Tip - Manage Social Media Accounts with Buffer App

Jason Calacanis has a great tool for managing social media. If you run a small business, or if you're just really into social media, you might have multiple accounts and pages to post things on. Cross posting these things manually can be tedious, so Jason recommends an app called "Buffer."

Buffer lets you put in all of your accounts and share, one time, to all of them. You can also take an old post and "re-buffer" it, meaning you can schedule it to post again at a later time. If you have a bunch of posts that you want to put out at once, Buffer will automatically put some buffer time in between each post so they don't all go out immediately.

Buffer app starts at $10 a month, and it works on mobile, desktop, and even Apple Watch.

- Learn more about Buffer app (Official Site)
- Get Buffer in the iOS App Store (Free)

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