Tech News Today for September 26, 2017

Tech News for Tuesday September 26, 2017

The CEO of Equifax is "retiring," effective immediately. Richard Smith is the latest executive of the hacked credit-reporting giant to step down nearly a month after the company announced that a hack exposed the personal information of 143 million people. Board member Mark Feidler will take his place as a non-executive chairman and Paulino do Rego Barros will be interim CEO. Read more at

Could your next car be a Dyson? The household appliances company known for its expensive vacuums and touchless public bathroom hand driers is apparently working on an electric vehicle to launch publicly by 2020. James Dyson, founder of the company, wrote an email to his employees revealing the plan that is already underway, employing a team of 400 people to get the motor running. Read more at

According to a study by a human resource analytics software company, women AND men both struggle equally to get jobs in tech when they're old. And by "old," we mean over 40. And rest assured men still have the advantage in tech managerial roles during the key child bearing years. Visier Inc. says the average tech worker is 38 years old, compared to the average non-tech worker who is 43 years old and this is a result of systemic ageism in the tech hiring practices. The study says this is harmful to companies because people over 40 enter the Tech Sage age and that wisdom and experience make them more valuable overall, even though they are less likely to be hired. Read more at

Atari may not be the video game behemoth that they were back in the 80’s, but they have a new console up their sleeve and they are releasing more details. The Ataribox is expected to hit Indiegogo for its crowdfunding campaign sometime this Fall for a Spring time release next year. It will be running Linux, have an AMD processor inside, and launch with a catalog of Atari’s classic games. The Linux install will ensure that the Ataribox can play modern games too, like Minecraft and Terraria. But if you thought this would be priced like other nostalgia consoles like the NES Mini, think again. The Ataribox is shooting for a launch price of around $250-$300. Read more at

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