Four Fun Photo Apps for iOS

Leo Laporte’s app cap on iOS Today 381 came from Photographer Chris Marquardt’s segment on this past weekend’s Tech Guy show, episode 1460. Chris showed off four fun photo apps that you can use on your smartphone or tablet.

First is Sticky AI. This is a way to take a picture of yourself and quickly remove the background. There are some basic tools for fixing it up in case the app didn’t get it perfect. You can also tap on the photo to apply a preset style, like making yourself look hand drawn or black & white. Once you have what you want, you can save it out to your camera roll or send it as a message. If you save it out to your camera roll, however, you can use the result in the next app — Adhesive.

Adhesive lets you create your own sticker set. Just import the photos you’ve saved and edit them if you need to. You can choose how big the stickers will be, then you can share them to friends using the iOS Share Sheets.

The next app Chris recommended is Decim8. This app will ruin your photos, but in interesting ways. It mixes it up, pixelates it, distorts it, or patternizes it. You can choose the effect, or have the app do it randomly.

The last app is GIF Toaster. This takes Live Photos taken on the iPhone and turns them into GIFs. You can edit them if you want as well, so you can just use a part of the Live Photo. You can also change the frame rate, speed it up, add filters, crop it, and more. In addition to Live Photos, GIF Toaster can work with videos, bursts, timelapses, and panoramas.

- Get Sticky AI in the iOS App Store (Free)
- Get Adhesive in the iOS App Store ($0.99)
- Get Decim8 in the iOS App Store ($0.99)
- Get GIF Toaster in the iOS App Store (Free)

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