Tip: Make Custom Fit Earbuds with Sugru

Andy Ihnatko's tip this week on MacBreak Weekly 530 is for making your own custom fit earbuds. Many earbuds come with a variety of tips to fit different sized ears. This gets close to the correct fit, but it still can lead to discomfort with prolonged use. It also doesn't create a very tight seal. This is where Sugru comes in.

Sugru is a rubbery substance that doesn't cure until it's exposed to air. It comes in little sealed packets and it's a malleable clay-like material can be molded and sculpted and stuck to things. You can use this material to perfect the fit of your earbud tips.

To fit your earbuds, turn the earbud tip inside out, put Sugru around it, roll the earbud tip back, and place it in your ear. After a half hour it will firm up, and it will fully cure after 24 hours. They will hold that shape, and it will be a completely tight seal. This will give you a much more full sound, and will be more comfortable.

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