iOS Pick: Ulysses Mobile

Andy Ihnatko's second pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 516 is Ulysses Mobile by The Soulmen GbR. This is a flexible text editor that can be used by novelists, journalists, bloggers, students, and more. It gives you tools for every phase of the writing process.

Ulysses can handle anything from markup to images and footnotes, links, comments, and even code. It also has a unified library giving you easy access to anything you'll need, including snippets and notes, blog posts, and manuscripts. Ulysses has iCloud sync making your projects available on Mac, iPad, or iPhone as well. When you're done, Ulysses can export to PDF, Word document format, HTML, and can publish directly to Medium.

- Learn more about Ulysses (ulyssesapp.com)
- Buy Ulysses Mobile in the iOS App Store ($24.99)

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