Pick: Sidefari and SketchParty TV

Rene Ritchie has a couple of quick picks this week from MacBreak Weekly 482. Oneis Sidefari, which gives you the ability to put two Safari windows side-by-side using the new iOS multitasking feature. Currently, you can only have two different apps running side-by-side on iOS 9, but Sidefari uses the Safari View Controller to do this.

The other app pick is SketchParty TV. This is almost like a TV game show that plays like Pictionary, and it uses iOS devices. Until the new Apple TV came out, you'd have to use AirPlay from iOS, but now it has a native Apple TV app. If your family all uses iOS devices, or if you have the new Apple TV, then SketchParty TV is a great way to get the whole family involved together in a fun game.

- Get Sidefari for iOS ($0.99)
- Get SketchParty TV for iOS ($5.99)

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