. Why would you do that to yourself?

1:06:51 - Leo Laporte
I know it's definitely Windows.

1:06:54 - Rod Pyle
Updating Exactly. Well, interestingly it's not.

1:06:58 - Leo Laporte
Windows 11. The start menu is on the far left. It's probably Windows 7. That would be the smart thing to do. Probably XP, yeah.

1:07:05 - Rod Pyle
That would be the smart a long, stable platform. Okay, so let's move on to starship, since you mentioned it, yes, so we had our first baby elon's big science fiction rocket.

We had our fourth test flight on june 6th, so the day after the starliner launch which, yes, it got very confusing for people. Um, previous three tests that all had problems, ended up in either unplanned explosions or destruct commands. This, this one, got it right, you know. They got up to an orbital trajectory with the top stage. The first stage did its burn back maneuver, came back and did a soft splash down in the Gulf of Mexico, so they didn't try to recover it, they just let it touch the water and then fall over. But they knew at least they could get it back where they wanted.

And the top stage, the starship itself, the fight, the big shiny rocket, uh, came down in the indian ocean after having performed its uh flight up to orbital trajectory. Then it's, it's boost back maneuver and flip, and all that the only thing. And we saw it live on camera. I should have said you're late, I'm sorry, I forgot to heat me up a little bit of a burn through one of the flaps up top, um, and we got to watch that live, which is the first time I've ever seen the piece of rocket disintegrate on camera. But it didn't come off and the thing came down where they wanted. So we're thinking maybe the end of this month, early next month we're looking at his next test where hopefully he'll make orbit and stay there for a period.

1:08:31 - Leo Laporte
This is exciting. We live in a new era of space, which is great, and there have been some hiccups along the way, but I think it's pretty incredible. It's very exciting.

1:08:40 - Rod Pyle
Well, and Mike is the baby of the family, but Leo, you and I haven't seen it.

1:08:43 - Leo Laporte
I grew up with this. I hate it when people say it.

1:08:45 - Rod Pyle
This is like when we were kids. We were seeing this stuff every few weeks.

1:08:48 - Leo Laporte
I'm loving this cockpit tour. It's amazing. It's on spacecom. If you want to read it, want to watch it.

1:08:57 - Mikah Sargent
Has there been any progress on the spacesuits thing? That continues to be my main interest.

1:08:59 - Rod Pyle
I just think you know it's interesting. You mentioned that because one of the things while we were monitoring the delays of when the Boeing capsule was going to come back was they were supposed to do a spacewalk. It got delayed due to, quote, suit discomfort unquote. But you're right, all those suits were built in the 1980s. They got to be getting stinky by now. Well, also stiff shuttle era. Yeah, yeah, it's just old, you know and you don't want.

1:09:22 - Leo Laporte
But I mean, you know how you put your clothes in. You know this, I'm sure, right when you put your clothes in the closet for a while, they all shrink. I imagine the same thing's happening. That's not.

1:09:33 - Rod Pyle
I think that may be a problem you and I have and it's not related to the clothing.

1:09:37 - Leo Laporte
Every time I get my old pants out, they're tighter.

1:09:41 - Rod Pyle
They've been running away. It's the moths in there. They're re-weaving.

1:09:44 - Leo Laporte
Well, I just thought the clothes naturally shrink with age.

1:09:47 - Rod Pyle
Well, I just thought that clothes naturally shrink with age, and I imagine spacesuits the same thing. Well, I have my space camp jumper over in the closet and it's shrunk an awful lot since I saw it in the 1980s.

1:09:56 - Mikah Sargent
Actually, yeah, now that I think about it, I have a jacket that my grandparents got me from Guatemala when I was a kid.

1:10:00 - Leo Laporte
See, it doesn't fit. It doesn't fit anymore Weird so.

1:10:03 - Rod Pyle
Leo, I presume you don't have jumpsuits, but you must have something. You've had that moment where you get the zipper up just about to your navel and then it stops and it's like you got to pull out and stretch over, yeah, and then that's embarrassing.

1:10:18 - Leo Laporte
That's a horrible moment, that's a terrible feeling when that happens.

1:10:23 - Rod Pyle
So the spaces are they getting 21st century technology getting 21st century technology, or we well, so suck in. The last shuttle suits, the ones we're talking about for the shuttle uh, are for eva suits, so they have to go outside those right for the spacex crew dragon and I like the starliner.

They're very fashionable well, and those are just pressure suits, right. So those are designed if you, if you have a catastrophic. They have the nice boots, they're really nice, yeah yeah, but they're not made for going outside. You don't go outside in those. So boeing's got these really cool blue. You probably saw pictures of blue spacesuits, a little bulkier than the spacex ones, but, uh, they've been working fine. But I think what? Um, I think what you were asking about was the, the old suits, and you know the ones that you do use for evas. So they are trying to re-engineer those with an eye towards, uh, moon surface suits, but it's going very slowly, um, and it's expensive and you know it's one of those things where they spent a billion plus already, or or maybe more, and kind of, you know from the press side, really good nasa going these are nice looking suits.

1:11:28 - Leo Laporte
You've done it before, there's. Mike and Butch in their new blue suits. They're very pretty. They kind of look like space gladiators Snazzy.

1:11:37 - Rod Pyle
And you'll notice. Look at the helmets. They actually are soft and they flip up over the top and zip down, so you can just wear them like a hoodie.

1:11:46 - Mikah Sargent
Wow, space hoodies, space hoodies, that's so cool, that's neat um do we have a little bit of time, sure, why not?

1:11:55 - Rod Pyle
yeah, I always china space let's thank china, because leo majored in chinese uh china.

why what they do? Oh, I say that at the supermarket every week when I go there with my girlfriend. Yeah, they look at me like, look, um, the monkey can talk, um, uh. So so china landed their robotic probe, chango 6, on the far side of the moon on june 2nd, and actually, you know, they haven't been doing this for that long, maybe eight years for their lunar probes, drill the sample core out of the surface, and this is the far side of the moon.

We never landed anything there in the West, either us or the Soviets or the Russians. We talked about it but we didn't do it because it's too hard to reach it by radio. Right, you got to put up a satellite as a relay. So they did the drill sample, loaded it up, shot it back up into orbit. It docked with an orbiting vessel and it's going to come back towards the end of this month. So they're making that look real simple. Yeah, now, at the same time, we're struggling with how to do this at Mars, to the point that we are all thinking JPL may get their deal yanked and it may get canceled, and it looks to me like it's harder out's harder out there, but the chinese have got it figured out for the moon, so I hope we can get our mars samples.

1:13:14 - Leo Laporte
I hope we can. Well, the question is we'll get them, but.

1:13:18 - Rod Pyle
But the question is will we get them?

1:13:21 - Leo Laporte
here in the us, or will china get up first?

1:13:24 - Rod Pyle
I think china's trying to get them and I think you know, I think we're in a real foot race with the human lunar program, because you know how things go in China, leo. I mean they said 2030 maybe for landing people, but we got the party anniversary coming up in 2029, and I think they'd take just about any chance to make it work.

1:13:43 - Leo Laporte
I saw, for All Mankind. I know that the Chinese win the space race. I do know that, for all mankind, I know that the chinese win the space race. I do know that. Hey, let me show you. Let me show you what today's steely eyed rocket man is wearing. This is the boy. Is he all pumped up and ready to rock?

1:13:59 - Rod Pyle
oh man look at that. Those gloves are cool. Oh man, I love the pose with the fists on the who says we don't have good looking spacefarers.

1:14:08 - Leo Laporte
Look at that, is it. Is there air? Do they pump air?

1:14:12 - Rod Pyle
I guess they do yeah yeah, that's why it's all inflated like that so we don't have any valves because I'd be worried.

1:14:19 - Leo Laporte
I don't think it explodes. You're harsh man. You're harsh, correct, but harsh. Star of this week in space, mr Rod Pyle, subscribe, join the National Space Society if you believe in space exploration and you want to. Well, but join Club Twit first. Do both, yes, they're well worth it. Thank you, rod.

1:14:42 - Rod Pyle
It's so great to see you.

1:14:44 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, great pleasure to see you.

1:14:45 - Rod Pyle
Carry on.

1:14:46 - Leo Laporte
Have a great Father's Day. Yes, happy Father's Day. Yes, happy Father's Day. Take care, let's all hear from our kids. Yes, let's. Wouldn't that be nice? Wouldn't it be nice?

1:14:56 - Mikah Sargent
No, you don't want to hear from your kids because that would not be nice, and that would be frightening, truly frightening, daddy.

1:15:01 - Leo Laporte

1:15:03 - Mikah Sargent
Daddy, daddy, I was like I wasn't that broke in college. I don't understand that. I wasn't that broke in college. I don't understand. That was a donation joke.

1:15:14 - Leo Laporte
I got it. I hate to do it, but, john Ashley, what should we do? Do you want to pause? And then we should take a call.

1:15:22 - Leo Laporte
How about that?

1:15:23 - Mikah Sargent
How about we refresh a little bit?

1:15:24 - Leo Laporte
You are watching the fabulous Ask the Tech Guys show with Mikah Sargent, host of iOS Today Tech News Weekly. Ask the Tech Guys a regular on most of our shows, and I am some old guy named Leo Laporte. Thank you for being here. On we go with the show with a call, all right, we haven't talked to Kevin in a bit.

1:15:48 - Mikah Sargent
I figured it would be nice to say hi.

1:15:54 - Kevin
Let's see what Kevin's up to. Hi Kevin. Hello Leo, Mikah, welcome. Hello Kevin.

1:16:04 - Leo Laporte
Remind me, where are you calling from? Well, it looks like Las Vegas. I would guess the Bellagio Hotel. I'm going to stay cool. Yeah, I hear you got an early.

1:16:13 - Kevin
Uh, heat wave in vegas. Yeah well, I moved out here about three years ago and they had records in the first week of june and we're breaking them, some of them this this last week. Yikes, there you go.

1:16:22 - Leo Laporte
It's only 102 today, though, staying inside I hope me Definitely inside and in the pool. It's a dry heat.

1:16:31 - Kevin
It's a dry heat. Well, that's the other thing. I've got to worry about my contacts drying out and my heels drying out. Oh, that's awful Moisturizer all the time, yeah, so yeah. Well, the reason I was calling is I had to kind of take issue a little bit with your chastising poor Paris Martineau about her tab fetish, because I sort of have one myself. I use tab groups In.

1:7:00 - Leo Laporte
Do you use Firefox?

1:17:05 - Kevin
No, actually this is in Safari Safari, okay.  

I know she doesn't use Safari, but the thing that's different, though, is I don't use different. I use the same browser window for all of my tab groups and all my tabs, so I have it set to, when I click on a link, to open in a new tab, and it opens in that particular tab group. I've got like 25 different tab groups and like 20 tabs in each group, so I'm kind of a fiend with that, but that's sort of my favorite way of doing it, but the thing is, it works great, for when I have it set to open up in a, in a in the same browser, in a tab, when I click a link. But if I'm in messages or in email and I click a link, uh, it opens a new browser window. I can't get it open in an exit the existing, the existing window, and it's really annoying, because I like just having one browser window open, because I have several other programs going at the same time and I don't like to have too many windows open when I have that. So is there anything I can do to get messages and email or any other program when I click a link to open in the current window?

1:18:37 - Mikah Sargent
That is a great question. So I'm looking. Okay, this is odd because so I have Safari open and I went into my messages and I clicked on a link in my messages and it's opening as a new tab in, uh, safari. It's not opening in a whole new window in Safari. Um, so I don't know why yours is not doing that.

1:19:03 - Kevin
Is there a setting in messages or in email or in Safari that I'm not doing right?

1:19:09 - Mikah Sargent
That's what I'm looking at now and I don't see anything that says, you know, open tabs in new or the same window.

1:19:23 - Kevin
I have the settings open now in tabs. It has always show website titles in tab. Open pages in tabs instead of window Always.

1:19:34 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, let me see if I'm using a tab group. What happens if I? So I've opened up a tab group and now I'm going to try, let me open up a tab group that actually has multiple tabs. Now I'm going to try opening up that same. Me open up a tab group that actually has multiple tabs. Now I'm going to try opening up that same. Yeah, that time it opened up in a new. So it doesn't it.

For some reason, the system does not want to open a tab in a tab group. If you have, if you click in messages or email, it sounds like it's just something that they've decided is the way things need to be done, because when I did that yeah, it did not. It refused to open in the tab group. So my guess is they feel like you should be in control of your tab group, in the sense that you are creating a tab group that has to do with a specific category, and so if you then go into your messages and you just open up a link, you wouldn't necessarily, in theory, want that in your tab group. But again, that's just me kind of speculating on why that's the case. But yeah, I don't see this as a preference to change anywhere with tab groups so I I'm leaving myself out of this.

I don't use safari yeah, I use it every day and I just yeah, I've not ever had that happen.

1:20:50 - Leo Laporte
How many tabs, out of curiosity, Kevin, do you have open at the same time?

1:20:56 - Kevin
Well, I don't have a lot of them open, but I have them available.

1:21:02 - Leo Laporte
Available. Well, I guess that's like the window's not open, it's just a link sort of. Like the window's not open, it's just a link sort of. I guess does that count? I guess that counts as a tab. I've been using Arc on the Mac and I'm very fond of it and instead of tabs, arc has this really nice little sidebar where open windows are just kind of added to the bookmarks, which I think is kind of cool. And do you have your tabs on the side, like this, or on the top? Yeah, on the left side. Yeah, I think if you have a lot of tabs, this is what Steve Gibson's contention is. We have much more room nowadays on our widescreen monitors, so if you have a lot of tabs, it makes sense to put the tabs on the left as opposed to the top, where it's a little more constrained.

1:21:52 - Kevin
So I grouped them for different purposes, like banking investment, let me show you.

1:21:56 - Leo Laporte
This is what I was going to show you. So arc allows you to have a kind of a spaces thing. You can barely see it, but down at the bottom here I have different uh spaces which are control, one, three or I have little icons and they have entirely different sets of. In this, in my case, they're bookmarks, because they're not open, but it sounds like the distinction between bookmarks and tabs is is, is is slim. Anyway, if you had open pages, they would also appear, as as this page does.

Uh, twit community is already on here, so it's part of it's just in this list, and I love it that I can have three different groupings. This is my news. Actually, this is my general stuff. This is coding, so all my coding stuff is in one space, and this is my social. What is this? No, this is news. So the nice thing about this is notice that I've got community open here, our TwitForums. When I go to another space, it goes away, so I can have something else open here. Let's have, oh, I don't know, gemini open there, and then, if I go to this and then if I go to this, I can have something else open here. Let's have our Twit dashboard, our Twit social, so each of these is, in effect, a different tab grouping with different pages that are open. I really like that browser and I think it does a really interesting. Uh, take on on tabs if you will. Um, it doesn't. You're not exactly tabs, they're not exactly bookmarks. Have you figured it out yet?

1:23:36 - Mikah Sargent
I gave you some time yeah, I also just tried doing different uh modifiers to see if that would change it, and no, I think that like shift or command, yeah, exactly so I think what is what has gone on here is that the UI designers just made a choice. They said not for you. They said no, no, you know, if you're opening something from another app, don't mess with somebody's tab groups, unfortunately, I guess that kind of makes sense. It does make sense when I think about it, but for somebody who wants it to do that, it would be great to have the setting, the option.

1:24:07 - Kevin
I guess I just have to drag that to whatever tab group I have once it opens up.

1:24:16 - Mikah Sargent
The other option would be, to you know, right click on that link, copy the link and then open up a tab, paste it there, you know yeah. It's kind of six and one half dozen of another.

1:24:23 - Kevin
Well, maybe somebody will come up with something. I don't know the latest. They just announced the new one at wwdc, so possibly we might see some something come up, because we haven't seen everything that might be exactly.

1:24:37 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, they could have made that change. Um, you could also I. This is legitimate. You could submit some feedback feedbackapplecom and say that that's something that you want, uh, to change in safari, and and if other people have also said that that's something they want, then it's possible that that change takes place, if you're using a different default browser does the same behavior um well, other browsers don't use, they don't have same way. So yeah, I wouldn't.

1:25:09 - Leo Laporte
I'm curious what Arc might do in this case, because they have spaces which are essentially like tab groups, except it's bookmarks plus tabs. I would really look at Arc. I think Arc is amazing. It's free. It's based on Chrome. Nobody these days has just one browser Safari is the default browser.

1:25:26 - Mikah Sargent
Safari is my main, firefox is my backup, but I've got Chrome on here as well.

1:25:32 - Kevin
I've got all three, but I use Safari because I like the fact that I have everything all the URLs just automatically and my passwords automatically open it up, so I don't have to keep passwords all the time. It's really incredible.

By the way, I'm going to be up your neck of the woods again by all stomping grounds. In about a week and a half, taking a little break from the heat, I'm going up to San Francisco for the Organist Guild Convention. Oh fun, very cool. I'll be able to hopefully hobnob with some of my fellow colleagues and organists up there Are these Wurlitzers?

1:26:12 - Leo Laporte
Are these pipe organs? Are these electronic organs?

1:26:15 - Kevin
The American Guild of Organists, the AGO, which is a national organization, and I belonged to the San Francisco chapter when I was living there. Now I'm in the Southern Nevada chapter, but they're having the annual convention up there. So I said, well, I haven't had a chance to do some vacationing and turismo stuff since I left, since I left during the pandemic. So now it's to kind of go up to the wine country and oh well, come visit us if you're in the neighborhood.

1:26:46 - Leo Laporte
If I'm around, I'll give you a tour. Yeah well, we'll have to see.

1:26:50 - Kevin
I'm going to be up there on the 26th, the Wednesday I'm driving up, so I'll be there for a few days before the convention starts, so maybe we can hook up.

1:26:59 - Leo Laporte
Well, just send me a note. If I'm around I will give you a little tour. By the way, you know that the late bob heil, our great friend bob heil, man, who makes our microphones and and, of course, is a host of ham nation, was a very famous organist. Did you, did you know bob? Oh, I didn't know that. Oh, oh yeah, he uh used to play the mighty wurlitzers. Uh at his, uh at the. You remember the old movie theaters used to have these giant organs. He played the Wurlitzer at the Fox Theater in St Louis, started doing that at the age of 15. And they'd have these thousands. In fact, that's how he became a sound guy, because in his Wikipedia it says he learned how to tune and voice the thousands of pipes in the Wurlitzer, which taught him how to listen and dissect discrete tones an important skill throughout his career as a sound man. He studied with Stan Kan, the legendary Stan Kan, and played the Wurlitzer. I never did get to hear him perform, but he's quite famous for building pipe organ installations and playing them.

1:28:05 - Mikah Sargent
Is that German?

1:28:07 - Leo Laporte

1:28:08 - Mikah Sargent
The Wurlitzer.

1:28:10 - Leo Laporte
No, no, it's a maker of organs, Right? Is it a German company? Oh, I don't know, is it?

1:28:17 - Rod Pyle

1:28:17 - Leo Laporte
Wurlitzer company. It's from Cincinnati, ohio, and North Tonawanda, new York, guess not. So no, speaking of that, I have a quick. Actually, oh, you're right, franz Rudolf W, an immigrant from Schöneck, saxony. He founded it in Cincinnati, but he was German. So very good, very good.

1:28:37 - Kevin
Great story about organs, the theater organs, because you know the pizza and pipes and all the pizza joints used to have, right, you know the big theater organs there as a big attraction. Of course that went out of style and about 30 years ago or so they went out of business. The one in Tanfran or not Tanfran, up by Daly City Ceremony yeah, Was there a Pizza and Pipes there.

1:29:08 - Leo Laporte
I did not know that.

1:29:10 - Kevin
It must've been before my time and then, about three years later, I was with a friend up in the wine country. We were touring some different places in Napa went to a small winery and talked to the wine maker there and he says and I mentioned, you know, I was an organist and a musician. He says, oh, got the parts they. Well, they got the entire organ and it was in. It's taken apart by somebody and stored there at his barn in on property in this, uh, winery. Wow, well, it's a shame to see that it's there. You want to, you know, get. There's a lot of organizations that would like to probably reconfigure it.

Yeah, From an historical point of view. So that was kind of an interesting just out of the blue. I just happened to be talking about that, so I don't know if he still got them the parts there, but it's interesting to see if somebody would contact him and say, please, let's rebuild it.

1:30:12 - Leo Laporte

1:30:14 - Kevin
But anyway, that was an interesting kind of trip.

1:30:19 - Leo Laporte
Kevin, thanks for calling and have a great time at the AGO. Yeah, and perhaps we'll see you.

1:30:26 - Kevin
Maybe we'll see you up here. See what my schedule looks like. I'm going to try to do a little vacationing and then I'll be tied up during the whole convention.

1:30:34 - Leo Laporte
You can't really pack a pipe organ. Yeah, in your getaway bag no, unfortunately.

1:30:43 - Mikah Sargent
That's why I play the ukulele.

1:30:44 - Kevin
Yeah, it's small, it's harmonica the main uh uh venue is in the marriott in san Francisco, but of course they're going to be shuttling us to all the different venues.

1:30:59 - Leo Laporte
Sanford, berkeley of course Grace Cathedral oh.

1:31:03 - Kevin
Grace has a beautiful organ.

1:31:05 - Leo Laporte
That's ironic because that Marriott in San Francisco they call the jukebox Marriott because it looks like a giant jukebox on the skyline, and Wurlitzer was famous not only for its organs but for its jukebox Marriott because it looks like a giant jukebox on the skyline, and Wurlitzer was famous not only for its organs but for its jukeboxes. And they say there's no coincidences anymore. Hey, we're going to let you go, kevin, we got to run. But thank you, have a great trip. We'll see you soon up here. Bye, bye.

1:31:28 - Mikah Sargent

1:31:28 - Leo Laporte
Leo Thanks, take care, bye, bye, hi. Okay, leo, thanks, take care, bye-bye Hi. Do you play an instrument? No, sadly Me neither. I deeply regret that. I feel like.

1:31:39 - Mikah Sargent
It's one of those things that I have on my list. I want to learn to play the piano.

1:31:43 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, I have a friend who was in his 60s retired he was a very famous DJ in San Francisco Said I want to keep my mind active. Learn to play the piano very cool, yeah, I think it's a good idea. Uh, you're watching. Ask the tech guys. And now it's time to put our producer to work.

1:32:04 - Mikah Sargent
Hey maybe the first time should I do an email?

1:32:06 - Leo Laporte
let's do an email I haven't done any emails to email email email time. By the way, I got a text during that call from my daughter. Oh good, now the the chain is complete. This is from henry, not my henry. I was gonna say leah and Mikah, love your show was, hoping you can guide me. I have an idea for an app, but I have zero experience with programming. I'm reaching out to see where you can point me. To start, I'm looking to create a simple search app where folks can connect with each other. Hopefully create the app, figure out the back end part and publish it in the stores for Apple and Android. Any guidance would be appreciated. Well, you're not ambitious at all.

1:32:47 - Mikah Sargent
So here's what I would say first. First and foremost, I would say maybe it's a good idea. What is the phrase at Thanksgiving time, when your eyes are bigger?

1:32:58 - Kevin
than your stomach.

1:32:59 - Mikah Sargent
Oh yes, maybe pick a platform first. You know, going on both iOS and Android means that you are trying to build for both of those platforms, which means that things can get complicated. What I was going to recommend is, if you're thinking about doing it for Apple, there's a fantastic, fantastic course available for free called 100 Days of Swift. That is at hackingwithswiftcom, and you spend 100 days learning how to code with Swift, 100 days learning how to code with Swift, which is Apple's programming language, and by the end of it, you are able to create an app with Swift, and I have heard from a number of developers new developers who have said that that is how they got their start in learning Swift and thereby learning how to make an app On the Android side. I'd be curious if Leo has any advice there.

1:34:01 - Leo Laporte
First of all, I get approached a lot by people who say I have a brilliant idea for an app. How do I do it? And the thing I think is really important to tell people you also sometimes will run into people say I've got a great invention, I just need somebody to foot the bill. Ideas are cheap. You and I have we have many ideas before breakfast. It's the implementation that is difficult. So I think often people do start with an idea and say well, now I want to do all the other stuff and the idea was the easiest part of that. So maybe you have a great idea, but now you're saying a lot more you can. There are places you can hire and I've seen people do this freelance coders. You can give them an idea and they can code it. But honestly, if you can code, you probably have your own ideas. So it really depends. Do you want to learn to code? That's a different question than I have a great idea and I want to make an app. If you want to learn to code, I agree with Mikah. There's also, if you have an iPad or an iPhone, Swift Playgrounds will get you from zero to an app. They'll actually. You can design an app in Swift Playgrounds and put it on the app store. The entire, you know, piece of the, all the pieces of the puzzle in one thing the Swift Playgrounds. So maybe start with that. If you really say no, no, I have a brilliant idea. I am willing to devote full time for the next three years in making it a reality, because that's how long it's going to take and I want to make it for iOS and Android.

There are cross-platform programming environments. The one I'd probably recommend although it's, I would recommend Dart, plus Flutter. Flutter is designed to do both ios and android apps. It's from google. There's only one little, small little thing, which is they just fired the entire team, but don't necessarily mean that that's the end of the line. I think flutter is a very good cross platform uh app generating tool and it's really great.

And you'll you'll learn a coding language called dart that's very, very good. And you'll learn a coding language called Dart that's very, very good. And you'll learn good habits. And you may just find a new hobby or a new career that you really enjoy, because coding is great. Sometimes, maybe just that kernel of an idea is enough to get you through the very great cliff mountain that you have to climb to learn how to make it um. But if all you really have is an idea and the coding isn't like the thing you really want to do, I'd say, yeah, maybe don't. Or. Or get a freelancer go to go to their many places where you can hire freelance coders. But that's also can be a recipe for disaster. I always, always get nervous when somebody says I have a brilliant idea.

1:36:55 - Mikah Sargent

1:36:56 - Leo Laporte
Because that's the easy part. You just did the easiest thing in the world. I get them in the shower.

1:37:02 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, it's all the time. Very. It's a whole other thing to commit to the idea and stick with the idea and go with the idea. I think, yeah, if the email had been worded as I want to learn how to code, that's a different thing versus here's this idea that I have Right and I want to make it happen. It was a different question.

1:37:21 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, yeah.

1:37:21 - Kevin

1:37:22 - Leo Laporte
So let me just read, reread the first sentence. I have an idea for an app, but I have zero experience with programming. If you said to us I want to learn how to code, that's a different question. It is. It is the idea, is the easy part. If you want to learn how to code, there's some great things. Really, it's a good time to do that right.

1:37:42 - Mikah Sargent
There's every reason to learn how to code, including making that idea a reality.

1:37:47 - Leo Laporte
And coding, by the way, is my favorite thing in the world to do. I love to code, but I don't. I don't do anything with it, I just code because it's like solving crossword puzzles it's fun. Here's a MacBook audio question for you. Steve writes Hello, steve. Oh, he also says I'm joining Club Twit today. You don't have to join Club Twit to get us to answer your question, but it sure helps. Hi guys, the problem I'll tell you about club twitter in a minute. The problem started when I upgraded to sonoma, the most recent version of mac os. I have an iphone 13 pro. I got this. I get this notice every few minutes that the audio disconnected. Steve's iphone microphone is not available. In fact, he actually has a little picture of it here which we can show. Yeah, little pop-up right there.

1:38:35 - Mikah Sargent
Today's iPhone microphone is not available.

1:38:38 - Leo Laporte
It's kind of weird Huh Huh. So he says. This pops up with an irritating noise and I want it to stop. I've looked in settings on both devices for a way to disconnect them or delete the phone as a potential microphone, but no luck.

1:38:56 - Mikah Sargent
Why would he get this notice over and over again? Yeah, this is interesting. I'm not sure. So what I'm guessing probably happened is that it is the continuity camera setting that when you plug in the iPhone it makes it. It kind of pairs it with the, with the MacBook, and so that's happening and then something is causing that connection to break. Can you tell?

1:39:21 - Leo Laporte
from that what the app is I can't figure. By the way, steve continues on in the message that he discovered our shows when I was on Adam Carolla's podcast and he's the guy who made and I remember this very well Adam Carolla's Mangria, which was a wine for men, fruit wine combo for men, and I remember we got a bottle of Mangria and drank it. So thank you, steve.

1:39:48 - Mikah Sargent
So my recommendation is this first and foremost, on your Mac, go to an application called Audio MIDI Setup. You can do that by holding down the command key and hitting spacebar, and then type in M-I-D-I, at which point you will see Audio MIDI Setup appear In there. On the left side are all of the possible inputs and outputs, including your phone microphone. Including your phone microphone might show up there.

So you're going to highlight it and then you're going to hit the minus icon at the bottom to remove it. Delete it, yes. Is yours blacked out? Is it grayed out? No?

1:40:26 - Leo Laporte
it's not Okay. I know you don't want to remove it. No, no, you shouldn't remove it, but I could if I pressed minus, and then that would say this doesn't exist anymore.

1:40:34 - Mikah Sargent
Oh, actually my minus is grayed out, is it Okay? So, hmm, that's because it's, I don't know. Yeah, I'm not sure why it would be grayed out, so I can't remove any of these suckers.

1:40:46 - Leo Laporte
That's interesting.

1:40:49 - Mikah Sargent
None of them have a minus. So here's what here was my thinking. Here is basically what you're trying to do is kind of force re pairing those two things. The other thing that you can do is, steve, on your iPhone, you launch the settings app, you choose general and then you go into airplay and handoff. In there is a section called continuity camera.

You have that toggle I'm almost certain turned on. You're going to toggle off that setting and then toggle it back on again if you want to use your phone as a camera and microphone. If you don't want to, then just keep it turned off. But by toggling it off and back on again, it kind of unpairs the two, and then you should be able to repair after that. So, yeah, something is causing your Mac to try to pair with your phone as an audio source, and then the two were not properly pairing and that's what's causing that alert to pop up. So we're just trying to find different ways to kind of tell the system whoa, let's do this again and let's get it figured out. Yeah, right back in, though. I'd love to hear if that works for you, if that's really turning on and off that handoff.

1:42:00 - Leo Laporte
I have to say I, every once in a while my Mac will go crazy and keep popping up the same alert. The last one was and I was, it would. It would say your recovery contact is messed up. And I would go to the recovery contacts, delete it. I couldn't delete it was, it was, it was permanent. They said you can't delete it, uh, the app is not available, or something like that. And then and then it would pop it up and every time I went there to confirm the details it would pop up again. It never stopped, never stopped.

You know, my fix was I wiped the darn macintosh and restarted, yikes. And every once in a while this happens with apple. It's a hard thing, but sometimes I think what happens is settings files, uh, deep within the system, get their permissions modified and they can't write to it, or it gets corrupted and they can't fix it. And then you're going to get this constant harassment of you got to fix it, you got to fix it, you got to fix it. I've had the same thing happen with my Apple ID Relog into your Apple ID Relog, into your Apple ID. Oh yeah, that one's annoying Yep, and honestly I think it's a flaw in the low level. I did disk recovery to try to you know disk check, nothing fixed it.

So I just wiped the drive and started over.

1:43:19 - Mikah Sargent
It's frustrating when that happens.

1:43:21 - Leo Laporte
But yeah, so it wasn't anything in fact wrong with my recovery contacts. So that's why I think it was a low level file that got corrupted. I couldn't find it. I looked everywhere. I couldn't figure it out, so I just started. I couldn't find it.

1:43:32 - Mikah Sargent
I looked everywhere I couldn't figure it out, so I just started, and sometimes that happens. It's not ideal, no, but yeah, let us know if that works for you.

1:43:37 - Leo Laporte
Thank you, steve, and thanks for the man Greer. You know it would be really good with a runza runza and a man Greer. Now that's a breakfast at champions. One more, one more, one more. Randy m. This is again for you. Randy says hi, mike and leo. Long time to it.

Listener appreciated many of your shows, including how security now helped me move to one password as my new password manager after the last pass fiasco. Yeah, we can't. We moved you to last pass my bad. Thank goodness steve gibson helped us move to a better one. I'm now trying to move the 2FAS app for my 2FA two-factor information. I have a collection of music. Oh, that was just a prelude. Okay, I'm not asking you about that. Here's my question. I have a collection of music files that I've added to my Apple Music Library and Mac, very much like our earlier call. I've gotten rid of the physical CDs. I want them on my iphone as well in the apple music app without paying a subscription for it. Is there something I can do to help with this? So he's willing to pay for a subscription for a month. So that's, I think, where itunes match would be a solution yeah, but okay.

1:44:49 - Mikah Sargent
So you bought the music. It's in apple music's and it's in your apple music library and you want the music to appear on your phone. All you have to do is plug your iPhone into your Mac and then in Finder, you select your iPhone and under the section that has Syncing for Music, you just make sure that those songs that you have are selected.

1:45:12 - Leo Laporte
But won't it download them onto the iPhone? It doesn't download them.

1:45:15 - Mikah Sargent
It'll sync them by literally transferring the files over.

1:45:18 - Leo Laporte
If you want to do it free of any connection, then, yes, you will need to pay for iTunes Match, so see this is the thing we're kind of conditioned now the idea that we stream our music, right, and I don't want to have 50. I have a hundred thousand songs, so I don't want them all on my phone. So what I want to see is the little icon with the cloud that says, well, you could play it if you want, and that case, you need to use match there's no way to get all of the stuff that's on my mac to show up as an icon, not the full file no, because you would that.

1:45:54 - Mikah Sargent
If you're doing that, then you're using apple server, so they want you to pay for it, right?

1:45:57 - Leo Laporte
you could. So you match, you pay it once, actually 25 a year, yeah, I think it's something you pay once. And what it does? It takes all the files that you've ripped from cd, matches them to the identical files, often higher well, not necessarily higher quality, but good quality depends how you ripped it. If you ripped it lossless, well, you're out of luck, you're going to get it. You're going to get a aac file, 256 kilobit aac file. What it does, though, it matches it to the library, the itunes music library, and then gives you an entry in your library not necessarily downloading them, but an entry in the library and tells its own servers, yeah, that he owns all this music, which means it will then show up on iTunes on your phone.

1:46:38 - Mikah Sargent
Yes, the other option that you would have if you did want to do the whole files thing, is you could put it in your iCloud drive and then you're not going to get the same experience because you're playing those files kind of, I guess, like in a bespoke method, so to speak, but you could do it that way. So if you wanted to keep them from taking up all of your storage space, it's called music not iTunes I'm sorry, in iCloud Drive.

You could also put them in Dropbox or somewhere else and then just play them kind of one off, but I think that's not, as it's not as easy, not as integrated as just having them in music, um which, again, if you've got enough storage space, plug in your phone and sync them directly. If you could just have it on your phone. Yeah, and otherwise, yes, you'll need to use something like iTunes match. I've included a link in the show notes to the support page showing you how to get what it says in iTunes match.

1:47:35 - Leo Laporte
Itunes match gives you access to all your music on all your devices, even songs you've imported from other sources, like cds.

1:47:39 - Mikah Sargent
It's exactly what he wants to do and it's 25, but you only have to do that.

1:47:45 - Leo Laporte
Once. It's not a subscription. You pay 25 bucks right, transfer it all over and then you're done. Cancel immediately. Yes, because you're done. You have everything now. You're going to get it for a year, so I think it is a year yeah, it's a year.

1:47:57 - Mikah Sargent
The only reason that you'd want to keep it is if you wanted to buy new cds and match those yeah I did that.

1:48:03 - Leo Laporte
I had, you know I had I'll admit it pirated a ton of stuff back in the napster day. This is before you were born, but there was this program called napster and you would get all the music that you ever bought in your life or ever heard of. And I downloaded a ton of songs, but the quality was all over the place. They were mostly mp3. Some of them were like 96 kilobit mp3s. They were terrible. I'm of the lime wire era. Lime wire came later, right, so I had this collection of music and and this was apple's deal with the music industry, I'm convinced so they invented iTunes Match, just so you could suddenly make yourself legal. It also removes copy protection from stuff you bought in the Apple store, so you no longer have copy protection. It takes even a 96 kilobit MP3, it turns it into a 256 kilobit AAC, which is very, very high quality. The only catch with Match sometimes you have oddball recordings or live recordings that will inadvertently match to the studio recording. So you got to pay attention to that. The Match Catch. The Match Catch Sometimes doesn't work.

Thank you for the questions. Those were good ones. I liked it. Great questions. Now I have a question for you?

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But this is the bad news, and it's happening everywhere. Did you see? Iheart is about to go bankrupt Because ad sales have dropped off so dramatically. We're in the same boat. We're a lot smaller company. We can't go to our creditors and say, hey, could you refinance? No, we've got to pay the bills. We've got to pay Mikah. We've got to pay for the lights, we've got to pay the rent. So, with a drop off in ad revenue, ad revenue were faced with kind of a crunch, which is why we started Club Twitter. It's a chance for you to support what we do for $7 a month Because you're giving us money. We don't give you any ads. You don't have to listen to the ads. All the shows are available for you ad-free. Plus video from shows we only do in audio, like Mikah's Hands on Macintosh, ios Today, home Theater Geeks with Scott Wilkinson, hands on Windows with Paul Threatt All of those shows are audio only and to the public, but the club members get the video. You get access to the Discord Great place to hang with really smart people.

And you may say well, leo, you already got 12,000 members, what do you need more for? That covers one half of our payroll. I was so excited I said to lisa. I said we got the payroll covered right now. She said, yeah, one. We pay people twice a month, so it's half. It's two weeks of our payroll per month. We have to cover the other half. Um, I would like to see 24,000. Then we would cover our payroll. Wouldn't that be nice? You can help. Just takes one of you.

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Hello Chris.

1:51:56 - Chris Marquadt
Gentlemen, how are you?

1:51:57 - Leo Laporte
I am great, Nick Bowie. It's N-U-B-U-I on Flickr, if you want to know.

1:52:01 - Mikah Sargent
Oh, okay, I was like what is that name, what is his name?

1:52:04 - Chris Marquadt
That's a very, very old Nick. I think that was my first Nick that I acquired in 1991.

1:52:11 - Leo Laporte
Wow, so that's old I am well, I've known you since when 2006, so we go back a long way. I was just looking on flickr that's the, the photo sharing site we use for uh, sharing your photos for the for the uh not contest the photo assignments and I was just looking and I realized I have been a professional paid member at flickr since 2004 wow, since forever, since it began practically, which is really awesome. I got 9 000 photos there. Um, I still think it's one of the best photo sharing sites in the world. I really like it, and each month we have a little photo assignment for you. In fact, you should go to the Tech Guy group and join so that you can participate in the photo assignments. This week, our assignment was minimalist.

1:53:06 - Chris Marquadt
The minimalist assignment. Yes, we we've. We've received a a great bunch of pictures I'm really happy with with uh what people have submitted here. Um, really, it was. It was a tough choice this time, but again I've taken uh the time to go through them and I chose three, and here's the first one, by José Luis Urbieta Touch of color. So I like this a lot. So what we're seeing here is this what is that? A chair, a yellow plastic chair on a bridge in front of a building. And it's so clear what the subject is. It's obviously the yellow chair. It's a bright, bright color. It really gets all the attention, but it's kind of tucked away to the side and you could imagine this picture to be like, let's say, a movie poster there's so much space above this chair to put some copies, some titles, some things on there.

So, um, that's, that's a good measure for a minimalist photo. So very nice. I really like that, very nice. The second one is another very sparse picture, very much along the lines of the, of the assignment. Greg built and shot this one boat on the ocean, and what we're looking at is, well, it's an ocean view, some gray weather, and there's pretty much only three things on this picture there's the sea, of course, there's a boat outside and there's a it looks like a lifeguard station or something on the beach, and it's very minimalist.

Again, lots of space in photography. We call this negative space, the space that is not the subject or not the subject. So the sky takes up a lot of space in here and that, yeah, makes it very minimalist. And, again, this could be a movie poster as well. Very nice.

And then, last but not least, and this is my absolute favorite of the whole bunch by gregory chesney, final cut, and this is a picture that tells like a whole bunch of stories. So what we're looking at is a. It's a dark picture inside, um, it's a door, it's weather, weathered, it's like it's used, it's well used, and the light in this picture, the place that your eyes get drawn to, is a light that's cast through blinds, the window blinds, and it makes this pattern on the door and behind it on the wall pattern on the door and behind it on the wall, and just, I mean just just the, the, the grungy textures in there, this little light. It's a day, it's daytime outside you can see this from the light, but it's it's a dark indoors thing. That tells you 20 different stories right away.

1:56:09 - Leo Laporte
Beautiful I really, really made it must be so hard, though, because we got many more submissions and I'm sure there were a few in there that you just you really wanted. Can I give a leo's runner-up prize? Totally, this is I bet you. You had this one on your list too. Demean lenti posted this what I thought was a marvelous picture, made even more marvelous when I read her description of how she made it. You want to hear this. Yes, that is a toy house on a blanket in front of a tv. No, she composed the whole thing in her living room, and I think that's just the best story I ever heard.

1:56:53 - Mikah Sargent
I love it, that little cloud above the house.

1:56:56 - Leo Laporte
Isn't that lovely yeah.

1:56:57 - Mikah Sargent
I was going. Where is this house? I've never seen a house that-.

1:57:01 - Leo Laporte
I'm sure that had to be on your short list. Just an amazing photo. Yes, absolutely yeah.

1:57:06 - Chris Marquadt
That's movie magic happening right there In a big movie studio. You would have a big LCD screen behind the actors and this Movie studio.

1:57:16 - Leo Laporte
You would have a big LCD screen behind the actors and this is the exact same thing just in your living room. To me, I think you win the prize for creativity anyway, very cool. So some really fun photos, and we thank every one of you. I mean, you just did a great job. They're all wonderful. I love browsing through our Tech Guide group because we have so many great photographers who submit. But now's your chance if you missed this month, as I did to start over because chris has the fishbowl I have the fishbowl and I'm not afraid to use it here we go.

1:57:44 - Chris Marquadt
Let me pull one out from here. Oh yeah, this is a nice one. I need a drum today. Today's assignment is weathered, weathered.

1:57:54 - Mikah Sargent
Oh, that door could have been included in this one, yeah.

1:57:57 - Leo Laporte
Or my face. There's a lot of ways you could go with weathered.

1:58:02 - Mikah Sargent
An HDR photo of your face, could you know?

1:58:05 - Leo Laporte
one of those ones? No, it's not you specifically Really rubbing it in.

1:58:09 - Mikah Sargent
No, just anybody could take it really. Is that what they're called HDR photos?

1:58:13 - Chris Marquadt
I think high contrast maybe Anyway we don't want to give you any ideas. No, yeah, sorry, you could figure this out.

1:58:18 - Leo Laporte
There's so many different ways you can do this. Weather it up. It just has to represent in some way weathered Could be the weather I was going to say. Yeah, could be, you know, who knows? But that's your creativity gets involved. Here's how you do it. You go out, you take pictures. That's the whole point of this assignment Take pictures, all new pictures, all month long.

You got four weeks to do this. When you see one that says to you that's weathered, whatever that means to you, tag it TG Weathered and upload it to Flickr. Flickr actually lets you tag it when you upload it and then submit it to the Tech Guy group. If you're not a member, all of this is free Flickrcom. There's a Tech Guy group in there. You'll know you're in the right place when there's like I don't know, tens of thousands of members. It's really been a fantastic experience and we would love to have you in the group. And then in four weeks, chris will come back and you know, let us know what his favorites are and maybe you'll get a Leo's Runner-Up if you do something really wacky. Chris, you are awesome. What's your next excursion?

1:59:29 - Chris Marquadt
Next excursion is in spring next year. Another Eastern European photo road trip.

1:59:34 - Leo Laporte
How fun you can find out about Chris's photo tours, his workshops, his coaching. Next excursion is in spring next year. Another Eastern European photo road trip how fun. You can find out about Chris's photo tours, his workshops, his coaching and more at discoverthetopfloorcom. He also has some great books. I have the film book and the wide-angle book constantly inspired by your writings. All of this at discoverthetopfloorcom and Chris thank you so much for staying up and joining us.

We appreciate it. We will see you in a month, four weeks, take care. Bye, I'm going to go out and get weathered, just to get a good shot. Just for the shot. Wow, very cool.

2:00:14 - Mikah Sargent
All right, right, more questions yes, uh, I'm gonna try and pick up on jim from uh hollywood hills that is.

2:00:24 - Leo Laporte
He's up in the hills. Jim hello jim hello jim.

2:00:32 - Mikah Sargent
Jim, you should probably unmute your mic.

2:00:34 - Jim
If you can't, please star six star, all right, there we go, okay. Oh, it's jim, where?

2:00:44 - Leo Laporte
where are you calling from again? Oh, we've talked. We know jim hollywood hills. He's up in the hills there he is riding his rover.

2:00:53 - Jim
On the moon, all 40,000 square feet of it from the earth to the moon.

2:00:58 - Leo Laporte

2:01:00 - Jim
Very nice, lit by an artificial sun. Quarter of a million watts, one light source, wow. Lit all 40,000 square feet.

2:01:10 - Leo Laporte
Wow, and did you do sound on that picture too?

2:01:14 - Jim
Well, I did for some of it. Most of what I did was communications on the lunar surface between the Roger Roger. Yeah, exactly, we had the performers in their suits. They had to talk to the director, the stunt coordinator. I kept them entertained during the long periods between the shots, so that was quite interesting.

2:01:45 - Leo Laporte
I realize that I made a promise to you, jim, last week and I have yet to come back on that promise. That's perfectly okay. I am downloading right now the top secret 2 000 page manuscript and, by the way, google is, uh, is taking some time. This is a big file because I love those pictures in there. Oh, well's fine, I mean, let's make it big right. Oh, there it is. Oh yeah, let me see if I got it. Yes, I did. It's a doc M file. Is that right.

2:02:21 - Jim
Yeah, because it's got macros.

2:02:24 - Leo Laporte
Ah well, those macros, of course, won't be preserved, since what I'm proposing is opening it in a old school, very old school Macintosh word processor called Nisus Writer N-I-S-U-S. Nisus has been around forever and a day, but one of the things that Nisus so Jim has been calling us for the last couple of years saying this file is too big for Word. How can I edit all 2,000 pages, do search and replace and so forth in any any word processor. Is there anything that would handle it? We've yet to come up with anything that will. We know Word is a pig, it won't, but I do remember.

I later remembered that I used to use Nisys Writer because it would page the documents from disk Very proudly. They said we can open any size file. Well, let's find out. So here is your doc m. I am going to open this file right now in nicest writer and let's see, it might take a little while to. Oh, that's the m. Wait a minute, that might be the m. Let's see if we get some text. It may not. You may have to save it out as a doc X. Yeah, it's not like in that word format.

2:03:42 - Jim
So, gobbledygook, the macros were necessary to keep the numbering consistent.

2:03:47 - Leo Laporte
Right Page numbering so send me a. Export it to a doc X. It's supposed to read word files, but I think the doc M is maybe throwing it completely. Okay, that does not look good, does it? Word does not store. One of the problems I have with word is it doesn't store files in ASCII.

2:04:09 - Mikah Sargent
Oh, but you've got windows on there, don't you? You could open it in word on yours. Yeah, but word isn't the.

2:04:17 - Leo Laporte
No, I'm saying open in a word and x oh, I could export it myself. Yeah, locally. Are you crazy? Are you nuts? All right, let me see.

2:04:23 - Jim
Is this what you called about, though? Also, yeah, you should be aware that I can see everybody's video, which I'm not supposed to. Did somebody make me a co-host? Does all your people who are online see everybody's video, which I'm not supposed to? Did somebody make me a co-host? Does all your people who are online see everybody? I watched patrick watch walk through his house before he settled down and, oh uh, several other people have to figure that out that.

2:04:44 - Leo Laporte
Thank you for that bug report. I don't know, boy genius, is that supposed to happen?

2:04:49 - Mikah Sargent
are they supposed to see each other in the Zoom he?

2:04:50 - Leo Laporte
just did a very well-known emoji the shruggy. The shruggy, yeah, golly, well we'll consult, I will convert this file. I'm not going to do it right now, but I will convert this file. No, no, that's fine, and see if I can open it. Nicest. Writer is an amazing word processor, okay.

2:05:16 - Jim
Jim said he'd willing to if it would work. Yeah, so I will figure it out, I will figure, unless there's an emulator for windows.

2:05:20 - Leo Laporte
Oh that, uh, yeah, you might be. I'll have to do some research on that as well yeah, also uh Mikah last week.

2:05:26 - Jim
Uh, when I mentioned that, instead of seeing my uh zoom name on screen, I saw my administrator's username. You said said look for a little three-dot menu and change it. Couldn't find any three-dot menu. Then I realized, of course, I hadn't opened Zoom on my computer before I signed in to call TwitTV. When I did, did that. Now you see the jim from hollywood hills. That is another operator error.

2:05:59 - Mikah Sargent
Well, I'm glad we got it figured out I'm downloading microsoft word oh, I didn't realize you didn't have it already.

2:06:07 - Leo Laporte
Well, of course I don't.

2:06:08 - Jim
And uh, happy father's day, leo, thank you. Are you a dad, jim? My students are my children, isn't that?

2:06:15 - Leo Laporte
nice, yeah, and you can choose them, which is a little bit better.

2:06:21 - Jim
Well, unfortunately I had some I couldn't kick out of my last class at UCLA.

2:06:28 - Leo Laporte
Hey Jim, I will email you back. I will open this in Word Whenever you have the time. Yeah, because NISIS is really cool, because it says no file size limit, because it pages it in from the disk Right, which word does not? We're just trying to get it all in memory, which obviously is not possible. So I will get back to you, I will email you this week, I promise, sure.

2:06:53 - Jim
And enjoy the article about body double. Yes.

2:06:56 - Leo Laporte
I can't that. I can't wait to read. I'm so excited.

2:07:00 - Mikah Sargent
Yes, Thank you, Jim Thank you.

2:07:02 - Jim
You got it.

2:07:04 - Leo Laporte
I think we might have time for one more. Oh, I have a little tip, though, for the shruggy emoji. There is a website that actually is dedicated to just the shrug emoji that you can go there. It's called and all you have to do is go to, click on it and you've got it copied. Now you can paste it. Watch, watch, I'm going to paste it into discord. I use a keyboard macro for that well, you don't need it, you just do that.

2:07:42 - Mikah Sargent
I type in s shrug and then it makes it happen which is faster to go to the website you actually have a keyboard.

2:07:49 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, that's hi, mom it's hi galia.

2:07:52 - Mikah Sargent
It's on my phone and my mac and everywhere look, he did it.

2:07:56 - Leo Laporte
That's really cool. Okay, next call. Did you have fun with that, leo? Copy the shrug. No, look, I guarantee you there are some people right now writing that down.

2:08:06 - Chris Marquadt
Copy the shrug emoji I I I like like Mikah have a save personally as a little key by because that's a very good emoji.

2:08:14 - Leo Laporte
Come on, that's wild.

2:08:16 - Chris Marquadt
All right, I think we should talk to Patrick, hello.

2:08:20 - Mikah Sargent
Patrick, where are you calling from? From where do you call?

2:08:27 - Leo Laporte
Oops, got it, you're live, my friend Welcome. Hello hello, hello, hello, hello.

2:08:34 - Patrick
Hi, happened to be calling from north of a little bit Brampton, north of Ontario, canada. Yes, yes, but I lived in Odahouse for 25 years up in Auburn, california. Oh, nice.

2:08:47 - Leo Laporte
Are you Canadian or are you American?

2:08:50 - Patrick
I'm American, I'm up here doing a little work. Oh nice American. I'm American, I'm up here doing a little work. I work on the road mapping trans or cross-country transmission lines. Where I live these days is in some obscure hotel room somewhere.

2:09:06 - Leo Laporte
Oh, I'm sorry, but that's a really cool job. You see, those transmission lines these are the giant towers right that are often running through valleys and they go for miles and miles and I think we get so kind of used to the infrastructure surrounding us we don't see them anymore. But if you think about it, electricity is being transported hundreds of miles.

2:09:30 - Mikah Sargent
It's kind of wild.

2:09:32 - Leo Laporte
Interstate and everything on these, these giant wires.

2:09:35 - Patrick
That's amazing yeah, we actually uh, you know, we uh, we mapped them with a high-tech uh lidar sensor from helicopters oh cool and model them. You know you got the tension or the the sag between the tension towers. Yeah, well, that's a function of the temperature of that wire, right and so, um, we capture that at a particular point in time. We also set up little weather stations to catch the weather. So you know the temperature of the wire is based on, you know outside air temperature, how much wind's blowing across it, how sun's hitting it and how much uh power's running through it. So they take that, stick that in their fancy modeling programs and they go okay, what happens when it's 110 degrees out?

2:10:15 - Leo Laporte
I do have one question for you. This is from Jammer B. Don't they already know where these are? What do they need to map them for?

2:10:24 - Patrick
I know that's a great question. Yes, they do, but they have to model them in real time so that they can, like I said, stick them in programs and figure out. And then there's a very large vegetation management to it, Of course. Yes, Okay, where the wire is going to be in any situation. And then the LIDAR catches everything trees, buildings, people, cars and then they can say under what conditions could we potentially hit something and we got to go out and mitigate that.

So you spend hours a day in the helicopters uh, occasionally I'm a I'm a land surveyor by trade, so I'm in charge of the land surveying aspect of it. But I do sit in the uh we call it the aerial sensor operator seat occasionally wow, that's neat.

2:11:11 - Leo Laporte
that's really amazing. Lidar is incredible. You know, this week there was a helicopter flying all over Petaluma and they had a box, a yellow box, in front of it and I thought that must be a camera. But maybe it was LiDAR, maybe they were mapping the high-tension wires, especially because of the weather with the heat.

2:11:29 - Patrick
Black box on the front of our helicopter right now.

2:11:33 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, it's a box. There was something out there. I saw it. I flipped them off just in case it was google. Hey, if this is for google maps, f you okay. I did, I seriously did I came out.

2:11:47 - Mikah Sargent
I wonder why he's so upset. Why is that?

2:11:50 - Leo Laporte
man so angry. I don't know, I don't like it that they're flying a helicopter with a camera over my house, so I flipped them off oh, that's probably right it probably was pg and e, according to that even worse if, then I'm even more mad at them. Yeah, scooter x says pg and e is surveying power lines right now to keep north coast customers safe. Well, that's where we live in the north. Oh, yeah, that's it.

2:12:17 - Mikah Sargent
I saw him, you not only did you see that yellow box, I saw you well, they now picture.

2:12:24 - Leo Laporte
What is it guy flipping you off in lidar, look like and really still, you might pick it up you get a little shape. What can we do for you, my friend?

2:12:36 - Patrick
okay, my two annoyances that just popped up recently is, first of all, um, I have an iphone and I watch, and man between uh, I have these dates written down. Um, various of my associates that I've been uh texting in the past month and a half and they they have iPhones, so it's iMessage have been going from blue squares to green squares and one of them went on 4-23. One of them went on May 5th, one of them went on June 1st and I can't figure out why they all of a sudden went to, you know, from blue squares to green squares.

2:13:11 - Leo Laporte
Because they all go out and buy Android phones.

2:13:14 - Patrick
No, they're still off.

2:13:16 - Leo Laporte
So it's commonly thought that the green box means the green bubble means you're an Android user. It's not what it means.

2:13:22 - Mikah Sargent
It means that they've switched from using iMessage to. It means that the system has switched from using iMessage to reach out to them to SMS.

2:13:29 - Leo Laporte
And here's when this happens, it's falling back to SMS. Yeah, it's a fallback.

2:13:31 - Mikah Sargent
So what happens? Because this actually happens with my mom a lot. She's on a cellular carrier that unfortunately has poor service where she is so oftentimes what happens is her data connection in that area fails and iMessage realizes that it cannot send her a message via iMessage and so it falls back to SMS message via iMessage and so it falls back to SMS. Unfortunately, there's a period of time where iMessage will or won't check again. If the person has switched back to iMessage, if they have that connection again, and if it's not within that time, then it continues to send it as text messages.

But the way that you can solve this is by on your iPhone, going into settings, then going into messages and scrolling down until you see a section that says send as SMS. That setting is the fallback setting. That says that when iMessage is unavailable, I want you to send as an SMS. If you turn that off and then you go into those specific contacts that up to this point you haven't been able to reach via iMessage, that should force the system to recheck that those phone numbers, those contacts, are available via iMessage and give you access to them again with Blue Bubbles At that point. You can then choose to go back into the messages settings and turn back on send as sms as the backup, if you want to. I have mine turned off specifically because I talk to my mom a lot and I know that she just has a cellular issue, so it waits until it gets reconnected.

2:15:06 - Leo Laporte
I message and then you might want to leave it on just so that you stay in communication, right?

2:15:11 - Mikah Sargent
I mean it's worth having, I wonder when apple goes to rcs.

2:15:12 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, it's a good backup. It's worth having. I wonder when Apple goes to RCS this fall. That's a good question. Will they replace SMS? I think it makes sense that they would replace SMS and RCS.

And send us RCS. This of course requires the phone companies to support it. Remember Apple's using data. Rcs is a new form kind of communication that doesn't run over the voice lines but it does require cooperation from your cell company. I remember when Google kind of got on the RCS bandwagon by buying a big RCS company, it was hard for them to convince the phone companies to do this. I think almost all phone companies now are. I don't know what it's like in Brompton, but in the US I think most phone companies now support RCS. So you might have a better fallback than SMS down the road. But that's why they're green, not because they suddenly went out and bought Android phones.

2:16:07 - Patrick
An interesting side note on that is that we do a lot of our communications via text groups. Side note on that is that we do a lot of our communications via text groups and in certain situations, when you're in really sketchy service and text and text groups won't go through because they're MMSs. That's right. But if you text somebody it can go through because it's just an SMS text, right.

2:16:29 - Leo Laporte
Well, rcs solves this, and one of the biggest complaints from Android users is I can't be part of a group that started on Apple Messages, because Apple Messages doesn't support groups with SMS, but RCS does, and so this is going to also solve that group issue. It sounds like, though, you're able to have group messages, as long as they fall back to SMS.

2:16:53 - Patrick
I believe so, Okay. Second question I believe so, Okay. Second question yeah, sure, Okay. This is to do with notifications specifically to my iWatch. I get very sporadic I mean inconsistent notifications on my iWatch for iMessage, for WhatsApp and for FastMail, and sometimes, man, my iWatch will buzz on me, which I really like. My iWatch just buzzes and then oftentimes it doesn't, and just today I ran into that very thing where I was actually what was weird was I wasn't getting anything notifications through WhatsApp to my phone. But when I opened my computer my I have a Windows laptop and I was running, you know, and I have the WhatsApp app on my Windows computer it seemed like for a while that when the app would pick up a text it would buzz my watch, but then all of a sudden it stopped working.

2:17:58 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, so with your Apple Watch that is. The system tries to be smart and you know, anytime a system tries to be smart, it often is not smart and it's frustrating. But essentially there's like a tiered notification system and different apps unfortunately have different rules for how the tiered notifications work. It can be the case that an app says if the notification appears on your desktop first, then don't show it on the Apple Watch. It can be like Slack, where it if after five minutes you don't see it on the computer, then show it on the iPhone and then if it doesn't show on the iPhone because you have your iPhone locked or it's in your pocket or something, then it shows it on the Apple Watch. Messages itself has particular settings.

What I recommend that anyone do here, whenever they're having trouble seeing Apple Watch notifications, is to go into the Watch app on the iPhone and go into the notifications section and then look at the specific apps that you're having trouble with.

So if it's messages, you can see if it says mirror my iPhone or it says custom, and if you have something set to custom, custom, then you can choose how it's appearing. You can say I want to allow notifications to appear on my apple watch at all times. I want it to have sound and to haptic vibrate my wrist. I want to actually repeat the alerts so that if I don't see it the first time, then give give it to me again, or you can just have it mirror your iphone, meaning that whatever you have the settings set to on your iPhone, it will do the same on the Apple Watch. But if you have your iPhone in front of you, then it's going to send the notification there first.

The Apple Watch is secondary to the iPhone at all times and will remain so. You can also do that with third-party apps. So if there's an app that you have from one of the apps, you can choose to toggle on or off the mirror iPhone alerts from, and so you'd want to have that set to toggled on and then go into your notification preferences and turn that on. But yes, what's happening is that somewhere, some device is picking up on the notification first and that's why your Apple Watch is not seeing it.

2:20:20 - Leo Laporte
That's a little weirdly inconsistent, Like not everything will respond. Will notify you Just the first thing that gets it.

2:20:27 - Mikah Sargent
The first thing that gets it Exactly. And that's really terrible. And that's where, especially with whenever it comes to the computer, because sometimes you don't always lock your computer when you're like just looking away from it, right, and they use kind of a locked computer or a turned off display as the means of saying, ok, the person's not going to. Yeah, exactly. So that is troublesome particularly with you.

2:20:47 - Leo Laporte
Know what? This has been bugging me forever? I never, and Lisa was complaining about the other day. Thank you for explaining that.

2:20:53 - Mikah Sargent
Just go in and choose. It's usually messages that people have the problem with. Yeah, go into your watch apps, see, because people think they go to just the notification settings and settings. No, open the watch app, then go to settings, then choose custom, not mirror my iPhone, and you can set up.

2:21:09 - Leo Laporte
Because she says I keep getting calls and I never get a notification. She probably is, yeah.

2:21:14 - Mikah Sargent
On the desktop or somewhere, she's not paying attention to?

2:21:17 - Leo Laporte
Is there any way to say notify me every possible?

2:21:20 - Mikah Sargent
place by going to each of them and choosing Each of them. Go to custom and say notify me.

2:21:25 - Leo Laporte
Okay, so I'm going to help Lisa do that when I get home tonight.

2:21:29 - Patrick
I didn't realize to look in the watch app. I've looked like everywhere else, but I haven't looked there yet. Who?

2:21:35 - Leo Laporte
knew. Hey, a pleasure talking to you.

2:21:41 - Mikah Sargent
Go out and map some high tension lines.

2:21:44 - Leo Laporte
Have a great day, take care. Thanks for calling All righty Bye-bye.

2:21:48 - Kevin
Take care.

2:21:55 - Leo Laporte
Well, that's about it for this edition of Ask the Tech guys. We do this show every Sunday, 11 am pacific 2 pm eastern, 1800 UTC. You can watch us do it live. In fact, really, it's the best way to do it so that you can call in live. Uh, that's on Youtube, And then, if you're watching and you say, oh, I got a question for these smart people, call 888-724-2884. During the week when we're not on the air, you can still call that number and leave a voicemail message yes, so email us.

2:22:21 - Mikah Sargent
Email us You can send text, you can send audio, you can send video. If you send text, it 'll appear magically in the mailbox, where leo will reach and grab some mail. Oh, I'll tell a little story you know in 1949, a legend was born.

2:22:38 - Leo Laporte
It all started in Lincoln, Nebraska, with a small cinder block stand with a walk-up order windows. 75 years and 90 locations later, we, and countless double-d rings, we're still going strong. It's the 75th anniversary of the Runza and just because, Mikah, you are such a good friend, I can't eat that. Leo, open this in front of you. There we go. It's Runza time. If you're in anywhere in the Runza neighborhood you want to try it, you can try half of it. There you go. We got a. It smells. I ordered a case of Runzas. I can't remember why.

2:23:19 - Mikah Sargent
Yeah, why did you have? Was it on?

2:23:21 - Leo Laporte
mac break weekly. Was it on? Twig was on mac break weekly no, TWiG, c, all right we'll save some for paris. Martin, though, did you try it? Is it good? I yeah, if I try it, you're gonna have to take the rest of the show.

2:23:34 - Mikah Sargent
okay, so leo's gonna try that while we say goodbye, lots of onions. Anyway, those are the places you can reach out and call us, uh, and, of course, head to ask no, not ask the tech guys, um,, where you can get the show notes. Join us in the Club: Club TWiT,, and we will see you again soon. Have a great geek week.

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