App Pick: Ultimatte 12

Alex Lindsay’s pick of the week on MacBreak Weekly 602 is the new Ultimatte 12 from Blackmagic. This is the keying program that Alex was using on the show, and it’s easily the best key that Alex has ever seen. It’s capable of 4K keying, and it can achieve nearly flawless results with minimal tweaking, out of the box.

Ultimatte 12 features one touch keying that can analyze a scene and automatically set over 100 parameters. It even can properly handle transparent elements like water bottles, bubbles, and the fins of fish in a fish tank. It goes beyond traditional keying and into Augmented Reality as well. It can layer computer generated objects on top of a scene with transparency so talent can walk behind it.

Ultimatte 12 costs $9,995.

- Learn more about Blackmagic Ultimatte 12 (blackmagicdesign.com)

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