iOS Pick: beme

bemeLeo Laporte's app cap from iOS Today 257 is beme by Casey Neistat. It's a simple way to share your experiences on video. When you first open up beme, you'll discover that it's locked and prompts you for a code to use it. But if you follow Casey Neistat on Twitter, he has given out the code "iris" to unlock the app. Then you can reserve your username.

beme is similar to Snapchat, but it has a thriving, worldwide community of users already. There's no way to edit the videos you shoot -- the idea is that it's a genuine look at what you're experiencing at the moment. You can also send reactions, or photos of yourself watching someone else's video.

- Get beme in the iOS App Store (Free)

For a demonstration of beme, check out iOS Today episode 257.

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