Hardware Pick: Ecobee4

Rene Ritchie's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 559 is the Ecobee4. This is a voice-enabled, smart thermostat. It comes with the Amazon Alexa voice service built-in, so it can perform any of the Alexa skills in addition to having hands-free control of the thermostat. You can also control the temperature using the Ecobee mobile app on iOS and Android devices, including the Apple Watch.

The Ecobee4 doesn't just measure the temperature where the thermostat is located -- you can place additional sensors in multiple rooms. It can even detect the occupancy of each room, which means it can better manage hot and cold spots. The Smart Home/Away feature can automatically enable the right mode so it can save energy costs when no one is home.

- Learn more about the Ecobee 4 (ecobee.com)
- Buy Ecobee4 on Amazon ($249)

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