Pick: Specialized Turbo X e-Bike

Andy Ihnatko's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 540 is the Specialized Turbo X e-Bike. This is an electric-assist bike, which means you'd ride like a regular bike, except it's a lot easier to pedal. The motor makes it capable of a cruising speed up to 28mph.

The Specialized Turbo X e-Bike has a high capacity battery and regenerative braking options to help keep the battery charged. There are LED indicators to give you an idea of the charge level at a glance. It has a RockShox suspension fork with 50mm of travel to smooth out the ride. The Turbo Clean Cockpit puts all the controls within reach of your thumb with an illuminated display. It also is difficult to steal with the self-locking key release.

The Specialized Turbo X e-Bike retails for $4,000.

- Learn more about the Specialized Turbo X e-Bike (specialized.com)

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