iOS Pick: myTWiT

Megan Morrone's app cap on iOS Today 350 is myTWiT from Patrick Hickey. This is a beautiful and simple app that gives you easy access to TWiT content. You can choose what shows appear in the "myTWiT" section for quick access to the latest episodes. Your shows stay synced in iCloud accross all of your iOS devices. The app also gives you access to the live stream and the TWiT schedule.

myTWiT supports AirPlay, so you can play shows wirelessly to the Apple TV. It also has support for Split Screen mode and Picture-in-Picture on the iPad. In addition to watching shows, myTWiT has information about hosts and guests, and it makes it easy to find other episodes they have appeared in.

- Learn more about myTWiT (patsapps.com)
- Get myTWiT in the iOS App Store (Free)

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