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00:00 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Well, hey, hey, hey, how are you today? I'm Leo Laporte. It's time for Ask the Tech Guys Coming up. Johnny Jett he has been completely compromised. Our suggestions for securing his everything after the fact.

00:14 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
And I'm Micah Sargent and we answer the question should you buy an extra Apple Vision Pro battery or just go with an external battery pack?

00:22 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Plus, micah will demonstrate his Vision Pro and give us his early impressions. A big show coming up next on Ask the Tech Guys Podcasts you love.

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From people you trust. This is Tweet.

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This is Ask the Tech Guys, with Micah Sargent and Leo Laporte, episode 2010, recorded Sunday, february 4th 2024. Go, team Fluff. This episode brought to you by Robinhood. Did you know that even if you have a 401k for retirement, you can still have an IRA? Robinhood is the only IRA that gives you a 3% boost on every dollar you contribute when you subscribe to Robinhood Gold. But get this now. Through April 30th, robinhood is even boosting every single dollar you transfer in from other retirement accounts with a 3% match. That's right no cap on the 3% match. Robinhood Gold gets you the most for your retirement thanks to their IRA with a 3% match. This offer is good through April 30th. Get started at Robinhoodcom. Slash boost Subscription fees apply. And now for some legal info Claim as of Q1 2024, validated by Radius Global Market Research.

Investing involves risk, including loss. Limitations apply to IRAs and 401ks. 3% match requires Robinhood Gold for one year from the date of first 3% match Must keep Robinhood IRA for five years. The 3% matching on transfers is subject to specific terms and conditions. Robinhood IRA available to US customers in good standing. Robinhood Financial LLC member SIPC, is a registered broker dealer. Well, hey, hey, hey. How are you today? It's time for Ask the Tech Guys I'm Leo Laporte that there is Mike a Sergeant and it is to oh dear, oh dear. He is wearing his spooky eyes. You know what? I don't see your eyes. I just see a glowing white one thing that he's wearing the vision pro kids. For those of you at home not watching, because he got one on Friday.

I did a whole unboxing club members could see the whole thing. The rest of you could see the first half, I what. So you've had it now for three days. Have you been wearing it?

02:40 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
constantly. I've never taken it off, and that's why I no longer have a nose.

02:44 - Leo Laporte (Host)
We should point out. You're for those watching the video. You're seeing the airplay of it, but it's a little.

02:49 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
He has her key to David.

02:50 - Leo Laporte (Host)
It was when we did it's dropping frames, and I think maybe because you're so far away from the airplay device or something. Yeah, or are the Wi-Fi? Oh, it's right there, you're too close.

02:59 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Who knows the?

03:00 - Leo Laporte (Host)
device. But what do you think so?

03:05 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
again. My initial impressions remain the same, that I X. Based on the early reviews and what folks had said whenever they got to try it on at WWDC, I expected when I put it on, to not be able to tell the difference between my actual vision and the vision pro looking out. There is absolutely a difference. It is vastly different from actually having it off of your face and looking around you. Despite all the people who are driving cyber trucks?

03:33 - Leo Laporte (Host)
or like Casey Neistat, by the way, I got mine. These are fifty nine cents.

03:37 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Those are so nice, I wait hold on what's the gesture? How do you control your head?

03:44 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Casey Neistat was skateboarding through Manhattan, got on a subway and almost didn't mind the gap. A lot of people are walking around with it, but this was my thought also after we tried it on Friday. This is absolutely a VR device. Apple may push the augmented reality aspects of it, but just like the meta, you can see, like meta, the meta quest three, you can see this around you. Yeah, but it doesn't mean you would use it to walk around the house.

04:13 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
No, in fact I wouldn't want to, I'm. So I'll say I did use it to walk around the house a couple of times because I'm trying all of the aspects of it. And one thing that was kind of cool I had a 3D movie playing in my living room and I mentioned before three story shoebox right, and so I had in the living room there's a huge space where I've got this television. That's only slightly bigger than the actual projector that I have and I'm watching the movie and I need to go upstairs. So I get up and I go upstairs and as I go upstairs the screen stays where it is such that I was able to look down through the floor and see the screen on the floor below in the same place. So it stayed in the same place, which was kind of cool.

And when I would put apps in different places in that space, they would stay there, so that when I came back into the kitchen, oh, they were, there was the app. When I went back into the living room, there was the. So I did have fun doing it. But again, even though it was fun and it's interesting and it's cool, I don't see being able to wear this for really long periods of time. In fact, when I wore this this morning to make sure it was all ready to go for the show, setting some stuff up, and when I took it off, even after maybe 25 minutes, there's this red line that forms on the top of your computer on your face, let's not.

Yeah, let's not forget that.

05:34 - Leo Laporte (Host)
And I don't think you can. You're wearing it with the top strap which comes with it. Yes, apple never showed anybody wearing it with the top strap because it doesn't look as cool right. Somebody said it looks like a medical device. It looks like you've got. What are those braces? Kids wear the nightguards. Oh yeah, the outside external braces. They were helping my jaw. Yeah, no, it's not that bad looking. I mean, look, everybody will see it and know you're wearing a Vision Pro. It's very distinctive. I was a little.

06:00 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I don't know. I don't know if I have mean world syndrome playing against me, but I was a little caught off guard by people wearing it on the subway. It's a three thousand five hundred dollar device.

06:09 - Leo Laporte (Host)
That's asking for trouble, although I did see also people wearing it on airplane flights. Casey Neistat said and I think this is maybe hyperbole it's the single greatest piece of tech he's ever used. Did Okay, would you say it's the single greatest piece of tech you've ever used? Is my skepticism bleeding through? I'm trying to know.

06:31 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
No, no, no, no and I that's why I'm taking a second to really answer this question the single greatest piece of tech I've ever used? I don't think so. It's. It's impressive. It's very impressive. Yeah, it's.

It's easily one of the most impressive pieces of technology I've ever used there you go, I have to say I still this, this little Macbook area here, is probably the single greatest tech I've ever used. I agree with you. I've never used this thing, so it, but I'm not. Maybe if I was VR AR all the time, you know, I was always playing with these different headsets, and then this one comes along. Absolutely this is the best VR headset that exists. I think that's easy to say, and you've tried others, so yes, and yes, I genuinely, I've tried.

07:12 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I had the Quest 3 you had. I've tried my pro.

07:16 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I have the Quest 2. I've tried, you're qualified, yeah, and I've tried the. What are the? What's the other company I've seen? Yes, the vibe yes, I've tried the high vibe, htc Vive, and which we own as well, yeah, and it just this. This, genuinely, is a really incredible experience in comparison. Yeah, and if you're comfortable strapping a device to your face and you can sit in it for a while, then more power to you. This is going to be amazing.

07:44 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I don't want to pick at it, right, but the scary eyes aren't working at all. No, I think they do a little bit every once in a while. Your head just read I can see him right now. I see is a pulsing white light, I thought they're there. I just saw your eyes when you just briefly, I wonder what happened to make it so. I don't think it works that well, and I think that's why Apple never really showed anybody doing it.

08:04 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I mean, even even when you look at the stuff that's on that front screen, a lot of the time it is very low resolution, and part of that is because of the lenticular just the overengineered lenticular display that they put in the front of it, and of course I fix it in a tear down of the Vision Pro to show some of that ridiculous technology that's inside in the fans as well. You don't hear the fans, though, do you? Nope, never heard the fans once. It's very, very quiet.

08:32 - Leo Laporte (Host)
They put a lot of look that. Let's face it. They put a lot of effort into this to make it be amazing and I don't quibble with that. I mean, I think that that is a very impressive piece of technology, absolutely.

08:47 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
And a non quibble again, hands down. I do believe that hand tracking is is the future of the way that we interact with this stuff, the fact that I don't have to have those little hand triggers, even though I know the quest can work without it. There's something very delightful about this simple pinch and drag gesture that I got used to so quickly, and now I'm just kind of sitting here with my hands down by my side. I don't have to think about putting them in the right spot or anything like that and I can easily I mean a moving discord about they have to be visible to the camera.

09:19 - Leo Laporte (Host)
They're not visible to the camera, just for your hands.

09:22 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
So I can't behind my face and be able to do it, but anywhere that's in vision vision that's visible to these cameras down below or these cameras that are on the front of it it's able to do that hand tracking yeah.

09:35 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, the headline in the I fix it tear down is why those fake eyes look so weird. They went right to the fake, so let's talk about that. I don't think that I mean. That's minor. In fact, apple probably take that out of the next.

09:48 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
It's interesting. I do think that that won't be in an eventual version. Perhaps it's the less expensive version, but everywhere that the Apple executives went to give interviews, they all touched on how important they felt the actual eyes and all of that eyesight technology was. I have a theory. I'm just not sold.

10:09 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I have a theory about that the problem. So all of my issues with this are not with Apple's version of this, but with this in general and one of the things I think it's possible a hundred years from now, we're going to look back at Apple and not think highly of them, but think poorly of them, because they're the company that introduced first the iPhone that everybody walks around you know, in the middle of the street was staring at and then subsequently, an even more isolative device, a headset, where you're in your own world, no matter who's here with you, and and they tried to put the eyes on there to kind of make you, make others around you say, oh, mike is still here, but I'm sorry, the experience of anybody I'm sure your partner said the same thing the experience of anybody who's with you while you're wearing that is just as when you're staring at a phone right, you can tell they're not here.

Yeah, and I think Apple may be remembered. Weirdly enough for the company that just that drove us to the final breaking point of distraction Like this is going to be a mental illness, I think, because we spend. I mean, I'm starting to cringe when I look around at a restaurant and everybody's looking at their phone. Yeah, when I walked down the street I remember the first time I saw that was in Paris, long before we had it in the United States Everybody was text. I was sitting outside the Notre Dame for about an hour and everybody was on their phone. I thought this is very weird. So that was pre Apple. But so maybe it isn't just Apple, but I think the mobile devices and now the device, the mobile this is a mobile device you strap to your face are so isolating.

11:46 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah Well, and at the same time, I don't know, I think, I think that Apple should not have tried to solve that.

11:54 - Leo Laporte (Host)
The eyes don't solve.

11:55 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
No, they don't, and so they do the opposite.

11:58 - Leo Laporte (Host)
If you make a, cyber right.

12:00 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
make a VR AR headset and just let it be what it is. Lean into it. Lean into it Exactly. Don't try to solve this thing. That's, I feel, not solvable in the way that it works. Why have to then have everybody going around saying this is why this was so important and I just I just kind of shake my head I don't, I don't believe it.

12:21 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Have you watched a movie? Because I think that is one thing people are saying is the killer app Is the killer app is lying back and watching a movie?

12:28 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I watched two movies because I wanted to try to wear it for one time. No, thank God, because I couldn't. One movie was enough and I needed to be out.

12:38 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Did you? You felt like I got to get out.

12:39 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yes, yes, so, but you didn't feel that way during the movie. No, that that is true. But first of all, I was able to make the screen huge, which was awesome. But here's the thing 3D movies are still this creation that exists on a 2D sort of window pane that you know. The gimmick is that it reaches out from that 2D window pane. I want 3D movie where I can look around more and see the action happening all around me, as opposed to this watches, my watches, this person's spear comes or arrow, comes a swicking past out of the frame but it doesn't quite ever get to the outside of the frame and it's. It all still feels very gimmicky. And this idea that they sold it seemed. I felt that a lot of early reviewers are going on. You know, 3d movies are going to be amazing. It's going to be next level, nothing like it you've ever seen before. It was. It was still just what about 2D?

13:43 - Leo Laporte (Host)

13:43 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
A 2D movie I like.

13:47 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I don't yeah, I remember to fit a 3D anyway. Yeah, so, but I still think the idea that you're in a your own giant.

13:55 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yes, I'm spoiled, leo, because I've got a screen and that, honestly, that did spoil me because at one point I took it off and I thought I could just finish the movie on this.

14:03 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I really had that moment or even if I have a 77 inch, if you sit close to it.

14:08 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
It's taken up as long as it gets to your peripheral vision.

14:12 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, it's immersive.

14:13 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah, I really think it's for me. What's selling me on it more than anything else right now is the multitasking sort of multi-pane experience. So productivity. Yeah, right now I've got discord above your head, so as I look over you and talk to you, you can see what people are asking. And then over here I've got my Mac.

14:35 - Leo Laporte (Host)
It is a pretty good picture of what's going on around you. Yes, it's not like you're there, but you're watching on TV. I mean, it's relatively.

14:44 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Oh, yeah, there's John over there. Yeah, and yeah, this the effect you're seeing on the screen, where it's not the frame rate yeah, the frame rate is. That's not what you're seeing. It's a very smooth fluid.

14:55 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Are the colors fairly accurate? Looks like they are.

14:57 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yes, they do feel like nothing that does this.

15:00 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I mean, even the Quest 3 doesn't do it, right? Yeah, this is pretty good yeah.

15:05 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Well, so that's the thing. When it comes to screens that are you mirroring from your Mac, you can only have one as an external screen, which is unfortunate, I feel. I don't know if that's something they'll address in future versions, but right now, yeah, that's what you get.

15:22 - Leo Laporte (Host)
With. A lot of people are saying the NBA app was the killer app. Oh really, that's what Brian Tong sent, because you could have the game several games at once. You're not the type to do this, jason Snell is several games at once, plus Twitter, plus your scores, plus your stats. All of this, like your whole field of view, is filled with content which, to me, is like a little. Maybe it's a little overload Overload, but if you're a fan, I guess you'd want that.

15:50 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah, and I can see that with F1, maybe Watching the race and then seeing each driver's point of view and then also the stats and the dial. Yeah, yeah, that kind of.

15:59 - Leo Laporte (Host)
F1 provides that with their app. I bet you'd have an F1 app for a Vision Pro I might. That actually might be something I'd be interested in. So maybe there is maybe for everyone. There's a some killer app, just as with the Apple Watch. It took a while but eventually there was a killer app that made the Apple Watch desirable.

16:15 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Well, in the early killer app, we tried it out when we were unboxing and it was a really, I thought, incredible experience of looking at 3D models of different items.

16:29 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Here you are with a butterfly landing on your finger. You can see in the screen in the background. You can kind of see the butterfly and look at his smile. You were so enraptured by that butterfly.

16:41 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
It was very cool.

16:42 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Similarly when the dinosaur came out.

16:45 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I got down on the floor. I wanted to pet it. I also.

16:50 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Here you are trying to feed it, tyrannosaurus Rex. That's probably a mistake.

16:54 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
And then I wanted to feed on me. Unfortunately, you need to sign into that NBA app, so I can't show that one.

17:05 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Well, and that's one thing, a number of apps that we tried to launch you cannot air play for copyright reasons. We couldn't do the dinosaur, the prehistoric earth, which is an Apple TV show.

17:18 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I was able to hear his being enraptured. This was a cool experience. Remember when you tried to play the game room? You were going to play chess. It didn't work for you. I was able to get it actually working later at home I played battleship and I have to tell you it was actually super cool Because they set it up so that you are kind of in the experience. Oh, you have the ocean and actual battleship. Yeah, let me see if I can't load it real quick.

17:43 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Lisa, it's so funny. You should say that because Lisa and I it was game night last night and we usually play cards. Let's play battleship no way. We play battleship.

17:51 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Oh, that's so fun.

17:52 - Leo Laporte (Host)
But we played it on the cheap plastic thing, the real red and white pegs. You could actually touch it. She was mad at me. Actually I want a ruling from the judges here. She said I am supposed to keep track of her guesses on my board as well as my guesses on my board. So, on where my battleships are, I'm supposed to peg where she guesses she says, in case I forget or something falls out.

18:16 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Is that my responsibility? Yeah, I think both people do keep track. At least that's how it works on here. So if you want to show my screen, oh, look. So in front of me. I've got the grid and I've got. This will be eventually where I play it, where I try to get the other side and look Are you playing?

18:32 - Leo Laporte (Host)
this online Is there somebody I'm currently playing against AI. You can spy on the other side. You can, but it won't let you see the ships, it doesn't let you see the ships.

18:38 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
So let me just place these ships real quick, and so you can drop them, and then you pinch Well, finally a $4000 way to play battleship. Yeah, how much did your set cost? About $50.

18:49 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I think it was cheesy plastic.

18:52 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
And then just so you can kind of see what the experience looks like here real quick. So they lower down in, so you're playing against an AI. Yeah, I'm currently. You can play online and you can play against local players as well.

19:02 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Could you see? We showed briefly what Jason Stell looked like. Your avatar actually looked more like you than anybody else's I've seen.

You saw, yeah, on Mac break weekly on Tuesday, we're going to have Jason, alex, lindsay, ray, maxwell and I and you, if you want, all get in a zoom call with our avatars and we'll be interested to see. Everybody looks like a thumb, there's something. The face is okay and then the outside part is weird. You didn't, maybe because you're so slender, it didn't. It didn't thumb me up, thumb you up. You looked like a pinky. There you go. I was a pinky. I was hoping there would actually be a ship and waves and water in battleship.

19:45 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
You just oh yeah, no, it wasn't. Yeah, it wasn't that far done. Yeah, unfortunately, right now there's not a way to kind of well, no, let me see I might be able to show my persona, because I know you can make adjustments to it.

20:01 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, let's we can. We saw it. It must be a way to see it. Yeah, can we zoom into?

20:06 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Oh, so here is my persona. It's a little frowny. There we go. Let me lift my eyebrows a little bit. Can we zoom in on that? So I think that looks a lot like you. Yeah, and I actually recaptured it this morning.

20:20 - Leo Laporte (Host)
It's still on Canney Valley. Oh yeah, it's always going to be, because, honestly, this is a very hard thing to do.

20:26 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I didn't realize I could stick my tongue, it's better than a Mimoji.

20:28 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, Well, it's like a Mimoji, but it's better Her. So it looks like you and I like that they-. Is it dressed? Like you, yes, so it actually is wearing it's seeing what you're wearing today.

20:38 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Oh no, I read it this morning.

20:40 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Oh, it's wearing what you wore this morning.

20:41 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah because I wanted to have collards.

20:43 - Leo Laporte (Host)
So it doesn't see. It only sees your facial gestures.

20:45 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
But it will put up some fake sort of brown hot dog hands.

20:50 - Leo Laporte (Host)
If I only had a bun and some mustard.

20:53 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Now Jason wears a wedding ring on his finger and that shows up. It did not show up for him, okay, so I don't know, maybe if you had more of our the generic hands.

21:02 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, you almost have six fingers on that. I mean, it really looks Right, it does it looks not so good.

21:07 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Why is that hand so large? Yeah, yeah, okay.

21:10 - Leo Laporte (Host)
But that's what we, that's what they traditionally call on Cannae Valley. We're so finely tuned to face recognition.

21:16 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah, we've been doing it for hundreds of thousands of years.

21:19 - Leo Laporte (Host)
It's an evolutionary thing that's important to us, and so, as a result, it's very difficult to simulate a human face that doesn't look weird.

21:29 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I'll have more to say as I continue to use it. You're gonna so it was the deal we made.

21:33 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yes, we did. You keep it for two weeks and then you gotta give it back to Apple, not because we bought it it was a loaner but because we bought it and you have two weeks to return it. Yes, although what they're gonna do with a returned Vision Pro, I don't know. Probably put it Take it apart maybe and put the parts in a new one. I don't know. But I think if you really feel there's real utility and you think this is gonna have legs and you wanna cover it on iOS today, I think we could probably arrange it and hands on Mac and-.

Yeah, I'll write you a check, but We'll see. Yeah, we don't have to decide till day 11.

22:13 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Day 10 was what you told me at the unboxing.

22:16 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I wanna have enough time so that Apple says, no, you missed it, I don't that's what it is. No, I don't wanna have that happen. You paid total 38. Eight. Yeah, with tax, yes, okay, and you did not get a corrective lenses.

22:32 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
No corrective lenses or any of the accessories. No accessories.

22:36 - Leo Laporte (Host)
And a travel box which is $200.

22:38 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I think the only way that would happen is I would make that purchase myself if we ended up keeping it, cause I did notice this morning. I'm like what am I gonna put this in? I need to put it. It's raining, it's it's wending, it's wending, it's there's wind. I wanna put this in something, so I would probably buy that myself if we end up holding onto this, cause I will, or one of the third parties that makes some sort of a holder for it. I think it is worth having a holder for it.

23:02 - Leo Laporte (Host)
So it's gonna be very predictable what the kind of curve of world response to this will be. Initially a lot of excitement, like Casey Neistat the best technology I've ever used. There will also be all of the traditional reviewers, like Nielike Patel, will say it's fantastic, but cause you gotta have the? But cause nobody wants to think that you know, completely sycophantic. Then there will be the wave of idiots wearing it driving, walking in the street, a variety of poor uses. There may be a fight or two as somebody tries to wear it into a men's room. That's happened with a Google Glass. I think in the long run I don't think three or four months from now it'll be just general indifference. But I might be wrong To me, and again, I'm not critical of the particular implementation Apple's made. It's pretty impressive. I just don't think anybody really wants to wear a computer on their face.

23:59 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Right, and I think ultimately I mean we'll see Ultimately the average person probably does not wanna wear a computer on their face.

24:10 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, I mean, are you getting tired of it?

24:13 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
No, I mean not in this moment, no, and not overall, but I definitely have fatigue. Yeah, yeah, after a while I wanna take it off.

24:23 - Leo Laporte (Host)
It feels to me now. This is a question to somebody who's used it for a while, because I only used it for a minute or two on Friday. It feels to me, though, everything's a little harder. You know, it's one of the reasons I never used an iPad as my main computer. It wasn't that it was a bad experience, it's just that everything I wanted to do was just a little bit harder, and I thought, or I could go back to my laptop and it won't be harder. It felt that way to me in the headset.

24:48 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Like. I have to work you know, have to look at the thing. There's a little bit more to learn. You have to do that. Yeah, it's not even.

24:52 - Leo Laporte (Host)
but see, that's my question. Some of that was a learning curve, but once you learn it and you've internalized it in a second nature, is it a little bit harder still?

25:00 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I see what you're saying. Yeah, because with the iPad it's the same thing.

25:05 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I know how to use an iPad now it never got easier, but I always go to my Mac. Yeah, never got easier, for me anyway.

25:09 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah, no, you're right, you're right, but I gotta give it a little more time to fully answer that question and see you know what is the reason that I would go to this instead of going to my Mac or going to my iPhone. I beg of you, never Do not. All of you out there, please do not do this, do not do this.

25:27 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Don't be this person. Don't be this person. Sure not. There we go. She's driving her cyber truck Gesturing, I mean, that's just you know what? That's just for clicks. That exactly, Don't do stuff for clicks.

25:42 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
That's what somebody else said. They said all these people that are, you know, wearing these out and doing silly things with them. It's a content play.

25:48 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, it's a content play and this is the problem with, in my opinion, with YouTube it drives people to.

25:53 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah, you need to do that kind of stuff.

25:55 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Same things because that's yeah, all right, all right, let's Thank you. We have the preliminary review. A week or two before you give the final full, you'll do a full review.

26:07 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah, we're gonna do a full review this week. So, yeah, you'll be able to. So you gotta keep wearing it?

26:12 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yes, exactly, you gotta wear it in bed, you gotta wear it in the shower, you gotta wear it. Why we got the AppleCare Plus. Never take it off. Yeah, never take it off. Interesting, yeah, I guess that's. That's my because I'm. You know, I'm famously a skeptic of all of this, as I was. Oh, one more question. So you saw a 3D movie unimpressive but what about the immersive video that you shot? Was that immersive?

26:40 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
You know the spatial video I shot of you and then you shot of me.

Yeah, see, this is the thing.

I think that there's some detriment to the early initial reactions that we heard about regarding this, because in every way, I found myself, if not underwhelmed, then full on disappointed by what I experienced, and I actually, mark Gurman, has a discord as part of, you know, the Bloomberg Newsletter, yeah, and so I joined the discord on launch day at late that night and he was kind of talking to folks and that was the general sentiment that the screens, especially that whole, it's so much resolution, it's like it's real life. He used some choice words to describe you know what that was? Bs, basically, and I think that the same applies to those magical photos and videos. It did not make my heart burst into a million pieces and fly around in front of me although there's probably an app that would let me do that in Vision Pro but it, yeah, it wasn't as amazing as I expected it was going to be. So, I don't know, maybe if I had a child. So I guess that maybe I need to work on that in the next video or so Watch.

27:58 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Somebody in the German power on discord says watch the full episode of Masters of the Year, the new Apple TV show, and an Air Apple Plus in it. Okay, get back to me. All right, I'll do that. That's actually. It's the third in the band of brothers trilogy and this one's about the air war and I imagine be very interesting because there's a lot of airplane shots or maybe just a top gun, maverick.

28:24 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah, but I watched some Disney plus stuff and some HBO stuff, hbo Max stuff, but I will watch, there's also that Alicia Keys studio too. Yeah, that's on my list. For sure. I love Alicia Keys, so I'm looking forward to that, yeah, okay, we'll watch with interest.

28:44 - Leo Laporte (Host)
My skepticism is really more the category than it is that device. I just, I just, and I think Apple, I feel like Apple. Jason Snell's theory is that Apple feels like they have to get into this. They have to plant their flag and get into this if this is the next thing in computing. My thought is it isn't the next thing in computing. We've already found that out with Metta, who put a lot of money we're now learning more than $50 billion into it and I think he's effectively ready to move on. Maybe not now that Apple's come out with this, but that AI is the next big thing. The other attention has shifted. Maybe this plus AI has something.

29:26 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah, I don't know. I mean Chad GPT is on, yeah, maybe that's the perfect use for it.

29:31 - Leo Laporte (Host)
You could have your girlfriend in there yeah, your girlfriend. And then the other thing I would say is you know, watch for the link bait, because there's gonna be a lot of it.

29:40 - Caller (Caller)
A lot of it.

29:41 - Leo Laporte (Host)
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I'll just say go to twittv slash club twit. By the way, thursday, stacey and I will do the book club. I've been reading the Water Knife by Paolo Batra Gallupi and we'll talk about that Thursday afternoon on twit. Thank you in advance. Twit, I didn't say where to go. Twittv slash club twit. All right, coming up, is it Scott first? Yep, scott Wilkinson, johnny Jett also coming up in the show and your calls? Yes, and we are gonna get to a lot of them and I apologize, we're sometimes a little slow, a little slow getting the calls, but we will get to the calls in just a little bit. You're watching Ask the Tech Guys with Micah Sargent and Leo Laporte. Is Mr Scott Wilkinson available?

31:44 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
You know what are you actually? Should I do an email? No, we can do an actual ad, because we have ads today.

31:49 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Oh, my God, I wasn't prepared for that, I just assumed, let me get it. That's so funny. Oh, oh, we haven't had ads in so long. Oh, clipboard for Leo. This is Sunday, feb. Now do you say February?

I say February, but I like that you say February, so Lisa and I were talking about this because Dane used to always get mad at me because I would say February. He hated the month of February Because of that. Who's Dane? How quickly they forget. He was my first employee, dane Golden, back in the day and he said I always love it when February is over because you say it wrong. And I asked Lisa yesterday. I said should I say? She said well, I say February. She said I don't think you pronounce the R. The R is silent. I said I can't think of any other thing where the R would be silent in English, in French of all the time. So I say it as it's spelled, but it's, you know, I think, the R. Pursuant to our earlier conversation about how languages change, I think the R is hard to say. So February is hard to say. Some people would say February.

33:07 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
So you think originally pronounced that way, but it's just simplified so you say February, I do John.

33:13 - Leo Laporte (Host)
What's your vote? John, february, brewery, brewery. John Ashley Brewery, february, february.

33:21 - Caller (Caller)
I would say February, because February is also the month in copper where everyone goes to different breweries and drinks a bunch of special beers.

33:27 - Leo Laporte (Host)
You can. Also, if you do it quickly, it sounds like February, but it's really February. Our show today, brought to you quite literally by Cash Fly. We love Cash Fly. We've been doing it practically since the beginning. For over 20 years, cash Fly has held a track record for high performing, ultra reliable content delivery serving over 5,000 companies in over 80 countries. Yet, because they have points of presence all over the world, organizations consistently like ours consistently choose Cash Fly for scalability, reliability and unrivaled performance.

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35:41 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
Scott, hey Leo, hey Micah, how you guys doing we're great, you're all excited about the big game on Sunday.

35:47 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Woo the Magnus Carlson versus Ding Lee Ren. No, that sounds like a form.

35:53 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Are those a form?

35:55 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
It's the Super Bowl. It's the Super Bowl Made more important for you and those of us in the Bay Area. We are faithful to the Bay. Yes, look at that.

36:06 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Look at that. I am very excited, You're excited, I'm very excited. But it also nationwide. Is it excuse to get a nice TV?

36:17 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
Exactly, and this is a good time to get a good TV, because they're on sale, partly because it's the Super Bowl, but partly because it's now the end of the 2023 model year and come the spring and summer, the companies will be introducing their 2024 model year TVs.

36:42 - Leo Laporte (Host)
So this is getting last year's TV. But let's be honest, there isn't that much. It's not like some great new technology came along. There's not going to be that much difference. It's not like a new car year, but it is like a new car year when there's not much of a difference In most cases, that's true.

36:59 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
Occasionally, like when Quantum OLED came out a couple of years ago, that was a big deal and a big change, right.

37:07 - Leo Laporte (Host)
And I got one of those and I'm very happy with that. I love that. Exactly, right, yeah, so, okay. So go shopping. Super Bowl, if you have a 4K capable stream like YouTube, tv with a 4K add on, will be broadcast by CBS in 4K HDR, upscaled though from 1080p.

37:33 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
I believe that's true. The cameras on the field are mostly 1080p Right, but there is a 4K, that that spider cam, the thing they go whizzing down.

37:45 - Leo Laporte (Host)
they always say that's 4K. So I don't know if that makes sense. And the reason they want it to be 4K is not because they want you to have a full 4K picture, because then they can zoom in, because in effect they have four times the resolution, so they can zoom in and pick up, you know, the quarterback dropping the ball or whatever.

38:02 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
Well, yeah, if they need to make a call and they weren't sure what happened, you know they can zoom in and see what happened.

38:08 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I don't know if the NFL gets access to that feed Maybe they do, but we do as viewers. So 1080p HDR, which is good.

38:19 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
So you want an HDR TV and in fact it'll be 1080p in HDR, which is not common, high dynamic range.

38:26 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. And then Paramount Plus is also streaming it. I don't know if they're gonna. They have the capability of streaming it. They're CBS owned.

38:35 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
They're the CBS streaming service and they will certainly. I don't know if they do 4K. Let me look. I believe so.

38:43 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, yeah.

38:44 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
So that's exciting. Wait, wait, wait. I just saw this on Tom's Guide. It says, annoyingly, paramount Plus won't get it what? But you can get it, which is weird. I don't get that. I really don't understand that. But Fubo, the service called.

39:03 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Fubo, they're gonna be in 4K. They're gonna be in 4K if you have the elite plan Ah Fubo elite, which almost is a contradiction in terms.

39:13 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
Almost almost. Yeah, youtube also has it and Leo, you have.

39:17 - Leo Laporte (Host)
YouTube right. I bought the 4K upgrade back during the Olympics several years ago. There you go and there's been a derse of 4K programming. But I have to say when and the play, some of the playoffs I think Fox was doing it in 4K they even though I know it's upscaled 4K, it looks fantastic.

39:33 - Caller (Caller)
Oh sure.

39:33 - Leo Laporte (Host)
It is noticeably better than what you're getting Most of the time, like ESPN, 720p. When they do HD it's not even 1080p, it's 720p. In many cases 720p right Just because it saves bandwidth on the cable. Good, all right. So yeah.

39:51 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
So Paramount Plus isn't gonna do it, and I don't. What the heck is that? No, that's CBS's own streaming service.

39:56 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I'm looking at the CBS page, yes, and it says live stream TV, how to watch Super Bowl 58 in HDR 4K on CBS Paramount Plus. So Tom's guide may have that wall May be wrong May be wrong. Over 10 hours of coverage. We'll layer on the CBS television network in Paramount Plus CBS Sports. Pre-game, full half time and pre-game coverage will also be available in 1080p, hdr and 4K. Hdr and 4K. Yeah. It sounds like if you've got Paramount Plus I don't know will the Nickelodeon stream be 4K?

40:34 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
I doubt it. I doubt it. I found that very interesting that there's a Nickelodeon stream.

40:38 - Leo Laporte (Host)
They've done that before, and that's of course to get kids Very family friendly.

40:41 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
Yeah, they want to get kids into football.

40:43 - Leo Laporte (Host)
now they saw what happened to baseball. They said we gotta save this thing. Yeah, it's kind of unclear in the CBS article.

40:53 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
It implies that Exactly, which is why I went looking elsewhere and found the Tom's Guide which said Paramount Plus won't get it.

41:01 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Now, maybe they're wrong, I you know Probably isn't worth running out to get a 4K TV set if just for this. Not for one thing.

41:10 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
I mean even as important as the. Super Bowl I guess I don't know, but you know if it's time to upgrade your TV and just one of the one of my upcoming home theater geeks. I answered a listener question. He had a 10-year-old sharp aquos TV, an 80-inch or but 1080p, and you know, he said is it time to upgrade? And I said yes, absolutely, especially at that size, which is another point about 4K even if it's upscaled it looks better and especially on a really big screen.

41:50 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Now from the TV Answer man Phillips Swan, whoa.

41:54 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah, that's Scott. Scott's a TV answer.

41:57 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I thought you were, but he says no. Cbs has told him that the Paramount Plus feed will be 1080p HD, hdr, yeah, hdr.

42:08 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
That's right. Yeah, so he confirms what Tom's Guide reported.

42:14 - Leo Laporte (Host)
This will certainly be a better picture than what most local CBS affiliates will provide. By the way, it doesn't say HDR, it says HD. This is so confusing.

42:25 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
I think CBS is. That's pretty confusing I agree.

42:30 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I think CBS's position is if you can't tell, then does it matter, I can tell CBS.

42:35 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
Yes, so can I. Anybody with an 80-inch or 85-inch screen probably will be able to tell.

42:41 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I'll be doing Twittering the Super Bowl, so I'll be watching on a and a six-inch screen.

42:46 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
Oh, my God, maybe you should probably do that. Well, you know me, you know me, I'm going to be watching the puppy.

42:50 - Caller (Caller)
You watched the Puppy Bowl. Yeah, is the.

42:52 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Puppy Bowl in 4K. No, it's in 5K actually.

42:56 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I got my.

42:57 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Puppy Go Bowl glasses. There you go.

42:59 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
Hey, I like them.

43:00 - Leo Laporte (Host)
It made me cry last year. It was so real. So what's the best TV deals for the Super Bowl? It feels like it's almost too late. I guess you have a week to buy it.

43:12 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
Well, you have a week. I think if you buy one online, maybe it could chip in a week. Go to the store, Go to the store, right, but really the best thing is to go to the store. Yeah, yeah, there are a bunch of deals of course I'm looking here at again. Tom's Guide has some editors picks.

43:33 - Leo Laporte (Host)
There's a High Sense U6 50-inch, not very big, for 300 bucks what 50 is fine for your bedroom or your yeah, Dare to say it your bathroom Exactly, and it's a U6, so it does have FALD a full array local dimming and you recommend that that's important.

43:52 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
Yeah, yeah, that's an important feature in my opinion. Yeah, tcl QM8, which is their top of the line, 65-inch, for less than 900 bucks at Walmart Wow.

44:06 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Wow, this is from Consumer Reports. Oh, and it fades out because I haven't logged in yet, Because you haven't logged in yet. I am a member, but they do have for members. They will have Super Bowl deals. Oh okay, well, that's good. Yeah, you trust them. Do you find their reviews are good? Absolutely, oh yeah.

44:25 - Caller (Caller)
I love those.

44:25 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, I love CR. Sometimes I think that maybe they aren't Like. I would rather go to a PC magazine for a technology review or micro-surgeon.

44:35 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
No, well, like I said, I know the guys who do the TV reviews and they're serious, they know what they're doing.

44:43 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, and I honestly wouldn't buy a car without going to CR or a refrigerator or a stove. Yeah, you're going to go to the tech part, so TVs are good.

44:52 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
Tvs are the same. The other site that I really go to for reviews is called Ratings, which is spelled RTIGScom. Yeah, it's spelled, it's pronounced ratings, but there's no A in it, so but they're also very, very good, just like there's a slogan in there somewhere.

45:12 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, there's no A in here. I don't know what that would mean, though. All right, so look at their TVs. I like having a big TV, though. Right, I think that's.

45:23 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
Oh, absolutely For the Super Bowl. It's really important, especially if you're going to host a party. Yeah, people are coming over.

45:29 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I remember many years ago this must have been 40 years ago I had a friend who worked at Atari that's how long ago. It was Wow. He was kind of a snob and I invited him over to a Super Bowl party. I got a giant seven foot sub. I said come over to our house. He looked at the TV, which probably, I mean, was big for me, is probably 27 inches. Is that all you got? Oh, I felt, but the sub. I still 40 years later, but the sub is giant, yeah, screen's little Right.

Anyway yeah, have a big screen and people will complain, yeah.

46:03 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
That's right, I thought there's a high sense. 85 inch U8K, which is a really really good TV, was 3000, now 1800. Wow, half off, almost yeah.

46:14 - Leo Laporte (Host)
It's amazing how these TVs, which were, I remember, our first plasma TV at Tech TV, was 50 and five inches and it was $10,000. $10,000. Yeah, and the prices have just dropped and you can get a pretty nice TV for a thousand now, right.

46:31 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
Oh easy, yeah Well, if you can go relatively small, the LGA series OLED is 500 bucks, it's almost.

46:45 - Leo Laporte (Host)
you know. That's an interesting question. Would you go bigger or better If you had a price?

46:50 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
This is a very good question. I have a bag of cash.

46:53 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I can only spend that much. Yeah, should I go for bigger but lower, like an LCD screen? Or would I say, let's get smaller and get a better screen?

47:02 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
It depends on a number of factors how far away you're sitting, how critical your eye is whether or not you need high brightness. Right, if you need high brightness, you know, in a room with a lot of ambient light an LCD might be a better choice. It's a good point.

47:20 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Michael was making this point when he was. He has the old laser projection short throw. I gave it to him. Oh yeah, he was watching a movie. What were?

47:32 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
you watching? It was Guardians of the Galaxy, volume 3.

47:35 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Guardians of the Galaxy, volume 3, on his Vision Pro. And he realized he's got such a big screen. He's got a hundred inch screen at home. He could just take it off. Even a 50 inch TV if you're close to it Exactly, can fill your view. The idea is it's got to be able to fill your roughly how many degrees you think Like 80, 90.

47:55 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
Oh, 30, 35 degrees.

47:56 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Oh, that's all Okay.

47:57 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
That's the idea 90 would be. Because if it's more than that, then you're having to turn your head or move your eyes around.

48:04 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, so 30, 35 degrees.

48:07 - Caller (Caller)
I think THX is 36 degrees.

48:09 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
I believe in THX.

48:10 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Okay, if you can get that close. In fact, if you are that close, that will argue for a 4K TV, a higher resolution TV, exactly right. So what are we looking for? If you're going for an LCD, get FALLED, full Array, local Dimming, full Array, local Dimming, full LED backlit.

48:29 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
Yeah, well, they're all LED backlit now they're all LED.

48:32 - Leo Laporte (Host)
now how about QLEDs? If you can Do, you want the QLEDs.

48:35 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
Yes, quantum dots. Using quantum dots in a TV is a very good thing, okay. It gives you better color saturation, higher brightness, so it's a good thing. You want FALLEDs. You want quantum dots. You want many LEDs in the backlight, if you can, because that means that each of the independently dimmable zones are smaller because the LEDs are smaller, okay.

49:05 - Leo Laporte (Host)
How are we with?

49:05 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
micro and the largest oh go ahead, let's finish this.

49:07 - Leo Laporte (Host)
The largest you can afford I'm so ADD and the largest you can afford Anything else. We want HDR for sure. Oh, absolutely yeah, but all 4Ks come with HDR. Does it matter if it's Dolby Vision or HDR10? I like.

49:22 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
Dolby Vision. All of them will support HDR10. They all will, but somebody like Samsung is too cheap. Samsung does not support Dolby Vision and I prefer to have Dolby Vision because there's a lot of content that was produced and distributed with Dolby Vision. Okay, a lot of Apple TV stuff, if you're on Apple.

49:43 - Leo Laporte (Host)
TV. That's almost everything now I watch is on Apple TV, yeah.

49:49 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
Then Samsung makes a great TV, and I hate to.

49:52 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I love my Samsung QD OLED, which is not the same as a QLED. Quantum LED backlight. Correct, it is a Quantum OLED.

50:01 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
Correct which is the best TV technology available today.

50:05 - Caller (Caller)
But it doesn't do. Dolby Vision.

50:08 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
But it doesn't do Dolby Vision, because Samsung, as a company, has decided not to support Dolby Vision. Can you jailbreak your?

50:16 - Mikah Sargent (Host)

50:18 - Leo Laporte (Host)
What is it thought? Scott Wilkinson is the home theater geek and you can see a lot more of this if you're in the club. So join the club and watch Home Theater Geeks with Scott Wilkinson. Every once in a while, we put one out on the YouTube channel so people can see what they're missing. You're the best, scott. It's so great to see you stay dry. Yes, thank you we will stay dry.

50:42 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
I hope your puppy wins. Go Team Fluff, go Team Fluff.

50:47 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
There is a title, okay.

50:49 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Thank you, Scotty. Bye, Scotty See you later. See you guys later. Bye-bye, we are going to get you to watch the Super Bowl. On that thing, yeah.

50:58 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I might have to have your log in or something I don't know. I'll set you up.

51:01 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, you're right, you have to watch it on YouTube TV to get the 4K. Oh, there is no.

51:06 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
YouTube app. Oh crud, I'll figure it, we'll figure it out.

51:12 - Leo Laporte (Host)
If you have questions for Micah for his review.

51:14 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yes, if you have questions for me for the review. There have been a lot of great Vision Pro questions in the live chat. We have a link that I posted in the live chat, but you can also find it in the sidebar on ClubTwit. You scroll down to the Twitter discussions and you send us your Apple Vision Pro questions. You don't have to be a member of ClubTwit to ask your question. That's just the easiest way to do it. You can also tweet at us, or whatever they call it these days. Tweet at us. Send us an email, micah, at twittv, with your Apple Vision Pro questions. We're gathering those so that I can answer them whenever we record the video all about the Apple Vision.

51:50 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Pro the one thing I feel like I should do. My mom, as you know, is 91 and is in a nursing home and I don't know she might be around another 10 years. She probably will. She's pretty healthy, but I think it'd be great to have a get some mysterious. What do you call that? Spatial?

52:13 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
video of her.

52:15 - Leo Laporte (Host)
And you can do it with your iPhone, but it's better to do it with a Vision Pro.

52:19 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah, well, yes, the only reason that I think that the cameras are higher resolution from the phone. It's also the interocular distance Exactly. So that's what I was going to say. The distance that you get is better if you do it with a Vision Pro, and so the depths of vision will be better.

52:35 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, oh well. Anyway, maybe I'll borrow that. Fly back east, come back in a day, get some video. There you go. Let us take some questions.

52:46 - Caller (Caller)
I have a perfect caller lined up. It is Mark coming from a Vision Pro.

52:56 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yes, look, it's Mark's persona.

52:58 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Oh, that is creepy as hell, hi, mark. Oh, we don't have the audio. We've got to get the audio. Star, what is it, star?

53:09 - Caller (Caller)
There we go oh yeah good, I'll leave you on, micah.

53:11 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Hello, I think the problem with the oh, you cut out on us, can you?

53:18 - Caller (Caller)
hear me.

53:19 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
There we go.

53:20 - Caller (Caller)
Hello, well, thanks for having me. I think the problem with personas is that we have to make people look like most of us. We're like oh, we look like a thumb, like what you were saying there, leo. If the Vision Pro made us look thinner or younger, I think we would have less complaints Exactly.

53:39 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Give us some filters and Micah's so thin and young that he doesn't have a complaint.

53:44 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Oh there you guys.

53:45 - Caller (Caller)
Yeah, there's some latency.

53:46 - Caller (Caller)
I think I lost you there.

53:47 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, there's latency. I think it just takes a long time for the answer to come back. Wow, that's cool. So did you go to the store to get yours or did you get it mailed to you? How did you get it?

53:58 - Caller (Caller)
So 8am at this at my local Apple store I lined up 11 hours for the first iPhone and four hours for the Apple watch, so I feel like I had to do it. But to your point about is this the future? Yes, this is not. I don't know that. I'm going to walk around with this, but the way I'm thinking about this is this is the Lisa and eventually there's going to be, and that introduced the GUI interface that ultimately made the iPhone possible. So I'm not even saying the Mac is going to be the solution. I'm going to say the iPhone version of this is going to be the solution. But I do have a question. Okay, ask away.

I am still confused as hell about USB-C. So I sit at my kitchen table. There's no way I'm going to wire this to keep it plugged in the middle of my kitchen table. So I know I need another battery. Should I buy an Anker external power and tether the USB-C? Do I run into risks of damaging my actual Vision Pro battery? Or should I just, if I'm spending 100, 150 bucks on an Anker, big laptop external battery, should I just buy another Apple Vision Pro 199 battery and save and protect my $4,000 investment in the sunk cost fallacy?

55:19 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
So yeah, I think that there's. It's not a bad idea to consider getting the getting another battery from Apple, because it does mean that you can just kind of hot swap. But Panzer Matthew Panzerino, former TechCrunch editor-in-chief, actually shared a battery that he calls the travel battery you need for Apple Vision Pro and he uses one of these with his CPAP machine. So over on theobsessorcom, which is Panzerino's new website, he has an article that will link in the show notes and everything, and it's a. It's a device from Cris Donia that's K-R-I-S-D-O-N-I-A and it has AC out, it has USB A to two of those and then USB-C and it has a little readout on there that shows you how much battery power you have left. And he kind of sings this thing's praises in terms of what it's able to do.

So if you want to have that external battery pack, you know something from Anchor is going to be fine. I wouldn't buy a gas station battery pack. That's where, yes, you could run the risk of overcharging or doing something weird. That's not supposed to happen with the battery pack. But for the most part, this tech, these technologies pack in a lot of extra safety tech to make sure that nothing gets charged improperly or anything like that. But if you're looking for the biggest convenience, I would say arguably buying another Apple Vision Pro battery is going to be the most convenient, because you can just swap that out, plug it in, do whatever you need to. All right, I'm going to dissent.

57:07 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Okay, interesting. So first of all, apple very annoyingly made the connector on their battery proprietary. It is that weird extra wide lightning, so that's the only thing you can use that battery with. Also, when you swap the battery, it shuts the whole thing down and you have to reboot. That's fair. It's a minute long reboot.

So the only good thing Apple has done in this case is, to me, is to have a pass through on that battery that you can either plug into the wall so the battery doesn't die, right, you can go as long as you want, or get this giant battery that Chris Donia, that Matthew Panzerino recommends any, actually any external battery and then plug that into right, the Apple battery. So you're not getting a third party battery, you're just treating the Apple battery as the main battery and you're plug, just as you would plug your laptop into a external battery or the wall. You're getting the external battery to give. So if you have to have portability, you have to be at the kitchen table and you don't want to plug into the wall. Having a big, this is a ridiculously large battery. I don't think this is so portable. But yeah, you can get any anchor. Yeah, 10,000. The battery they give you is what? 36,000 milliamp hours is tiny. Yeah, it is small heavy but small.

So you could get a 10,000 milliamp hour anchor which would be the same size, ironically and plug that into the Apple right Mm-hmm by the Type C, because there's a Type C pass through right Right there. So you plug that in. That keeps the battery charged. I think that's a much better idea than buying another one of these.

58:41 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
You bring up a good point that, yeah, you have to then have it be turned off in order to swap that.

58:46 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, it's down and there's a minute boot up time and it's ridiculously proprietary. This Apple battery can only be used with this device.

58:53 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
That's true. If you get a third party, then you can use it with other stuff. Yep, very good point.

58:57 - Leo Laporte (Host)
So I would say do what Matthew says. Well, no, don't do what Matthew says, because, wow, this is huge. What is?

59:03 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
this thing. It's for charging all sorts of stuff like a CPAP.

59:07 - Leo Laporte (Host)
It's got enough juice that you could go all night and so forth. Can you plug into the wall with? Are you at your kitchen table?

59:16 - Caller (Caller)
I'm already just thinking about, like I just don't want to have an extension cord slash. I tend to take cross-country flights and, in case you know, the power on on airlines is sometimes not always reliable, yeah, and so I'm just like thinking I don't think I would get something that big. I think I would get like a, you know, maybe a 24,000 milliamp or anchor thing just to buy me a couple more hours, yeah.

59:40 - Leo Laporte (Host)
But you get a lot more than a couple more hours because you get. How long do you get on that 3,600 milliamp hour battery? A couple hours, yeah.

59:46 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I was going to say it depends on what you're doing A couple hours.

59:49 - Leo Laporte (Host)
So for every 3,600 milliamp hours you're going to get two more hours. So if you do bring a 20,000 milliamp hour battery, you're going to get the whole flight. Yep, you're going to be fine, and I think that that's exact to me. I haven't tried it, so I'm assuming that you can. I mean, I don't know why it would be any different than plugging into the wall. I'm assuming you can put a battery pack.

01:00:08 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yes, you have to that pass through.

01:00:11 - Leo Laporte (Host)
And yeah, an anchor makes good ones. They're a lot of good good 10 or 20 milliamp hour batteries Plus. Then that's useful for everything else. You can charge your iPhone with it, you can charge your Vision Pro with it. That is the yeah, it's a more functional thing.

It's very annoying that Apple put a proprietary adapter on that battery. I mean, there, Apple does things that needle I am needled by. They're not deal breakers, but a company that rich should not be nickel and diming us. I agree, and they do, yeah. However, I would I'd like to know is what's your overall experience? Are you thrilled? Are you having fun? What is the best thing you've done so far in your Vision Pro?

01:00:52 - Caller (Caller)
So far. I really enjoy it. I think my expectations were a little too high, especially here listening to Matt break and hearing Jason's first experience with it Right now. I'd say the killer app. To that point, I was watching three NBA games yesterday. I couldn't figure it all out on the NBA app, but I had a couple apps open and that was that was. That was a game changer for me, no pun intended in terms of watching sports and being over overstimulated there. As I'm talking to you, I have my work laptop here on my left that I'm working on it and I'm trying to to write and write a paper, and I don't know, I don't know if I'll be actually doing productivity things in here, and so that's still still to be seen. But for now, just like you you guys have been talking about, I got 12 days left on that 14 day counter to decide what I love it and I'm going to keep it or it's going to be a memory and about that time I owned it.

01:01:54 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
A long demo.

01:01:56 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Hey, it's really great you called in this way. I'm so thrilled to see you and actually I think this is pretty cool. Yeah, we should mention that the latency is is is not related to the vision pro. We have done calls. In fact, you did a call with Jason Snell on your unboxing and it was perfectly normal. It was real time, so it's that's just the usual zoom thing when you have a problem with the internet connectivity for some reason or other. It's not the vision pro causing that problem. Hey, it's great to talk to you. Thumbs up or whatever it is you do in a vision pro. Hands up, hands up. We appreciate your call, thank you.

01:02:33 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
There we go. We did get thumbs, yeah, all right.

01:02:41 - Leo Laporte (Host)
What they just killed it. And we will edit out the we'll, just we'll, you know I should have reassured him that we just trim out the pauses and then you don't have that issue. Well, that was cool. We have a lot of zoom calls. Let's take a little break, a little pause that refreshes, take a deep breath, a little moment of zen, and when we come back let's take another. We have so many zoom calls today. I feel I like that. Somebody knew, though let's get a first time long time.

01:03:08 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah, take one of the phone callers. Okay, we would hit star six to unmute phone caller.

01:03:22 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Welcome to ask the tech guys Caller, what's your first name and where are you calling from?

01:03:29 - Caller (Caller)
This is Greg Mellon and I'm calling from Moncton, new Brunswick, canada. Hello.

01:03:34 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Greg from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Do you have snow in New Brunswick today?

01:03:40 - Caller (Caller)
Yeah, there's a winter storm warning, in effect, yikes.

01:03:45 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Well, stay warm, stay inside. What can we do for you?

01:03:50 - Caller (Caller)
Yeah, okay, so, um, um, our desktop computer, um, has been recently, um, beginning with Nets. That's saying reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key as in like an endless loop. Yeah, yeah, my father is saying that the message claims to be due to the computer trying to update to Windows 11 and it fails, and then a solid state drive wipes out everything. So he wants to know how can this be stopped?

01:04:30 - Leo Laporte (Host)
How can we end this? So he was uh, you're using Windows 10. You went to Windows 11. You did the update. As sometimes happens during the update, Something went wrong and now you're in a boot loop. Is that accurate?

01:04:45 - Caller (Caller)
Yeah, the salt, yeah, and every solid street drive wipes out the whole data.

01:04:51 - Leo Laporte (Host)
That's a weird thing. I don't think it's wiping out the whole data, but I think what it's doing is it's trying to roll back. So if uh Windows, if the uh upgrade to 11 fails, what Windows does is it rolls it back to Windows 10 and it's failing. So it's a racing stuff. It's kind of rolling back.

01:05:09 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
You have some no, no, I'm sorry, that is. That was my impression of Windows going. Oh no, I messed up. You did a good impression, I thought.

01:05:15 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Oh, he wants. Yeah, it's like, oh gosh, this isn't working, so let's start over. Yeah, unfortunately, you can't even start over at this point, probably the best thing to do. If I were you, you've probably got data on that drive you don't want to lose, right? No, yeah, we're not going to lose any data, greg.

Greg, first thing, what you do is go to another computer and download the Windows, get this from Microsoft media creation tool and the latest version of Windows 11 with all the updates. It'll be an ISO file and they have instructions there on putting that on a USB key that you can boot to. So you're going to create that bootable Windows installer on a USB key You'll need I'm pretty sure you'll need you'll want a 16 gig, maybe even a 32 gig. You want a big USB key. Put that in there. Use the Windows media creation tool.

Again, this is on another machine. It can be a Windows 10 machine. It doesn't have to be a Windows 11 machine. It could be a Windows seven machine, I think. Create the media and then go over to the machine you want to update and boot to the USB key and at that point you'll have the opportunity to install Windows 11 onto the SSD and if there's stuff on the SSD you want, you're going to want to do the upgrade install, not the wipe it up and start over install. I think that's going to be the easiest way to do. That is, in other words, get a next. By the way, often that's the case, the download and install thing, while it's a great idea and a real convenience, does fail, and so it's always a good idea to have a USB installer just around. Anyway, I keep a, whatever I have Windows 11, I always have a USB key that I can boot to for repair purposes, if nothing else, but it makes it a lot easier for the install. Okay, greg.

01:07:09 - Caller (Caller)
Yeah, as long as the computer is supported. Sometimes it may not be.

01:07:14 - Leo Laporte (Host)
But it would tell you if it couldn't, I think okay. So if that's one of your concerns, and remember, it has to be eighth generation Intel or later for Windows 11, and it has to support TPM 2.0. If it is not a compatible computer, there are a couple of options, there are ways around that and if you search on the internet, you will find them, because it's an artificial distinction that Microsoft's making. But Microsoft also offers a tool to check. So if that's your concern, or you could just look and see what the specs are, that system has to be eighth generation Intel, tpm or later, tpm 2.0 or later. If not, then the other thing you can do is go back to Windows 10, and you can do the same thing. Use a media creation tool, download the Windows 10 ISO, put that in the machine, do an update not a race, but an update and you should be back to a running machine. So either way, that's going to be useful for you for getting it working.

Okay, hey, greg, be thankful you're not in Nova Scotia. I hear they have five feet of snow right now. Is that where you are? Chocolate milk mini sip. Are you in the Ameritimes or no? You just. You just read in the news. It sounds cold, sounds cold. Have a great one, greg. We appreciate it. Good luck. Phone number we didn't mention it. Thank you, that's right, but he found it 888-724-2884.

01:08:36 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yep, that's the phone number you can call during the week to leave a voicemail while we're live. You can call to be brought into Zoom and have your question answered. You can also head to the URL calltwittv. That URL will pop open a little thing that says hey, you want to join this Zoom? You say yes and you will join a Zoom room. See some other folks. You need to tap or click on the raise hand button in the UI in order to let us know that you do indeed have a question for us, and you can also email us at at twittv.

01:09:12 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Onward. We go with what you want to do, john Ashley.

01:09:15 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I have another call lined up Gordon Ramsey, Not that Gordon unfortunately he's laughing.

01:09:23 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Hi Gordon, where you come from, I'm calling from.

01:09:26 - Caller (Caller)
Victorville, California.

01:09:28 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Beautiful Victorville, just up the road apiece. What can we do for?

01:09:31 - Caller (Caller)
you. Well, I have two questions. I just got front here and I'm moving with spectrum and I'm an avid Tivo user and I'm in fear of losing my Tivo. But the cost of TV is just getting too high. Are there any other Tivo like streaming services where I can record stuff?

01:09:56 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yes that, I've looked at YouTube TV and so I'm a band and we have Tivo with cable. Do you have a cable card or using Tivo? How are you using cable card? Okay, so I am also doing exactly what you're doing and I have and it kills me One, two, three, four Tivo devices, each with a lifetime subscription and cable cards Easily the most expensive solution.

But you know, for a long time, the best DVRs were Tivos. They just really were. As soon as I get around to it I plan to do it as my new year resolution I'm going to bring all of that. Well, I can't bring the Tivos in, but I am going to bring the cable cards back to Comcast and say thank you very much for your service. Goodbye. Now. You're not going to save money by doing this, but I think in the long run it's a better experience all around. I use YouTube TV. The DVR experience is 10 times better than Tivo. I just I really like it. What? What it lacks is the Tivo suggestions. I don't know how much you rely on that. Tivo, because you have a big hard drive, will record a bunch of stuff you never will want to watch, but sometimes, every once in a while you go.

01:11:11 - Caller (Caller)
Oh, I forgot to record that.

01:11:12 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Thank God Tivo remembered. And then you know the. You do that with the thumbs up and thumbs down. You tell it what you like. The other thing Tivo does very well is commercial skip, and I find that at least on an Apple TV YouTube TV is a little bit more difficult to skip around. The Apple remote doesn't do a good job, but what's interesting is it is Siri. If you're using an Apple TV, it does support Siri. So what I've learned for instance, I like to watch Jeopardy that the first break is exactly two minutes 45 seconds. Nice. The second break, you know you'll learn the length of time on a football game I usually skip ahead in two minutes. So you could just say skip ahead two minutes and almost always it's good. It's not as good as the Tivo. In fact, the Tivo has a commercial skip feature that I really like. It's not there all the time.

01:12:00 - Caller (Caller)
Well, what about using the Tivo, the 4K stream device, and using the YouTube app on that?

01:12:07 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, that might give you all of the benefits of the. I don't think you get the commercial skip button.

01:12:12 - Caller (Caller)
You know the pressed D yeah you get the remote, and you get the remote and the scrolling.

01:12:19 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, yeah, I think that would be better. I think Apple TV remote is not ideal for this, and it's just because I historically use the Apple TV. But yeah, if you have a Tivo streamer, you could do that instead. It breaks my heart because I have all these Tivo devices and I have a lifetime subscription. I spent so much money on these. I guess we got the value out of it. It's been seven or eight years, so I guess we got the value out of it.

01:12:42 - Caller (Caller)
Was it, leo? Real quick. I ran into you at the first podcast awards down in Ontario back in the day, also at yeah Baby, and I was in studio for the screen savers back in the day.

01:12:58 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Dear friend, I feel like we've known each other forever. That's wonderful.

01:13:04 - Caller (Caller)
Well, we kind of joke a little bit, because my middle name is Leo.

01:13:09 - Leo Laporte (Host)
And your first name is Gordon and you're the opposite. I'm Leo Gordon. Oh, wow, wow.

01:13:16 - Caller (Caller)
That's great and I love that. And real quick, I'm with T-Mobile and I've been with T-Mobile for the longest time.

01:13:25 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I think you're my doppelganger. Yeah, I think I swear to God. I think you're my brother from another mother. Must be Okay, go on, I'm with T-Mobile also.

01:13:33 - Caller (Caller)
Yes, Well, I want to reduce my bill. My bill like 90 bucks, including the cellular, for my Apple watch. Is there a way to? Or is there another like MVNO out there that supports an Apple watch and Well, I would say T-Mobile.

01:13:54 - Leo Laporte (Host)
The only problem with T-Mobile is that, unlike T-Mobile, they don't offer the international stuff. The great thing about T-Mobile, if you travel a lot, is you don't have to get a special international plan. I would say, maybe look at Google Fi. Both Google Fi and T-Mobile our sponsor T-Mobile use T-Mobile as their carrier. So if you get good and obviously you must because you're happy with T-Mobile if you get good T-Mobile service where you are, you're going to get the same service Again. The MIMP mobile exception is international.

01:14:28 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
It also doesn't support Apple watch.

01:14:29 - Leo Laporte (Host)
It doesn't support Apple watch. That's frustrating. Google Fi does it support?

01:14:32 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Apple watch. I'm looking into that now.

01:14:33 - Leo Laporte (Host)
That's interesting. Maybe that's how T-Mobile gets you.

01:14:36 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
MIMP mobile will do it if you have a budget smart watch that has a SIM card in it an actual SIM card but anyone that does not have a SIM card in it? No, it looks like Google Fi. No, I'm not seeing an answer for this, unfortunately.

01:14:51 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Fi is really good because I use Fi on my. I have Fi as well as T-Mobile. I use Fi because they'll send you a SIM or an eSIM for all of your tablets, so I use that on my iPad. But boy, that's a good question.

01:15:10 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Ah, okay, so yeah, no, the only supported carriers are AT&T, c-spy, cellcom, spectrum, t-mobile, us Cellular oh, US Cellular is one that does Verizon and Xfinity oh, visible also. So there's one that's.

01:15:27 - Leo Laporte (Host)
So that's Verizon's data-focused service.

01:15:30 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
So that's one budget option that does support it.

01:15:34 - Leo Laporte (Host)
T-Mobile is pretty competitive in price. You could look at other plans and when you my brother from another mother get to my age, they have a senior plan for 55 plus, so you could do that.

01:15:47 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah, that's. It might also be worth calling and saying I'm thinking about switching. Got any way to help me? Yeah, Not make that happen.

01:15:55 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Boy, that's yeah, because the Apple Watch is the key.

01:16:00 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I had a family member who was on midnight and wanted to change or wanted to add their Apple Watch. I never heard of C-Sfire. That's where you stop firing weapons. Did you, didn't you say they were one of the carriers? Oh, c? No, c-spire, c-spire, c-space-spire Okay, I never heard of that meeting, neither have I.

01:16:22 - Leo Laporte (Host)
So that doesn't really clarify anything. That's interesting. That sounds like it's. I don't know if that's an Apple issue or what and they're all 10 bucks extra a month, right yeah, that's the universal thing. Well, that's interesting.

01:16:38 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah, I've never heard of C-Spire in the US. So you might try, I guess, yeah, this is the oh, they're one of those cable companies that also does wireless.

01:16:52 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Oh yeah, don't do that, whatever you do. Yeah, I think maybe what was the one that you Visible? Visible might be a good choice.

01:17:03 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
US cellular. Although I don't know, I've only heard bad things about US cellular.

01:17:09 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I mean, of these I would, my favorite would be T-Mobile. To be honest with you, maybe try Visible. Looks like it's Finity Mobile. We'll also do it. If but, I wouldn't go in any cable company, not with a cable company?

01:17:22 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
No Awesome.

01:17:27 - Leo Laporte (Host)
So there's your choice. Maybe US cellular would be one to look at, I don't know, but let's ask our chat which one they like, if there's anything that they like.

01:17:39 - Caller (Caller)
And before I go, Leo, we met on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship. I was doing a show on that ship.

01:17:45 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Oh, yeah, yeah. What do you play the piano?

01:17:50 - Caller (Caller)
No, I do audio video for a journey tribute band. Okay For a journey tribute band.

01:17:56 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
What's it called? What's the band called?

01:17:59 - Caller (Caller)
DSB. Don't Stop Believing Don't Stop.

01:18:01 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Believing we need you for the football game on Sunday. So yeah, that was on the Anthem of the Seas, which at the time was the biggest out there. Now they have the icon. Are you still doing that?

01:18:13 - Caller (Caller)
Yeah, the band is actually on the icon right now. I couldn't go due to a scheduling conflict, but hopefully I'll make the next one.

01:18:20 - Leo Laporte (Host)
That is a I'd be very curious. Call me and let me know, because that's an apartment building on the floats. That's huge. I thought Anthem was huge, that one's even huge.

01:18:31 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Are they bigger than the Titanic these days? Much the Titanic, oh I didn't know they were bigger than the Titanic. Close.

01:18:37 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Not even In fact. I'll get you a picture. Somebody's done a Photoshop of the icon of the seas next to the Titanic.

01:18:44 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Oh nice.

01:18:44 - Caller (Caller)

01:18:45 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Titanic looks like a little Wow, a little tiny little boat. Well, it's great to see you, gordon. I really appreciate it all these years. I feel like we're old friends and my doppelganger.

01:18:57 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
It's really great to see you.

01:18:59 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah. I think, people are saying visible is a decent choice. That might be the one, yeah.

01:19:05 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
As long as you don't find yourself needing to call support often.

01:19:09 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, this was Verizon's. It's fully owned by Verizon. It was their idea. What if we just went all data, you know everything's data, because all the phone calls are data. Now, anyway, and I think I haven't heard any bad reviews. We had a caller who was having trouble with his SMS last week.

01:19:27 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah, I'm not sure yet that was the first time, yep.

01:19:31 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Hey, pleasure talking to you again, Gordon.

01:19:33 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Thanks so much, gordon Lee. Take care, take care, I'll see you later, oh man.

01:19:37 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I hope I see you on a boat someday.

01:19:38 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Who's playing the Super Bowl, not who's playing in the Super Bowl. It is the Apple halftime show.

01:19:46 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Is it Nelly or Drake? It's one of them, See. I don't even know. It is this year and I've always I confuse them. Who's on the halftime show?

01:19:54 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Who plays Super Bowl?

01:19:55 - Leo Laporte (Host)
It's Pruitt's on the halftime show what the heck. Oh, mr Clemson, come here. Did you go to? You went to CES, didn't you Musical, how did you do? How'd you have it? Come here, come on, it's Usher this year. It's Usher. Hello Drake, usher, nelly, they're all the same.

01:20:14 - Caller (Caller)
That's it.

01:20:15 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Pruitt, it's so good You're wet you were out in the rain my buddy friend. Oh, I missed you so much.

01:20:21 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Oh, is it so raining hard.

01:20:22 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Love to see you. What do you got there? Did you bring us some beer?

01:20:25 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I brought this from Mr Burt because Mr Burt did some work.

01:20:29 - Leo Laporte (Host)
He didn't want to take my money.

01:20:30 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Little something something, so I brought him some little something, little something, something that's not it.

01:20:35 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Are you all the?

01:20:35 - Caller (Caller)
something, something.

01:20:36 - Leo Laporte (Host)
It's a little something something for me too, right? No, no, ask him what he's done for you lately. Hey, I miss you so much. I hope what things are going well. Yeah, I'm very happy, yeah.

01:20:50 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah, and the blinkers don't work. It's what. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

01:20:56 - Leo Laporte (Host)
And I'd like to give you. We don't have a vision pro for you today, but I'd like to give you the next best thing I saw, these I was like oh my God, oh my God you know what.

01:21:07 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I can see what's in the mirror. I know what everybody's talking about. Yeah, it's probably got higher resolution than the vision.

01:21:14 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Oh yeah, I tell you, beautiful. Well, I'm glad things are going. Where can we see your work these days? What are you?

01:21:20 - Caller (Caller)
I'll just keep going to the website AntPruittcom.

01:21:23 - Leo Laporte (Host)
AntPruittcom. Did you? Oh, I have a question for you. Did you send me that jigsaw puzzle? Yes, oh, thank you so much. They had nobody's name in it and I wasn't sure if it was you or somebody who was a fan of yours. Nope, I did. Thank you. I'm going to send a puzzle to you. It's a thousand pieces.

01:21:39 - Caller (Caller)
Oh nice.

01:21:40 - Leo Laporte (Host)
We'll set it up on this table and we'll see if we can get it done.

01:21:42 - Caller (Caller)
Yeah, I'd love to Mr Burke or Mr Gemmell B would have a lot of fun working with it and a bit of challenge to it, we'll make him do it.

01:21:48 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
We need something to do Ant.

01:21:49 - Leo Laporte (Host)
So great to see you. Yeah, good to see you, ant. Everybody say hi to Ant, hi to Ant, bye, we miss him so much. Okay, okay, no, I didn't know, deborah. So who is it again? It's Usher, usher, I'm supposed to know.

01:22:12 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I didn't know he was still doing stuff.

01:22:14 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I don't know, but it is an Apple halftime show, which is why you should watch it in your Vision Pro.

01:22:18 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah, they should at least have that part playing. Okay, we'll see, we'll see.

01:22:23 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I'll take a little tiny time out while I compose myself and you're watching the tech guys with Micah Sargent and Ant Pruitt and Leo LaPorte. Who should we take next? John Ashley, I want to pick up Joey.

01:22:44 - Caller (Caller)
He's been hanging out for a bit, joey, joey.

01:22:48 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Welcome, come on down. You're the next contestant on the.

01:22:53 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Price Is Right.

01:22:56 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I think I hit the button. Joey, joey, hello, can you hear me? We?

01:23:03 - Caller (Caller)
can hear you. Hello, hello, joey, where are you calling from? I'm calling from Southern California. Rancho Cucamonga is the name of the city Rancho Cucamonga, I know it well.

01:23:16 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
Oh good.

01:23:16 - Caller (Caller)
Yes, I first introduced myself as the Joey who sold an Apple One computer a couple years ago. You talked about me a little bit.

01:23:23 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yes, yes, how much did you get from that thing?

01:23:27 - Caller (Caller)
Half a million dollars, wow no wonder you're the Rancho.

01:23:31 - Leo Laporte (Host)

01:23:34 - Caller (Caller)
Was it working? Joey 1977. Yes, it was working. It was 45-year-old. I kept it in my closet under a towel. Amazing, and there's one guy in the world that works on them to make sure they work and he writes a report. It was one of the best conditions ever. Wow, and yeah, very exciting 15 minutes of fame for me.

01:23:55 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Wow, that's really great. Well, congratulations.

01:23:57 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Maybe we need to put the Apple One in the towel.

01:23:59 - Caller (Caller)
I actually have a picture of it being advertised in Times Square.

01:24:02 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Oh wow, we're going to take Micah's Vision Pro, wrap it in a towel, put it in the closet In 45 years. In 45 years, I'll give my money back.

01:24:13 - Caller (Caller)
You'll get your money back. Maybe, not I'm just a thousand or so.

01:24:19 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, that's really great, that is a good feeling, that's nice.

01:24:22 - Caller (Caller)
So my question is I have a Dell XPS 13, actually on your recommendation, probably eight years ago, love that yeah. When I turn it on in my home it knocks my Wi-Fi out about one out of five to ten times and it's very reliable. I mean, as soon as I open it, I'll see even on my desktop that the Wi-Fi is gone. And I just reset my router and it works. But that's why I'm open for something easier.

01:24:50 - Leo Laporte (Host)
So it's resetting the Wi-Fi in the whole house. Nothing is on the Wi-Fi anymore and you have to reboot your router to get it back, Okay.

01:25:01 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
So there's one thing that I could be that I might be thinking of when you so. Have you changed internet providers at any point? Never, Never, Okay, Because the one thing that I was thinking of I remember this happening to me where I had moved into a new place and in order to set up the internet, I didn't have to have somebody come out, but instead I plugged directly from the modem into the computer. I had at the time Ethernet, and when I did that it set the computer as the sort of router in some way. I don't even know how to describe what happened, but basically nothing else was able to connect it all to my internet. So I was thinking, if there was some sort of routing taking place on the computer, could it be that it is assigning it an IP that belongs to some? I don't know. This is an interesting one.

01:26:03 - Caller (Caller)
But they're both off the Wi-Fi my phone's, off the Wi-Fi my laptop and my desktop. So it's definitely like shutting down my Wi-Fi.

01:26:11 - Leo Laporte (Host)
There was a case many years ago where Apple iPads brought down entire Wi-Fi networks. In fact, universities were banning the iPads. Oh, I remember that actually, and it was because the iPad did something weird. But the weird thing is you've had this XPS with essentially the same setup for years.

01:26:34 - Caller (Caller)
Yeah, when did this start? And it works one out of five to ten times? Has it always done this One out of ten? Maybe One out of five, one out of ten. You know, I don't remember if it started when I put in a new router, which was probably five or ten years ago Well, no, I can't be ten because I've only had the laptop for eight but I don't believe it happened at the very start. I just can't remember, but it's happened very consistently as long as far back as I can do, and it's not every time.

01:27:02 - Leo Laporte (Host)
It's every five to ten. It's not consistently the number of times.

01:27:06 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Correct. So that's why I'm wondering if it's a DHCP thing.

01:27:10 - Caller (Caller)
One of the things I try to do, but I just always forget is to turn off the Wi-Fi. But when I shut it down, hoping that bringing it up and then connecting the Wi-Fi will work, I just have. I just always forget, you know.

01:27:22 - Leo Laporte (Host)
So the problem with the iPads was a very obscure setting in the way Apple was getting on the Wi-Fi. Apple fixed it with a firmware update, but the iPads would essentially assign it, take a slot from the Wi-Fi router and then not give it back. And this is what I think might be happening, because it doesn't happen the first time after you reboot the router. It doesn't happen the second time, but after a certain number of times it stops working, which sounds like to me the XPS is taking an IP address and not giving it back and not releasing it, or the router is not releasing it and the next time it says, oh, I can't take that one, it's taking a new one. Does your IP? Do you ever look at the IP address? You see if it's local address changes.

01:28:14 - Caller (Caller)
No, so am I able to look at it while the Wi-Fi is down? In other words, I bring up my laptop, the Wi-Fi, well, reboot the router.

01:28:22 - Leo Laporte (Host)
now you can get on right Immediately after you reboot. You get on. So look at the IP address, then the next time look and see if the IP address is the same or if it's different, and then you might want to count. Yeah.

Because if it's a consistent, interval that will imply that it is in fact using up a certain number of slots that you can't get back on. This is my vague memory of this iPad thing, and it was partly. This happened because the Wi-Fi spec is a little flexible, and it wasn't that Apple did something wrong. It was to spec, but it just it interacted poorly with routers that were also to spec but they didn't see eye to eye. What's the make of the router?

01:29:07 - Caller (Caller)
Oh, good question, TP-Link. It's one that the wire cut or recommended.

01:29:15 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, I know which one. It's the archer.

01:29:16 - Caller (Caller)
Yeah, it's a good one.

01:29:17 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, okay, wow, somebody has found an article from Dell. Thank you, butch. Xps 15, 95, 60, killer Wi-Fi. That is, by the way, an unfortunate name. It is the name of the card, not the fact that it kills your wire internet. But this guy is saying the killer wireless is killing his network. Do you know if you have a killer card? I have no idea.

01:29:42 - Caller (Caller)
Okay, you can see that. Yeah, you can see that in the device manager.

01:29:45 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Dell used those. I think they might still use it. It was a killer 15 35. This is a wow. This is an interesting post here. It says the guy says and he had a brand new one this is from 2017, though, so it's roughly the same time period Seems to nuke my whole Wi-Fi network. It only requires a few minutes of browsing the web before the killer does something. Again, the killer is a brand name, a poor choice. The killer does something which causes my router to basically shut down the Wi-Fi side. He's using a Dre-Eck router so I narrowed it down to the killer card by plugging in a Belkin USB Wi-Fi adapter, machine becomes usable. So he had an external Wi-Fi adapter, which it would be maybe a short term solution for you. Yeah.

01:30:33 - Caller (Caller)
Well, rebooting the router is not that unreasonable. It's not too awful. He sounds like he's gaining a little time on the Wi-Fi before it goes out. Mine goes out instantly, instantly, as soon as it comes up.

01:30:43 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Make sure you have updated your Wi-Fi to your network drivers, your killer drivers. I love the name.

01:30:49 - Caller (Caller)
On the laptop.

01:30:50 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, okay, let me see what the answer is.

01:30:54 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I'm saying the only thing that seems to work in the long run there's even a mention of a TP-Link C7 Archer is that they had to swap out the internal killer card for an internal card. Yeah, and I'm not seeing anything else to fix to even for folks who went in and updated the firmware and everything.

01:31:11 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, these Wi-Fi cards are crap Apparently, and I've had trouble with my XPS and Arch because of the killer Wi-Fi card in it. I was unable to install Arch Linux.

01:31:23 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
That's like if you name a child who was the first one to kill in the Bible, I can't remember yeah, abel or Cain, yeah, cain, cain, cain yeah. Then that child's going to become a Cain.

01:31:34 - Leo Laporte (Host)
This is don't call your wife a killer, don't name your wife a killer. Yeah, so I think, so, with an eight year old laptop one option I guess is to update the laptop.

01:31:43 - Caller (Caller)
Would I have to make sure I'm not getting another killer card? Is Dell? I mean I just bought it from Dell, I don't remember you?

01:31:49 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, I don't think. I don't know if Dell sells the Intel's anymore. I think you have a choice between Intel and what and and killer. But you could also cheaply really cheaply buy a USB Wi-Fi dongle.

01:31:59 - Caller (Caller)
I think I have one. Okay, yeah, you might plug that in and use that instead and turn off the killer.

01:32:06 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
That's wild, that is so wild and unfortunate.

01:32:11 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I wonder what the killer is doing.

01:32:13 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
It's almost sounds like from what. There are a little few things in there. It almost sounds like what Apple's iPads had issues with, where it's sending too much and it's hard to describe obviously, but apparently it is kind of overpowering.

01:32:32 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Here's the guy who has a TP link archer. He says not only does it bring my network down, but my neighbor's network goes down.

01:32:41 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Maybe you should hold on to this. This is a great security tool.

01:32:45 - Leo Laporte (Host)
You could sell this back to the hackers. That is, yeah, the killer Wi-Fi is not good. Oh, that's all, but it shouldn't be doing this. I don't know what's going on. Yeah, try that USB Wi-Fi adapter. You can disable the killer. You should disable the killer and use the USB, if that. If it doesn't come back, then I think you narrowed it down pretty well.

01:33:09 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
It's funny, the things we get used to in tech, though. Right, there are a few things that I have that maybe don't work exactly as I expect, and over time I just go oh no, I just hit this button and I do this and then it's fine. You've been working with this for probably five, eight years and just finally it comes back up again. You're like you know, actually I'll solve this problem.

01:33:28 - Caller (Caller)
In this Dell thread. To be honest, what made me call you was I was in a Zoom meeting and brought up my laptop and it knocked me off.

01:33:35 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Okay, that's not good.

01:33:36 - Caller (Caller)
That's terrible.

01:33:38 - Leo Laporte (Host)
In this in this Dell thread. We'll put the link in the show notes to the Dell thread. Thomas from Rivet Networks the makers of killer Wi-Fi, I says oh, unfortunately your issue seems to lie with the router. If the wireless is stopping, for the entire router it sounds like the wireless driver and the router is crashing. Well, you could try an update for your router.

But it seems to be happening to multiple routers Multiple people and multiple he says also try other channels, frequencies or wireless mode settings. I think Rivet is just desperate to fix this. In fact, I think you can actually. Here's a guy who said I called Dell with a warranty issue. It's too late for you, I'm sorry to say, but he called Dell with a warranty issue and they immediately replaced the killer with an Intel card. They know, yeah, I think that this is. I've heard of other problems with this killer card before. I bet you that's what's going on. Try that. You've got a solution in your, in your drawer. Try that and see if it fixes it.

01:34:35 - Caller (Caller)
We'll do. Thanks so much. Really fun to talk to you, nice to talk to you.

01:34:39 - Leo Laporte (Host)
And I'm you know, I still like the XPS, but that was a case of Dell choosing a bad component, I think.

01:34:44 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
And also I apologize. I apologize to any Keynes out there.

01:34:51 - Leo Laporte (Host)
And, if your name is able, I'm sorry and I also want to apologize to usher. By the way, I just realized this usher did a duet with Alicia Keys some years ago. I bet you you, alicia Keys, shows up out there at the.

01:35:06 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Super Bowl halftime. That would be lovely, do you know?

01:35:09 - Caller (Caller)
he went for a while.

01:35:09 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Huh, did you know he went by ursher for a while? That's not a joke, that's true. His real name's usher, though, but yeah, but he changed his stage name to ursher for a while.

01:35:21 - Leo Laporte (Host)
He probably likes February as well? Probably does, yeah.

01:35:25 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Board in February Maybe.

01:35:27 - Leo Laporte (Host)
We're going to take a little break when we come back. Johnny Jett travel guru.

01:35:31 - Scott Wilkinson (Guest)
He's back.

01:35:32 - Leo Laporte (Host)
We'll jet into our studios. You're watching. Ask the Tech guys. With Leo and Micah, it is time once again to say hello to Johnny Jett, my travel pal. Let's see where Johnny is today.

01:35:55 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Can you see me there? You go See me.

01:35:59 - Leo Laporte (Host)
We saw him. Wait a minute. It's our, it's at our end. John Ashley is going like this. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, this steam coming out of the ears.

01:36:10 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I know we're exciting, so exclamation point above the head there he is.

01:36:15 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Look at that blue blazer, is that wool?

01:36:17 - Mikah Sargent (Host)

01:36:18 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Yeah, I saw you guys wearing blazers. I was like I bet you look good dude.

01:36:22 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
And he's even got a pocket square and everything. Nice.

01:36:25 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Welcome back.

01:36:26 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Where do I wear this thing? We've missed you, Johnny. Where have you been all these, all these months?

01:36:32 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Oh man, I was traveling a lot. I think over Thanksgiving we were in Turks and Caicos, and then over Christmas we went to Toronto, and then for New Year's we went on a Caribbean cruise to St Thomas and Marneke.

01:36:47 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Johnny, pull that microphone. Pull that microphone into you, Will you?

01:36:51 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
You know what my focus right that you gave me. I was doing a news nation interview a couple of days ago and all of a sudden they say we can't hear you. And I'm pretty sure it was that. So I pulled it out and just now I totally remember, right before I got on I was like, oh my God, this thing doesn't work, I think.

01:37:06 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Well, we'll send you another one. How about that? I can try it.

01:37:08 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Let me plug it in and see if that works. Yeah, let's give it a shot, those things.

01:37:12 - Leo Laporte (Host)
They really don't die very often oh maybe that's the one with the killer wife. Now we hear you, just fine.

01:37:20 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
How was it now?

01:37:20 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Much better.

01:37:21 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
That's lovely yeah.

01:37:23 - Leo Laporte (Host)
You sounded like you were down at the airport, at the internet, watching the planes take off.

01:37:27 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Well, you know what? But during the interview it just cut out, so I just pulled it out.

01:37:30 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah we can't hear you. It's fine, it's still working, okay, hallelujah, johnny. Jetcom is his website. He's got great newsletters there. You can follow him on YouTube, on Twitter, or is it Zitter everywhere you, you want to read now you're on threads, good yeah. I like threads I actually like threads a lot.

01:37:50 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
It's not bad.

01:37:50 - Leo Laporte (Host)

01:37:51 - Caller (Caller)

01:37:51 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah. So, Johnny, what's up in travel these days?

01:37:55 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
I mean, the big news is about the 737 max of Boeing nine that people you know you're obviously heard about last year.

01:38:03 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Should I be looking when I go on a flight to see what the plane is and not go on a Boeing?

01:38:08 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Well, I've had a lot of readers say they do not want to fly on the max and if you remember in 2019, when they had their problems back then, um no, I mean, first of all, the plane was grounded for two years and no one wanted to fly it, but all sudden, that's that sentiment's coming back and kayak, in 2019, actually created a filter on their site to avoid Boeing planes and they said last week or two weeks ago that has now like times by 50, the use of it. So if you do not want to fly on the max, you can go to kayakcom and when you search flights on the left hand side, there will be filters and one of them is, you know, to avoid max planes.

01:38:51 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Well, I'm okay. So this is my question. We're flying to Mexico next month, lisa and I, for a little getaway on Alaska Airlines. It's a 737 800. That's different, right? That's not a max, it's okay. Yeah, yeah, no, I understand. Listen. It seems like Boeing's quality control wasn't so good. Oh my.

01:39:12 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
God, boeing is just taking a hit again. I mean they're making these dumb mistakes and you know people are losing confidence in them and I wrote this post about. You know three ways how to avoid getting on a max and one of them is the kayak. And the next day the LA Times had a story where it said, where they quoted two ex managers of Boeing saying here it is Ed Pearson, a former Boeing senior manager. I've worked in the, in the factory where they were built, and I saw the pressure employees were under to rush the planes out the door. I tried to get them to shut down before the first crash and he said I would absolutely not fly a max airplane.

01:39:50 - Leo Laporte (Host)
And I was so blown. Well, that's what happened. This thing the one that blew the door bolt out was brand new, had come from the factory, missed. Not only was that bolt missing, but it looked like other bolts were either looser on the sitting in the catch bay or whatever they the the. There was no quality control. It went out of the door unfinished, in a sense. Definitely I mean so. Should I worry about all Boeing jets now?

01:40:18 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
I mean, I think they, I think this is another wake up call for them and let's hope I have plenty of friends.

01:40:24 - Caller (Caller)
Yeah, I don't know.

01:40:25 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I think they hit the snooze alarm after the last one.

01:40:28 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
But one of my friends is a pilot and it does maxes and he loves the plane. He's like man, it flies so great. I don't like it as a passenger, especially when I fly in Americans, because it's so tight in the, in the bathroom, as ridiculously tight. I mean I have to go in sideways and I'm you know, I'm 200 pounds, I'm not that big, but anyway I I would avoid it, just for I'd avoid the max for a little bit.

01:40:54 - Leo Laporte (Host)
but on the other hand, say it's the safest plane right now. Well, exactly, I imagine every airline that has one is going through with a fine tooth comb and a wrench and tightening all the bolts and making sure right.

01:41:06 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Well, they made. I mean, Alaska took a huge hit because of that and it was Boeing's fault. Did you see the Saturday night lights get about Alaska Airlines or commercial? No, if not, you got to watch it. It's hilarious.

01:41:16 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I'm flying Alaska in about a month. I'm nervous.

01:41:20 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Alaska is a greater line I've always liked.

01:41:23 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Alaska, it's a little weird going to Mexico on Alaska.

01:41:26 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Airlines, but I will you know, we'll let set that aside.

01:41:29 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Well, since the last time I've been on. They bought Hawaiian airlines, which I love Hawaiian.

01:41:34 - Leo Laporte (Host)
That's one of my favorite. Alaska bought it. I mean whether we're still working on the deal, but in merger news JetBlue was unable to buy spirit.

01:41:43 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Right, they're going to drop that. They're not. I don't think they're going to fight it. What's?

01:41:47 - Leo Laporte (Host)
going to happen.

01:41:47 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Ridiculous deal from the beginning. They're they are offering them hundreds of millions of dollars that the deal didn't go through. They thought for sure they're going to get it to go through.

01:41:55 - Leo Laporte (Host)
That's normal, though you have a breakup fee if it doesn't happen. But yeah, but everyone I flows, flows spirit, one spirit. It's only advantage is if you really don't have any money and you and you know you don't have any luggage because they'll charge you for a carry on, they charge you.

01:42:10 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
they charge you 90, $99 for same with frontier. They'll charge you for if the last minute, if you're at the gate and you need to use it overhead bin $99, which is?

01:42:19 - Leo Laporte (Host)
which is pretty much means that all the money you saved on the ticket is gone.

01:42:23 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
That's why, whenever you see these viral stories of gate agents fighting with passengers because the passengers are just taking it out on them, it's not the gate.

01:42:32 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, they explain them yeah.

01:42:33 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
But can you blame these people are buying 39 tickets of Florida when everyone else was 129. And then they get to the gate and they're like, well, this is going to be $99. Just put to put your bag in the overhead bin and they're like what? Their head explodes yeah.

01:42:46 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Why did JetBlue want spirit just for the routes, or did they really want to have a low cost airline?

01:42:52 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
No, no, no, they were going to merge it right into JetBlue. It was because they needed the planes, the pilots, the pilots. So, they were going to I actually love JetBlue.

01:43:00 - Leo Laporte (Host)
That's how I fly back to see my mom.

01:43:02 - Caller (Caller)
I'm doing what you did for so long.

01:43:04 - Leo Laporte (Host)
You flew back to your dad and I always thought what a good son. And now I'm doing the same. You're a good man. That's the right thing to do. My mom was sick with cancer.

01:43:13 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
I went every other weekend Isn't that sweet for three years. That's how I learned so many tricks. I mean, I knew everybody and I would ask questions and you'll learn a lot of stuff. But there are some good deals, by the way, right now. If you want to go to Europe, this deal ends tomorrow. North Atlantic they bought planes from Norwegian. They're 787s and you can go to New York to London $99. One way. You can go Miami to London 129. These are incredible deals. That ends tomorrow and I know you'd like to fly up front, like everyone else. La Campagne I think we talked about it last year. Every Valentine's Day they have a deal two for one deal to Paris $3,800, life flat seats for two people.

01:43:55 - Caller (Caller)
So round trip.

01:43:57 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
That's not one way.

01:43:57 - Leo Laporte (Host)
No no it's good to the end of the year, oh, so you could buy it now.

01:44:02 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
You had to buy this one before February 14th, but two for one $4,800.

01:44:07 - Leo Laporte (Host)
La Campagne, which is French for the company.

01:44:12 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
It's all business class to plane.

01:44:14 - Leo Laporte (Host)
All business class, all the time Yep.

01:44:17 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
That's all.

01:44:17 - Leo Laporte (Host)
It is Business class, I kind of like that 50 something seats or 70 seats.

01:44:20 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
I've never been on them. I've seen the plane in Newark, because it leaves from Newark, by the way.

01:44:25 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Wow, 76 life flat seats on a plane 76.

01:44:28 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
And it goes to either Paris or Milan and in April they start up to Nice and that's $1,000 more.

01:44:35 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Oh yeah, I'd go to Paris. You can always take a train to Nice if you want. Wow, that's pretty darn cool for Valentine's Day.

01:44:43 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
And I do have a question for you. So for the price of a?

01:44:46 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Vision Pro. Two of us could go to Paris. Brown trip from Newark the first. You get to keep the Vision Pro. All you get with that is memories. Oh dear, what else? Johnny is big and travel.

01:45:03 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Well, I got a question for your personal too. Actually, I talked about it with Micah last time. I got you suckered to do a podcast and anyway it was not a podcast, it was fake the guy they said they're going to pay me money. Anyway, can they? Can't he had me do a Zoom session? Can they? Can the bad guys put software on your computer through Zoom? No, okay, that's what I thought. I've heard that.

01:45:31 - Leo Laporte (Host)
You have to let them install something on your system.

01:45:35 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Now if they sent you software? No, he's like share your computer. I shared it. He couldn't press click things, but he was using this arrow. He goes go here.

01:45:44 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah, they only shared the screen and the guy was able to annotate on the screen. But luckily I confirmed with Johnny that he did not give the person permission to control the screen, only to share.

01:45:56 - Leo Laporte (Host)
That's the scam is. We're going to put you on a podcast. We're going to pay you $500 to be on this $3,000.

01:46:02 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
And it was a real podcast. It was a real podcast, but it wasn't theirs. Yeah, they made up an end.

01:46:07 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, If somebody calls and says I'm going to pay you $3,000 to be on Twitter.

01:46:11 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
It's a lie. It's like it's sponsored by Lulu lemon. We just want. We want an expert on there.

01:46:16 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Well, yeah, and you do this all the time for people, so it's natural they saw you, my Facebook's gone.

01:46:20 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
They hijacked my Facebook, my fan page that's how they ended up getting it 35. So and then, but before it was hijacked, I could see them putting videos up saying, hey, you know, pretending I was me, this is a great supplement. I highly recommend it.

01:46:33 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I'm so sorry.

01:46:34 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Anyway, but I'm just happy they can't put software on there, cause two weeks later my credit card started getting hacked. Then someone started doing my someone's got seven loans.

01:46:43 - Leo Laporte (Host)
The same people probably were attacking you in multiple ways, I would guess, cause I don't even know how they would get into your Facebook doing that. Anyway, my identity has been stolen.

01:46:53 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Someone sent seven MacBook computers to my, my, my, mailbox and, uh whoa, they tried to have they had. They tried to have it rerouted to Chicago.

01:47:02 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
That's new from last time.

01:47:04 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Last time we talked to you. This is three days ago. Oh, it's ongoing.

01:47:07 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah, cause last time we talked, you had said that they took out loans on your credit cards, but the checks actually came to you, so that didn't work for them. $10,000 check, and now they're buying max as well, so but this is ongoing.

01:47:21 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
It was my credit. They unfroze it while I was on the cruise.

01:47:24 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I was able to unfreeze it.

01:47:26 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
I come from the cruise. I have all these letters which I didn't see for another week because I got so sick from the cruise that I didn't open my mail for a week and, sorry you're, your loan was denied and I was like what are you talking about? I didn't play for a while.

01:47:39 - Leo Laporte (Host)
So you've put a freeze, I presume, and this is really.

01:47:42 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
I've now called all three agencies. Yeah, obviously, do not unfreeze my credit.

01:47:47 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Oh they, so you froze it. And then they called and said I'm Johnny, jet, Unfreeze it.

01:47:52 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
No, no, I froze it online before I left for the cruise.

01:47:56 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, and then they unfroze it. How did they unfreeze?

01:47:59 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
it I that I don't know. They've got your passwords. This is all new to me.

01:48:02 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
I. They have to have gotten your pass.

01:48:03 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I would wipe your computer at this point. I know I bought a new one.

01:48:07 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
I haven't switched it but I have a brand new computer that I might do today. But my question is should I get Norton's life lock or Costco complete ID no?

01:48:16 - Leo Laporte (Host)
None of that's gonna help you now. No, what you want to, you're, you there's, they're in your things. They're in your stuff.

01:48:24 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
I think they're on that computer what's weird is this loan officer who?

01:48:28 - Leo Laporte (Host)
you can't unfreeze an account without they. When you freeze an account, they give you a pin Very long in no, I just go online and it just you can hit.

01:48:38 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Just put your password in it. I'm free.

01:48:40 - Leo Laporte (Host)
So they okay. So they have your password. I've got to have your past.

01:48:42 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
I changed it.

01:48:43 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I've changed it now, but but don't change it on that.

01:48:45 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah, you change it on that computer and they have access to that computer.

01:48:48 - Leo Laporte (Host)
They've got the password manager you're using, john.

01:48:51 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
You know, I'm not using one, so I should I should definitely change that right yeah, yeah, you probably reused passwords. That's how they're getting you so you password manager should use me is bit warden our sponsor it's free warden it's free. I recommend another one.

01:49:06 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, we used to use last pass until they change so bit warden.

How do you spell that bit W A R D and it's open source, it's free for individual use, so you're not gonna be paying for it.

What you're gonna want to do, though, with bit warden, is go through all of the most important accounts to you and change their passwords, using bit warden to generate a very long, unmemorable to you password you'll also want to use to create a Master password that is long but that you can remember. The way I Recommend doing it is think of a passage from a book or a song, or something that you already know, a poem and Use that not the whole thing as your password, but maybe what I often do is use the first letter from each word. So, for instance, to be or not to be that is the question whether it is no blur in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows about rage. Is fortune first letters of Of each of those words, something you can, in your mind, recreate, but doesn't, isn't, obviously, and it's got to be long. Long is really critical, in fact, what I would recommend doing Generate that long password you know using something you've memorized or a song you know song lyrics are a good choice. People often know song lyrics and then add some numbers at the end or in the middle.

I Use my childhood phone number.

So, that's seven digits. That is burned into my brain so I don't have to memorize it. Because I was a kid and if I got you know lost, I had to know my phone number. Yes, so, or your childhood zip code or something. But you're padding it. That's called padding. So you're taking a long password and you're padding it with additional seven digits. That is virtually impossible to brute force at that point get it to 30 characters if you can.

That cannot be brute force. That's the one password you have to remember. Everything else Should be generated in bit warden, as long as they'll allow it, as long a password as they will allow. Sometimes the site will say, well, it can only be 16 characters, so you might have to shorten it and you're gonna want to go through everything that's important to you, certainly your bank accounts, amazon email, emails very important. Turn on two factor everywhere you can get a good two factor. Yeah, are you doing that now? Yeah, definitely. Yeah, I've been doing. You can use bit warden to remember the two factor if that's easier for you.

01:51:24 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah, and critically do all of this from the new machine you bought, because we don't know if your machine is compromised, it's again. Well, it probably didn't happen in the zoom call, but if somehow they gained access in some other way, it's just best for your you know peace of mind to do this from that new machine that you bought.

01:51:42 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Okay, that's good to know you've changed your Apple password and turned on two factor for that as well, I'm sure yep, I did that new. That's really important. That two factor, you know it's a little annoying. It says well, before you can use this account, you have to see the pop-up and it says allow. And then what are the six digits on another Apple device? But that is really a good form of security. I suspect they are in your machine Somehow there the phone or my laptop either that or did you reuse the password for Equifax, experian and TransUnion?

have you reused passwords?

01:52:19 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Don't think so you lose, like your chance Name and your birthday and your dog's name. Oh no, I'm not, I'm not that dumb okay.

01:52:29 - Leo Laporte (Host)
So hey, it's not dumb. For many, many years I use the same password everywhere. In fact, every once in a while I'll log into it and bit word and I'll say you knit, we. Uh. Yeah, what are you doing? You that's passwords been known in every breach known to man. So it really is good you want to have those totally random, non-memorable passwords on every account you've got.

01:52:52 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Yeah, I'm so sorry this is still going on. That's, that's awful. I had hoped that it would have been resolved, and so to hear that right.

01:52:59 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Well, I'm just glad to hear that books they weren't able to download any software on that zoom session. Because that's what I was, that's.

01:53:05 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I was like man somehow they got into your computer.

01:53:07 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
I'm almost certain that what's weird is this guy who gave him the loan for those computers. He contacted me, told me he's like the guy's got an African accent and he pretended it was you. I asked him for your ID and he sent over a license that looked almost exactly like mine. The photo was the same photo as my license, but it was, but it was like cropped, it was on a template, different signature and I'm like what that is so intense, that's so involved.

01:53:32 - Leo Laporte (Host)
So this is a obviously big business and and there are it's sad to say, but there are actually little Work camps where people do this and oftentimes they themselves are being exploited by another person.

01:53:48 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
You know, higher up the chain they a common situation is they'll be brought in thinking that they're going to be doing a normal job, their passports or other information will be taken away from them, and then they're required to work and I read that New York Times article About the guy in China yeah, that was just or Thailand, I think it was.

01:54:08 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I think it was Myanmar, but anyway, it doesn't matter. Yeah, there are countries all over the world where they don't care, and so that's where these work camps end up, and and that's that's why they're so good at it, because they've got it down. They have a template that they use for a driver's license. Right, they got your pictures from Facebook.

01:54:28 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
But it's the same photo that I have in my license, which is not Facebook. That's scary.

01:54:33 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Wow, how do they do that?

01:54:35 - Leo Laporte (Host)
You sure it's the same photo? Did you keep a copy of your a driver's license on your or your passport?

01:54:43 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Yeah, but it's not the same license. They would. You would think they would use the same exact.

01:54:46 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I just take the photo off of it. Well, that's a good question, maybe because of the address.

01:54:51 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
No, they use the same address.

01:54:53 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Oh yeah, cuz that's right. That's what the whole laptops arrived at your address. Yeah, this is just terrible. Yeah, I am so sorry.

01:55:00 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Well it's. What's terrible is when you're traveling on a cruise and all these islands and your credit cards aren't working.

01:55:04 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, oh man, and you're like I'm so sorry, but I think it's part of the adventure at this point it's. It's a scorched earth. Yeah, you should nuke that laptop. By the way, you don't have to throw it away, but you wipe it, you start over with it. You gotta assume that everything has been compromised and an act accordingly. You don't mind getting a new one, that's all right. Yeah, take one of those seven laptops you just got.

01:55:32 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Yeah, believe me, I was like my wife's, like I'd like to have a new Mac, not a quick pro.

01:55:37 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, so you don't want the guy who loaned him the money to call you.

01:55:41 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Oh, the cops, the cops went they. Actually, I filed a police report.

01:55:44 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Good, you should absolutely do that, if only because insurance requires it, but you should absolutely do that. This is a terrible, terrible story.

01:55:57 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
There was an infomercial for that Norton life lock on TV like a half hour and I'm sitting. I got sucked in. Everything they were saying is like that's what happened to me.

01:56:04 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, it's identity theft. It's too late now, though, like life lock is not gonna do anything to help you now you going? I had life lock for a long time. The here's the problem with life lock and and all of the others. It's kind of sad story actually. They were making very broad claims and attorneys general in a number of states sued them and won, and Life lock had to stop doing many of the things they acquired.

A company, for instance, that did back-end transactions Still does for some of the big credit cards. They had a great pipeline of information about stuff being stolen, but unfortunately they've been hobbled. So the good news is the credit card companies are doing a lot of that now. In fact I don't know if you've noticed we've noticed our credit cards get turned off or rejected much more often than they used to. Definitely, yeah, that's because they have a lot of fraud, anti-fraud software running. It's all very automated AI and and and. Because it's become such a problem, they're more aggressive than they've ever been, which means it's actually unfortunately, it's very difficult sometimes to make an international purchase.

You know there are a lot of things you can't do Because the credit card won't work. We At least, at least so it was trying to buy tickets to go see Madonna and they rejected her, because I guess that's the kind of thing you do with a stolen credit card. I don't know. In any event, you. It's no point in getting a third-party service at this point.

You're doing the right thing. You freeze your, your, all of your Credit reporting agencies. You did the big three. There is actually five or six that are widely used, so you can do a search for the rest of them. But get those big three experience Equifax and TransUnion. Freeze them. That's an easy thing to do by federal law now they're required to make it easy and then and free to freeze and unfreeze. Obviously, you'll have to unfreeze it when you want to buy a car or want to rent an apartment or whatever you know anything you need to loan for or get a new credit card. But it's good to put those freezes on. Everybody watching should do that. They don't like it, by the way, and they will unfreeze at the drop of a hat because they lose money when you freeze them. They make their money by selling your information.

01:58:20 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Well, an experience really. You know, especially when you're in a panic, you're trying to freeze it. They have all these upsells where they're trying to sell you their stuff. They're terrible yeah and it made it seem like you had to pay for for it, to freeze it Federal law.

01:58:33 - Leo Laporte (Host)
It's free to freeze and unfreeze. It has to be that's a federal law. That's only recently, by the way. Then use a password manager. Use two-factor everywhere. They let you do that. Bitwarden supports two factors, so you could just do it in bit warden if that's more convenient. We talked about this on security now on Tuesday. In theory, it's better not to have it all in a single place so you could use. I use to fas, which is a free to factor program on my iPhone and Android phone.

01:59:02 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
I like to what's that one called again?

01:59:04 - Leo Laporte (Host)
to fas? Okay, to fas, and it's free. But you can also use bit warden. When you set up at warden, you can set it up to do also one, a two-factor. It's so important to get two factor on there, so important not to ever reuse passwords, never, ever again. What else should he do? Nuke that laptop. Yeah, absolutely, nick the laptop.

01:59:25 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
I mean it's changing. I mean times are changing. Listen, I used to travel the world. I'd have multiple Credit cards. Never had a problem, and if I did, maybe one card would get hacked. They just send me a new one, but they have seven credit cards Hacked, you know, and two of them multiple times.

01:59:41 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Well, so this is because you're a public figure. So they, because they knew a lot about you, because you're like me, you're in the public, they were able to get even more information. So you're a great target. You're gonna. You just won't be the last time.

01:59:54 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
you or I will be targeted and they have my phone number and they say don't use your phone number. Like you, I had my phone number Everywhere. They tried that. They actually tried to call T-Mobile and add another line.

02:00:05 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, that's another thing they're gonna do and there's another, oh, really important. I'm glad you mentioned that Every single cell carrier will allow you to put a security pin on your account. Most of them now require it. Make sure your cell carrier has a security pin that they cannot do anything unless you give them that pin.

02:00:22 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
It's kind of surprising that your website remains uncompromised, that they're not trying to post the stuff there. No, yeah, I know, but I'm glad I'm. I'm happy that that hasn't happened. But it makes me wonder sort of when they've gotten access.

02:00:37 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
They don't also have access to that, I guess and all the loans they try to take out were business loans.

02:00:43 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Wow, wow they. Obviously this is a very professional gang. They know exactly what they're doing. They moved quickly, they did a lot of things that you know just some kid would not be able to do. Right, they're very aggressive and you need to be equally aggressive in defending yourself.

02:00:58 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
I'm sorry, john. Oh, thanks my heart. I just hope I can teach other people, or they can. Well, that's what we spent some time with you on this.

02:01:06 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I want everybody listening to do all these things.

02:01:09 - Caller (Caller)
Yes, please, it's much easier to do it now.

02:01:11 - Leo Laporte (Host)
do it now than to do it later. You don't have to wipe your computer kids, but everything else do. Yeah, right, yeah, we will put a. There's actually Somebody just in the discord put a list of all the credit reporting agencies, the nationwide credit reporting A agencies. Besides XBFX, experience and trans union include CSC, credit services, credit technologies and global payments there's, so there's more than there used to be, and it probably be good they're required to offer freeze, so that'd be good to do put a freeze.

02:01:44 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
I'm going to go. Will you put this on your website?

02:01:46 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, we'll put this on the like and. And John, you. You have my phone number and my email. You stay in touch, I do. I just hate to bother you, that doesn't. You are not a bother, you are a good friend and boy.

I appreciate that that stinks and everybody go support Johnny jet. Johnny jet Com. This is how he makes a living. It's ironic because most of your sponsors are credit cards. It's really ironic, but take advantage of John's free stuff. He's got a lot of great stuff, great articles, thank you travel guides he's got a travel tip of the day and newsletters.

02:02:21 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
He's a great guy and I appreciate it and you guys have an invaluable services. This information is really helpful. So wow, it stinks yeah so sorry, hey, could be worse thing. Honestly, this is. I'm okay with it. I'm just want to get it.

02:02:37 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Yeah, you know, that's what I love about you, johnny. You have such an upbeat personality. I'd be screaming blue bloody.

02:02:43 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
The same thing. I'm gonna let these guys bother me.

02:02:45 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I'm gonna ruin my trip. Yeah, they're jerks, yeah.

02:02:48 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
I'll just figure out other ways how to pay. For which boat were you on? I was on, princess, enchanted princess. Oh, did you like you went on over the summer, during Europe, and my kids loved it so much. I read, I booked it and Honestly, it's such a great your kids, families for families.

02:03:05 - Leo Laporte (Host)
You're kids are so spoiled they're gonna grow up and say why aren't we going on a cruise every month?

02:03:11 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Oh, that's what they asked for for their birthday. Now they're like can we go on this cruise for a birthday?

02:03:15 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Whoa Johnny here's been 15 countries. Here's my assignment for you when I retire. Sometime in the distant future, I want to go on a long world cruise. You know who should. What's the best?

02:03:29 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Well, I mean you've been on.

02:03:31 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Seaborn, you've been on you, you silver See is my favorite.

02:03:34 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
silver See is your favorite, yeah, I.

02:03:36 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Never been on silver sea.

02:03:37 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
I like silver sea but a lot of these, a lot of these world cruises are having problems right now because of the Red Sea. Yeah, you know, they're all, they're all worried about hoodies we had.

02:03:47 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I remember when we went through a couple of years ago. We went on a cruise, we went through the Suez Canal and down the Red Sea and they had any piracy efforts. They had people stationed on deck with guns and they did a whole bunch of stuff and the captain Gave us instructions. They said if we are boarded by pirates, uh, cooperate. But they also had a signal that everybody goes to their rooms and locks the. It was terrifying.

02:04:16 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
And they're using helicopters. Now, I know, I know, get on board.

02:04:19 - Leo Laporte (Host)
I know alright, john, you're the best.

02:04:23 - Johnny Jet (Guest)
Take care. Thank you guys, my friend, bye, bye.

02:04:25 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Bye, that is just. I Hate it. It's gotten worse, is the problem. Yeah, that's really they're much more sophisticated. That's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna go on semester at sea. You're right, they offer that, don't they? That's a great idea. Classes yes, that's a great idea. I could learn something and see the world.

02:04:51 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
We are at a time oh, is it time to say goodbye?

02:04:54 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Now's the time to say good night to all our family. We do the show every Sunday afternoon round 11 am Pacific, 2 pm Eastern time. We go for a couple of three hours. We have to finish up by 1 30 Our time, 4 30 at Pacific Eastern, so that we can get ready for the next show, which is to it. If you want to watch us do it live. We stream it live on YouTube right when the show begins and right when it ends.

You YouTube comm slash twit but really the easiest thing and of course, if you're in the club, you can watch it Exactly. You see all this silly stuff before and after and you see Micah's reviews of all sorts of things and the hands-on Mac and iOS today. But if you want to watch this show at your convenience, you can always go to twittv slash ATG or the old website still works tech guy labs comm. You can also subscribe in your favorite podcast client and you'll get a copy of it the minute it's available. Mike, I'll be back on Tech news weekly on on Thursday. Ios today you do. When do you record that?

02:06:01 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
we record that every other Tuesday, so we'll be doing it this coming Tuesday.

02:06:05 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Some members can watch you the recording. Is that right? Yes, yes, and of course, back here with ask the tech guys. Thank you so much for joining us. Anything else you want to say? Yeah, I'll be on twig coming up.

02:06:18 - Mikah Sargent (Host)
Oh good, and then also Get in touch with us during the week at 8887 242884. You leave voicemail and have your question answered. Oh, and one last call that if you've got Vision Pro, apple vision pro questions, get those to us either via the discord or you can email me directly, micah at twittv, or post at us One of the social media sites post at us um.

02:06:46 - Leo Laporte (Host)
Thank you, thanks everybody, everybody. We appreciate your support and we will see you next time. Let's ask the tech guys. Bye, bye.


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