iOS Pick: Thorlight

Jason Howell's app cap on iOS Today 332 is Thorlight for Philips Hue. Like other Hue apps, Thorlight lets you add your own photos so the lights can change to the colors in the image. It has presets so that your lights can mimic the style of traditional light bulbs and lighting situations. There are colors and gradients you can quickly get to as well.

The fun and unique part of Thorlight is the animations and lighting effects it can produce. It can do various strobes, color patterns, and more. It even can take into account where the lights are in the environment and play animations across them.

Thorlight has a Today Widget so you can quickly access your lights without unlocking your phone. It also offers an Apple Watch app.

Thorlight is free to download, and many of the scenes are free to use. The animation packs cost $2.99 or $3.99, but you can demo them for 60 seconds before you buy.

- Get Thorlight in the iOS App Store (Free)

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