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0:00:00 - Leo Laporte
Well, hey, hey, hey. It's time for Ask the Tech Guys. I'm Leo Laporte Coming up in just a little bit. We'll talk to Johnny Jet about a must-have travel gadget.

0:00:10 - Alex Lindsay
I'm Alex Lindsey. I'm sitting in for Mikah Sargent and I will be talking about how to draw on top of your video.

0:00:15 - Leo Laporte
Tell us straighter he's the John Madden of technology. Yeah, also coming up. We talk to 12-year-old Jordan about how to start his podcast. It's all about sneakers. Stay tuned, ask the Tech Guys. Is next.

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This is Ask the Tech Guys with Leo Laporte and Alex Lindsay, Episode 2027 for June 2nd 2024. Johnny Ebola and the Malaria Five. Well, hey, hey, hey, how are you today? It's time for Ask the Tech Guys. We've made a slight change in the lineup just today. Only Mikah Sargent has the day off, but look who kindly agreed to come in Alex.

0:01:06 - Alex Lindsay
Lindsey, and I don't think I've been here before. I don't think I've been here before. I've never, done this show before.

0:01:11 - Leo Laporte
Well, this show's only like. It's not very old, like a year and a half old, so you haven't had much chance. I'm thrilled to have you. Alex, as you know, is on Mac break weekly. He also is a genius in live streaming and does that for many big companies and governments. He also hosts daily a q, a show called office hours. It's a big zoom call. You can find out more about it at, has his own interview show and produces an interview show for Michael Krasny, but he's not that busy so he came in today, which is very nice. That's why I do in the spare time. But he does know how to answer questions live. We verified that because he does that, uh, every morning, which that's the entire format of the show it's really great it's

0:01:58 - Alex Lindsay
just we, just it's a really short show if no one asks any questions.

0:02:00 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, I always thought it'd be kind of a bad show if I didn't get questions, because it'd just be me talking. However, I do like to begin the show with a little survey of the hot news of the week. Where should we begin? Did you see that? So, first of all, this week it's been a bad week for Ticketmaster. The Justice Department decided to go after Ticketmaster because they're a monopoly. Because they are a monopoly yeah, live Nation and Ticketmaster are the same company, so they own the venues, they sell the tickets and they tell artists.

0:02:37 - Alex Lindsay
Well, they represent some of the artists and they represent the artists.

0:02:39 - Leo Laporte
It's really complicated. Yeah, McDonald works for them.

0:02:44 - Alex Lindsay
And they got hacked, well, that's works for them.

0:02:45 - Leo Laporte
And they got hacked, well, that's the second story Don't rush me, don't rush me. I said it was a bad week, so the peanut gallery goes, and they got hacked. They did, in fact. I immediately went to Ticketmaster and changed my password because I wouldn't want anyone else to be gouged by them. That's my account.

0:03:03 - Alex Lindsay
Yeah, and it shows you why you don't want Ticketmaster to have all that information, do all of the things I mean. The biggest problem is that I think that what the Justice Department is going to do is separate out those pieces. They should, as they should, and it's too incestuous between them because you can't have the artists, the ticket sales, the event management and, most importantly, the resale. So Ticketmaster is making money on the resale, so it gives them no incentive to protect ticket sales and that hurts the artists a lot. Scalpers, scalpers.

0:03:34 - Leo Laporte
They come in when tickets first go on sale.

0:03:36 - Alex Lindsay
they use software and they buy up all the tickets and then they're reselling them through a Ticketmaster solution as well, and so it really and scalping really hurts the. It hurts both the the audience, the fans and the artists. The artists get paid a lot less, the fans pay a lot more and and the folks in the middle are are, you know, and it's not. It's not like someone who thought they would go and then decided not to. We're talking about people who buy, you know, a lot of tickets and and there are some like no, noah Khan is a good example there are people who won't go through that and they sell their tickets so that you can only sell them back to the organization and then they're going to resell them at the same price again, like they won't, but then you can't play the big venues because Live Nation owns all the big venues.

He hasn't played the big venues. He sells out all the venues he has.

0:04:20 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, because they're small, but he's, for instance, taylor Swift. People observed you could go to Italy or Brazil or pretty much anywhere else in the world where Ticketmaster doesn't hold sway, pay for the trip and the ticket for less than getting a ticket in Detroit, and so this is. It's bad all around. You know this has happened before in the early days of movies. The movie companies own the movie theaters Right. Very similar.

0:04:47 - Alex Lindsay
Right, and we may get back to that because there's a. Nobody wants a movie theater. Well, yeah, the movie theaters are having trouble and you know the, the, you know a lot of time, the chains right now. You know it's been a dry 2024. It looks like 2025 will be dry. Even the things they thought were going to be hits aren't aren't the movies worse, though am I wrong?

0:05:02 - Leo Laporte
but since covid it feels like the movies are not as good.

0:05:05 - Alex Lindsay
I don't know if they're not as good. I think that the real challenge is that the talent pool was very stretched out because we were in record production, so I think it was 600 narratives and 600 scripted titles in, I think, 2022, which is, I think, the high watermark we're now on our way to, probably next year, being at 300. So it's cut in half. What that does is that there's obviously a lot of people in the business that aren't going to have that, don't have jobs right now doing that, um, but it. It also has to do with the.

The there was, you know this. This happens in every industry. You get a bubble and you run out of talent. You know, and, and that's the and and, so that's been the challenge is running out of talent, and so, uh, I do think it wasn't written as well. Some of the stuff, the some of the effects, I mean you look at, like aquaman 2, the first five minutes, you're like I can't watch this, like I just, you know, like you say that my wife said that. Oh, my wife was like oh, she goes.

I couldn't watch more than five minutes of it. She goes and I just all I could think about is what you would say if you saw it. So anyway, you have a little bit of a reputation. But but the but, you know it's just stretching. You know it's what we call spreading too little jam over too much bread you know, and there's a solution.

0:06:13 - Leo Laporte
Good news Open AI's Sora creates movies. In fact, the world famous Tribeca Film Festival has announced they're going to have an AI festival has announced they're gonna have an ai generated short film segment at the tribeca film festival for films generated by sora and other ai and I think it'll be shorts they're called.

0:06:34 - Alex Lindsay
I think it'll be interesting to see how that goes. I mean, we have to remember that when we first started shooting movies, they would have watched them and gone. Well, that's not nearly as good as the play, you know. Like, like, that's not, you know and then, eventually it slowly got better.

Yeah but I think that it's going to take longer than people like. It's not going to take forever, but it's also going to take a lot longer than people in hollywood seem to worry about. It's hard to get humans to write good movies, let alone have a machine write good. We talked about that balloon head movie.

0:07:01 - Leo Laporte
I don't know if you remember that that was an an AI-generated movie, except it kind of wasn't. They had to cobble it together.

0:07:07 - Alex Lindsay
Almost all of these are like we had to cobble them together and we had to shoot a guy with a.

0:07:12 - Leo Laporte
There's a mix of human. Now, sora, unlike the other AI video generators, which normally are short little clips, can do 60 seconds at a time, so that's more of a shot. That's a really long clip. So that's, that's a really long clip.

0:07:23 - Alex Lindsay
I mean when I yeah, I worked on a. I worked on a film for Star Wars that was, and I worked on it for nine weeks and so I said, how are you working on the show? The one shot for nine weeks? And I was like, oh, it's 240 frames, which is about 10 seconds, and they're like 240 frames, like that is, how do you, could you know?

0:07:37 - Leo Laporte
could they have done? Princess Amidala's ship in AI these days?

0:07:42 - Alex Lindsay
That's what you did right. It would have been hard. It would have been hard to do that. Yeah, I mean there's a lot of things that we did by hand, that we changed every single time. That would have been difficult to reproduce. I mean, there's definitely things that we did do with algorithmically. It wasn't AI back then Was we had.

So when the, when Anakin's Naboo fighter flies into the donut ship, he's called the donut ship. I don't know what it's called. Whatever they were. The donut ship, the big donuts Flying around the donut ship, and you see all these droids running across the floor. We didn't animate those. That was a particle system. So basically, the particle system goes up and I actually did some of those droids and so we had these little droids and we had motion. You know, we had motions for them that were motion captured and they all had these little motions. They could switch between them and but we would set up rules, like they'd cast rays from the front of them and if they see enough something that they that is an enemy, they would pick up their gun and fire at it, and if they didn't, they were so automated but it was all on them and then like don't run into each other, don't run through each other, run away from bad things, run towards.

You know, like, so you give it a bunch and they used that. Oh yeah, that was 25 years ago. Wow, and that's what you know, the and you know, massive uh was what they used for uh, lord of the rings, same thing, like so the huge, all those big armies and lord of the rings, all the orcs, that's all massive, autonomous, they were autonomous orcs, semi-autonomous orcs, they were semi-autonomous orcs.

0:09:05 - Leo Laporte
That's your worst nightmare, isn't it? Yeah, well, and and the thing, by the way, where did you, did you get this? On tattooing this mug? What is this mug? It looks like a star wars mug.

0:09:14 - Scott Wilkinson
It is a star wars mug.

0:09:15 - Caller
It came from uh, I have no idea what it's like spire.

0:09:19 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, it came from uh universe, uh universals, the, yeah, the disney yeah, very nice, it's very nice, they're lovely mugs Disney, right, they own Star Wars. Universal Wishes. I said Universal instinctively Wishes they own.

0:09:33 - Alex Lindsay
It's a nice mug. I have no idea what it says, isn't that nice? I used to give people tours of the ranch because I used to work at the ranch and they would ask me all these trivia questions, trivia questions. I'm like hey, I just work on the movies. I have no. They're like who was queen amandala's brother and and what you know? And I was like I, I don't know what do you think I'm a star wars nerd.

0:09:50 - Leo Laporte
We will be talking in a little bit to scott wilkinson, our home theater theater geek. He'll be up in about half an hour. Also, the birthday boy, johnny jet, will be here in an hour and a half to talk about travel. So we got home theater and travel. But the most important part of this show is your questions, your calls, your suggestions. 888-724-2884 is the phone number. That's 888-724-ATTG. Clever, aren't we? I can never remember that. So probably not that clever. You can also use Zoom on your device. Just point it to your web browser to Zoom will magically appear and then you will magically appear in our Stargate over here. We should probably jump into the calls, should we jump into the calls.

0:10:39 - Caller
We have a nice lineup.

0:10:41 - Leo Laporte
Let's get going here.

0:10:43 - Caller
I have to pick up this one caller because he called in early and I told him I would pick up on him first. You thought you thought it'd be a good idea. Well, yeah, I'd be nice. Let's uh, let's pick up on, I think, jonathan.

0:10:53 - Scott Wilkinson
But I could be wrong too hello caller.

0:10:57 - Leo Laporte
What's your first name and what city are you calling from?

0:11:01 - Caller
yes, hi, this is jonathan. I have called before. Love your show, leo.

0:11:05 - Leo Laporte
Thank you and uh do you know Alex at?

0:11:09 - Caller
all and hi, alex, yeah, um, just from, I think, other other podcasts, yep, yep, um, actually. So I have my son here, jordan, who has. Actually he has the question for us. I'm gonna put him on the talk, okay, good you do Leo and Alex hi Jordan. How? How are you doing Leo and Alex Hi Jordan?

0:11:24 - Leo Laporte
How old are you, Jordan? I am 12. Okay, and you're a budding geek. Pretty much yeah. Good, I like it. What can we do for you?

0:11:38 - Caller
So my question I'm starting a podcast, just like you guys, You're a budding podcaster.

0:11:44 - Leo Laporte
What's it going to be about?

0:11:52 - Caller
It's going to be about like sneakers. Um. So I'm going to talk about like weekly sneakers and stuff that are coming out and a bunch of news, but I'm wondering how should I get it up and running like how, what do I need to do before I launch my first episode?

0:12:01 - Leo Laporte
well you. You called it the right time, jordan, because this guy here in the earliest days of podcasting actually ran seminars gear media tech, right Yep that were to get to train people on doing their first podcast. Now I have to say that was 15 years ago. Things have changed a little bit.

0:12:19 - Alex Lindsay
Yeah, I think so. I think that one thing to think about is whether you want your podcast to be visual or or or or audio. That's changed a lot, thanks to you. Want your podcast to be visual or audio?

0:12:26 - Caller
That's changed a lot thanks to YouTube. I'm still kind of deciding that.

0:12:29 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, sorry, say that again. He says he's still kind of deciding.

0:12:31 - Caller
I'm still kind of deciding if I want it video or audio.

0:12:33 - Alex Lindsay
I kind of feel like it feels like you want to think about video a lot because you're talking about shoes.

0:12:40 - Leo Laporte
But you won't always have those?

0:12:41 - Alex Lindsay
Will you have the shoes? You won't always have those, will you have?

0:12:43 - Leo Laporte
the shoes? You won't have them, so you could show pictures.

0:12:45 - Caller
Not all of them, but you could show pictures, add in pictures yeah, yeah.

0:12:49 - Alex Lindsay
So I think that it's hard to imagine the shoes. I think you want an audio component of that. The first thing I would say is that YouTube's probably going to be, you know, your friend as far as doing you know I would think about. There are a couple different things to think about when you do YouTube content the VODs, the one, the shows that you're talking about building. Shorter shows tend to do better than longer shows. For that VOD content. What's VOD? Vod is like video on demand, so that you're going to build, when you build a video that you see that gets uploaded.

0:13:19 - Leo Laporte
I'm gonna. I'm gonna bet Jordan, because he's 12, never even considered anything but YouTube the nice thing about. Jordan is it hosts everything.

0:13:28 - Caller
I do watch YouTube um. I already got an RSS feed. You guys talk about it a lot fancy.

0:13:35 - Leo Laporte
I think the new generation, especially sneaker buyers. They're not going to care about RSS. You just put it on YouTube, I think you could do both, I think does.

0:13:43 - Alex Lindsay
YouTube generate a feed. It will do it RSS feed. They have a podcasting function and I think, for the kind of show if you were just doing a round table discussion and so on and so forth, I think that you still there's a lot of different ways to go, but I think that if you're talking about something, there's basically three formats on YouTube, three major formats. There's a lot of formats, but there's three major things to think about. One is these vods, and so you might do a six minute or seven minute review of a of a shoe. Then there is shorts, which are going to be small segments out of that, or individual segments that you build, and then there's potentially some live streams. The the vods will be tend to be the most successful at building your audience um, that's what's going to get there. The shorts are going to tend to be the most successful at building awareness of your channel you can do both with one.

You totally can. You can do one video and do a highlight. Yeah and then, and then. If you do live streams, those are really good at building a connection with that audience.

0:14:36 - Leo Laporte
So that's a really interesting point. People sometimes say why do you? Many times say why do you do video on twit? Why, why are you doing video, leo? And then they also say why do you do it live? Both of which add in complexity and cost, and you know it's a lot bigger thing to have a video show than it is just an audio show. With audio show Jordan, you already have everything you need. You know, you just talk to your laptop or your phone, maybe even more likely.

But now video you're going to add, maybe take pictures, and then live is even more complicated, except thanks to youtube.

0:15:09 - Alex Lindsay
It's gotten much, much easier well, and and streaming to youtube is really easy and the tools have gotten super easy. I mean, and we do live the reason I answer.

0:15:18 - Leo Laporte
When people say why, why do you do live video? Most people 95, 90 to 95 percent of our audience never or doesn't watch. They listen, they download, but every once in a while they watch, and every once in a while they watch live. And when you do that, there's a connection that doesn't exist just with audio and they even remember. They remember what Jordan looks like. And with sneakers, they might even want to see the sneakers. And with live, we couldn't be doing what we're doing right now, jordan, if we didn't do it live. So there are advantages.

0:15:45 - Alex Lindsay
And that's the big thing. The reason that I go live every morning is because we want to interact with people's questions, and it's not questions that they wrote yesterday, it's questions that they wrote while we're talking. You know, and so, and so that's the you know, that's the thing that we try to. You know, managing, managing the questions in some way so that you can really the audience has a reason to. There's only three reasons to go live, and that's breaking news, sports and interactivity. So you got to do one of those three to make it really worth doing, Jordan, you shouldn't listen to us because you're just getting started.

0:16:19 - Leo Laporte
You got guys who've been doing this for 20 years and I don't want you to bite off more than you can chew. These are all things to keep in mind, but it's very, it's going to be, it's way too tempting to say, well, I want to do this, this, this, this, this, this, and make it so big that you never do this.

0:16:35 - Alex Lindsay
And first thing, right and the most important thing is exactly what.

Leo said is, which is to do do something. You know, I think that Marques Brownlee said it best when he said the first 100 shows are going to get watched by like four people each. That's a good time to start. And so at 12, it's an incredible time to get started, because what will happen is you'll start to you get away with a lot and people will give you a lot of leeway. If you're 22 years old or 28 years old and you're doing it, people expect a certain that you've got it all figured out. At 12, they're going to let you play a little bit in a way that you're not going to get to play later. So right now, today, this week, tomorrow, is the best time for you to get started, and the play is how you learn.

0:17:12 - Leo Laporte
The other thing I would say is don't really wait until you start doing interactivity with your audience. That's a whole very challenging and difficult and complicated thing to do that you probably don't want to get into at your age. Wait till you're a little older to do that. But at some point, you know, once you get confident in every other part of it, that is a nice extra step that I think makes a big difference Very few podcasters do it.

Even Marques Brownlee doesn't do what we do, right, you know, I mean, this is a, this is a very, but it's hard to do and it's a, it's a, it's a, it's a, something that I think you should build up to, don't start right away and and the.

0:17:52 - Alex Lindsay
The main thing is also to think about as you're planning and you're getting off the ground. Try to think of what the first 20 episodes would look like. The first three is easy to think of, the. When you get to 20, it it forces you to start thinking in formats. So, for instance, a lot of times you might say, oh well, I'm going to focus on sneakers on the first week of the month, boots on the second week of the month, slippers on, and as you start to build whatever that format is, or it could be a certain kind of sneaker if it's all sneakers, it could be whatever it is. But what you want to think about is how do you start to build some infrastructure so that you can?

Because what happens to most people who start podcasts or any kind of content is they go, I got an idea, and they do the first three or four and then it's like months before they think about what to do next because they run out of steam really fast. So, by forcing yourself to sit down on a Saturday afternoon and think of 20 things, 20 turns out to be about the number that, once you get to that number, you kind of have a format of oh, this is how I will do this, as opposed to because, like, for instance, you know, for for office hours, which we do, we have 260, you know, sessions or second hours a year leo has even more and you have to have some system to do that. Um, you don't need it by yourself, you don't need a big system, but what you do need is to think out, like, what's the format of how you're going to get those there. But the most important thing is to start recording, just start recording.

Start throwing stuff up. You can always take it down. Like I throw up lots of shorts for both myself and clients. If they don't do well, we take them down Like we just go. Ah, we'll take them up, you know. So, that's so you don't have to leave things up there forever yeah.

0:19:25 - Caller
And then was there any like software or mics that you recommend, or headphones that you recommend that I use?

0:19:33 - Alex Lindsay
If you want to do video, then you might want to think about in ear. So for video, you don't, you don't necessarily want something over your ears and if you do that, there are. Linsol makes these SC10s that are about 50 bucks and they make other ones that are $25. They're not very expensive and they'll go right into your ears, or Linsol I think they're yeah as the 10s or something like that. They're really like nice and low profile, but you can still hear stuff in them, um and so that might be one uh in ear.

There's lots of over the ear. You know lots of different ones. I don't know exactly which ones that are that are there. As far as microphones, there's lots of yeah, those yeah and there's. They come in all kinds. Those linsoles come in different colors and different. You know different price ranges. I wouldn't get anything more than the $50 ones are actually less comfortable and I get them without the mic. You don't need the mic in them. Um, the uh, the, the cameras or, I'm sorry, the microphone. I mean, obviously we really like these high LPR forties, but there's a lot of things that are less expensive.

You sent out the sure SM seven B or no, no, we don't send some bees, we send the mv7 pluses now the mv7 plus and the reason those work with even an ipad and iphone. Because they have a u they have a. What you what you're probably looking at when you get started is what we like about the mv7s is that they have both xlr out as well as a usb out, so you can plug it straight into your your computer and it works. If you want to plug it into a mixer, it works as well.

0:21:06 - Leo Laporte
They call it a podcast microphone actually? Yeah, it is, and how?

0:21:09 - Alex Lindsay
expensive, is it?

0:21:10 - Leo Laporte
they're about 250 bucks oh, dad's going wait a minute. Hold on slow down there and there are.

0:21:15 - Alex Lindsay
There are many mics. A road makes it smaller here in the corner laughing, yeah, yeah exactly, but there are. There are a lot of mics that are in the 50 range. Um, that are going to be great. You know that are great to start with and these are and you want to think about whether you want them to be like a little headset. So, for instance, if you, if you, want a headset, I think that Pyle makes some very inexpensive ones, oh, the one that has a little thing.

Yeah, and the nice thing about that is if you're using your hands and you're trying to show something, it's nice to have a headset Plus you can move your head around. You can move your head around and it's right there. And those are not very expensive. You'll need some kind of interface for those for your computer. Audio Technica makes probably one of the better eighth-inch jack to USBs. I think they're $30 or $40. I mean, I think that you can definitely get the, the headphones, the, a microphone and an interface for under a hundred dollars you shouldn't spend a whole lot at the beginning, and that's what I would do to get started.

0:22:13 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, Cause really what the? The first hundred episodes, as Alex said, are really about you learning your craft and learning how to do it. And that's the time to do it when you're starting out and you don't have a big audience, Because people, as soon as you start getting a big audience, they're going to expect more. Now one of our I think it was Debra in our Discord said did Alex get to the three kinds of video on YouTube? We mentioned the shorts, we mentioned the long form.

0:22:41 - Alex Lindsay
And then live. Those are the live. Yeah, and you want to be thinking about how you develop all three of those over time, but I would start with just just doing the, the short, the vods, the 88 minutes and those don't have video necessarily.

0:22:56 - Leo Laporte
They can just be a picture of a sneaker and you talking. Right, you could do that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh, more and more youtube podcasts are just kind of stills with audio behind them. Youtube really wants to get into that business.

0:23:10 - Alex Lindsay
And I'm going to do a shameless plug here that Office Hours is designed to answer your questions as you go. So as you start to work on this, ask us questions, you know, throw those up. You know, so you'll. You'll start running into roadblocks almost immediately and we'd love to keep on helping you out.

0:23:26 - Leo Laporte
And you don't mind if young people call in.

0:23:28 - Alex Lindsay
No, we don't do call-ins, you just use text, so you just type in your questions.

0:23:33 - Leo Laporte
Officehoursglobal and you can watch. Okay, I will check that out? Yeah, then you can ask questions, and questions will come up for sure, just as you're working, go.

0:23:41 - Alex Lindsay
Oh, I don't understand this. I don't understand that um and and uh and ask those questions there and do they ask them in discord where do they ask um?

when you uh they, you can actually you'll. You'll see a qr code up. It's ask office hours dot global. So if you go to ask office hours dot global, you'll be able to just push a question in and you don't have to log in, you don't have to sign up for anything, you can just throw the question and that goes into our system. So if you just say you just just uh um, and we will answer it, usually within one or two shows, say hi, this is jordan, I met you exactly on.

0:24:10 - Leo Laporte
Ask the tech guys. So you just put your name and name and here's, here's the interface and you just go to ask office hoursglobal and you can ask the question and hit submit. Yeah, well, that's easy. This is software you developed. It is just for this person's purpose. Yeah, alex is always trying to get us to use this we probably For recording.

0:24:31 - Caller
should I just do it through like my computer or something? Yeah, how should I record them?

0:24:36 - Alex Lindsay
Probably Audacity, right. That's free. If you're trying to do video, then you have a little. Yeah, OBS is probably. Are you on a PC or a Mac? Pc. Yeah, OBS is going to work really. Great for you to do the. You can do recordings on OBS. It's free Dad will like that you just want to record it to the drive it's what everybody uses Windows, mac and Linux. I've used it. If you get good at it, that would let you go live as well.

0:25:04 - Leo Laporte
I've done my video game play-alongs on Twitch. I've done with OBS as many do. There's other stuff, but boy, this is about as easy as you can get. Okay, awesome, thank. And, as you know, there's other stuff, but boy, I mean, this is about as easy as you can get. Yeah, okay, awesome. So, obs so much. Get a headset mic, get in-ear monitors from lindsell, get a plan practice, uh, and in about 10 years we're going to be trying to compete against you and the most important thing is, you know the way we've been learning for our entire.

0:25:35 - Alex Lindsay
You can do a lot of things. The way we've learned for a million years is that we watch, we ask questions, we do, we ask questions, we repeat. And that's what you want to just be just do as many you want to. You want to make. You know the. You know. Malcolm Gladwell said it was 10,000 hours. He based that on something that is not. Uh. Uh is in the in Zen Buddhism. It's not 10,000 hours, uh, it's 10,000 mistakes, much better. And so you want to get through as many. You want to go through those mistakes as fast as you can, and at 12 years old, you get a lot of room to make a lot of mistakes. So you're at a really exciting time. This is really the right time for you to get started.

0:26:15 - Leo Laporte
And it's going to be hard, but hard is good. When you do fiddle for the first time, you try to hit a baseball for the first time, you fail, fail, fail. It's very hard, but what did somebody once said If you fail 10 times, don't give up because you might succeed on the 11th. Keep going. Just keep making new mistakes. You're going to do it. Keep making those mistakes and I wish you all the best. Jordan, that's great.

And thank you, dad, for supporting you. Supporting you, that's really great. I'm really glad he did that, glad to do it. Thanks, guys, take care, isn't that great? Yeah, I couldn't have called it a better time man.

0:26:41 - Alex Lindsay
We got the guy. I'm jealous that he's starting with all the tech that's out here right now. Uh, at 12 years old, think of what it would have been for us. I had an apple 2e, so for me it was an apple 2e, yeah, and I wrote. I started writing software. I wrote my first software was to build NPCs for Dungeons and Dragons, and then after that I started building all kinds of tools. But that was my thing was when I was 12, I had an Apple IIe and started programming.

0:27:07 - Leo Laporte
You know, I was just looking at the show, episode number of this show, and people might say, well, wait a minute, you got the year wrong. This is episode 2027. We have done 2027 of these and I'm still making mistakes. So it takes, you know, you just do it because you love it, do it because it's fun, don't worry about making mistakes or how you look. I always say podcast like no one's listening, because probably no one is.

Scott Wilkinson coming up in just a little bit. He is our home theater geek. He's got some great suggestions for big screen TVs and surround sound. Our special guest today, alex Lindsay it's great to have you. Mikah will be back next week. He's just taking some time off, which he well deserves. In fact, we have to force him to take vacation. He is not a vacation guy, so we had to say take some time off.

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0:29:31 - John Ashley
I was gonna pick up one call, but he had to step away, so I see an empty couch. It's very empty couch where he used to be. I lucky you rich. I'm gonna pick up on you next rich, you're the winner.

0:29:43 - Leo Laporte
You snooze, you lose rich. Join us in the stargate and welcome. To ask the tech guys chocolate, milk, mini sip in our club twit discord says hey, you can register sneakynews for only ten dollars a year right now. Now, there you go, sneakynews. Go get that jordan. Hey rich, welcome. Hi guys. What can we do for you?

0:30:12 - Caller
today. Well, well, I'm calling about an iPhone type question. My wife has a new phone 15. I think it's iPhone 15. Yep, that's the next. She has a lot of pictures on it and I don't know how to necessarily get them off or where I should put them. We're leaving for a trip to go to Italy next month, so she wants to clear the phone out at least and be able to have room to take whatever pictures she can with a phone.

0:30:50 - Leo Laporte
This is such a universal problem that Apple has finally just said oh look, we'll just handle this for you, so you don't even have to think about it. So you're going to go into your iPhone's settings you should do this for every iPhone you have, I think and you're going to go to the iCloud settings. Actually, maybe it's in the photo settings. This is where I don't pay attention, because Mikah always handles these. Let me go into the photos settings. Yeah, there it is. In the photos settings. You'll see there's a switch for iCloud photos, and read what it says Automatically upload and safely store your photos and videos in iCloud so you can browse, search and share from any of your devices. So, as you take pictures walking around Trastevere in Rome, the pictures automatically get uploaded to iCloud. And then you want to check this second box, which is optimize phone storage. What this does is it stores a thumbnail, a small version of that picture on your phone. If you want to see it or edit it it, you tap it and it downloads it from iCloud so you always you never lose the original. Icloud keeps the originals, but you are optimizing your phone storage and so, as you use your phone. It never fills up because it automatically handles that and keeps keeps your phone from filling up. I I think that's all you need to do Now.

Here's the downside to that. You need to pay for iCloud storage. It only comes with what is it? Five gigabytes to start, so you're going to have to go in there and buy some extra storage. The good news is it's fairly inexpensive. You see, I have two terabytes because I have the Apple One subscription and I use it for iCloud backup. I use it for photos for iCloud Drive, for iCloud, and I use it for icloud backup. I use it for photos for outcloud drive for icloud. I use it for everything. So it's worth it for me. But there are different plans and you can choose the plan you want. I would say, uh, you don't have to subscribe to two terabytes until you need it right now. Uh, you can look, I can even go to for 30. So much, six terabytes. There you go. How much do you have, alex, on your iCloud? All the?

0:32:56 - Alex Lindsay
terabytes. I have the largest, 12 terabytes, 60. I have a family, we're all on it. It's all I've got many computers. I've got many things I. It's just it's relatively inexpensive and it's all tied in and and your wife can share it with you.

0:33:10 - Leo Laporte
So you, you have shared storage. Yeah, so you should do the same with your phone I. There are lots of other things you could do if you're an amazon prime member. For instance, if you put the amazon photos app on your iphone, it'll upload them google photos. Same thing. Amazon photos does original google photos, does not? It compresses them a little bit, turns them in jpegs and then uploads them. So you might lose a little bit of quality, but you know it offers unlimited storage and there's, you know it offers unlimited storage and there's, you know there are, I remember, remember, remember that there are hidden folders.

0:33:39 - Alex Lindsay
So if there's things that are family oriented that you want to keep, you know iCloud is very nice.

0:33:43 - Caller
You can kind of put them in hidden folders there, all your nudes.

0:33:46 - Alex Lindsay
You put those in the hidden folders. The last thing I would say, though, is that, also, if you're traveling, make sure that your iphone is locking to a lock screen as fast as possible, so thieves can be very good at getting your phone. They'll see you type your, your code in, they will get your phone and they will immediately uh you know open it back up again and then take control. So what you want to do is you want to a make sure that you're using, of course, facial recognition. B make sure that you I using, of course, facial recognition. B make sure that you I recommend a phrase. So it's.

It's not a, not just six digits, it's just it's a. It's a small phrase that only your wife or you, or both of you, would know it's. It's not something that would be obvious and a phrase. Then you end up with like 20 characters that you just type in. You don't have to do it very often if you're using biometrics, um to make happen, but when you're traveling, you want to take that into account, because the phone is really hard to get. As we've seen from FBI and so on and so forth, phone is really hard to get into if it locks, so if you can you want to make sure that set it to like 15 or 30 seconds so that it's going to close right back up again when you're not using it, especially because you have facial recognition.

You can immediately pick it up and look at it. It'll just open up again and you'll be fine. So I but? But when traveling, be very conscious to your computer, your iphone, your, your uh or your ipad, any of those, any of your electronics. Have them close and lock, like, for instance, my laptop. As soon as I close it, it's going to lock. You know, I don't have to. Alex travels a lot, yeah, and so you want to be thinking about, uh, about those things so, yeah, I would say, just turn on icloud photos, make sure you optimize she will not.

0:35:18 - Leo Laporte
Is there, run out of room?

0:35:20 - Caller
is there another way to get them just off the phone? We'll say on her pc, and so yes, there's two things you can do.

0:35:29 - Leo Laporte
You can actually get them in on the pc from icloud. You can log into your icloud account there and all the photos are there. Windows, mac, even on linux, because it's through the browser. Uh, windows also has a apple app that will do that. Um, I think this is the simplest solution.

As I said, if you're already, are you an amazon prime member? No, okay, if you are, you get free unlimited originals storage. So that might be belt and suspenders. You put that on your phone and have it back up to that as well. But honestly, you know it used to be people calling and say my iPhone's full, I need to buy a new one, and Apple realized that and that's why Apple basically added this capability Plus. It's a little extra money for them. Now you know they're hurting, so they you know they need the extra money, so they get this a little extra money in the iCloud. But it is so convenient and it's so automatic and you can't really make a mistake. It just does it for you. That I think it's probably the best solution if you're using an iPhone.

0:36:33 - Alex Lindsay
And where are you going?

0:36:34 - Caller
to Italy, it's probably the best solution if you're using an iphone. And? And where are you going? In italy? Uh, we're flying into rome for a few days and then we're uh getting on a ship and doing a cruise down that side of the, the big water, and then we come back daily and then we're going to be there for the rest of the month. Uh, going to london, we're going to ireland, we're going to London, we're going to Ireland.

0:36:59 - Leo Laporte
We're going to Scotland. We're traveling all around. Sounds like a trip of a lifetime.

0:37:02 - Alex Lindsay
That's fantastic. Have a wonderful time. I will tell you that my only thing about Rome is it'll sound counterintuitive, but if you get up right at sunrise, 20 minutes before sunrise, go out and take a walk, it's empty. Nobody is out there. You get Rome to yourself, to the Trevi Fountain, and there aren't a million tourists. I've walked around the Colosseum. It's an amazing time to walk in Rome at daybreak. As it's coming up, it looks beautiful Because it's chaos after that, especially in the summer, it is by 10 am. It's chaos and usually I finished my. I had work to do and so I finished my walk at about nine o'clock and by about 7 7 30 you find a good place to get a cappuccino and you're really you're off to the races. But I would highly recommend it in most cities. I would recommend that. I've done that. I do that all over the world, but in Rome especially, you have to. But early morning walks in cities is an amazing way to see them. Good advice.

0:38:01 - Leo Laporte
Have a great trip. We're so jealous. We wish we were going with you.

0:38:04 - Alex Lindsay
That sounds amazing, take care.

0:38:06 - Leo Laporte
Thanks. All right, bye-bye. Yeah, Apple, for all the heat they get about. You know, lock into the ecosystem and uh, and it's a really nice lock.

0:38:17 - Alex Lindsay
That's all I gotta say it's, it's like, it's like it's, it's a nice lock, it serves drinks. It's like it like makes you a little bit. It makes you think of it as a warm bath. It is, it's like it's a bubble bath, yeah.

0:38:27 - Leo Laporte
So unless you're philosophically driven and you're so philosophically driven not to support that I would just give in exactly, let go and let apple.

0:38:39 - Alex Lindsay
I think that's really the there's.

0:38:40 - Leo Laporte
There's an ad there somewhere I hate to say it because I'm philosophically I don't. I don't like lock in, I like it should be open and all that stuff. I think is it works, it works so well the other thing, the iphone cameras, and I think this is true of the pixel uh eight and pixel seven. They're so good. Now you don't really need to bring your camera kit with you with all your lenses and all you know, here's here's the worst part is I have an fx30 that I I that I have.

0:39:05 - Alex Lindsay
I use my webcam yeah, my sony fx30 and I went to a sony shoot like they have these things for creators where you go out shooting with folks and and so I went to it and so I was like I'm going to bring my Sony and I brought it and I took a pictures. I got about halfway through it and I was like this is so, this is so painful. I'm just going to go back to my iPhone, cause I cause I also when I'm shooting I shoot panoramas, I shoot portraits, I shoot so I'm shifting gears so fast on my phone that I found that using an SLR was actually just really felt really clunky at that point, even if you bring a big professional system with you and I often bring a good camera with me you're going to use.

0:39:42 - Leo Laporte
you're going to want your iPhone. You're going to use it far more often.

0:39:44 - Alex Lindsay
One of my big problems is GPS. Yeah, a lot of these phones don't have GPS built into them. I love the fact that a lot of times, a lot of the cameras, a lot of times, I take pictures of things to remember where they were. Like I don't even know what it is.

0:39:57 - Leo Laporte
I'm like oh, I don't, I just want to remember how to get here, and I take a picture quickly, just to lay a habit of and it's kind of embarrassing, but with the iPhone, taking a picture of the guide signs and the before I take any other pictures. I'm at the Coliseum and they have a little sign, a little map picture. So I'm at the coliseum and they have a little sign, a little map. Take a picture of that, because that gives you a lot of information about the pictures to come and yeah, it's a cheesy picture but it's useful there's a restaurant in shibuya in in tokyo that I only know how to get to because of the gps on the picture, because it's not.

0:40:26 - Alex Lindsay
I don't even know what the name of it is. It's all in japanese and I and I just go. I'll just, I just find the pin, so it's really good, by the way, we have the wonderful Scott Wilkinson coming up our home theater geek.

0:40:37 - Leo Laporte
In just a little bit we're going to take more calls to it 888-724-2884. Take advantage of the fact that Alex Lindsay is in town, because you know his expertise. If you've got questions about streaming, about cameras, about microphones, about Princess Amidala's ship, about Boba Fett, I don't know, whatever else you're interested in, this guy is a walking encyclopedia and it's a really great opportunity. Photography too, in fact. That's how you started showing up on my old TV show Call for Help. It was to talk about pictures, pictures.

0:41:13 - Alex Lindsay
Photography, some Photoshop, some visual effects. I think my very first one was how to do about pictures, Pictures photography, some Photoshop, some visual effects. I think my very first one was how to do camera mapping, and I don't, it was, it was a. Was that the one where you pointed? Put little dots?

0:41:22 - Leo Laporte
on the face of the magic marker.

0:41:23 - Alex Lindsay
Which by now now, photogrammetry is like oh, everybody can do it, and back then it was a, it was a thing.

0:41:29 - Leo Laporte
It's amazing what you can do in your phone. Yeah, this is a very powerful computer uh in your pocket right now. Is mr wilkinson ready to go? I know it's a minute early, it's only 11 59, but our man in santa cruz is ready. Oh, look at this, here you are, uh in our discord. This is 20 years ago, in 2004, almost exactly 20 years ago, alex Lindsay Not his first appearance, probably one of your last. Actually, I think I left you.

0:42:00 - Alex Lindsay
Yeah, and then I followed you to Canada.

0:42:05 - Leo Laporte
That's the great Cat Schwartz. I'm probably violating copyright, but it is my show.

0:42:11 - Alex Lindsay
Exactly, I think you should be able to play your own show.

0:42:13 - Leo Laporte
You should be able to play your own show. Let me see if I can find Alex in here. I have to scroll through this. These are all on. Is that Alex? I think that's me. Oh my God. I don't even recognize you, I know One more Gabe's question.

0:42:30 - Alex Lindsay
Gabe's question.

0:42:35 - Leo Laporte
He's got this faded photo. Look at you.

0:42:36 - Alex Lindsay
Alex, that's when my wife was at Harvard and the only thing I had to do in life was work out. So literally, I was like two and a half hours of working out a day. That's so great. So, anyway, what was I talking about there? I don't even know. I don't know.

0:42:50 - Leo Laporte
You can watch it. It's on YouTube. There it is Search for Call for for help. A lot of that old stuff is up there, probably illegal. It's. It's owned by nbc comcast universal that giant, yeah. Megalith uh yeah, there is a plasma behind us. Those were about ten thousand dollars.

0:43:07 - Alex Lindsay
That's right, evan and you know the. The screenshots went in back and I remember sitting behind them. You gotta remember this right now. We just, we just cut to the screen when we have it, we just cut to the screen. They had a camera shooting the monitor, which, I will say, actually often looks better because they were able to pan in and pan around just be careful, because you can more it'll more a also.

0:43:25 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, yeah, it was so.

0:43:27 - Alex Lindsay
Yeah, we had, and you have to have a full time camera operator camera operator for the screen for the screen and he was like he's right up on, on it and and and, looking over it, and and it was.

0:43:36 - Leo Laporte
It was quite a thing we is again a lot easier now than it was way back when, scott wilkinson joining us, our home theater geek. You can see his stuff on the avs forum and, of course, he hosts the home theater geek podcast, uh, in club twit. Actually, it's now available in audio to the world, to everyone. So go to twittv, slash HTG and you can subscribe. Hi Scott, hey Scott.

0:44:03 - Scott Wilkinson
Hey you guys, how you doing.

0:44:04 - Leo Laporte
We're great. Do you know, alex? Of course you do we do I do?

0:44:07 - Scott Wilkinson
Yes, absolutely Good to see you. Good to see you too. Looking at those 20-year-old pictures kind of go oh, look at myself. 20 years ago I actually probably had some color in my beard.

0:44:21 - Leo Laporte
I should have warned Jordan that that's the problem with doing stuff when you're young is that you have lots of video.

0:44:27 - Alex Lindsay
Yeah, I'll be watching a lot of video of how you used to look.

0:44:30 - Leo Laporte
So what's on your mind today, Scott Wilkinson.

0:44:34 - Scott Wilkinson
Well, a number of things. One thing is I just went to a convention in San Jose called Display Week. Oh wow, Found by the Society for Information Display. That's cool. How did? I miss that. And it's very cool, it's super geeky. It is the manufacturers of the raw panels and other display technologies that then consumer companies make into TVs.

0:45:07 - Leo Laporte
Now some of those manufacturers are names. You know, like LG manufactures a lot of the panels, Correct?

0:45:14 - Scott Wilkinson
They manufacture virtually all of the OLED panels, but it's a different arm of LG. Lg Electronics is what we all know. As you know, you go and buy an OLED TV from LG Electronics, but the other arm of the company is called LG Display and they make the raw panels and they do the R&D to move the technology forward. Samsung has a similar deal. It's Samsung Electronics or Samsung Display. Now wait a minute.

0:45:46 - Leo Laporte
Sony now sells OLEDs. In fact, the Sony OLED Display was picked as the best TV in the big TV shootout. They're not using an LG panel, are they?

0:45:58 - Scott Wilkinson
You know what? I don't know the answer to that.

0:46:00 - Leo Laporte
Wouldn't that be ironic.

0:46:01 - Scott Wilkinson
I don't think so. They must be. I'm not sure that they make their own, though they probably source it from somewhere else. This is a good question that I need to research.

0:46:09 - Leo Laporte
Sony was the first OLED I ever saw. At CES. Many years ago Sony was selling very expensive displays for TV stations, for shading, for color shading and so forth, and they were small, but they were tiny, but yeah, they were like this big yeah.

0:46:29 - Scott Wilkinson
So I'm going to bet Sony makes their own OLEDs, but that's just my guess. It could be so. At Display Week, the big news was well, quantum dots were everywhere, and we know we've seen quantum dots.

0:46:40 - Leo Laporte
I love my quantum dot. I have a quantum dot Samsung that I really like OLED that's right, I have a Sony QD OLED, which I just installed.

0:46:50 - Scott Wilkinson
Oh, congratulations, holy moly, does that look good.

0:46:53 - Leo Laporte
What's nice is it's an OLED, but it's brighter than traditional OLEDs, right? So you get all that contrast, but you also get brightness.

0:46:59 - Scott Wilkinson
And it does not have a white subpixel. Conventional OLEDs have a red, green and a blue subpixel to make up each full color pixel, but they also have a white subpixel and the reason is OLED doesn't get as bright as LCD. So if you put a white subpixel and the reason is OLED doesn't get as bright as LCD, so if you put a white subpixel in there it can get brighter, but you pay for that by having less saturation in the colors as the picture gets brighter. So QD OLED does not have that. They don't have a white subpixel and they can get brighter and retain color saturation all the way up to near the top of the brightness scale.

0:47:40 - Alex Lindsay
How big of a deal is burn-in with OLEDs now?

0:47:44 - Scott Wilkinson
Not a big deal. Not a big deal. It's not non-existent, but it's certainly nothing like it used to be with plasma Remember plasma. Yeah, and burn-in. Now, if you leave a static image on an OLED TV for days or weeks, yeah, you'll get burn-in. So I've done some research.

0:48:04 - Leo Laporte
Get this. Sony made the decision to adopt LG Display's WOLED, their white OLED technology, and Samsung's QD OLED for the Sony TVs, so they are using Samsung.

0:48:18 - Scott Wilkinson
They're using Samsung display.

0:48:20 - Alex Lindsay
Yes, but a lot of times isn't the difference, though the color science like how they process the image that they put on the display. So, even though the same manufacturer makes the display, it is how Sony happens to be exceptional at color science, At processing, yes, At video processing not only color, but are different motion.

0:48:38 - Scott Wilkinson
Yes, the processors are different, and that's what distinguishes a sony from a samsung, even though they're using the same panel. Right, exactly right. But the biggest news at display week was the next step in qD evolution, which is called electroluminescent quantum dots. So instead of quantum dots, up till now have been used with what's called photoluminescent. So quantum dots get hit with a blue light and they absorb the blue light and then they re-radiate green or red or whatever color, depending on their size. Oh, that's interesting. I did not know that. That's how they work. That's how all quantum dot TVs to this point work. But what has been the holy grail has been what if you could electrically stimulate the quantum dots to glow directly? This is called electroluminesinescent quantum dot and people have been working on it for years. We've seen demos at ces and all these different shows, but they've been, you know, super tiny little screens or little, almost pixel size of one color. At this show we finally saw actual displays and and they look phenomenal, oh crap.

0:49:58 - Alex Lindsay
What, what, what are and what kind of? And so what makes them, what distinguishes them? Is it the resolution, the brightness, the color, or all the brightness, the brightness and the color. The resolution is you can make almost any resolution and and what's the and what and how many nits are they? Are they putting out?

0:50:15 - Scott Wilkinson
Let's see. Well, it's not that impressive yet. There were three. There was Sharp, tcl and Samsung, I believe, had prototypes. These are not products You're not going to be able to buy this next year, right, and the Samsung, I believe, was the largest, at 18 inches, and I believe it's peak brightness at full white, that is, the entire screen. Full peak white was about 300 nits. Ok, so that's not terribly impressive, but peak brightness on all TVs is never expressed as full screen white. It's expressed as a 3% window, right, you know, a tiny little window, and then you can get up pretty high. The third generation Samsung QD OLED was up at 3,000 nits. Oh, that's bright, okay, in a 3% window, a tiny little window.

0:51:14 - Leo Laporte
But that's all you want. You're not staring at a bright screen. You want specular highlights, like the JJ Abrams kind of sun bouncing off something that's blindly bright. It's a tiny little pinpoint, right? Yeah, usually that's correct. Like in the Martian right, the sun would hit the spacecraft.

0:51:29 - Alex Lindsay
You made those specular highlights on Princess Amidala's and that was simply that was still in in um standard dynamic range. I mean so the oh really all of that.

0:51:39 - Caller
We weren't doing anything and you couldn't do 3 000 we weren't doing.

0:51:42 - Alex Lindsay
It was all eight, eight bit linear. Wow, like it wasn't. You know all the all. The effects back then were were much more limited than they are now. Now we have to. Right now, when we think about these effects, we're thinking about well, a lot of this is going to sit at 600 nits. We're going to have some peaks in between. Maybe they're baseline at 1,000 nits, maybe they're going to peak over at 1,500 nits.

0:52:02 - Leo Laporte
The new iPad, I think, has 1,000 nits in its HDR, so 3,000 is a lot, 3,000 is a lot.

0:52:18 - Alex Lindsay
And the new Sony TV, the new flagship. Sony Bravia 9 is a quantum dot lcd tv. It peaks at 4 000 nits. Yeah, and it's funny, I, I, I was at a dolby uh presentation. It was in. We're in this room and at dolby's uh headquarter, at one of their headquarters, and they, they, they showed us the difference between standard dynamic range and high dynamic range. And you know, the standard dynamic range looks like mud right once you get used to it. So you get used to it, and so then we're sitting there looking at a thousand nits and then he goes, and now we're going to move to this screen and he goes. Now this is four thousand, that's. He turns the same image on and now our thousand nits looks like mud like, it's just like you know, and now you're, now you're looking at four thousand and you're like oh my gosh

0:52:46 - Leo Laporte
and it's so good, life is actually infinite, well, well, it's well, not quite.

0:52:51 - Alex Lindsay
I think think that the interesting thing is is that one of the things that Dolby pointed out is people talk about 4000 nits being really bright, but they showed a picture that they had measured and they said well, effectively, this wall in the shadow in a, in a, in a in an alley, is 9000 nits. Like you know, it's when we're, when our eyes are adjusting to it. The problem is, if you have one little square that is 4,000 nits and everything else around it is black, your eyes open up too much and you're now taking in too much light. But if you're in an environment, what you're walking around in on a day-to-day basis is much more than 4,000 nits, is it?

0:53:26 - Leo Laporte
Correct, correct. I mean your eyes are getting that all the time, they're used to it.

0:53:29 - Alex Lindsay
Sure, but. But the problem is it's the percentage of your field of view.

0:53:37 - Leo Laporte
Field of view yeah, because your eyes aren't adjusting, your irises aren't adjusting. There are quite a few people who will not go outside without sunglasses. I mean, it's why people wear sunglasses, because the sun's bright. I won't typically.

0:53:47 - Scott Wilkinson
Yeah, I mean you look at the sun. If you were to point a light meter at the sun, it's 1.6 billion nits, Is it really? Oh?

0:53:56 - Leo Laporte
I didn't know if you knew. Wow, that's a lot of nits. And right now, our screen.

0:54:03 - Alex Lindsay
I mean what we think of as the scale that we're working on is. It goes up to about 10,000 nits.

0:54:06 - Scott Wilkinson
Yeah, um, that's the. That's the peak of of hdr. Currently defined dynamic range is 10,000 nits.

0:54:13 - Alex Lindsay
Correct. But even you know I think Dolby and others have gotten they have screens that are 40,000 nits, but that has been that's a projector on a window right, a small window, a very small window Like it's a small window like this big with a project like a 25,000 lumens projector behind it. You know, we'll get you to 40,000 nits, correct.

0:54:34 - Leo Laporte

0:54:36 - Scott Wilkinson
What does NIT stand for? It's not an acronym, it's just a little term. It's lumens. Is it lumens per square meter? Is that correct? Candelas per square meter, that's what it is.

0:54:47 - Leo Laporte
Okay, so NIT's a small candela, a bit of a candela?

0:54:51 - Scott Wilkinson
No, it's just I don't know how, I don't know how, I don't know where it came from, actually, but it's easier than saying candelas per square meter. Certainly is Absolutely. Anyway. So these electroluminescent quantum dot displays, we've been hoping for them for years. It's the simplest architecture in a display, in a display, and it will achieve much greater brightness and much greater color saturation at wide ranges of brightness. So you know, the FOMO isn't there yet because there's no TV you can buy. Oh, thank goodness.

Thank goodness, tcl had a 14-inch laptop display that was QDEL.

0:55:36 - Leo Laporte
How many nits are in a lumen? I'm going to ask ChatGPT, there you go, see if she knows.

0:55:45 - Caller
Nits and luminance measure different things, so they aren't directly convertible. Oh, that's true, Nits measure luminance brightness per unit area, while lumens measure luminous flux total amount of visible light. To relate the two, you'd need additional information like the size of the emitting area and its efficiency.

0:56:04 - Alex Lindsay
Thank you, aren't you smart, and Scott? How much discussion is there about resolution? Of course, because we had. You know, we went to 4K and that seemed to make a jump, and then and then everyone jumped to 8K, but now it feels like everyone's kind of falling back to 4K.

0:56:20 - Leo Laporte
Nobody's gone to 8K.

0:56:21 - Alex Lindsay
It's hard to get.

0:56:22 - Leo Laporte
Well, yeah, there are a few.

0:56:24 - Scott Wilkinson
There are a few 8K TVs available. There's virtually no content except on YouTube. There are some 8K things on YouTube, but no one's going to be. There doesn't seem to be demand for 8K particularly. No, I don't believe so. I don't believe so. There's no way to really transmit it either by streaming. I mean you can, I guess, from YouTube, but it would be heavily compressed. But there's no reason to do it. There's no reason to master material. I mean, the content creators aren't going to be making 8k material.

0:56:57 - Alex Lindsay
You go through a lot of hard times. Yes, I've done it. Yeah, it's more than twice. There's no plan for an optical disc like you hd blu-ray. There is an experience that's different. So we did some research where we were doing, uh, 8k, 120 hd hdr, so it was a hdr 10 plus with 8k and 120 and and 120 frames per second. Yeah, and at that you know brightness, frame rate, resolution, your television screen or what we were using led wall, but it just looks like a window, like your brain. So somewhere between 92 and 96 frames frames a second, your brain starts to go this is a window, it's. It's no longer relating to it as a um, uh, it's no longer relating to that, that screen as a screen you know, and display screen it's just a window to the outside world, and so you get to 120 frames a second.

What's nice about 120 is that it's evenly divisible by 60, 30, 24, so that you can use optical flow to take the 120 and reconvert it back to the to that frame rate. So that's why we were looking at it at that rate. But it is what's. What's fascinating is we found you can't make film the same way anymore. So if you go to 120 frames a second, jibs, helicopters, dollies, all those you can't use because people get sick, because their brain is now like oh, that's an actual something's actually happening.

0:58:14 - Scott Wilkinson
You know well this, alex. This leads me to ask you a question have you seen any of the high frame rate movies that, for example, ang Lee did?

0:58:23 - Alex Lindsay
You know I haven't, so I've seen a lot of 120 frame per second stuff because we were shooting a lot of it and we were working with folks and Sony's done some great. They had an LED wall at wall at nab a couple years, but right before covet, I think in 20, uh, 2019, that showed like what that looked like. Uh, at scale, um, I haven't, but the number one thing that came back from from the movies was people getting disoriented.

0:58:48 - Leo Laporte
I didn't like it and I saw billy lynn's long time halftime long halftime walk yeah and uh, in fact, my friend steve martin in it, and he told me a few things. First of all, ang Lee wouldn't let him wear makeup because you can see it and uh, and so it's a little. It's almost too vivid, too real, more even than, say, I saw Oppenheimer and IMAX and even was more real and vivid than that it was it was unpleasant, it's it.

0:59:17 - Alex Lindsay
What, what? Uh, what we found with the stuff that we did was that there were certain things that, um, regular feature film really does really well at 24 frames a second, so a narrative. It. Your brain stays in this narrative state, but as you want to do live, when you want to do live, if you do a live concert, sports, that's different, so and so forth.

0:59:33 - Leo Laporte
It it now feels more visceral now you're there like you're at the game and that's what you want, and the only lockdown cameras for those.

0:59:39 - Alex Lindsay
You're not doing a lot of panning, zooming or anything that you have to and because it's like you're there the one that the only narrative, the only scripted stuff that we found had potential was horror, but it was so intense. It was so intense that it was people were like, because it was like looking out a window of what you were looking at yeah no, and it was super intense.

0:59:59 - Leo Laporte
I'm not a horror fan anyway and I certainly would never go see horror at 120 frames, 24 frames is dreamlike and that's what we're used to with the movie is this kind of suspended disbelief and suspended reality and we're in a dream and we like that. The hard part. That's why I'm wondering if there's much consumer push to 8k that 4k is good enough.

1:00:21 - Alex Lindsay
The other thing is is that there's a lot of the streamers like 24 because it saves the money. Same reason when we started doing mac break. We didn't have the money to you know, we didn't want to put pressure on the cdn on on cash fly um and um. We did 1080p, so we did 1080p, so I we literally did 24 frames a second because it saved us.

It was one sixth less data, but that's a lot you know, and so we, you know, and that adds up, so there's not a lot of pressure for streamers to go to a high frame rate, although almost the entire pipeline now is at 120. So all our displays, our, our phones, our, our, everything is all at 120 frames a second. We've got cameras rolling out at 120 frames a second. It's just the distribution pipeline, the, the apple t, current apple tvs are capable of 120 frames a second. You know, really, I don't think I knew that. Yeah, they're, they're capable of it. They're not doing it, but they, they support the, and is your blu-ray player a good?

1:01:10 - Leo Laporte
I just bought, on scott's room recommendation, the pan UHT player can they do 120?

1:01:16 - Alex Lindsay
I don't know, I don't know, I think they tap out at 60.

1:01:20 - Scott Wilkinson
Yeah they tap out at 60. That's correct, so.

1:01:22 - Leo Laporte
I've got an assignment for the next time you're on. You often talk about SAF spousal acceptance factor when it comes to buying a new TV. I'm not saying wife, I'm saying spouse. When it comes to buying a new TV, I'm not saying wife, I'm saying spouse. Yes, it's often the case in a couple that one of the members of the couple wants the biggest, brightest, most expensive TV and the other one says not in my living room.

1:01:47 - Scott Wilkinson
Right ready. How surprised I was to find that in a heteronormative couple, uh, the wife is the one that often wants the larger tv.

1:02:05 - Leo Laporte
Well, lisa wants both and one. So one of the things we don't like and I agree with her with most tvs you have that black hole at the end of the on the wall.

1:02:13 - Scott Wilkinson
There's just a when it's when it's not, it's off so we're looking at a samsung frame tv that's about what I was going to talk about exactly, so I want to give you an assignment, because we're thinking about this.

1:02:27 - Leo Laporte
Uh, for our living room, it it it's. The new ones are matte, so they they don't. They look like a painting on the wall. It's 4k and they have fine art, or you could put your own pictures in it. It has a sensor. So when people the new ones are matte, so they look like a painting on the wall. It's 4K and they have fine art, or you could put your own pictures in it. It has a sensor, so when people leave the room, then it turns off, but when there's somebody in the room, it's not a black hole, it looks like. In fact, they even have frames, some of them very ornate, that you could put around it looks like a painting on your wall frame and they've just added they get 80 inches.

80 inches, that's pretty nice. I think that's what we're gonna get. And then they just added to this and this is I'm kind of also interested in this they have speakers that are paintings. They're dolby atmos speakers. They call it the music frame and the from samsung. Yeah, the idea is you put your frame tv, which is a big painting, over the fireplace, and then I wouldn't put it over the fireplace, but you know no no, no, no. And then, uh, in the rest of the room they're speakers, but they really look like paintings.

1:03:24 - Scott Wilkinson
Oh, that's. That's cool. I hadn't heard of that. I.

1:03:27 - Leo Laporte
Just to find out more about this crazy idea.

1:03:36 - Alex Lindsay
You could build a frame for any TV right.

1:03:39 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, yeah, well, that's what some of my questions are Maybe it'd be better just to get a good Sony.

1:03:44 - Alex Lindsay
OLED. I'm also thinking about getting. I'm in the process of getting a new TV and it turns out between my surround front speakers, my right and left, it'll fit an 85-inch almost perfectly with just a little bit of room left. There you go, but what I'm looking at?

doing is cutting. My server room is right behind my living room, and so I've been looking at literally cutting a hole in the in the server room between the two and then just putting, installing the tv into the wall and then put a frame around it to do much of what you're talking about. It'll feel very thin, although it'll be going into the wall, and then uh, and then we, we. What we do is put photos on ours. Our apple tv goes, grabs a photo library and starts putting it on, and everybody loves that. You know like it's, you know so, so that that gallery um has been really, really popular in our family.

1:04:34 - Leo Laporte
We should also mention that the discord is telling me that LG also makes what they call a gallery edition of its OLED EVO. That is the same idea that it's to be on the walls.

1:04:47 - Alex Lindsay
I think the problem for me is I always want to focus on having something that is as good as it can be for what it does yeah, I agree, especially when I'm watching movies and I'm mostly going to watch movies good as it can be for what it does. Yeah, you know, especially I'm watching movies and I'm mostly going to watch movies. Right, I'd rather build something around a really good movie uh screen than have it kind of halfway in between two things yeah, well, I suppose.

1:05:05 - Scott Wilkinson
On the other hand, if I assume that the frame can be calibrated to should be accurate, yeah, it should be accurate. It is an led lcd.

1:05:15 - Leo Laporte
But again, this is the living room, so I want the.

1:05:17 - Scott Wilkinson
I want an lcd in the living room we have, we have for the extra brightness in the, in the you know the movie viewing, alex, if you're, if you're embedding the tv into the wall, what about the studs? I'm working on that.

1:05:29 - Alex Lindsay
That's the part I haven't figured out.

1:05:32 - Leo Laporte
Yet you know that's kind of the eternal question. There's what about the studs?

1:05:36 - Alex Lindsay
There's some reinforcement that needs to be done there, but people have put holes in walls before.

1:05:41 - Leo Laporte
Oh, you mean it's a load-bearing wall? No, no, it's not necessarily a load-bearing wall.

1:05:44 - Scott Wilkinson
No but any wall is going to have these studs in it. No, you have to build around it.

1:05:49 - Alex Lindsay
I have a contractor looking at it. Notch the stud, I'm not going to do it myself. When I say I'm going to do something, I, when it comes to wood and plaster- man, there is nothing that I know is what they're doing. I manage the pool and that is as far as as technical as I get when it comes to.

1:06:05 - Leo Laporte
Scott Wilkinson. He's the host of the home theater geeks podcast. You can get it right now If you go to twittv slash HT and, of course, club members get the video as well as the audio. You also write for AVS Forum and every month you have a home theater of the month. Home theater of the month. What's your home theater? This?

1:06:22 - Scott Wilkinson
month. Well, I haven't quite finished it yet.

1:06:26 - Leo Laporte
Oh, so don't just surprise us next week or whatever.

1:06:29 - Scott Wilkinson
I will surprise you next time, however, I'll tell you this In Home Theater Geeks, I've now taken to featuring one of those particularly interesting ones once in a while, and the one that is coming up, actually, I think this Thursday, is called Bass Head's Dream. It's a guy who put a theater in his little second bedroom and he's seriously into bass and what's called motion actuation, oh dear.

And he's got his three seats. His three seats have subwoofers basically surrounding them and tactile transducers, and there's a little video that that I show from YouTube that he made of the rhino stampede from Jumanji, oh, and these seats are like jumping all over the place and he loves it.

1:07:19 - Leo Laporte
Well, as you know, it's all about the bass. No rhythm, that's right. Yeah, Scott Wilkinson, thank you so much. Avs Forum Home Theater Geeks, we'll see you next month on. Ask the Tech Guys Take care, Scott, you too. Oh, look at that. I you too. Oh, look at that. I love that we shrink them into the Stargate. I want to know more about this project when you get going.

1:07:41 - Alex Lindsay
The thing about the reason the frame this is where the wall used to be and now my bedroom's in the living room because I took out one of the wrong walls. Yeah, that wouldn't be good.

1:07:47 - Leo Laporte
The thing about the frame is it's super thin because they take the controls and they move all out as Samsung always, always does, and they put that in a separate box.

1:07:54 - Alex Lindsay
If it's the same quality, same frame rate, same brightness of a high performance frame, a five performance tv, then I think it's great. If it's. If I'm giving up I don't want to sacrifice, I'd see what you're saying yeah, I'm giving up any quality for it I'd be, I'd be more resistant. It's only so far we're willing to go for spousal acceptance factors you gotta find out what you can sell in your, in your garage. That's the key. That's that's my key.

1:08:15 - Leo Laporte
Sell this stuff off and I can buy another camera or put a couch in the garage because you'll be sleeping there. No, exactly, we are going to take a little break when we come back. More of your calls. 888-724-2884. Our friend has got back on the couch. We're going to do him next, right, he's? Maybe he's got one of those uh motion actuated couches our show today brought to you by this laptop man.

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All right, let's get back to the phone calls. It's so great to have Alex Lindsay. It's good to be here. Yeah, have fun, it's perfect. I mean, this is all right down your alley. Ask questions about all those areas Alex is an expert in. Who should we talk to? John Ashley, I think you know who Is it, greg, Was that his name? No, it was Pat, pat. Pat is off the sofa and onto the Stargate.

1:12:37 - Caller
Welcome to Ask the Tech Guys, pat I put on the horn rims because I look more intelligent with those?

1:12:45 - Leo Laporte
What city are you calling from Pat?

1:12:47 - Caller
I'm in Monrovia. You're in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California, nice.

1:12:51 - Leo Laporte
It's great to have you. Welcome to the show. What can we do for?

1:12:54 - Caller
you Good to be back. I used to talk to you. I used to have an internet radio station.

1:13:00 - Leo Laporte
I could tell I'm hearing the mellifluous tones. What's the radio station?

1:13:06 - Caller
Well, now I don't have to do my own thing because I have been welcomed into California State University Long Beach Station, which is on tiny HD sub band. It's HD3. It is well. It's easier to find it. Let me plug it before I get into my question. Electrical-radiocom Nice, and that will lead you to it. What kind of music? What do you do? Well, they let normally it's students on there and a lot of times it's a jukebox. But when you get on to 22 West media dot com that's the Long Beach State Station on the weekends they let people who have been in the broadcast area, including fools like me that were only in college radio. But I got in there somehow. That's how.

I started, don't knock it. Yeah, it's a mix of rock and jazz, but I do a mix of old and new, so I like being able to put you know Duke Ellington next to some new group or something recent.

1:14:08 - Leo Laporte
Well, you're talking to two radio guys. Alex was in radio for years as a music director. I started in college radio and it was it really, was it lied to me because I thought I would get to play the eclectic mix of music that I like and in college radio I did.

1:14:26 - Alex Lindsay
The best part of being a music director is then. The station plays the eclectic, Everybody plays the eclectic collection that I, like you, get to choose.

1:14:33 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, exactly, I never got to choose once I got into the business.

1:14:36 - Caller
But that's all right, that's fine we, we do have a station here, that's california state university northridge, which is called it's commercials. Um, it's a public station, the socal soundorg, where they do have broadcast professionals and they do do their own thing. Yeah, that's a nice little commercials there either. But yeah, my show is on fridays, pacific time six to ten awesome in the evening.

1:15:05 - Leo Laporte
And is there. Do you have a name?

1:15:06 - Caller
you call yourself ll pat no, it's the electrical radio program hosted by me. All right bar Nice.

1:15:15 - Leo Laporte
We shall be listening. That's wonderful. Now you can ask your question.

1:15:21 - Caller
So I saved up my money and I even had some stock in NVIDIA, which helped me a lot.

1:15:29 - Leo Laporte
Wow, you didn't have to save much for that.

1:15:31 - Caller
Wow, now leasing an electric car Good, saved much for that. Wow, now leasing an electric car good. Interestingly, it has, uh, an operating system for its entertainment. That's kind of obscure. It's not android auto, it is called android automotive os.

1:15:48 - Leo Laporte
Yes, my car has android automotive os as well. Who's the maker? It's a polestar. Polestar, the volvo ev brand. It's kind of a joint venture of volvo and china, a chinese company. Nice really, at least they look great. I really love the polestars. So, uh, yeah, so it's right. So look, all cars are nowadays computers as well, and all computers have to run an operating system, and there are a variety of choices. Ford, for a long time, had its own automotive operating system. That's that Ford Sync. A lot of companies use QNX, blackberry's real-time OS, but more and more people are using Android. Automotive from Google Doesn't mean you have to have an Android phone, doesn't act like an Android phone, but it is the base operating system. So what would you like to know?

1:16:41 - Caller
It doesn't have Android Automotive. In fact, it does have Apple CarPlay.

1:16:45 - Leo Laporte
It doesn't have wait a minute, it doesn't have Android Auto.

1:16:48 - Caller
Nope, it has this other one, and that's the thing it is limited. They don't have nearly as many apps for android automotive os oh, that's hysterical.

1:16:57 - Leo Laporte
It has google built in. Right, that's hysterical. It's a polestar 3 or polestar 2, 2, 2, okay, so it has. They say. I'm looking at their uh website google built in. Congratulations, uh, the first car to feature a native android automotive operating system.

1:17:19 - Caller
So it is android auto but it's android automotive os, so if you try and it just ignores. What I'm looking for is an app that you can play internet radio stations on. Normally, when I'm here I use one called well or your own stuff, but there's limited connectivity. You cannot use an auxiliary jack from your iPad, you'd have to use Bluetooth.

You said you can use CarPlay. Right, yeah, but amazingly, even though everything I have is Apple, my phone is a motor okay, because there are some very good, uh, apple radio apps I use one night.

1:18:02 - Leo Laporte
Maybe you recommended alex. Somebody recommended on mac break weekly. Um, that I that I really like. I can't remember the name off the top of my head, I'll find it. What do you? What for android? I guess everybody uses tune in. Can you install tune in on that?

1:18:18 - Caller
I could use tune in. I see people complaining that tune in now runs ads. Um kind of like youtube does right content, they do. Let me I found a list of all that they have see if you're familiar with any of these other. Okay, there's one called radio FM, open radio, radionet radio and the oddly named car sensors not like you sense a sensor.

1:18:47 - Leo Laporte
So I'm not familiar with any of those. There is a radio player that launched with Polestar on Android Automotive. This is from Scooter X. It's a nonprofit radio platform backed by major broadcasters, so it launched with the Polestar 2. But you want internet radio. I'm gonna guess, since I see the word broadcasters here, that it's gonna be KFI and you know iHeart and CBS there is an iHeart yeah, but you want to listen to your own show. Is what you're saying, right?

1:19:22 - Caller
well, I want to listen to. Well, I did find Radio Paradise app on there, which is great, that's. That's an x. Yeah, I don't see. Like bbc is not on there.

1:19:31 - Leo Laporte
The bbc sounds is not available yet right, the joe is reminding me that the app that we talked about, uh, before, on um mac break weekly, but it's ios is broadcast. That's stephen trout and smith's app and that's a great I've used that broadcast.

1:19:45 - Alex Lindsay
And then I think we also talked about radio and Smith's app and that's a great. I've used that broadcast. And then I think we also talked about radio garden.

1:19:48 - Leo Laporte
That's a website, but that's a really cool website. Yeah, do you have a web browser in there?

1:19:55 - Caller
There's a beta version available of you know I could try that. It's the beta version of Chrome radio dot garden.

1:20:03 - Leo Laporte
What I like about this is it's a globe garden.

1:20:07 - Alex Lindsay
What I like about this is.

1:20:08 - Leo Laporte
It's a globe, I think you recommended this, right?

1:20:09 - Alex Lindsay
I think you recommended it.

1:20:10 - Leo Laporte
Oh okay, it was like in 2016, it was like eight years ago, so you can click on location and play the radio from. It's a great way to listen to world radio. Yeah, um, but yeah, I don't know how that would work in the car. It works on the desktop as a browser, right, but I?

1:20:24 - Alex Lindsay
think it's so interesting. You know, I what, what, what, I guess. Are you trying to listen to anything? Are you trying to listen to something specific?

1:20:33 - Caller
well, if like tune in, I'm sure has every well, most of them yeah it does. Yeah, if only it didn't have those ads, it would be great. So what?

1:20:43 - Leo Laporte
happened. One of the things that happened a couple of years ago was all the companies and there are only a handful of big radio companies in the us anymore cbs, iheart, cumulus they decided wait, why are we letting tune in make money on our radio? And so they all created their own apps and moved everything into their own apps. So if you want to listen to a cbs station, use a cbs app. You want an iheart station, use the iheart app and cumulus stations and so tune in, got it for at least for us radio, greatly constricted. Uh, now, internationally they don't have the same problem.

1:21:23 - Alex Lindsay
So you can listen all over the world. I mostly listen to African stations. It's great and I like the ads. That's part of the entertainment.

1:21:34 - Caller
And Spotify yeah.

1:21:39 - Leo Laporte
So you want to listen to public radio or college radio in the Southland mainly, Is that right?

1:21:45 - Caller
Any of these many stations Like I'd like to listen to KCSN station, sure, socal soundorg, but I guess, well, radio paradise is certainly a start. That's a very nice station.

1:21:57 - Leo Laporte
Let me see what else the discord is recommending.

1:22:00 - Caller
I think maybe BBC sounds will come at some point. I hope so.

1:22:04 - Leo Laporte
Keith tells us a twit is blocked on, tune in in the uk. That's not us. I don't know why that is that's because twit means something different. Oh, maybe they think we're bad, we're evil maybe that's it um, I play, I pay for tune in with tune in radio pro and I think you're going to hear fewer ads well, maybe I can do it.

I think that would be a way to do. In fact, one of the things I also with tune in will listen to news channels like cnn and msnbc and they will actually cover their ads with. They'll play. I hear jim cutler come on and say, uh, and here's some news you might have missed from earlier in the day, and they'll take a little chunk of the earlier broadcast, stick that in while the ads are playing and then come back, and I kind of like that. I don't mind that at all.

So maybe just pay for TuneIn Radio Pro to eliminate those ads. That's what I had to use on Tesla. In fact, when I bought the Tesla many years ago, they gave you a complimentary Pro subscription to tune in because they didn't have a radio in the car. I don't know what they do these days. Yeah, see, I think it's worth supporting tune in, so I don't mind paying for tune in radio pro. Here's the Polestar list you probably were reading from that of official apps. Let me click that link and see oh, that's nice. So it goes through the play store, so you can see in the play store a listing of compatible apps, which is not coming up for some reason um, yeah, it didn't give me anything that wasn't compatible.

I could see the selection at the moment um, let me see if anybody anybody else is, uh, any other recommendations from our discord? Alex, do you? I don't do you. You probably listen to the radio, radio in your car?

1:24:01 - Alex Lindsay
I don't. Yeah, I have a hard time with not being able to jump around. I'm very ADD. My, I think it's close to that I get to. Radio is really that I I play a song and I do it very specifically. I don't do any of the stations or anything else that Apple music puts up, but I play a song in Apple music and then I just I just let it keep going and I'll hear all kinds of songs like it and I'm because I used to be a music director I'll listen for maybe 30 seconds and go no hook hook, no hook, no hook.

1:24:31 - Caller
You're like my kids, you can't stick with a song.

1:24:32 - Alex Lindsay
No, but then I listen to it, then I'll listen to, and it's a mixture of that. The biggest way that I find new music right now is that my daughter and I go out on Saturday mornings and she plays a song and then I play a song.

So Saturday mornings and she plays a song and then I play a song. So I play an old song, she plays a new song, I play an old song. The problem is now she knows more of my music than I know, I think. And then she knows all this other music because and I will say that the, the recommendation engines both in Spotify and Apple music just take you into these I have all these obscure bands. You always know you're obscure because the lyrics are in just a page. There's no, they don't follow along. You're like oh, there's like a hundred people listening to this, but you find these great bands and great music that you're never going to hear on radio ever. Yeah, um, that it found that's actually great.

The algorithm finds you something that's really good and I build all these playlists. You know I have one called new to me, which is usually just new stuff that I haven't heard before. It could be old, could be new. That the algorithm brought up and I just save it and I use the favorites very heavily. I can favorite, favorite, favorite favorite, because otherwise I'll forget about it. And so I, um, uh, and between my daughter and the algorithm I have, I'm listening to more new music now than I think I did other than when I was a music director. I'm listening to more music that I would never hear anywhere else, and so I guess my problem is I get in my car and I plug that in. You have your own stuff.

1:25:49 - Leo Laporte
I'm kind of in my own world, I think you're in the majority now.

1:25:53 - Alex Lindsay
I think more people listen to their own music than listen to radio, I mean the only place, the place that I like to listen to, the place I like to listen to. Music is usually international. So I listen to some Nigerian stations and I listen to some zimbabwean stations, because they just got great music, you know, and and and they're, and a little bit of ethiopia, um, but I'll also. We did. We were doing a drive from vegas, from nab, I had so much gear, we drove and we, we listened to this band who's actually playing up here in petaluma, uh, named dengue fever. It's a cambodian, uh, surf rock, and we started listening to it.

And then the record opening act, ebola, and yeah, yeah, exactly no, yeah, so so dengue fever, um, uh, they're, they're playing at lagunitas, uh, at the end of july and and we just found out because, and um, but we're fans of dengue fever, and so we, we started playing it.

And then, uh, and the next thing we knew, uh, it was just, it went through this all through southeast. The algorithm went through south, all through southeast asia and africa and everything else, and we just we had like eight hours of music we had never heard before. That was amazing. So I think that there's, and we there's some you know now, and I saved some of it, you know, and uh, and so I think that those engines now are really powerful and really useful.

1:27:08 - Caller
I play Dengue fever often on my show. I like them. Oh see, you know the Dengue.

1:27:15 - Leo Laporte
Well, I like Johnny Ebola, the malaria five. That's my personal favorite. You don't hear that on broadcast either. So I'm really shocked that Polestar, which is using the Android automotive auto system by the way, my BMW also uses that and allows you to use Android auto, which is tying to your phone, as well as CarPlay but for some reason Polestar has decided yeah, we'll give you a CarPlay, but we don't want to give you Android auto. Certainly something they could. That's really odd, but I guess may do. They have to pay. They can't imagine they have to pay for that capability. Maybe they do have to license it somehow. It just seems odd because gm decided not to have either.

So who knows, that's right, tesla doesn't have them. Yeah, tesla doesn't either. So, uh, I'm sorry, I that actually is something I would, uh. Before I would buy a car I would check to make sure it's supported.

1:28:08 - Caller
I'm going to check out TuneIn and probably more apps will come in the future, so I'm not yeah.

1:28:13 - Leo Laporte
I mean, it's not Android Auto, but it is Android, so some apps work. So that's interesting. Yeah Well, the car makers are very reluctant to do what Apple wants. Apple wants to take over the whole screen and car makers seem very reluctant to do that. On my bmw you can have android auto and carplay and you can even sit in those screens, but they have their own screen and they kind of want you to be on their screen. They want to keep all that information for themselves they want to sell you.

1:28:40 - Alex Lindsay
The service is what they want. They don't even keep in the information when it's mw used to do that.

1:28:44 - Leo Laporte
They used to charge you for CarPlay and there was such an outrage that they said oh, okay, fine, you can have CarPlay for free.

1:28:51 - Alex Lindsay
Yeah, I think the problem is that it's always someone on the outside. It's kind of like AT&T was on the outside. So they made a deal with Apple. There'll be some car company that realizes they're going to get more people buying their cars because they gave apple the whole screen. And once they have that it becomes very hard because people will start buying the cars because it has. If you give me an electric car that had that apple takes over the whole screen.

1:29:14 - Leo Laporte
There's two, I I would right now, I think, porsche and the alfa romeo, or is it? Uh, there's two car companies that are doing carplay the apple way and I think that the problem is as a handful more.

1:29:23 - Alex Lindsay
What happens is when that, once they're in every like slot of of cars you know every, every possible car, from a relatively inexpensive car to it, to expensive sports cars once they have a version, those verticals will sell well because apple users will go. Well, I want that and I'm not going to buy a car. It becomes very quick to sort. Most cars are not very differentiated from each other. It's a a commoditized market. There's not that much. They tell you there's a lot different between the Dodge and the Ford, but there's not really much different. They've got a driver's wheel and they've got a turn signal, and so the interface becomes really important. And so as that becomes more and more important to the user, they'll make decisions based on that, and it only takes a couple percentage points to be billions of dollars of revenue based on that. People unwilling to buy your car because they can't connect their phone, which is for most people today. Their phone is more important to them than their car.

1:30:19 - Leo Laporte
Here from Tom's Guide is the picture of Apple CarPlay taking over the whole car. It is currently.

1:30:26 - Alex Lindsay
Porsche and aston martin are the only two manufacturers that have agreed, but there'll be some others that do it, and once they do, that's a wedge, a camel's nose, under the tent I mean, I always think of the, the story behind dodge, when they built the new truck look and um, and they built that new truck, look, and they showed it to a bunch of people and uh, it was like it was something.

It was something like 15 had to have it, 35, um, well, they know one way or the other and 50 would never buy it, like never buy that truck. It looked horrible and they said they went to the ceo and said, well, I guess we're not going to do it. He goes we're absolutely going to do it. 15 have to have it in. Our market size is seven, like he's like if we can double our market, you know, on that, on that vertical, and so the thing is you pay attention to, you know what those vertical markets are and I think that that Apple is a very powerful vertical market that that someone's going to and again they're holding out. But as soon as the cracks start to happen, I think it'll be very hard for them to keep.

1:31:24 - Leo Laporte
Keep Apple out, yeah cracks start to happen, I think it'll be very hard for them to keep Apple out. Yeah, hey, Patrick Delahanty in our Club Twitter Discord. He works for us, but he's also a smart guy, Possibly owns a Polestar, Says Polestar is planning to add Android Auto to Polestar 2. It's just not there yet. So it's coming. Pat, we'll listen to you Friday nights on what is it KCSN? What is the station? Again?

1:31:48 - Caller
I'm nights on. What is it kcsn? What is the station? Again, I'm at long beach state, but the easiest way to get there is electrical dash or hyphen radiocom.

1:31:54 - Leo Laporte
Electrical dash radiocom nice.

1:31:56 - Caller
Don't forget, if you go there, pick eight, do the hd3 stream. They've got a little drop down on long beach state's page. If you don't do that, you'll get a hip-hop jukebox. I want the DJ to choose Dengue Fever for me. Yes, you'll hear Dengue Fever. You'll hear Tangerine Dream.

1:32:16 - Leo Laporte
I like Tangerine Dream. Oh, they're great.

1:32:19 - Alex Lindsay
Oh, and the Go-Go's.

1:32:20 - Leo Laporte
Those are both great. That's a really eclectic mix, yeah.

1:32:28 - Alex Lindsay
I'm 100, 100 behind it, that's.

1:32:30 - Leo Laporte
Those are those are two great bands. Here is the web page electric dash radio.

1:32:33 - Caller
Electric eclectic music ventures play telstar, you might hear that too. Yes, thank you, leo, for putting that up. Yeah, hey, pat, pleasure to talk to you. Have a great. I am a subscriber to twit a member of of the club.

1:32:46 - Leo Laporte
You're in the club. You're in the club. It was on Jeopardy the other night. They were talking about a 50 Cent song and they said what's the name of the song? And somebody said Da Club and he didn't get it right because it was in the club. So get it right, You're in the club, or you can call it Da Club. Thank you, Pat Take care.

1:33:05 - Alex Lindsay
Thanks, Pat.

1:33:06 - Leo Laporte
If you're not in the club, let me explain what you're missing. So we started to see this across the board. It's not just our podcasts and our network, but in general. Podcasts and podcast networks and even public radio are seeing listenership's shrink because there's so many choices. But we're also seeing advertisers shy away from the platform. I think they're turning to people like Marques Brownlee, to influencers. The Joe Rogans of the world aren't hurting, but it does mean that we have less revenue and it's an expensive operation.

Here, I'm sorry to say, because we built this TV studio and we have all these staffers and so forth. We've cut, uh, and we've done everything we can to bring our expenses down, but really, uh, there's really only one way forward, in my opinion, uh, and that is you, your listeners and your support. You do it by joining Club TWiT seven bucks a month we're not asking much. There are lots of benefits. You get ad-free versions of all of our shows, plus video for shows like Scott Wilkinson's Home Theater. Geeks, hands on Macintosh, hands on Windows the Untitled Linux Show. You also get bonus content Stacey's Book Club's coming up in a few weeks.

Special events we had a watch party at the house a couple of weeks ago. That was a lot of fun and I think this is a big part of the benefits access to our discord. The club TWiT community is a great community of people who are interesting, smart, and they're not just talking about the shows, they're talking about everything any geek would be interested in. So if you're not yet a member and you want to keep us doing what we do, uh, please do like pat did join the club seven bucks a month. There are family plans and corporate plans available to at

1:34:57 - Alex Lindsay
Leo, I made some album covers for you. I texted them to you.

1:35:00 - Leo Laporte
I don't know, oh, how exciting for joe uh, joe dengue johnny abola and the and the malaria five.

1:35:07 - Alex Lindsay
I've got a couple of them, are you?

1:35:08 - Leo Laporte
doing mid-journey again yeah, I figured. I figured while leo's doing an ad I'll do some.

1:35:13 - Alex Lindsay
I'll mid-journey this a little bit.

1:35:14 - Leo Laporte
You're so funny. Oh hey, this looks like a really good. I think I want to see this band. I know. Yeah, johnny, ebola and the malaria five. See, these are you know what? That is a gorgeous album cover.

1:35:25 - Alex Lindsay
So what I did is I what's the prompt for? The prompt was uh album cover for the band johnny ebola and the malaria five, in the style of david edward bird, who does a lot of psychedelic uh albums from the 60s and 70s and so giving it a little guidance towards it. I mean they're all good, I mean everything. I mean there's so many that were, I mean and and it's those are like here, I'll hold on. Let me send you another one here, the, just just as an, just to show you the.

1:35:55 - Leo Laporte
I think we have our cover art for the show, don't we? Oh look, here's a whole bunch more.

1:36:01 - Alex Lindsay
Those are. These are just some of the I mean like it it's incredible. These are just some of the I mean like it's incredible.

1:36:06 - Leo Laporte
You know, johnny, ebola and the Malaria 5 coming soon to a theater near you, but you might want to wear a mask. I'm just saying I'm just saying so let's take another little break and when we come back, more of your questions. Don't forget the phone number 888-724-2884. 888-724-2884. 888-724-2884. To join me and our very special guest this week, and take advantage of the fact that he's here, alex Lindsay, because he knows what he's talking about when it comes to movie making, podcast making.

1:36:45 - Alex Lindsay
Mid-journey album covers. Oh yeah, Ask him about album covers, mid-journey album covers.

1:36:48 - Leo Laporte
Oh yeah, ask him about album covers, mid journey.

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Did you see the article in the Ver verge on how to make bad phone food picks with uh mid-journey? Oh, just, actually, these look, they don't look bad. I would eat. Well, I don't know. Raisins on french fries, maybe not the best. Raisins on nachos, definitely out. Raisins on pepperoni pizza what's with the raisins?

1:40:11 - Alex Lindsay
don't push it till you try it. Really, have you tried that? No, I haven't, but I'm just saying I'm you know, raisins go with everything someone told me that ketchup and ice cream wouldn't work and I tried it and it's actually pretty good, and and, like, and and. The big thing is like most people in the united states will shudder at mayonnaise with their French fries, but once you get used to mayonnaise with their French fries, it's over.

1:40:31 - Leo Laporte
By the way, I bought a bottle of that Kewpie mayonnaise that you recommended. What did you think? It's pretty good.

1:40:36 - Alex Lindsay
I make my own mayonnaise.

1:40:37 - Leo Laporte
That's the issue. I make my own mayonnaise and that's better because it's fresh. I put a little garlic in there, that's true. You can put any flavor you want. But if you need it in a bottle, if you want to squirt mayonnaise, kewpie, for sure it's good at the barbecue. There's a picture of it. You put it on barbecue.

1:40:58 - Alex Lindsay
I put it on my. It's probably good with french fries. Actually With french fries, it's amazing.

1:41:02 - Leo Laporte
That's the actual what I use it, for I'm the only person in the house that eats mayonnaise, so it's, it's my personal body bottle of cupi. All right, 888-724-2884 or if you want to be on the zoom, mr ashley, should I? Could I go back to the email? Should we listen to a voicemail?

or or or it's two minutes before one, so you know, let me do a quick email and then we're gonna say hi to the birthday boy. One quick email and then it's gonna be birthday boy time. This is an ipad question. I wish micah were here. He's our ipad king. Host of ios today from eric. Good afternoon, micah and leo. What's the best ipad for drawing? My son wants to draw. He likes manga characters. We told the ipad air is the best iPad for drawing. My son wants to draw. He likes manga characters. We told the iPad Air is the best for that. Is that correct? Also, what pencil is the best? Now it's all changed because Apple just announced the Pencil 3, which I think is better for drawing because it has you can turn it, you get textures. But he needs to get an iPad Pro for that or it will work with the Air.

1:42:06 - Alex Lindsay
So you asked for best, not best for the best price. So best is the iPad pro right now, with the new pencil that's going to be for drawing, that's going to be the best one.

1:42:14 - Leo Laporte
And procreate. Is that what you recommend as procreate?

1:42:17 - Alex Lindsay
There's, you know there's, um, if he's learning man manga, there is shadow. I believe it's shadow draw, which is something we talked about on Mac break a long time ago. Um, and what it does is it has tons of lessons that will show you how to draw. Yeah, it's called shadow draw oh neat, and so it has tons of lessons, and manga is one of the ones that they have, if I remember correctly, have a lot of lessons around. Um, shadow draw, appcom, yeah, and, and it is uh, and so what it does is you can follow along and it will show you how to draw it, and I believe that manga is, um, uh, one of the ones that they focused on, and so you have a lot of lessons for different different lessons and so it draws for you.

Then you draw behind it and you learn the techniques. Oh yeah, I remember you talking about that yeah, so you may want to look at that one as, but as far as far as doing artwork, yeah, procreate is the gold standard on the iPad right now of drawing.

1:43:13 - Leo Laporte
It's expensive. You probably could get the 11-inch.

1:43:15 - Alex Lindsay
You don't need the 12.9, right, you could get the smaller one, as long as it supports the new Pencil 3. And that's only the new iPad Pros.

Another really fun one for drawing is called feather 3d and it is, I believe, free. It's still in beta, um, and but it's I mean wide beta, I mean it's they're still, but I think I believe it's still free. It's called feather 3d. You can draw in 3d, so, um, and so you can draw. You can literally draw on one side and then you rotate it a little bit and keep on drawing and you can can draw 3D objects with it. That's another one that's really cool. Here's good news.

1:43:48 - Leo Laporte
The Air does support the Pencil Pro. Oh well, there you go. So there you go, you're going to save some money. The screen is not OLED, it's an LCD screen, led backlit, mini LED backlit, so it's a pretty good screen. But yeah, so get yes, the air is good and get the pencil pro, the latest pen yeah, it's just being able to use the pencil pro.

1:44:07 - Alex Lindsay
That's the big.

1:44:07 - Leo Laporte
That's the big thing, yeah because it has that twist and turn, it has a racing, it has a little vibration thing and I have to admit that I just.

1:44:15 - Alex Lindsay
I have two older ipad pros and I definitely don't use them hard enough to make it worth having the pros other than so expensive. Yeah, they're expensive and I don't know if I'm using them to their full capacity.

1:44:27 - Leo Laporte
I think that the air would be great for that and the air is much more affordably. Uh priced, la eric, thank you for the question. Now, wait a minute. Before we bring him on, I gotta distribute the special gear because the birthday boy is coming on. That makes me look bald. That's not a good look. Okay, johnny Jet, join us. Johnny, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. I don't want to pay any money to a Time Warner or nothing.

1:45:03 - Alex Lindsay
You don't have to pay it. Oh, it's free now.

1:45:05 - Leo Laporte
Everybody's free. Oh good, yes, johnny Jet is our travel guru. Johnnyjetcom, yesterday was your birthday two days ago I think, oh, we missed. It okay, may 31st did you? Did you celebrate?

1:45:18 - Johnny Jet
of course I have two little kids. Man, we woke up and the tradition in our family is that we have cake for breakfast nice for everyone's birthday I think, because they have school and usually anyway, wake up.

1:45:31 - Leo Laporte
What's your cake? What kind of cake do you like?

1:45:33 - Johnny Jet
well, my wife made me an ice cream cake. Oh, yum, yum, yum. My wife's amazing baker, oh, yeah, it was.

1:45:41 - Leo Laporte
I mean, it was too good. So happy birthday, john John. Thank you, I appreciate it. Yeah, what's?

1:45:47 - Johnny Jet
new in the jet world. I missed going on last month because I was at a convention and when I was at the convention I had a question for you.

1:45:54 - Leo Laporte
Before you ask the question, I got to point out that the Memorial Day weekend was the most traveled busiest weekend of all time. Yes, According to the TSA.

1:46:06 - Johnny Jet
Definitely Huge numbers, almost weekend of all time. Yes, according to the tsa, definitely huge numbers almost three million. We've never passed three million wow I didn't even leave my house.

1:46:13 - Alex Lindsay
Yeah, I was like I'm staying in.

1:46:15 - Leo Laporte
Yeah I'm, that's the time to stay I usually do.

1:46:17 - Johnny Jet
I usually always go to connecticut, to where I grew up. Yeah and uh. I did not this year because we're going on a way on a big trip coming up and I didn't, it was just too much.

1:46:26 - Leo Laporte
You want to tell us where you're going.

1:46:29 - Johnny Jet
I'm going to Europe.

1:46:30 - Leo Laporte

1:46:32 - Alex Lindsay
Everybody's going to Europe. It's a great place to go.

1:46:34 - Leo Laporte
You know, I think it'll be full of people this summer.

1:46:37 - Johnny Jet
Oh, I mean, I was there last summer. It was crazy, especially in Italy. I mean, I had a difficult time finding a taxi at times and yeah, you got to. When you're in Europe, you got to plan in advance. Actually, one of my tips this past couple of weeks was you know, if you're going to go on excursions, book them now, not just cruise excursions, but any kind of sightseeing tour. Whatever you want to do, If you want to get tickets to some kind of attraction, you make sure you do it in advance, because my kids last year wanted to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa and we we were on a cruise ship. I was like you know what, we'll just get a taxi. We couldn't get a taxi, we couldn't get a bus, we couldn't get a limo service. It was a zoo and we did not get to go oh, that's frustrating yeah, so do it in advance and you can ask us your question now.

I just wanted to get that, um, no, I mean, one of the questions was I was at this convention and I forgot my business cards, and you know, and one guy just whips out his phone and he had actually you have your iphone with you.

1:47:43 - Leo Laporte
We're gonna show you. Show you this I've done the tap before so it's safe though.

1:47:49 - Johnny Jet
Yeah, safe okay sounds like you know, don't, don't keep that on because someone can touch your phone and tap the top of my phone.

1:47:56 - Leo Laporte
Uh, get, can you get the overhead shots, because it does a cool effect. Um, get the overhead shot on my phone. And then, uh, alex, give me your phone so I can tap the top. Watch this, this is really. And look, I just sent my contact to Alex and Alex just sent his contact to me. Isn't that awesome? That's awesome, isn't that great?

1:48:21 - Johnny Jet
Do they have to have an iPhone or can they have an?

1:48:23 - Leo Laporte
Android. Yeah, they have to have an iPhone. In fact, they have to have a late model iPhone. I think it's like last version. It's iOS 17,. Right, it's part of the iOS, I think.

1:48:32 - Johnny Jet
So I actually have mine toggled off. You didn't know that I have.

1:48:35 - Alex Lindsay
No people have used it. Yeah, People have used it with me. Like, hey, I put it end to.

I don't know. Someone told me that I was like you know, just know what you're. You just got to know what's in your contact when you share it. That's exactly right. What information are you keeping in your own profile? Right, so, but if you keep the information that you want, I have to admit that I don't do it very often because I don't really share my number very often. Leo already has my number, so he doesn't need it. Right, an email like I give, I give, I give cards out with emails, and if I want to give some of my phone number, uh, I write it down on the back. Me too. Same thing. Yeah, because I don't, I don't give addresses or I just give. Like, all you need is an email. Now I have a qr code on the back of my my card that you can just point your phone at and grab. You know, like I I do that.

1:49:18 - Leo Laporte
That's another way to do with a little qr code, yeah, but that, I think, is less secure in a way, because you don't you know, if someone else is giving you one?

1:49:26 - Alex Lindsay
anybody can see the QR code, the thing it just. It lets them go to my site.

1:49:29 - Leo Laporte
Look at this, so this you go into contacts and you set up your card, right, and you set it up with the stuff that you want to share, and it even will show you what it's going to look like when, when you share it, you see all of that little thing like there and it shows you the picture and everything. And then you can you can actually edit it if I press the edit button so that you know exactly what you're sharing. So if you're worried, you know, don't share your home address, don't share your personal number, share a business number, that kind of thing. You can control what's being shared out, right, yeah, what do you?

1:50:04 - Johnny Jet
think about the digital business card. Same thing what's being shared out right?

1:50:07 - Leo Laporte
yeah, I don't. What do you think about the digital business card? Same thing. Well, yeah, I guess it would be that I feel like I trust apple better than I would trust a qr code. But of course, a qr code or a digital business card only has the information you give it, so it's the same in that respect yeah, okay, all right yeah, I certainly wouldn't.

Wouldn't hide that I remember going to I've told this story before going to a Comdex. This is how long ago this was in Las Vegas, when Intel had a technology that you put in your shoe it was a capacitive business card and then when you shook somebody's hand, it would make the connection palm to palm and their shoe would send their business card to your shoe and your shoe would send their business card to your shoe and your shoe would send your business card to their shoe. That's how long we've been trying to solve this problem.

1:50:54 - Alex Lindsay
That didn't take off yeah, and someone was using something at, at, at nab, and I I think it might have been popple, uh, p-o-p-l. Um, that is another one of those. Like, I can show you my qr code and it'll, um, I think that that was the one that a couple people were using that I saw there that I hadn't seen before. It seems like there's a lot of these, yeah, kinds of things how to make it easy to pass your information to somebody.

1:51:22 - Leo Laporte
Oplco is the website, the number one digital business card for lead capture. See, that's why I kind of like doing the apple. I don't.

1:51:31 - Alex Lindsay
I'm not capturing a lead, I'm just sharing my phone number with a buddy, right but at one of these shows, a lot of times you're trying to I mean there's a friction, like I always.

1:51:40 - Caller
Uh, you know I scan a lot of cards and yeah the one thing I learned when you get a lot of cards gotta stop.

1:51:46 - Alex Lindsay
The one thing with the cards is that I've gotten very touchy about like because I scan cards. I make cards a very specific way, which is very clear text yes, black over white. Yes, like, it doesn't matter what it looks like. Like people send me a black card with dark gray on top of it Cause it looks cool and I'm like, well, yeah, but I can't scan it. Like the chances of me getting this I'm not going to like. I look at that kind of card and I go I'm going to have to type in from Amazon. I don't want to do that.

1:52:09 - Leo Laporte
That's why I like touching the tops like that. It's a cool effect, everybody likes it, it shares your picture too, and that picture gets populated in context, which I like. And yeah, just to me, that's a very simple, easy way to do it. By the way, that's the same way. You can also airdrop files to somebody, so it's it's not unusual that I'll take a picture with somebody. Uh, we happened the other day. Lisa and I were at a restaurant. The cutest baby Lisa took a picture and then she told the mom would you like the picture, cause it was a great picture? And she says do you have an iPhone? She says yes, but they just, and it airdrops over to her in full quality air drops over to her in full quality and it's really good.

1:52:48 - Alex Lindsay
By the way, it's, it's great to do that when you're all sitting in the same place. You know, one of the things that uh, uh, that happens is like I shot video my daughter's in a band and so I shot all her stuff, but of course, everybody else in the band wants it. Yeah, when they're all there, give it to them, because texting it takes a long time yeah, and it's, and it lowers the quality yeah, too.

1:53:03 - Leo Laporte
Especially if they're on Android, it really ruins it. So no, johnny, I think that's safe and secure and you go ahead and do it.

1:53:10 - Johnny Jet
Well, speaking of sharing information, one of my stories I wrote. I wrote a story yesterday that's gone viral. Newsbreak picked it up MSN. A Kentucky family is out of $15,000 because she accidentally posted their itinerary on Facebook their Carnival cruise it wasn't just her itinerary, wasn't it the ticket?

number. The confirmation code was in the itinerary, yeah, and she was excited to share it. And then someone, supposedly from British Columbia, got a hold of it, created a new account. I guess I don't know if they were going to try and take the whole cabin and everything, but two days before either they got scared or they just canceled it just out of spite, so they canceled her trip.

1:53:53 - Leo Laporte
She arrives at the boat and they say, no, you canceled Well fortunately she didn't arrive.

1:53:57 - Johnny Jet
She actually went to the boat even. But she already knew because two days before one of her excursions was canceled. So she called to find out why the excursion was canceled. Like well, your cruise was canceled. They're like what are you talking about?

1:54:10 - Leo Laporte
we're all here and that's the worst, your worst nightmare so I mean her video is so long you don't even want to watch it. Did she get the trip or no?

1:54:20 - Johnny Jet
she's out 15 grand it's a whole saga, saga um. I think she spent 10 000 on the cruise, two thousand for flights, two thousand on excursions.

1:54:30 - Leo Laporte
And well, now carnival's gotta give it back to her but someone else rebooked that.

1:54:35 - Johnny Jet
Someone else booked that suite that she had. So they gave her a crappy little money, crappy little back room they offered her um two interior rooms and she's like no. And then they offered her credit and she didn't want the credit either, which I thought was um generous of them yeah, I was like I wouldn't, I would have taken the credit.

It's like yeah, you can't. You can't cancel a cruise last minute, right, unless you have travel insurance or you have some kind of deal. But she was trying to rebook for another cruise. They're like we're sold out one thing. Another thing about travel you know europe's crazy, but travel in general and cruises. I just booked a cruise for two christmases from now because that's because all the ones for this christmas are sold out.

1:55:18 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, all the good ones yeah, I can't plan that far. I I usually don't need it. I I, when we book trips a year in advance, we have a Mississippi River cruise. I'll give you the confirmation number, Johnny. So you can join us. We're going to do that in the fall of 2025. I book these things way in advance. Yeah, you do. Sometimes I regret it, but that's the way you get the room you want and you get it ahead of time.

1:55:44 - Johnny Jet
Exactly, and we always right after, sorry, right after COVID. You know everyone had all these credits they had to use.

1:55:52 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, well, that was yeah, that we did a credit. We had a COVID cruise. It got canceled twice. We finally went last year. The other thing is you, if you book in advance, you can usually get all your money back or most of your money back until like 120 days out. But we also always get travel insurance. My our travel agent says you're crazy, I've never used it. I feel like maybe I should never have bought travel insurance, right, but well, we always do right, I work with allianz travel insurance that's who we get it from yeah yeah, I mean, and they're great.

1:56:24 - Johnny Jet
So and I've used it because my kids have gone to either hospitals. Actually the last time we were on a cruise we went to the ship, doctor Right.

1:56:31 - Leo Laporte
That's 2000 bucks, by the way.

1:56:33 - Johnny Jet
Oh, it was actually 180. Oh, okay, which was a great deal, and you know we got that reimbursed. But you know what we're worried about as like a big emergency room bill or it could be. It could be thousands, that's right oh it could be hundreds of thousands if you have to be evacuated if the countries know what to do.

1:56:50 - Alex Lindsay
I broke my toe in germany and they fixed my toe and they just didn't understand how to bill me like they're like americans are crazy. We don't have bills like there's too much paper we got it we just tap your toe and send you home.

1:57:02 - Johnny Jet
So yes, some countries will pay it. One of my friends was sick in australia no bill. I have other friends who were in mexico that were sick and they wouldn't even operate on until they paid up in advance I have.

1:57:14 - Leo Laporte
I because we travel a lot. I did get and it's very expensive in american express platinum card, but one of the advantages of that is they will helicopter you out, they will fly you, they'll medevac you if you need to get home because of it Well, MedJet Assist does the same thing.

1:57:31 - Johnny Jet
If you're 100 miles away from home or more, they'll take you to the hospital of your choice. So if you're in Kenya and you don't want to go to a hospital in Europe or anywhere in Africa, you can go right to the hospital at home.

1:57:42 - Leo Laporte
Truthfully, these days you're better off anywhere but in the United States or, truthfully, these days you're better off anywhere but in the united states. But I don't want to. Let's not get political. So, bottom line do not take pictures of your boarding pass, of your confirmations, don't put that stuff on tiktok, instagram, facebook. That's, those qr codes, those barcodes, those numbers are are fact. You even say tear up your boarding pass when you get off the plane.

1:58:10 - Johnny Jet
Don't leave it in the seat pack pocket, just don't leave it in the seat, but I actually keep mine because I I'm a hoarder and I like to have. I have every one of my boarding passes ever.

1:58:17 - Leo Laporte
I wanted to make wallpaper one day oh interesting, that's a good idea.

1:58:21 - Johnny Jet
And I keep my kids so they know where they want.

1:58:23 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, I have a little special box for them but those, yes, those things have a lot of information on those boarding passes they do.

1:58:31 - Johnny Jet
And actually one of my friends posted a air france boarding pass because it was really cool. He had two flights on there. It showed the connecting flight on the one was one boarding pass for two flights, which you know. He was like look at this. But anyway, he has confirmation number on there. So before I told him I wanted to make sure. I just logged on to air france, put in his confirmation his last name, boom, I had everything. I could have canceled his flight easily see.

Don't do and uh so then I told him right, I said listen, you got to take that down, and he did. But don't show that stuff, it's kind of show-offy anyway I mean, yeah, people are excited they got upgraded, or upgraded or they're going away on a nice trip. I mean I can't blame them, but it's best not even tell anyone that you're going away. You tell them after Because you don't want people to know that you're not home. So they rob your house. That's right, we're back.

1:59:20 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, yeah, exactly, johnny is a travel guru. I love your wife's article on johnnyjetcom. Has Natalie been writing for you?

1:59:30 - Johnny Jet
Oh yeah, that's great. She writes a lot, she's. You know, we met on a press trip and I finally got her to quit her magazine job in canada and uh and move in.

1:59:40 - Leo Laporte
Don't leave home without the summer's hottest travel gadget.

1:59:44 - Johnny Jet
It's air tags I mean air tags. The last two years, everyone's using.

1:59:49 - Leo Laporte
I have them in my luggage I have them everywhere I have.

1:59:52 - Alex Lindsay
I have so many air tags and I open them up and they're, and they're just like, well, you got six of them in la and there's four of them in san rafael and then there's four at your house. That's the only problem you gotta. You got six of them in LA and there's four of them in San Rafael and then there's four at your house.

2:00:01 - Leo Laporte
That's the only problem. You got to kind of train them not to notify you every time you go anywhere. As soon as I drive away from the house, I get five notifications saying you just left your thing behind. I know I did, but I'll be back. I didn't leave them. They left me. No, I have. Uh. When, uh, father robert was at ces this year, he brought me back a air tag for the wallet which is it's a third party but it supports apple's air tag. I guess that's an api or something I was going to show you if I. Is it like a credit card?

yeah, it's a credit card, so it fits in your, in your Costanza, and it looks cool too. It's just like that and it is it's. It's got a little air close up I can't see.

2:00:52 - Johnny Jet
Well, it's also got a QR code you could use as a business card.

2:01:02 - Leo Laporte
So getting full circle right around to the back of that Isn't that cool and it is. It's pretty thin. How much is that? I don't know. Father Robert gave it to me. I don't even know the name of it. What does it say on there? I can't even read it. Something square, so I something square. So uh, I'll find out and I'll get you a link to it. But it's kind of a neat idea. So, yeah, I find my in everything everything and you know.

2:01:27 - Johnny Jet
Speaking your wallet, you should, you know, either scan every credit card that's in there, front and back. So, just in case, god forbid, you lose it or get stolen while you're away, you can access it, put it either on a remote server where you can with secure, or photocopy it and put it in a different place. I gotta have it.

2:01:48 - Leo Laporte
Last week I got a box from apple. I thought what did I get a box from apple for? How exciting. I haven't ordered anything. Maybe they're just going to send me something for free. No, it was a beautiful box that contained a brand new titanium apple card. In fact, it also had a return envelope to recycle the old apple card. They don't mess around. Lisa said how come you get that? I said well, I have a. Don't you have a card? She said no, I guess not everybody gets an apple card, because a physical. I don't have. An apple card, I don't have one. Ah, maybe I'm just lucky. It doesn't have a number on it, just has my name on it. That's all you can, and you can change it regularly. Yeah, isn't that funny.

2:02:28 - Alex Lindsay
And it's made of titanium.

2:02:30 - Leo Laporte
So um I I wish it were an air tag too, they would. They missed a bit on that one.

2:02:35 - Alex Lindsay
They should have made an air tag man, I would love that to, to have an AirTag in it. Yeah, so that whatever's in yeah, I do lose my you leave your wallet behind?

Yeah, tell the story about where you lost your car. It's complicated, so I needed so the issue is very hard to take me seriously when I have I decided to make this like a unicorn hat. So the um, but I, I, uh, I. So what happened was that I was doing barbecue, it was on the, it was the, it was halloween, I remember, because my kids didn't go out for halloween because of this um, so they got dressed up, they just didn't go out. So anyway, no, I had to make it up for them. So, anyway, but the uh.

So I was doing a barbecue and I was missing. I think it was like matches or lighter fluid or something. It was like something minor. So I said I'm going to, I'm going to. Just, I'm in a real rush. I'm just going to run down to the liquor store, which is about a block and a half away, and because I was in a rush, I just jumped in my car. But I never go to the liquor store Because it's a block away, a block and a half away, and so I got over there. I got the lighter. You forgot you drove over.

I forgot I drove over and went right back.

2:03:44 - Leo Laporte
You walked home.

2:03:46 - Alex Lindsay
I just walked home because that's what I always do, sure, as one does and so my mind was thinking about something else, and so I got there, I did the barbecue and I came out about an hour. The car is gone and we have a place where you could theoretically walk into the back area and drive out with the car, and I was like the car is gone. I asked my wife where the car was. She's like I don't know, and there was like 20 minutes of trying to figure out what happened. I had completely forgotten you need an air tag in your car. So anyway, so long story short, we did call the Nevada Police Department. Oh no, and they were there in two minutes.

2:04:24 - Leo Laporte
I mean the one thing about nevada, petaluma, I'm sorry, petaluma, the police department. One thing about petaluma man. They respond quick, yeah, you know nothing else to do, and they send eight cars because they're all bored and they just oh, there's something happening, alexa.

2:04:31 - Alex Lindsay
Someone showed up immediately. They got the description. By the time they had finished the description, they said, oh, she goes like this and she goes uh, we have your car. And I was like, oh, that's great, and she's like, it's at. And then she looked at me she goes, it's at the liquor store.

2:04:47 - Leo Laporte
I'm so sorry. How embarrassing. And it all came back to me that I had taken the car. Oh, I drove it over and walked home. It's complicated.

2:04:54 - Johnny Jet
I've taken the wrong rental car twice before. Yeah well, that's easy. From the valet, that's easy. Hotel valet, not, not a rental car. Wait, what happened? He gave you the wrong keys. Oh wow, and I didn't realize it until I was like 20 miles down the road one time there's a.

2:05:10 - Alex Lindsay
You know there's a uh, I think it was gm that only had 26 pairs of keys, like 26 combinations, oh, for a while. And I actually went to the wrong car and it was like a pennsylvania turnpike, whatever. I went to the same model, but not my mom's car with her keys, when I was like 16 or whatever, and opened the car and got in and looked at it. I'm sitting in this car going. This doesn't look right, like, like, like it works, though like I couldn't figure out what. It was. The same model car. I just couldn't figure out what was wrong with it and I realized I'm in the wrong car. You know, like I don't know how that happened. And then I did research and found out that there was a minuscule chance that you could walk up to the wrong car.

2:05:47 - Leo Laporte
Wow, One in 23, apparently.

2:05:49 - Alex Lindsay
Yeah, one in 26.

2:05:50 - Johnny Jet
Johnny and I had a restaurant. Give me, give someone my car, a valet.

2:05:57 - Leo Laporte
We had the same car, but anyway it sounds like it's a could be the plot of a martin scorsese film, the point.

2:06:02 - Alex Lindsay
The point we're trying to make is that air tags are awesome yes, and you should have it in everything, exactly.

2:06:07 - Leo Laporte
And if your air tag is not saying hello, you're in the wrong car. Johnnyjetcom, that's the place to go. He's on instagram. He's on youtube. He's. You're doing any more youtube stuff?

2:06:17 - Johnny Jet
yeah, you know I, I do some, not as much as I did, but I do need to pick it up some more well, you know, uh, it was kind of a slow period for about four years because of the plague. Yes, yeah, I mean it. It jump-started me to do a podcast, which I wanted to do or interview people.

2:06:36 - Leo Laporte
I think it's one of the reasons people are traveling so much now. I even predicted this. I said once the plague is over, it's going to be. That's what happened in the 1920s. The 1918 spanish flu, that plague everybody did the same thing they masked, they stayed home, but the sooner it was over. As soon as they got the all clear, the roaring 20s happened. Now I don't want to mention that the roaring 20s ended with the great stock market crash of 1929. We won't. We won't talk about that.

But but, I think people will. They've been pent up. Demand right, I'm getting out of here yep, they take it for granted.

2:07:10 - Johnny Jet
You know, they thought they could go anywhere at the drop of a hat. I go to australia tonight if I wanted to, and then you realize, you know these countries close.

2:07:17 - Leo Laporte
here's johnny wearing a octopus on his head Just part of the many fun things you'll see at youtubecom slash.

2:07:26 - Johnny Jet
Johnny Jet, that was a live octopus.

2:07:29 - Leo Laporte
Okay. That was not the smartest thing You're very brave Is that back in your Johnny Jet ski, not Johnny Jet travel.

2:07:36 - Johnny Jet
No, I was Johnny Jet, but that was in French Polynesia and I was on a tour and the guy just threw it on my head. I was like wow.

2:07:43 - Leo Laporte
As one does. Thank you, john. Happy birthday, I'm glad you had a great birthday, I appreciate it, and are we going to talk to you before your big European adventure or no? But afterwards, when you get back, we'll have lots of stories with Johnny Jet. Thank you, john, take care back. We'll have lots of stories with johnny jet.

Thank you, john, take care. Take care. Great to see you. Happy birthday, dave alex. Uh, we got time for a break and then one more call. Okay, we're gonna do that in just a bit. You're watching, ask the tech guys. Mike has got the week off, but I am so thrilled having a great time that we could get. You see, isn't this fun? Yeah, it's great. I love it. That's who I should have given the radio show to this guy here alex lindsey. Office hours dot global. By the way, you can't hire alex. He is at 090 dot media. Hire him the next time you need to do a big company event. They do it right. They make sure all the i's are dotted, the t's are dotted, the T's are crossed. All right, let's do a phone call. We're going to continue on, I think, our last call of the day at this point on Ask the Tech Guys with Alex Lindsay and Leo Laporte. Who should we talk to? Let's pull them up right now. Press star six to unmute Right, is that right?

2:08:59 - Caller
You just need to unmute right here, hi.

2:09:11 - Leo Laporte
Oh, there he is.

2:09:11 - Caller
Hey, hi guys, you're lars, is that your name? Yes, lars, from munich in germany. He's calling from munchen moin, moin lars. Hey, how are?

2:09:17 - Leo Laporte
you, leo. I'm great welcome. It's nice to have a caller. How's your toe? That's where Alex got his toe fixed.

2:09:25 - Caller
by the way. Oh, my toes are fine Good. Good health care in Germany.

2:09:27 - Leo Laporte
Yes, so I hear that's what Alex was saying. So what can we do for you?

2:09:36 - Caller
Right. So I do a lot of remote meetings, like we all do, but I do it in front of a green wall and I like to have a whiteboard in the background. But what I really love doing is showing my screen with the software and then writing white right on the software oh, I don't know anybody who?

2:09:52 - Leo Laporte
does anything like that, my version my version of that's fairly complicated.

2:09:58 - Alex Lindsay
What Are you using? A Mac or a PC?

2:10:02 - Caller
I'm on a Mac and I'm actually what I'm doing right now and maybe there's a better way. But what I'm doing right now is I'm sending out the video from OBS via NDI and then I get it on the iPad and on there I create another NDI stream that's transparent and I put that back as a layer in OBS. Oh, how clever.

2:10:23 - Alex Lindsay
That's quite clever, so using an alpha channel for the telestrator and I do mine in a similar way. So what I have there's two different ways that. I think that there's lots of different ways to do it. You're very close to both of them that work well. So one way to do it is what you're doing there. Another one I do this all the time I've been doing telestration for a long time. There's an iPad app called Video Pencil. Michael Forrest makes it and he I can't think he also makes some other apps. But Video Pencil will take the NDI feed, allow you to send it over to your iPad and it will send back an NDI feed of the composited finish piece right through the iPad. So that that's another, another way for you.

2:11:10 - Leo Laporte
So for people who are not as sophisticated as you. Uh, there's HDMI, which is one way of getting video from a device to another device. Right. There is NDI, which does it over the getting video from a device to another device. Right, there is NDI, which does it over the network. It's a network. Yeah, it's a digital interface, exactly Okay, so.

2:11:27 - Alex Lindsay
So the so NDI was created by NewTek. Now they're part of VizRT and it will. It's an easy way to use your network to get video passing back and forth, and so OBS can pass the NDI to video pencil. Video pencil can composite it and send it back to there, and I think it can send you back the clean drawing as well, if you want to do the composite inside of OBS. But I'm not 100% sure of that. So that's one way to do it and that's probably the closest to what you already have. Probably the closest to what you already have.

Uh, the way I do it is I have a um, uh, I made an app for this and so I, it's in test, it's in test flight right now. If you find your, if you go to office hours, global and find your way into discord and find your way to me, uh, or the guys can get you in contact or whatever, but I, you know, if you're interested, you can ping me. But we're very close to releasing it and basically what ours, what mine does, is uh, mine talks, I, it runs on a mac mini, the mac. What we do is the output of the mac mini goes into a hardware switcher. It goes into an oh my god, the a, then it comps it and then the, and then the atems program goes out to a wacom tablet. A wacom tablet, and so I'm on a Wacom tablet. A Wacom tablet, and so I'm on a Wacom tablet. That's there. And the nice thing about that is I can draw over everything that I'm working on.

2:12:51 - Leo Laporte
I'm trying to find a clip from office hours where you're actually using your telestrator.

2:12:54 - Alex Lindsay
I do use it pretty often, but anyway. So that's my round trip.

2:13:03 - Leo Laporte
It does require a.

2:13:03 - Alex Lindsay
Mac Mini to do it, m1 or better, mac mini. It looks so good and it's so smooth and it's, and the big thing is, is that what I did is I put a bunch of uh key strokes to it, so there's no interface, it's all key strokes, and I use a stream deck. So I've got a stream deck 32 uh like the xl or whatever down the side, and then I just tap on. I have presets for thickness and color and all kinds of other stuff, so I can sit there and draw it while I'm talking and it's it's a, so that way I can switch colors very, very fast. The whole thing for me is is that I have to be able to do it very quickly, you know, because I'm talking and drawing and everything else, and so that's the one that I, that I have. I guess we're probably we're hopefully about a month out from actually really finally, after all these years.

I wrote a really bad version of it, I don't know, 10 years ago, and then had a friend of mine write a better version and then and then got a real pro, you know, like he was a real programmer, but he only had a weekend. Then I had a great programmer, uh, um, in mexico city, right, an incredible version of it. We've been working on for about the last year and we've been uh, it'll run, hopefully, if everything goes well, on the ipad and the and the and the mac and we're pretty close to releasing so with this app, I'd run it on the ipad.

2:14:06 - Leo Laporte
Uh, and I would have. What would I see on the ipad? Nothing, or would I see the video?

2:14:10 - Alex Lindsay
on video pencil. You'd see the video, um, on mine. It's not on an ipad yet. Okay, it's on the mac os. And what you see, if you do it the way I do it, which is going through a switcher and everything else, you just see what you're drawing. So that's actually nice. So it's as you can see it's direct.

2:14:25 - Caller
You should be able to see some of that, and you should see that in a video pencil as well.

2:14:31 - Alex Lindsay
I think that for your workflow, the what you have already video pencils are very small jump for you Actually actually I'm using videocil already for the NDI stuff.

2:14:41 - Caller
And what I love about it is I can see everything I have on my screen and when I want to showcase the software or something, I can really draw on the software itself. But the problem I have is the video on the iPad via NDI gets super laggy. Do you have any idea where that comes from?

2:15:02 - Alex Lindsay
Yeah, it's just you're pushing a lot of data in and out of it. The problem that you're running into is exactly why I use hardware for that. My version of it is more expensive and more complicated and it's also got zero latency Because it can keep up, because you've got a dedicated Mac doing all the work. I have a mac and I have a atem little atem switcher, um, and a whack and a wacom one tablet, so it's not my solution is about a thousand dollars of hardware.

That makes it go, but because I use it all day, every day, and I've been doing that for 10 years, it's worth the investment of to do it. Um, so, so it's, but yeah, so the video pencil is the more straightforward and you're already using that, but what version of the iPad are you using? Ipad Pro 12.9, so the one from last year, and are you using it over Wi-Fi or over Ethernet?

2:15:57 - Caller
Actually, I'm using it over Wi-Fi and that would be my next question Will it work better over?

2:16:01 - Alex Lindsay
you can connect it to ethernet and you may find that that that lag is drop, drops or is eliminated by the ethernet. So you can get a usbc to ethernet adapter. Um, you, you might want to get a hub for it, because you have to deliver uh power back to the ipad, so, um, so get a, get a small hub, you know, plug it in and you'll have a. It'll have usually a couple other little things, but one of them will be up to look for hubs that support up to 100 watts. It's important because some of them won't, and then your ipad will actually drain down slowly because it's using so much power with video pencils, so with ndi.

So make sure that you have one that'll deliver 100 watts um into that, into into that, into that breakout. You'll plug that into the USB-C you'll have. That hub should have an ethernet out. You'll take that ethernet and run it into your network, into your network and it should be then from then on, uh and you can turn. The iPad makes it very easy to choose a ethernet. I think it automatically will do ethernet if it sees it and then and then that should greatly reduce the latency and it may increase the stability as well and you had a great interview with the creator of a video pencil on office hours.

2:17:11 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, squarestv, so people can see.

2:17:15 - Alex Lindsay
Can see that and can see your recommendations and michael forrest does a, he does step, he does um, uh, in our in office hours. He actually um does a lab every thursday, I think at 10 am, pacific standard time um, where he goes through and shows new features and answers questions and so on and so forth. So he, that might be another way to get a hold of michael as well.

2:17:36 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, using the ipad as a telestrator large. Thank you, alex, that was super helpful.

2:17:40 - Caller
Is this just for?

2:17:40 - Leo Laporte
your business, or do you do iPad as a telestrator? Thank you, alex, that was super helpful. Is this just for your business or do you do this as a YouTube channel?

2:17:47 - Caller
No, I'm a freelancer for CRM software and I do this mainly for my business. For training Right now, yes, for training, software training. I'm thinking about starting a YouTube channel, but it's all for business, and actually I'm deducting the cost for Club Twit from my business too.

2:18:06 - Leo Laporte
Thank you, and thank you for being in the club. I really appreciate it. Oh this.

2:18:11 - Caller
Yeah, I found you guys. I found you guys via security. Now and now I'm addicted to the whole network.

2:18:19 - Leo Laporte
I love it. Well, however, you, whatever the, whatever the gateway drug is, I'm glad you got in, uh, and I, and I couldn't you couldn't have called it a better time. I mean, you have the king of uh, the telestrator, uh, on the show right now. Uh, it's always amazing.

2:18:35 - Caller
Actually, I hang out quite. I hang out here quite often, but today it's the first time I called in because of Alex.

2:18:42 - Leo Laporte
Very nice, Lars. I appreciate it. It's great to have you in the club and thanks for calling in. Thanks, Lars. Auf.

Wiedersehen, bye-bye, bye-bye From Munchen, the home of Oktoberfest, which is in September, so don't go late. I'm just saying, alex Lindsay, I can't thank you enough for doing this anytime. He just we said, hey, mike is not going to be here. We got an empty chair, would you like to come up? And he just jumped at it. Uh, I'm giving you a used sous vide as your reward. Can't wait. Uh, office hoursglobal. Yep, you do grade matter with michael kresny at grade mattershow. That's right, you do. You started doing your own interviews now, which I think is really great. Is that on YouTube? That's a part of Office Hours? It's on.

2:19:24 - Alex Lindsay
Office Hours and it's called. We're doing what we call Fireside Chats and we had David Pogue and Emery Wells. Emery Wells started Frameio and sold it to Adobe and then Andy Carluccio from Zoom.

2:19:42 - Leo Laporte
Zoom, colin Henry from zoom uh calling henry from uh, from here. She started here, she was our chief engineer and we've got dave whiskus coming up next week.

2:19:45 - Alex Lindsay
Dave whiskus is from nebula and nebula is a huge creator network and so we'll be interviewing him. Yeah, and so it's really just trying to find thinkers from different parts of the digital media world, um, and it's mostly focused on those types of interviews, um and but we do it live so that people can ask questions. You know, I love people, love people asking questions, so I start asking the questions, but the questions start rolling in live and we ask those as well.

2:20:05 - Leo Laporte
It's YouTube dot com. Slash office hours global. Make sure you add the global office hours global and, of course, office hours dot global on the Web. And of every two, there you go, and every Tuesday on Mac break weekly, when the the president doesn't call you're here I mostly work on.

2:20:27 - Alex Lindsay
my day job is mostly working on live events to large screens, theaters, so mostly theaters. But we do a lot of stuff for red carpets and movie releases oh, that's cool. And then also um some, some sports and and some virtual events really cool thank you, alex.

2:20:44 - Leo Laporte
Thanks to all of you who join us. If you're not yet a member of the club, please consider, and thank you if you are. We really appreciate our club members. You help us out a lot. We do. Uh, this show ask the tech guys every sunday right beforeit. So it's about 11 am Pacific, 2 pm Eastern Time, 1800 UTC. All the shows get streamed live from beginning to end at YouTube, including this one, so you can watch it there. Of course, if you're in the club you can also watch it in the Discord. Often people watch YouTube. Work seems to work better, so you're welcome to do that. After the fact, you can also watch the show.

We kept the old website,, but of course it points to slash ATG. You can download shows there, audio or video, you can. Well, I guess. The video has audio, but the audio is no, it doesn't have. The video has audio, but the audio is no, it doesn't have the video. So you know what I'm saying. There's also, there's also a YouTube channel that is only the video, no audio. No, they have the audio. To come to think of it, Uh, youtubecom slash has to attack guys, but the best thing to do, subscribe and your favorite podcast client. That way you'll get it automatically as soon as uh, as soon as we get it all edited, as soon as John Ashley finishes polishing it up. Thank you, John Ashley, our producer. Studio manager Jammer B, John Slanina, Burke McQuinn, the guy with the hammer. Thank you to Alex Lindsay for being here. Mikah will be back next week. I'm Leo Laporte saying have a great geek week. Bye-bye.

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