Tech News Today for September 25, 2017

Tech News for Monday September 25, 2017

Another company in charge of protecting our valuable personal information reports that they've been hacked. Deloitte, dedicated to auditing, risk management and tax related services, says a cyberattack has exposed some customer information including passwords and personal emails from the company's blue chip clients, The Guardian reports. Hackers gained access to one of the world's four biggest accounting firms through an administrator's account last year, but the attack was only discovered in March. Read more at

Microsoft Ignite is underway in Orlando, Florida, and of the many enterprise focused announcements the company made, one is particularly forward thinking. Microsoft says its new programming language for Quantum computers should be out by the end of the year, even though the technology is still largely theoretical and years away from any form of practicality. Microsoft has been working on Quantum Computing for a decade or longer at this point, though they are hardly alone in the pursuit along with notables like IBM and Google, among others. Read more at

It's macOS High Sierra day and you should install it where you can for no other reason than it will now let you stop autoplaying audio in Safari. If you upgrade, you'll also have access to the new Apple File System with an advanced architecture that is supposed to make your computer more responsive and more secure. Plus, Siri on the Mac as well as Spotlight search now uses Google instead of Bing because Apple wants you to find what you're looking for. Other features include the ability to take Live Photos in FaceTime, and the EFIcheck tool that checks your system firmware weekly to make sure it hasn’t been modified. It also has better facial recognition in Photos. Read more at

Right before macOS High Sierra began its push to computers everywhere, a security researcher posted a video showing how the OS is vulnerable to a hack that allows for the retrieval of a user’s Mac Keychain information in plain text. The Keychain usually requires a master password to access, but it appears that the vulnerability sidesteps that requirement entirely, thanks to the unsigned app that facilitates the attack. Read more at

Megan Morrone and Jason Howell are joined today by Sarah Frier of Bloomberg to tell us what she learned from her interview with Mark Zuckerberg. Tech News Today streams live weekdays at 4PM Pacific, 7PM Eastern at You can subscribe to the show at

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