App Pick: Ulysses 12

Andy Ihnatko's pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 583 is Ulysses for Mac and iOS, which was recently updated to version 12. This is a very strong update that was built from the ground up for iOS 11, as opposed to a Mac app that was translated to iOS, or an old iOS app that simply attained more features over time. This really shows how beautiful iOS 11 can be. It's extremely clean, and is one of the best cross-platform apps. Moving between iPhone, iPad, and Mac is a seamless operation.

If you haven't used Ulysses before, it's a great text editor that lets you manage collections of documents. It has a unified library that holds everything you'll ever write and is great for projects of all sizes. It can export your work into beautiful PDFs, Word documents, eBooks, and even HTML so you can use it anywhere on the web. It can also publish directly to WordPress and Medium from within the app.

- Learn more about Ulysses 12 (ulyssesapp.com)
- Get Ulysses 12 on the Mac App Store (Free)

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