Tech News Today For September 16, 2016

Netflix has seen huge success in broadening its streaming service to include original content, to the tune of around $6 billion dollars spent in one year. That actually tops HBO’s significant spend of $2 billion per year for its originals. It sounds like some big execs in Hollywood are starting to think Netflix has a growing monopoly on content, considering the fact that the company produces way more content than single networks. On top of that, Netflix runs its business differently from traditional studios, so those involved with the productions often know very little about the actual success of their content offerings. Read more at

...Meanwhile, 21st Century Fox is suing Netflix in what it calls a “brazen campaign” of poaching top industry talent, sometimes they say, illegally breaching employment contracts to do so. Specifically, the suit focuses on two executives who had contracts with Fox taking them through 2019, yet Netflix hired them away knowing that it would be a breach in contract.  Read more at

While you're still waiting for your iPhone to arrive, our friends over at iFixIt have already taken theirs apart. Tear-downs for the new iPhone 7 Plus and the new Apple Watch Series two are live over at iFixit and here's some of what they found under the hood. Tons of rubber seals and extra glue for water-proofing or water-resisting as Apple calls it. That extra glue is notable since if you have to fix something on the phone and you don't take it to Apple, it might not be as water resistant as before. Also, there's a barometric vent and a bigger taptic engine where the headphone jack used to be.  Read more at

...iFixit also tore down the Apple Watch Series 2 where they found a stronger adhesive, for water proofing and a battery with the promised 32 percent increase in power. Apple's not claiming that the battery will last longer than the series 1 watch, but you'll need that extra battery because of the always-on GPS. And if you ever want to replace your watch battery, iFixit says you'll never be able to get enough chewing gum in there to make the watch water proof again. Why do they do these tear-downs?  Is it just to amuse us and be destructive? No. It's to determine if Apple makes something that's easily fixable for a common tinkerer. And once again, they have not.  More at

So much of this year’s US election has already been orchestrated in many ways, good and bad, on social networks. And the upcoming presidential debates aren’t willing to be the only ones outside of that trend. Both Facebook and Google are getting involved in the three debates by offering data about what its users are searching for and saying about the election, candidates and issues leading up to the events. Beyond that, Facebook will also work directly with the moderators of the debates to help devise questions to be asked to the presidential hopefuls.  Read more at

The USA Today reports that Associated Press, Vice Media, and Gannett (USA Today's Parent company) are using a Freedom of Information Act to sue FBI to find out how they broke into the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter. The lawsuit claims that the public deserves to know more about how they got into the phone, who the government paid and how much they paid to hack it. The White House claims that the Obama administration has tried to be as transparent as possible about the unlocking of the phone.  Read more at

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