iPhone Pick: ExoMount Touch CD

Rene Ritchie’s pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 591 is the ExoMount Touch CD. This is a better way to mount your phone in the car. Many of the car mounts attach to a vent in the car, and this can be problematic for the phone’s battery whenever the heat is turned on in the car. This car mount goes into the CD slot instead, which isn’t probably being utilized much anymore anyway.

All you need to do is slide the mount into the CD slot, and tighten the knob on it so it’s secure. It has a very good neck on it so you can position it any way you want. The ‘One Touch’ mounting system means you can easily mount and unmount your phone with one hand. It also has a non-slip rubber grip to keep your phone in place while driving.

- Learn more about the ExoMount Touch CD (exogear.com)
- Buy the ExoMount Touch CD on Amazon ($24.95 as of 1/9/18)

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