Tip: Enable 'Ok Google' on Your Chromebook

Megan Morrone has a tip on getting the most out of a Google Chromebook. If you love Google Chrome and you're looking for a cheap and powerful laptop, Megan recommends considering a Chromebook. You might be surprised what you can do with it -- you can even turn it into your own personal Jarvis with "OK Google."

Megan likes Ok Google because it doesn't pretend to be a human like Siri or Cortana. It just listens to you, and does what you want without the wry humor and backtalk. You can enable "OK Google" so your Chromebook is always listening to you, but this is an experimental feature, and Google warns that it could change, break or disappear at anytime.

To access the "OK Google" features, go to the Chrome browser and type "chrome://flags" then scroll down to "enable simulated hardware 'OK Google' features." Then restart the computer. To turn it off, go back to "chrome://flags" and click disable on "Enable simulated hardware 'OK Google' features."

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