Microsoft Tip: Use an Outlook.com Account Reliably on macOS

On Windows Weekly 501, Paul Thurrott shared a tip on how to get your Microsoft to work with the native apps on macOS. If you're familiar with macOS, you can go to System Preferences > Internet Accounts, and Exchange is among the services supported. When you add your account there, you can access the mail, contacts, and calendars from that service with the native Mac apps.

Entering in an Outlook.com or Hotmail account hasn't worked reliably for a lot of people, but there are some tricks to get it to work. It's also especially difficult with two-step verification on. Paul Thurrott spent some time with it and he believes he's come up with instructions that should work reliably for everyone. To get to the right dialog where you can enter the server information to make it actually connect to Outlook.com, you have to enter garbage values into two fields on the form. If you do that, it will work every time.

- Get the full list of instructions at thurrott.com

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