iOS Pick: Fakespot

Megan Morrone's app cap on iOS Today 339 is Fakespot. This app will analyze reviews online and tell you what percentage of those are fake. It looks at the way the reviews are worded, and it knows the common techniques of how fake reviews are written. You can use Fakespot on the web, or you can download the iOS app and use it through iOS 10's Share Sheets.

To set it up on iOS, install Fakespot from the app store. Then find a page with reviews, and tap the share button in the browser. This will take you to the Share Sheets in iOS. Go to More, and toggle Fakespot on. Then you'll see the button that says "Analyze with Fakespot." That will pull up a window on top of the page to show you what reviews are real or fake. This also works within the Yelp app — just tap "Share Business" to pull up the Share Sheets.

- Check out Fakespot (fakespot.com)
- Get Fakespot in the iOS App Store (Free)

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