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Jason Howell (00:00:00):
Coming up next on All About Android. It's me, Jason Howell, and my co-host Tonight Huyen Tue Dao. It's just the two of us hanging out, talking Android. We talk about Android 14 beta one, which you can get right now on most of the Pixel phones. Anyways, you can get it right now. Android 13, sometimes forgotten because it's not Android 14. Hey, it's on a roll. It's actually doing pretty good. It looks like the Pixel Fold totally gonna happen. It's looking real certain for Google IO. Bing contrary to some articles and the beginning of us talking about the story isn't actually replacing Google search on Samsung phones anytime soon. Meet makes way for meet and your email. Coming up next on All About Android

Narrator (00:00:48):
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Jason Howell (00:00:57):
This is All About Android episode 626, recorded Tuesday, April 18th, 2023. Bing Butts In. This episode of All About Android is brought to you by HPE GreenLake, orchestrated by the experts at CDW, who can help you consolidate and manage all your data in one flexible edge to cloud platform to scale and innovate. Learn more at Hello and welcome to All About Android your weekly Source for the latest news, hardware and apps for the Android Faithful. I'm Jason Howell.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:01:37):
And I'm Huyen Tue Dao.

Jason Howell (00:01:39):
And Huyen it's great to see you, we don't, we have no third tonight. When we were kind of leading up to this show, I was like, Huyen you wanna just do a show? You and I, cuz like, I don't know that we have done that since you've come on as a full-time host. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> and these, I like these kinds of shows.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:01:55):
Dynamic Duo Duo. That's right. Yes,

Jason Howell (00:01:59):
That's right. I, first of all, I want to congratulate you. You had a big week. Tell us a little bit about your week, just real quick, summarize, like why was it so big for Huyen?

Huyen Tue Dao (00:02:10):
Well, I was at Kotlin COMF 2023, the first Kotlin Comf in like four years. And yes, we, it was all about Kotlin. It's thrown by the company that makes Kotlin jet brains. And I was very busy. Yeah, I, technical talk. I did eight interviews with other speakers at the conference and I was on the closing panel. And yeah, it was huge. I was very busy, but it was really great. And yeah, Kotlin rules and I got to just think about Kotlin for two days straight and it was, that's not a bad thing. That's a great

Jason Howell (00:02:35):
Thing. I mean, ladies and gentlemen, fans of this show should know that Huyen was doing a talk and could have been upwards of a thousand people in the room. And I just think of a thousand people all there to geek out about Kotlin. That's pretty awesome. You, you had your, I mean, that, that's your crowd right there, <laugh>. It is the right people listening to the right person.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:02:58):
It was, I I I brought the energy with two and a half hours of sleep because that's generally what happens before I give a talk. I just can't stop practicing it. <Laugh> two and a half hours of sleep, I, I brought the energy. Yeah. And I brought the energy some more and yeah, I mean that's what Kotlin does

Jason Howell (00:03:12):
Then you crashed.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:03:14):
I did eventually, yes. Two days later. Yes, I might still be kind of like crashing a little, just kind of more like like, like a leaf kind of falling to the ground. But I have enough energy for the lovely Android faithful.

Jason Howell (00:03:28):
Oh, good. Because you, you're bringing the energy. I'm bringing the news cuz holy moly, we've got some news to talk about. Now, last week on the show, when you missed last week cuz obviously you were, you know, where, where you were just told us all about we had no hardware news. If there was hardware news, I didn't include it because we had enough news, news and then some app news to fill the entire show this week. We got some hardware news. So, you know, just buckle up for that. We got news of all different types. We're truly putting the latest news hardware apps into this episode for the Android Faithful. So why don't we get right into it with the news. Take us there, Burke.

Burke (00:04:11):
Wow. You really, the pressure

Jason Howell (00:04:14):
Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>. Yeah. Can you take it?

Burke (00:04:16):
We're going talk about stuff that Mishaal finds

Jason Howell (00:04:20):
<Laugh>, we're gonna talk about things. Okay. That works. Burke, you did good even with all that pressure Huyen you, you were not on last week. So you get the top story.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:04:32):
Woo. And the top story is very much informed by our very own, Mishaal Rahman, who has a mega thread of everything that's new in Android 14 beta one. There is a lot aloda lada lotta stuff. And as usual, you should go right to the source and check out Mishaal's thread on Twitter. But we'll cap, we'll cap some of our favorite, our, our little bit of our favorites in this Android 14 beta one. There's a lot of, there's a lot of pin prezzies for your pins. Pin pin pin perks. There's a lot of pin perks. Pin perks. So <laugh> pin perks. So in Android 14, you'll actually be able to have something called pin privacy toggle that basically disables animations while entering your pin. So if you've got any kind of shoulder surfers kind of just looking, looking to steal, you know, your little gestures or just try to like otherwise for nefarious means steal your pin. That is an option. You can disable animations, which I think it's actually really awesome.

Jason Howell (00:05:30):
Yeah, I've actually wondered about this. When I enter in my pin, it does have those little spoosh animations and stuff. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, well, you know, that, that just calls more attention to the thing that's actually being pressed. Any way that you can obscure that is probably a good thing. So I like that. Yes.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:05:47):
Yes. In app development we generally like feedback when a user does something, but maybe if it's your pin or other sensitive information, maybe you can do without it. Yeah. in another, in other pin perks Android 14 may soon be supporting the well actually is also, so also in 14 is the new Auto confirm correct pin, which basically is just any kind of pin prompt, a lot of P's . <Laugh>. The, the, the pin prompt perk will, will basically auto confirm, if you're correct. If you enter in a correct pin, it will just automatically go ahead, go forward instead of you having to hit enter. Although, and I, I know we've talked about this before, that while this is very convenient you know, it's, it may not necessarily be the best thing in terms of, you know negating, you know, nefarious nefarious folks who are looking to break into your phone. So along with the Auto confirm correct pin, there is a message saying, Hey, would you like, or maybe you should think about having a six digit pin cuz it is safer. But anyway if you want to just get a little bit of extra time back in your day by not pressing the enter button for your pin, you can get that with auto confirmed pen.

Jason Howell (00:06:57):
Think of all the second, all the milliseconds you the second. You will save second in every day. Yeah,

Huyen Tue Dao (00:07:05):
Yeah, for suresies let's see. I really like this one. Android 14 is expanding support for physical keyboards. This also includes, by the way kind of remapping because obviously keyboards, one thing that that is, that can be very PITA with physical keyboards is where the modifier keys go. Cause they layout so you can actually remap them. And there might be support for back lit keyboard controls, like controlling that backlight from Android as an LED like fan. I like, I like that a lot.

Jason Howell (00:07:36):
Obviously those features potentially come in really handy as Google nears the release of its tablet. And I'm imagining with its tablet we'll have some sort of like keyboard attachment thingy. Although I don't know that we've seen any leaks as far as that's concerned. Our Pixel leaks segment is later in the show. But I have to imagine the features like this, you know, it's kind of like, kinda like the foldables and everything, you know, making sure that we've got the foldable part of the os all tight. And then sure enough we've got the Pixel Fold coming down the pipeline as well, so I'm sure they're related.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:08:10):
Yeah, for sure. Z is kind of lining up, lining up the shot, lining up the, yeah. Put put? Or whatever for large screen devices, like the

Jason Howell (00:08:18):
Both golf analogies work.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:08:20):
Go golf. I just, I don't know, golf. My husband's a golfer. I just kind of like emu, like, just like parrot what he says and hope it sounds punt.

Jason Howell (00:08:27):
Sure. Yeah.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:08:28):
That's a golf term. What sport is that?

Jason Howell (00:08:29):
Yeah. Oh yeah, that's totally a golf term. Burke

Huyen Tue Dao (00:08:32):
Punt. I got confused for a second. See? No, see we can't do that. Like we can't do that.

Jason Howell (00:08:37):
Sorry, Best we keep sports off the show, I'm thinking Yes, please,

Huyen Tue Dao (00:08:40):
I'm an, I'm a very stereotypical engineer. Let's see what else we got. We also get, okay, this is, this is ostensibly not a huge deal, but you, there is a new weather toggle that allows you to kind of toggle the weather display on the lock screen. Now this kind of like what N B D right? But Mishaal didn't speculate back in March that this might be, you know, due to new lock screen customization options. So it might be kind of just, you know, the first feature in a cavalcade of lock screen optimization features. So I don't know. Also just options are good. Yeah, options are good. Did I miss anything Jason? I think, I think those are like some of the big hits from here. There's a lot of really small things, like a lot of like little UI adjustments. A lot of dialogues have like updated, you know wording to be a little more clear. But I think for Android, 14 beta one, those are my fa those are a few of my favorite things. My favorite things.

Jason Howell (00:09:35):
All. Well, yes. So you got those, Mishaal? He's been busy. I mean he, he, he also wrote for, oh he has been busy xda about this location based suggestions Yes. For Google Wallet, which is actually kind of funny because like Google Wallet used to have that and then there's the new Google wallet or G or whatever they call it nowadays and it didn't have it and now they're bringing it back again. So, you know, you're getting the features that you once had all

Huyen Tue Dao (00:10:02):
Over again. Yes, I like that cuz it's really confusing because and this might actually be kind of a spoiler for later, but yes, before in the previous Google Wallet, not to be confused with the current Google wallet, whenever you say you had were your location where you had a loyalty card book, a little suggestion would pop up and say, Hey, you have a loyalty card here, would you like to use it? And of course that is not quite available in the current Google wallet, but Mishaal found some very, you know, interesting values within the dev developer documentation that said something about Google Wallet, feature-based, loca feature-based suggest location-based suggestions rather. And so maybe you might be getting a new feature in Google Wallet. That was an old feature in Google Wallet.

Jason Howell (00:10:46):
Really? Oh, what's old is new again.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:10:48):
What's old is new. And, okay. Just to top it off cuz we, we got a

Jason Howell (00:10:53):
Wallet name the shorthand term. Thank you Google, thank you for being

Huyen Tue Dao (00:10:58):
So helpful. I need to, I need to set a reminder to

Jason Howell (00:11:01):
We appreciate your input. Google still

Huyen Tue Dao (00:11:03):
Talking. Thank you. Okay. And then <laugh> in more safety, safety features, there is a change upcoming in Android 14 that will improve, you know, security with regards to two factor authentication. So previously, prior to 14, if you had, again, nefarious folks writing, you know, malware apps, they could actually use accessibility services, which kind of provide third party apps, the ability to read the contents of the screen and then be able to kind of perform impact inputs in the bath of the user. Well, obviously if you let a third party app read the screen, that means it could read things like, oh, I don't know, like your Google Authenticator and other apps that generate Yeah. Bad news codes, bad news, not great. So in injury 14, to lock this down, developers can actually prevent non-accessible tools from, from interacting with their apps. So if I am on Google Authenticator or some other to a fake token app, I can say no thank you to letting non-accessible tools.

So things like that are actually accessibility apps like talkback will still be able to access it. But, you know, any old third party app that is trying to access accessibility services will be a no-go. If, you know, again, if you're a developer of a, of a kind of sensitive information app and you say no, thank you. So there's still a lot of, you know, like room there for accessibility with talkback and, and there's still a lot of developer choice in there, but it's is kind of plugin of fairly serious ho in terms of two f a and security. So, I mean, Mishaal's a busy dude, but that's a lot of really great and interesting news.

Jason Howell (00:12:36):
Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>

Huyen Tue Dao (00:12:37):
Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative> around Android 14

Jason Howell (00:12:38):
When Android 14, beta one was announced and released last Wednesday, so six days from now. Cause it seems so often that that's the case. We're talk, we're right now talking about news that's almost literally a week old, but that's okay. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> we gotta talk about it sometime. And our show just happens to be on Tuesday. Yeah. Now that we're in the beta realm and not developer preview, does that, does that lure you in when the developer,

Huyen Tue Dao (00:13:04):
It, it <laugh> It really does. Especially with ahead of IO around the corner. Not that it necessarily things were related, but I think beta is when I really start thinking, okay, I need you to adopt this. I need to put it on my phone, see if my app breaks. And also just, I I I think it's starting to, the features that are in it are starting to crystallize. Yeah. And so as a developer and as a, as an end user, yeah, I wanna know, I wanna know what's coming. I want what's coming and if there's anything, any goodies that I need to take advantage of. So yeah, beta one, it's a good time. Good time to get in on

Jason Howell (00:13:32):
It. Well, we were, we, we've been talking about Mishaal already so much on this episode, and there's more, because this isn't, I don't think related specifically to Android 14 or if it is Android police certainly didn't mention it by name slash number, but Mishaal is, has shared something about Bluetooth on Android. He points to a recent patch to the A O S P repository that implements super wideband speed. This is related to features in Bluetooth's hand free profile version 1.9. His assumption is that it an eq quote enables hi even higher quality voice transmission over Bluetooth hands free profile to upgrade Android to super wide band and use a relatively new lc three Kodak. What does this all mean? It basically means near full band reproduction. It's also an increase in sample rate from 16 to 32 kilohertz.

So it's basically a big leap in quality from network to network. Of course, the, the tricky thing there is the hardware also has to support that, but it's nice to know that the underlying OS would support that to begin with. That's where the all this stuff starts, after all. So better quality Bluetooth calls coming to you, not, not as fuzzy, you know, depending on the device that you're using. If it supports this could sound really, really good. Not bad. 32 kilohertz, 32 kilohertz. That's, that's my kind of killer Hertz. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. Those are my kind of killer hertz. I

Huyen Tue Dao (00:15:15):
Like the little subtle pun there. Sounds good.

Jason Howell (00:15:18):
Sounds good. Sounds good to me. Does it sound good to you? And if not, you've spent too much time in front of loud speakers. So so thank you Mishaal for keeping us busy.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:15:31):
Yeah. And to round things off, we have a little Android 13 news just to kind of like swing back to our dear friend Android 13 <laugh>. It seems that <laugh>, who is that? Who's that? Oh man, we

Jason Howell (00:15:42):
Forgot about you. Sorry. Android 13. Yeah, let's, you're

Huyen Tue Dao (00:15:46):
Cool. Car and Android. Android, Android version. Right? You just, you, you know, you get release and all of a sudden we are just talking about the next new thing. I mean

Jason Howell (00:15:52):
Yeah, totally. I know it's gotta be hard. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:15:56):
Well, we have some good news. So, I mean, good news for Android 13. So Android 13 actually doubled its market share since January. So in January, oh, Android 13 was on 5% of global devices. In April, it has reached more than 12%. So this came, this comes from nine to five Google. And if you compare this jump with, you know, Android 12, Android 12 sat at 13.3% adoption one whole year after it was launched. Wow. And so this seems to indicate, I mean, I mean, I guess there is a small chance that it'll just sit at 12% for the rest of the year, but very unlikely. So this does seem that there has been a much quicker adoption of Android 13 compared to Android 12, nine to five. Google kind of gives big props to Samsung for this. We're already both its market share impact and as well as quick updates that it has been kind of like trying to keep up with and also kind of noting, you know, other folks like one plus Oppo real Me, which are, are very related companies being quick to update to Android 13 as well.

So hopefully this is just a trend of, you know, manufacturers, OEMs just being a little bit quicker on the updates and getting everybody to the latest sooner rather than later.

Jason Howell (00:17:09):
I certainly hope so. I certainly hope so. That's, you know, Android 13, we, we really neglected you recently, we got so excited about Android 14. You've got a lot to give apparently. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, you are really popular and that's a good thing. So mm-hmm.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:17:26):
<Affirmative>, despite being an unlucky number.

Jason Howell (00:17:29):
<Laugh>. Yeah, that's true.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:17:30):
Not that that should matter. That's

Jason Howell (00:17:32):
Probably part of the reason why we didn't, you know, want to, to really focus much time on you cuz no one likes unlucky numbers. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. But that, that's, that's pretty positive. I mean, that seems, I mean, again, we're still talking about a half a year after Yeah. After it's released and we're at 12. But I mean, I don't, I don't know at what point, if ever we can expect more than that. As we've talked about many times on the show, there will only ever be more and more devices, not less and less devices to update. Yeah. So, I mean, the challenge is, is real for Google. So to make that kind of progress, considering how many devices are out there, this is actually a pretty big deal. So that's worth applauding, I think. Good stuff there. All right. So we are gonna get to some hardware news coming up in a moment.

And I've got some interesting some interesting help generating some of the facts, which I'll talk about in a moment. But first, this episode of All About Android is brought to you by H P e GreenLake, orchestrated by the experts at CDW. The people at CDW, they understand that your organization needs simple management over its big data. But with workloads remaining on-prem due to legacy systems, it can feel challenging to organize and optimize your data. And that right there is where C V W can help your organization. By consolidating and managing all your data in one flexible, unified experience with the H P E GreenLake Edge to Cloud platform experience, you're gonna get with HPE GreenLake. It's unique because no matter where your data or your applications live, you can free up energy and resources with automated processes and streamlined management.

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Now it is time for hardware. Did that sound like a, like a computer voice. And now it's time for hardware <laugh>, because I, I tried something this week and I don't know how I feel about it, but I know that it was kind of useful <laugh>, so I'm, I'm ashamed to know that it was useful. <Laugh>. so first of all, what is the news? The news that we'll start with anyways is the Asus ro r o g phone. Again, every time the the ro o g comes up, I always wanna say rogue, but it's R og isn't it? The Asus R OG phone seven. It's the newest gaming phone. And you know, these, this is always the gaming phone to beat as far as gaming phones are concerned. Like these are always top, top tier police actually gave the R OG phone seven ultimate a nine and a half out 10.

 It has the RG B lighting on the back. It has an L e D mini display on the back, as you can see that little swirly swirl thing there. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, it has capacitive shoulder buttons, a bright sharp amoled display on the front. The other display, not the little one that we're looking at. It does have the same design as last year's model. But, you know, if, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But when I was kind of getting ready to do this, I was like, you know, I love talking about hardware sometimes, like pulling the specs from a million different articles. Sometimes it's just like, not fun just to give you a little peek behind the scenes. So I was like, what about using chat G p T to give me a spec rundown, maybe it can help me. And so of course I opened up chat G B T, and it told me immediately my data is from da, da, da, da, I don't have anything, you know, any news on this.

And I was like, okay, well then I'll use Bing. So I opened up Bing and plugged it in. And I gotta say it did a pretty darn good job of summarizing this phone. And, you know, it gives you, it did, yeah. It gives you the kind of references to where it pulls each piece of information. You know, it was running Android 13, Snapdragon eight gen two <laugh>, 6.78 inches display thatlet that I was telling you about. Very bright Amli up to 16 gigs, a Ram 512 gig U f s 4.0. Storage has a triple camera array, 6,000 milli amp hour battery. So this thing's meant to have kind of run for a long time. You know, with a lot of power, these gaming phones are thrown around. So you want your device to last for a while. And right now, not not a US release, but at least they aren't, they aren't talking about that. Anyways. I even had the Bing Chat, G P t, whatever you want to call it, convert from 74,999 Rubs rubles. Rubies. Rubies. It's rubies rupees. Am I picking a video game? Currency? Yeah. You

<laugh>. Is that, wait a minute. Is that

Huyen Tue Dao (00:23:40):
Dramatically resonant? It's okay. It's a fantasy resident. You were just in the gaming

Jason Howell (00:23:44):
Mode. Was that now I wanna know what that's from. Is that from Legend of Zelda

Huyen Tue Dao (00:23:49):
<Laugh>? I was thinking, I thinking I, I had Zelda pop in my

Jason Howell (00:23:52):
Headphones. I think it's Zelda. I think I just quoted the price of this phone in Zelda currency.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:23:57):
<Laugh>, if you wanna buy an in-game, a R O G phone in the upcoming Zelda game, it'll cost you <laugh> this many of

Jason Howell (00:24:05):
Those, this many rupees. Sorry about that. Anyways, converted, its $913 for the R O g phone. Seven, the seven ultimate converted would be around $1,218. So I don't know what the US cost is gonna be on this. When it does come to the US it will eventually, but we're talking, you know, this is a premium premium smartphone as we've come to expect mm-hmm. <Affirmative> from this gaming gaming category. And especially, you know, the Rog phones are always top tier. So so I don't know, should I feel bad about, about roping in some AI for, for stats?

Huyen Tue Dao (00:24:48):
No, I like it. I mean, usually with the article we're like comBing through because every, everyone likes to always, you know, obviously tell a story and kind of give a lot of detail. But then Yeah, we, you know, right. For, for us. I know. I love it. It actually kind of was very well formatted. I know

Jason Howell (00:25:02):
<Laugh>, I was pretty impressed.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:25:04):
I was really impressed. I was like, oh, wow, this is great. Now I feel like I'm cheating.

Jason Howell (00:25:08):
I was like, I was like, if there's something that this can get right, it would be this. What's that Burke

Burke (00:25:14):
Saying, note to self use chatty D G P T, but the

Jason Howell (00:25:19):
Specs. Yeah. Although Lee Woods in discord has a really great question. And he says, do you not have access to Google? Bard? Bard launched while I was gone. And I am sad to say I have not used it yet. Since I've come back, I've been pretty busy. I've been filling in for Leo while he's been out.

Burke (00:25:38):
Bard had something to say about me.

Jason Howell (00:25:40):
Oh yeah.

Burke (00:25:40):
It, it was not accurate.

Jason Howell (00:25:42):

Burke (00:25:43):
Well I think that was Bard <laugh>. It was saying that I was a host of something.

Jason Howell (00:25:48):
Oh, was that Bard? Because

Burke (00:25:50):
Yeah. I think it was, or was that Bard?

Jason Howell (00:25:51):
I don't remember. Well, chat, G p t in the Discord said that about jammer B about John also.

Burke (00:25:58):
Yes. That, that one was a little bit more specific. So wrong, but mine was along the same lines as wrong.

Jason Howell (00:26:05):
So I think these all, you know, take 'em with a grain of salt. I figured it was like, you know, it'd be really hard to get these exact specifications wrong, right? Like this. Yeah. Almost, almost certainly many articles are gonna refer to the fact that this phone ha is running Android 13. So how if an AI got that wrong, I'd be like, I'd be really questioning it more than I do already. But so yeah, seemed like an okay way to go. And I think you're right, win. We, we also kind of formulate or create a story around that, that when we're talking about new hardware, it's not anymore, it's not about specs entirely. It's spelled like the, you know, who is this phone for? Not all phones are made for all people. This one's very easy to target. It's a gaming phone, you know, or it's a phone for someone who wants a high performing device. Could not be gaming, but it looks, you know, unique. It performs very well. So there you go. That's the Asus R OG phone seven

Huyen Tue Dao (00:27:08):
<Laugh>. I love it. I will say that I think this is kind of the perfect and I think this is like the ideal use case for chat bot fat G P T and the lake where, I mean, obviously we still need to talk about this. It's, you know, the, the job here is to kind of talk about it and can make connections and pontificate and tell amusing anecdotes that are related. But you know, the kind of like raw data parsing that requires some, you know, English like natural language processing mm-hmm. <Affirmative> makes sense. I don't know. I kind of like it for this. Like, it's just like da data har our data harvesting sounds nefarious data. We were

Jason Howell (00:27:42):
Nefarious organization.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:27:43):
Different word organization.

Jason Howell (00:27:46):
Parking data park, data collection. No, no. It all sounds bad. Oh boy. Yeah, it's regurgitation, regurgitation, reg. That sounds good. That's lovely <laugh> that, that paints it in an innocent light that, that everybody can, in its best case, it's reformatted into a podcast. Yeah. Reform. Palatable data. Reformatting. Okay.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:28:08):
There you

Jason Howell (00:28:08):
Go. I get behind that one. Well, I hope you like it win, because this next device was also collected via chat G P T and Bing

Huyen Tue Dao (00:28:18):
<Laugh>. I, I did like it. And I like this. I like this phone. So I, I have gotten very, very, very excited in the kind of vicarious way about all the phones that have the, that Sony huge one inch, IM Max 9 89 sensor for sure. Sh the Shami had it and now the SHAMMI 13 Ultra is here and it has it, the big one inch Sony sensor that I can't get my hands on because I'm a resident of the US and they're not available here. And unlike its predecessor, this shall me. 13 Ultra has not one, not two, not three, but four, like a lenses <laugh> four. Wow. Like a lenses. Yes. And the sensor also has 20 has 23 millimeter sorry, optical image stabilization and a variable aperture to, so you can, you can change the aperture from between one F F nine all the way to F four.

So if you wanna get like cinematic and kind of get all cinematographer, I like that. Cinematographer e with it. I, I mean I like, I love that too, because that's kind of obviously a tool in the photographer and videographer's toolkit tool bag. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> Tool belt. Utility belt. So it, and, and it's really funny because, you know, we, we were kind of in an age where people are very pur purposefully, you know, using phones for, you know, professional like photography and video videography or at least experimenting with it. So this only just makes sense. I love it. Okay, so here's to the Bing chat G p t spec, which again I found very helpful. So it's got a 6.73 inches Amela display, 120 hertz refresh rate. It is running Andrew 13 with the, you know, personal shami flavor of me UI 14 rocking the Snap Dragon eight gen two processor up to 16 gigabytes of ram. Mean these phones are rockings, just so much ram. Oh my goodness. 16 gigabytes. Did I say that right? Gigabytes? Yeah. Yeah. And then up to 4, 512 gigabytes of storage. Oh my goodness. And yeah, selfie camera's 32 megaPixels. But yeah, you got the 50 megaPixel wide, 50 megaPixel ultra wide, 50 megaPixel zoom and 50 megaPixel telephoto in that. Very gorgeous, like a branded camera bump in the back. They're living

Jason Howell (00:30:39):
The 50 megaPixel life.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:30:41):
It is 50 50. 50 50. Yeah. Is there a song or something like about that anyway? Could be it or the Shami 13 AL Ultra is already available for pre-order in China, starting from 6,000 un, which is around 870 bucks. Us all the way up to the, you know, slam banging 16 gigabyte Ram one terabyte storage option for 7,300 wind, which is around 1,060 U S D. But you know, we're not gonna get it in U S D or in the US any otherwise. So just something else for me to drill over with a one inch, you know, Sony sensor. Maybe one day I'll get my hands on one. But yeah, I mean, really cool phone and really cool to see what is out there and if anybody gets their hands on it and wants to make wind jealous by writing a, you know, letting me know how awesome that is. That that

Jason Howell (00:31:34):
Know that a variable aperture, that's a cool idea. Like

Huyen Tue Dao (00:31:38):
That. Oh, that, that is really cool. I wonder how, how you change the aperture, whether it's a software feature. Were they, did I miss that? Is there like a

Jason Howell (00:31:46):
Yeah, I didn't see, I didn't see like how exactly that was that was switched.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:31:53):
I guess it wouldn't really make sense for it to be a hardware like ring or something. Maybe it's just like, isn't software, I guess so.

Jason Howell (00:31:58):
Yeah. Or either way. Or is it one of those systems where it determines, you know, it kind of reminds me of the variable display refresh. And some of those systems you don't necessarily have direct control over. It's smart enough to go, oh, well this is a monochromatic, you know, view. Or there's, you know, this is black text on white background will give you one her hertz refresh on this. Oh, this is a full, you know, HD video. We give you the maximum, you know, refresh rate. So I wonder if this is the same thing, like if it determines what kind of aperture setting you need based on the setting the, the scene that you're setting up.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:32:42):
Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. Yeah. Could be. That would make it easier,

Jason Howell (00:32:45):
You know, smarter. Smarter than you. Don't worry. I got it.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:32:49):
I mean, yeah, that's kind of easy to be, but yeah, for sure easy.

Jason Howell (00:32:52):
Not you. I'm not, I'm not, but not to you, but just the user. You know, these systems are always trying to be smarter than you. Like you don't need to worry about that. I got you. And sometimes that works really great and sometimes it doesn't. So

Huyen Tue Dao (00:33:06):
It just, it just asks chat G B t what the best aperture for this particular seating would be. Oh. And then just parses that and then just, yeah, I don't know. That could be it.

Jason Howell (00:33:15):
<Laugh>. Well so that is the CHMI 13 Ultra. Another phone that we probably will not get in our hands here because we never get the CHMI phones, but no still yeah, I like the big circular camera bump thing that's going on. It, it looks, it just, it just takes me back to the digital camera pre smartphone era where we had little digital cameras that we carried around. Kinda looks like that

Huyen Tue Dao (00:33:44):
<Laugh>. And there is a really cool case. I think Burke had it up on before there, there's a cool little case that actually makes it feel like a digital camera, cuz it has like the little handle bump kind of Oh yeah. Of the case. So, yes. There

Jason Howell (00:33:56):
You go. That is the box. There it is. There we go.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:33:58):
Oh yeah. Oh, does it have even have a shutter button? Yeah.

Jason Howell (00:34:01):
Well, and it looked like it had a, a lens, like, it's kinda like a, it does lens screw thing or <laugh>, I dunno what's called,

Huyen Tue Dao (00:34:08):
Sorry, photographer friends. The

Jason Howell (00:34:10):
A a lens screw thing.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:34:12):
The sun, the,

Jason Howell (00:34:14):
It's a ring help. A ring <laugh>

Burke (00:34:17):

Jason Howell (00:34:18):
A lens screw thing ring <laugh>. He also has a button.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:34:22):
And where are you and

Jason Howell (00:34:24):
Help. Yes, I know. He's, I

Burke (00:34:25):
Doubt that's a

Huyen Tue Dao (00:34:26):
Lens's cringing.

Burke (00:34:27):
It just looks like something,

Jason Howell (00:34:28):
It kind of looks like

Burke (00:34:29):
Dysfunctional, but it might

Huyen Tue Dao (00:34:30):
Be the thing that shields it from flair. Right. The,

Burke (00:34:34):
That would be a lens flare. If, I don't know. I'm

Huyen Tue Dao (00:34:38):
Stuff up now. Okay. We're okay, man.

Jason Howell (00:34:42):
Still it looks more like a regular camera that way. Yes, yes. That's what we like. Yes. We're very easy to please.

Burke (00:34:48):
It's got a shutter

Jason Howell (00:34:49):
Button filter thread says Victor. Sure. That sounds, that sounds right. That sounds legit to me. Victor. That's, well,

Burke (00:34:56):
That is a legit thing on a camera. I agree. Okay. yeah, sure. I You gonna put filters over those?

Jason Howell (00:35:04):
Yeah. Trust us everyone. We know what we're talking about. Actually. <laugh> this next story won't be difficult to get wrong because none of this is fact

<laugh>. It's all leaks. So if it's wrong, blame the leak. I don't know. But John Prosser is, he's got a pretty good record, I'd say. And especially with Google stuff. He's got a, you know, and leading up to like Pixel events and IO and stuff. I think, you know, a lot of times he's he's nailed it. And in fact some of this is backed up by another reputable source, which I'll talk about in a second. But first, let's talk about one of the leaks from John Prosser who says Pixel seven A, if we weren't certain that we were gonna see it at io. He says it's going to be announced on May 10th, which is the date of Google IO. It's gonna be available for purchase immediately. The six A will not be discontinued. It will come in charcoal snow C, which is like a light blue color.

And Coral, which is a Google store only color, and $499 to start. So 4 99 to get the seven A happening like right away with Google IO. So announce and, and for sale that day. So that should be interesting. Where things get even more interesting is all of the hype leading up to this Pixel Fold. We've been talking about this thing for the last couple of years, I feel like on this show. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And I mean, it really looks like it's, it's every, everything seems to be pointing this to this being a lock for Google IO announced May 10th pre-order from Google Store May 10th so announced and pre-order today, immediately pre-order from partners and carriers on May 30th, available June 27th. And if you're wondering the price, $1,799, that's what John Prosser says, which is I mean, that's the same price as the Z fold, right? That's Yeah.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:37:20):
Yeah. That's very comparable. Yeah. Yeah. So not, I mean, I, I guess it'd be too much to ask for it to be cheaper. So, I mean, that's kind of, that aligns. That's fine. I'll still get my, try to get my little grubby hands on. It May 10th. Yep. If it, if, if it opens, I'll be like, oh, oh, that's gonna be so sad. I'm gonna be ordering another foldable from for my Z four. Is that <laugh>? I'm sorry. Maybe

Jason Howell (00:37:40):
That, sorry. You think

Huyen Tue Dao (00:37:41):
My default four, but

Jason Howell (00:37:43):
Google did it too, but do, no,

Huyen Tue Dao (00:37:45):
I mean they did. Yes. Port

Jason Howell (00:37:46):
Thing. Also, and, and so I also mentioned, you know, another reputable source cn BBC as according to cn bbc, they saw some sort of internal communications that was shared with their reporters about it. Pixel Fold, code codenamed, Felix the Google claims in this internal communications, it has the most durable hinge on a foldable. Mm. Okay. Supposedly it's water resistant, it's pocket sized in quotes. Which I mean Z fold, four pocket. I like aren't all smartphone pocket sized? Very relative. Yeah. What isn't pocket sized? A a tablet, like a full size tablet Isn't pocket size like an

Huyen Tue Dao (00:38:31):
Yeah, like an S eight.

Jason Howell (00:38:32):
Yeah. So, yeah, I know. Let's see. Your CNBC reports 5.8 inch screen on the front. I don't know how that lines up with the Z fold folds out to a 7.6 inch screen on the inside, which is about the same as the Z fold. And yeah, a little bit heavier, I think than the Z fold. A little bit stockier according to Florence ion on Gizmoto tensor G two chip. This is kind of what we know about the Pixel Fold, but it looks like it's almost certain to, to be happened at Google IO. Are you excited? When can you contain your excitement?

Huyen Tue Dao (00:39:17):
I can, but I'm still excited. <Laugh> <laugh>, like

Jason Howell (00:39:22):
I can't contain my excitement cuz I'm tired, but it

Huyen Tue Dao (00:39:25):
<Laugh> just, just few, the, the excitement of the Pixel Fold for just keeping me upright for now. But no, I, I am legitimately excited just to get, I mean, we've talked about a lot of great foldables coming out here, but again, kind of coming out in markets that aren't as accessible to us here in the us So selfishly I'm really looking forward and also just seeing how Google does a foldable Yeah. I mean obviously they, as a developer, I've been hearing about foldables and flippable and large screens for many years now. And as usual especially from the developer community, we generally like Google to go first and to set a precedent and to give us hardware like, you know, stockish Android hardware to test on. So, heck yeah. I'm excited. I, and I said like, like I, I'm, I'm for real, if it, if it shows up on May 10th pre-order shows up on May 10th, I will be ordering it regardless of where I'm at. Maybe that might be in the keynote or whatever. You're gonna see me in my poor little z fold for I still love you bud. Ordering a Pixel Fold. Maybe they can just live together in my pockets, man. I need bigger pockets, <laugh>. 

Jason Howell (00:40:25):
Yeah. But yeah, if you're gonna have both of them living together in your pockets, you do need bigger pockets. Oh,

Huyen Tue Dao (00:40:31):
Go back to cargo pants. Actually that was what Mateo was saying.

Jason Howell (00:40:34):
Yeah. Hey, cargo pads, cargo pants are great for multi-device carriers. Absolutely. They're like military pants with giant, yeah, giant. This is

Huyen Tue Dao (00:40:44):
Big old

Jason Howell (00:40:44):
Pocket. It's either that or holsters. You can, you could do the holster for your smartphone thing. Well

Huyen Tue Dao (00:40:51):
Then I will definitely get stop insecurity like

Jason Howell (00:40:53):
You did. Well that's true. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Maybe don't want to go there. No <laugh> Pixel Fold. Okay. So, I mean, I guess we just gotta prepare for the Pixel Fold future cuz it's right around the corner. Like it's less, it's Well, yeah, it's less than a month away. That's crazy.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:41:10):
Three weeks.

Jason Howell (00:41:11):
Three weeks. Whoa. When you put it that way, it makes it even crazier. I kind of can't believe that.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:41:17):
Oh, I got a book flight and stuff.

Jason Howell (00:41:19):
<Laugh>. Holy moly. It's gonna be so great though. Yes. I get to see you in person. Yes. We get to see, I i, has he talked about it? Has he talked about it?

Huyen Tue Dao (00:41:31):
Should we wait till next? No.

Jason Howell (00:41:32):
Okay. Wait, we'll wait. You maybe get to see people, other people That would be awesome at Google IO. But I'm not gonna say any more than that. Cause I don't know if I'm allowed to, but I'm just gonna leave it very obscure like that. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. Okay. I saw you wink. Mm. Well yes, you probably did. Up next we've got some app news. All right. Let's check out some app news.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:41:58):

Jason Howell (00:42:07):
Okay. When you got the first one. This is an interesting story. I wasn't sure if it was really app news, but it, but I just put it down here anyways just because it,

Huyen Tue Dao (00:42:15):
It's a, it's a spicy, it's a, it's a spicy plate. Plate of something news. Yeah. And I'm very happy to cover it. So there is a report according to report from the New York Times, Samsung is thinking about dumping Google search as his default search and replacing it with

Jason Howell (00:42:32):

Huyen Tue Dao (00:42:36):
Bing. Yes. With B. So according to, according to New York Times internal messages from Google indicate that they quote panicked when learning that Samsung was considering a switch of the default search engine on the Galaxy lineup devices, both phones and tablets. I mean, I I maybe like about a year and a half ago, this might have seemed real, real weird, but I think we all can imagine why this switch might be considered considering some of the big news that we have listened to. And I guess now in this show in particular, participated in as active like users. You know the speculation is basically that chat g with chat G P T integration that you know, that, you know Samsung might be wanting to kind of leverage that as their phone search. And like this would be a huge blue, a huge blue, a huge blow to Google who gets 3 billion annually from Samsung right now as its default search.

This is all, again, this is all kind of up in the air. Like Samsung's still talking to Google. Samsung's still talking to Microsoft, presumably, or reportedly. So, I mean, who knows what actually will happen? So I mean we've reported previously about how Google was kind of like all hands on deck kind of trying to, you know, really with releasing Bard and trying to, you know, like moving, you know executives and staff around to kind of get, you know, barred, you know, in the same position I guess as J Chat G P T they are going to try to bring Bard AI to search under a project code named Magi, I guess wise, wise folks. Wise, wise ai. So yeah we'll see what happens. It is possible that Google will unveil Magi in May. Okay. May when other things might be

Jason Howell (00:44:33):
Maybe, maybe, maybe there's something happening in May that we might see this at. Yeah, yeah. I mean if we're

Huyen Tue Dao (00:44:41):
Gonna maybe imagine

Jason Howell (00:44:42):
Maybe, I don't know.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:44:44):

Jason Howell (00:44:45):
Don't know. So I will, I do wanna point out cuz I wasn't aware of this, but there is a, there is definitely pushback on whether this would even be possible and it actually kind of makes sense. And actually I'm pulling from an article on and Android authority. So thank you chatroom for for calling my attention to this, which, so the article says Samsung can't dump Google for being as the default search engine on its phone and on its phones. And the reason for this is because of Google's mobile application, distribution agreement, the ma mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, which basically requires Android OEMs to pre-install Google search and use it as the default, which actually makes a lot of sense. Right? It's like that tool of, or it's that, it's that bag of, of Google apps and services mm-hmm. <Affirmative> that if you want to run, you know, if, if you agree to this, then you get access to all of Google's, you know, really top tier stuff. And that does include Google search as the requirement. And would Samsung, were Samsung to move all of its search capabilities into the Microsoft Bing thing. They'd be sacrificing a lot of other things in the process because that agreement would be broken. Ooh.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:46:02):
But the matter has changed by region. I think we talked about, for example, India kind of making Google have their own versions.

Jason Howell (00:46:08):
That's right. Yes. Mm-hmm.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:46:09):
<Affirmative>. So, so it is po I mean, so actually it might depend on the region. So I think the thing that says Europe mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, obviously Europe has been hitting at Google quite a bit and I think we did talk in a bit ago about India kind of making them change the M A D A meta to be, make it a little more permissive and more choice involved. So there could be a, I mean, I guess there could be an avenue there for

Jason Howell (00:46:34):
Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>

Huyen Tue Dao (00:46:35):
Being Deb, but in, and maybe take a chunk outta that 3 billion. So that's interesting. It actually, that kind of is interesting coalescence of both, you know you know, individual countries hitting back at Google and demanding changes to the M A D A for, you know, monopoly. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> competitive reasons. And then, you know, this whole other can of generated worms. Ooh, that sounds very nasty. But you know, that, that it's a very interesting time also in, in terms of the competitiveness within the generative AI space or sorry, chat, chat bots, chatbot chat Jeep. Yeah. Chat, generative chat, chat bots,

Jason Howell (00:47:09):
Space chat. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Totally.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:47:10):
So that could be a really interesting kind of like, storm of a lot of different events for Google, just speculating wise. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, at least in, in certain regions. I'm sure the yeah. Us in the US are maybe not gonna see much, but Yeah. I mean Europe India and other

Jason Howell (00:47:25):
Countries. I mean, these things, yeah. These things are being and changed. It's certainly, I mean, I, I agree that it's probably, you know, in, in light of this, this meta point, which I missed in my prep, in my prepping for tonight's mm-hmm. <Affirmative> show certainly that seems to put a pause on it. I don't think that it eliminates the potential threat of something like this long term though. I think that yeah, for sure. Really anything can happen when you've got all of these, you know, different countries really focused on, in some ways kind of dismantling the control and power of companies like Google over their products in the way that's happening in the EU and India and other places. So, so while, you know, so something like this might not happen in the US but I don't know, I could see some, some massive changes happening in the US that, that might make something like this more possible.

 Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> something to consider. At the same time, you know, having just, I mean, today having a fresh experience with the Bing Chat thing that's a pretty cool product to have integrated into search to be able to, to use, you know your search product product in that way. So if Google's working to bring its own to its search product that just, you know, kind of somewhat tangentially related to what we're talking about here, that makes me really curious to see what's gonna happen on Android over the next year or two as this stuff starts to get implemented first into search and then the potential of that getting in implemented on a deeper level into other aspects of mobile computing. Yeah, for sure. You know, more than AI already is, which Google is very want to let you know how great they are at AI on mobile. You know, <laugh>

Huyen Tue Dao (00:49:21):
Really, we really, really want y'all to know, like seriously, we can, we can chat, chat G p t too. Let us, let me tell you about Magi, let me tell you. Yeah.

Jason Howell (00:49:29):
Oh my goodness. We are gonna hear really interesting. Yeah. I mean, Google IO is going to be very, I mean, not that it hasn't already been filled with ai catchphrases and, and terminology mm-hmm. <Affirmative> in the past handful of years this year. Yeah. Buckle your seatbelt because I think they're gonna go, this is, this is their opportunity with that megaphone to, to remind everyone or to think that they're reminding everyone, Hey, we are the big, the big dogs when it comes to ai. Mm-Hmm. And here's all the things we have planned. I think we're gonna see a lot of that at Google IO. So

Huyen Tue Dao (00:50:02):
That's a really good point. Cuz you could play a drinking game, a really dangerous drinking game about machine learning and Google IO announcements. The last what? Four?

Jason Howell (00:50:09):
Oh yeah.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:50:10):
Many years. So many years for sure. And it's so funny because, I mean, I think it's was always that kind of aspirational in the future, you know, sort of slowly bubbling up into different features, like assistant or whatever, but now it actually feels like they, they are actually being directly challenged and really have their feet to the, in terms of like really showing something totally great substantial and not just like, you know, nice again, aspirational, like far thinking kind of thing. So, oh, look at this really cute, like Google, wait, look at Google Assistant. It's talking like juke Pluto. It's role-playing, it's coplay Pluto and like answering your question. No, this is like real, this, this is like real like business impactful, like future of, you know, all of, not just the space, but even like speculating, speculating, you know, the business of Google, like how the business side of Google ends up. So anyway mm-hmm. <Affirmative> mm-hmm. <Affirmative> really fun stuff. Can't wait to see that keynote. Oh my God.

Jason Howell (00:50:59):
It'll be interesting. It'll

Huyen Tue Dao (00:51:01):
Be fun. Mm-Hmm.

Jason Howell (00:51:02):
<Affirmative> looking forward to it. One of my favorite features in the last handful of years, and I guess it's since Pixel two, I've talked about it plenty of times on the show before, is the now playing features, the feature that when you have it activated on your Pixel, it's kind of like an ambient it's an ambient listening device that scoops up all of your data. No, it doesn't scoop up all of your data, but it does hear when there's music in the room and when it knows that there's music playing in the room, it's able to quickly fingerprint that music and go and, and log it on your phone to say like, these are the songs that a, that just passively played in areas that you were with your phone. And I don't know mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, I find that that feature, like, I don't use it all the time, but when I, when there is a song that's playing that I'm, that I'm like, oh, this is a good song.

And I look at my phone and it's just passively letting me know on my lock screen who that artist is and what the song is. And I didn't have to do anything for it other than pick up my phone. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, it just feels like magic, you know, when it works out. And that feature seems to work really well. And so I love it. They're adding a new feature coming soon. I don't know when this will happen, but it looks like possibly Android 14 is gonna get some sort of an update to now playing it's an expanded summary page, so you'll be able to summon the summary page. It shows stats on songs identified categorizes that information into things like genre, artist frequency at which time you heard certain songs. You know, if you go into an artist, he'll tell you, you know, all the songs by that artist that you have heard over time.

Just weird little things like that, that me as a music nerd would, I would appreciate features like that. Also, when does your phone hear the most music? Like when during the day or <laugh> are you around music the most? That sort of stuff and having kind of like a, a 30 day summary of all this, this detail. So, I don't know. Sounds, you know, I I can totally understand how, how someone wouldn't care less about this sort of feature. It's probably how I feel about like, sleep you know, sleeping data, like tracking my sleep. Like I don't really care about that data. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, but somebody does, they care a lot. Yeah. And I care a lot about this, so I'm looking forward to it.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:53:29):
I think it'll be fun. Although, honestly, my, my fun stats will be very boring the last two, three weeks. So I've been listening to the same song over and over and over again. So it'll just be sad for me as like, girl, change your, like insert music's streaming service of choice. Station please. You've

Jason Howell (00:53:45):
Been listening to Louis Capaldi a lot, haven't you?

Huyen Tue Dao (00:53:48):
Ha He caught me out, Jason. Actually. It's the new Dru. Yes. <laugh>

Jason Howell (00:53:54):
Outlaws. I I just saw the, I just saw the screenshot. It's totally Doors.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:53:58):
It was me. And also Panic.

Jason Howell (00:54:00):
Panic Disco

Huyen Tue Dao (00:54:01):
Go Uhhuh, <affirmative> and Paramore and mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. Mm-hmm

Jason Howell (00:54:04):
<Affirmative> Marsh,

Huyen Tue Dao (00:54:05):
The marshmallow. Yeah. Totally. Oops, these

Jason Howell (00:54:08):
<Laugh>, no DJ DJ's crying for help. <Laugh> DJ is crying for help.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:54:13):
<Laugh>. That is a gr I, now I'm gonna look up that song. See, this is why Yeah. This, this was a very indirect way of figuring that I need to look up that song cuz I, I gotta know what that song

Jason Howell (00:54:23):
Is. <Laugh> gotta know what that

Huyen Tue Dao (00:54:24):
Actually Oh, the being a cry for help. All right. Okay. So I don't even know how to, so let's just Let me just say this. Like, Google wants you to uninstall meat so you can use meat.

Jason Howell (00:54:35):
Oh, yeah, that makes sense.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:54:37):
Yeah, it makes total sense. So in and yet more <laugh> things are named, very confusingly over at Google. Basically, you know, bef we talked last year about, or maybe even the year before that, who knows anymore about how Google had duo and meat and then they were going to merge Duo and meat, but then they were gonna still call it meat instead of like, I don't know, du Duomo. Meat, meat duo. Just anything else? Just anything else other than meat. Meat

Jason Howell (00:55:04):

Huyen Tue Dao (00:55:05):
Plus meat. <Laugh>. A meat plus it, the new apps called Meat. You still got the original meat. And now basically Google wants to inform users that they should uninstall the og the original meat and get ready for a better meat. Oh. Now they are providing an informative pop-up, but yeah, it's really confusing. I, it's just, just,

Jason Howell (00:55:31):
We gotta take advantage of these opportunities to, to poke and rib Google a little bit on it's naming and it's duplicate apps and stuff. This is the end of the world. No, no, but silly. And it's, and and that's the same time I understand. Like, they don't want that old app around anymore. What are they gonna do? But I don't know. It's just, it feels very Google is what it is. That's all I can say.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:55:53):
Yes. Yes. Just, I mean, so wait, I, I, I wasn't quite un able to parse this from the, so is this in the old meat? Is this screen in the old meat or the new meat? So is the old meat telling you to uninstall it and then get the new one? Yeah.

Jason Howell (00:56:07):
Or, oh, that's a good that. So get it now. That appears to be in the old meat.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:56:13):
Okay. So that's, that's okay. I don't know.

Jason Howell (00:56:18):

Huyen Tue Dao (00:56:19):
It's so confusing. Get

Jason Howell (00:56:20):
It clear for best results. Uninstalled original. Yeah, original after. That's how the new app the og You get rid of the og. Yeah.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:56:30):
I, I really want someone at Google to push an update to the OG meet and have like a big uninstall meat icon or just something like that. Like, I mean that's not, they would never do that cuz it's not very professional and very kind of like little gross user experience. But <laugh> would that to be better. Just be like, uninstall me,

Jason Howell (00:56:48):
Uninstall me. Just uninstall me. Push here to uninstall this Actually push here to un install. You don't need anymore because you've got this one that has a different name, not the same name. You're welcome.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:56:57):
Yes. Yeah.

Jason Howell (00:56:58):
So good that they could have just done that. See

Huyen Tue Dao (00:57:01):
Or just picked a another word.

Jason Howell (00:57:03):
Any of the words. Use so many words. Pick another word. There are plenty of other words that you could have gone with, but they just really like meat. Apparently they're, they're meat eaters

Huyen Tue Dao (00:57:13):
And wallets. They like meat and wallet. They

Jason Howell (00:57:16):
Like <laugh> Google. There's two things we know about Google. They like their meat and they like their wallets. That is true.

Huyen Tue Dao (00:57:23):
I need a meat wallet. That's gross.

Jason Howell (00:57:25):
Okay. Ooh. Anyways, anyways onto our Android intelligence tip, JR. Ray Feel has even more. You thought you knew everything about the YouTuber Android app. You don't. There's more to learn and JR is here to Teach Ya.

JR Raphael (00:57:46):
Hey team. Lovely to see everyone as always. So we've been talking all things YouTube for a couple, few weeks now. We started out with some out of sight settings worth digging up and finding in the YouTube Android app and we moved from there. Some helpful hidden shortcuts for splashing around all your favorite virtual streams. Well, today we're gonna go in a slightly different direction and we're gonna dive into some privacy safeguards, things that are in the YouTube Android app and can really be helpful. If you ever wanna go off the grid and watch certain clips without having them be remembered, don't worry, I won't ask for details. So first things first, if you know you're gonna be watching something you'd rather not have stored in your YouTube history, where it'll always be visible and then probably lead to endless recommendations for other videos on that same subject too.

You can use YouTube's incognito mode for Android to go off the record and stop your activity from being recorded for a while. Once you know where it is, it's actually really easy to activate. So just tap your profile photo in the upper right corner of the app's main screen. Then tap, turn on incognito in the menu that comes up. Anytime that mode is on, you won't see any of your usual history subscriptions, recommendations or anything like that. And nothing you watch will remain associated with your account in any way. Whenever you're ready to turn incognito mode back off and get to normal, just tap your profile photo again to find the option. Next. If you wanna keep your video watching activity from being stored eternally as a general rule, check out this buried YouTube privacy treasure. Just tap your profile picture in the upper right corner of the YouTube Android app, tap settings and then tap.

Manage all history. Tap the name of the Google account you're using, then tap the line that says auto delete. And hey, how about that There where no reasonably sane human would ever venture lies an option to have the app automatically eliminate all your YouTube activity data on a rolling three month, 18 month, or 36 month cycle. That way you can enjoy some of the conveniences that come from having that history and all the associated recommendations there without having everything you do become a permanent part of your Google account record. Oh, and if you ever realize you've watched something you'd rather not remember after the fact. We'll take note. That same section of the YouTube settings also lets you manually delete any individual video views from your history. So no more endless right said Fred recommendations, just cuz you were feeling slightly sexy on one random day.

Last but not least, a little known fact. By default, YouTube actually makes lists of every playlist you've created and every channel you've ever subscribed to public and available for anyone to see, which I mean, hey, maybe that's okay by you. Or maybe you're someone who doesn't want your secret affection for the early works of Ace of Bass to be known to the world. Why not? If you'd rather keep your most mortifying tastes to yourself, you can make your YouTube activity private by heading into the settings area of the YouTube website on a computer. Click privacy in the main left of screen menu than turn on the toggles next to keep on my saved playlist private and keep all my subscriptions private. Good to know, right? Hey, remember, you can get an endless stream of tips like these straight from me into your inbox with my Android intelligence newsletter.

Brings you three new things to try every Friday with plenty of dated nineties pop music references to boot, and it's completely free for you, of course. Just head over to android intel net slash twit to sign up and I'll send you a few special bonus tips to get the funds started. That site again is android intel net slash twit. Next week we'll wrap our little YouTube series up with a look at some super helpful advanced features that are lurking within the YouTube Android app and completely unbeknownst to most Android appreciating animals. For now, back to you gang.

Jason Howell (01:02:11):
Thank you JR man. Thank you dear. Making us all professionals in the YouTube for Android app. I'm I'm, I'm amazed at how like many different places you have to go to con like, to manage your data on services like YouTube. Like some of it's over here, some of it's over there, some of it's tucked away in this little corner over here. You have to know that it's even there to find it. Like I had no idea the subscriptions were just made public by default. That's interesting.

Huyen Tue Dao (01:02:42):
Ugh. Yeah, I didn't know either.

Jason Howell (01:02:45):
<Laugh> now and now you know

Huyen Tue Dao (01:02:47):
Now, now I know and now I'm wondering, oh dear.

Jason Howell (01:02:50):
Oh my goodness. I mean, yeah, people look at my subscriptions and be like, wow. He follows a lot of music nerds, <laugh>. He, he watches a lot of people make music. Yeah. there's something wrong with that. No, nothing wrong with that. It's very good to know. Good to know though. Like, yeah. Like I literally don't know that I've ever realized that that's how YouTube operated. That's kind of important information, I think for people to know. So there you go. So you can control all of that and thank you. JR Rayfield android All right. Coming up your feedback, that's up next. AAA 3 4 7. Show a a a when you have the first one.

Huyen Tue Dao (01:03:42):
I do. And I have a email from Dean. Dean says, I skipped getting a Pixel six due to reports of connectivity issues, but now my Pixel seven on T-Mobile is randomly losing signal strength despite being in a location with excellent coverage. This issue started about a month ago. I've tried turning off 5G resetting network settings, replacing the SIM card, but nothing seems to work. I was wondering if it was T-Mobile, but a friend's iPhone on T-Mobile has stable connectivity. I opened a case with Google Support last week, but I'm still waiting for a resolution. Have you heard of recent issues with Pixel seven connectivity? Your insights would be greatly appreciated. Dean from Thousand Oaks California viewer since episode one,

Jason Howell (01:04:28):
Have you had any issues with connectivity on your Pixel?

Huyen Tue Dao (01:04:32):
I haven't barely

Jason Howell (01:04:33):
Used it. Well, that's true. You're using the Z fold.

Huyen Tue Dao (01:04:36):
I do bring it with me, but then it kind of acts as like a second banana to whatever my other mobile activities are. Yeah. So I never really kind of push, I'm never really on just mobile. I'm usually somewhere where I have wifis,

Jason Howell (01:04:46):
Unfortunately. Yeah,

Huyen Tue Dao (01:04:47):

Jason Howell (01:04:48):
I didn't know. I mean, I haven't really noticed any connectivity. I'm on Mint Mobile mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, are they still a sponsor? Well, they either are a sponsor or were a sponsor. I honestly don't know off the top of my head, but Mint Mobile sponsor of the Twitter network. I've been using Mint for a couple of years and they're using the T-Mobile and you know, they're an M V O of T-Mobile. So they're using the T-mobile network. I don't have those issues with my Pixel. I mean, I did some searching and, you know, came back with a nine to five ar Google article about fixing your connection issues, which really just says exactly what you said as far as like things to try primarily. Yeah. They recommend you reset your network in settings or you restart your phone, which mm-hmm. <Affirmative> not a whole lot of options there. <Laugh>. Yeah,

Burke (01:05:35):
I've had all these problems. Jason,

Jason Howell (01:05:37):
You have Okay. With

Burke (01:05:38):
My Pixel six when it came out and it was, it seems like it's all related to 5g.

Huyen Tue Dao (01:05:43):
Like turn off. Yeah. My husband is the same and

Burke (01:05:45):
Turn off the scanning so that it just sits on 4G and stays there and doesn't do anything that it should. It just stick to 4g.

Jason Howell (01:05:55):
Okay. Well, okay. My,

Huyen Tue Dao (01:05:57):
Yeah. Yeah, my husband had the same problem while we were traveling. And he was just like, he, yeah, he's, he believed it on 5g and it was really funny because at that moment he had no internet and I had no battery. So we were quite the pair

Jason Howell (01:06:09):

Huyen Tue Dao (01:06:09):
Of people traveling with our phones, but yes. Wow. Wow. Confirm mm-hmm.

Jason Howell (01:06:13):
<Affirmative>. Well, so the, the, the bummer then, Dean, as you know, cuz you're yelling at us right now, I'm sure mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, is that you've already tried turning off your 5g. Yeah. You've already tried resetting your network settings, which is what the nine to five Google article said, you've even replaced your SIM card, which none of us are talking about. But that seems like a pretty drastic move. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, right? Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And if that's not working, I'm starting to wonder if like, your device, but I guess you, you had these issues with the Pixel six, so I don't know. I mean, it's it's impossible for us to know exactly what's going on, but, but I will say it seems like there's a constant in the fact that the six has had connectivity issues. The seven, it's obviously reported that the seven has connectivity issues. Like maybe it's a Google thing mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, and I don't know what that means, you know, does that mean that you continue giving Google a chance on their Pixel devices? Or do you try something else that isn't gonna drop? You know, like guess that's the choice you have to make. But yeah,

Burke (01:07:18):
I also feel like it's more prevalent maybe in areas where four and 5G aren't that you know, maybe the network isn't that strong. Strong. We're kind of on the outer limits of some of these networks here in Petaluma at least.

Jason Howell (01:07:35):

Burke (01:07:35):
Definitely am where I live, it's, there's like, it's super spotty and it's definitely not 5g.

Jason Howell (01:07:41):
Well, thousand Oaks is.

Burke (01:07:43):
Yeah, but I'm just saying around here at least, I don't know how Thousand Oaks is. Yeah. But it's kind of a similar geographic, you know, it's kind of, it's like built along a freeway and, you know

Jason Howell (01:07:53):
Yeah. A Thousand Oaks, LA area, Los Angeles. So yeah, I would, I would think that LA would have really great coverage throughout, but you know, I guess

Burke (01:08:05):
It's definitely on the outer, outer, outer outer exit of la It's more like,

Jason Howell (01:08:09):

Burke (01:08:10):

Jason Howell (01:08:12):
So I don't know. I don't know what the solution is there, but I feel your pain Dean, and I'm sorry. And I don't, I don't know what what else to say about that. I hope you figured it out. If you figure it out, let us know. AAA Twitter tv, Kyle from Tampa, Florida wrote in to say there was recently a warning from the F FBI warning about juice jacking. And to be careful plugging your u USB charger into publicly available U USB charging stations. These warnings have been repeated on the TWIT network for years. Shout out to security now, but my question is specifically about Android phones. Years ago, anti Android added a feature on the phone to make a selection when plugging in a USB charger to allow charging only or data transfer. Does this software feature make Android phones safer? Or could a bad actor still cause harm to your phone bypassing this feature?

Thanks. I mean my, my assumption has been that if I, if the default action on my phone when I plug in into u u sb, which I believe it is, is to charge and not to pass data, that the data line is cut off, right? The os the system. I'm, I'm, I'm trusting that the, that when the system says it's charging, it doesn't actually have any data open. I I have to actually go into the pull down and select no data transfer in order for that to kind of that pipeline to open up. But I guess, I guess it's possible that data would transfer through Burke. You had the great idea of just having a a charging cable that is charging only no data capability possible because it's just not wired that way. What is this? This is the port to power power blocker.

So this is like a, oh goodness, like a usb dongle that you plug into the device. The the charging station. Let's just use that as the example first and then your USB plug into that. And that what, that just cancels any sort of data transfer possibility whatsoever. It's just power. It's the opposite. That's the, you can see that there's only two pins going to power only. That's like what this is. I'm sorry, doesn't that just say only data, no power. It does say that. <Laugh>. Maybe, maybe not. Port Pow Uhoh. <Laugh> uhoh. Wow. It does say that. So no power can pass through at the, on the, about this item. That's weird. That's is funny. Whoops. so no, so power can, okay, so that's the opposite thing. It is. That's No, no, don't get, don't get that one. Yeah, don't get that one.

Don't get that one. That's only give only give data, not power, but they have these that I'll find it. <Laugh> Burke, put this in there. Blame Burke. It's a huge thread earlier today. Yeah. But anyways, there are ways to strip it out so that all it can do is provide power. And you know, they're not gonna be able to throw data into your phone if they literally can't get data through the wire to your phone. So there's that. Okay. I'm almost there. Oh, he's, he's, he, he wants me to, to riff a little bit longer. There you go. Porta power. Pure data blocker. Data blocker.

Huyen Tue Dao (01:11:40):
What? Wait, what was the other one called? The Porter? What was it? Porta Power. Same company. Power blocker. Different

Jason Howell (01:11:46):
Thing. Yeah. Yeah. Data blocker, power blocker. You want, you want the data blocker?

Huyen Tue Dao (01:11:51):
It's called

Jason Howell (01:11:52):
Pure. So anyway, I guess

Huyen Tue Dao (01:11:54):
Your energy,

Jason Howell (01:11:55):
I guess the point of your question is if it's, you know, if, does that software feature make your phone more secure? And I am, I feel like yes it does. But like I was, I was asking around and searching around for some sort of definitive, like, your phone can't get hacked if it's just on power charging mode. And I couldn't really find that. So I can't give you a definitive You're okay. But I assume so, man. If not, like make that a premium like, like prime feature of Android 14, cuz that kind of needs to happen. But I imagine that's what the feature does already.

Huyen Tue Dao (01:12:35):
Yeah. I, I hate to just like conna carte blanche just say trust the os because sometimes you can't. But I, I don't know. I think my instinct here is yeah, that should be okay. But I mean, just watch me say that. And then someone finds some, some nefarious way of like right spoofing charging only mode, but I don't know. It's, it's in the os So certainly, I mean, if it's not safe, then there is a problem somewhere. I know that's kind of an obvious statement, but like Yeah, I don't,

Jason Howell (01:13:00):
I don't think it should be like that. Yeah, I would, I imagine if this was a security feature that Google rolled out and they're defaulting to charging only on plugin, and we all know that this, you know, juice jacking threat, like it's a thing. It's, it's not like some obscure, you know, threat or anything. I have to yeah, I agree with you. I have to trust that Google when they implemented that feature, did that with this sort of thing in mind so that you don't have to worry about it. So I think you're okay, but yeah. But there are ways to protect yourself even further and that is this like power only dongle or cable, you know. So anyways, there's some options for you, Kyle. Hope that's helpful when you have the honors.

Huyen Tue Dao (01:13:50):
Yes. And it is now time for the email of the week. Woo. An email of the week. Woo is from jc. Hi. I've been an Android user since the GA game, since the Samsung Galaxy s3 and you guys have been my go-to podcast for all things Android. Oh, thank you. JC your in AAA 6 25 about having AI such as chat b chat G P T being integrated in Swift Key and Bard in Gboard got me thinking personally as a Gboard user, I can't wait for Google to integrate Bard in Gboard. If it can understand conversational context using multiple languages in the Philippines. English is pretty much a first language alongside our native dialects. It's very common to seamlessly switch between languages even in the same sentence in normal conversation, both verbally or chat. While Gboard does its best to suggest words, more often than not, it ought to corrects.

The word I want to use was the one that thinks is correct, but actually is not. Hmm. This is especially true in words such as and in English at English or Tagalog depending on the use. And I'm not gonna pronounce this right, Victor, you can overdub me. Ng and ang ang. Thank you Burke. Tagalog are often used in the same conversation. I would like to see ais in keyboard apps that are smart enough that can understand the context of the conversation so that they can accurately auto correct with the appropriate words when it comes to mixed language conversations. Hmm. Thanks. Keep up the good work. And jc let see Sal, for your email. And I, I'm actually really excited about this email of the week because I actually as a Vietnamese American that is also learning Japanese have run across this many, many times. We just like the limitations. I mean, I, I don't know, like I feel like a lot of folks that are bilingual or live in a kind of mix or multilingual cul culture tend to do this. And which, which is to again mix, you know,

Jason Howell (01:15:55):

Huyen Tue Dao (01:15:56):
Jump between languages or just yeah, jump between languages and yeah, it is, I have done that exact thing of being autocorrected or I, I continue typing and not realizing that I switched the wrong keyboard. So I think that actually does, that would be a really cool way of leveraging cha G P T and kind of a learning language model to kind of just be able to context, which, because I just think it'd be really cool and it's, it's, it's a very common thing. So hopefully there would be things for chat sheet for like, you know, conversations for chat G p t to learn from. So yeah,

Jason Howell (01:16:25):
I don't know. Yeah, I could totally see this happening, but, but it also, we're kind of in this mode right now where everything seems possible with ai, but this seems like, like per like perfectly fit to the strengths of AI and understanding context and everything that we're seeing around AI as, as has to do with language and stuff. So I don't see how this would be very complicated to integrate compared to some of the other things that Google's already done and I'm sure that they're working on. So yeah, that's, that's kind of relates to what I was talking about earlier as far as like, you know, we've seen AI on mobile so far, but now in the past six months we've seen some really interesting new directions that, that go much, much further than we're used to seeing you know, with generative AI and chatbots being actually smart enough, you know, to use and, and these sorts of things. So what is the next couple of years like from that new kind of paradigm of artificial intelligence? And I think things are gonna get really interesting, could, you know, continue to be the real strong differentiator between different mobile platforms and more, more than they already have been to date. So, yeah. Yeah, I think that sounds like an amazing amazing thing to, to hope for jc It sounds really, really useful.

Huyen Tue Dao (01:17:56):
Yeah, I I would, I would totally plus one star upvote, whatever you want to call it, this feature. And yeah, like a absolutely, I mean, especially in the US where we have all kinds of different languages, multilingual situations, especially like Spanish and English too, and yeah. Anyway, awesome idea. I hadn't even thought about that, but heck yeah. I'm, I'm ready. I'm heck yeah,

Jason Howell (01:18:22):
<Laugh>. Congratulations.

Huyen Tue Dao (01:18:25):

Jason Howell (01:18:26):
Good job jc. And with that, we have reached the end of All About Android. A wonderful show. I really enjoyed just hanging out with you when tonight, so thanks for yeah, thanks for coming on tonight. It was a lot of fun.

Huyen Tue Dao (01:18:43):
It was great. I feel like we've been sh hosts passing, passing through the night the last

Jason Howell (01:18:48):

Huyen Tue Dao (01:18:49):
Something weeks.

Jason Howell (01:18:50):
Yeah, yeah, there's been a lot of, a lot of yeah. Schedule mismatch and everything. Yeah. So this is really great. What do you wanna leave people with? Actually, I kind of know what you wanna leave people with, but I want you to set it up

Huyen Tue Dao (01:19:03):
So I actually have content to, to like link in like promo and all kinds of stuff. So yes, I am an Andrew developer that uses Kotlin and I was at Kotlin Conf last week. And not only that I gave a talk, which I have yet to link on, but something I've always kind of been a part of my android life. And now my Kotlin life is kind of interviewing other devs and just wondering about what they do, why they do what they do, what they like about the technology, whether that's Android or Kotlin. And I got the chance to do this again at Kotlin Conf y if you're interested, I mean, honestly, some are just really great stories of what people are doing in tech regardless of whether, you know, you are a Kotlin Knight like myself or not, but yeah, it's called Kotlin Conf conversations cuz we had them at Kotlin conf in their conversations.

So, yeah just check it out, even if you just wanna see me like asking a bunch of very smart people, silly questions. People are doing really, really cool things with Colin and actually I, I managed to somehow sneak a bunch of Android people on. So there, there's a lot of relevant conversations folks using Android apps to kind of help you know farmers in Kenya increase their crop yields people just doing really cool stuff like that. So yeah, please if you're interested at all, check it out. And I'll promo other stuff when it comes out from Kotlin Conf. But yeah, and you can find otherwise.

Jason Howell (01:20:25):
Right on. Thank you win. Congratulations on a very successful conference, it sounds like. Thank you. Yeah, it's good to see you. Big thanks to JR Rayfield Android Intelligence. That's android You can find his newsletter there. Definitely subscribe to that. Big thanks to Burke here in the studio. Big thanks to Victor at home behind the scenes, both of them working ar, arm and arm to make sure that this podcast is flawless totally perfect and without any sort of errors whatsoever. And yeah, no, actually we're all human doing the best that we can <laugh>, so you're gonna get what you get, but they, they turn around a pretty awesome product. So we couldn't do it without you both. So thank you. You can find me this week doing a little bit more than normal. Actually, last Sunday, I, I hosted twit, so had a lot of fun filling in for Leo.

He's back on twit this upcoming Sunday back from his vacation in a few days. So you're gonna see him very soon. But while he's out, you know, I did security now with Steve Gibson earlier today, tomorrow I'm doing this week in Google with the Twig crew, so I'm really looking forward to that. Had a lot of fun last Wednesday on Twig as well. And then Thursday tech News Weekly with Mike Sergeant. So Jason's a little busy the last couple of weeks, but it's fun. It's fun being this busy. Actually it's very nice after a full vacation because I came back completely like unknowing of technology news and this past week has been like a cram session and now I feel like caught up in up to date again. So, so there you go. So anyways but if you wanna find me, you can ja at Jason Howell on Twitter, twi social slash Jason Howell on Mastodon.

 Don't forget Club Twitter. It's super important here at TWIT for us because it's you supporting us directly and I can't tell you how important that is for us in this time of sponsorships being a little bit challenging to say the least. So this is our ad free subscription tier. So every single show on our network without any ads, you get special feeds for those. You also get exclusive TWIT plus podcast feed content, so extra shows that you won't find outside of the club. Home Theater Geeks, hands on Windows, hands on Mac Stacy's book club the Untitled Linux show, all sorts of stuff. And then a member only Discord, which is always a lot of fun, $7 per month. And all you gotta do is go to twi. We even have a, like a family plan, now you get a little bit of a discount for your family. Check it out, twit. As for this show, you can find everything you need to know at twit tv slash a aa, subscribe to it, then you won't miss a single episode and you won't be sad. You'll be happy. Thank you so much for watching and listening. We'll see you next time on All About Android. Bye everybody.

Ant Pruitt (01:23:49):
Hey, what's going on everybody? I am Aunt Pruitt and I am the host of Hands-On Photography here on twit tv. I know you got yourself a fancy smartphone, you got yourself a fancy camera, but your pictures are still lacking. Can't quite figure out what the hip shutter speed means. Watch my show. I got you covered. Want to know more about just the I ISO and Exposure Triangle in general? Yeah, I got you covered. Or if you got all of that down, you want to get into lighting, you know, making things look better by changing the lights around you. I got you covered on that too. So check us out each and every Thursday here on the network. Go to and subscribe today.

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