iOS Pick: PhotoCard

Leo Laporte's app cap on iOS Today 291 is PhotoCard, an app from Bill Atkinson, one of the fathers of the Mac. He is credited with writing QuickDraw, without which no other program on the Mac would have worked, MacPaint, and HyperCard. This most recent project, he says, is more code than all of those programs put together.

PhotoCard allows you to take images on your iPad or iPhone, add some stickers, and create a postcard. They are large, 8.25 x 5.5 inch cards. You can even customize the stamp, and it is real postage so it can actually be mailed out. Bill actually goes through all of the photos that get sent in and makes sure they look great before printing and mailing them. Bill said that he is doing this to encourage people to print out photos and share them with others. It only costs $1.50 to mail cards within the US, and $2.25 to send cards to other countries.

- Learn more about PhotoCard (billatkinson.com)
- Get PhotoCard in the iOS App Store (Free)

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