iOS Pick: Google Photos

Megan Morrone's app cap on iOS Today 317 is Google Photos. It just was updated about a week ago with some new features. If you've taken a burst of photos, Google will now make an animated GIF automatically from them. It also will do it from Live Photos you've taken on iOS. Then you can easily share it by texting it, emailing, sending it to social media, and more.

The Google Photos Assistant is a great feature as well. This will put together albums that give you a look back in time through your photos. The assistant will also suggest to rotate photos that were taken in the wrong orientation. If it gets something wrong, you can simpy tap the photo to switch the orientation. It can put together collages, create movies from a series of photos, and more.

Google provides unlimited photo backup, but it will downsize large photos to 16MP. You can choose to store original quality photos, but that will count against your Google account storage limit.

- Get Google Photos for iOS (Free)

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