Pick: Uni-ball Mechanical Pencil and Staples Arc Notebook

Kelly Guimont's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 556 is the Uni-ball Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil. Normally when you use a mechanical pencil, you pick it up and hold it the same way. Eventually, you'll end up with a long sharp point on the end of the lead because of the uneven wear. The Kuru Toga pencil is unique because every time you pick it up and put it down, it rotates the lead slightly so it wears evenly. This pencil comes in various colors, or you can get it with Hello Kitty on it.

Kelly had another pick to go along with the pencil — the Staples Arc Customizable Notebook. It has rings so you can snap things on and off of it. You could insert zipper envelopes, dividers, add different paper, and more. You can even get bigger rings if you want to have more pages, and different covers.

- Buy the Uni-ball Turu Toga Hello Kitty Mechanical Pencil on Amazon ($14.44 as of 4/26/17)
- Buy the Staples Arc Customizable Notebook (

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