iOS Pick: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Mobile

Andy Ihnatko's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 499 is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Mobile. This is especially useful if you're already using Lightroom as your photo organizer on the desktop. You can sync collections to the Adobe cloud, make really fine tuned adjustments to it on the iPad, and all of those adjustments will sync back to your main library. You can get much more detailed than what you get using the Apple Photos app.

The Lightroom Mobile app has a camera function as well. This means you can capture images directly into Lightroom and then use tightly integrated tools to improve them and to flag them so that when they get back to your Lightroom library, they'll already be starred.

Lightroom Mobile can be used for free, and you'll get most of the features. But if you're a subscriber to the photo package to get Photoshop and Lightroom on the desktop, you'll get more storage and the ability to sync across your devices.

- Learn more about Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Mobile (Official Site)
- Get Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Mobile for iPhone (Free)
- Get Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Mobile for iPad (Free)

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