Mac Pick: DEVONthink

Leo Laporte's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 591 is DEVONthink. We've talked about some of the tools that are out there for writers, such as Scrivner and Ulysses. Scrivner, in particular, is designed so you can have research notes alongside your writing. Leo has been looking for a tool that will let him keep track of things, take notes during meetings, and information from phone calls. He went back to a Mac classic -- DEVONthink.

DEVONthink may not be an attractive app, but it’s incredibly powerful. It saves all of your documents in one place and keeps them organized. It can store Office files, PDFs, bookmarks, and more. It also searches your documents and finds connections between them so it can extract relevant words and find files automatically. It can use the local network, mounted volumes, WebDAV, or Dropbox, and it can sync to its iOS DEVONthink To Go apps as well.

Pricing for DEVONthink varies depending on what application you want, but the full Pro Office version costs $149.95.

- Learn more about DEVONthink (devontechnologies.com)

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