Book Pick: Take Control of Your Digital Legacy

Adam Engst's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 551 is the book "Take Control of Your Digital Legacy" by Joe Kissell. This is something that is for anyone thinking about the future. We all know about Last Wills, but what about your digital photos, social media accounts, or email?

We all grow up in the digital world now, and a huge amount of our lives is online. This book helps you figure out how to deal with all of that when you pass on. It's not just as simple as saying that you want your photos to go to your kids, for example. They need to know how to get into your computer, cloud accounts, and possibly even your email account. Either you're doing this for yourself, or this may be for your parents to make sure their digital assets are taken care of properly.

Get the eBook of "Take Control of Your Digital Legacy" at takecontrolbooks.com ($15).

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