All About Android 620, Transcript

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Jason Howell (00:00:00):
Coming up on All About Android. It's me, Jason Howell. We got Ron Richards and Huyen Tue Dao. And we got a lot of news to talk about starting with, I don't wanna spoil the surprise, but I'm gonna: Google IO. Yeah, we know some details about Google IO. Also, there's a Coca-Cola phone for all of you Coca-Cola fanatics out there, probably only for you Coca-Cola fanatics. Anyways, it's a sight to behold. Fairphone 2 wins an award. We give an award on this episode. You gotta watch Unihertz Luna is very LEDy. New silicon carbon battery tech is found in the Honor Magic 5. What does that even mean? We'll talk about it. And we know the dessert for Android 15. That's next year's version of Android. What is the dessert? You're gonna have to watch to find out All About Android is next.

This is All About Android, episode 620. Recorded Tuesday, March 7th, 2023. Fairphone 2, We Salute You. This episode of All About Android is brought to you by ACI Learning. If you love IT Pro, you'll love ACI Learning ACI Learning offers fully customizable training for your team in formats for all types of learners across audit, cybersecurity, and IT from entry level training to putting people on the moon, ACI Learning has got you covered. Visit Go.ACI to learn more. Hello, welcome to All About Android, your weekly source for the latest news, hardware, apps, and Google IO in the Android world for the Android Faithful. That's what I normally say. I'm Jason Howell.

Ron Richards (00:01:51):
It's that time of year. I'm Ron Richards

Huyen Tue Dao (00:01:53):
<Laugh> Google IO time. I'm Huyen Tue Dao.

Yeah, but we're not even gonna lead with that story. That's just like a tease. It's coming to lead, but it really

Ron Richards (00:02:01):
Is. It does. I mean, it is a tease and it, and it is a tease that this show in our lives is just Groundhogs Day on a yearly basis. It

Jason Howell (00:02:09):

Ron Richards (00:02:09):
Is like mobile world, like CES Mobile World Congress, Google IO,

Jason Howell (00:02:13):
A new version of Android. This point, this, this hamster wheel is really familiar. <Laugh> <laugh>. We run on the wheel a little bit and there goes the Mobile World Congress sign, and then we run a little bit more and there goes the invite to Google IO. Then we run. Yeah, it's, it's pretty pretty known quantity at this point. But we're here because we love the journey. And apparently you do too, cuz you subscribe to an and Android show. And you listen to it on a weekly basis, which we really, you're part of

Ron Richards (00:02:41):
The problem.

Jason Howell (00:02:42):
<Laugh> or the solution? I don't know. You are both, you are everything. Dear listener slash viewer. You are everything to everyone here. Yeah. So we got we got some stuff to talk about. Got some pretty groundbreaking news. So why don't we, you know, we don't need to do preamble cuz we got news to talk about. Let's do it. Burke, are you ready? Push the big red button.

Burke (00:03:08):
I'm really looking forward to this new ice ice cream sandwich.

Jason Howell (00:03:15):
Ice cream sandwich. Let's kick it.

Ron Richards (00:03:20):
Sandwich. No, it's like, mine goes dun dun dun dun dun dun. And theirs goes, dun dun dun dun dun dun dun

Jason Howell (00:03:28):
Dun dun dun. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>

Ron Richards (00:03:32):
Good one. One of the greatest interviews of all time with ice tea. Ice cube. Not vanilla ice. Vanilla

Jason Howell (00:03:37):
Ice. Vanilla

Ron Richards (00:03:37):
Ice. Vanilla ice. No. Cuz ice tea or ice cube would've, would've been much different. But

Jason Howell (00:03:42):
Yeah, they would've been great in their own terms. But vanilla, yes. Yeah. Vanilla Ice,

Ron Richards (00:03:46):
Explaining that he did not steal the baseline for the song that he did steal. So

Jason Howell (00:03:50):
Yes, his producer did <laugh>. Yeah. What did, did he produce his own music anyways? Doesn't matter. We're here to talk about what Burke just said, but I'm not gonna say it anymore cuz I don't wanna steal Huyen's thunder.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:04:03):
Well, I mean, like, yes, we have, you know we've kind of been missing the dessert names for Android. You know, the official ones. They're, they still exist. And so in our little heart of Android Faithful Hearts, we can still celebrate when we finally learn that the newest version of Android in 15 Yes. Is gonna be called Yes. Vanilla Ice Cream. Whoa.

Jason Howell (00:04:26):
V i c Vic.

Ron Richards (00:04:28):
Here's the thing about this is that this used to be so much fun with the new version of Android, like the speculation, Jason, remember we used to, like, we'd ask everyone what they think it's gonna be. We kept track and all this sort of stuff. We could eat the food and, and nothing against Mishaal who, who's fantastic and part of the team, and I adore 'em, but like, I, I don't like it being revealed this early because it's stealing the whole speculation away. And this is how it's been for years now, right? When they just get ahead of it and they're like, oh, it's this.

Jason Howell (00:04:58):
Well, but, you know, just, well, it's not only that though, Google itself has really decided, okay, let's move on. Let's not, let's not go crazy on this whole dessert thing. You know, like, it still exists. It's behind doors for the most part. It's, it's buried inside of like, where was this found? This was spotted in Trade Fed commits, which I wanted to ask you. Huyen, what the heck is a trade fed?

Huyen Tue Dao (00:05:22):
I, I mean, I had to ask Mishaal what they are. So trade Fed is basically a continuous testing suite that allows like vendors and other ma manufacturers to kind of run tests that kind of qualify them to, you know, basically license Android, I think, I think that's the right thing. I might be wrong, but basically it's just a test suite. And so part of this test suite that gets code committed, so this was in like some Google source. So it was in the I think it was actually in the commit, like in the code it said ice vanilla ice cream.

Jason Howell (00:05:54):
No, it said no. You know what it said? It said Vic Dash Dev vc. Oh.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:06:00):
I said Vic Dash dev.

Jason Howell (00:06:00):
Okay. Vic Dash dev. Yeah. And then I think Mishaal confirmed that it's vanilla ice cream.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:06:07):
There, there might have been another commit where they actually wrote out

Jason Howell (00:06:09):
Ice. Yeah, it could be, could be

Huyen Tue Dao (00:06:10):
Ice cream. Dang it. Vanilla ice cream. Vanilla ice

Jason Howell (00:06:13):
Cream. Vanilla ice cream. I mean, really? Is it really vanilla ice cream? No, it's vanilla. Vanilla. But they needed a dessert to put it on. And of course you're gonna put it on ice cream. It's the letter in the alphabet is not v i c. The letter is v. Well,

Ron Richards (00:06:26):
Because vanilla, vanilla isn't a dessert. Mind you

Jason Howell (00:06:30):
Yeah. Vanilla. You're not gonna sit down and drink a bowl of vanilla is a spice

Ron Richards (00:06:34):
Is a spice. You know, like you're getting vanilla. Like you can have vanilla leaves and vanilla extract or whatever, but like, it, like, it could be vanilla cake, it could be vanilla ice cream, it could be vanilla icing. It could be like, there's a whole bunch of different vanilla things that could happen. 

Jason Howell (00:06:48):
Do you think they thought, wait a minute, we already have had ice cream in our past

Ron Richards (00:06:53):
Ice cream

Jason Howell (00:06:53):
Sandwich. Ice cream sandwich. Yeah. We're, we're gonna return to the well of ice cream, although that sounds delicious to return to a well of ice cream. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, I I would return

Ron Richards (00:07:01):
That I would gladly go to a well of ice cream. Oh,

Huyen Tue Dao (00:07:04):
Right now? Yeah, go ahead. I'm, I'm lactose intolerant. You, you all,

Ron Richards (00:07:08):
Oh, sorry.

Jason Howell (00:07:09):
<Laugh>. Well, it's it's, it's coconut milk ice cream

Huyen Tue Dao (00:07:13):
<Laugh>. Okay. But then it's not Vanilla ice, then it can't be vanilla ice cream.

Jason Howell (00:07:18):
I mean, it's vanilla flavored coconut milk ice cream, which Whoa. Yeah. It's not the same <laugh>.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:07:24):
It's just not the same

Jason Howell (00:07:25):
<Laugh>. I'm trying for you. I understand.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:07:27):
It's okay. I appreciate, just, just let me know how it is. I'll just, I'll wait, I'll wait Out, out outside the well with life preservers and a host <laugh>. Wait,

Jason Howell (00:07:35):
<Laugh>. All right. So this is by the way, just to, just to be clear, this has nothing to do with this year's version of Android. This is next year's version of Android. Android, which is even

Ron Richards (00:07:47):
More like, it's like, so what is this? Year's then

Jason Howell (00:07:52):
It's upside down.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:07:53):
Upside down cake,

Ron Richards (00:07:53):
Upside down cake, right? Yeah.

Jason Howell (00:07:55):
So again, it's upside cuz letter use. Nice. But yeah, whatever. I guess, I guess they've been doing the multi word desserts for a while now. This is nothing new, but yeah, it's upside down cake as Android 14. It's just not something that Google makes a big deal of.

Ron Richards (00:08:10):
I will admit anymore. I will admit Jason, I was in the supermarket the other day and I walked by a display of whatever latest Oreo concoction there is. Oh dear. What? It's so ridiculous. And I, I forget what it was. It might have been like Oreo quadruple stuff or something. Like, it was something ridiculous. I wonder what it might be, but I did, I did think for a moment that like, oh, I missed the days of the Oreo. 

Jason Howell (00:08:33):

Ron Richards (00:08:34):
Don't, of Oreo adventures that we did, you

Jason Howell (00:08:35):
Know, I don't, wow. I don't totally burn on Oreos. We, we get Oreos from, oh,

Ron Richards (00:08:41):
Here it is. I found it from, it's called the Most Oreo

Jason Howell (00:08:44):
The most

Huyen Tue Dao (00:08:45):
Oh, geez.

Jason Howell (00:08:46):
<Laugh>. So it's like, if you really, really, really like this stuffing.

Ron Richards (00:08:49):
It's, it's the mo it's the most Oreo. Oreo And what it is, it's a limited edition cookie and cream cookies and cream Oreo where the fr the middle filling is cookies and cream flavored and it's like double stuff large. And

Jason Howell (00:09:04):
Yeah, so the cream has stuff or chunks of Oreo cookie

Ron Richards (00:09:08):
<Laugh>. Exactly,

Jason Howell (00:09:08):
Exactly. It

Ron Richards (00:09:09):
Says, it says the Oreo Most Oreo Oreo sandwich cookies are the classic original snack cookies you've always done in love. But with the un unforgettable twist of cookies and cream flavor cream you never knew you wanted. These cookies and cream flavored Oreo cookies are full of themselves. Literally. Ah, each kosher Oreo

Jason Howell (00:09:24):
Cookies that sounds morbid <laugh>.

Ron Richards (00:09:26):
I didn't know they were kosher. Each kosher Oreo cookies filled of layers of Oreo cookies and cream, making them supremely dunkable and delicious dunk into the Oreo verse with the brand's most playful cookie yet.

Jason Howell (00:09:37):

Huyen Tue Dao (00:09:38):
I'm so hungry right now. I really do. I I I used to, I kind of feel like, like here and there about branded Android names, kind of like Kit Kat was fun. Yeah. Oreo. Oreo. They kind of really took it to a, like a branded place. But I, I do regret

Jason Howell (00:09:53):
There was a lot of runway with Oreo. That's for sure.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:09:56):
Ton. I do regret that, like with Android V, we're not gonna get Android Viennetta ice cream, which is an ice cream cake. Right. That would've worked. Does anyone vi

Jason Howell (00:10:04):
Viennetta Ice Cream? No, I don't. I I'm searching

Ron Richards (00:10:07):
On Viennetta. Yeah, no, that's just, it's just a fantastic cake. Looks when were, would, you

Jason Howell (00:10:11):
Know what? It looks delicious. I've never happened Oreo

Ron Richards (00:10:12):
Year. Are you are aware of what happened on the show that you missed out on? Oh, every week we ate a different flavor of Oreo cookie and rated it.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:10:22):
Oh was that fun? Like the first week, second week. And then so

Jason Howell (00:10:27):
Many flavors. It was so many flavors. We

Ron Richards (00:10:29):
Committed to the bit we

Jason Howell (00:10:30):
Committed. We totally committed it. I mean, we did it for a full year. Every single episode was a flavor we had never tried before. At a certain point, it got really hard because I had to like source these things. And there are tons of flavors out there, but some of them are in, like, in production. And some of them were not as evidenced by some of the cookies that I bought through like eBay and Etsy because Oh, of course I ran out of like, oh no. Broken up and crushed there. There was one package that I got, I can't remember the flavor, but literally I pulled it out of the bag. And you know how the Oreo thing has, has the little flap that is like attached by plastic on both sides. Right? It's the tamperproof flap. Yeah. Well, that flap, like whoever sold that, like, did not have a care in the world. They had opened it up, it was totally busted. All the cookies were all crumbled and everything. That person was just like, oh, this fool on the internet wants some cookies. Here you go. Take mine. And I ended up with, yeah, it was, I did not eat those, by the way.

Ron Richards (00:11:30):
Just, I like that. If the Beatles were around now, they would've recorded fool on the internet.

Jason Howell (00:11:34):
Yeah. <laugh>. I, I like that joke. That's a good joke.

Ron Richards (00:11:40):
Thank you. I try. I have my moments. So <laugh> fool.

Jason Howell (00:11:42):
Love the internet. Okay. well, Google might not be so like, hyped about its dessert name code name, whatever. But Google is hyped about Google IO and we know this because earlier today, they did what they usually do. And I got, I got two pieces of news for you. I got good news and I got bad news. So which one do you want? And choose good news.

Ron Richards (00:12:09):
I'm gonna go for good news.

Jason Howell (00:12:10):
Okay. Yes, I can. Happily oblige. Okay, great. Google IO now has a date. It released its online puzzle. And you know, anyone who's very motivated, i e not me banded together. It was like a communal effort to solve this online puzzle together. So everybody was working to crack the code. I have no idea even how to explain how this game worked. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So I'm not even gonna try. But it involved lots of colorful dots and numbers and io you know, ins and outs and everything, all all related to Google IO, whatever. Many people who are much smarter than than I am that actually decided to attempt to solve the puzzle. Did. And apparently the date is May 10th. So this is a Wednesday Google IO 2023, May 10th Wednesday, the day after All About Android

Ron Richards (00:13:00):
And the day after my birthday

Jason Howell (00:13:01):
And Flo's birthday and the day after. That's right. You, yes, Ron. And Flo's birthday is the day before Google IO. So there we go. Now we have the bad news. Are you ready? You ready for this? Once again, as far as we know, it's a limited live audience affair. So there's gonna be the main keynote with Sunar Pacha followed by a dev keynote, then YouTube sessions. I mean, the only date that they announced here is May 10th. It's not like they said Google IO May 10th through the 13th or 10th through the 12th. It's May 10th. They're talking about this limited thing. Now, having said that, I have got my, my invite and I have accepted it. So I am going when you, did you, have you received anything? I got an invite and I am going, when got an invite and she is going, Ron, you got an invite, you're going right.

Ron Richards (00:13:52):
I got an invite to text you and ask you how it's

Jason Howell (00:13:56):
Going from

Ron Richards (00:13:56):
New York. Cuz I did not get an invite.

Jason Howell (00:13:58):
That is not fair.

Ron Richards (00:14:00):
I'm gonna be at the window of Moscon again going open, open, open and then wonder why nobody's, nobody's there. But

Jason Howell (00:14:07):
Yeah, I'll be there. I'll hang out with you in the parking lot. <Laugh>. this, this will not stand Google. Ron Musk, go to Google IO. I think he'd actually come, he'd probably come out this time if he got the

Ron Richards (00:14:19):
Invite. I mean, if they, if they had me, I would gladly come out. It's been a while. I'm due for a trip. I would love win. I would love to meet you in person. I know right? Know. I mean, we've never actually been in the same place at the same time. So

Jason Howell (00:14:29):
Isn't the internet weird? Isn't that strange? Well, we know people so well, and yet we've never seen him face to face.

Ron Richards (00:14:34):
Exactly. But we, I was joking with Mishaal that we can we'll just hang out in the parking lot.

Jason Howell (00:14:40):
Yeah, there we go. So yeah. Yep. So we'll see what, what can be done there. Maybe we can work some magic behind the scenes. I have no idea, but

Ron Richards (00:14:49):
Doubtful. Doubtful. I'm not, I'm getting my hopes up. Let's just put that out. Yeah.

Jason Howell (00:14:53):
So May 10th, but we'll see day after your birthday. I mean, it's, it's day after your birthday. It's like a birthday present. It would be, it should be a birthday present for Google. It

Ron Richards (00:15:01):
Would be a nice birthday present if Google, if Google really cared about me, they would.

Jason Howell (00:15:04):
They would. But we'll see <laugh> wrapped with a bow. So, okay, so when you were there last year Ah-huh <affirmative>, you got to see the interesting Google IO that there was Uhhuh <affirmative> to be had. Like where, what are your thoughts as far as like what we know about this upcoming one? I mean, obviously they're inviting more people. Last year was very limited and this seems limited, but they're obviously casting the net a little wider than they did last year. Yeah. are you anticip like are you excited about the changes or are you like, oh no, is this gonna be the same thing? Because if so, Hmm. I don't know.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:15:40):
I'm excited to see y'all. Yeah, I mean, so it was interesting. I they didn't even have any press last year Right. Or they did or they didn't.

Jason Howell (00:15:47):
It was minimal press. It was my minimal press was my memory of that. Yeah.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:15:51):
Yeah. And we, I think we, my husband and I were just talking about it today. He didn't get an invite, so we'll see. But it kind of felt like we were just butts in seats. I'm sorry. Yeah. I don't wanna look a gift horse in the mouse mouth, but the fact that we were only there for the keynote and there wasn't any other, there wasn't much other else unless you were already part of some kind of Google or developer group, like Women Who Code or one of the o other organizations that had like little meet and greets after like the big event. Yeah. I think actually was there two events? I don't even remember. It was that it was that Unimpactful was like, oh, we're here. And I was really glad to see our Android fam that were there, but it was very underwhelming compared to the,

Jason Howell (00:16:33):
And it was done at like two 30 right? Or something. Yeah, we were, were, you were like, oh, we're done, we're leaving

Huyen Tue Dao (00:16:38):
Now. No, now my hu my husband and I was Chucky Chucky friend of the show, Chucky. And we were, we just were like, well, it, it was kind of like that, that gif of John Travolta from Pulp Fiction,

Jason Howell (00:16:49):
Like, yes.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:16:50):
And then we were like, okay we'll get lunch. Well, we actually, they gave us lunch. Like, okay, we'll we'll go home.

Jason Howell (00:16:57):

Huyen Tue Dao (00:16:57):
We'll, we'll go home. All right. So how about over here? No,

Jason Howell (00:17:00):
Sorry. So we're, we're done here. We're done. We're done.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:17:03):
Okay. It was like that

Jason Howell (00:17:04):
The awkward, awkward, yeah.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:17:06):
Really. It was, it was so awkward. Like incredibly awkward. The, the messaging was weird too. Like they didn't just say, okay, like that's it for the live portion. Right. Have a great e you know, we just kind of like, okay, I think we should go. Was there even

Jason Howell (00:17:20):
A mic drop

Huyen Tue Dao (00:17:20):
Or anything? Nah,

Jason Howell (00:17:22):
Nah, it just, Dave Burke didn't come out there and just hold up a mic and go,

Huyen Tue Dao (00:17:27):

Jason Howell (00:17:28):
No, that's too bad. Missed opportunity.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:17:29):
Underwhelming. So I did note though that on the schedule this year, it is one day, but it is from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM But I don't know what that means. Does that, does that mean the live stream comes to 10:00 PM So maybe there's a, a thing that's an,

Jason Howell (00:17:42):
An interesting detail I did not see. Yeah.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:17:45):
Yeah. So,

Jason Howell (00:17:47):
And if there's a party, I mean, you might as well stay the night, you know, because it's a party. They don't want you, you know, going to the airport after a party, right? Yeah. Yeah. I don't know <laugh> It's wacky. It's wacky. Yeah. Yeah. It's, but, but it is also early. It's a couple of months in advance. Yeah. I think even when Google announced old school, and by old school, I mean pre covid, Google IOS, before they still had the, the range of days. And you still had a sense that there was, it was a multi-day event and this really seems like it's a one day thing. It's like one big day. And there might be other days that there are streams and stuff, cuz they're talking about these YouTube streams and everything. And it would be kind of strange if Google IO suddenly got reduced to two keynotes and then a number of live streams that happen on the same day as the keynote.

And then it's all done like that. But maybe I don't, I don't know, like maybe, you know, maybe just Google's hit hard, like all other tech companies are right now by the, by the economy. They've had to do lots of layoffs, you know petitioning, you know, the, the people who control the money for an entire, you know conference, multi-day conference maybe mm-hmm. <Affirmative> that, that was, that posed a really big problem this year. And so it's like, okay, well let's give them more than what we had last year and then next year would be the five year anniversary since the last full Google IO, if you can believe it. So, oh my gosh. Maybe next year is the year where they say it's been five years we're back baby. And they just come back full board. I don't know. <Laugh> total, I guess total guessing,

Huyen Tue Dao (00:19:23):
We'll find out in a couple months. Yeah. And I'm sure we'll be here to complain slash rave slash somewhere in the

Jason Howell (00:19:30):
Middle we'll be here to say words about it. Whatever those words happen to be. I dt know <laugh> Uhoh. Ron, you're, you're muted. Don't mute yourself. We wanna hear all of

Ron Richards (00:19:42):
These SNE words. I sneezed and I didn't wanna mute. I I didn't wanna hear you. Then. we'll see if there's any any more logic puzzle puzzles to reveal the schedule. No. So no. Well in terms of like years to develop and happen and things like that some interesting news about one of our favorite phones, the Fairphone. Remember the Fairphone too. Jason, do you remember that one? Yeah. yeah. So we wanna give them a, a nice little pat on the back here who cuz Fairphone released it's l s T software update for the Fairphone too is

Jason Howell (00:20:11):
Last, I I missed it. Letter A

Ron Richards (00:20:14):
A last Oh, LA I was like, lst, what does that mean? I'm not wearing any pants. <Laugh>. 

Jason Howell (00:20:20):
Hi Ron Burgundy. <Laugh>

Ron Richards (00:20:23):
<Laugh>. So they released their last software update for the phone seven years after it was released on, it was released in 2015. Wow. the device originally had a three to five year update promise. They got seven years of updates instead. A total of 43 software updates around 15,000 fairphone. Two phones are still in use. And they say, we recommend that you avoid using apps that access sensitive data after May, 2023. If there's a severe vulnerability that the Fair Phone two is susceptible, we won't be able to fix it. They're offering a 50 euro voucher for its reuse and recycling program as an incentive for users of the older devices to upgrade to a newer fair phone. And for what it's worth, you know, the Fair Phone four has a six year software update promise and it looks like Fairphone is delivering on these promises. That's pretty cool. Good for them. So if

Jason Howell (00:21:10):
You're one the

Ron Richards (00:21:10):
15Th, if you're one of the 15,000 Fairphone two users upgrade. Oh, and oh and Jason's gonna do the same.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:21:18):
Oh, totally. Woo.

Ron Richards (00:21:20):
Jason's applauding. Yeah. You

Jason Howell (00:21:23):

Ron Richards (00:21:25):
Jason's really into

Huyen Tue Dao (00:21:26):
This. Wow. Yeah. Wow.

Jason Howell (00:21:30):
Wow. We did it. Seven years of updates. Okay. I just feel like it, it, it deserved a little something more. You know, we gotta encourage other phone manufacturers to do the same thing. We'll stand up and applaud you too.

Ron Richards (00:21:43):
Sure. For sure we

Jason Howell (00:21:44):
Will. Yeah. And not just me, like we'll all get up and dance <laugh>, so Yeah, there you go. Okay. I just need a little excitement in fair phone too, into that. Yeah. You know, sometimes you gotta dedicate yourself to the bit a little bit, but seven years. That's impressive. That's really impressive for, for a phone to be getting like regular updates. What was the total number of updates? That was five

Ron Richards (00:22:07):
43, I think

Jason Howell (00:22:08):
43 software updates,

Ron Richards (00:22:10):
43 software updates

Jason Howell (00:22:11):
And 43 software updates for a device that there are only 15,000 of them kind of currently being used at this point. Not

Ron Richards (00:22:19):
So that, yeah. So the, so by the way, the software update is one every other month for all seven years of the phone. Oh

Huyen Tue Dao (00:22:25):
My goodness.

Jason Howell (00:22:26):
Wow. So that's impressive. Yeah. I mean a, a company that has a whole fleet of devices that they're updating, it would be a lot to expect that they would put that amount of time into keeping the phone updated every other month, you know, all their individual phones, all their individual updates for seven years every other month doing that. Hard to imagine that that would happen, but but that's why we gotta stand up and applaud when it does. And fair phone. You got it. You got it. You're in to win it and I appreciate that. We salute you. Fair phone too. Bravo.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:23:02):
That's just ama an amazing amount of software support and Yep. I can't, I mean, to give them full credit, I don't know a lot of companies that would commit to software

Jason Howell (00:23:10):
Support. No, exactly.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:23:12):
Hard that, that is amazing y'all that like, that like, supporting a phone like that old for that long and committing to it is, and, and they sounded sad. Like it, like I think in their statement almost sounded like they, they were like apologizing for not doing it indefinitely, which is just bon like that's insane. That, that really does deserve like an out of frame like clapping and dancing because that's, that's ridiculous. Like, there, there's a reason why we kind of have to like let it go. Like you have to kind of give even big factors a pass when it to like 5, 6, 7 years because the r o ROI is not there. Right. And, and Fairphone is committed. That's, that's insane. That's extremely laudable. And I hope I, I mean I hope their balance sheets look great cuz I cannot imagine that much. Not wonder Dev hours into that. That's insane. They, they do deserve, like, can we get them like an Oscar or something? It's like Oscar, like an honorary Oscar for like best support.

Jason Howell (00:24:07):
I mean, I can give them or something. Yeah, we can, there we go. We've got an applause sound effect. It might be mp3, it might be Wave File, I don't know. But either way it's, it's what we got and we've got an outer frame, really tall guy applauding you for far too long to where it got awkward. So there you go. That's what you get from us. That's all we have

Huyen Tue Dao (00:24:30):
And love. Thank you so

Jason Howell (00:24:31):
Much. Love. Thank you. Fairphone too. Okay, let's take a break and then we'll get into some hardware news. That was kind of hardware news, but we deserve to, you know, we felt to deserve to be above the fold, but we will get to more hardware news coming up in a moment. But first, this episode of All About Hand Android is brought to you by ACI Learning. I don't know if you noticed this Burke you might want to take that wide shot and remove the lower third for a second cuz I just want you to see. Boom. We got ACI all up in this business. This studio is all about ACI Learning. ACI Learning is awesome. You know, IT Pro brings you engaging and entertaining IT training we've been talking about on this network for years. Now. IT PRO is part of ACI Learning together.

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Ron Richards (00:29:18):
All right, I gotta say that this mobile World Congress phone announcement has got my my interest for multiple reasons. Company by the name of Un Hertz. Yeah, great name. They might have a little envy of our good friends over at nothing. Cuz they showed off their new advice at Memorial Congress, the Un Hertz Luna, which by the way is my daughter's name. Not Unna Hertz, but Luna <laugh>. So I was like, OHS a great this Yeah, this could be her first phone. <Laugh> univer Luna. I named, I named her Un Hertz. I didn't, you know, it was just inspiring. No <laugh>. So the Un Hertz Luna has LEDs on the back that look very similar to the Nothing phone one. In fact, they got the attention of nothing. C E o Carl Pay, who went over to their booth and took a picture of him holding both phones side by side <laugh>, which is, I mean, that's pretty good. That's pretty good marketing right there for un hertz. Untz though is positioning the phone at a lesser price point. In fact, no more than $300 according to the company. It's running a media tech Helio G 99 system on a chip includes eight gig ofra and 256 gig of U F s 2.2 flash storage. And it's scheduled to launch sometime this month. So for $300 you could have a entry level phone or you know, lower, you know, mid-tier, lower mid-tier phone with really cool LEDs on the back.

Jason Howell (00:30:41):
Oh, so there, it's, so we've talked about uni Hertz before. Do you remember back in 2017 the jelly?

Ron Richards (00:30:49):
I do.

Jason Howell (00:30:49):
Do you remember the uni hertz jelly? I think I, I have it somewhere. I think I might even have it in the office. I wish I had thought to to bring it out. Cuz it was the like, I mean, it's probably like that big. It's the tiny, tiny little smartphone smart, you know, tiny Android phone, throw a simin it, I mean, the thing is literally it's like that big, it's so small anyways. Yep. So they do, they do interesting things. I think a lot of times in the past they've done them via Kickstarter or one, you know, as like a kind of a launch plan or whatever kind a promotional thing. So maybe they've graduated from needing to do that. At this point. They've been around long enough, but $300. Yeah, for the Luna. I mean, it looks like a, I mean, it's pretty stylish looking foam. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> if you like.

Ron Richards (00:31:37):

Huyen Tue Dao (00:31:37):
A great name. Color. LEDs

Jason Howell (00:31:39):
Color. Yes. Not just white. Yeah. These

Ron Richards (00:31:42):
Leds. I mean, what's the the color is nice. I mean, with this phone and with nothing, with all the l e D stuff. Like, I know we joke about RO and the gamer phones and like gamer cases, but like it's coming everybody, it's like this like level of flair on the phones is definitely on the horizon. I think in a year from now, lots of phones are gonna have these little acc crema to brighten up your phone on the outside, whether for good or for bad

Huyen Tue Dao (00:32:08):
<Laugh> as a person who, when they last built the PC just threw in all the LEDs. L led D r G or l e d Ram, l e d board l e d, like extra L LEDs in the case. I'm okay with that.

Jason Howell (00:32:20):
You're l e d fan,

Huyen Tue Dao (00:32:22):
Like your lds? I have L e D fans as well.

Jason Howell (00:32:25):
Actually. I

Huyen Tue Dao (00:32:25):
Got, yes, there

Jason Howell (00:32:27):
Were l e fans. Find what I meant, but Okay.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:32:29):
I'm an L E D fan. Fan,

Jason Howell (00:32:31):
Yes. I'm a fan of L e D fans. Yeah. well, yeah, and this, this device by the way has a three five millimeter headphone jack just saying some of you out there are still like grasping at that, that straw. So there you go. It does not have 5g. It looks like it's just two G, 3G and 4g. Thank

Ron Richards (00:32:51):
God it has, I mean, for $300, what do you expect? Yeah.

Jason Howell (00:32:53):
Right. Yeah. Wow. I mean there, there are devices that are pretty inexpensive that are

Ron Richards (00:32:58):
Those look at those lights,

Jason Howell (00:33:00):
But that's what you're getting. What you're getting is that, that swirly circular,

Ron Richards (00:33:04):
I wanna know what

Jason Howell (00:33:05):
That thing on the back and the lights,

Ron Richards (00:33:07):
What Yeah, what is the circle in the middle? What is, what is that? Yeah, it kind of like a, that's just a branding

Jason Howell (00:33:11):
Or Yeah. Kind of just looks like that's maybe it was like a wireless charging, but not for 300 bucks. That would be a pretty special Oh, have like a magazine thing? Yeah, yeah. Thing to have.

Ron Richards (00:33:22):
I, I like if we look at the, if we look at the Uni Hertz website, I will give them credit for promoting their new phone. And it says Luna embraced the light in your life.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:33:36):
It's very like motivational

Ron Richards (00:33:37):
Message. They also have a phone called, they also have a phone. They, they also have a phone called the TikTok s but it's not spelled like TikTok. It's T I C K T O C k. Like,

Jason Howell (00:33:47):
Oh, here.

Ron Richards (00:33:49):
I like this company.

Jason Howell (00:33:49):
You heard it's TikTok.

Ron Richards (00:33:51):
I like this company. Ooh. They have a, the Titan pocket. They have a, a physical keyboard phone.

Jason Howell (00:33:56):
Yes, they do. The Titan. I remember that a couple of years ago they had the physical keyboard the TikTok s dual screen 5g Slim rugged smartphone. Ooh. It's got all the, it's got all the, the, the, oh, it's rugged. Yes, exactly. Oh, it's rugged. It's dual screen <laugh>.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:34:17):
Oh, what says, wait, what is

Ron Richards (00:34:19):
Tagline? The tagline also the, the tagline also is TikTok s not just 5g. Better 5G

Jason Howell (00:34:28):
<Laugh>. Ooh. Wait, how do you, is it called

Huyen Tue Dao (00:34:30):
Tiktok? Because there's a watch on the case. Wait, there's a watch face on the

Ron Richards (00:34:35):
Case. Yes. Yes,

Jason Howell (00:34:36):
There's a watch. Is that it? Like, so that's,

Ron Richards (00:34:38):
They make,

Jason Howell (00:34:40):
That's so, that's so

Ron Richards (00:34:42):
Weird. I like this company. They make, they, they make a phone called the Tank, which is the largest battery 4g rugged smartphone with a 22,000 milliamp battery

Jason Howell (00:34:52):
<Laugh>. Wait what

Huyen Tue Dao (00:34:54):
It's called the, wait how many? It's called the

Jason Howell (00:34:56):
Tank. I love that.

Ron Richards (00:34:58):
22. 22,000. It's only $369. This is my next phone.

Jason Howell (00:35:04):
Damn. Yeah, it's on sale right now. Buy it now and save seven or $30. Let's like

Ron Richards (00:35:09):
Tank a versatile, a versatile, rugged, outdoor smartphone.

Jason Howell (00:35:13):
Okay. How fat is this phone?

Huyen Tue Dao (00:35:15):
It's it's, I mean

Jason Howell (00:35:18):
This is the Chunker. Yeah,

Huyen Tue Dao (00:35:19):
It's a Chunker. Yeah. It's, it's got a chubby butt

Ron Richards (00:35:23):
<Laugh>. It's got a, it's, it's got a bright flashlight on the back of it.

Jason Howell (00:35:26):
This, this phone's sporting a a butt enhancer. It's got a filter.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:35:29):
It's got a plump, it's got a plump butt. Yep. That's not foreshadowing for

Ron Richards (00:35:33):
Later. Oh my God. Look at this. It's got, it says, it says Mighty battery. Kill your battery Anxiety. It takes 1.8 hours to get up to 90% charging 150 hours. Call phone call time 2,380 hours. Standby time

Jason Howell (00:35:48):
<Laugh>. Wow.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:35:49):
What on

Jason Howell (00:35:50):
Earth? Wow.

Ron Richards (00:35:52):
You can charge other devices with it.

Jason Howell (00:35:55):
That's a bright flashlight on the back. That back <laugh>, the back panel of the tank has a huge, like, it's just l e d panel. It's like a panel of l e d that's for a flashlight. So it's not a tiny little, you know, dot to, to

Huyen Tue Dao (00:36:09):
Shine. I like how you hear it's a so conceptual, like they take a concept, it's in the story and they run with it. Like they, they take, they take, they, they're like Forest Gump front in like, and cross country. They're like, Hey, you want nothing lights there. Wait, what is,

Jason Howell (00:36:24):
What was that?

Ron Richards (00:36:25):
All right. Sorry. I didn't mean to go down a uni rabbit hole. No,

Jason Howell (00:36:28):
There we're, it's fascinating. This,

Huyen Tue Dao (00:36:30):
This is awesome.

Jason Howell (00:36:31):
Look at that. Yeah, look at, look at that l e d panel. It's just like, can you imagine how bright that gets? I mean, you and you've got the battery to drive it so <laugh>, you know, it doesn't matter how bright it gets crazy, it's not gonna run down your battery 20 200 million amp hours. That's crazy. There you go. That'll, that'll like light up the room basically. Yeah,

Huyen Tue Dao (00:36:53):
I I I'm stunned.

Jason Howell (00:36:55):
<Laugh>, you don't Good going. Un Hertz.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:36:59):
Good on you.

Ron Richards (00:37:00):
Yeah. Yeah. Uni Hertz.

Jason Howell (00:37:02):

Huyen Tue Dao (00:37:03):

Ron Richards (00:37:04):
Well they're no nothing though. Right When

Huyen Tue Dao (00:37:06):
There, there are no nothing. You

Jason Howell (00:37:07):
Say nothing.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:37:08):
Yeah, they ain't nothing. They, nothing <laugh>.

Well, how do you follow up with 22,000 Milam battery? Well, how about with the nothing phone too which we did talk about and which was announced to, you know, last week to have a Snap Dragon eight series chip. And it, there was a little bit of a, maybe a little bit of a slip from a Qualcomm executive who claimed that the nothing Phone two would have the Snap Dragon eight plus Gen one. But that was retracted and the more generic statement of, oh, you know, something in the snap track at eight Family. If, if it is true though, and if that was a true slip and not just kind of like a, a gaff or kind of an incorrect statement it is interesting to note that, you know the nothing fo nothing too, which, you know, we have yet to know much more about would be rocking the 2022, you know, Snapdragon eight chip.

 It's definitely more powerful than the previous versions. Se Snapdragon seven seven eight g plus in the phone. But, you know, it's kind of interesting Pince since you know, we talked about the interview that Carl Pay did with was it Inverse Magazine? Where he, he definitely stated that the Snap nothing two would be a premium phone's, which is interesting. That's to note that, you know, we've, we've talked a lot about a lot of premium slash flagship phones that have the snap drag at eight gen two. But if this is true, then the nothing two would be premium, but still rocking the snap drag at a plus gen one, which is still a freaking awesome chip by all accounts. Nothing to complain about. But that is interesting. And our very own Florence ion and her writeup of this did note that it kind of js with Carl pays playbook of using kind of like the last gen chips mm-hmm. <Affirmative>

 in, in the first couple one plus flagship phones. So, you know, who knows what could be, what could end up there, but that might be kind of again, play pays, playbook of kind of keeping costs down, but still keeping things relatively premium. So we'll see that. But if you like your Nothing phone too, you might be interested that it to know, to know that there is some other nothings coming out. The nothing speaker actually. So from our, from from Leaker Cuba. Wakowski. Wakowski, yeah. Wakowski. we have some leaks of what could be renders of a nothing speaker showing that maybe nothing is really trying to amp up kind of an ecosystem, you know, big family of products. We can, that's not that, that is the very love that, that Ron and I have third. I, I actually, yeah. Jason, I you're, you're the musician. What am what is this friend? I looked at this and I had no idea

Jason Howell (00:39:55):
That was, that was gonna be what I was gonna ask you. You both too. Like this render what I'm looking at. So Brooke, it's the third link of the story in the doc. It's a 91 link and there is a render of this thing that no matter how many times I look at it, I have no idea. That makes

Ron Richards (00:40:13):
No sense.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:40:13):
I don't, I don't, what is it? It's a speaker.

Jason Howell (00:40:17):
Well supposedly describe it. I don't even, how Yes, it's,

Huyen Tue Dao (00:40:21):
It's, how do we describe this to audio? Like it's a,

Jason Howell (00:40:24):
It's, I, I don't know's a square. It's, it's hard to know the, yeah, it's hard to know kind of like the size and dimension of it. But yeah, it's a square with a bunch of holes and apparently it's speaker, I don't know, looks like washer the whole in the middle

Ron Richards (00:40:38):
Is the hole in the middle of display.

Jason Howell (00:40:40):
I mean, it kind of looks that way with the so nothing dot matrix thing. There's like some random weird little side buttons. One of them is red. I, it looks, honestly, it looks like a random, our speakers. Yeah. But, but they're both very, like, one is circular, one is pill shaped. I have no idea what this is, what any of this means. Yeah,

Ron Richards (00:41:01):
Yeah. One is, and it's hard because the render has no context to sizing. Right. So you don't know. Yeah. Like it's, it is weird, but like you can see on the side it's got little buttons and little red accent button there.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:41:15):
So it, yeah, it definitely feels like a nothing branded, something <laugh>,

Jason Howell (00:41:19):
Nothing branded something. Well, it's obviously something. It's not totally nothing, but as far as I can tell, it's pretty much nothing. <Laugh>, I have no idea what I'm looking

Huyen Tue Dao (00:41:29):
At. Is that a handle at the top? What is Yeah, there's like a translucent handle looking

Jason Howell (00:41:34):
Thing. I suppose it's a, a portable speaker that you can carry around with

Burke (00:41:39):
You's thing that they hang them hang stuff for retail. And it's like this little tiny thing. It's like the size of an iPod,

Jason Howell (00:41:45):
<Laugh>. I mean, it's impossible for us to know any different, there's no scale or anything. Leak provide better leaks. People out there leaking things, <laugh> of course you can only provide what you have. But yeah, I'm so confounded and confused by this handle.

Burke (00:42:03):
It's a, so you can, you know, rock it, like hang it I

Jason Howell (00:42:06):
Guess. So it it looks like a cutting board. <Laugh>. Yeah. Let's name, let's name all the things this could be, when I look at it, I think like a weird, like washing machine. 

Huyen Tue Dao (00:42:18):
Oh yeah. It does look like a washing machine with two doors.

Jason Howell (00:42:21):
Yeah. Yeah. It's strange. Yeah. Yeah. It could be a washing machine. It also kind of looks like a foldable device. Like it's also It does,

Huyen Tue Dao (00:42:28):
It looks like a clam cell phone. Yeah. Foldable. Totally.

Jason Howell (00:42:30):
So yeah, who knows what we're actually looking at. Apparently it's a speaker, but I'm, I'm not sure I buy it yet. <Laugh>, like,

Huyen Tue Dao (00:42:37):
Is it like a portable Bluetooth speaker? Is it like a full size like speaker for your house with like actual, I mean, are those, I don't know much about audio. Like a is like a, what are the terms? Is there like a, is that a sub? I don't, does that even make sense? Be a subwoofer, don't you say

Jason Howell (00:42:52):

Burke (00:42:53):
Those two upper holes are, the higher frequency are tweeters and the lower ones are tweeters base,

Jason Howell (00:42:58):
Like a mid and a base or something like that. Yeah. I don't know. And it also just looks really like, like a kid opened up a 3D rendering piece of software, just like started creating random things. Oh, I could put a circle over here. Oh, I could put a <laugh> a pill shape over here. And that's what we have. Yeah. I don't know. It was, it was peculiar to me when I, when I came across that I was like, I, I don't even know what I'm looking at. So we have to talk about it, obviously.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:43:28):
I mean, coup Cuba's had some really good leaks, but, oh yeah. I, I, and I've always been impressed, like, since coming on the show with y'all that like, like the fidelity of renders and, and how people get this information. This is probably not, not any like ding against Cuba. This is probably on the more ambiguous slash amorphous. Very ambiguous. I don't know what I'm looking at. End of the spectrum of renders. Yeah. So, you know,

Jason Howell (00:43:52):
It's nothing washing

Huyen Tue Dao (00:43:53):
A looking

Jason Howell (00:43:54):
Nothing washing machine.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:43:55):
Yeah. Write us and tell us what you think.

Jason Howell (00:43:58):
Yeah, there we go. Aaa, tweet tv. Let us know what you think it looks like. <Laugh> or explain it better yet. If you can crack this and figure it out. Tell us what we're missing because it is so weird. I don't understand. This next one though, pretty easy to understand and it is pretty, it's an

Huyen Tue Dao (00:44:17):
Icon. Yeah.

Jason Howell (00:44:19):
<Laugh> <laugh>. I mean, there's not a whole lot to decode here. The Coca-Cola phone, if you were waiting for a Coca-Cola phone, it is finally here. Real me has a partnership with Coca-Cola, brings you a phone you never knew you wanted. The real me 10 Pro 5G Coca-Cola edition. And it even comes. So the box, the phone box looks like a like a, a box that cans of Coke come in <laugh>. Which I thought that was kind of clever. Like it totally looks like there would be cans of Coke in there. The phone itself, you know, it's like two thirds on the back. It's like two thirds of the red with like the Coca-Cola logo taking up most of the space, but it's kind of hacked off two thirds of the way. So you can't even read the logo. I don't know. You gotta really know that that's Coca-Cola phone. Not that that's difficult to figure out, but and then like a, like a black racing stripe on the other side. I don't know if you love Coca-Cola. I guess you can get a phone that says it now. So there you go. I don't think there's much more to be said about that other than that there's 6,000 available. Oh yeah. And it comes with this collectible real me cat thing that's inside. Is

Huyen Tue Dao (00:45:34):
It, is it a co what is it, jelly? What is that? What is that made of? It's, it's like a trans, so it's like, it's transla. It looks like the real me cat. As if they, if as if it was mold

Jason Howell (00:45:45):
Made of Coca-Cola. Made of Coca-Cola. Molded Coca-Cola. Yeah.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:45:49):
Like, like yeah. Like solid Coca-Cola

Jason Howell (00:45:52):
<Laugh>. I think I'm at the point now where I've said Coca-Cola so many times, it doesn't even sound like a real word anymore. And it just sounds like noises. Oh, it also comes with stickers. So if you, if you Of course, yeah. You know, there's some stickers in there.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:46:08):
I mean, there, there is a, a huge like, community of Coca-Cola collectors, so I, I can't imagine that that's not gonna be

Jason Howell (00:46:15):
Yeah, that's kind of an item's That's a really good point. Collectors. Yes. There's probably not a whole lot of people that are buying this because they have to have like, use on a regular basis a Coca-Cola phone, but collectors, yeah, this is totally,

Ron Richards (00:46:29):
This is up their house. Look at

Huyen Tue Dao (00:46:30):
The, there's, look at the sim look at the scroll up. Burke back to the previous one with all the Accuc Mall. Look at the sim. The sim punch. What do you call the, the, the, the little The sim

Jason Howell (00:46:40):

Huyen Tue Dao (00:46:41):
The sim ejector. It's a, it's a, it's a, it's a bottle cap.

Jason Howell (00:46:44):
Oh it is a bottle cap. Oh, that's

Ron Richards (00:46:46):
Clever. That is clever. The little tool to go into the hole. It's a punch out. Your sim card is a bottle cap. It's

Huyen Tue Dao (00:46:51):
Card. That's clever. Yeah. The the handle part is the bottle cap. It says real meat. That's okay. That's kind of cute. No, I want that. I'll

Jason Howell (00:46:57):
Just take that. Yeah, there's case in there. Okay. If anyone who's a Coca-Cola collector fan, whatever, there's your phone. There's your next phone. Yep. Real me. Got you covered? Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. All right. Oh, just drink it, drink it up like a tall glass of bubbling fresh Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola. Oh boy. We really need them to sponsor the show cuz we're giving them lots of free, free publicity right now. Not that they need it. We've got more hardware coming up right now. It's time for more hardware when you've got the next one.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:47:34):
Yeah, so this is actually pretty cool. You know, of the many different widgets and gizmos and technology that go into phones, something that doesn't get huge, you know, updates or huge upgrades or huge kind of breakthroughs too often is the battery. I mean certainly we talk about like last year, or not last year, last week we talked about was it, who had the ridic? Was it real me again? Who was it with the ridiculous 300, 3000. How many wat chargings?

Jason Howell (00:48:01):
What was it? It was no it wasn't the flip. Sorry. We had a lot of stuff last week. Was it last? Oh, it was red me 300 watt fast charging. Sorry, red me

Huyen Tue Dao (00:48:10):
Three wa fast. So we kinda get like that kind of stuff. Yeah. Where everyone's kind of upping the ante on like the fast charging or wireless charging or even, you know, 22,000 milliamp batteries. Well this is actually an entirely new battery technology. So we've talked, you know, like we have lithium ion batteries, there's like nickel and I M h, I forgot what the other part of it is. So honor have actually unveiled a new battery technology. It is a silicon carbon battery with hold onto your butts here, 12.8% higher energy density, which I, I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but given that it's just like a whole different technology and the fact that they are able to squeeze 12.8%, you know, higher energy density is interesting. So just to kind of, I mean I technically have an electrical engineering degree, but I cannot explain any of this to you.

But <laugh> it would, but the, the higher ener energy density means that, say if you had the, a battery, the size and shape of a standard 5,100 milliamp battery say lithium ion battery, if that was instead silicon carbon battery, that would actually become a 54 5,458 milli amp battery. So you would get 12.8% more capacity or sorry, 7% capacity out of it. So no, it's not a huge leap, but it is something new. It is something different. And if you are actually good at electrical engineering type stuff the c o of honor George Sao did say that the silicon carbon is basically able to maintain a better capacity at lower voltages. Ah. and it's something called low voltage aggregation technology. So if you actually enter, understand what that means, right. As an explain, because my electrical engineering degree is no good here. I haven't really done anything electrical engineering, so that's my bad. But yeah. You know, 12.8% is not nothing it's, it's a, you know, it's a new step and a new battery technology, which is kind of cool. And actually Honor has released, it seems a phone with this mm-hmm. <Affirmative> battery already. And it Magic five Pro and believe the Magic five ultimate as well will have these new silicon carbon batteries. So That's

Jason Howell (00:50:15):
Right. Magic five Pro released in certain markets will have the standard 5,100 milliamp power battery, and then in other markets it will have that silicon carbon battery. So, you know, they rate that at 54 50. So, you know, and that's not adding any additional increase in weight, not adding any additional increase in size. Yeah. That's pre that's pretty interesting. I wonder, that's pretty good actually. I wondered because so many facets of phone design have, you know, really developed and continued to develop in large jumps over the years. Display being, you know, memory of these things that, you know, if you look at a phone 10 or 12 years ago and look at what we have now, like they're so much different. Battery sizes have generally, I mean they've crept up, but there's been no real advance in the technology behind battery. It still, lithium ion still gets roughly the, you know, the, the, the, the way around that has been how do we make charging faster or how do we cut down on the processes that drain the battery, not on the technology itself. And so I've wondered, you know, when does that technology advance? And this seems like a step in the right direction. I'm, I'm hoping that there will be more steps in that direction. But that's, that's pretty awesome. To get more, yeah. More bang out of the same size, you know, so that's great.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:51:44):
I would be curious of any, you know, sustainability, like recyclability of this, like new technology. I don't know, because obviously batteries are battery and battery recycling is kind of the hard thing. So I, I just kind of curious whether it, I, I mean, again, I don't know much, but I, I wonder if this is the same in terms of recyclability or

Jason Howell (00:52:02):
Mm-Hmm. Yeah. Question

Huyen Tue Dao (00:52:03):
Worse, who knows?

Ron Richards (00:52:05):
Probably tb cuz it's so new. Just cuz it's so new, you

Huyen Tue Dao (00:52:08):
Know? Yeah, so new.

Ron Richards (00:52:08):
That's the aspect. It was funny cuz I was just talking to me and my dad were hanging out like a week or two ago and we're talking about phones cause he just got the new Samsung Galaxy S 23. And I was, I was complaining just how all phones looked the same and blah, blah, blah. And we're talking about foldables and rollable and all this stuff like that. And basically where we netted out was that until there is some breakthrough in battery technology and Jason, we've talked about this in the past. Yeah. Like, I feel like a couple years ago we talked about it un until there is some seismic te you know, chemical breakthrough to change the way we deal with batteries and charging and stuff like that. We're stuck in this kind of world and, you know, and, and you know, when we're talking about, we're talking about lithium ion, so it's great to see, you know, something different. You know, if it's silicon carbon, you know, to wind to your point, I don't know what the recyclability aspect is or what the shelf life is, is gonna expand in planes. Like the early lith, lithium ions did remember those the bulges. But the something's gotta change with batteries, right? And so this could be the first step.

Jason Howell (00:53:08):
Yeah. And this is so interesting. I did a search, I was trying to find some, like recyclability information about silicon carbon materials. And I found a news report from just last October that researchers in Japan have developed a low cost single step process to produce silicon carbon materials for battery anodes from waste semiconductor materials. So that's cool. Taking waste and creating these batteries out of, out of that in the process. So yeah, that is interesting. It didn't answer the question I was looking for, but that's, that's fascinating also. Cool.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:53:45):
Yeah, I was trying to google some stuff and a lot of academic papers came up. Yeah. So, so that's when you know,

Jason Howell (00:53:50):
It's really neat, really quickly and tell you exactly what it means.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:53:54):
Like, oh nevermind new stuff on the horizon.

Jason Howell (00:53:58):
So, but there you go. Very neat. Good job. Okay, now it's time for some app news apps. My voice is cracking. Apps,

Ron Richards (00:54:10):
Apps, apps, apps,

Jason Howell (00:54:11):
Apps, apps.

Ron Richards (00:54:18):
All right, well, talking about apps recently we were talking about Google news and artifact the news app, the AI based news app from the Instagram founders. And it's just funny cuz similar, whatever it seems lately, the story of this year is we start talking about a topic and it just snowballs week after week. And sure enough, after artifact came out, I discovered that there's another news app available called Opt Out news. And if you are looking for a new app that aggregates all the news podcast, that streaming video from exclusively independent news publishers, you might want to check out Optout. They are positioning themselves to be a independent non-corporate news app. Basically, you know, throwing shade at both Google and Apple in that regard, saying that they're too corporate serving the large, you know, kind of corporate media, that sort of thing.

 They opt out has 180 news outlets. There are two requirements for being included in the app. They need to be financially independent and produce reliable and accurate journalism and most importantly, which I think is great, cause when I first started reading this, I'm like, oh great, this is an app for, for crazy people. But no, no conspiracy theories. Like it is straight up journalism, reputable journalism. And so if you are kind of concerned about whatever the corporate filters might be being applied to your news from a CNN or New York Times or whomever, corporate interests that might exist and there are more details about exactly what the requirements are they need. They can't be funded by corporations, they not publicly traded, you know, free of financial conflicts of interest, things like that. So it's interesting. So it's, if if you want, you know, kind of tried and true independent journalism, check out Optout News. I played with it. It seems a little neat. So yeah, it's another option out there for you.

Jason Howell (00:56:01):
Optout News. Yeah, I have not checked this out

Huyen Tue Dao (00:56:07):
Myself. I, I had this, I saw this come up I think on article, or sorry on artifact and I had the same initial reaction, like, oh, well I'm up on, I had the same initial reaction that you did Ron. So it's really cool to see that like they're actually kind of emphasizing non-corporate. Cause like a lot of like, and like if you watched like last week tonight, everything, they're always quoting kind of like smaller, like independent, you know, news agency that do actual investigative reporting. So that's awesome.

Jason Howell (00:56:34):

Huyen Tue Dao (00:56:35):
Yeah. And I'm sorry I dismissed the notification right away cuz I made assumptions, <laugh> and I made a butt out of you and me

Jason Howell (00:56:42):
<Laugh>. That's what they say. That's what happens

Huyen Tue Dao (00:56:46):
<Laugh>, when you assume.

Jason Howell (00:56:47):
That's right. Cool. Well and you did just say the word, but by the way, <laugh> uhoh, but which I didn't pick up on, on the great segue opportunity, I don't even know why I put this in here to be honest. It was just something <laugh>, it was just something that we were talking about in Slack. It seemed like something we needed to bring on the show, but really, I don't even know what I have to say about it. Beauty filters. Now, apparently on the techno Phantom v foldable phone, it has a filter, a a along with the bevy of beauty filters that it offers. One filter is called Plump Butt. And apparently this is a filter that you use when you want your butt to be plump, a plump butt. Yeah. So that's a thing. And I, it's a thing that I will never use, but it's a thing. Someone out there has a reason to use a plump butt filter. And I'm not judging, but just so you know, if that's what you're looking for, you need the techno phantom V fold, foldable foam. This is the effect <laugh>. Yes. Look at the butt of this individual and see how it is plump in the other photo. There you go. Android Authority did a write up that's, that's worth reading through.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:58:07):
I mean I am very susceptible to Instagram as, as I have mentioned and, and in my, in my feed there is often, you know, specialized workout pants. It's like a thing on fitness influencers, especially if you're if you identify as a woman to have a, you know, plump, but for your bids. So I think it's a brilliant idea. I don't actually, I I I know flow and I kind of went back and forth kind of ranting about insane Biggie standard and social media and the, they're terrible in evil. But from a business, business p is kind of brilliant because this is, there's definitely a, a niche, a niche for this, a butt shaped niche.

Jason Howell (00:58:48):
Yeah. There

Huyen Tue Dao (00:58:49):

Jason Howell (00:58:49):
Oh my God. A niche in this shape of subtitle butt. Okay, anyways, yes, I see it. Burke Yes, the, the bad word on the screen. Uhhuh. <affirmative>. Yes. I'm not gonna speak it for all of you audio listeners, but there was a bad word on the screen it had to do with, with, but okay, we're done. I think <laugh>, oh, wait a minute. No, we're not. Look at the the icon. I not seen the icon. Oh, look at that. So how would we describe this? Everyone? It looks like, like a, a line drawing of a butt is basically how it

Huyen Tue Dao (00:59:25):
Is. Yeah. So imagine all of, when you open Google photos or the camera and imagine all of the lovely, you know, computational photography options that Google provides you, you know, with very, you know, easy to discern icons. Well, with this plump butt filter, you have very appropriate icons for thin waists, plump behinds what is that one? I can't see. Like slim legs. Slim legs, Anthony legs,

Jason Howell (00:59:52):
La thinning legs.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:59:53):
So yeah, it, it's very reminiscent of the Google photo or so Google cam, like pixel camera icons, just, you know, for different, different type of computational yeah,

Jason Howell (01:00:05):
Geography. Yeah, I, I do not envision Google anytime soon. Integrating an automatic plump butt mode into photos. We never know. Plum butted one of your pictures for you here. Check it out. I

Ron Richards (01:00:18):
Love, hang on, hang on. Someone at Google's going, hang on, let's hear them out.

Jason Howell (01:00:22):
Hold on. Like <laugh>, they might actually be onto something. Listen, audio

Ron Richards (01:00:26):
Is coming off. What can the AI do on the chip? What have we got in there?

Jason Howell (01:00:30):
Let's talk up those butts. We've looked at the the talking points for Google IO. We are one feature shy. We need to come up with something we ne we need to come up with it fast, but butt in Google photos, but

Huyen Tue Dao (01:00:44):

Jason Howell (01:00:45):
Okey dokey. Well, there we go. That happened. All right, when we got we got the next one,

Huyen Tue Dao (01:00:52):
<Laugh>. I am not gonna try to segue from that smoothly, but you know what we need right now. We need some jr. And if you have been a bit befuddled by what's up with Google reminders JR has a really nice alternative for you in this week's Android intelligence tip, what you got first JR

JR Raphael (01:01:14):
Hey, hey, A very merry march to ye. So we're kind of in this like awkward in between time with reminders on Android right now. You know the drill, right? Google's in the midst of moving its assistant reminder system into Google tasks and making that the primary hub for any and all reminders you create anywhere on your phone or on any other Google associated device. That's all well and good, but there's another interesting way to manage your reminders on Android and it brings a pretty neat twist into the equation. It comes by way of a promising new app I've been planned around with lately called Notably Notley. It's basically an intelligent reminder system that lives entirely in your phone's notifications. Here's how it works. You can open up the app anytime to create custom notifications for helping you remember anything you need. Really, the notifications can either appear immediately right away as soon as you make 'em, or you can schedule 'em for the future so that they show up at a specific upcoming date and time.

Oh, and you can set 'em up to repeat, of course, on any regular interval you need hourly, daily, weekly, you name it. Now, unlike Google's reminder system, any reminders you set within, not stay only on your phone. So that could be a, a pro or a con really depending on your perspective. But all basics aside, not only has some really cool features that make it especially effective to use, lemme show you three that have really stood out to me. First. In addition to letting it give each notification is own title and body text, notably lets you assign it a color. That way you can make us stand out or maybe even associate it with a specific category of reminder. Second, the notifications notably creates are persistent. This is big for me. That means you can't accidentally swipe 'em away. They disappear only when you tap the mark is done option inside of 'em.

And third, on a related note, not only's alerts. Stick around even after your phone restarts. That way you can rely on 'em to be there, even if you get an update or shut your phone down for any other reason. It's a pretty great bit of reassurance to have and something that definitely isn't always the case with those Google Assistant and Google Tasks reminders. All in all, it's a pretty interesting purpose specific alternative to Android's more traditional task and reminder services. If you like the idea of your reminders existing entirely and reliably on your phone, well, it might be just the brain supplementing solution you didn't know you needed. You can download notably from the Play Store. We'll put a link in this week, show notes for you. It's completely free and even ad free for now. The app doesn't require any unusual permissions and its privacy policy is crystal clear about the fact that no personal data is ever collected or shared in any way.

And hey, if you like learning about useful new goodies like this, you've gotta come check out my Android Intelligence newsletter gives you three new things to try every Friday, along with all sorts of other tasty treats. It's completely free for you too. Just head on over to android intel net slash twit to get in on the action and get a trio of special bonus tips this very minute too. That site again is android Just a heads up, by the way, I won't be here next week. I'm taking a few days off around our kids' spring break. Gonna try to unplug the old brain a little, maybe let it reset. I know, I know. Try to withhold your tears. I will miss you too dearly. I'll be back the week after that though, and we'll pick right back up with lots more practical, maybe even slightly fragrant new tips for the coming spring season. I'll see you soon.

Jason Howell (01:05:10):
I'm a little concerned about the fragrant fragrance. There's a tease, if that's a tease if I ever heard it a fragrant tip, but who's, he was wearing a t-shirt with pizza, so maybe it smells like pizza. And in which that case I'm okay with that. And

Ron Richards (01:05:22):
It did say Taco Tuesday and I had tacos for dinner tonight.

Jason Howell (01:05:24):
So yeah, I was a little confused by the t-shirt this time. Why ta if Pizza's not taco? What am I missing? And I can't

Ron Richards (01:05:31):
Tell, I can't tell if he was sincere or sarcastic about missing us next week. I couldn't tell. It

Jason Howell (01:05:35):
Sounded pretty sharp. I think it's sincere

Ron Richards (01:05:38):
<Laugh>. He, he, he rides the spectrum back and forth. True artist, you're not quite sure.

Jason Howell (01:05:43):
Yeah, exactly. You never truly know what's in the mind of JR Rayfield, but you do know what app he suggested and that is notably check it out on the Play store, Google Play get some simple reminders. Looks looks like a nicely like developed app. It looks very, very clean. It's very pretty. Very pretty. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And and do not forget also his Android intelligence newsletter. So, you know, subscribe to that android Thank you. JR Tuesday thing is like a Google thing. I don't know, I'm still confused by it to be honest. If you know what it is, email us. Triple Twitter tv. Yes. We need email about what jr's shirt means in next episode of All About Android. Speaking of email, we've got your feedback coming up next. AAA TWI TV 3, 4, 7 Show a a a is the place to go.

 Or the place to send us your feedback. Anyways, <laugh>, we go to feedback, which is where we are right now. Mike in Camarillo, California. Mike, by the way left of voicemail while I was out a few weeks ago on episode six 17 about satellite phones. So this is kind of a follow up. He says, it's me again. I was getting to hear my voice on the show a few episodes ago. Ron, you don't have a crystal ball. Hmm? I expected more from you. Me too. I expect more from Ron all the time. Just kidding, Ron. Oh wow. Just kidding. Just kidding. I'm right here. I know. Geez. I know. Thanks man. Sorry about that. It's looking like Motorola may be the first Android satellite phone to market for $599 with one year of satellite service included. And 4 99, this $4 99 cents per month afterwards.

This sounds right up my alley. It's the Motorola Defy two. Mike says, the fact that it's from Motorola gives me a pause because of their reputation for poor Android update policy, but two years of OS updates plus five years of security updates, sounds downright reasonable to me. See AAA previous discussions of pros and cons of phone performance after many years of OS updates. Yeah, that's that's a good point. Wow. Thank you for all the entertainment and information. And there you go. So Motorola actually announced a couple of things at Mobile World Congress along these lines. They had the Motorola Defy satellite link Bluetooth accessory, which is exactly what it sounds like. It's a Bluetooth accessory that brings this satellite connectivity to a device that you have on you. But they also announced the actual phone, which is the Defi two smartphone five ninety nine, like he said, comes with with the satellite capability baked into the phone. So Motorola making it happen now, you know, far before Google is able to do what it needs to do, and I'm certain will happen at some point will get, you know, satellite connectivity compatibility built into Android. Is that, I'm trying to remember, is that kind of like earmarked for Android 14 or is this beyond? I'm not really quite sure, but Motorola is doing it now, so there you go.

Ron Richards (01:09:03):
Yeah, I don't, I I, I gotta remember and I'm now my DayQuil is wearing off, so bear with me. Oh no, I I I know that there, when we talked about it on the show, Jason, you were off and, and there was some announcements ah, in J in early January about bringing it to Android, but I don't think it's dependent on the OS though.

Jason Howell (01:09:21):
Well, so Android 14 is going to support satellite connectivity and partners according to Right. An article last September, looking forward to Andrew 14, which had not been announced yet at that time. Hiroshi Lockheimer had tweeted at that time that we're designing for satellites excited to support our partners in enabling all this in the next version of Android. This was last September.

Ron Richards (01:09:47):
And, and what we had talked about was we ref, we, we referenced the January 5th article from the bbc that, that referenced the partnership between Iridium and Qualcomm to bring that satellite connectivity to Android smartphones later this year.

Jason Howell (01:10:02):
Got it. Okay. So it is, so it is on the horizon. Yep. no pun intended, <laugh>. And Motorola is still doing it before before it becomes official, so yeah. Good on you, Motorola. Yeah,

Ron Richards (01:10:18):
I don't think, and I, Mike, I don't think you need to be that harsh on Motorola. I mean, I think that Motorola, I think their business has, you know, is wide in, in regards of what they do. And, and I could see this satellite phone, you know, this approach or the defi as being a specific niche, right? Like that they're not gonna treat the same way as like the Moto G, you know, so

Jason Howell (01:10:40):

Ron Richards (01:10:40):
That's true. But we'll see. Who knows? Very true time will tell. And I don't have a crystal ball, Mike. I'm sorry. Geez. But anyway

Jason Howell (01:10:47):
You need to up your crystal ballgame.

Ron Richards (01:10:49):
I know.

Jason Howell (01:10:49):
Yeah. Wrong. What's up with that?

Ron Richards (01:10:51):
Anyway our next email comes from Peter in Columbia, Maryland, who says, when please explain what is so exciting about widgets. Foldables parenthesis, if you didn't, later in the episode, I'm doing the risky thing of sending an email before finishing listening to the episode. It's a bad move, but so Winn, what, what is so exciting about widgets, foldables? Okay, so

Jason Howell (01:11:11):
Move on. What I was excited about

Huyen Tue Dao (01:11:14):
Yeah, was actually what Flo mentioned was, was which is actually a Samsung one UI five thing, which is widget stacks. So I will answer the question though, and I, I found like I, I was a little bit nervous before the show about showing any pr like sensitive information, but hey, here's a wait, why am I brain farting on this here? Look, look at this calendar app on the z fold four. Look how nice and spacious it is. I

Jason Howell (01:11:38):
Can actually, that does look spacious. That looks

Huyen Tue Dao (01:11:40):
Useful. I can, I can actually read, look, here's my husband's birthday right here. Here's the show. Like all, All About Android's backwards and up, and then yeah, here's like my nutrition coaching. But yeah, look how spacious said this is. And this, I, I mean, legitimately, this is kind of a silly example, but I mean, I, this is a very good use of the calendar widget. Yeah. Useful. Totally. Yep. But what, what Flow had got me really excited about was widget stacks. So Widget Stacks is something that Iowas does have where you can actually have a container. It's almost like if you think about the icon folders that you already have, but being able to kind of have widget stack on top of each other and being able to flip through each widget. So as an example this is my email and I I took out all the sensitive stuff. Hold on, let me, let me zoom in a little more. Hold on. I got you. Brooke went zoo. I go focus. So say that you have multiple email boxes email, like inboxes and see, so I have like, for example, one here and oh my gosh, where's my finger? Hold on. This is tough. You can easily like swap between, you know, two different widgets mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, which could be like two different inboxes in your Gmail. So

Jason Howell (01:12:55):
Those are two widgets, like stacked on each other right

Huyen Tue Dao (01:12:59):
There. Yes. Those are two widgets. Yes. And

Jason Howell (01:13:00):
It's not the same widget, just you can Oh, that's so

Huyen Tue Dao (01:13:02):
Cool. Yeah, I mean, they can be different widgets. I for example, have to use Microsoft Outlook yeah, I know for work. And then I also have Google Calendar. So imagine like, I had this, but I have my work calendar, which is like a t like an Outlook widget, and then a Google Calendar widget, and I can just slip back and forth so that I can kind of like compare my day between like my work calendar. Neat.

Jason Howell (01:13:26):
That looks and my

Huyen Tue Dao (01:13:27):
Personal calendar. That's awesome. I also have a really dumb one. So what you do is if you're on one UI five, you like long press on a widget, and then it will actually show you a create stack icon, and then you can select another widget that can be stacked on top of it. Flow did mention that they kind of have to be widgets of comparable size. So if you have one of those widgets that just is like stuck in a certain like yeah. Dimensions that might, you know, go, but it's really handy. This is a real dumb one, but I like it. So I had, I had up until very recently, both the Google, so this is the Google Chrome search bar, and then there's also the Google search bar. And I have both because I, I want sometimes just to directly search in Chrome, but I also like having, you know, like, sorry, the Google lens button and the Google Assistant right away. So now it's a stack. So I can just, I know this is really

Jason Howell (01:14:19):
Silly. Oh, that's neat.

Huyen Tue Dao (01:14:21):
That's, but, but instead of having two two bars, I can just have Oh,

Jason Howell (01:14:25):
Oh, oh no's. Anyway, that's so much better. Yeah, that's, I love that. That's

Huyen Tue Dao (01:14:28):
Really, so yeah, that is a one UI five feature. It wasn't specific to Foldables, but I think generally widgets foldables are great. But yeah, it was more just widget stack on Samsung. Neat. Go Samsung and love it. Why?

Ron Richards (01:14:41):
So to go back to the email, so Peter, there you go. There's why Win Likes is excited about widgets on Foldables. Peter shared Jason his widgets on home screen. One, he's got the pocket ca, pocket cast mini controls, analog clock, YouTube music, mini controls. And on home screen two, he is got Gmail great for skimming for urgent messages and Google Calendar to see what's coming up and to add events. So there you go. So Peter's in the, in the widget camp. And then finally Peter chimes in on the Alien video crashing the pixel. He says, this is serious. The next step after being able to crash a device is an exploit. It's good that they fixed it quickly. Steve Gibson says it's extremely difficult to make secure media interpreters. So efforts to make the processes run with limited privileges are good. And it's always great to see flow. And I agree with you there, Peter. So thanks for writing in Peter. Widgets, crashes, foldables, all the, all that was a great email. Good job.

Jason Howell (01:15:36):
Yeah. Covered a lot of ground. Yeah. Thank you, Peter. All right. When you've got the Honor this week Yes,

Huyen Tue Dao (01:15:43):
The holiday, and it is time, it is time for the email of the week, the of the week, and the email of the week. This week is from David B. And David b writes us Hello AAA crew. That s 23 video was impressive. You might check out a similarly pro video called Jackal and fireflies filmed on an S 22 Ultra. You'll notice they filmed in terrible lighting and still got usable footage out of it. This was possible because they filmed it at least partially with a third party app called Motion Cam. This app records lossless Raw Video, holy Monkey, a lot like red cameras do. And the file sizes are truly enormous. You basically need an attached N V E drive to take long clips. So far as I know, motion cam is the only app on either Android or iOS that can do this. You have to render the video afterwards and the workflow is terrible, but you can grade the footage with the pro profess with professional tools and squeeze the best color and detail you can get out of those tiny phone sensors. Cheers, David B and that's really cool. We got, and we've got a, we got a video, we've got a video for since Jacques and fireflies.

Jason Howell (01:16:59):
Yeah, this is a, the trailer the, the official trailer for it anyways, which probably shows a, a little bit of an example. It's, it's in the doc next to the email, sorry, Burke. And for those of you wondering, you know, you just go to the Play store, if you do a search for motion cam, one word, you'll find the app that does this. But yeah, being able to record in losses. So that's the app on the play door and above that is a YouTube video. Although are we gonna get like, taken down? I don't even know, but careful it was so dark that you could hardly even see anything. But, so this was shot on the S 22 Ultra Ultra,

Huyen Tue Dao (01:17:46):

Jason Howell (01:17:47):
With that app. Wow. A lot of low light stuff.

Huyen Tue Dao (01:17:53):
This is really amazing. I mean, the app itself, if you look at motion cam in the Play store, this is an intense app. This is definitely a pro-level app. It, I mean, so,

Jason Howell (01:18:06):
Hmm. Interesting. Well, and this is just the trailer, so I, I don't know where, you know, if, if the full version of this is available on YouTube, if you wanna see, but yeah, it's, it looks like this is all dedicated to, to really low light shots and that's pretty impressive. It looks pretty darn good for a phone sensor, right?

Huyen Tue Dao (01:18:30):
Yeah. Especially going through a professional workflow with Yeah. Lossless raw video, right. And then being able to actually do color grading and things on, you know, presumably what on most forms of normal phones is not really gradable because of, I presume like the lack of bits. Sorry, I've lost all my video parlance. Where's, where's that <laugh>?

Huyen Tue Dao (01:18:50):
But that's, that's pretty dang impressive. I mean, obvious. So that, that kind of shows that maybe like not everybody can like, do amazing cinematic quality. I mean, I guess you can, but you need the professional tools mm-hmm. <Affirmative> to squeeze out that color in detail, as David b said. But for, I mean, this is a really cool insight into, you know, how you can actually use your phone properly as a proper camera, just like the multi tens of thousand dollars red cameras. Obviously a little bit smaller, but yeah. Yeah, for that wonderful insight, David b that is why you are our email of the week.

Jason Howell (01:19:28):
Excellent. Thank you David. B thank you to everyone who sent in emails this week. That's Mike, that's Peter, that's David. And thank you to you for watching and listening because we are at the end of the episode. Ron, we'll let you say goodbye first, cuz your medicine's wearing off and

Ron Richards (01:19:49):
Oh yeah, it's, it is, it is completely

Jason Howell (01:19:51):
Worn off. It's

Ron Richards (01:19:53):
My lovely inherited remember earlier in the show I mentioned my daughter named Luna. Yeah. She's, she's in Pre-K and brings home germs. Yes, indeed. So here we are. But yeah, go follow me on Twitter or on Instagram where I post. I, I don't post that often, but you wanna follow me just in case, cuz when I do it's gold, Uhhuh <affirmative>. And I'll leave it at that.

Jason Howell (01:20:10):
So it's must watch, must watch, must watch, watch social media <laugh>. Yeah. Thank you Ron. Good to see you. I didn't mean what I said earlier when I said something mean about you. Okay. I know you didn't, I can't even remember what I said, but I didn't mean it. Whatever it was, it was

Ron Richards (01:20:25):
A lack of a crystal ball. I, I remember what you said, you

Jason Howell (01:20:28):
Know what you did <laugh> <laugh>, you're awesome in my book. And so are you. When thank you for being on tonight. What do you wanna leave people with?

Huyen Tue Dao (01:20:38):
I'm an under Android developer. You can find my Android things at my website randomly, which by the way, <laugh>, I let the domain expire. Oh. And so a very, a very wonderful member of the Android Faithful pinged me and let me know. So thank you very much John. And go I know I probably had some emails bounce me. So anyway, thank you. Y'all are awesome. Find my desk and find me on the social medias at Queen Konky. And I love being on the show and getting to talk to y'all every week or at least the week that I'm here, which most

Jason Howell (01:21:08):
Weeks, <laugh>. Thank you. And all week is always good to see you. Big thanks to JR Ray Phil. Have a great break next week. Don't forget android is where you go to subscribe to jr's newsletter. Check it out. He sends out some really great tips every week, so you really need to check it out. Big thanks to Burke. Yeah, there it is. Handwriting intelligence. It's easy. You just plug your email in there and then poof, you get smarter. Burke, thank you sir for everything that you do. Thank you, Victor, for everything that you do. Without these two people behind the scenes, we would not have a show for you. We would have half the show, but it wouldn't actually get to your ears in your eyes. So thank you for everything you do. You can find me at Jason Howell on Twitter, twi social slash Jason Howell on Mastodon.

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$7 a month, $84 per year. And it helps us keep the lights in this kind of sponsorship dry ish <laugh> time period that we're in with the recession and everything of feeling the impacts of that. So thank you cuz your support really does help. Twit.Tv/Club twit that's it for this week's episode. We do the show every Tuesday evening. So Twit tv slash A a a is our show page on the web. If you just go there, you can subscribe to the show, then you don't have to think about like, did a new episode hit? Lemme go check for it. Play it from the site. You don't need to do any of that stuff. Go there, subscribe, you'll get it. That's the beauty of podcasting. Thank you so much for watching and listening to each and every episode of All About Android. We'll see you next time next week on All About Android. Bye everybody. Bye. Goodbye to you.

Speaker 7 (01:23:55):
Hey, I'm Rod Pyle, editor in Chief VAD as magazine. And each week I joined with my co-host to bring you this week in space, the latest and greatest news from the Final Frontier. We talked to NASA chiefs, space scientists, engineers, educators and artists, and sometimes we just shoot the breeze over what's hot and what's not in space books and tv. And we do it all for you, our fellow true believers. So whether you're an armchair adventure or waiting for your turn to grab a slot in Elon's Mars Rocket, join us on this weekend space and be part of the greatest adventure of all time.

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