Tip: Using the Skype Chrome Extension

On Windows Weekly 509, Paul Thurrott had a tip on using Skype from within Chrome as an extension. This will actually integrate Skype into popular online services through your browser, including email, calendars, and Twitter. This works with Microsoft services, but it also works with Gmail and Google Calendar. It will actually change the UI of these services in the webpage to include Skype functionality.

For instance, if you're sending an email and you want to add a link to join a Skype meeting, just press the Skype button which you'll now find in the UI, and it will paste into that message all of the information that person needs to join a call. If you use Google Calendar, you may have noticed that one of the options is to create a Google Hangout session. With this Skype extension installed, you'll also have an option to create a Skype video call. This means you can invite people to a calendar event with the link for the Skype call included.

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