Mac Picks: Homebrew and NixOS

Leo Laporte's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 509 is Homebrew and NixOS. Fink had been a long time favorite, but it has been superceded by Homebrew. This is a package manager on OS X. It's easy to install, and it has a lot other useful utilities that don't come with OS X. There are also updates for things like Python. Leo also found a fun command line utility that lets you do Python3.

There's also a new package manager called NixOS that has a lot of great features. This is for both Linux and OS X. It doesn't have the variety of packages that Homebrew or Fink had, but it is growing rapidly because it's a widely used package manager. It keeps all of your installed apps in a single folder, making it very easy to uninstall them.

- Learn more about Homebrew (brew.sh)
- Learn more about NixOS (nixos.org/nix)

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