iOS Pick: Ulysses Mobile

Andy Ihnatko's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 501 is the new version 2.5 of Ulysses Mobile. This is a really great word processor and text editor that's multi-platform on Macs and iOS. This new version 2.5 supports all of new things that iOS 9 supports, such as slide-over, multitasking, and split-screen. Ulysses has always been a great word processor for projects, where you're not just working on one file, but you have folders of related documents you may be working on. It keeps everything organized very well.

Ulysses Mobile also has a new sharing sheet in iOS, so if you're in the browser, you could send a URL or text out of that app and into Ulysses. It doesn't have rich text editing like you'd find in other word processors like Word or Pages, but it does support Markdown so you can do very sophistated formatting that way. It can handle importing and exporting docx files so you can move files into and out of it from Office. It also supports cloud sync, making it easy to move files around.

- Learn more about Ulysses (Official Site)
- Buy Ulysses Mobile in the iOS App Store ($24.99)

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