Tip: Crowdsource Video Editing Projects

Fr. Robert Ballecer has a better way for you to get your videos edited. We live in a visual world that's all about content. Maybe you have the video or photography skills, but you don't have the editing skills or the patience to put it all together into a coherent piece. That's where Vidmob comes in. It lets you crowd-source your video projects.

You'll create a project in the Vidmob app. Then select the raw assets that you've shot, from your phone or your cloud accounts. Then you'll put it into a category, specify when you'll need it done, and it will find an editor. You'll be presented with professional editors, and you can look at their portfolio and read reviews from past customers. Once you've decided on someone, you can accept a bid and use Apple Pay to finish the transaction.

To find out more, check out If you're an editor, you can sign up there, and if you're a consumer the app should be available in a couple of weeks in the App Store.

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