iOS Pick: Hidden Folks

Nathan Olivarez-Giles' app cap on iOS Today 348 is the game Hidden Folks. This is kind of like a new version of the popular "Where's Waldo?" At the bottom, it will show you different characters and things to look for in the hand-drawn landscape. Then you have to interact with the world on the screen to find those missing characters.

The game features over 17 beautiful hand-drawn worlds with over 155 targets to find. There are also over 1100 mouth-originated sound effects, over 250 interactions, and 3 colors modes including sepia and night mode. Hidden Folks is available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Steam.

- Learn more about Hidden Folks (hiddenfolks.com)
- Buy Hidden Folks in the iOS App Store ($3.99)
- Buy Hidden Folks on Steam ($7.99)

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